Back in Birdland

Finally, we get to see some baseball. After an epic last Thursday at Yankee Stadium, the Red Sox have played a grand total of 5 1/2 innings, and a dreary 5 1/2 at that. Crazy.

As baseball writers, players or fans, you get accustomed to a game every day. Two days without one feels like an eternity.

Beckett should have plenty in his arm tonight after getting an extra day of rest. You have to like the way the pitching lines up in these three games for the Sox, with Schill and Wake following Beckett.

Wells was supposed to throw a simulated game today, but it rained here at Camden in the afternoon, so he was pushed back until tomorrow. he seemed a little aggravated because this is obviously pushing back his return to the active roster. For now, it looks like he’ll pitch for Pawtucket on Sunday in Scranton, and perhaps start for the Red Sox five days after that.

Several Red Sox hitters were in a good groove last week, including Loretta, Gonzalez, Lowell and Youkilis. Actually Youkilis has been in a groove since the day the season started it seems like. Will the layoff slow any of those guys down? Maybe it has allowed Papi to get his swing back, just by clearing his head for a few days.

The time off was great for the bullpen, especially Timlin and Papelbon. Sorry to inform you, but the weather is not nearly as miserable in Baltimore right now as it is back in Boston. It’s warm, and so far, bright, though i hear the forecast here isn’t that great this week.

That’s all for now. more later.


It DOES feel like forever. Please let us know about Wells’ condition if you see some of that practice toss… Looking forward to seeing a game again. Hope those “unexpected hitters” are still in their groove.

Because of a brief shower earlier today, Wells ended up throwing another bullpen session instead of working a simulated game.

I’m not sure how I feel about Wells coming back. Will be up to the task? Will he be better than Di Nardo(not that lenny has shown us all that much)? What spot in the rotation will he take? Does he even want to play for the Sox anymore or is he still yearning for the west coast?? I’m concerned with DiNardo’s performance, but also in the same thought, is this just the lesser of two evils?? I know that David has had great years, but is it past tense? Are his good years only in the past? I would love for him to absolutley have a fabulous comeback and a great year for himself and for the Sox. I don’t believe I’m the only one that has thas these questions (or call them doubts) niggling at the Red Sox side of their brain, so can Terry not being thinking some of the same thoughts?? Just some paranoia from one of the faithful.

I definitely have a ton of concerns over Wells. He’s extremely old, coming off injury, overweight, yearning for west coast, etc. I understand that we probably need to give him a chance, but am also wondering how soon Papelbon will be reconsidered for the rotation if we can’t depend on either our #4 or #5 starter? Is there any other possible help on the way from the minors?

I don’t like the idea of Boomer coming back to the sox at all, but I feel like he’ll probably get a couple more games in this season before he makes the smart move and retires or we make the smart move and dump him. They wasted no time with the Bard/Wake situation and I’m hoping they’ll waste no time letting an aging and injured starter “find his groove” towards the middle of a tight season. I am just very curious what shape he’ll be in when he does finally make a couple more starts for us… Maybe I’ll be wrong and he’ll blow us all away.

So it is probably obvious that I’d be thrilled if Wells retired, but at the same time, I do wish it would stop raining already. They are now saying by Thursday it should stop. Meanwhile, I’m ready to build an ark here.
The rain must have killed Kapler’s workouts. You can’t run in the rain. I am really hoping Coco starts feeling better soon. From all the stuff I’ve heard about Papi, he’ll work his way out of this slump though he has been sounding wicked frustrated lately.

And sure Ian, rub it in. It’s a nice day in Baltimore. Meanwhile here, it is foggy, around 45 degrees, and wet.


latest update: he actually didn’t throw in the bullpen. he just played long toss today. Wells will do simulated game tomorrow and then pitch in Scranton probably on Sunday.

Arielle: I’m waiting to see what Kapler does when he’s ready as well. Meanwhile here in Lauderdale we FINALLY got some rain today, (we haven’t had hardly a drizzle since Hurricane Wilma;REALLY DRY). I’d take all of the rain in Boston rain in order to not miss seeing a game. :Rayman: aren’t you afraid of what will happen if Pappelbon DOES get into the starting rotation?? Who’s going to pull off the saves that he’s come up with this year?? Foulke? I’m not sure he’s up to the task, but you never know. I will say that the middle relievers leave SOOOO much to be desired. Some Sox fans I know that are from Boston think Foulke should have a life time pass with our Sox. I’m not with that line of thinking.I saw on MLB/ today that Beckett is starting tonight, then I was in the car listening to ESPN RADIO and they reported that Schilling was throwing. I believe(and really really hope) that mlb/sox is right. Beckett just seems to be on a more comfortable and winning track right now. i hope that our bats are hot hot hot, and that we don’t leave a lot stranded tonight. Anyway, let’s judt pray for good weather and a REDSOX NATION VICTORY TONIGHT>>>> GO SOX!!!!!

Just venting for a moment. Ever since my internet fizzled I have been “watching” the games here at school or not at all. I had been looking forward to the Rangers series for weeks because I can listen to the local coverage on the radio and get some of the games on network TV on KDFW. So the rain washed out my very limited chances to see the Sox play.

On an up side though…I did get to listen to the part of a game played Friday night. And while we did lose, it was really cool to hear the Texas commentators describe Fenway in intricate detail. They described everything down to the colors of the lettering on the dugouts. They talked about the height of every wall and even all the changes made to the park. I can’t wait to come home in July and be there myself.

another homer for willy mo!!!!

i love this trade. guy’s got a great bat and is playing very well in CF — super grab in the 1st inning.

i’m starting to think it’s OK if coco stays hurt awhile longer…

Ugh… still not sold on Willy Mo. I can’t wait for Coco to come back and see what he can do for us.

Beckett is throwing a gem right now, that is what I am excited about!!

i just don’t understand the Pena-haters. yes, Bronson was a great guy, but if he were still here we’d have at most 1 extra win. remember, he wasn’t in the rotation, so we still would have had wells’ loss, and he might have gotten us dinardo’s loss…that’s it.

meanwhile, the Weapon of Mass Production (WMP) is batting .321, is tied with Lowell for 3rd most homers on the team despite having 40 fewer at-bats, and made yet another great running catch tonight.

and he’s 25 with a great attitude. what’s not to like??

Happy Birthday, Josh Beckett! Two hits in 7 innings; looks like the rain layoff didn’t bother him much, eh? And it didn’t seem to hurt the Sox’ bats, either. Everyone got a hit except Gonzalez. My only gripe about the game was ESPN switching to the Giants game for all of Barry Bonds’ ABs. At least most of what we missed in the Sox game was Orioles (non-existent) offense.

And the Yankees lost to Texas, so the Sox are back on top of the division. Life is good.

One point that Harold Reynolds made on Baseball Tonight is that Willy Mo can’t help but learn to be a better hitter being on the same team as Manny and Ortiz. Playing as often as he has this season is probably helping as well.

As far as Wells goes, he’s been around long enough to know that he needs to perform if anyone’s going to be willing to trade for him. I think that motivation should help his performance. I think he can’t do much worse than DiNardo has done.

i don’t think we should knock DiNardo so much either. I mean this kid was thrust into the rotation without much warning and was expected to perform on the level that Schill and Beckett were over the first 10-12 games of the season. He’ll be ok, he just needs some time and patience. He’ll get the job done if we can give him some run support. I just dont see Wells as any better of an option.

matt@marx I agree with you about WMP except for the Coco comment. I feel Coco coming back only strengthens our line up. WMP seems like a great kid, a quick learner and has a big bat. So I think I understand what you meant about Coco coming back means we lose his bat, but depth can only help in my opinion. However, I do feel sorry for Arroyo. He really loved playing for the Redsox. Unfortunately it is part of baseball. That is who the Reds wanted and we wanted a fourth outfielder who could hit. It might end up being a good trade for both teams, but i do miss Arroyo!

On the Wells topic, I honestly like him. If he can get/stay healthy I think he will help the Redsox. He is an experienced ‘BIG game pitcher’ who has a great arm and is very competitive. The main reason he asked to be traded was to be closer to his home town in Cali as opposed to having issues with the Redsox. From what I remember him saying in Spring Training was that [he was pleased with the Redsox for looking into an off-season trade], and when he realized it was not going to happen said [he was fine about still being in Boston]. He was arguably our best pitcher last year, especially after the All Star break. I hope he recovers quickly and has a successful return!

Oh, I almost forgot….GREAT GAME TONIGHT! It was worth the wait (rainouts). robnbetsy, you pointed out Gonzalez was the only starter w/out a hit but he did have a sac fly RBI. Also Loretta, Varitek, Nixon, Lowell & Pena all had 2 hits. Great game by everyone!

Anyone in the mood to consider starting Willy Mo full time in right when CoCo returns? WMP is batting .408 against Righthanders in 49 at bats, with a slugging % of .694.

kgr1: I didn’t mean to knock DiNardo, although it certainly came out that way, didn’t it? I just think Wells has a more proven track record as a starter, whereas DiNardo’s work in the majors has been almost exclusively in relief. Lenny’s got a pretty good career ERA, and has plenty of time to develop (he’s only 27). I certainly wouldn’t favor sending him down to triple-A when Wells comes back; I think Mike Holtz is the better candidate for that.

bcpark33: Thanks for mentioning Gonzalez’s contribution. I meant to point out that he helped the Sox’ bottom line but completely forgot.

rayman94: I hesitate to weigh in on that topic, other than to say that (1) it’s a nice dilemma to face, similar to the dilemma they had of trying to figure out what to do with six starting pitchers, and (2) I like Trot Nixon too much to sit him in favor of Wily Mo. Whatever Francona does, there will be people who think he did the wrong thing.

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