Sunday gut check

I look at today’s game as the first little gut check the Red Sox have had this season. They let one get away on Friday and got blown out Saturday. Toronto has handled the Red Sox with ease of late.

Today is a day the Sox need to rebound. They don’t want to get swept going into Cleveland.

This is the kind of game the Red Sox teams of 2003-2005 would always seem to win. With a new cast of characters this year, you can’t predict if they’ll respond to adversity in similar fashion.

Clement has pitched well in two of his first three starts. They need a big effort from him today.

It’s a standard non-Coco lineup of Youkilis-Loretta-Ortiz-Ramirez-Nixon-Varitek-Lowell-Harris-Gonzalez.

Nobody likes to go into an offday on the heels of a sweep so I’m sure the visitors will come out swinging today. We’ll find out soon enough.


Any idea on what the Sox are going to do about the Wells situation?

Also, when Coco comes back, what do you think the chances are that the Sox will designate Wily Mo for assignment? I know he is out of options, but he looks like he still doesn’t know how to play the outfield or have a good at bat. I’m really wishing the Arroyo trade didn’t happen still.

He’s walked way more than was anticipated (.375 OBP even with the .259 BA in few at-bats). I still say strikeouts are overrated comparatively (only really bad with man on third, 0 out or 1 out, or with man on 2nd, 0 out). He’s the perfect platoon partner for Trot, hitting .300 and .290 against lefties the past couple seasons. Lots of power. I disagree that he should be DFA’d. He has a place on the team right now.

Right, that would make no sense to DFA Wily Mo. Everyone is way too quick to make snapshot judgments on players. He’s a young guy who is still developing. he’s a fourth outfielder at this stage of the game. I say to give him a chance.

question: DFA=??

well today’s game ended up better than the last couple. but BJ Ryan still looks pretty much unhittable.

perhaps paps got his haircut inspiration from Brad Pitt, or vice versa:

DFA= designate for assignment.

Whats the word on Coco? I’m hearing sometime in the middle of May…that seems kind of long for an injury that the team is playing off as minor. What are the long-term effects of his injury? One of the things I liked about the Coco trade was that he had as much or more pop in his bat as Judas Damon. Is this gonna detract from that?

definitely bummed on Coco’s injury but still happyfor the trade. look at damon’s lackluster start in NYY:


1. J Damon

NYY OF 17 72 12 20 7 0 1 9 30 8 12 2 0 .346 .417 .278

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