tarp is off, Game 5 will start soon

OK, the tarp is off the field. the pitchers will warm up soon and we should have a baseball game by about 6 p.m.

Oh well, I was never much of a fan of those 4:30 starts anyway. Give me a day game or give me a night game. Don’t give me something in between.

Things to watch today. Wily Mo Pena will make his first start as a member of the Sox, batting eighth and playing right field. He will be something to see all year long. When Pena gets a hold of one, his blasts can be majestic. So far in his career, he’s had a hard time being consistent. But Pena has been following Big Papi and Manny around like a puppy dog, so you can only think that will help him.

How good will Schilling be? Cand he match the form he had on Monday in Texas? If Schilling can be a start-in and start-out ace, the Red Sox are going to be a better team than people projected.

I’ll talk to you soon,



Just a quick question–Can fans e-mail Joe and Jerry on WEEL during the game? If so what is their address.

They do a great job and sometimes I think they would like to know they are appreciated!

schilling looked great, and papelbon looked even better! pitching staff looks great.

willy mo trade is still puzzling, though. sure wish we had arroyo around in case wells fizzles.

keep up the good work Ian.
go bosox !!

Looks like the AL East standings are finally just where they should be: us at the tippity top and the yankees at the bottom. I hope these games really are proving the return of schilling to 2004 glory.
I’ve been reading your articles online for years- thank you for such consistent and interesting reporting!

Ian, dude, you’re making me look terrible. 4, 5, 6 posts a day when I’m going 2-3 times a week? Seriously, have some mercy!


ya, from matt@marx.net, anyone want to tell me why Pena was so good for arroyo? was it just that we had no place for arroyo and it was wasted budget? I really don’t understand the arroyo move…

Sorry Matthew, this blogging is just downright addictive. Seriously, the fun thing about it is I now have an outlet for hearing myself think! And it seems as if I have a captive audience here.

//And it seems as if I have a captive audience here.//

Ian, just another example of how die-hard the Red Sox fans are, huh?

We enjoy reading about the team, especially when it’s well-written.

Keep it up!

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