Elusive momentum

It’s amazing how quickly things can change. The starting pitching had been lights out for five games in a row, and the last two nights, Wells and Clement haven’t been able to make it out of the fifth inning.

How can anyone know what to make of Wells at this point? Has he just gotten old overnight here, or is it simply a matter of a guy coming back from knee surgery and not having it his first time out there?

The next time Boomer takes the ball — Marathon Monday against the Mariners — it figures to be a must-see game.

  With Clement, you’d just like to see some consistency. He was so good last time out in Baltimore, and tonight, he was the complete opposite. Is he always going to be one of those up and down guys, or can he take his game to a level he’s been seeking for a while?

The good news is that the front three of Schilling, Beckett and Wakefield is looking strong, very strong.

  I’m sure the Red Sox aren’t too upset that Felix Hernandez isn’t pitching this weekend, but i’m kind of disappointed. I’d love to see this kid pitch. He’s supposed to be something. Oh well, they go to Seattle twice this year, so i’m sure we’ll see him at some point.



Ian: Did not Foulke look great tonight? He looks just about back to 2004 form from where I sit, and that is a great development. Meanwhile, the Sox look like they may be about to start hitting. The next few nights will be fun.

Clement drives me crazy, I swear. Technically, he’s got ace stuff, but the way he works himself into tight corners is infuriating.
Boomer…no news there. He got off to a similar start last year. I think that’s why Tito kept him in the game for five innings: get work under his belt, so he hopefully won’t be as horrible next time out.

Let’s hope Schill can built new momentum tonight. If we ain’t got the pitchin…

Ian, it seems to me that David Wells has a pattern of giving up bombs early, then settling down to being untouchable. He followed that script for a few innings Wednesday.

As for Clement, he just doesn’t have the focus to pitch aggressively with men on base. Last night after the slam, he was angry on the mound. Naturally, he got the next two hitters easily. (If he made those pitches to Vernon Wells, he gets a double play.) Do the Sox have an in-house shrink?

What is it about Ted Lilly that the Red Sox don’t seem to be able to solve? It appears that Boston is the only team that he is capable of shutting down.

If you look at the lineup, the majority of the team are fastball hitters. Lilly was killing them with the spinner.****** that Lilly.

Jack, the one concern I have about Foulke from thursday’s game is the lack of velocity. every time i looked up, he was at 85, 86. When he’s most effective, he’s up at 88 and 89.
But he looks far better than last year.

I keep hearing rumours that we may get Clemens back, but I’m not seeing anything written about it lately. Does anyone have any scoop on how it looks?

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