Boomer back on DL

Yes, it is official, David Wells is going back on the DL with knee woes. a right knee sprain is the official word. he will undergo the same series of shots (synvisc) that Foulke had during Spring Training.

Unless things get out of hand in the bullpen the next two days, DiNardo will start Monday against the Mariners.

Interesting lineup today. Stern CF; Cora 2B; Ortiz DH; Ramirez LF; Youkilis 3B; Snow 1B; Pena RF; Bard C; Gonzalez SS and Wake on the mound.

more later, i need to write my notebook.


I realize the season is long and starters need their rest but why does it seem that starters always get their rest when wakefield pitches. Francona sent practically this same bad lineup out there last sunday when wake pitched and same thing today. The lineup is already weakened becasue vtek doesnt hit so why sit loretta too???

Frankly, I’m glad Wells is on the DL. I don’t think he is an effective pitcher at all right now and it is a mistake to think he will snap out of it because he has been a good pitcher in his career before.

I know that Manny will start hitting again and the lineup isn’t as good with Coco out of it, but I think Theo really needs to make a move offensively for this team. The question is, who can he trade?

So today the focus jumped around as much as Wake’s knuckleball should – (1) from Boomer and the replacement SP to (2) Bard’s PBs to (3) Manny and the lack of runs produced.

Terry took too many risks with a weaker lineup today.

You figure Wake will give up a few runs just because his floater failed to flutter just right.

Meanwhile, Wily Mo is looking better all the time.

And the SOX realy miss Coco already (Johnny who?).

I my humble opinion, Terry might rest key people on the days when defense counts more than run production.

Kudos to the Mariners…they earned this one. I thought that Wake was great but the Red Sox did not do what they needed to do to win.

I might be in the minority here but I like Josh Bard. I’m willing to give him some time to get used to his role. (He had an excellent at bat in the 2nd.)

“Johnny who?” Amen! I bought some Cocoa Krispies today in a symbolic gesture of support for Coco.

(Why is the time stamp on this post wrong?)

I agree that this was a tough lineup to win with today, and it was proved out. But often times, you throw in a lineup like that and the subs are so excited to play that they all elevate their game. Francona believes strongly in keeping everyone fresh for the long haul and that approach has paid dividends in his two years as manager. He has a broader view than a fan or a journalist, so i think we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

Seen the numbers and problems now, I really want Bronson Arroyo back😦

i don’t understand why tito kept wake in the entire game. with the weaker lineup, shouldn’t he have brought someone else in to relieve or made some changes to bring some different bats to the plate? i think that we all thought we’d be dead in the water without that guy that used to be in center field (johnny who???) i can’t wait to see coco back in the lineup and see just how great he can be.

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