A night off

I won’t be at tonight’s game. Instead, I will be rocking at the Garden watching Pearl Jam.

But everyone please feel free to post and let me know what i missed during tonight’s game. I want details, details and more details, and then maybe I won’t have to watch the NESN re-run or the condensed game on-line.

Beckett has been hot. I would imagine he will keep it up for a while. And speaking of hot, I think Manny has smoke coming out of his ears right now.


Ahhh!! Pearl Jam!!! I love Pearl Jam. Too bad Bronson Arroyo isn’t in town. I wonder if Theo and his new fiancee are going, given Theo’s love for the band as well. I didn’t even know they were in Boston.
So I’m pretty much insanely jealous . . . once again.



My buddy from back east just emailed me and said he and the rest of my friends went last night and are going again tonight… jealous as well…

I’m watching the game in arizona…..big sox fan…..

The sox are up 1-0 in the 3rd… will give a more details later

jeez….sox up 2-0 but have left 8on base through 4

I would definitely take a Sox game over a PJ concert, but then I’m getting old and I don’t get to go to 162 (or 161 in Ian’s case) Sox games a year.

Well, after Ellen and others helped me change my pessimistic ways a while back, I’m going to be a bit of a downer tonight. A win is a win is a win, but there’s something just a bit unsatisfying about this one. I mean, a game against the last place team in the division, their pitcher with an 0-2 record and a 6+ ERA, and one of the Sox’ aces on the mound; the Sox were SUPPOSED to win this one and win it big, and yet it was still in question late in the game. 15 baserunners stranded? I’m fighting to stay positive here, but it’s the down side that keeps coming to my mind.

Hopefully a good night’s sleep and a great game by Wells tomorrow night will put me back in a more positive mood. Until then, I’ll sign off and avoid bringing everyone else down (as if I hadn’t ruined the post-win afterglow already).

Solid game by Beckett tonight. 6 strong, Foulke looked pretty decent too. Wily Mo made me chuckle with his dance on the fly ball on the track, even more so when he ate dirt after falling over. 13 men left on base again…this is pretty concerning. What can you say about Paps, guy is lights out!
You’re right about KC and NY this weekend ellen, looks like we have to win out to stay a game up. Tough matchup tomorrow w/Kazmir.

OK, OK, I can’t go to bed on a sour note like that. Let’s find some good here (besides just another one in the W column).

– Foulke pitches a scoreless seventh;

– Ortiz breaks out of his two-game hitless mini-slump and goes 2 for 5;

– EVERY Red Sox player who batted got at least one hit tonight;

– Papelbon notches Save #16;

– Beckett gets win #7, retiring 11 straight, walking one and striking out 7 in six innings of shutout ball.

There. That feels a little better. Have a great night everyone.

nice nice win…………..Go sox keep winning….Great pitching by Beckett,foulke,timlin(although a little shaky ) and Paplebon…save #16 GO SO keep it up

Andy, you’re even farther away than I am (south florida) but at least you can get to bed at a decnt hour most nights, good to see you in print! Robnbetsy, I know exactly what you’re saying. We got away with 13-15 lob’s because we were playing the Rays. You’ve got to admit they’ve got a couple or three scary players. Toby Hall looks like he’s hunting bear from behind the plate and Carl Crawford is always a threat. But we came away with the win thankfully. I’m still trying to be optimistic about everything that’s going on, but the number of runners we leave on is absoulutely inexcusable. I love the fact that Coco is coming back, maybe his speed will help when he gets on base. The first couple of times I saw him play for us I said he doesnt have legs, he has radials. So lets hope he’s fully ready to come back. Although I pray with every ounce of my being that David is 100%, I still have my reservations. Please let it be a good return. Anyway we’re 1 up as of now, keep your whatever crossed. (but don’t hurt yourself in the process.) CAN I GET A “GOX SOX” FROM THE NATION??? WE ARE WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST FANS ANYWHERE!!!!!!

You know I was thinking about what robnbetsy said about being optimistic. I work with a bunch of crankee Yankee fans. Nothing makes them madder than when they throw some non-intelligable verbal non-thought out thought, and I say “hey, you know you can’t win em all or something as almost non-swallowable. But almost everytime it just leaves them with their mouths hanging open as I walk away (choking), but they don’t know that!!! Maybe that’s the key to getting to one of those obnoxious cretons, just let them think we’re o.k. no matter what. It really worked in 2004 when three of the worst sent me flowers (red, white and blue) when we took them in the playoffs. I couldn’t believe my eyes!! We can talk about them here, but let’s just keep it between us!!! GO NATIONERS!!! WE’RE THE BEST FANS ANYWHERE!!!

This was the perfect game to slip in while I’m still numb from last night. 15 lob against one of the worst pitching staffs in the league. It actually didn’t bother me much… except of course for Gonzales. He hits the ball hard about once a week. Wouldn’t you figure Ron Jackson would tell Gonzales not to have his back leg fly out on every swing? At best, he’s going to get a blooper now and then like that. It was nice to see Beckett stay hot. If we can just make the playoffs, we can always use the 2001 D’backs strategy of Schilling, Beckett, loss, loss, Schilling, Beckett every playoff series. Or maybe the A’s/Giants strategy that one year in the world series (can’t remember the teams)… #1 Starter, #2 Starter, earthquake delay, #1 Starter, #2 Starter.

ellen I can not agree with you more we are the best fans. Go NATIONERS!!!!!!!

I hoope (boomer)DAvid wells pitches well tomoorrow… big papi could use a better game tommorrow too.

thanks a lot for the updates. It sounds like I missed a pretty blah game, but Beckett is on fire. Pearl Jam was great. My wife didn’t want to go, so my sister in law and I had an awesome time! good stuff.

I started out playing baseball as a kid in the outfield, because I could go get ’em and I had a great arm. Second year in Babe Ruth ball, at age 14, my manager moved me to third base because of my arm. First game, first batter, first pitch, the kid lined a short-hop blast I fielded with my upper lip and nose. Didn’t get my glove to where it needed to be in time. Trying to remain upright and keep my balance, blood flowing from my nose, I spit eight teeth out onto the infield dirt that day. The next several weeks I hiked the city bus after school to my dentist. I continued to play ball for years. But, when I returned, I could never field a grounder without flinching or turning my head, which made me more vulnerable. I had great reflexes then. Still do. But they weren’t good enough on that day. I never played third base again… If anyone thinks Matt Clement could field a 100+ mph line drive with the side of his head without the memory of that trauma residing somewhere in some hidden recess of his brain every time he throws to the plate, that may be because you just haven’t been there! I admire guys like Matt and Piazza(Clemens) for having the balls to toe the mound again and step into the batter’s box again after their horrible experiences. I just never could! So, I’m gonna cut ’em a little slack.

//It sounds like I missed a pretty blah game//

Oh dear, far from it, Ian. This one included:

-David Ortiz tagging up at second base on a deep fly to center and sliding head first into third. I could feel reverberations 90 miles away.😉

-Josh Beckett striking out 7 with everything from high cheese to his curve to painting the black both inside and outside.

– Two hits for Jason Varitek and another for Gonzo (yay!).

– Two spectacular defensive plays by Mark Loretta. He made a terrific backhand pick on a smoked line drive that bounced near his feet. And the other was the play of the night. Julio Lugo hit a double off the centerfield wall; Pena’s throw was high and ticked off Gonzo’s glove. Lugo tried to go to third as the ball rolled into the infield, but Loretta (perfectly positioned backing up Gonzo) chased it down and flipped it to Lowell for the out at third. Unreal.

– Youkilis, with the bases loaded and two outs, strikes out on a wild pitch and makes it to first base as Nixon scores the key fourth run.

– Papelbon’s eighth-inning strikeout, with runners on first and third, was amazing. High fastball, high fastball, pounding it in there… and then he comes back with a drop-dead splitter that made the batter look absolutely foolish. I laughed out loud.

All in all, a really entertaining game. Sure it probably should have been a blowout, but a win’s a win.

just an irrelevant side note, espn.com is reporting that jorge posada has a torn hamstring tendon. thats kinda funny

Tonight is going to be a really big test. Scott Kazmir and Ted Lilly are the 2 left-handers that we really struggle against. In the spirit of Daniel’s story, I have 2 quick ones that are also applicable. I distinctly remember when I was 10 years old pitching and getting hit with a batted ball right in my face… while I was on the ground crying my parents told me the other coach was yelling run, run, run to his baserunners… but then came by after with a not-so-sincere… “I hope he’s OK”. I think that was my first exposure to the classic Little League parent. My second story was similar to Youkalis’s strike out, wild pitch with the bases loaded and 2 outs… but my story ended even worse than the Rays did. I threw a nasty curveball that hit the very front tip of home plate (which must have been raised a little), the guy swung at it, the ball bounced all the way over the backstop on a fly. I’m pretty sure the runners got the base they were going to, plus one more (2 runs scored on a strikeout). If there are any rulebook buffs out there, I wonder if that is the rule for the majors too?


I think in the Majors the batter only gets one base. Section 7.05(h) provides the following:

“Each runner including the batter runner may, without liability to be put out, advance one base, if a ball, pitched to the batter, or thrown by the pitcher from his position on the pitcher’s plate to a base to catch a runner, goes into a stand or a bench, or over or through a field fence or backstop. The ball is dead; APPROVED RULING: When a wild pitch or passed ball goes through or by the catcher, or deflects off the catcher, and goes directly into the dugout, stands, above the break, or any area where the ball is dead, the awarding of bases shall be one base.”

You have to be a lawyer to understand some sections of the rule book, and there are parts that aren’t organized intuitively, so there could be another provision that indicates otherwise.

WOW! What an amazing turnaround in our outlooks today. Isn’t it amazing what a win will do for the Spirit of the Nation??? Although, what rayman says is right. We need to be a little apprehensive about Kazmir. he does usually give us some trouble. Also, isn’t he also the Rays pitcher who throws at us alot??? I seem to remember him being thrown out of a game against us either last summer or the one before. It was probably when Pedro was still with us. That would make sense. So lets see, they’ve got Kazmir, we’ve got Wells. I’m going to have a positive outlook with regard to tonight. I’m hoping those who’ve been hot (or getting hot) will remain so tonight. Those who haven’t been quite so hot, I hope they can tonight. Here’s praying that Wells has a good outing. You know that I’m not the least superstitious, so I’m not worried that my Devil Rays voodoo dolls haven’t arrived yet. Where is that mailman?????

For those out there who despise A.J. Pierzynski(the dirty rotten weasel “win anyway you can at any price and cheating is fine” Carl Rove of baseball) as much as I do…and wish the absolute worst for him, you’ve got to get a copy of the May 29 issue of Sports Illustrated. If you don’t subscribe to SI or can’t borrow one from a friend, it is well worth the news stand price to pick up one. Turn to page-78 to see the photo of Cubs’ catcher Michael Barrett landing a powerful right to the face of the irritating antagonist of virtually every opposing player and many of his current and former team mates. It looked like a great shot on tv, but the still shot is even more impressive. It’s the precise moment of impact, showing Pierzynski’s distorted face in its moment of agony, his shock of dirty red hair wildly flying in the air as if he had been hit by a bolt of lightning. I never disliked a Yankee as much as I despise this guy. Now, turn back the page and scan the double-page photo of the fans’ reaction. Virtually all, men and women, appear to have just witnessed an execution by beheading. Absolute horror. Mouths wide open in disbelief, one lady hands cupped over face, mostly wearing White Sox attire. But, you know…there’s always one in every crowd, God bless her. Look at the upper right portion of the left side page. There’s a woman, obviously not a White Sox fan, or–at least–not an A.J. fan, clapping her hands and howling in laughter, delight, and approval.—… And, the little girl in pink to the far upper left (same page) doesn’t seem to know quite WHAT to make of it? Grownups!!!!!!!!!!

Few interesting tidbits… How does someone with a torn hamstring tendon in his knee make it back in a few days? …”NEW YORK — Yankees catcher Jorge Posada has a torn hamstring tendon in his left knee and will be sidelined at least a few days.” Second… Lets all be thankful that we didn’t pick up Juan Pierre to cover our Centerfield vacancy… 2 RBIs in 192 at bats. I would think you would get that many by accident… HBP with bases loaded, full-swing bunt with man on third, etc.

As most of you who’ve read my posts know, I freely admit to not being a baseball strategy expert. So I’m fully prepared to take some ridicule regarding the following idea that occured to me last night: Is there any merit to playing Alex Cora when the “lesser” pitchers like Clement, Wakefield and DiNardo are on the mound and playing Gonzalez when there isn’t as much need for “oomph” in the lineup? My reasoning is that when Schilling and Beckett are pitching, there isn’t as much need for added offense, whereas the other three are more likely to give up runs, necessitating an effort to score more Red Sox runs. Cora has shown that he can hold his own on defense. Anybody think this is a crazy idea?

Also, just a question about how people view Minor League “rehab” starts for pitchers. Wells pitched 5 innings and gave up two runs and four hits, striking out three. Not dismal, but this was against MINOR LEAGUE hitters. Is there so little diffenence in hitting ability between AAA baseball and the majors that I shouldn’t be worried about this?

As banged up as the Spankees have been this year, why is it that I see a combined score of 52-3 in their series against KC this weekend? Good news for the Sox, they’ve got KC on their schedule in September. Hopefully those will be 3 cupcakes while the Yanks are in their grind.
Speaking of Yankee injuries, was it just my TV or did Youk’s line drive of Jaret Wrong’s gut the other night sound like a bowling bowl hitting the center pin?

Rob, I like any idea that involves sitting Gonzales. I’ve watched a little of the cubs game today and watched the Braves walk the #8 man to get to the pitcher with a man on 3rd and 2 outs. I can see some AL teams start walking our #8 hitters (Pena/Youk – .300 hitters with power) to get to Gonzales hitting .139 with runners in scoring position.

Allrighty then,
Today is the day that Kazmir falters severely against the Sox. Being from Florida myself, I am going to put the hex on him. Speaking of Florida, Ellen does it seem to you that there are more of those stinking yankee fans down here than there are in new york? Oddly enough I have met alot of Red Sox fans in the last two years. Wonder why that could be. Anyway lets go RED SOX nad lets go Wells.

We think we’re pesimistic at times? Any of you check the link that dirt dogs has with Eric Wilbur’s prediction on tonight’s game? He tore up our donut loving lefty, actually predicting a win for Kazmir tonight.

For you displaced sox fans, there are also plenty of people in Red Sox Nation out here in California. I love hearing all the Angels “fans” talk about their team, and then come game time the stadium is more Sox fans than Angels “fans”, plus those same fans would leave a 1-run game early to “beat traffic”. Though if I see another rally monkey I may have to decapitate it…

dthatcher: I think that most of the Sox fans kind of just become reclusive here in so. fl., being that every where they turn they’ve got a loud mouthed “we’ve got 26 championships” type of Yankee fan in their collective faces. I don’t know where you live, but here, rather than go out,watch the game, and have to listen that c#ap, I’d just rather watch on MLB.COM. besides, then I can say what I really feel about what ever opposing player happens to be the object of my “disaffection” at the moment, without the repercussions that would follow. I’m really a “good sport” type of fan. I will never say anything bad about a team in front of on of their fans. That always comes back to bite you right on the BUTT. I don’t much care for the taste of crow, and humble pie is not my choice of dessert.
I was peeking at the Yankee blog (some of the old ones.) It’s truly amazing to read the arrogance that just abounds there. Also how they BASH their players and fellow fans.. Fri**in amazin’. I’m a very faithful follower of the Church Of The Red Sox. No demoninational slur inteneded, I heard the Nation described as a religion yesterday on ESPN, So as one of the flock, I say LET’S KICK BUTT TONIGHT DAVID!!!!!!! Oh, and GO TROT!!!!! GOOOOOOO (MY) OUR SOX!!!!! DANIELFAGAN: I HOPE OUR REHABBED PITHER JUSTHT THROWS AN AWTHOWME THET. (yeah I know that one wath really sthretching). Nationer out till game over.


I liked you write up on Thursday’s game. I usually only get to watch gameday, but I actually got to see that one on TV. I thought it was a great game. Plus when you can win even when you have 15 LOB I think is a good thing.

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