The Boomer

OK, so I was wrong on my Boomer prediction. He wasn’t exactly mowing them down those first two innings.

At the same time, let’s not lose sight of the fact that Wells was fairly atrocious during the first few weeks of last season, and from late May on, he was their best pitcher. He’s just one of those guys that when he misses his location by an inch or two, the results are going to be ugly.

  The Crisp signing was pretty unique. He just got here, yet the player and the club are already comfortable enough with each other to make a commitment through 2010.

Do you realize they will pay Crisp less than half of what they would have paid Damon if JD had accepted the four-year, $40 million offer? Quite a savings, and i’d be surprised if Damon and Crisp aren’t very similar from a numbers standpoint over the next four years. The one thing that could make the Damon/Crisp exchange a bad one is if Andy Marte develops into a superstar.

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This Wily Mo trade is still looking bad. Why not Wells instead of Bronson?

I can still find it in myself to hate Boomer, but I am rooting for him to pitch well. (Although that may only be so he’ll look appealing)

Any word on why Stern isn’t playing tonight?

Stern isn’t playing because it’s a lefty pitcher. I wouldn’t give up on Wily Mo just yet. He’ll hit 15 to 20 homers this year i bet.

not to say “i told you so” but boomer pitched almost just as badly as he did in pawtucket. 7 runs in 5 innings with 2 homers. ugh.

nicely done by wily mo today, btw

::Sigh:: Even with Willy Mo waving at air his past 2 appearances, I found reasons to like the Willy Mo – Bronson Trade. Boomer’s outing makes it a little bit tougher to take the loss of Arroyo. Didn’t Wells start last year kinda rough (maybe not, this rough…but rough) also?

I still get chills thinking about a 3-4-5 of Ortiz-Manny-and a seasoned Willy Mo.

Well, 6-2 ain’t bad at all…now if only Manny could start putting the good part of the bat on the ball.

indeed, what is up with manny’s bat? he’s playing well in the outfield…

This was a game we could’ve easily won. Chacin was far from perfect. Seriously, why kid ourselves pretending someone who just gave up 7 runs in triple-A could be ready for top-tier AL competition?
Anyway, that’s just the way things go. I guess Wells needs to be rocked around a bit until he finds his groove, like last season. Let’s hope he’s quick – if Alex Gonzalez keeps going like this, we’ve almost got an NL lineup. Also, what’s wrong with Manny?

Manny always takes a little while to find his groove. He’ll come around.

Maybe spending an off-season not knowing where you may play in the Spring takes its toll. Boomer and Manny both spent the winter pondering their respective baseball fates…and both are stuggling out of the gate.

Both are veterans…Manny hasn’t had a season much worse than 100-30-100 since 1973 and I would like to say that he has had much worse starts than this before. As for Boomer…last year’s start to the season was this bad (10 IP, 10 ER) and he had a solid season.

Quick comment on Gonzalez…I dont care if he has a season with 50 RUNS, 8 HR and 35 RBI as long as he keeps throwing people out from the outfield grass like he did last night. Give this man a 24 Karat Glove

A) Manny will be fine. He was hitting .229 or something in May last year (though admittedly with lots of homers and RBIs) and that year ended up, you know, pretty good and all. I admit, though, that I’m wishing very hard every at-bat for his first homer.

B) What up with the Wily Mo hate? Last night, he walks and apparently hits a changeup for his home run (not a fastball as is his inclination) and continues to demolish lefties. What’s not to like?

C) About two starts from now, Wells will be where he should be. I seethe knowing last night’s game counts just as much as one in September, but over the course of the season, it’ll be okay.

People put too much emphasis on one game/a few games in general. It’s why most people wouldn’t make good GMs.

Andy Marte’s performance won’t have an ounce of effect on whether or not it’s a good trade! What’s done is done. If a butterfly farts in Australia, it could make Marte go one way or the other. If he’s a star for the Tribe, doesn’t mean he would have been for the Sox. Doesn’t matter to the Sox anymore, except for having to play against him in the future.

What’s up with Lester and Hanson. Lester could easily outperform Wells and Hanson would be a great addition to the pen.

I am really distressed that there is only one TV station which airs the RedSox games. This forces people to get either cable or direct TV at$50+ per months. People on fixed income are not able to effort this extra cost. I have been watching the Sox for centuries and now am left out in the cold. Many people in my age group cannot watch the games anymore. Do you really think that this is democratic?? Please respond. Matthe

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