A very blah Saturday

Not sure what you can really say about a game like today’s. In baseball, i think momentum is typically overrated. But in this case, I do believe last night’s marathon heartbraker carried into today.

  The Red Sox knew going in that their bullpen was short. They weren’t going to have Foulke or Papelbon, and who knows how much pressure that might have put on DiNardo. Plus, Varitek was understandably out of the mix after catching 12 innings last night.

   Halladay’s final line was good, but he looked hittable. It was just one of those bad days for the Red Sox and they never had much of a chance after falling behind so far, so fast.

   After the game, the Sox called Manny Delcarmen up and sent down Van Buren. I think it’s a great move, and actually, I’m kind of curious why they just didn’t call up Delcarmen in the first place as soon as Wells went on the DL. Delcarmen is an intriguing pitcher. I liked what i saw from him in limited samples last year.

Let’s face it, with Seanez struggling and Riske hurt, Delcarmen could really help this bullpen right now. the key is whether he can command his breaking stuff. For whatever reason, Delcarmen lost his breaking ball after being called up last year and it basically made him a one pitch pitcher. If he can get that back, he might turn into a pretty effective sixth or seventh inning pitcher.

   BTW,  Papelbon’s mohawk looks pretty  bad. By pitching 10 scoreless innings, you’d think he’d get a better reward than having to walk around with that look🙂 But he was definitely good natured about it. He’s a great kid.



I’ve seen worse mohawks than Papelbon’s. In some ways, I wish he wasn’t so lights out as a closer so that he could start in place of David Wells. I also wish that Wells would just retire already so that the Sox can find a pitcher (not Clemens) to take his spot in the rotation. I may be biased, but I think Wells has shown that not only does he not want to pitch for this team, but he also is unable to pitch effectively for both the Sox and the Pawsox right now. It would be nice to see how Delcarmen and Lester would do at Fenway.

I’d like to see Wells gone as well and am interested in what the Sox will do. I’d love to see Papelbon in the rotation but I think we need him in the bull pen for the forseeable future. As for today’s game, I should have stayed on campus and gotten more work accomplished. I ended up paying more attention to the Yanks/Orioles game…and that wasn’t much better.

Seriously, Rick The Wild Thing Vaughn, anyone?

we should have got rid of wells and kept arroyo. wells is an injured old mess and arroyo is 3-0. heck, we couldv’e even given him a few pinch hits the way his bats been.

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