Game 3 control issues

Wow, the first inning and a half of this game has been fairly tough on the eyes. Seven walks for Cabrera over 1 1/3 innings? Unreal.

And I did say in my last post how much I loved watching Cabrera pitch. This wasn’t what I had in mind.
If the Red Sox can win comfortably, Terry Francona should get an ideal chance to get Foulke in the game in the late innings and see if they can get him on track.

Clearly, Papelbon is the guy in the ninth inning of close games for right now. But I’d put that in pencil, not ink. I do think they’d like Foulke to reclaim his old job. It’s just hard to say if that is realistic right now.

Stay tuned.


Nice! Barring late-game blunders, this one’s done. And I’m not exactly ecstatic about the offense – yeah, they did their job, but it was more Cabrera than anybody else.
Best news of the day: Clement is spot on. Having such a cushion can only help, but he’s looking real sharp. 31 pitches through 3 innings? That’s what I’m talking about. If he can perform at 2005 pre-All Star Break level, we’re in for a thrill ride. Man, talk about a deep rotation.

i tottaly agree!!!
about clement i mean at end day who wouldnt like him as ur 4th starter..

this is the place have him regain some confidense and like last year he was replacing pedro now he can just pitch… love ur blog ian keep it up redsox all the way.

I saw Wells pitch with the PawSox tonight and he was dreadful. Although I can understand that a guy who pitched a perfect game would be offended at being sent to pitch AAA for a game (and asked to be 5th in the rotation), it looked like he didn’t even care tonight. I was watching the radar gun and he had a lot of pitches under 70mph.

I’m not too worried about Wells – apparently the light rain messed with his control. On the other hand, I believe he’s gonna get off to another slow start vs. the Jays next series, but I’m confident he’ll find his groove – and if he doesn’t, Papelbon’s always ready.
Impressive outing by Clement last night for six innings, but he still seems to get awkward when he gets runners past first base, even with a huge cushion. I think he’s an excellent pitcher, but he’s gotta get over these issues.

Good to see Manny get his avg up…what’s wrong with Big Papi though?

Great game, sort of. Kind of ugly, though. One thing I am confused about is Tito’s commitment to Foulke. I will never forget ’04, but watching Papelbon and Foulke is like night and day. I would hate to see Papelbon go back into the rotation, as I think he has the stuff to be a big time closer. I just don’t have much confidence in Foulke.

BTW, tonight is Willie Mo’s first start, supposedly. Sure comes at an odd time as Trot is on fire. I am excited about the possibilities of “little Papi,” though.

I wouldn’t worry about Boomer at all. he is a gjuy who needs a big stage to perform well. it’s very hard for him to get up for exhibition games or Minor League games at this stage of the game. i predict he puts together a quality outing on wednesday.

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