Game 2

Redsoxopener I fancy myself as a pretty modern guy, so it’s about time I get with the times and start a blog. When Mark Feinsand, my counterpart on the Yankees beat, told me he was going to start a blog, I felt like the gauntlet had been passed. I need to keep that Red Sox-Yankees rivalry going, so I can’t let that fast-talking New Yorker one-up me, so here I go.

Opening Day went right according to script. But everyone knows the other 161 will be far more stressful.

Will Wakefield’s knuckleball be on tonight? We’ll find out soon enough. I’ll probably be back at you after the pre-game to key you in on any new developments.

For now, CIAO,



Ian, am I the first post that you’ve had on your new blog? Let us know what’s going on in TX. I live in Arkansas and have been to every series in Arlington for the past seven years until this year – bummer.

i believe you are my first all-time post. thanks a lot for the note. things are going well in texas. it’s quiet so far, but check back a little later.

I’d never have anything bad to say about Johnny Damon, and I wish him the best and thank him for his great years in Boston…..but I’d say the Sox made out very well in that fiasco. Coco Crisp will hit around .300 (maybe better), hit 15-20 home runs, drive in 80 or so, and steal 20-30 bases and score over 100. He has better range and better hands in the field, and although not a great arm, better than Damon’s…. and he didn’t cost $14 million a year.

Great article on Roger Clemmens but I hope he stays retired. If anyone could pull a mid season comeback off, it would be him. He has such a great work ethic. But he finished on top with a great season last year. He should leave it at that. If he came back to Boston, expectations would be so high, and he’d have to disrupt the rotation. This is about team, not about the Rocket. I don’t think it’s a good idea.

i agree on Damon-Crisp. i think the difference in their numbers at the end of the year will be negligible at best. And Crisp is younger. That said, Damon was a great player who gave his heart to this team for four years, so i don’t think fans should begrudge him for leaving.

Come on Ian, you know perfectly well that Red Sox fans don’t begrudge Johnny for leaving, it’s for where he went. 🙂

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