Subway snafu

D Train stands for Dud. At least it did for me today when i tried to get to Yankee Stadium (from Times Square) in a relatively timely manner.

Little known fact. Baseball writers are very much like baseball players in one respect. We have a routine every and we stick to it like a security blanket. We leave for the park at the same time every day, we do the same thing every day once we get there, and we have the same routine once we get to the clubhouse for the pre-game fesitivities. We are creatures of habit, so getting thrown off that structure is annoying.

I like to get to the park by 3:15 at the latest every day. Well, my subway got stalled at 3:10 when we were about five minutes from 161st Street (the stop for Yankee Stadium). One of the doors was broken. So after five minutes, they made us de-board the subway and wait for another one, which didn’t come for another 15 minutes.

Once it got there, it was New York mayhem getting on. I didn’t have to walk on to that subway because a bunch of aggressive New Yorkers actually shoved me on to it in their effort to board in a timely manner.

Finally, my stress level was going down as we got to Yankee Stadium at around 3:40, and then i’m walking through the metal turnstile to exit the station and another aggressive New Yorker hauls that circular rotating turnstile so hard that it rocked off the back of my left foot. Nothing like getting your gameface on early.

My friend and colleague Sam Borden of NY Daily News fame was on the same subway and shared my annoyance. Unlike Sam, who has to travel like this to every home game, I cherish my easy commute to Fenway. I live in West Roxbury so I have a nice six-mile drive with no highways. On most days, it takes me about 22 minutes to get to Fenway.

Anyway, I got to the clubhouse only about 10 minutes later than normal and didn’t miss much, if anything, in the way of newsworthy developments, so it was really nothing to get too worked up about.

Now that I’ve gotten my rant out of the way (thanks for listening!), here’s the news from the park. Willie Harris is playing center instead of Wily Mo because of the vast center field at Yankee Stadium and the fact that Schilling is a flyball pitcher. We’ve also learned that Coco Crisp has been stuck home sick in bed for hte last few days so his rehab is going to be pushed back a little. At this point, I’d be surprised to see Coco play for the Red Sox before May 22.

I know last night’s pitching matchup proved to be a dud, but I think today’s will live up to expectations. Schilling and Mussina. Those vets know how to pitch. And you know the Yankees will be hungry after last night’s embarrassment and you know that Schilling loves nothing more than sticking it to the Yankees!!




opps sorry it wasnt Loretta who hit it. Once again Ortiz. Sorry bout that

So I’m not sure I want to be a sportswriter now that I hear they don’t get to ride in Rolls Royces to the games.🙂
(joking. I still really want to be a sportswriter)

Yeah, as much as I love blowouts, close games are the best. You hang on every pitch like a lifeline, especially with Red Sox/Yankees close games. Of course, the best ones are the ones where Papi saves the day with a clutch hit.

Do you know if A-Rod is perturbed at all by Steinbrenner’s remarks? I thought if Steinbrenner would be mad, it would be Unit he’d be mad at.


My last final was today and tonight I can hang out here in the grad student office and follow the game online w/o feeling like I’m shirking my theorems. 🙂

But up to this point (beginning of the 4th inning) neither pitcher is wowing me.

Sorry to hear about the subway woes. The NYC subway is definitely not on my list of preferred transportation. My poor sister has to commute that way everyday.

sometimes you gotta think that Francoma is a bit too much of a numbers guy. playing Harris in CF instead of Pena? even given Harris’ record vs. Mussina (5 for 13, i think), Pena seems on a tear lately and Harris isn’t much more than a Designated Runner (DR).

and sure enough, Harris was 0 for 4.

you need bats to beat the Yankees. they *are* going to score a few runs, or maybe more than a few as tonight. ugh.

That Willie Harris decision was just not right. You cannot use career average to determine who to start. That rarely works. You have to look at recent stats, and Harris isn’t much over Pena defensively even tho he can run.

Schillings’ performance just troubling–too many walks, too many long balls. He just seemed to be unable to put hitters away and the big damage were done with two outs with the long ball.

The offence went to Coma after the 2nd inning. New York’s nightlife sure tires them.

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