Tavarez enters the mix

Reasonably quiet afternoon at Fenway today. I suppose the main news wrinkle entering tonight’s game is that Julian Tavarez will be eligible to pitch for the first time this season.

The bullpen has been so hot and the starters have been eating so many innings, that the Red Sox honestly didn’t miss Tavarez at all during his absence. That being said, his addition figures to be huge. This bullpen is loaded right now.

Tavarez has great control, he’s not afraid to pitch in big moments. But he needs to demonstrate some self discipline to survive in this environment.

Honestly, I was at City of Palms Park that day when he punched Joey Gathright, and to these eyes, it seemed completely unprompted. Tavarez basically just snapped. Gathright was just frustrated because Tavarez inadverdently stepped on his arm as he slid into home, and then he gave the pitcher a little nudge. Punching Gathright twice in the noggin wasn’t very intelligent, so hopefully Tavarez learned a lesson because the Red Sox are going to need him in that bullpen.

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They didn’t waste any time using him. Hopefully he can shut the Jays down and we can get some of these runs back.

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