Legend of Big Papi

David Ortiz, as he often is in the quiet hours before a game, was in a playful mood Tuesday as he discussed some untold legends of Octobers past.

Game 6, 2003 ALCS, everyone remembers the Red Sox pulling off a semi-upset of Andy Pettitte and the Yankees to force Game 7. It was a day game, so Ortiz could have enjoyed a little bit of the NY night life that night if he so chose. Instead, his mind was filled with thoughts of Game 7 so he stayed in his hotel room and obsessed about the game. He gets to the ballpark for Game 7 and he’s mentally exhausted. Ortiz still goes deep off David Wells in the late innings, but as we all remember, the Sox lose a heartbreaker.

Fast forward one year later. Again, the Red Sox win Game 6 in the Bronx to Ortizforce Game 7. This time, Ortiz gets an offer to join some friends out on the town, he wanted to hear a Latin singer perform at a certain adult establishment. Ortiz recalls leaving said establishment at roughly 3 a.m., where a bunch of Yankee fans gleefully spotted him.

"They knew I was just crushing the wine in the back of the room and they said, ‘You’re the guy who’s going to beat the Yankees in Game 7?’… From that point on, I had it in my mind that I was going to hit a home run in my first at-bat."

Game 7 comes, Ortiz belts a two-run homer
( 350K) off Kevin Brown in the first inning. The rest is history as the Red Sox become the first team in the history of Major League Baseball to rally back from a 3-0 deficit in a postseason series.

Eighteen months later, Ortiz still loves the memory. It will probably never get old.


Did the Yankees fans not watch the rest of the series and the ALCS the year before? Between Ortiz and Rivera-killer Billy Mueller, the Yankees didn’t have a chance.

I just want to say congrats and welcome on starting a blog. You are living my dream (I’m 16 and dying to be a sportswriter) right now, so I hope you are enjoying it. (How could you not?) If you get the chance, could you suggest a different hairstyle to Manny?

By the way, any tips on breaking into sports reporting are greatly appreciated.🙂



ha ha, i appreciate the note. thanks for reading the blog. pass on the link to your friends. The more interraction with this, the better. I think it will be fun for everyone. thanks. as for sportswriting, try to find a college with a good journalism school. And once you get there, try to get as much experience as you can, with internships and the like. stay in touch. Ian.

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