Should Stern stay or go

After Thursdays game, the Red Sox have an interesting decision to make. Adam Stern’s Rule 5 eligibility requirement will be fulfilled so the club can option him back to the Minor Leagues.

Before Coco’s injury, it was a no brainer that they would do so. But what about now? Do they keep Stern up here to keep facing righties until Coco gets back? Or do they let him go to Pawtucket and concentrate fully on his development without the pressure of playing for the Red Sox. When you are suiting up for the Red Sox, development is very secondary to winning. And if Stern keeps taking lumps up here, you have to hope it doesn’t damage his confidence in any way.

  If they do decide to send Stern down, they could bring Willie Harris up and have him split center field with Dustan Mohr. Harris is a proven utility player who can offer spark and speed. Stern had been on a high for a little bit after his Team Canada exploits, and that seemed to carry over into his play. But he’s leveled off the last few days.

   Stay tuned on this one, it will be an interesting decision either way. I’d like to hear what you guys have to say about this.



I couldn’t agree more. While I think Stern will be a solid player in the future, I think he still needs time to develop. Dustin Mohr is a solid replacement for Coco in center and has shown that he can produce offensively. By sending Stern down and bringing up Willie Harris, the Sox won’t sacrifice any speed on the bases and will gain a good utility player that has the potential to fill that leadoff spot while Coco is hurt. This season has been exciting and I am enjoying watching this new team gel.
Tim, Columbus, OH

Stern would benefit more playing day to day, regardless who’s pitching. As much as I like the guy, I say send him down. Let him work on the kinks in his armor. – Genki (Japan)

Well, considering the catch he just made to end the game; I think we’ll being seeing more of him.

Considering I’m a big fan of his since he’s from my hometown, I’ve been rooting for him all season. I hope he gets to stay with the big league club. After that amazing catch, I’d hate to see him sent down.

I say we let him stick around untill CoCo gets back. I really like his enthusiasm and the hustle he brings to the game. This team is clicking and he is part of it.

First of all, I think we all need to compliment the Red Sox front office for putting together one of the best Red Sox teams in a while. They have followed a similar model to the patriots. Bring in character players that put the team first before themselves. Keep Stern with the team. He contributes every night and is a good guy around the clubhouse. Him and Manny are best buds.

Keep up the good work Brownie!!!!

I have to say that with the catch he made tonight to end the game and stop a potential rally that Stern should be allowed to stick around. He’ll have a chance to get more playing time in Pawtucket after Coco gets back. He’s contributed to the team so far, and even if he’s leveling off with the bat right now, he’s soundly contributed and should be rewarded.

The selfish part of me wants him to stay…but if he isn’t going to get a lot of playing time, it’s only fair to send him down.

Hey, Ian (or anyone else)…any idea why Mike Timlin called for the ball tonight after Youk got his hit?

all depends on coco’s finger this thursday. if he can play the following week, then send stern down. if not, keep him.

it’s too bad they can’t option willy mo down to the pawsox so he can play every day for a year. his fielding is sooo weak…

waitasec…i take that back. just saw the reply of stern’s catch. oh wow. most impressive.

Good fielding aside, I think Wily Mo is the perfect example as to why Stern should go to the minors and continue to polish his game. The lack of playing time can only hinder his advancement. He can stay until Coco comes back but after that, Stern should most definately be sent to Pawtucket,with words of encouragement and told that it is by no means a demotion.I would call Willie Harris up after sending Stern down,Willie adds speed and enthusiasm… and can fill almost every position on the field.

I have no clue why we made the deal for Pena. I hope Theo proves me wrong, but it would be Pawtucket or Portland for Pena, and Mohr and Stern could join in keeping Trot healthy. Whatever happened to that old sawa about not ever having enough pitching? Did we change it to outfielders?

The answer to Cyn’s question as to why Timlin asked for the ball the other night — in case you haven’t already gotten a reply — is that it was his 900th game appearance. Stern’s going down to Pawtucket. I think it could have waited until Damon’s return, but since Theo and Tito didn’t check in with me on this one I guess they decided to give him more experience down there for awhile.

Whoops. I wrote Stern should have stayed until Damon’s return (which would have meant until the Yanks meet the Sox in May). Make that Coco.

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