More Ortiz comedy

The media was in manager Terry  Francona’s office having a nice, quiet discussion about baseball when David Ortiz came ambling in, wearing a an eye patch.

"Tito, look at this right here, Manny came to the field wearing this. He said, ‘I got to get my eyes strong.’. I said, ‘you look like you were wearing that during the game too."

  Of course, Ramirez went 0-for-4 with three strikeouts in Tuesday’s game.

  As Ortiz walked out of the room, Francona said, "That’s one of the best players in baseball right there."

It’s unclear if he was talking about Ortiz or Ramirez. The quote would have applied in either case🙂


Ian, thank you for sharing this stuff. You know all too well how much we Sox fans love it!

No problem, i’ll share anything that’s fit for print!

It looks like Ortiz is wearing that eye patch tonight. It’s weird to see him not hitting well.

yeah, it’s been a rough one for Papi for sure. He just doesn’t look comfortable.

Hey, what do you make of the Beckett/Varitek duo? He shook off a LOT of pitches, but seemed to choose correctly…are they just kind of feeling each other out?

i think it’s just typical stuff, they are getting to know each other. It will work itself out.

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