Manny finally gets one

Really, how long was Manny going to go before he finally put one in the cheap seats? And, in typical Manny fashion he made it memorable. Not only did he go back-to-back with Ortiz, but he clocked it some 398 feet to the opposite field.

Do you realize how few players in baseball can hit a ball 400 feet to the opposite field? This guy is amazing. We should all relish the opportunity we’ve had to watch him hit on a daily basis since the start of the 2001 season.

And it was Ramirez’s 200th homer in a Sox uniform. He became just the fourth player in baseball history to hit 200 homers with two different teams. The others? Jimmie Foxx, Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro.

Other interesting tidbits. It is the ninth time Papi and Manny have gone back-to-back. The breakdown, thanks to crack PR man John Blake: Once in 2003; Six times in ’04; Once in ’05; and now once in ’06.

  It was also fitting that the blast was struck at Rogers Centre, the building formerly known as SkyDome. Ramirez has now clubbed 22 homers in this park. The only other visiting place he’s hit more homers? Yankee Stadium, with 23.

More later.



how nice it was to only have to wait 1 homerless ab for number 2…

Papelbon just finished the 9th. Who wants to bet he comes back in the 10th?

Foulke is warming up in the ‘pen. he’ll be out there in the 11th.

Ian, I hope, I hope, I hope I am wrong, but when I see Foulke getting up there in the 11th, I feel the game slipping away.

I love the guy. And I am not being pessimistic. But it just seems his best days are through.

What an effort by Pap.

Whew! Foulke gets out of a HUGE jam!

So, Ian, who comes on in the 12th? No way it’s Foulke . . . is there?

I think Foulke will be back out there for the 12th. and there’s nobody warming up.

Buckle your seat belts . . . this one’s getting dicey.

i dont see foulke gettin through the 12th

and its ova. foulkey takes the loss afta a gutsy outing. too bad.

What is Saenez doing on this roster? How much longer do we have to put up with him?


How GREAT is it to see that familiar stroke of Manny again??? It’s so great to see David and Manny unload like that. As for the outcome??? Thankfully we have LOTS of games left…..

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