Game 3 is in the books

Quite a game tonight. So many subplots. Beckett’s first start, and he comes through big-time.

Yet another clutch homer for Trot Nixon. He doesn’t hit that many home runs, but doesn’t it seem like it always counts when he does go deep?

  Great execution by Manny, Lowell and Varitek to cut down a play at the plate.

And then, the intriguing ninth when Terry Francona went to Papelbon instead of Foulke. It made perfect sense. Papelbon has been throwing lights out. Foulke was very shaky the other day and still trying to get back on his feet. So go with the guy who is throwing the best. It worked tonight.

It appears Tito will try to get Foulke a little confidence before completely throwing him into the fire.

I’ll talk to you from Baltimore.



It was such a relief to see our closer come out and shut down the Rangers. I love Foulke, but he seems to need some more time to get his feet major-league wet after his injury. Papelbon looked REALLY good last night.

Phew! after the first run, I thought we were in for another nightmare. It’s good to know our aces are physically and mentally up to the challenge. I’m not giving up on Foulke, but Pap looks more and more amazing every time he steps on that mound – whatever he does.
Gotta love our Gold Glove infield. And Manny. Let’s hope he starts flashing his bat soon too.

I do not know what I want to happen re: Foulke. I like Papelbon as the closer for now. Maybe Foulke could handle relief with Timlin? He is definitely NOT a long reliever. I hope he gets his 2003 and 2004 charm back, but I am losing hope. I love our pitching situation re: starters and pen, and defense. I am curious to see how our offense pans out.

I’m willing to bet that after a few outings of successful, low-stress relief, Foulke can be an effective closer/reliever. If not, though, where do we put him? What about Lester?

I know it is early, but does it seem like our offense is lacking some of the pop it has had in the past? Granted, it is early, but I never considered the Rangers to be that great pitching-wise.

I am very happy that Tito has the backbone to do what it takes to win ball games. I think all of Red Sox Nation breathed a sigh of relief (no pun intended) when Papelbon took the mound instead of Foulke. Sure, when Foulke is on his game, he is the man. Game 1 showed us, however, that he is not yet back at Major League level. It’s good to see Pap can function in any role they give him. Let’s hope Foulke gets his stuff back and Pap can pitch more late-game innings. The Sox with a bullpen? Wow.

Hey Ian – Great blog. Any idea why Trot is wearing a double ear flap helmet this year? He’s not a switch hitter afterall and he looks goofy up there. However, if he keeps being clutch like last night, he can wear whatever he wants.

Hey, Bronson had the double earflaps going when he hit his homer..maybe Trot figured he’d try it for the good mojo?


All of New England is making a huge deal out of the Foulke situation, but in my mind, it’s game three. Foulke AND Timlin barely pitched in spring training, so I’m not surprised that both are a little shaky right now. I was more surprised that Tito didn’t throw Foulke in there in the 10-4 loss. By May or June at the latest, I think Foulke will be much better. I’m just hoping that Timlin’s arm is okay.

Foulke is a class ball player. I take him at his word. He wants to win; he wants the team to win. With a World Series under his belt;he wants another. He went with his manager’s decision; that’s what good players do. He knows he is not at his peak yet, let’s give him a break.
This was a great game.Lots of thought went into this one!

Trot Nixon, if you stay healthy, you are going to have a great year. I admire your work ethic.

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