Boomer belted on knee

Fenway came to a quick hush tonight when David Wells crumpled to the ground in agony after taking that Travis Lee laser off his surgically repaired right knee. It seemed like such a cruel twist of fate, Boomer looked awesome tonight, just like the guy who pitched so well down the stretch last year.

Oh well, deep contusion is the early report. That beats a fracture.

And the Red Sox finally got Kazmir. More later.



I think he’ll be better than that. He’s got something to prove now. Last time around it was take it or leave it, but now he needs to show that he’s not just wasting everyone’s time. It probably hit him that he has some chance at the Hall of Fame and so he needs to go out on a positive note.

For all the crazy things he says in the media, Wells is a smart pitcher who knows how to keep himself in games. I think he’ll do well for the Sox, nothing spectacular, but I expect him to eat innings just like he’s done throughout his career.

Ian, what happened to the link to Mark Feinsand’s Blog? Did you remove it for him not plugging you in the Sox-Yankees media game?

I think the best I can do is to say that I think Wells will end the season with a winning record. I just don’t have enough data to make an informed opinion. I do agree that he’s got something to prove, and that will drive him. I also think that any professional athlete wants to perform well; their egos won’t allow them to go through the motions just to get through a season and earn their salary.

The only thing that really concerns me about Wells is his actual physical condition. He is one of the oldest pitchers in baseball. There’s a lot of wear and tear on a pitcher’s body, and at some point it’s just not going to be able to do what’s asked of it. Roger Clemens has lasted because he has a very strict training regimen. I’m not positive, but I don’t think you can say the same thing about Boomer. 😉

Wells is one of those that usually get the decision one way or the other so I am going with 13 and 8. The ERA will be around 5.

I worry more about Well’s health and durability than what record he may have if…if…if. David’s self assessment about his health–other than how he feels– cannot be trusted. Whenever he or the press say he’s “in shape”, that’s an oxymoron. Wells never WAS in shape. The last time he injured himself it was only waddling over to the third base line and bending over to field a bunt. The Big Load could pull a groin on the mound tonight passing gas! I fear he will be reinjured again, maybe even as soon as tonight. And, if that happens, it’s a career. IF-IF-IF he can stay relatively healthy and uninjured, I have no doubt we’ve got an added asset and that he can and will pitch well. Even better than you predict. Better W-L, better ERA. Assuming 115 games to go divided by every 5 days = 23 possible starts – 4 missed starts = 19 – 6 no decisions = 13 decisions. Let’s go with 9-4, 8-5 3.85. Sooooo, Big Load, it’s time to show us the money. Shut up! and pitch. Or, please, wander off westerly–quietly–and go surfing. MY CAVEAT: Wells doesn’t have to win tonight and I don’t expect him to pitch great, outstanding, or really good even–first time back. Just show us some promise, something to look forward to after the second time out. Don’t get your brains knocked out. And don’t pull a “Bolero”( race horse’s name was it?).

EMERGENCY RED ALERT WARNING TO FRANCONA: PULL WELLS OUT OF THIS START TONIGHT. He’ll raise ****, so let him! Get someone ready if the game is played. Speaking of injuries and career enders, we don’t want this physically ulnerable guy warming up, sitting down, rewarming after a delay, pitching off a sloppy, slippery mound, and fielding grounders or bunts off wet grass, turning, throwing to first…and slipping. I’m telling you, folks, that’s just how fragile he is…and just how easy it could happen.

Danielfagan: you ride the fence of ambiguity better than I; hat’s off (actually we’re both really good at it). I can only hope that Wells’ heart is in this, it was really obvious he didn’t give a c**p about his last outing. I want to be very optimistic about his return and for the rest of his year. Is he ready to pitch and be part of this Nation?? I would certainly hope so. I’m not so sure that he’ll do great but let’s say 8-5 (3.75-3.80 era). Like I said I want to be optimistic, DAVID, LET’S GO LIGHTS OUT TONIGHT, BEAT THE DEVIL OUT OF THEM!!!! (go trot)

Hey guys, down here in Florida they have the game blacked out of the baseball package because of the Tampa market (I’m in Orlando, I don ‘t understand why they do that). Anyway, I have’t seen an update on line. Any idea what the time frame looks like for 1st pitch?
Thanks, and good point about Wells. If it’s sloppy, he is a pulled groin waiting to happen.

Ellen, I don’t know where you picked up the idea that David’s heart was not in his first game and does he or doesn’t he WANT to be a Red Sox? As fond as I am of you, I think your thinking is frozen in the off season and early and mid spring training. David wanted to be traded. The Sox didn’t necessarily want to trade David. But, supposedly, maybe half-heatedly at best tried…or at least told him they did. You may have missed the release, maybe written by Browne or Mike Petraglia, on this website about David going to Theo the latter part of spring training and telling Theo, in essence, why don’t you just forget about trying to trade me anymore. I’m okay with staying with this team another–his last– season. I believe Wells is proud of being a Red Sox, that he genuinely respects and likes his team mates. But, with him and the rest of the team assuming Wells would be leaving today, tomorrow, next week, it was understandably difficult for him to feel like a real tight member of the team of the upcoming season. It was also getting too far along in time for him to switch teams and get acclimated to his new team and mates before the season started. Also, Wells realized that, with the acquisition of Beckett, Boston had strengthened (is that a word? as u once asked) their rotation and were serious about going for the gold this year. I may question David’s “conditioning” program–What? conditioning program– and his social development. He may be an unthinking popoff who can’t take responsibility for what he said–preferring, instead, to shoot the messengers(writers), but I would NEVER question his commitment to his team and his pride in his performance. David, Ellen, has an ego as big as his belly! Trust me. So, please, try real hard to get over that hurdle. Well, the game should be started by now.

To quote Jack Buck when Gibson hit the home run off eck..”I don’t believe what I just saw” David Wells pounced off the mound with cat like quickness for the 1-3 putout. (we got the game down here in FL)

Is anyone keeping track of how many times the Sox have had a runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs and come up empty? Nixon goes down looking and Wily Mo weak grounder. ugh!

talk about tragic…wells takes a line drive into his right knee (the one that had surgery) after 4 pretty-good innings. that’s about as sad as matsui’s wrist.

my guess is boomer will call it quits after this one. maybe, just maybe, this’ll tug at Roger’s heartstrings and he’ll make up his mind once and for all to return to Boston…

It didn’t look good at all. Best case scenario he’s going back on the dl. like you said matt, worst case is he calls it quits.
He was looking good, too.

I’m no doctor, but the early report seems as encouraging as possible. Deep contusion, no indication of serious injury. I wouldn’t write the Boomer obit just yet.

Fox analysts saying if it’s really just a deep bone bruise it means missing two, maybe three starts. Not the end of the world. Very encouraging that Wells looked as good as he did. I’m thinking he comes back in early June and does just fine.

Crud. Crawford just hit a homer off of Foulke. Man, what I wouldn’t give for some consistency from more of the bullpen besides Timlin and Papelbon. Maybe Seanez can hold it together here.

Yankees losing to the Royals in the bottom of the ninth in a rain delay. Keep your fingers crossed.

I almost choked when I saw Seanez come in to a game that we weren’t winning or losing by 8 or more runs, but he didn’t look that bad. His ball was breaking hard.
Let’s pray that the rain hits NY real hard tonight and they have to call the game. We don’t want to give KC any chance to blow it!

2 things:

1) To the link is still there, just got moved.

2) WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD WAIT 2 HOURS TO FINISH A BALLGAME?! Too bad that the yankees lost. Imagine what the press would write if they had won instead.

Let’s all hope Boomer is ok. If the Sox don’t win the Rocket sweepstakes, which I’m betting they don’t, they’re going to need Wells going out there every 5 days and eating up his innings. They can’t keep throwing DiNardo out there and hoping he survives.

As good as Papelbon has been (the best closer in baseball so far) it is only his second year and with the gas the kid throws they can’t risk overextending him. Beyond that they have Timlin who is always solid but is getting very very old. Foulke has been awful, Tavarez scares the **** out of me, who knows what Seanez has left, and Riske is kind of an unknown. With no real bullpen help in the immediate future, the health of the starters becomes very important.


I didn’t get to post yesterday, but I wanted to comment on 2 of your posts.

1. About your Gonzalez/Cora idea. I like Cora a lot, so getting him more ABs is good. Plus in a close game you could still bring in Gonzalez in late in the game if you thought you needed the deffense. However, I guess the argument would be those pitchers probably need the defense as much as (or maybe more than) the offense. Francona always says things like “a guy can’t get hot if he’s not playin.” Personally I would like to see a bit more of Cora(1-2 games/week), but keep Gonzalez as “the” SS.

2. You mentioned minor league rehab, from what I have always seen (especially for pitchers) it is more about a guy making sure the he is healthy than trying to put up numbers. Kind of get some of the kinks out before he pitches/plays in a game that ‘counts.’ For pitchers they are just trying to throw strikes and the AAA hitters know that and take advantage. For some of them, it might be the biggest(name) pitcher they have ever faced so they have a lot of adrenaline. They can go home and say “I got a hit off D. Wells!” The reverse could also be true, whoever is rehabbing might not have the same adrenaline as he would in the majors. Every year in Spring Training when the college teams play against the BoSox, it always seems they hit our aces all over the place. I am sure they have the all the adrenaline they need facing an MLB player, but even more so if it’s a big name, an All-Star or possible future Hall of Famer.

Ian, had a good write up (posted on ‘A night off’) of Thursday’s game… I too found it very entertaining… I am not sure the previous posts had done the game justice. I’d take a BoSox game over Pearl Jam, but writing about baseball isn’t my job and everyone needs a day off. You missed a good one though.

Finally, tough luck Boomer, get well soon!

One good thing to take from Boomer’s outing last night was that he looked sharp. He was definitely ready and looked like the David Wells who has gone 7 start after start over the years. Hopefully this contusion doesn’t keep him out too long. The Sox also seemed to finally solve Kazmir…something that has kind of annoyed me for a while. You never like to see a pitcher have the kind of success he has had against the Sox because you have to think that they remember these sorts of things.
Congratulations to the Royals for finally breaking that horrific streak…and doing it against the best possible team for a Sox fan.

Wells’ performance last night not withstanding, the pitching staff questions remain. If Wells could be an effective 4 or 5 starter, perfect. I think most agree it is a better option than DiNardo. However, for whatever reason, Theo loves Dinardo. The REAL problem is Clement. Not a heck of alot was expected out of Wells this year, but Clement is a different story. Clement is sooooooo frustrating. Great stuff, at times, but can’t throw strikes. Can’t do much with him, trade value isn’t much. Kind of stuck. Before the season, I wanted Papelbon in the rotation and Hansen closing. Tough, if not impossible, to take Papelbon out of the closer’s role now. Furthermore, they’re trying to stretch Hansen out in the minors. Eventually have to do something with a kid throwing 97.

True, Hansen does have great stuff, but I think the Sox are waiting for this pitching situation to unfold before they call him up as a stopgap. I think the team feels that they can put up enough offense on a daily basis to overcome some of the rotation woes.
Its a long season and I think what they’re doing by leaving Pap in the bullpen (although I’d love to see him in the rotation) and Hansen in the minors is really best in the long view of the season. Hansen will have more time to develop his secondary pitches, which will make him much more effective when he does come up. Every major league hitter can hit a 97 mph fastball, its what the pitcher can throw to take the hitter off of the heater that really matters.

The Sox are in winning games and a lot of times these situations have a way of working themselves out.

True, good point. Winning has a way of working things out, but also masking problems. At least it’s nice to know that the farm system has options (unlike the team in the Bronx). I trust Theo’s judgement.

An interesting comment was made by the announcers the other night in regard to Clement. Apparently Jason Varitek says Clement is one of the toughest pitchers he’s ever had to catch, because there’s so MUCH movement on his pitches. You wouldn’t think there would be such a thing as having too much movement on the ball, but I guess maybe there is. This is his ninth season in the majors. You’d think if he was going to figure it out he would have done so by now, but I’m not ready to give up on the guy yet. There are plenty of pitchers with far worse records than his.

Winning is a good thing, any way you look at it. And when the Yankees lose to the lowly Royals, one has to figure that the baseball gods are not only smiling, they’re dancing up a storm.

Schilling vs. McClung tonight. I’m not predicting anything for fear of jinxing the team, but you have to like the Sox’ chances of at least holding their division lead.

Well Danielfagan, you were right about a couple of different things. I shouldn’t ? his committment and was really thinking about that when he took the hit to the knee. Now with him hurt (and he was looking good) what happens next. You were also right about losing him as early as last night. I kind of feel like I really didn’t give him the chance he deserved. I did miss the release that you wrote of. Sorry. By the way we’re up 2. Can the Royals make it 2 in row???? Let’s hope so.

bcpark, thank you so much for the kind words.🙂

Ian, I’m sure you’re right on top of this, but be sure to let us know as soon as you hear anything about Boomer. We’re all waiting with bated breath. And do let him know that we’re all wishing him the best.

O.K., where are all of you today?? Oh, jeez I forgot, it’s Memorial Day Weekend. I want to apologize to you all and David Wells for being so tough on him. When he got hit last night he was getting hot! My heart immediately went to my throat when I saw him go downd and saw the obvious amount of pain he was in. I’d have been calling for the morphine or something!!! I hope this doesn’t finish him. Schilling is going for career win 200 tonight, Go Curt, KICK BUTT. I wish David a full and speedy recovery from this injury.

just a quick thought, but what are the sox gonna do about the 5th spot in the rotation? if wells ends up missing time (which he probably will) we will be without a 5th starter (dinardo is on the DL) and i don’t see clemens make a choice until mid-june. ian, are the sox gonna go back to the 4-man rotation or who else might they stick in there?

I don’t see much good news in the “good news” so far about David Wells’ injury. Those knees are not your knees or my knees or a 15 or 25-year-old’s knees. They are the 43-year-old knees of a veteran baseball combat soldier. So, being told “it was not as bad as it could have been”, “there were no broken bones,” “it was only a deep contusion(bruise)”, and that it’s too early to write the obit…all offer little solace to me…and I doubt David Wells. All the beating and pounding and landing –not to mention multiple surgeries–over many seasons have taken a heavy toll. Wells has almost no cartilage(the tough elastic strands that prevents bones from rubbing together and causing friction) left in his knees. My comprehension of the series of three injections both he and Foulke have had since spring were designed to partially offset that deficiency and provide some lubrication for the knee to allow David to get that knee over the other leg, as he puts it, when he throws, and– equally important–to some extent alleviate the pain. Unlike popping our analgesic pills everytime we hurt, these injections cannot be given with any regularity. So, to me, it could have been worse is no consolation. It was bad enough! I hope it isn’t necessary for me to say I hope not, but I think David’s career is done. I imagine his knee will be painful, throbbing, sore for days, and that–barring serendipidy–he will miss at least 3 or 4 starts, placing him–if he even chooses to continue– initially on the 15-day DL and perhaps beyond. I can imagine Wells today is about as low as one can get. Who could blame him. Why me?, Lord. He HAS had some extremely rotten luck. Given enough time, David will have to decide if it’s worth it for him to continue. Can he dig deep down to give it one more go? No one could blame him if he has nothing left to give. If last night is to be his swan song, he left in style with confidence in himself, showing all the poise and style and artistry he has displayed throughout his entire lengthy career. More than David winning a single other game of baseball, I want to see him walk away from baseball WALKING. Being able to do his surfing in the Pacific Ocean, play a thousand rounds of golf with the aid of a cart between shots, and to be able to play a game of whiffle ball with his grandchildren in the backyard. He’s an old pitcher. NOT an old man. I have indulged myself in referring to David as “The Big Load”, another addition to my library of childish monickers, easy enough for me to say since I’m several hundred miles away from where Wells could deck me! I regret doing that…so much I wish I were flexible enough to bend over and kick my own… know. So, me too, EllenCullum.If we are understanding enough to excuse all the unconventional things Ramirez does as “Manny being Manny,” then why can’t “David be David!”?

Daniel fagan: I can readily accept “David being David”, never really thought about it that way. Always a new point of view to look at. Sorry I got to it so late… Since Ian isn’t, let’s talk about tonight. I really hoping that the guys can give Schill the support he desreves tonight. 200 wins, that’s something. I wonder what kind of company that puts him in??? Can’t be too shabby,huh? I’ve got to get into uniform for the game now, so what does everybody else think?? Lowell, another couple of hits?, Trot a good game o and d?? Mark, Manny, Papi, Youk?? Sometimes it makes you wonder how you can go wrong with all that on your side of the scorecard. I’m gone for now……

I think it’s great for us to have witnessed Curt’s 200th career win tonight. Things like this certainly do distribute a positive spin colaterally. It just seemed like everyone was doing their best to support Curt the Hurt tonight. We’re any of you around and watching the games back in the early-mid 70’s?? It seems to me if a closer (fireman) got 20 saves it was a big deal. Jon-Bon already has 17?? If I’m wrong, someone please let me know. Sox did it tonight, let’s give Wake all our Good Thoughts!!! GOOD NIGHT NATIONERS….. STILL 2 UP//// GO SOX!!!!!

Ellen: This makes 18 straight for Papelbon. He has extended his rookie record one more notch!

So-oooooooo…q u i e t tonight. Spoooooky……… Something to do?…Something to do? Well, guess I could play “Dan being Dan”…and pick on the Yankees. Yeah! I could do that! Saw the 14-5 score tonight and had to be real proud of “the bronx bombers” showing their grit…and coming back from their embarrassing loss Friday nite to the poor Kansas City Royals, the worst professional baseball team since the St. Louis Browns! Yippeeeee, you proud yankees. Before I saw the box scoring, I’m guessing…I bet A-Whole went 5-for-5 with three homers and 10 RBIs. Afterall, that’s how he always pads his stats after striking out or grounding into a game-ending double play. Well, it IS, isn’t it?! And, checking the box, he, of course, didn’t disappoint me, going 2/3 plus 2 walks, 4 runs scored, 3 RBIs. After all that, the little busy beaver still managed to squeeze in a strikeout! The $17,000,000 MVP guy also managed to pull his average up to .291. Alexis, Ellen, by the way, would be our poster boy to pronounce pither. Some game on Fox, all the players introduced themselves and their native countries. Alexis said (I call him Alexis because he’s purty enuf 2 b uh gurl! In fact, a lot of girls on the yankees look like players!)As I wuz sayin’, so ole Alexis introduces himself: “AL-LEXTH ROD-REEG-GUTH, U-ETH-A.” Geez, he’s cute. Joining him were two other teammates who find it a challenge to hit big league pitchers. Miguel Cairo 4/5, 2 runs, 3 RBIs; “something” Stinnett, Posada’s backup, 3/4 with 2 more runs and 4 RBIs, now .213 (that probably matched his entire career stats). Showing you that big leaguers don’t usually go bonkers at the chance to hit against Double-A pithers prematurely promoted to their decimated parent club in the bigs, dig this! Damon 0/5; Jeter and Sheffield, both 1/5. Speaking of Cairo…did you ever see the cab door ears on that dude and Aaron Small. I’m sure if Small went out into the outfield grass and got a good running start in a decent tail wind… and flapped his ears,….he could fly!!! Lot of uglies on that team. Even “little jesus” Jeter’s face now is puffy…and he has bags under his eyes. Too much woman and wine…or too few–none in fact–World Series rings in the 21st Century. 26 flags WHEN!?? In the MODERN ERA? Oh, you mean in the olden time! We have a ring in the 21st Century, how many do you have? Then, that’s when they bring up the big “26”. Why not? What else do these losers have to bring to the table!!!??? AND THEY ALWAYS D0…AND WILL. When they do that, ask them how many series have you lost the first 3 games of a playoff or world series, then come back to sweep the final four. “Would that be NONE!!!!! You know how I know that, Yankee fan? because we’re the only one to EVER do it! And, you know why you should know that, too, Yankee fan? Because we did it to YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

No,…….no. I think he said U-Eth-Thay.

Forgot “The Big Ugly” (alius “The Big Geek” “The Big Washed Up” “The Big Used To Be”–much like the “26”–AND “The Big Has Been”). What the heck is a “UNIT” anyway!– Did you ever wonder?! And, geez, I miss Mel Stottlemeyer and Don Zimmer. Don’t you? Remember the old 3 stooges–if you throw in Torre–huddling over in the far right end of the dugout bench, jowls hanging down from their faces, with those constipated looking frowns on their faces, taking turns passing gas and discussing their prostate glands and hemorrhoids! No? Boy! I do!

LIVE FROM NEW YORK, I_I_I_IT’TH THATURDAY NIGHT! What’s this latest trend of celebrating American holidays with all kinds of “multi-cultural” activities? Is this country having a total identity crisis, or what? Little Johnny Damon was overheard saying, as he struck out tonight, “Wow, we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto!”

Well here it is another beautiful Sunday in So. Fl. And I’m getting ready to walk out the door for work, but fortunately we’ll have the game on at work at 2:05. it was really good to see Schill win last night. We’ve got Wakefield on the hill today, I hope this is a good one for him, he needs it and so do we! Sox have 3 with the Jays this week (at Toronto), and haven’t had a day off in what seems like forever. Anyway, gotta head off to the bar, (no danielfagan not to drink, but to work) won’t be falling off any barstools today. GO OUR SOX!!!

I don’t know if the people on this board actually WATCH games, but Matt Clement is impossible to watch. My message is the same. He can’t (or refuses to throw strikes and puts the Sox in a hole). Does anybody care?? Hansen, Lester????

Matt Clement, Matt Clement, Matt Clement!!!! When is somebody going to catch on????

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