Here in Bird-land

Just so you don’t think the life of a baseball writer is all glamour, I woke up after a short night of sleep to catch my flight from Dallas to Baltimore and ended up sitting on the plane for close to two hours before takeoff. Supposedly there was some bad weather in Baltimore which held up the flight, but it couldn’t be nicer now.

I think i’ll do my laundry tonight. How is that for excitement? Hey, I’ve been on the road since Feb. 19, so some clean clothes are much needed.

No game tonight, so I’ll probably watch Pedro on the tube and maybe get some takeout Chinese food.




Does this mean no Ortiz humor?
It’s amazing: one series into the season and I already don’t know what to do with an off day. It’s going to be a long season.

No Ortiz humor tonight I’m afraid, but I’m sure he’ll deliver again tomorrow.

How about tuning into the Pawtucket/Portland/Wilmington internet radio broadcasts? Too bad Lester doesn’t pitch until Monday.

Hey Ian, we love the blog! My 8-year-old son, who is also named Ian, also loves it and is a huge fan of yours. Keep it up!

I’m glad people are checking out the blog. I’m having a good time doing it. Keep in touch, and I’m glad your son is a baseball fan. I was also eight years old when I began to follow this great game. My oldest son has been a fan since he was 1 1/2.

It was actually my friend Jesse Sanchez that wrote the Wily Mo Pena and Alex Gonzalez stories, plus i’m already married and Jesse isn’t🙂

Where do you think Francona will put Pena in the line up for his first game. Can you see him batting 5th? Manny, Big Papi, Mo Papi, Who gets the most RBI chances in that crowd? Maybe bat him eight, create a second clean up hitter spot. I’m trying to take my son to one of the games this weekend, the guys only come to town so often. Need to learn to schedule the important stuff first.

I would say Pena will probably bat sixth when he faces Chen on Saturday. They like hitting Varitek fifth against lefties.

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