Game 5 in the books

There was a lot to like about this one, aside from the weather. Yes, I am still thawing out.

  But Schilling was phenomenal again. Consider that his last pitch of the day was his hardest (96 MPH). It’s night and day from last year. Schilling noted that the Red Sox wouldn’t have won a game like this last year, and the numbers back him.

   The 2005 Red Sox went 3-22 when scoring less than three runs. This year’s team has won by a score of 2-1 twice in the last three days. Pitching and defense, that is what wins. it’s not just a cliche, it’s true.

  Papelbon was again lights out at last call. He’s faced nine batters this season. He has also retired nine batters this season. Translation: He’s been unhittable.

   They go for the sweep tomorrow, and all eyes will be on the Wakefield-Bard combination. A 5-1 road trip would certainly create a good feeling for Tuesday’s Opening Day.

  Talk to you on Sunday,



well i think all of us need to be careful about drawing too many conclusions from just five games. everyone’s warming up and there’s still a lot of variation, plus the orioles are a pretty weak team (speaking as a baltimore native) so i’m not that excited about taking the series from them.

A little typo: your link to “Beck’s Blog” has a bad URL.

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