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OK, I am at a friend’s wedding in another part of Florida this weekend so I will not be with the Red Sox. So I make an unsual request to you guys and gals on the blog. For this weekend, I would like you to use this space to keep me posted on what is going on with the team during the three-game series against TB.

I’ll allow you guys to be my eyes and ears, and catch me up on what I’ve missed so I will be up to speed when I get to Fenway Park on Monday.

Do you guys think you can handle that? The more posts the better, and it can be on anything from game developments to pre or post-game news.

Thanks a bunch in advance,



I tune in for the game and we’re already down 0-4….didn’t I see this game yesterday?

No clutch hitting. How many guys has Wily Mo left on tonight? We’ve had a chance every inning but haven’t taken advantage. I know it’s early, but this trade is looking bad! Clement doesn’t look like he can ever give a quality start. Hindsight is 20/20, but I sure wish we had another arm out there. Now we have to sit through Lenny Dinardo tomorrow? Coco, if you’re reading this, hurry back!

Not much good at all in this game (barring a late inning comeback). Clement gave up 2 runs in the first, 2 runs in the second, and Mike Lowell had an error when attempting a throw to first.
Clement, besides the first two innings, has not been that bad. He’s given up 5 hits for 5 runs (4 earned) and strucken out four.

The real problem tonight is the same one that has been plaguing the team for the past couple of weeks: the Sox have stranded 8 baserunners, including leaving the bases loaded yet again.

Tampa Bay relievers are coming in now, so hopefully their weak bullpen will give up some runs, but it is looking pretty bleak.

Florida seems to be the place to be right now.

Fossum hit both Ramirez and Ortiz and Clement was smart enough to NOT retaliate.

Hey, I have to get the good where I can.

The sox need to learn how to produce runs. Left the bases loaded in the 4th and the 7th, and were 0-12 with RISP until the 8th. Lowell doubles, Nixon doubles, then JT Snow singles. Two runs (5-2 TB). Finally, we’re down to 2 outs, 2 on, Ortiz batting representing THE TYING RUN……………………………………………..pop up.

Papelbon still perfect…

Don’t forget Varitek’s lead off triple that failed to score.

I had the D-Rays coverage on for most of the game and they were discussing the struggles the Sox have had scoring runs.

Normally I love it when the Rays win…just not when they’re playing Boston.

the scariest thing i heard is that they almost brought dinardo in to clean up after clement, which meant they would have grabbed a PawSox pitcher to START tomorrow.

between Wells and Coco going down, we are having a spat of bad luck. i still agree that the Arroyo/WMP trade was a good idea at the time, and I imagine we’ll look back on this in a couple of years and be fine with it, but right now it’s a bit painful.

Agreed, but I’m very optimistic. Imagine this: Coco comes back, Theo makes his couple of moves (I’m assuming a bat or two plus our 5th starter), Loretta starts batting like he’s supposed to, while Ortiz and Manny become clutch again. It’s a lot to ask for, but none of them seem improbable.

People are assuming that when Coco comes back, this whole leaving men on base problem is going to disappear. It is expecting too much from him. Varitek needs to start hitting, Lowell needs to get his act together, and Loretta needs to be consistent. The Sox are batting .147 with RISP. That is pathetic. They lead the MLB in runners left on base. The Sox need to trade someone. They need another good bat.

Mike Lowell is currently batting .296, the third highest on the team behind Youkilis and Nixon (not including Crisp since he’s only had 24 ABs). He’s got 11 doubles which is almost twice as many as anyone else (Youkilis is second with 6) and he has 10 RBIs making him one of only 6 players to have double digit RBIs. I think he’s producing well.

I think the reason people are looking at Crisp isn’t primarily because of his bat….it’s more because of what he will do to the batting order. The bottom of the order is a glaring flaw right now and moving Youkilis there will make a difference….or so people are hoping.

I agree that the .147 with RISP is an issue. We won’t win games unless that changes. The AL east is far too competitive….including the D-Rays (who get far too little credit for having several injuries themselves at the moment).

Arielle, looking for a trade right now is being an alarmist. People aren’t expecting Coco to save the team, but when you get your ‘regular’ guys in the lineup on a nightly basis, the team is going to gel better and each batter around Coco will be seeing different pitches…there are a lot of little things that will change for the better when Coco gets back.

Point taken about Lowell’s stats. But what has he done in the clutch?? Double Play last night w/no one out. His hits come with us down by 3 or more. True, Coco obviously isn’t the run producing answer, but it will allow Youk to split up the bottom of the order. A-Gon is an automatic out right now and we need someone down there that will cause a pitcher to throw more pitches. Not a bottom three that is going to make a pitcher throw 9 pitches and get out of an inning.
When Coco comes back and gets on, the pitchers are going to start worrying about him on first the way Clement was doing with Gathright and Crawford last night. That will lead to Loretta getting more pitches and things will happen.

Youk will be a second almost a second leadoff with A-Gon being a sac. bunt waiting to happen.

Boston is down 0-4??? I swear I’ve seen this game before.

not this time. the bats came back to life in the sixth innning, and paps struck out 3 in the 9th for his 10th save, a rookie record.

now THIS is the redsox team i thought we were fielding. even with shabby pitching (read: dinardo), we can outscore them.

we sure need this momentum for Monday. see you in the stands for the demonizing of damon.

Ok…I take it back. This was a different episode. 🙂

How sharp was Papelbon?

paps struck out three in a row. completely dominant.

note however that foulke was awesome in the 7th as well and handled the 8th nicely.

I think we turned the tide tonight! I cant believe I am saying that after a win vs. Tampa, though :):):)

I’m impressed with the way Foulke is shaping up. He looks pretty good right now, he’s got good seperation between his changeup and fastball.

This is the team I know is always there. I have to believe the RISP problems have been a statistical mirage and won’t be a season-long problem. This is the team the Red Sox can be. I’d say expecting 5-6 runs on average is not unreasonable, with the provision that Tek and Loretta pick it up a little (and that Coco get back in the frickin’ lineup–good job Pena tonight, though).

I agree with the comments about Coco. Moving Youkilis somkewhere behind Manny will make a big difference. However I can’t accept “resting” 2 and 3 million dollar men so early in the season. This isn’t lttle league where everybody has to play. Putting the “2nd team” up against 1st class competition won’t work. The big guys have to play and PRODUCE or else then they sit down and can be embaressed in doing so. When everybody plays it takes the pressure off and the results are showing.
Also – Ian – why don’t you subscribe to MLB on computer. Then when you are away you can still see the game live on your laptop. I have really enjoyed watching the Sox this April even though I am away from New England.

our offense is sickening right now. bottom of our order is atrocious and nobody can hit w/ RISP. once again we find ourselves down early- even with Schilling on the hill. Somethings got to change. Hopefully that will happen when Coco comes back.

Man am I sick of Seanez!!!!

get seanez off the roster already!

We’re missing you on the beat, Ian. Your substitute, Dawn Klemish, got some information incorrect.
“Three of the Red Sox’s five hits were doubles and one was a homer, but they didn’t capitalize on those extra-base hits in a 5-4 loss to Tampa Bay in front of 26,690 fans at Tropicana Field. ”

First of all, the Sox had seven hits and three were homeruns while the other three were doubles. She did get the fact that they aren’t capitalizing right though.

As for Coco, can he really make as big of an impact as fans are making it out to be? It seems like people are thinking that once Coco comes back, we will get those clutch hits. I don’t think it’s fair to put that type of pressure on him. Yes, he was phenomenal in those 5 games he played in, but it was 5 games.


Had the opportunity to go the game today and for those that haven’t been to the Trop, it is a majority Sox crowd when we are in town. And the WHOLE crowd gave a huge groan of disgust when we saw Seanez waddle out to the mound. It almost seemed that since we didn’t tie the game, Tito gave up on it and threw him in there. Timlin was warming up with him at the time.
Ian, do you have any idea what is going on in Tito’s head when he brings Seanez into a game like that? When you guys interview him, can he say with a straight face that he has faith in this guy?

how much longer do we have to put up with seanez for? his era is like 10 something and he basically gave schilling the loss (schill gave up 3 runs sox got 4)

When is someone with ba–s going to tell Mannie to stop grandstanding and SLOWLY admiring his (?) at home plate instead of running his butt down the bases as fast as he can – he could have had an inpark homerun instead of a triple that night. He’s been doing that more and more and needs to get over himself and RUN from the crack of the bat!

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