Big Papi and Coco

Just a great day for the Red Sox to be able to lock up Big Papi through at least 2010. Let me first say that I’ve enjoyed covering David Ortiz probably more than any other athlete during my sportswriting career. I remember vividly Ortiz showing up in Fort Myers as a guy who was going to platoon with Jeremy Giambi back in the spring of 2003! Ortiz was a great guy then, and he still is now.

Success changes almost every athlete. It’s only natural. I can honestly say that Ortiz is the same humble guy now that he was three years ago. If anything, success has made him a happier and even more approachable person. I can’t remember seeing anyone enjoy the limelight quite as much as this guy has. He’s embraced the pressure cooker, which explains why his October of 2004 has to be the most magical postseason put forth by any player in the history of the Red Sox. His sense of humor, as I’ve displayed in this blog a couple of times already, is a daily fixture in that clubhouse.

If you mention any player who is with the Red Sox now, or with Ortiz at any time during his career in Boston, he will refer to that person as "my boy". This guy likes everyone, and I’ve never seen anyone who didn’t like him. There is no better "face" of the Red Sox going forward than this guy.  Oh yeah, and he also happens to be the best clutch hitter in the game. If anyone wants to bring another name to the table, I’d love to hear it.

So needless to say, it was a bittersweet Monday leading into Tuesday’s Fenway Opener. Ortiz is here to stay, but Coco Crisp is on the shelf for a few weeks at least. It will be a big loss, but this is also a great time to see what Adam Stern can do. it seems like he’s been on a high ever since he returned from the World Baseball Classic. I’m curious to see what he will do on an everyday basis.

Beckett tomorrow in front of the home crowd. It’s supposed to be a gorgeous day. I’m looking forward to it. I bet Ortiz brings down the house during pregame introductions.

Until then,



great deal with papi…he’s an outstanding player, a great person, and most of all, a hard worker. he deserves every penny. plus, being a DH, he’ll hopefully last long enough to still be good at the end of the contract.

with coco in the outfield we might have to start calling them the cereal killers

I heard Papi wants to hit one out today for his Dad who is in from the DR. That would be special for him and all the fans!

Wouldn’t mind seeing what Willy Mo can do with extra plate appearances and some helpful advice from Manny and Ortiz.

watch Stern carefully. i think he will impress. he’s hungry.

anyone see the WBC game where he hit an inside-the-park HR and almost hit for the cycle? he hauled around the bases. two great catches and almost a third as well.

You’ve been slacking on that Ortiz humor lately.

I think Coco being out gives the Sox a chance to really test their depth. While they have plenty of infielders, I’m not so sure about the strength of the outfield bench.

Maybe this gives the Sox a chance to see how much they’re missing out on with “my boy” Kapler injured. What is his status with the team right now anyways? I know he’s rehabbing, but is he signed?

ortiz’s “diaper” comment yesterday was high comedy.

the wonderful fit between ortiz and red sox fans is rare indeed.


Has anyone mentioned the resemblence between Big Papi and The Babe? Most of the pictures of David show him smiling and most of the pictures of the Babe are dour, but their faces have a similar shape. Coincidence?

yes, coincidence🙂
papi ain’t gonna sell out to them yanks

Way to go Bronson!!! 2 homeruns in 2 games and also 2 wins.

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