Bye for now

It’s been a fun first 11 games, but I’ll be taking the next two off before returning to the ballpark on Tuesday.

I’ll spend Easter at home with my family and then Monday is my wife Amy’s birthday. So here’s a shoutout to the lovely wife. Happy b-day!

Anyway, i’m sure i’ll be keeping tabs on the games from home, and perhaps even make a random posting or two. It should be fun to see Beckett tomorrow.

I’ll talk to you all later.



Happy Birthday to your wife & Easter to your family. Hopefully, the Sox will get back on track with Josh. Wake pitched a great game today, despite the two passed ball and Mo misjudging that fly to right. It’s a shame the run support wasn’t there for him. He really deserved a win, I thought. Still, even with the offense struggling as it has, you have to love this team. When Coco & Trot are back in the lineup, and Manny sheds the funk he’s currently in, Boston will be set.


Happy Easter Ian! Shame about the game, but at least the Jays and Yanks lost too…so that playoff berth is still ours😉 I hope our offense figures it out quick, then we’re gonna a force to be reckoned.

Mo Rivera blew the save. It was beautiful to watch.

How big was that hustle play by Youkilis in the 9th? And then Loretta came up and was aggressive against Guardado who was throwing nothing but strikes. Way to go Sox! A game like this might just be what the team needed to find their new identity. No longer just new guys and the 2004 World Series guys…they fought back on multiple occasions and really played like a good Boston Red Sox team. Oh yah….and nice job Lenny.

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