Yes, it is one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs and it also seemed like an appropriate headline for tonight’s game. I am not in Toronto. I’m enjoying three days of downtime before joining the team in Detroit and New York for the final two legs of the trip.

I had a great day, enjoyed the weather, chased my three sons all around the earth, and put my toes in the frigid Atlantic Ocean.

Caught some of the game on the radio, but didn’t really watch any of it. When Varitek hit the homer, you had to think they were going to win, but the loss of Timlin was never as glaring as it was tonight. They are going to be scrapping for success in that eighth inning over the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, I’ll be on ESPN 890 AM from 5 to 7 p.m. if anyone wants to listen or chime in. Yes, shameless plug, but what the heck. My wife made me do it.




Crisp looked like he had a good game.

It is good to battle back even if we don’t always pull off the comeback win. Without Timlin we do need the bullpin to step up. Unlucky for Riske. Many times giving up 1 run wouldn’t equal a loss. VanBuren and Declarmen both had decent outings. Eventhough the pen lost the game they did a good job today. They kept us in the game a gave us a chance. Loretta is still hot and hopefully Varitek will catch fire too. I’d like to see the Sox score earlier and not just off of homeruns. Go Sox!

I was pleased with this team last night. I think the old Foulke we knew will step up as the 8th inning setup and do well. How we get from wherever whatever starter leaves off to Keith will be Francona’s job to devine. But I think some combination of Riske, Seanez, Tavarez, Van Buren, and Delcarmen can get us there. Besides that, that’s about all I can add to my milelong assessment of the game which appears as the next to last post on yesterday’s blog just before Ian woke up in the middle of the night, went Led Zeppelin on me, and changed the blog. Think he timed it. Robn, Ellen, GoSoxRed, Arielle you were in my discussion if you have the patience of Job to wade through it.

my god clement ***, we must get rid of this guy, when your starting pitcher surrenders 6 runs, u ain’t gonna win ball games

Sounds like a few of you weren’t able to see the game so if you’re interested, I can give you a brief synopsis. Clement looked OK in the 1st. He basically gave up on Vernon Wells in the 1st and walked him on 4 pitches. He seems to **** himself whenever a teams top 1 or 2 hitter comes to the plate. After that, it was typical.. Get behind in the count and wind up walking or serving a meatball pitch to try and get a strike.
All the globe articles I read on-line are saying he’s a stand up guy for gutting it out etc, but at this point, if he’s hurt, go on the DL. 3+ innings and 6+ runs each time out isn’t any worse than a call up from Pawtucket would do.

The bats looked good. The first inning was an omen when Youk and Lorreta lead off with hits and then Papi pops up, Manny K’s and Trot pops up. Coca looked real good. Hit a homerun, had a nice catch in the late innings. Middle relief was great. Delcarem and Van Buren showed then can handle themselves. Toronto is the best hitting team in the majors and they held them down.

Riske had a rough inning, what can you say? BJ Ryan looked lights out, so we have to avoid him at all costs. The Sox have to hit these lefties the next couple of days. If Beckett gets a lead, tito might have to keep him out there to pitch at least 7+. With all the work the pen got last night and with all the work they are expected to get tomorrow, tonight’s game is HUGE.

Good points by daniel fagan on last night’s post. It is only MAY!! I get as upset as anyone on these losses that could have easily been won, but we still have 4 months left.

Listening to ESPN radio this morning and Steve Phillips seems to think the Sox have the edge on getting the Rocket. I don’t know about you guys, but at this point, I’m tired of waiting. I know this guy is one of the best pitchers of all time, but seriously, at this point in time doesn’t he know who he’s going to play for? Who does he think he is waiting all this time to make a decision?

Let’s go already, 3 teams (I’m not counting Texas, I don’t think they have a shot at him) are holding off on moves just to wait His Majesty’s decision on who he should play for.

Let’s hope Beckett keeps his May unbeaten streak alive, let’s hope the lineup stay hot. (I really like this lineup with the exception of Gonzalez). Cora is a spark, but no chance of him playing the next 3 days with Chacin, Lilly and Rogers on tap. He looked like he was starting to break out vs. tampa. Let’s hope he keeps it going.

Last thing, I read that if they don’t make a move for tomorrow’s night game, they might do a starter by committee rotation. Riske for a couple, Delcarmen for a couple, etc until hopefully Pap in the 9th.

Rayman, we had a discussion last week about Wakefield… You said you were losing patience with him, so I wanted to hear what you thought about his last game. I thought it was a great game (and we didn’t have our 3 best relief pitchers, so we really needed a gem) plus it lowered his ERA to 4.07. I am glad to hear that you think we “need” him. I guess that is what I was trying to say all along. It is the things he does that don’t always get recognized in stats that make him a great pitcher in my book.

I can’t help but think it won’t be long ’til Coco’s back up front. He outhit Youk last night.

It seems ludicrous that anyone wondered what we would ever do with our “pitching surplus” this past winter. Boomer, Clement, and Arroyo were always question marks in my mind, and that only left four guys that I had some real confidence in. One of them’s got the best record in the majors as a closer now, and that leaves our rotation seriously limping. This team is too good to only have three starting pitchers, and somehow Clement’s raking in the millions as a fourth when he should be in the bullpen. It’s incredibly frustrating.

On the bright side, it was GREAT to see Van Buren and Delcarmen hold their own against Toronto. Hopefully Francona develops some confidence in them, and they continue to earn it.

Ian, maybe you can help answer this question I have. I’m going to start off by saying that I think Francona is a really good manager. To manage in this town with a bunch of crazies like us, plus the media is no easy feat. What I don’t understand is the reasoning behind some of his decisions. Coco is our leadoff hitter, period. Why would he need a couple of days in the 8 hole to get prepared? Will hitting 8th help him run faster, hit better and get him more prepared to handle the role? After the 1st inning it’s all relative anyway. It’s not a big deal as far as the club is concerned, Youk has done great.
I just don’t understand what an extra 10-12 at bats is really going to do and why they had to make a big deal out of it.

I know it’s trival, but is anyone as confused as I am as to why this is being done.

Hi Bcpark. I really don’t have any idea what to say on Wakefield. The nature of the knuckleball is that you have to pitch better than everyone else just to get the same results due to the extra passed balls, steals, etc… I’m just not sure he’s going to do that consistently enough to be considered our #3 starter. ESPN Power Rankings felt the same way (see my post yesterday for the quote). All we can do is hope.


An excellent post last night, well worth the time to go back and read this morning. Rife with solid points. I think you are right that Papelbon should stay in the closer role; too much at stake in the near future to use up the arm for one start. Also very salient points about bringing in Riske last night. I, too was wondering during the game about maybe bringing in Papelbon, but soon convinced myself Riske was the way to go. As you pointed out, with Ryan on the mound for the Jays, it would be very easy to go two more innings and still be tied, and then what? No, Francona had it right all along, as I think he usually does.

(Oh, and by the way since you asked, I’ve convinced my wife we don’t need to spend $5,000 on a whole house AC system. A couple of window units ought to do the trick.)


You’re very right; the comeback was great for the Sox, even without getting the win, just as the Yankees’ comeback on the 22nd was a boost for them even though they didn’t win. It’s a lift of their spirits and confirmation that they need to keep battling, which they always do. And yes, it was really nice to see Van Buren and Delcarmen get a chance to show their stuff. Maybe Tito read ascential22’s comments the other day?


You are so right about contracts and the like. As much as we’d like to think that loyalty is rewarded, baseball is a business, pure and simple. Sure, there are a few shining examples like Todd Helton in Colorado, but Bronson Arroyo got played like a fiddle. I do think the Sox would have rather traded Wells but couldn’t find any takers. I don’t really feel bad for Arroyo; I’d play in Montreal for that kind of money. But it’s the fans who get hurt. Sadly, the days of a ballplayer staying with one team for their entire career and being rewarded for it by that team are largely a thing of the past.

Beckett’s on the mound tonight, which is good, but Chacin won’t be a pushover despite his 5.31 ERA. He’s 5-1 on the year, so the Sox’ bats are going to need to stay hot. Let’s go, boys!

It has been really stressful to see Dinardo and Clement’s pitching. They don’t have confidence in the mound and give a lot of four balls. I think anyone gonna be better than them.
I hope that francona give more opportunity to young relief pitchers such as Van Buren and Delcarmen. They looked great. They will get better with more MLB experiences.

I’d rather DiNardo pitch than Clement. He’s just not tough enough to win consistently. He’s always slumping his shoulders. It’s aggravating to watch.

gosoxred@cfl.rr.com, I actually thought that Youk should remain at the top of the lineup a little longer after seeing Crisp’s first game back. I heard a few days ago that Youk got up to #2 in the entire league in On-base percentage. With Papi and Manny bashing the ball behind them, I thought it might be a good idea to keep Youk up there a little longer, even with the skills Crisp has. Over the full year, is it really going to benefit us to have more speed, but a lower OBP at leadoff? I’m not sure anymore with the level of Youk’s success.

not only is it not very good going 3+ innings and give up 6 runs, but on top of that, he’s making $8.5 million a year (and his era is around 7). That looks like what dinardo was doing. why don’t they just ship him (Clement) somewhere AND agree to pay some of his salary?

2nd game back and Coco already has a homerun!! unbelieveable. And Daniel i look forward to reading your posts in the blog as well as ellen. Well, hopefully we can win tonite….we should sice we have Beckett pitching. Go Sox!!!!!

sorry bout that

I suppose it goes without saying but the next couple of weeks are going to show us what kind of team we can look forward to when it comes to going down the stretch. They are going to have to pull together in every facet if they are going to stay in the race for the east. While I know we all consider the villians from ny to be our biggest problem, I agree with what Daniel pointed out the other day about the Jays. If we beat these teams in our division that we should beat on a consistent basis than the other works itself out. Our 1,2,and 3 pitchers are still pretty good and if you win three out of five throughout the year than you end up somewhere around 98 wins. Now obviously these three are not going to win all of theyre starts. This is where the team needs to come together each game to make sure that we win some of these games by just pure outscoring the other team. At the beginning of the year I would have said that we didnt have the firepower that we have had in the past, but I think that this team has proven lately that they can hit with anybody. This is what is probably is going to have to happen over the next couple of weeks to get through this injury riddled time. On another subject is it possible that maybe Clement just hasnt realized that he has a pretty good defense behind him and he should just throw more strikes and let them put it in play. After all that all I can say is Lets go Sox.

hey gosox101: Thanks for the comment. I looked in on thh NY blog today and noticed you were there. You said the same thing that I’ve said several times. You had a more receptive audience though, any time I say anything even close to what you said, I get my butt chewed but good. That guy sam REALLY needs an attitude adjustment. Seeing writings like that make me very grateful that we have a group that can bat (no pun intended) ideas, thoughts and comments back and forth with out fear of verbal retribution. We do have the best bloggers. No slight to the other Sox blogs intended.

We do have a very tough next couple of weeks. But I think with Terry running the show and with the respect he garners from his staff and players (as well as The Nationers) we’re going to be fine.

We’ve got Beckett up tonight. He seems to start slow and then gains headway. Being from So.Fl. I had heard alot about his (“frailty”) when it comes to blisters. Maybe the climate there at Fenway helps. I think these guys have an incredible chemistry for only having been together a few short months. Ever see a shot of the dugout when Beckett is in between innings or is done, or it’s his day off?? He always seems to be next to Curt. It seems that they each respect the talent and knowledge of the other. Loretta seems to be fitting in just fine as does Mikey Lowell. What a turn around for him since last year at the Marlins. amazing what respect from management and the fans can do for your game huh??

Any way, Let’s hope we have a good, no scratch that, let’s have a great game tonight. Here’s to the hot bats staying hot and the others getting that way. Gotta finish getting dinner ready for my husband so I can be ready when we take the field tonight.. thanks Nationers, Thanks Red sox!!!! GOOOOOOO SOX!!!!!

I’ll reaffirm my prediction that Clemens is coming to Boston. My reasoning:

1) No one would have leaked the news to Newsday (too weird), so that was clearly wrong. BUT if the winds were blowing that direction, the Hendricks would probably have acknowledged it.

2) Rangers are officially out (see MLB.com article).

3) That leaves Boston and NY. For all the reasons I stated before, I think he’ll come here.

I know just about all of you…to the man and woman …are (over)ready to throw Matt Clement to the wolves. Give him his pink slip and walking papers: “Hit the bricks!” Toss him overboard. Throw the baby out with the bath water. All of you certainly have had enough provocation lately watching Matt’s bad side to warrant feeling the way you feel, Lord knows. He has lately pitched badly enough to fizz off the Baby Jesus. I’m not immune to entertaining the same frustration at times. 0-2 count. Ball one. Fouled off. Ball two. Ball three. Four pitches fouled off. BALL FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!! OVER. AND OVER. AND OVER. Jeeeezzzzz. However, I just can’t give up on him. I believe when he’s “on” (question being: “When might we be able to expect that?” And I don’t have the answer to that.) he’s a quality pitcher who can belong on a contending team like the Red Sox. He HAS been banged up on and off often. I agreed with the reasons when Terry has skipped his starts on occasion, but nonetheless it had to affect his rhythm. I know someone wrote that shouldn’t matter. “Heck, he’s a professional. He should be able to adjust” to having his scheduled starts jerked around. But, I feel, that attitude is incorrect and unreasonable. It “ain’t” quite that easy folks. Baseball players are creatures of repetitive movements and timing. The batting stance, keeping the head still, the swing, the follow through. You’ll notice anytime a hitter goes into a slump…these are the technical aspects microscoped. The problem being that the good habits he had been doing repetitively, someone slipped into bad habits he now does repetitively. Same with a pitcher. He’s holding the ball longer. He’s releasing the ball at a different angle. Complicated technical stuff that I can’t as a layman relate to, much less comprehend. A starter starts every five days. Healthy, EVERY FIVE DAYS. Regardless of the justification, you can’t convince me that it shouln’t effect Clement when he goes 7 days between starts. Skipped a turn again with maybe 8 days since his last start. I isn’t reasonable to expect or say “Oh, just **** it up, Matt. We’re paying you a lot of money!” Bully for him if his agent negotiated a fat contract for him. He would be one of the few Red Sox to get the better of the deal. As we all know, ask Bronson, Red Sox ownership and management certainly don’t get screwed often (“don’t get the short end of the stick”, I suppose would have been more mixed company apropos). Also, I believe Matt is a six-inning pitcher. After that, pull him out. Don’t–when you’ve seen what happens to him in the seventh inning…after time…after time…keep running him out there when you know from experience that he loses his effectiveness after six! We’ve got–or did–and will again–have a bullpen. USE IT!!! Some pitchers lose it after a certain pitch count. For Pedro it’s 100. You and I and Grady know that, dont we? Matt is such an intense person and pitcher–not that Curt and Josh aren’t–that everytime he comes to the plate…that’s not just the ball he’s throwing. That’s himself. Remember that opening road trip in Texas where he had a shutout going through six. He had only tossed about 60-something pitches. So don’t go by the pitch count! I could see Terry sending him back out there. But he lost his control and started getting shelled. By the time Terry went out and gave him the hook, he had another 2-3 runs tacked on to his ERA, a great outing was converted to a so-so, and we had 2-3 runs less of a lead and a couple of runners still on base with only 1-2 outs. Any it seems EVERYTIME Clement leaves with runners on, the reliever who comes in immediately coughs up a single, 2 more runs goes on Matt’s ERA (them’s the rules, folks), then the reliever gets the next out or two and is done for the day, gets a H(Hold) and NOTHING added to his ERA. I should be impartial here and not fault only Francona, and I know the manager has to be thinking of a pitcher’s fragile confidence and ego by not jerking him too soon and having him think his manager has no trust in his ability to work himself out of his own jam, but…That sentence’s long enough! But, when a pitcher has been doing well, then comes out the next inning and gives up a 450-foot drive foul in the upper deck down the left field line, then the next one foul in the right field seats, then he walks the next guy, hits the next one, walks another one, then yields a laser blasted 475-feet off the center field wall, I’m thinking, you know, well just t h i n k i n g…….maybe this guy has lost it. And I’m also thinking: “Darn, I don’t think It would have taken that long for me to have already figured that out a few batters ago. Matt Clement has been left in too long on more than one or two occasions. Matt isn’t going to look into the dugout and yell:”Cripes, boss, when are you going to come out here and get me?” IT’S ABOUT TIME FOR A SUMMATION (TALKING ABOUT TOO LONG), WOULDN’T YOU THINK?. So…I love all of you and I know your hearts are always in the right place…and you can do whatever you like…but I’m NOT giving up on Matt Clement yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was just re reading my post. I noticed than our alert blog censor bleeped out a word which could be marginal for polite company. Although it’s use in the context I used it was quite clean…and I think acceptable. The word is what a baby does on his bottle to withdraw nourishment. The asterisks would leave the reader wondering..”whattt”?

More specifically defined: “What a baby does on th ****** of his bottle to withdraw nourishment!”

Now watch “******” get censored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOUCHE!, CENSOR! You’re on the ball! great sense of humor! I love it!!! Looks like I “ain’t” gonna get the better of you tonight. You got da hammer. So, gonna leave you alone and go watch the ball game. Take care. Oh, what’s your fielding average on these things?

not looking good right now, but I’ve got heart and so do the SOX!!!!!!

God, I thought they got us on that one… There’s my TROT!!! Thanks TROT!!!!

doggone it!

Fagan, you are tempting me to read your wicked long comments. The day finally came when I could not resist any longer. However, I still have three Acts worth of questions to answer on Macbeth, math homework, spanish worksheets, and some heavy duty studying to do, and once I stop writing and start staring at my computer, my watchful mother starts to get suspicious. So let it be known, that if I start failing school and getting into trouble, it is your fault.

Nice, Fagan. Especially after some of your previous comments.



Well…The sox are starting to creep right back into this game tonight..The got 2 more chances…NIce inning by seanez and Tavarez.

sorry meant they got 2 more chances.

what the **** is going on with the sox,they lost another game tonight

THEY DID GET A HOMER BY TROT BY TO NO AVAIL…..they need to play better.Schilling will pitch Friday and tomorrow they will have s rookie pitch.


sorry meant tomorrow.

Thank God for Microsoft Windows… I don’t have to retype the same blog anymore… I can just copy/paste my last entry to save time… Terrible Starting Pitching, Nice Comeback, 12 or More Left on Base, Loss. Well at least the Jays are mediocre against the rest of the league. Unfortunately, the only Jays starter we have beaten in 10 games is now in the minors.

Tonight stunk all the way around. My softball game got rained out, the Sox couldn’t climb back and win, and last I looked the Bronx Bozos won in extra innings. I’m too tired to look at the bright side, I’m going to bed.

So which Red Sox player is gonna hold the press conference declaring the Blue Jays Boston’s daddies?? (7 out of 10 what??) GO YANKEES.

excuse me goyanks22@yahoo.com who is tied with your yankees?
well……you had better of said the red sox.GO sox!!!!!!!!yankees ****!!!!

and by the way goyanks22yahoo.com: if your yanks make it to the playoffs they will get beat by the sox any way.cause the yankees ****

Well I had intended to post on the game and a different subject at this time–but that can wait, I JUST CAN’T RESIST THIS GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY SO UNWITTINGLY LAID IN MY LAP(SEE ABOVE!). I’ll be visiting your blog again soon, “go yanks”, you insecure loser, so make sure you are prepared with the only comeback you pathetic psychopathic band wagon riders have to bring to the table when you’re challenged about your repetitive limp, impotent, infertile failures year…after year…after year in this…”the modern era”…what we Red Sox fans like to refer to as the 21st Century. We KNOW the only comeback you New York illiterates will be able to provide as a defense is to run jump into your time travel machine and head “back to the past”…to what we Red Sox fans like to refer to as “the olden days”–the 20th Century, the earlier part of the century when you won most of your pennants…remember those “good ole days” before automobiles, air travel, and that “new miracle drug” I hear youse Yankee fans depend upon to get you from one relationship to the other–PENICILLIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!! And, now pay attention “goyanks”–Christ, that’s a real original tag line (how many Yankee fans did it take to help you come up with that?…or for that matter, how many of you does it take to install a light bulb?)…I said, NOW LISTEN UP, SON !!! I want you to write down the correct number of pennants you’re going to spring on me you won in what we Red Sox fans like to call “The Middle Ages” when you were referred to as the NU YAWK “Highstockings”, “Leatherstockins”, OR WAS it “Ladystockings”?. Write this down now, boy—-“26″. Why do I want you to WRITE IT DOWN. Because we Red Sox fans are aware that most of you loser Yankee fans can’t count any higher once you run out of fingers and toes! … and I don’t want to take unfair advantage of you!!! Got me, son? I SAID, YOU GOT ME BOY!? PAY ATTENTION NOW. So get that part of your anatomy where Yankee fans brains reside in gear! because I’ll be coming to yours and Feinsand’s blog again soon. AND….”goyanks” please feel free to stop back and visit Ian Browne’s Red Sox Blog as often as you like, my friend! We Red Sox fans are always both fascinated and amused by mental and moral infants as yourself and your fellow Yankee fans. NOW, GOYANKS, WHOSE YO’ PAPI?, good buddy?!?!?!

Ellencullum, do you think I’m afraid of going on Mark Feinsand’s Yankee Blog and being intimidated? Do you think I have just about evened the score for you. I don’t expect to hear much more from “goyanks”, do you? Not even if he could bring a few friends with him.

I really NEED a good conversation with a **** Yankee fan every so often. I feel like I just had a mental bowel movement after being intellectually constipated for weeks!!! Jeeez, guys, and I even forgot to thank him for the release before he darted out the door without his hat!

How was that RED SOX NATION? Did I represent all of us adequately? ALL OF YOU feel free to jump on him, too.

Yea I’ve seen you on Feinsand’s blog, running your mouth after the Hideki Matsui injury (about 3 full paragraphs??) and then aplogizing for it later saying you hoped he felt better. I’ve also seen your own “nation members” getting on you for being an annoyance. I even recall one of them referring to you as Daniel ***? Take it easy man the rivalry is about baseball, not intellect. I commented on how your team can’t beat the jays (which is true) just like you could comment on how my team can’t beat the Angels (also true). It’s all in good fun. I can respect andy’s comments, short and to the point. And by the way I’m not going to say the Yankees **** because they don’t, and neither do the Sox, if you look at the stats they’re actually pretty equal. But I think you have a little too much time on your hands Daniel. Relax on the blog life for a little while, there is a world out there.

Guys, is it possible to, what? cut and paste “goyanks” post and my response to Feinsand’s blog…so ALL NYY posters could enjoy it. If anyone knows how, you have my permission to airmail it. I’M READY!!!! Or do I need to do it from my computer? Anybody?

Guess I’ve done enough damage for now. About all I can say about the game is that I’m just a wee bit downcastfallen (Is that a word, Ellen? I know it isn’t!). All you guys and gals, Ian included, know I’m about the most vociferous apologist for Red Sox players on this blog:Loretta, Cora, Gonzalez—YES!!! GONZALEZ!!! I was so much hoping he would slam a 3-run homer off B.J. Ryan and win the game tonight to shut you guys up!He will..some game. Maybe not in MY lifetime!;Wakefield, Clement, Seanez, etcetera, etcetera. As much a “homer” as any of you. But….whewwwwww! A man DOES have his limits! I don’t take back a thing…won’t withdraw a single defense of anyone. But, right purty soon now, these guys need to hitch up their pants another notch soon and start winning some games. We lose with a poor pither(BC,Ellen)one night, take our pain killers and other mind altering medications to get through till the next game the next night, then lose again when probably our BEST pitcher pitches like a pither and gets lit up like a Roman candle. Instead of coining another word, I suppose my current state of bewilderment could be stated as “lower than a squirrel’s nuts!!! (Now if that puritanical blog censor who persecuted me last night on my choice of words on my posts is still wide awake at this ungodly hour of the morning…peering over my every word, let me say this right now before you @#$%* me again. Sqirrel’s nuts can mean MORE than just one thing, you holy roly!!!! Squirrels store or bury their nuts for the winter in the ground. And, before they bury their nuts, their nuts are ON the ground. And before they bury their nuts, their nuts can’t get LOWER than the ground. So…..that’s what I mean when I say “I’m lower than a squirrel’s nuts!” There’s nothing wrong with that, censor! In otherwords, I’m as low as a squirrel’s nuts, squirrel’s nuts are on the ground…and his nuts can’t get any higher….

…..UNLESS he jumps!!!


By the way, I had no intention of mentioning the past, because that’s the past and it’s over. It’s a new season and that’s all I’m worried about. If you look here and on Feinsand’s blog I’ve only commented twice (once there once here) but don’t worry I’ll leave this one for good. Enjoy the rest of the Toronto series. And Daniel, for the last time… settle down, there’s more to life than this.

Your limp and dismissable rebuttal is about as impotent and inarticulate as I would have expected, GOYANKS. I have actually only viewed and posted to your blog once, that being the night Matsui went down. Were either your memory better, given what you have to work with I can’t totally fault you–go back and look it up!!! or were you not prevaricating(look that one up, too!), I expressed explicit sympathy for Hideki. He is a courageous and admirable person AND baseball player. His apology after his injury for “letting my team down” was heart rendering and tear jerking. I would NEVER make unkind remarks about a seriously injured athlete who has several months of painful rehab ahead of him. My God, man! I also said to the blog that I took no delight in his injury absence weakening your team, that while I despise the Yankees and your fat-cat, rich kid, if you can’t grow your own just let all the other teams groom them then go out and buy everybody else’s best players, pound your chest and brag about how many pennants you won with other poorer franchises’ players,–TRUE, ISN’T IT? ISN’T IT!–hope I didn’t exceed your attention span, in spite of that, I told all you nimrods that I did NOT want your lineup decimated BECAUSE when we beat you–which we usually do–in the 21st Century, at least when it really counts (2004 and the last game of the 2005 regular season–remember that Amy Vanderbilt…or Jerry Falwell, whoever you’re hallucinating you are ? We kept you from having the opening series home field advantage, sending you to Anaheim to play those dreaded Rally Monkeys, where–as in 2002–you folded like an accordian. What’s new…in the 21st century?)…Again, that when we beat you we want to beat you with your best players…so you wouldn’t have any excuses. And you like to have excuses for everything, like after everyone caught up to you—in the 21st Century…you go scurrying back to unfurl your “26” faded, molded pennants from the ancient past. When Herbert Hoover was president. So I posted nothing but kind, thoughful sentiments about Hideki Matsui…and they WERE sincere. I also specifically posted the same sentiments on this blog, some may recall. So did other posters to this site that night. Only you, GOYANKS, would know this, but you’re either confused, unblessed with a terribly bad memory, or you’re lying. What you may have been confused about is my expressed regret over earlier remarks I had made about OUR David Wells on THIS blog. I apologized for that. I’ve apologized about a lot of unthoughful things I have both written and said. And, there’s a darn good chance I may have to apologize to someone in the future—BUT, it won’t be to you, my erroneous friend. ————————————
You know, GOYANKS, I was impressed over the large number of posts you had on your blog, a subject covering May 24-28. There were 142. Then I thumbed through them all and found one lonely guy–talk about get a life–who submitted 49 of them…and among those 142, probably 80% of them were posted by THREE lonely guys. Go figure, GOYANKS. The primary reason I don’t go back to your blog to try to match wits…is that there aren’t any over there to match. Your typical poster’s rebuttals to an articulate point having been made was “Ah, your mother wears combat boots!” Much like your pathetic response tonight—as if you have any capacity or aptitude to judge or to correct ME! When I need your advise, son, I’ll ask you for it! The main characteristic about you guys that burns my wick is that many of you have to cling to some entity…some team who wins ALL the time. By clinging to the win-all-the-time Yankees, you falsely assume that attaching yourself to the yankees like barnacles to the QUEEN MARY…that association with a winner makes you one, and it doesn’t. You’re still a loser. Now, you can take that as an insult. I simply recite it as a fact. Look that up too …under “NYY lack of success, 21st Century”. You see, GOYANKS, I’m not some loser who needs to share someone else’s identity. I have my own. Meanwhile I’d just rather plain ole insult you. You come on our blog and take a cheap shot with your whose your Daddy ****–referencing Pedro…and you know what a sore spot that is to Red Sox fans. You could kinda say you asked for it, GOYANKS. You might want to pull up that post I submitted to your blog the night of Hideki’s injury and revisit what I said, refresh your memory, then post back here and make a man out of yourself by reporting the truth. If you can’t take the heat, boy, stay out of the kitchen. And, if you can’t, shut up and get off the blog!

Just wondering what compels you to type so much? Did that GOYANKS character get under your skin?

Ummm, dan? You OK over there? Have at it dude, if it makes you feel good. After reading goyanks’ first post I thought to myself “Don’t respond, it’ll just encourage the guy, and our blog will be polluted with a bunch of Yankee fans jumping on our stuff.” Whatever floats your boat, man. As for the censor, I believe you’ve had that word (the one that means “to draw into the mouth through a suction force”) asterisked out before, used in the same phrase, and used in reference to Mr. Clement. I’m really curious as to whether it’s a person or just a computer that blanks out certain words. I wonder what would happen if I mentioned that my vacuum cleaner is getting old and doesn’t **** dirt up as well as it used to?

As for last night’s game and the one coming up this evening, I had hoped that a good night’s sleep and a ride to work on my motorcycle would put me in a better frame of mind, but I’m afraid it was not to be. I try to stay positive before each game, but what hope can one really hold when your favorite team has on the hill a minor league call-up who, according to what I’ve heard, doesn’t even have any AAA games under his belt, much less any Major League experience? And that said minor leaguer is making his Major League debut against the team with the best batting average in the majors? I’m not sure I can bear to listen, but I probably will anyway. I HOPE young Mr. Pauley comes up big, but I can’t honestly say that I think the Sox are going to win tonight.

But then, it’s only one game. I’m very hopeful that Wells’ pride, competitive nature and contract incentives will bring him to the mound for his next scheduled start and he pitches brilliantly. I really think he’s made of the kind of stuff that will not let him be kept down by this most recent set back.

Fighting to stay upbeat, but losing the battle.

is it time for “Boomer” to face facts. would have been nice to retire after one last good season – but not if you go out crippled.

Daniel, (and everybody)…I read and enjoy all your posts and I don’t care how long they are. Ian mentioned it the other day too (I also noticed you complimented Ian a few days ago as well!). In regards to goyank, as juvenile as it sounds…”he started it!” Or at least was asking for it. If he had initially said “the Jays for you are like the Angels for us” he might have been able to keep it “just baseball”… I have never been to the Yankee blog, but I specifically remember your Matsui comments and wanting to beat their best. Recently you have also made a lot of good comments on our players.

Robnbetsy, your vacuum cleaner line made me literally laugh out loud (as do many of DFagan’s posts). As far as positives, Ian Harrison reported (Notes: Pauley to make his debut) that Francona said “Hopefully, [the Jays’] unfamiliarity with him will get him through.” I am excited to see him pitch. The article also said he is a sinkerball pitcher, so hopefully that will translate to not so many homers and lots of DPs. So good luck to D.P.!

Also, on Bond’s 715th… I honestly think some of you are being to hard on him. People always say “Records are meant to be broken!” Bonds just got confused with the expression “Rules are meant to be broken!”

Rayman, I did read your posts yesterday about the ESPN power rankings. Your points about passed balls and stolen bases are well taken. I agree, they are definately byproducts of a knuckleball. I do like statistics a lot and feel they are a big part of baseball, but it is also true they can be very misleading at times (especially 2 months into the season). To be honest, I have never paid much attention to power rankings or fantasy comparisons. Maybe it is just because I don’t know exactly how they work, but for the most part I just look at the standard statistics (mlb.com player stats minus fantasy comparisons). I use stats to judge players I am unfamiliar with more so than Boston players. Furthermore, the players I like I base on watching them play, my gut feelings and numerous “clutch” things that there are no statistics for. What Wakefield has done historically for the Sox doesn’t give him an automatic free pass, but for me it does matter a lot more than what ESPN has to say about him or some bad games here and there. Out of curiosity do you know if those ratings take into account run support? I know record (W-L) doesn’t, and I strongly feel Wake has pitched well enough this season to have a winning record. Bottom line is that he doesn’t, but his overall stats this season are very good (especially if you look at his games individually). Peace, go BoSox!

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