Opener in Baltimore

It’s a dreary day here in Baltimore, but hopefully it will clear up by the first pitch. Camden Yards is one  of my favorite road spots in the league. It’s a short walk to the ballpark from the hotel, the press box is very low, so you feel like you’re right on top of the action and the crowd makes it feel more like a Red Sox home game than road game.

  Over the last several years, Red Sox fans have packed into Camden Yards for these Sox-O’s games. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend or mid-week, or early spring, mid-summer or early fall. New England packs this place in droves.

The loudest I’ve ever heard it here was Curt Schilling’s first start in a Red Sox uniform in April, ’04. As Foulke got ready to close out the game, there were thousands of fans on their feet anticipating the last out. Seriously, i think it was every bit as loud as Fenway would be for the last out.

I can see why so many fans would come down here. There are a lot of good flight options from Boston, be it Airtran or Southwest. The stadium is cozy, just a great place to watch a game.

The Inner Harbor is a good place to walk around, with lots of shops and restaurants, etc. And with tickets so hard to come by at Fenway, it’s a good way for people to see the team live.

Let’s face it, this dynamic will change a little bit if the Orioles become a player again in the AL East. Once that happens, Orioles fans will start to protect their turf a little more and scoop up more of the available tickets.

In the meantime, expect this place to sound like Red Sox South this weekend.

  Clement against Cabrera. I like watching Cabrera pitch a lot. This guy throws hard, i mean, HARD. If he can polish up his repertoire, this guy could turn into a special pitcher one day. As for Clement, he’s sort of a forgotten man going into the season. I think he might thrive under that scenario.




Hope Clement can get off to a great start like last season, and hopefully keep it up throughout.

You know what’s funny? I was thinking I, too, enjoy watching Cabrera pitching a lot. 60+ pitches in the first inning would be a treat😉

I’m excited to see Millar again. I miss seeing pictures of him and the team goofing off during batting practice.
I’m also excited to see Miguel Tejada. He is so much fun to watch in the field. It always seems as though Miggy makes an amazing play when an ordinary ground ball or liner comes his way.

A few comments….Daniel Cabrera can be a 200 K guy for the O’s someday, I think he’s that good. But until that day, I hope the sox will jump all over his flame thrower style. This team has the ability to really rake in some runs even though they were built for defense. One more thing, I love Papelbon. Like I mean I might of just switched my man crush from Ryan Gomes to this kid. That being said, I want to see Foulkie get a chance to at least fight for his job. I don’t like the media dubbing Papelbon “the new red sox closer”…at least not yet.

Ah yes, you enjoy Baltimore. However, do you enjoy it as much as you did when I lived in DC and bombarded you with questions from my entourage? Love the blog…was sure to pass it on.

Jodi, Baltimore is not the same without you and your fine friends. I hope you’re doing well.

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