The Schill and the shortstop

So who among you predicted that Alex Gonzalez would be the hitting hero in tonight’s game? Whatever this guy gives you offensively — and it probably isn’t going to be much — is a big-time bonus.

Other random musings as I stare out my enclosed window in the press box and watch rain pour onto the field.

Schilling is back more than even his biggest backers could have predicted. He looks in complete control right now, able to reach back for whatever he needs at any time.

Manny looks awful at the plate, but how long can that last? He tok a good 30 minutes of extra batting practice before the game, and you know he’ll keep breaking down the tape until he solves his glitch.

Jason Varitek also doesn’t look right at the plate from either side, which is strange, because he’s usually a fast starter.

It’s going to be fun to see Coco get back out there. This team obviously loses a little spark without him and I think Loretta is feeling it. My sense is that Coco and Loretta are going to play off each other quite a bit.


yeah, something’s wrong when Alex Gonzales and Bronson Arroyo are both outbatting Manny…

Hello from Japan, Ian!

Always enjoy listening to your commentary on Red Sox State of the Nation, so for me this Blog is an added bonus, as I rarely get to watch my Sox live or on the ol’ Sony TV. That is, unless Boston is playing New York or Seattle. Ninety-five times out of a hundred, the Yankees game would get the nod on the NHK Broadcast Satellite station, but with the addition of starting catcher Jojima (spelled without the H), the Mariners have gained in popularity just a bit. So, lucky me! I got to watch my first Red Sox game of the year, and what a game is was, too! Man, fans have to be thrilled to have Schill seemingly back in top form. Curt looked really comfortable out there, totally in control from start to finish. The difference maker is having a guy like Paps to close things out for us. Personally, I’d rather see our guys gut out a 2-1 grinder, than record an easy win with the thunder of our bats. Defense and starting pitching will bring us back to the promise land. Anyway, great win for us today. Hopefully, NHK opts for airing games 2-4 over the days to come. Can’t wait ’til tomorrow! GO RED SOX!

hey callmegenki, you can sign up for MLB TV, which lets you watch Red Sox games as long as you don’t live in town. The video is pretty small-screen and the feed is a bit flaky still, but you might give it a try. $15/month I think.

Oh man. It’s so good to see Schilling dominate again. And Papelbon is just amazing. We’re winning one-run games with the bottom half of the lineup providing the winning runs – how good can this team be once the 1-2-3-4 guys start hitting consistently?

I have to say that I think Youk has done a great job as a lead off hitter in Coco’s absence. He really works the counts and gets on base. Except the game against Lilly (but then again who could get on base against that guy). Ian keep up the great work!


I live in Japan, where unfortunately “Blackout Restrictions Apply”. Go figure.


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