Sunday in Baltimore

No Coco Crisp today. As it turns out, he injured his left index finger on that awkward slide into third base when he was trying to steal. It’s nothing major, with the offday Monday, it made sense to give him two days off in a row so he’d be good to go on Sunday.

In the meantime, it gives Adam Stern — Mr. Canada during the World Baseball Classic — a chance to lead off and play center field. This will probably be Stern’s only start before he goes to  Pawtucket once his Rule 5 clock expires on April 19.

The only other lineup move is that J.T. Snow is at first base, Youkilis gets a day off.

It should be fascinating watching Wakefield and Bard today. Do you think they’ll have a better rhythm than the other day?

We’ll find out soon.

Talk to you later,



I was surprised to see Coco attempt to steal 3rd last night. It was so soon after his stealing of 2nd. I don’t think he even had time to catch his breath.

Wakefield/Bard. I think that given what happened on Tuesday, they can only get better! That said, I am still a little anxious. Even if they do okay, we still have to think about Bard and Stern’s bats vs. Tek and Crisp.

I know, I know, Mr. Canada.

i’ve got a feeling stern will perform well tonight. he’s shown he has all the tools, and what better chance to put them on display than leading off for the big team?
anyway, fingers crossed for wake & bard…if they can figure it out, i believe we’ve got the potential to win the division off the strength of our pitching alone.

Although I’m looking forward to seeing Stern…I hope Coco’s ‘injury’ is truly not a big deal.

We all hope Coco does well. Forgive me for getting sentimental so early in the season, but is Coco going to follow Nomar and Johnny as the next “Mr. Boston”?

not until he’s on the cover of Boston magazine

Stern did well today, so did Wakefield and Bard. Great day so far, huh?

wow, if only all road trips ended like this. wakefield almost gave multiple heart attacks, but he wasn’t kidding when he said bard could pull it off.
oh, and by the way…am I seeing things, or was that foulke on the mound at some point?

Is Joe Amorosino reporting that Crisp’s finger is broken and is out a month.

Yea, WHDH is reporting Coco is out for a month with a broken left knuckle.

great. at last the bring-back-mirabelli crowd can take a rest; bard is fine.

coco injury definitely nervewracking, though stern can prolly step in and be fine. as a pawsox regular though i’d not mind him showing up there so i can see him play.

biggest news of the day: FOULKE. if he keeps pitching like that, we can toss Wells and put Paps in the rotation.

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