Game 7 — the roll continues

You think Josh Beckett is fired up enough when he pitches? Talk about a guy who seems every bit as intense as the city he now performs in.

Beckett was hollering and screaming after his shaky first inning, and you have to love that display of emotion.

The team itself? This is a pretty good roll to start the season on. They are getting it done with their pitching and defense. The offense has kind of just gotten it done when needed, and wait until Manny starts hitting.

Mike Lowell with three doubles and four hits in his first game at Fenway. It’s hard to believe that Lowell won’t make a significant improvement this season just by the sheer fact of playing 81 games in this park.

Do you all realize how good Papelbon has been so far? Five outings, two baserunners. Good morning, good afternoon, good night. Just completely lights out.

Now they put the ball in Boomer’s hand tomorrow night. I think everyone is wondering what type of stuff he will have after the way he struggled in both Spring Training and his start at Pawtucket.

As Joe Torre used to say, "Boomer is Boomer."

Personally, I think he’ll be OK. i think the adrenaline rush of being at Fenway in front of a packed house will help Wells to a decent outing his first time out.

How was that for random ramblings — aside from the three typos I had the first time before my lovely wife edited it and told me to fix everything?

talk to you all tomorrow,



Did you mean to say role or roll?

I gotta love Lowell’s 4-4 showing today and his abundance of doubles. Beckett’s strong ending was great. His first inning struggles are reminding me of Pedro.

As for Boomer – let’s just say that I have a strong, passionate, intense dislike for David Wells and am secretly hoping that he decides it is time to call it quits, or suffers a thrown back or something.

Then Papelbon would have to start. Now THAT would be interesting.

It’s great to read your blog, your postings are insightful and great to read. Unlike your counterpart over on the Yankees site, whose longest and most involved post has been to break down the upcoming season of the Washington Redskins. It’s unfortunate that he’s forgotten the sport and the city for which he’s supposed to be writing.


You were correct — Roll, not role. I always make that mistake even though I know how the word is spelled. Oh well, thanks for noticing🙂 thanks for reading the blog.


Wow – Josh Beckett sure is a perfect fit for Fenway. I can’t believe how fired up this guy gets when he pitches.
Papelbon, well, what can I say? He’s been perfect so far. I LOVE the way he goes out and faces hitters. 3 pitches 3 strikes, 10 pitches 3 outs, you gotta love that.

Boomer…I don’t wanna jinx tonight’s game, but I have a gut feeling he’s gonna lose us this game. I dunno, but it feels a bit too much like last year’s opener in NYC. But hopefully, the Jays aren’t the Yankees, and Gustavo Chacin isn’t Randy Johnson.

Currently, we must be the best small-ball team in the league…with the best 3-4 punch in baseball. Just wait till #34 and #24 start hitting consistently, that’s when the real fun’s gonna start.

Im not feeling to good about today’s game. Boomer is Boomer and Chacin looked good last year.

Love the blog as usual. Keep up the great work.

But c’mon . . . I’ll be the first to comment on the large, poor fielding elephant in the room.

Let’s just say that WMP’s fielding error was, um, er, Canseco-esque. With Coco and Trot being out this should be interesting.

Why is it that Adam Stern does not hit leadoff. He can steal bases, bunt, and handle the bat. I think he is the perfect while COCO is out.

I’m thrilled with having Beckett on the staff, but his outburst at Hillenbrand, coming so soon after his encounter with Ryan Howard, seems to mark Beckett as a bit of a jerk.

Beckett’s 3-1 pitch was on the outside corner and the umpire was in no hurry to actually make a call. And Beckett had walked three of the last four Jays. 99.9% of all big leaguers are going to move towards first, like Shea did.

And while Wily Mo Pena’s play on F-Cat’s home run is getting a bunch of ink, Trot Nixon’s worthless bellyflop on Aaron Hill’s double in the second inning was a worse play.

First, Trot misread the fly ball, then he didn’t just concede a single on the play. And while it didn’t lead to any runs, it left Mr. Dirty Hat with a mild left groin strain that could keep him out of the lineup for a week.

It amazes me that the Boston media and many fans forget Nixon’s bone-headed baserunning and misadventures in the outfield almost as soon as they happen, while certain other Red Sox outfielders (who by the way hit much better and miss fewer games than Nixon does) get raked over the coals for stuff they did (or didn’t do) years ago.

Trot can fall asleep at second base, dive for balls 25 feet in front of him, and hand baseballs to kids in the stands when there are only two outs, but as long as his shirt is dirty or he has some stubble or eye black, well, then, he’s a gritty, grimy, gamer who gives his all.


Nixon admitted he messed up this catch. As for the rest of it…he plays baseball. He does his thing, does his job, and that’s all. He doesn’t bring along a lot of the **** that others bring.

As for Wells…I’ve never been a fan. I’m really hoping he has a better showing tonight than in Pawtucket last week, but I won’t hold my breath…

Hi Ian…look! The system finally let me in!

My take is that the injuries to Crisp and Nixon at this point could actually help the team down the line…getting Willy Mo a chance to play a few days in a row and get his timing down, and giving Stern a chance to prove that he belongs in the big leagues.

Last night ESPN had Sox plays 1 (the incredible 4-6-3 DP)and 2 (Youk’s catch) on its list of “web gems,” and that has NEVER happened before. The defense really looks dramatically improved.

And congratulations on your blog. Nobody who writes one of these things will ever blame you for the occasional typo.

After yesterday’s performance (or lack thereof) by WMP, coupled with Bronson’s job for the Reds, I’m still mad about the trade. I know Theo said that he was trading for what WMP will become, vice what he is, but I don’t think anyone could debate that having Cornrows in the ‘pen would be a huge bonus (especially with the showing that Rudy gave last week). But, enough of that… As for the injuries in the outfield, I agree that these injuries at this time in the season could be a blessing. Assuming that Coco’s not out for too long, and Trot’s groin doesn’t out him on the DL, getting Stern, Mohr, and WLP some at-bats and time in the field can only help the Sox down the stretch. Of course, my optimism is rooted in the way the team has played in the last two weeks… Let’s hope Wells can shake off his last outing and deliver. If he can’t, then I’ll have to continue to voice my displeasure with the Arroyo trade…

Before tonight’s game starts, I’d like to say that i really really hope Boomer has his stuff. As much as id like to see Papelbon put on a show for 7 innings oppose to just 1, I don’t think jerking this kid around is the right idea.

If he can spend a season getting his work in through the bullpen, learning batters and situations, and then let loose in ’07, I think Pap and the team would both benefit.

Anyone hearing anymore about John Lester for Dontrelle? Someone please tell me my ears have been lying to me!

At what point did anyone think a man that gave up 7 runs in AAA would be able to pitch against a leam like Toronto?

Seriously, Wells is terrible.

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