Cheers or jeers for Johnny?

First of all, thanks to everyone who chimed in this weekend, it was interesting fodder to read since I watched maybe one inning all weekend – the Saturday ninth inning!

Now, on to the main event. I want all of you to let me know what you would/will do if you had/have tickets to Monday’s game.

When public address announcer Carl Beane starts off the game with, "Batting first, Number 18, the center fielder, Johnny Damon!", do you cheer or do you boo and why?

I think my six-year-old son Tyler put it best. "I’d cheer because he was a great center fielder for the Red Sox for four years!"

To expand on Tyler’s point, Johnny Damon absolutely deserves to be cheeed during his first at-bat on Monday. This guy did nothing but play hard and play hurt and come through in the clutch for his entire four years in Boston. He made a business decision to go to the Yankees, just like the Red Sox made a business decision not to keep him.

Saying that, Damon is a Yankee now, so I think it’s fair game for fans to do whatever they want after that first at-bat. If they want to boo him like Sheffield or A-Rod or Jeter, that is anyone’s right because the man is now a Yankee.

But I feel very strongly that he deserves a very warm and heart felt "thank you" ovation in that first at-bat. Remember that Orlando Cabrera got standing ovations on three straight days when he came back last year. Orlando Cabrera! The guy played threee months in a Boston uniform. Johnny produced for four years and his two homers in Game 7 at Yankee Stadium was one of the best big game performances in Red Sox history.

So give that man a hand — a loud one — in that first at-bat. Then cut the cord from that point after and treat him however you wish.

The two-game series should be interesting. The Red Sox aren’t exactly clicking now so maybe the adrenaline of playing the Yankees at Fenway will get them back on track. I hope the rain stays away!



Definite BOO for his hypocritical comments after leaving the Sox:

1) dissing Theo and the F.O. for their overreliance on “computers” and not being able to look into a player’s “heart”. oh, please…you just went to NY for the $. so would I, but don’t get all high & mighty about it.

2) claiming one reason he went to NY was that he could do “so much more good” for those in need if he had more $. again, spare us the pathos. just take your $52MM and get outta here.

Note: I would do a definite cheer even if he had gone to NYY, if he didn’t have to get so self-righteous about the whole thing. I know he got his feelings hurt that Sox value Ortiz more than they do him, but put a cork in it already.

I heard one other suggestion: cheer him the first time he comes up to the plate as thanks for four good years, and then boo the heck out of him every time after that.

With any luck, I’ll get into Fenway to see it unfold tmw!

I have to agree that Damon deserves a “thank you” ovation for his first at bat. He did play hard for the Sox and he was an integral part of their team chemistry. However, my cheers stop at that one at bat. After reading his book and getting the sense that the man is an amoral, egotistical bonehead I’m glad to see him gone. I know it’s old-fashioned, and it sure doesn’t win games, but I like to see sports figures with morals. I have to say that I like Derek Jeter and his professional demeanor a lot better than the self-proclaimed former Red Sox “Idiot.”

I’d boo him.
Johnny got the standing Os of thanks last year. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I love every single member of the 04 team and will forever, but now they are all dispersed throughout the MLB and it is time to move on.

It would have been a hard decision on cheers vs. jeers if Johnny had not opened his mouth and made all those stupid comments about how great New York and the Yankees are.

“Me and Alex are going to make so many records. It gives me chills to put on the pinstripes.” Johnny, insert foot in mouth here.

Johnny got all the cheers any player could possibly want while he was here. We thanked him again and again for everything he did and for being part of the 2004 team.

So for what reason do we need to cheer him now? The Red Sox tried to keep him – he wanted none of it.

He’s a Yankee now. If Red Sox fans can boo Jeter JUST because he’s a Yankee, Red Sox fans have many more reasons to boo Johnny.

Ian, I think your son’s attitude is great. But your son is a child who (thankfully) doesn’t grasp the concept of being deceived and betrayed.

Again, this whole “give him a hand his first at bat” stuff baffles me. He got his hand and then some. No one deserves to be cheered for lying to and then deserting his fans.

I can’t believe you people talk about betrayal. THIS IS A BUSINESS!!!! Damon helped the Sox win a World Series, what should it care what he feels about the organization. He doesn’t feel that way, and never did, about YOU, the SOX FANS! Get over it why don’t you! You are the ones showing plenty of betrayal.

Oh yeah, when Theo was running off in a monkey suit, but then came back a few months later (only after he “resolved” some issues w/ said organization), NOBODY decried him a traitor. No, he just manipuated the system to his advantage. So how exactly is that ANY different than Damon? I’ll tell you: if Damon weren’t wearing pinstripes, you all would be on your feet with a standing ovation for his first at bat. As it is, you can’t even be honest with your true feelings, instead hide behind this guise of “oh, he betrayed the organization”. B.S! He betrayed nothing at all. Yes, he went for the money. So would you, and if you say you wouldn’t you a)never have been offered that much or b)are LYING!

//I’ll tell you: if Damon weren’t wearing pinstripes, you all would be on your feet with a standing ovation for his first at bat.//

Duh. Have you NOT read any of these responses? That’s exactly right. He went where he said he wouldn’t go – and it was the worst place possible to go. This isn’t brain surgery, Mr, Angry Skull.

And what Theo did and what Johnny did aren’t even in the same category.

He didn’t betray the organization. No one said that. He betrayed the fans. So why should they cheer him for that?

I mean, really, did you even READ anything any of us wrote? Sheez.

Yankees fans are so cranky.

Either that, or you’re Johnny Damon. 🙂

That is my point exactly. He categorically did not betray the fans. Not at all. How in the world can you call what he did a betrayal to the fans? It doesn’t make sense at all. Not for nothing, but I for one thought that he would have always had a place in a Red Sox fans heart. I really did, considering what he helped accomplish. It just doesn’t seem like what happened means anything anymore. Personally, I don’t care if he gets booed or cheered, I just find it really weird that him of all people would be completely turned on. What kind of reaction would Pedro get if he stepped back on the mound at Fenway. It’s unbelievable.

i would boo him. if he went anywhere else i wouldn’t boo him but he went to the yankees just about 6 months after saying he could never play for them. the minute i found out he signed with the yankees, i forgot everything he did for us.

cabrera didn’t sign with the yankees so that is a completly different situation.

He got cheered after every hit, every great catch (and subsequent feeble throw) and every home run for 4 years. Now he doesn’t deserve any more cheers in Fenway than A-Rod or Jeter deserve.
My loyalty is to the Red Sox, not some amoral, egotistical baseball player.


Ian. I’m in with Cyn regarding your son. I’m sure Tyler remembers Damon’s first year with the Redsox (when Tyler was “2”).So, Tyler’s learned discertation can be weighed in view of his somewhat limited experience. Hey! Wait a minute!! Is the right member of the Browne family getting the proper byline credit for those columns as the Red Sox beat writer…and for all those screwy answers to your mailbag questions?

Boy, Ian, did you jerk my chain on this question! Start booing this **** as soon as the **** Yankee team bus starts pulling onto Fenway grounds to park! If he tosses a souvenir baseball into the crowd, throw it back AT him. As both Cyn and Arielle have earlier pointed out: Damon already “…got the standing 0s of thanks last year…” as well as having been paid hansomely for his services over those four years. And, we don’t owe this bowlegged *** NUTHIN’! For one, good riddance to this hairy numbnuts! The NYY can infest their lockerroom(stock up on your supply of bug spray and disenfectants, clubhouse guy)with his lice, ticks, fleas, and leaping crabs. I’m sure we will soon be seing “Johnny being Johnny”: Clipping his toenails on the top step of the Yankee dugout during a crucial playoff game…like he did in Boston. Yes, INDEEDY! He’s ALL URINE, NU YAWK!!! You’re the “john” willing to pay the highest price for this mouthy, inarticulate *****. The IDIOT pseudo-author of a book ghostwritten by someone else about the idiots on his team(Whom I’m thinking would have been only Damon. Which should make the title singular.) By the way, you stinking overpriced Yankees, we don’t want him back after he fails to bring you that starved for world series ring (although you loser low lives in the Bronx ought to be getting use to it by now, since you haven’t won any in the 21st Century!) You can keep him. WE ALREADY HAVE SOMEONE TO BACK UP COCO CRISP!!!!!!!!!!

Which memory will you take to your deathbed.
2004 World Series Champions and Damon sticking it up the Yankees with all the postgame comments or Damon going back on his word about joining the Yankees?

I remember the joy of 2004, the magic of all those special moments by a lovable band of guys, Damon was a big part of that.

The cynical stuff, the real life stuff that has happened since I can get any day anywhere.

One final Big Big Cheer for Johnny.

Then we have honorable closure and then its time to boo him.

AND FINALLY. As starfan noted, Ian, unlike Damon, Cabrera had no input into being dumped by the Red Sox(He, like Pokie Reese, wanted to stay.) Instead, some genius in Boston management (either in or out of a gorilla suit) thought wasting $40 million on Edgar Renteria was a bright brilliant idea; then, trading HIM without the slighest idea of who was going to play short….or on either side of him…or in centerfield? So, so much for Sox fans cheering Orlando. Also, you speak of JohnBoy’s two HRs in game-7. And, that’s fine. Damon DID just **** the last hope of life out of Yankee fans in that game(The Yankee players and Torre had already QUIT after Belhorne ripped that homer in game 6). However, if it had not been for David carrying the whole team (along with the entire courageous pitching staff)on his back through game-5 (while Damon and Mark were going something like 1-for-28 and 1-for-27)there would not have been a game 6 or 7 for mark, Johnboy, Curt, and Lowe to shine in. I’ve saved the best and last for you, skull. You’re aptly named. Skulls are empty–no brains!!!, you Yankee loser. And. I said AND we will boo Pedro’s ***…as well as his midget friend when they return to Fenway in June! ALL you Bronx bums are overpriced and overpaid! Why are all you Yankees so horny for our leftovers??? huh?!?! Love to have Manny and David and Josh, wouldn’t ya??? Store up those billions that should reflect your payroll in 8 to 10 years. Then, maybe you can have them then. In closing…REALLY, IAN. I FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT RAH-JAH. Don’t want him! he’s Yankee and Blue Jays and Astros leftovers!!! No self respecting franchise has a fetish for “seconds” as do the Yankees. And, as my taped friend with the accordian in New England last year(vying for the guest host)so aptly reitterated: “thu yankees stink…stink….stink stink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BYeeeeeeeeeee

I’d definitely cheer him at his first at-bat, and boo him for every at-bat subsequently, and I’d mean both 100%.

(You’ll notice I say “would” because it’s not like I can get tickets…)

too much bitterness. booing damon is understandable (though red sox front office didnt exactly beg him to stay). but booing pedro? players come and go- get used to it.

Hope you bring your balloons and cotton candy…an extra dose of that Valium you’re on. Oh, and you might try some Viagra while you’re at it, Abdullah. Apparently, you just don’t understand the score. THIS is the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry. THIS “ain’t” A baseball game, son. THIS IS WAR!!!

There is an entire season under Pedro’s belt on the Mets. I can almost guarantee he DOESN’T get booed in June. It isn’t the same thing.

Sure, I wish he had kept his mouth shut and not thrown Tito under the bus when he left, but 1) he didn’t go to the Yankees and 2) like I said, with the 2005 season behind us, it’s history.

I can’t bring myself to boo because I was raised to think it is classless and rude. But I wouldn’t be cheering for Damon either.

There are two reasons I think the Damon situation differs from Cabrera, Mueller, or other former Red Sox players.

1.) The Red Sox actually tried to keep Damon. True, they didn’t offer him the highest dollar but they offered a pretty handsome package and made it clear that they were still interested in keeping him. The Red Sox made little or no effort to keep other members of the 2004 Red Sox, like Millar, so there is little reason to fault them for playing for another team. (And to imply that ALL of us would go for the highest bidder is to presume something about our values. Even in baseball there are players who take a less attractive offer to stay on a particular team. It’s called the hometown discount. Not all players shop around for the most money.)

2.) He went to the Yankees. And while I’m sure that Pedro would have gone to the Yankees….the bottom line is he didn’t. But I honestly have no idea what will happen if he takes the mound in June.

Here’s a thought for how to determine if a player should get booed or cheered at Fenway….whatever the fans at Yankee Stadium do, we do the opposite. I was watching the Yanks-Orioles several days ago and Kevin Millar was still getting actively booed. Therefore, he should be cheered when he returns to Fenway. Damon was getting stand O’s.

And when the Yankees radio broadcaster claims that a Johnny Damon homerun was absolutely “Damonic”….I think we can conclude that he is officially the Enemy now.

I’m just stunned at the juvenile venom aimed at Damon here, and for what? For taking a contract that guarannteed him an extra year of employment for 12 million dollars from the only team that offered him one? Damon’s a slimy “traitor” because his loyalty (loyalty his employer neither demanded nor shared) to the Sox could be purchased for 12 million bucks? Why is it that I doubt that Cyn would turn down that much if he was asked to renounce his citizenship and move to Portugal?
Booing Damon is classless,vindictive, ungrateful and dumb, dumb, dumb. Ian’s son has it right. Cyn’s “history” argument is distasteful and absurd, especially since it echoes what he says Damon is guilty of. “Who cares about what you did for me in the past, what have you done for me lately?” What an enobling sentiment! “Hey, Mom…find an old age home, and don’t expect any thanks from me, I can take care of myself noe…I don’t need you anymore…”

The Yankees aren’t Al Quida, they are just an arrogant, too-rich, ruthless baseball team that exploits the fact that every human being has his price. Boo them, but give Johnny the gratitude and respect he earned.

Ian, I think your son’s attitude is great. But your son is a child who (thankfully) doesn’t grasp the concept of being deceived and betrayed.

Again, this whole “give him a hand his first at bat” stuff baffles me. He got his hand and then some. No one deserves to be cheered for lying to and then deserting his fans.

Posted by: Cyn | April 30, 2006 08:31 PM

Well, my 4-year-old son Ryan says that he will boo Johnny Damon because “he’s a Yankee”, so i think little kids can feel every bit as betrayed as us adults. I think my two sons represent Red Sox fans as a whole on this issue in that people seem to be torn.

I guess we’ll see what happens tonight, but I would give Johnny a big cheer if I could be there. I am surprised to see how acrimonious many of the fans are — maybe I am being naive, but I thought Johnny would always occupy a large space in Red Sox fans’ hearts, I know he does in mine. I also think it is disingenuous to call him a “traitor”. No reasonable person could have expected him to stay with us, especially since, let’s face it, the Sox didn’t try very hard to keep him.

I don’t have a problem with Damon going to the Yankees. He got more money, fine. Take it and go.
The problem is, he had to keep telling us that the Yankees are the greatest organization in the world, that Steinbrenner is wonderful, that A-Rod is his new best friend, that he always wanted to be a Yankee, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

I never boo anyone, period, but I’m not going to cheer him either. He got plenty of cheers when he was with the Sox. Why should I cheer him now? Sorry, but the comparison to Cabrera is ridiculous. Cabrera didn’t play in Fenway in 2005, and he didn’t spend every waking moment complaining about the Sox (though he had more right to) and saying how wonderful the Angels are.

Bottom line, it’s not that Damon left, or even that he left for the Yankees (though that was bad enough). It’s that he couldn’t keep his **** yap shut about his new love. RSN should empathize with his ex-wife.

WEEI is reporting that we traded Cla Meredith, Josh Bard, a player to be named later, and some cash to get Doug Mirabelli back. The sox are trying to get him on a private jet so he can play tonight! If we can give Wake some run support, this game will be good. Go Sox!

PS, I’m gonna boo the $#!T outta Damon.

Having just read Ian’s report about Mirabelli on, I could care less about Damon. In the mind of this Sox fan, the actions of our team overshadow Damon. Hopefully having Doug behind the plate will be enough to give Wake the confidence to pitch the knuckler… so that he won’t have to rely on his “fastball” when he has guys in scoring position. If this report is true, which I hope it is, I can’t wait to watch tonight’s game. Forget about Damon… I think Mirabelli deserves the applause…

I understand the feelings of anger toward JD, but I would cheer him in his 1st AB because that is classy baseball. The same class that BOSTON REDSOX fans are (meant to be) literally world famous for. It is also true not every player would have taken the money, but he is getting 12milion more for the same years/same job. 12 MILLION is more than I can even begin to imagine! My question is, why didn’t the Redsox resign Damon last April? Or at anytime during the season, where if I’m not mistaken, ONLY the redsox can talk business with him. If the redsox made a 4 years/ 40million offer then MAYBE he would have given them the home team discount. We will never know, and luckily they didn’t risk it with Papi and Coco (who I’d like to add is much cheaper, younger, seems like a great kid and has great potential!). All the players are different, so comparing JD to any 1 is a bit tricky, but he is not the same as Jeter or A-Rod either. Again, if I am not mistaken, neither of them have won a World Series in a BEANTOWN cap! So to say I have forgotten about what JD did for Beantown would be to forget about the some of the happiest days of my life. I can understand the anger and internet trash talking, and I could live with silence, but I will feel a real sense of shame for 1st AB boos. With all that said… a win would be really sweet!

Ian, I am not saying there is anything to it, but I think it is funny that your younger son would boo.

I guess I am juvenile, classless and a bad parent, too. Cause I’m going ot be on my couch booing tonight…and so are all 6 of my kids. 🙂

1st at bat?? i’ll cheer him and remember his part in taking us to the world series and our championship. after that, he’s just another yankee, no more cheers after the 1st at bat. but, because we know that the red sox nation is well above the evil empire, we should rise above and not get nasty. you know show them what a class act the nation really is!! WE ARE THE BEST… LET’S JUST SHOW THEM ON THE FIELD.

I understand that fans are offended when Johnny professes his love to the Yankees. However unlike other athletes on their way out the door (Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens to name two), Damon has also been rather eloquent talking about how great the fans of Boston were to him and how much he loved playing for the Red Sox. Of course he’s going to say he loves the Yankees, he’s trying to keep his new fans happy. At the same time, he makes no bones about how much he adored his old fans. As for the Mirabelli move, simply fantastic. He has a magic touch with Wake.

Yeah, Doug Mirabelli is gonna win you a world series…you Red Flop fans are really stupid! (feel free to e-mail me your hate)

Gotta say that the Red Sox don’t exactly inspire players to be loyal to them. Bronson Arroyo took the home town discount and where is he now? Granted he did that after Damon left, but everybody understands it’s a business. Not that I would be there (Toronto fan) but if it were me, I’d give Damon a cheer for the 4 years that he played hard for Boston, and then treat him like the rest of the Yankees (cue Evil Empire theme here)

Skull…seriously, does it bother you so much that you have to comment on it? It’s good to know you worry so much that you keep up on the latest Red Sox developments.

Personally I’d love to hear absolute silence when Damon takes his first AB. Don’t boo, don’t cheer, don’t talk, just let the ringing silence shatter his ego.

Announcer “Playing Center Field Johnny Damon” ….. crickets chirping…..

i’m so excited that mirabelli is back!! he and wake are just so in synch as battery mates. to have brought someone in to catch wakefield who has never caught a knuckler before was just wishful thinking. when they traded doug, i just couldn’t imagine anyone else being able to do the great job that he did. THANK YOU THEO!!! let’s hope he’s able to catch tonight.

Hey, “skull”! Some ***** is sending email to this blog—…and he’s using YOUR name! Thought you’d like to know. And, could I suggest a more apropos anatomical pseudonym for your email address other than “skull”? How ’bout “foreskin”!!! You just might be out of your league on Ian’s blog, son. Try to hook up with other mental infants in your weight class—like, maybe, Mark Feinsand or John Sterling? Just a suggestion, loser.

I root for my team…I boo the other. Don’t really care who is on what side. Do I admire their talents; yes. Do I wish they were on my team; sometimes. Do I root or cheer for them, only if it helps my team finish 1st. Will I be cheering Johnny tonight? No, but that has nothing to do with his past, just who he is tonight….and that is someone trying to beat my team. When he retires, or comes back…we’ll see.

Good point about Boggs and Clemens…they were two of the people I was thinking a lot about. I understood the boos with them a bit more. However, I honestly think batting titles, Cy Youngs and a few good runs at the pennant deservered 1 more “thanks!” as well (albeit not as big as JD deserves!). Obviously all of you have the right to boo until your throats are sore, but “yes” I think cheering is the classy thing to do and I hope it is louder than the boos.

From a media perspective, what are the differences between a “normal” game and a Red Sox vs. Yankees game?

I mean, obviously I know it is a zoo, but what is the atmosphere like? Are there differences in cooperation on the part of the players when giving interviews? And is Ortiz still on hiatus from his comedy routines?


//Well, my 4-year-old son Ryan says that he will boo Johnny Damon because “he’s a Yankee”, so i think little kids can feel every bit as betrayed as us adults. I think my two sons represent Red Sox fans as a whole on this issue in that people seem to be torn.//

Must be a four year-old thing. My four year-old niece walked around all day on December 21st saying “Johnny Damon broke my heart”. She then spent the off-season telling us all that she still ‘loves Johnny’ even though he’s a Yankee.

Just last week she informed me that Johnny ‘stinks’, specifically because he is a Yankee.

So it was boos/cheers, then money in centerfield, and chants of traitor. I expected everything but the money.


As I’m typing, it’s the top of the 9th… Posada is on, w/ 1 strike… Mirabelli coming back was huge. It’s amazing how his presence has shifted the tide… Now, there are 2 strikes. Paps is on. Fanning A-rod… and now, he strikes out Posada. Sweet. Granted, it wasn’t a save, but it’s still awesome… I gotta belive that bringing Mirabelli back had something intangible to do with this win.

i heard it was quite cold at the game. here in vegas it was 97 and humid, felt like 105. anyway after the game on baseball tonight there was an interview with damon back in last may in which he said not only could he never play for the yanks, but also that top dollar was not important to him. i think he got what he deserved.

is it just me or did wake look sooo much more comfortable throwing tonight??? thank god we’ve gotten back the 1 catcher who knows what wakefield is all about. i think that the comfort level that he (wakefield) felt, was contagious. everyone just looked more at ease at their positions (and at the plate) tonight. i saw david ortiz’ interview after the game and he said that although they didn’t win last night, he felt that they were coming back together. i, for one,certainly hope so. WELCOME HOME DOUG!!! …. oh, p.s. …. JOHNNY WHO???

here’s another “is it just me?” scenario. do we only write when things are going wrong??? i’m new to the blog but that seems to be what i’m reading. we had a great win tonight; papi, loretta, mirabelli’s back, wakefield was more comfortable than i’ve seen him since doug was traded. let’s talk about the positive things too!! I LOVE MY SOX!!!



From a media perspective, what are the differences between a “normal” game and a Red Sox vs. Yankees game?

I mean, obviously I know it is a zoo, but what is the atmosphere like? Are there differences in cooperation on the part of the players when giving interviews? And is Ortiz still on hiatus from his comedy routines?


Posted by: Arielle | May 1, 2006 05:19 PM

Words can’t describe how much different it is from a media standpoint to cover a Red Sox-Yankees game than any other game. Just add in the two most ravenous baseball media markets in the world, and what you get is a high volume of people in fairly small dressing rooms that just makes it hard to breathe or carve out any elbow room to do independent reporting. What you get is a “pack” mentality, with everyone swarming toward the big stories.

It’s an intense atmosphere, and one that the players don’t really enjoy as they prepare for these games. I think the players love to play once they take the field, but they definitely don’t enjoy being surrounded by us hard-working media folks.

It doesn’t get much better than this, does it guys and gals? We pinned the L on Aaron Small, that stork-necked, flop-eared retread journeyman minor leaguer who pitched like Cy Young last year. Tomorrow, we get a chance to get a shot at sending their other over-achieving mid-season pickup last year, Shaun Chacon, to an early shower. These two guys saved Cashman and Torre’s jobs last year with unexpected phenomenal pitching at a time their other multi-million dollar mound staff were smelling up the stadium. Here’s hoping they will both prove to be flash-in-the-pans this season. And how about the pitch-to-one-batter a game sidewinder Mike Meyers, who gave up David’s launch? I heard tonight on the NYY’S “YES” TV network that NY acquired Myers for the sole purpose of getting Ortiz out when they play us. Well, it didn’t work tonight, did it!? YES also claimed that Meyers openly recruited Damon to come to the Yankees. Arguing that John Boy would fit in great there. And, in truth, Meyers was right. Both he AND Damon fit right in sitting in the losers’ dugout at Fenway…like the Yankees almost always do. Congratulation Yankee Boys John and Mike. You’ve both now been officially baptized onto the wrong side of the rivalry! Even more delicious, Red Neck Tanyon Sturtz, the Native New Englander who cheap shotted Mirabelli during the Veritek/A-Hole scrum last year or in 2004, faced one batter and gave up the go-ahead run on Small’s ERA when Loretta drove in Harris. Sturtz graciously departed with Youkalis (Small’s ERA) and Loretta (Sturtz’s ERA)perched on base. Both scored ahead of David (Meyer’s ERA) when he parked one through the gale. Meyers’ ERA had been 0.00 over 6+ innings before. It “ain’t” anymore, Mikie! JOHNATHAN’S STILL IS!! I think the Bronx BUMS rolling into town was just what the doctor ordered to revive us out of that frustrating 3-7 malaise we had been in. And, you know, the perfect timing of Doug coming back home and picking up his flawless catching of Wake’s knucklers without skipping a beat was just exquisite!!! I can’t wait until tonite! Great subject you picked for Monday, May 1, Ian;and, it was fun and enjoyable to pick the minds of all the great guys and gals that chimed in with each’s opinion–even you, skull). You folks have a good rest of the night…or morning…or whatever it is. Byeeeeeeeeeee…

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