Ouch on Coco

So I’m just setting foot into BWI Airport, excited to go back to Boston for the first time since Feb. 19, and my cellphone rings. It’s my esteemed co-worker Mike Petraglia, informing me of the TV report up in Boston that Coco’s finger injury was worse than originally feared, and he might miss close to a month.

The Red Sox still haven’t given us an update to confirm the report, and word is that Coco will be re-examined by the medical staff tomorrow. However, the Channel 7 sports staff is very good, so I highly doubt they got the story wrong. Hopefully Coco is a quick healer.

The only silver lining is that Adam Stern is obviously playing with a lot of confidence right now. So if there’s a good chance for Stern to get his share of playing time, it’s probably now.

Other than Coco, it’s hard not to be pleased with the way this team is playing right now. They are pitching, playing defense and working counts. It was a very well-rounded road trip. And Foulke was indeed lights out on Sunday, the best i’ve seen him since 2004. He looked like Foulke again. If  Timlin, Foulke, Papelbon and Tavarez are all healthy and pitching well, the Red Sox would have a bullpen as formidable as any in baseball.

  I bet everyone is looking forward to Tuesday. the home opener is always a special day at Fenway, and the weather reports are good. How many of you have tickets to the game?

  Talk to you soon,



Tickets??? I wish. But along with everyone else I too am worried about Coco. I was actually really looking forward to the season with him in center. Johnny was great but I’ve watched Coco and he can definately play. I hope this isn’t too serious

Eh, that was something we could’ve done without. I’m not worried about Stern – he’ll do fine, and maybe Wily Mo could get a few more ABs and show what he can really do. But I really wanted to see Coco at the top of this lineup. Let’s hope it’s not as serious as it seems

I was really looking forward to hearing the crowd get behind Coco on tuesday. Why did he have to go sliding, rolling, tumbling or whatever it may have been, into third like that? I guess we’ll just have to marvel at Josh Beckett instead…hmmph.

Ian, As the beat writer, what are your thoughts on the potential line-up if Coco is out for a while?

I know Stern in center makes sense, but do you think there might be a chance that we would see Trot in center and Willie Mo in right? Or vice versa? I saw a quote on SofSH where Theo said some scouts actually think WMP can play center.

What are your thoughts?

Keep up the great blog.

Coco Crisp has a “non-displaced fracture at the base of his left index finger. He will be placed in a splint for 10 days and reevaluated at that time.”(Dr. Gill on redsox.com)

This does not sound that bad to me. He is very lucky they caught it now instead of assuming it was jammed.

The Sox are playing so well right now, it’s making me giddy. As for tickets . . . hah! Like any fan not willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars will actually get the chance to go to opening day. I do have tickets to a game for my birthday, but that looks like the only time I’ll be at Fenway this season. (Unless my friends with season tickets want to share the wealth)🙂

If the Sox were to go with Wily Mo, I’d put him in right and move Trot to CF – Wily Mo might have the speed, but Trot is simply a much better fielder. Although plan A is probably to have Stern sub Coco, I think Wily Mo will see his ABs increase nonetheless.
Shame for Coco though, he was doing real well, both in the field and at the plate…let’s hope he heals quick.

Once, again, Adam Stern
shows his value to the Red Sox Sunday by replacing Coco in center and driving in half our runs from the leadoff spot–enough production to have won the game. But, you, Ian, are determined to punch his ticket back to Triple A the day he satisfies Rule A! Other Sox fans writing today seem enamored by Pena, who hasn’t been here long enough to display the talents possessed by Adam. The WCS! A great spring training, defensively and offensively! speed! What does he have to do to knock you out of your unconscious state, good buddies!??!


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