A Rocket re-entry?

OK, we are getting to the final stages of decision time for Roger Clemens. His agent is no longer acting as if Roger is leaning toward retirement, even though all of us knew that he was not going to retire in the first place.

Why not Boston?

I think people are too quick to just assume that Clemens will take the comfort of pitching at home in Houston. Assuming this really is his last go-around, why not finish where you started?

Why not pass Cy Young in wins on the team’s all-time list. Why not pass Cy Young in shutouts on the team’s all-time list? Clemens is tied in both of those categories. Why not gain closure with the fan base that originally embraced you and helped enhance your early legend?

Why not have a happy ending in Boston, then get No. 21 on the facade in right next to Yaz and Ted and Bobby D. and Joe C. and Pudge?

If I’m Rocket, and trust me i’m not, I would pick Boston. It is easily the most enticing alternative.

The money is going to be the same eveyrwhere. Probably about $3.5 million per month. He is perhaps the greatest pitcher of all-time, and to bring him back to this situation and give him that type of ending, I think the money is worth it for the Sox.

How about going into a postseason series with a rotation of Beckett-Schilling-Clemens-Wakefield in any particular order? Those four, plus a bullpen of Timlin, Foulke and Papelbon, with Hansen probably playing a role later in the year, and you’re talking about the best collection of arms in baseball.

It’s not as if the Red Sox need to make any more of a sales pitch than they already have. They’ve done the video, they’ve told him they will show him the money, they have one of his best friends in life (Al Nipper) as the pitching coach. First base coach Bill Haselman was once his personal catcher. The circumstances are all right. The stars seem to be aligned.

It is now up to Rocket, and Rocket only. Here’s hoping he makes the call that Red Sox players, journalists and fans are hoping for, and comes to Boston, creating the best storyline of all.



Personally, I have some reservations about Clemens coming to Boston. I mean, he IS 43 years old and I don’t care who you are, that is old for a major league pitcher. Secondly, he has to be rusty after being away from the game for such a long period of time and he wouldnt be pitching for an entire season to give him time to shed the rust and get back to his game. Thirdly, that is a ton of money to pay one person who has already said that he practically wants nothing to do with the team, he just wants the dough and the stats.

This isn’t to say I’d hate the idea of him coming. I’d embrace it if he could perform. I just have reservations…

Here are Clemens career playoff stats while with Boston… 9 career post season starts, 1 Win – 2 losses, ERA 3.86. When the Redsox really needed him, he didn’t show. In fact, the only place he has pitched well in the post season was the one place they didn’t need him… NY. They already had World Series titles and he nestled right in with the other hall of famers… Big Deal. I don’t care about his lifetime stats. The only one I’m going to remember is 9 Boston playoff starts, 1 Win.

Ian, I don’t think anyone could write a more substantiated and convincing case for Clemens’ returning to the Red Sox. Like you, I’ve had no doubt he’s playing. But, I think he and Favre are in a contest to see who can retire the most times. Quite frankly, I’m tired of both of them. And, I don’t want him back. He’s used goods. He’s been “had” by the Yankees. So…I think he’s going back to Houston to be with his buddy Andy, his family, and protege pitcher son. That’s this year! Of course, he’ll retire again. Then Favre will retire again. Then duh rocket will play with us in 2007, NYY in 2008, Texas in 2009, and finally…when he’s drawing Social Security…Toronto in 2110. (meanwhile Favre will have retired four more times.)Screw roger clemens!!! Forget it, Ian. He “ain’t” comin’ to Boston! (this year).

43 is too old? At 42, he maintained a 1.87 ERA over 32 starts. He pitched well in the WBC. Don’t forget the influence he’d have on Beckett, who admittedly idolizes him. Clemens finishing his career in Boston would be a huge lift for the Sox and a wee-bit of spit in the face of King George.

Yea, he pitched well in the WBC, but that was only 2 games in about 7 months. And he lost won of them. Plus, his son hit a homer off of him. His pride must destroyed. Just kidding.

But in any case, I’m not saying I wouldnt welcome him back, I just see some very clear Cons to go along with the Pros.

The May 18 postings were some of the more interesting I recall reading, a wide range of topics. I commend those who found old pro ballplayers in their family tree. Me, that’s another story. Half a century ago, some relative in our family chased up our family tree…at least as far as she could climb…and narrowed it down to two possibilities. The nearest she could tell was that our great-great-great(which ever one he was)grandfather came from Ireland. One story has it that he escaped to America for a better life during one of the potato famines. The other was that he was a horse thief about to be hanged …and escaped to America… for any life at all!!! After that, well…we just quit looking.

I’m really surprised about the post about Clemens’ 1-2 record in his nine postseason starts with Boston. Come on guys, that was like a lifetime ago. He was trying to carry that team. He was less mature, less polished. this is a totally different situation.

And let’s recall those playoff starts. Game 4 against the Angels in ’86; that was a win for Clemens if Schiraldi doesn’t blow the save by hitting Brian Downing.

Game 6 of the World Series, that’s a win if Schiraldi, Stanley, Gedman, Buckner and McNamara don’t conspire to flush it down the toilet.

Game 2 of the playoffs in ’88; I think Clemens gave up 2 or 3 runs over seven innings, certianly a quality enough performance to get a win.

Game 1 of the playoffs in ’90. Clemens threw six shutout innings and had to come out because he was on a pitch count after being on the DL late in the season. the bullpen blew the 1-0 lead by getting torched in the seventh inning.

Game 4 of the playoffs in ’90, Yes, he melted down in that one and fully deserves blame.

Game 1 of the playoffs in ’95, clemens pitched pretty well at Jacobs Field. Aguilera blew the save if you recall by gibing up a homer to Albert Belle.

So spare me the crud about Roger being 1-2 in postseason for Boston. Anyone who watched those game closely knows that he easily could have had four or five wins.

There, Ian!!!! Feel better now?!?!You ole kettle you. Well put! Well deserved! And…”touche!”! To you, most all of our fellow posters, and myself, I have tried my darndest to restrain my feedback to this 1-2 fellow…and I just can’t stand it anymore! Still taking cheap shots (yeah, I know you buy a ticket that pays for all the players’ salaries and have a right to your opinion on “how to better the team”)Lets start over. Still whuppin’ up on argubly one of the better defensive shortstops in the bigs…after I thought several of us had already layed Gonzalez’s value to the team to rest. But–N0-oooooo! Not for “1-2”. He’s still a whirling dervish of contradictions, misinformation, and worst of all…half-truths! You keep napping through those at bats, son, where Rodriquez comes through. I know they’re a while in between, but timely. “1-2” says Rod’s stats are important–but Clemens’ lifetime ones are not. Contrdictory! Confused! There is such a thing as constructive criticism–more often than not a “misnomer” (I’ll bet we’ve all had some cc at our work from our supervisors: negative.negative.negative. and. “Now, you know that I’m just doing this to help you!” h-u-g…s-m-i-l-e.) So, there is a difference between being critical and being constructive…and we all sometimes export it to appear as one when it’s the other. But “1-2’s” dichotomy about Gonzalez being in hole 9 hurts the guy in hole 7 and 8 which affects 3 affecting 6, falling over 1 and 3,…just seems so unfittingly pedantic and pretentious on his foot to me. “1-2,” find some happiness in this big, wide, world. Find something to appreciate, either in life…or in your pants.

I expect Roger to announce his plans about two weeks after Bonds hits #714. He needs to have that out of the way so that the media can focus Entirely On Him. And when he announces, I think he will announce Boston. Here’s why:

1) although the Astros are close to home, school is out in a few weeks and so his family can spend the summer in Boston (apparently his wife wouldn’t mind that).

2) lousy run support from Astros last year frustrated him.

3) he’s personally offended that they didn’t offer him arbitration.

4) his restaurant due to open in Houston was pushed back to he winter.

5) it would be too much of an anticlimax given all the buildup. can you imagine the media whimper if he said “well, I’m staying in town.”? yawn.

6) theo & JH will match any yankee offer for a half a season…it’s the long-term contracts they don’t like.

7) paps is as solid a closer as rivera.

8) we lead the league in fewest errors, a dreamboat situation for a pitcher.

9) we’ve scored nearly as many runs as last year at this time, despite all the rumors about us having weak bats this year.

10) yankees outfield is falling apart (which is very sad) but we have a surplus with WMP

11) yankee pitching also not much to write home about, aside from mussina.

12) rangers…enough said.

13) wanting to surpass Cy Young for # of boston wins, plus all the other sentimental stuff y’all know about.

I’m all for a Rocket re-entry, Ian, and I’m no Clemens fan (which is not to say I don’t appreciate him.) 43 or not, he’d be an awfully impressive 5th starter. And you’re right…money being equal, the Red Sox would be the smartest move for Roger…which is one major reason why I think it won’t happen. As Kevin McHale famously said, “They call him Rocket Man, not Rocket Scientist.”

Is it just that I haven’t paid as much attention to it in previous years, or are injuries becoming more and more frequent in Major League Baseball, and is this year on pace to be the worst year yet? A couple more players go on the disabled list literally every day. Baseball is not a contact sport, per say, yet it’s outdoing pro football in injuries this year. And it’s still only Spring. What’s going on? Do the players need more strenuous conditioning than they’re currently getting? And I see some reckless play. That’s part of it. I can understand a key player disregarding his body in crucial games, like the postseason, when everything is on the line. But not this time of tear, when a key player will hurt his team more by being out for weeks or months than he will help them by getting one particular run or putout. The former you could call courageous; the latter I think you would have to call reckless. With players dropping from rosters like flies, it seems like a propitious time to bring up the following subject. For any of you Yankee fans who may be reading this, that means it seems like an appropriate time to bring up the subject. And that is, why don’t managers insist on players sliding feet first, which is the proper way, rather than head first, which can cause injuries? Our man Coco Crisp broke his finger attempting, and botching, a head-first slide.

So, just for arguments sake (and to stir the pot a little…), lets say Damon is healthy and playing great four years from now. If he wanted to come back to Boston, to finish his career, would you welcome him in and give pay him enough to keep him away from the Yankees?

The intentional walk to Gonzales to pitch to Clement… Lucky I had a garbage pail nearby that I could puke in. Then the ump called one of their classic 6 inches outside stikeout calls. A left hander, throwing from a 3/4 delivery, across his body, lands about 6 inches outside and its a strike. How can the league permit the charging of 60, 80 bucks to watch a team intentionally walk a guy hitting .204 in a 0-12 slump… just to call an .095 pitcher out on a cheap call after he battled for 5 or 6 pitches. Unreal. Disgusting. If you are going to call a third strike with men on to the pitcher, at least have it somewhere near the plate.

There it goes, again. Lord, help us.

I completely agree with you Ian. I don’t have any reservations with seeing Roger come back to the Sox. I don’t think comparing his situation to Damon’s is even close…its apples and oranges. Roger was pushed outta Boston by the administration at the time, they let him know he was no longer wanted. The funny thing is, many friends of mine forget that he went to Toronto before New York. Then he followed the highest bidder for his services and ended up with the Yankees. Yes he was great with the Yankees, yes he beat the Sox a time or two…it was his job and he did it well. Now its time for Sox fans to get over themselves and welcome Roger back to Boston.

Good points Ian and Matt. You’re right — on so many levels it makes since for Roger to return.

Still, I must say I’m conflicted about Roger. Personally, from interviews, press reports, and the Piazza bat incident, Clemens strikes me as a self-involved, arrogant jerk. It’s hard for me to feel any respect or root for him. (I was pleased with the ’04 All Star Game in Houston, which Clemens treated as “Roger Clemens Day”, when he gave up 5 hits and 6 runs in the first inning for the loss).

However, perhaps elite athletes (and he is unmistakably one the greatest of all time) need that arrogance to compete as they do.

I want these players to excel on the field, however, I’m still a little bit disappointed when they’re personalities (or what at least I can observe of their personalities) don’t measure up to a person I can put my heart behind.

For instance, in about 1979 or ’80 I was in college in Milwaukee while the Sox were in town for a series with the Brewers. I learned the Sox were staying at the Pfister Hotel. I camped out in the lobby. Following them outside in a driving rain I got a very approachable (even in the rain!) Freddy Lynn and Rick Burleson to sign their autographs. Dewey Evans was shocked to discover he was’t one of the featured players in the Baseball preview book I was having him sign. (I tried assuring him it must have been an oversight). Yaz, my hero, was reserved but polite as he signed my Sport Magazine with his face on the cover with the caption “Patron Saint of the Red Sox” on it. He simply nodded as, silly kid as I was, I meekly said “Good luck on your way to 3,000 Mr. Yastrzemski”. Jim Rice, when he saw me approaching about 20 feet away raised his hand and shook his head “no”. I never much liked Jim Rice after that.

I’m very well aware that maybe I caught Mr. Rice on a bad day. And maybe I too would tire of the attention of being a superstar (although I would have loved to give it a try), but we baseball fans often make opinions with our feelings and guts, and throw statistics aside.

So to conclude, that’s how I feel about Roger. He’s awesome and miraculously has been so for years. He was allowed to leave the Sox because Dan Duquette thought his value was decreasing with age (or perhaps Dan, too, thought he was a jerk).

Whatever the reason for his leaving, Clemens’ returning would certainly make for great drama, create a dream pitching rotation, and despite my reservations, I’ll scream wildly for each strike out and victory he adds to his resume.

this really has nothing to do with roger’s return. what does the H next to foulke and timlin’s name stand for.

H stands for hold, as in holding a lead and creating a save opportunity for the unhittable one!

While any team can always use another Ace in their rotation, do we even really know what he’s capable of now?? Has the “I’m thinking about retiring” layoff hurt him?? He’s 43, will he bring something to the team that we don’t have now?? I’m definitely not a Clemens officiando, so these are things I really don’t know. i’m always one who resists change, so to say that I skeptical, would be a mild way of putting it. I was in a sports bar with my husband last night after we won, and I was speaking with a Marlins fan, although he said that this year he’s not a fan due to what ownership and management have done. I tried to tell him that you are only a fan if you can say you LOVE your team year in and year out, win or lose. He really couldn’t understand what I was talking about and started arguing with me. I told him that the fan base that the Marlins had (fair weathered at best, bandwagon jumpers all) is non-existent now. I didn’t mean to but I made him cry, then he had to walk outside. I’m actually giggling about this now. My husband was very proud of my loyalty to my Sox and all of our fans. I am very proud to be part of the Nation where we know what it’s like to have good and bad, where even our bad is better than most peoples good.

thank you ian…i wonder if any animosity will be created by roger going into a line up that has worked hard from day one, then when clemens decides he wants to pitch it’ll be treated like he is saving which ever team he goes with… i figure that is the way the media will act on it…

I don’t think there would be any animosity created. These guys are all professionals and know who Roger Clemens is and what he brings to a team. I think every one of the players would welcome the addition of a pitcher of Clemens caliber. The situation could be likened to making a big mid-season trade to fuel a pennant run. It’s done every year by numerous teams, so it’s not as if this situation would be anything new to professional ballplayers who know that if there’s a better player out there, he should be in the field.

i’ve heard a lot of differing opinions regarding inter-league play. Some say it’s a waste of our guys time and energy, others like the rivalry factor. I kind of sit the fence on the issue, and I’ll watch our Sox no matter who they play. But I’m glad that last night the Yankee’s had to play the Mets,and lost. That gave us a 1 1/2 game edge on them. I’ll take help where ever we can get it. I heard someone a local sports radio show today say that the consensus is that the big unit is basically done. I always love a Sox win coupled with a Yankees loss!!! That’s a GREAT combination.

Enjoyed your bar story. But, Ellen, my dear, sitting around a sports bar where very opinionated people have been drinking for hours with altered consciousnesses, may not be a great idea. And, I don’t know how big your husband is, but I hope he’s strong enough to pick you up off the floor and sit you back on your bar stool someday.

I hope Theo can work a trade for J.T., even if we can’t get anyone or anything useful in exchange. Why? Because if the Sox just release him, you KNOW who would just love to have him? They don’t want to play Andy Phillips at 1st for some reason. Giambi is a statue with a stone glove. Miguel Cairo, a 2nd,SS,3B, has been his “back up”(a misnomer if I ever heard one) as well as playing A scary LF Saturday. Where can we let Snow go, while keeping him away from the Yankees? guess we probably can’t. I can’t blame this on the whole team, so I’ll just say:”how ’bout that Billy Wagner, huh!? What a disappointing non-loss for the %$#@$%^ NYY! we could’ve been up 3 in the loss column.

JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ, it’s irritating! That stinking blown game will count just as much in the W-L column Oct. 1 as any head-to-head confrontation we’ll have with them. The lucky @#$%$#s.

daniefagan: 1st of all I had not been in the bar for “hours”. We went to pick up a to go order. I watched the game from on my computer via mlb.com. My “consciousnesses” (is that really a word?) weren’t in any way “altered”. I am not now, nor, have I ever been a “throw it in their face” type of fan. I know all too well how that feels being that most of my sports friends are Yankee fans. That Marlin fan started in about how their fans have been mired in disappointment. Let’s see, 2 series wins in their not even 20 year history? Before they cry “DISAPPOINTMENT”, let them walk in a Sox fans shoes for about 86 years. As for having to be helped back on to my bar stool, why would I be off it?? I simply and politely, without being like a Yankee fan pointed out the obvious: What few fans they have left are very disloyal fans. Yeah they got screwed, but any Red Sox fan worth their salt knows what that feel like better than anyone (except maybe the CUBS). So while I can appreciate your concern, there’s no need to be concerned…. ABOUT TONIGHTS GAME: I think Josh got off to a slow start, recovered quite well, he helped his own cause. An rbi and an hr!!! Alex came through great tonight too! Youkilis was great with the stab at third and was steady as ever and Trot (oh you gotta love him, I DO) was there as usual. Great outcome. What will tomorrow bring??? We won’t have Papi at the plate, but hopefully Manny will get back to being Manny and find his stroke, and Tek will get his bat back too! It’ll happen sooner or later (I do prefer sooner myself). Not many lob’s tonight, getting better on that front. Too bad the Yankees won today. I feel bad for Pedro, you still gotta love him, especially since he’s in th NL.

If there WERE such a word, Ellen, it would be the plural of counsciousness. I didn’t mean YOU had been in the bar any inordinate amount of time, I meant some you might be arguing with HAD BEEN and their varying degrees of sobriety, inhibitions, and civility may be lacking…as opposed to fans verbally dueling in, say…a coffee shop. My concern was that some crying drunk might knock you off the bar stool…then your husband would have to sit you back on it. On second thought, I don’t think I would want to be the person who did that; because, you might not even need your husband, you just might take care of business yourself! I’m just joking, Ellen. Life is short! I adore your devotion to the Sox, and I think you and your husband would be fun fans to sit near in Fenway and boo the Yanks. Yankees.

Well, there was another brawl in baseball today, two tough-guys, catchers, going at it. White Sox catcher A. J. Pierzynski, coming to home plate to try to score, plowed into Cubs’ catcher Michael Barrett. Pierzynski, his usual hyper, obnoxious, irritating self, managed to tick Barrett off. Barrett then landed a right, square on Pierzynski’s jaw. Barrett was out of line, but I did get a kick out of seeing someone pop Pierzynski. I’ve wanted to punch him for a good while now. I guess that’s going to happen now and then among young, hot-blooded athletes. What disturbs me the most is the way the umpires usually mishandle it lately. They feel they should kick somebody out of the game because it’s the “correct” thing to do, but they seem to not know WHOM to kick out. They usually kick out the wrong guy first, then backpedal when they catch grief for it. Typical of today. It’s more important to try to figure out what will be considered “correct” than to do what’s right. Once again, they kicked out the guy who got punched rather than the guy who did the punching and started the fighting. Then, after protests from Ozzie Guillen and others, they had a quick conference, a quick committee meeting, and decided they’d better throw out the puncher as well as the punchee. Lame, guys.

The Red Sox continue to impress. Last night, the Phillies’ announcers had high praise for them, citing their smart hitting. How they’re so smart, so good, at bat that when you make mistakes against them, they’ll make you pay for it. How their good defense and pitching combined with their good offense make them a formidable opponent. So did the Orioles’ announcers have compliments. So do ESPN’s announcers have objective, balanced analysis of teams’ strengths and weaknesses. The Yankee announcers on YES are getting on my nerves. They disparage things the Red Sox accomplish. They wondered if Lowell’s homer over the left field wall at Yankee Stadium would have cleared the Green Monster at Fenway. Manny’s a mere scatterbrain who is somehow playing in the majors. They make excuses for Yankees’ poor plays. It’s the infield surface at Fenway that made Jeter or whoever boot that grounder. Ordinarily he has that one. They roll into Boston like typical New Yorkers. Nothing there, or anywhere else, is as good as in New York. The field surface is probably the poorest in baseball. The weather in Boston is so cold and damp and windy. As if it weren’t in New York, also, that night. The clubhouse and other facilities are old and rickety. Then, wouldn’t you know it, the visitors’ dugout phone to their bullpen goes on the fritz for a time. They are the most frustrating organization in sports. They stunk the joint up yesterday , then were handed the game back on a silver platter. If you think anyone’s ever going to humble them, think again, the charmed sons-of-*******. It’s almost as if an other-worldly someone is looking out for them, saying, “You think you’re going to sweep THIS team? Are you out of your minds?” I need to not mention them by name for a while, the way the folks in parts of New England, in New Hampshire, for example, black out any New York Yankee news, any mention of them,for a while after the Yankees win a championship. I’ll call them the American League New York franchise. Just some of my observations on a somewhat whacky day in sports, when even this Spring’s most promising racehorse broke his leg, or ankle, for no reason other than a flukey misstep. Yes, I know, they’re things we can’t do anything about, so let’s just keep winning and win another World Series. I’m a world champion whiner and complainer. And American League New York franchise-hater.

I know this thread is about Roger Clemens, but there’s another soon-to-be-free agent floating out there: Mr. 714 himself, Barry Bonds.

Word has it he’s wearing of the OF and wants to DH with an AL club next year. Can anyone imagine him ending up anywhere else but the Yankees? They will not only pay top $, but Steinbrenner will be dying to get him following this season’s fall-apart defense + sad list of injuries.

Maybe Bonds would prefer to stay in the Bay area, but I doubt the A’s will pony up the $.


I truly hope the Yankees sign Barry Bonds in the offseason. That would be a dream for Redsox fans. Not only would he become another health liability to an already old and fragile team, but he would also bring baseball’s largest ego to the clubhouse of ego’s. I think Barry has about another 3/4 of a season left in the tank before his body finally collapses. It truly is amazing to see the rapid decline in his abilities…something I hope the Boss (Satan???) forces Cashman to overlook.

As bad as he was his first time out, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I can’t wait for David Wells to come back. As good as the Sox have been playing, I hate knowing that when I watch a game that Lenny is pitching it’s going to be a lost cause.
On to the positive. Even though Manny is in a rut, the rest of team is hitting. (except for Gonzalez of course). The defense is great and the bullpen is solid. I hate the fact that the Spankees had a couple decent comebacks in the past week, but otherwise things look good.

Looks like Wells did well with the PawSox today, so with DiNardo looking like a DiSaster DW will certainly be back Friday.

Ian, any idea whether Coco will have a Pawtucket rehab assignment this week?

I know most teams don’t have a legitimate 5th starter nor a strong bench… but it was pretty ugly watching our worst pitchers go out there, backed up by a ton of guys hitting under .200 (Gonzo, Mohr, Harris, Mirabelli, Cora). I wonder if that was a record for most sub .200 hitters in one game this late in the year? It seems like we just don’t show up once a week… at least we timed it with our fifth starter, BEFORE the Yankees series.


7) paps is as solid a closer as rivera.

that’s a bold statement. the kid hasn’t even pitched half a season yet or been in a postseason, so i’d bite my tounge if i were you.

I was only able to watch until the 6th today.. maybe that was a blessing in disguise. I am able to get updates from espn at work. When I was finally able to get the score it was much too late. But…. 2 of 3? not bad. I just think that DiNardo is not a good fit with the Sox. He’ll find a comfortable spot in someones rotation. I just don’t think it’s ours. Hopefully Wells comes back looking something at least close to his glory days. Something has got to change with the 5th spot. But we’ve got lots of great things going for us; we’ve got such depth in so many places, our bullpen has got to be right there at the top in the league. Although we still have to work on the lob’s, this weekend seemed to be a swing in the right direction on that front. We did get one big break…. The crankees ended up on the short end of the score stick today. I looked up one time tonight and they had the bases loaded,(oh here we go again) I couldn’t get the count or how many out, but when I looked up again the Mets were up with no score change (OH YEAH!!!). We stayed 1 1/2 up with the empire coming in tomorrow night. I sure hope that Schilling is rested and ready for battle. Isn’t that what it always is with them??, a battle? I’ll just say an extra prayer tonight, and tomorrow night I’ll keep everything crossed. I’m not superstitious or anything but I’ll remove all ladders, black cats and anything else I can think of before game time. Nation be behind the Sox and Sox be there for the Nation!!! GO SOX!!!!! p.s. trot looked good again today.. Looks like he really wants to stay with the Sox, don’t ya think??

I just read in our updates that David Wells has “declared himself” fit to return. I know that it’s important for a player to fell the confidence of readiness, but I didn’t see any comments from Terry Francona about this. Excuse me, but given his performance prior to his departure to the d.l. I think that we need more than David to tell us that he’s ready. Although I have written in this blog about my doubts regarding Lenny DiNardo and his effectiveness with the Sox, I’m still very wary of Wells returning anything short of a very willing and enthusiastic part of this team. Both parts have to there. You can have all of your mechanics back and be physically ready to go , but if your heart is not there it could spell DISASTER. I want to hear him say that he WANTS to be here and his heart is here. Other wise, I’ll still have my doubts. I think with 99.9% of our players we KNOW that they want to be here for another series win. Nationers, am I the only of us that feel this way???? Yell back.


One other bright spot: Rudy Seanez pitched an inning and two thirds allowing only one hit and no runs. Granted, the Sox were way down in the score, but I really think he’s coming around. He’s pitched 4.2 scoreless innings in his last four appearances and only given up two hits and two walks in the same period.

As far as Roger Clemens, I have mixed feelings. From a purely intellectual standpoint, he has proven that he can still give quality innings at the major league level. Maybe he can’t go seven innings on a consistent basis any more, but with a solid bullpen five innings from your starter can give you a decent shot to win a game (at least a better shot than Lenny DiNardo gave the Sox yesterday).

From an emotional standpoint, it’s distasteful to see a player wait until more than a quarter of the way through the season to choose who he’s going to put his effort behind, and base that decision on which team has the best shot at winning a championship and/or will pay him the most money. I know it’s exactly the same as we’ve had since the inception of free agency, but everybody else makes that decision before the season starts, and dedicates a whole season to trying to make the team they joined into a winner. I know that there’s no way I can ever understand it from a player’s perspective. From a fan’s perspective though, it doesn’t feel right, almost as if we’re having our noses rubbed in it.

From management’s perspective, I can’t fault them one iota for seriously considering trying to get Roger Clemens to come and play for them. He would certainly be a productive addition to just about any major league rotation.

On one last note, has anyone else noticed the new “Yankee Universe” T-shirts? Living this close to NYC I get Yankee games instead of Sox games, so I often watch the Yankee game with the sound off while I listen to the Sox game, and that’s where I’ve seen the shirts advertised. Anyway, even though the shirts are being sold to benefit a hospital, I can’t help but think that it’s somebody’s way of saying “You think you’re cool because you have a ‘nation?’ Pfffft! We’ve got a UNIVERSE for our team.” Maybe I’m being too sensitive.

//At 42, he maintained a 1.87 ERA over 32 starts//

In the National League. That’s worth mentioning.

I’m not writing Roger off, but there is nothing to indicate that he’ll be as effective in the American League as he has been these last couple of years in the National League. And HE knows that as well. Which makes me believe he’ll choose Houston. It’s his safest bet.

I too noticed “Yankee Universe”. Aside from the fact that all the $$ goes to charity, it’s ridiculous and a little sad. “Red Sox Nation” was dubbed so by a sports writer noting how huge the fanbase is…the fans adopted it and the Red Sox organization only ‘officially’ picked up on it last year. Just to compete, the Yankees organization comes up with “Yankee Universe”?

Spare me.


I agree that a 1.87 ERA in the NL doesn’t translate to the same thing in the AL. However, you have to think that the man will still be able to go out there and outpitch his opponent on a daily basis. There are maybe 5 pitchers in the AL who could match a 1.87 ERA in the NL right now. I know many Sox fans are wary of Roger, but I think the guy showed last year and in the WBC that he still knows how to pitch.

I feel the same as robnbetsy in re to Clemens waiting one fouth of the season until he decides which team he’ll hitch his star to, which one has the better chance to win it all. …And what Ian wrote about the salary; 3.5 mil per month??? My God, I’ll probably never earn that much my ENTIRE LIFE. I’m in the wrong profession. I also think that there has GOT to be a certain measure of resentment, when those players (on whichever team he chooses) have been in there day in and day out busting their collective humps see him take his time in the selection process, and then just walk in and command that obscene amount of moolah. If it were me, I’d be resentful as all get out!!!! O.K., I got that out of my system, whew! We have the stankee’s coming in tonight and as usual I’m really excited, these games keep me on the edge of my recliner. You never know what’s going to happen. You can bet your butt, it won’t be boring. I’ve got all my little gary, a-rod, jorge and that guy, whats his name in center,voodoo dolls out with my pins at the ready, just in case!! No superstion in this viewing area!!! Anyway I want a win tonight. Schilling looked a little better last time, I hope that tonight will be even better. Manny and Papi always give the Yankee pitchers fits, so I’m hoping that it stays true tonight. Praying for a great showing from Trot too! I’ll take any kind of win we can get (although I did buy a new broom today) hopefully that’s an omen. OH! wouldn’t a sweep be sweet???? GOOOOO SOX!!!!!!!!!!

Since it has been a couple days (okay, not everyone is an obsessive compulsive blogger like me) I decided you could use some suggestions for material. Gabe Kapler is a great topic, and due to his upcoming emergence on the baseball scene, it is perfect timing to let all these people who come and leave you comments what a great guy he is and how he should most definitely stay with the Red Sox once he is rehabbed enough.

He may just be a much better asset than Clemens (though my opinion may be swayed slightly by my opinion of Clemens, who should retire now and send some of the money to people who really need it).

Just thought you should know. And your notes on redsox.com highlighting Kapler’s progress made my day yesterday once again.



Sorry there have been no posts in the last couple of days. I kind of wanted to air this Clemens thing out and get everyone’s take on it. I promise to have a new entry within the next 24 hours or so. Ian.

They should have a stat like “Meaningless HR’s” or “Most RBI’s in a Non-Win situation.” That way A-Rod could add more hardware to his trophy case. LOL

If Clemens has been waiting it out to see which team is most likely to make the Series this year, then the Sox are sitting pretty with Houston 5 games out of first while the Yankees are 2.5 behind and falling given their unfortunate injuries (or perhaps that’s what happens when you overpay for over-the-hill stars…). Now that Bonds has hit #714, I predict he’ll announce in early June (if not by the end of this month) for a June 15 start.

Now that we have pummeled the Yankees best pitcher, I really think we need to go for the jugular these next 2 days. I agree on the A-Rod post, biggest gap between end stats and valued production in the league for sure. The term is Padding the Stats. He’s the best. Pretty disappointing to see Foulke get shelled. Timlin can’t be our only reliable setup guy.

Jeez Ian, we were just about to declare you mia/awol and send out a search party!! But we good little girls and boys have kept ourselves busy AND we played nice!!! Hope you got to spend some extra time with your family. NICE GAME,HUH?? Schilling looked as good as a couple of years ago. Isn’t it funny how these Yankee v Sox games bring out the best in everybody?? Papi got bat, Manny got BAT, Lowell, Loretta, Cora with that bunt?!!!!! They were loaded for bear tonight and I loved it….. All except for Foulke. He just didn’t have seem to have it tonight. I know that Curt threw a lot of pitches, but why not a complete game?? Is it me or are there fewer and fewer of those now?? Anyway I guess my little dolls and pins helped!!! 1 down 2 to to go. Gone for now. GO SOX! WHAT A GREAT NATION WE HAVE!!!! The “universe” be damned!

don’t hate because we have fans all over the country and -that’s right- solar system!

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