Pick Your Poison

It’s the nature of Boston — the fans, the media and the general passion that engulfs Red Sox Nation — that the talk of the next 24 hours is going to be Terry Francona’s decision to leave Curt Schilling out there for 133 pitches on Tuesday night.

Personally, I thought Schilling should have come out after the sixth because he had already grinded his way through six innings and didn’t have his best stuff. But they won the game, so how can you really argue with the decision, or go too crazy about it?

The real storyline was the best 3-4 hitting punch in baseball winning this game in the late innings.

Imagine being  Eric Wedge. Ortiz hits a missile in the seventh to tie it up. He has a chance to put the Sox in the lead an inning later, but Wedge decides that with first base open, it’s the perfect time to walk him. the only problem is that Manny is coming up. Man, it takes guts to walk anyone — even Ortiz — with Manny coming up.

So Manny hits a three-run blast off Mota to snap the tie, and basically win the game. How many other managers will be bold enough to put David on to face Manny? Manny had his little cold spell. Now he’s getting hot and will probably stay hot for who knows how long. Ortiz already has nine homers, and now he’s going to be getting fatter pitches to hit because Manny is going to start looming in the minds of the opposition.


I think I might become a cheerleader for Mike Lowell, these are numbers from last night:

5 1 3 1 1 0 0 .300


4 2 3 3 1 0 2 .300

Go check the season’s stats so far, Lowell is doing just what Theo expected him to do. When Crisp comes back and Loretta catches fire the runs scored is going to look like last year. Go Sox!

I think Eric Wedge made wrong decision. It was intentional BB for Ortiz. Imagine being Manny. How can the best hitter endure being ignored?
I really believed that Manny will show his ability and let Eric Wedge know why he is the best hitter in the league.

Never walk anyone to face Manny. I don’t get that at all.

I actually wrote about that today on my blog.


I’m gonna have to join the crowd of those who criticize Wedge’s decision. While you could argue that Papi is hotter than Manny because he’s hit more dingers and has generally been a more consistent hitter throughout the first 20 games, you can’t ignore the fact that Manny came into last night’s game hitting .400 or something in the last 10 games. Which means only one thing – he’s getting hot, and the last thing you want to do as an opponent is give the sleeping dog a chance to bite you.
I know it was a tough decision, no doubt. But an IBB? I might be a bit biased against those, but if you don’t want to face somebody, just pitch around them. Make ’em sweat it. Plus, consider this: in the worst-case scenario (Papi and Manny both going yard) it still would have been 3 runs. Ok, maybe I’m overanalyzing…

Anyway, as a Sox fan, I love when opposing managers make mistakes, so keep ’em coming please.

I love these sox. Eric wedge was playing baseball when he decided to put David on. Baseball wise, it was the right thing to do, righty lefty and all. But, to create the moment. That’s beautiful. Put Manny in that situation. drama. Make them make the play. Love the blog. later-t

portland, or

“…grinded his way through six innings…”


I think that you just coined a new term!!


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