Crazy game, isn't it?

So let me get this straight. David Ortiz clocks a pitch some 425 feet to left-center field. It’s a homer at any park in America, except this one. Just a long out here in Motown. Ortiz sarcastically shouted as he walked toward the shower late last night, "No Pop, No Pop." In actuality, Papi has plenty of pop.

One inning later, Kevin Youkilis lofts a most innocent looking flyball that nobody in the press box or dugout seemed to think would be a home run. And it plops over the wall. Game-winning, two-run jack. That’s baseball in a nutshell. That’s part of what it makes it so great on a night like Friday if you’re the Red Sox and so utterly frustrating if you’re the Tigers.

When you win a game with two outs in the ninth, that can spark you to a pretty good run. Let’s see if that’s the case with these Red Sox.

Nothing out of the ordinary about tonight’s lineup except that it’s probably the strongest one they’ve had behind Wakefield this season.

Crisp CF
Loretta 2B
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Nixon RF
Lowell 3B
Youkilis 1B
Mirabelli C
Cora SS.

There wasn’t a whole lot of intriguing pre-game news. But it’s certainly good news that Mike Timlin will resume throwing off the mound on Monday. Expect him to be activated in time for Saturday’s doubleheader.

David Wells has not resuming throwing yet, which might make a start next Sunday against the Rangers a stretch, but we’ll see.




Ian, completely agree about the game of baseball. I would just like to say that I am sure as it is with anyone who watched him play last year that having Youk where he is right now is not surprise at all. I was very impressed last year and continued to impressed. As far as the pitching report it sounds like good news all the way around. I am looking forward toward the end of the year and watching a game on ESPN and hearing the coomentators talking about how everyone had to think Wells was done after all this all this and the way he battled back. As far as Timlin I do not know what to say other than a big Welome Back.

okay, like we need another rain delay/postponement. We have a doubleheader next Saturday as it sits already. I get very anxious when it gets close to game time, so when we have a delay, my husband REALLY hates it.. You know, will we go, will we not?? I have to make sure all my dolls and pins don’t get out of line.. you know how it is.

Hey Daniel, chime in, love to hear your thoughts on this…. More importantly, I hope Wake has one hail of a night.. (daniel, let’s see if I can sneak that one through!!!) I LOVE OUR SOX! HEY NATIONERS, ONE TIME NOW, GIMME A “LET’S GO RED SOX, LET’S GO!!!! CLAP CLAP CLAP” p.s GO TROT!!!!

Just checked “clubhouse insider” in the herald and they say the first pitch is approx. 7:50PM.

I certainly hope so, I am so used to watching every game on MLB.COM.. As an aside to anyone who is out of the area and doesnt get anything but the espn or fox broadcasts, I spent $80. and I can now watch every game with real clarity.. (except for last night) now. Last year I could only watch the “stick figures” on game day.. Boy was that frustrating; me trying to picture in this brain what was going on…. COME ON 1ST PITCH… GO SOX!!!

i’m both impressed and concerned about Wake. WhIle he gave up a couple of hr’s, he’s throwing good stuff. Also the pick off at 1st was a bit of a lift. Now, earlier, I forgot to mention and/or ask that I hope the hot bats stay hot and the not-so-hot ones get that way.. COME ON GUYS. LET’S DO IT!!!!! oops, wake just walked his 1st. NO MORE, BIG GUY.. DO IT!!!

Ian, I’m hoping you get this before the post game interviews. I’m just really frustrated right now as to why Wake didn’t pitch the 8th. I know Delcarmen did well this week and I like him a lot. I just think with the pen used last night, the pen will definitely be used tomorrow for at least 6 innings with Clement going and then 4 in NY, it would have been nice to keep it fresh. Not only that, Wake was cruising.
Also, is Papi hurt? He just hasn’t looked himself lately.

Let’s hope we can pull off a miracle tonight.

Bad ending to an evening. That just about says it all. I love Wake but, sometimes… Did he get pulled too soon?, not soon enough? We can all sit here and second guess until the 12th of never and we’ll never know. I wonder if Tony should have left Little Manny in a little longer, I don’t know how badly he was hit. I’ve had better feelings about Tavarez as of late, but I think that somehow it just was a timimg thing and the timing was a little off. What can you say??? I really seem to be riding the proverbial fence tonight don’t I?? Can anybody get me to get down from there?? don’t know why I’m so ambivalent tonight….

Well, I just saw the standings….. that ought to be danned enough to get me down off the frecken fence.. We’re in 2nd place for the 1st time since?????……. NOW I’M OFF THE DANGED FENCE AND I’M RIPPIN MAD. Daniel, robn,goredsox robertmarshall,,,, where are you guys?? Is everybody strapped onto their respective barstools??? Thank God I wasn’t on one tonight or the husband could well be hoisting my ask off the floor. Pls yell back.

Maybe I’m now obsessing, but the Yankee blobbers are already pouncing on the fact that we’re out of 1st…. where are our die hards????

Well, another game knuckled under. That knuckleball is so unpredictable–Wake struck out a lot of batters, but when he got hit, it was a homer. Just a little too many this game. And wow, the ‘strongest offence’ in a while turned out to be a flop of bats. Nada offence after that first inning.

A lot of managerial stuff with pitchers. Should Wake have stayed? He threw 99 pitches, in 7 innings, but still looked quite comfortable. Delcarmen is good for two batters, but TAVAREZ seriously stinks. He’s not the person to call out with two runners on. Definitely not. But then again, who else do we have? Papelbon certainly can’t come out then.

I hope Tavarez clubs another clubhouse phone. Then, the bullpen coach won’t have a way to call him out the bullpen, and he won’t pitch and give up all those runs.

Seriously, Sox regulars are playing worse than Yankee replacements. Ehh…Tomorrow, Clement vs. a Detroit call-up. This will probably be the best chance he can get a win before Interleague starts again. Good luck. Amen.

At this point in the season, stressing about the Yankees being a 1/2 game ahead in the Division is akin to celebrating if the Sox are a 1/2 game up on the Yanks. The way these teams have been the past few years, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the pennant race decided in the final week of the season.

Ellen, I don’t think you should be down now. Every game is like a season unto itself. Friday nite was a mountain! Last night was a valley… And our emotions ride up and down with our teams day to day vicissitudes…like a ship at sea in the midst of a storm, rising to the highest crest!…then crashing back from whence it came. Whether throughout this long season it’s us or Boston or Toronto in first, no further than this into the season, quite frankly, I don’t even consider a half game, game, or even 2-3 games a solid lead. That can dissipate in as few a number days. Sept. 20-23, 3 games are a sizeable lead. At the close of games Sept. 29, 3 games cannot be overcome (I started to say unovercomeable, Ellen, but, then, as you know quite well…THAT is not a word!) So wherever you we are throughout the season has to be put into perspective as to how much time do we have left to do something about it. Wells may miss one more game after he sits out again Tuesday in the House That Ex-Red Sox Built. I expect him to be as effective as his first start back, which will be something to crow about. As you know, I’ve been somewhere up near the front leading the parade for Matt’s turnaround. Prediction: It starts today in Detroit. Red Sox management, Ellen, feel Seanez is a streaky pitcher, who can get hot and carry a bullpen for extended periods of time. Their assessment is not wishful thinking, it’s based on his past performances with other teams. Isn’t that something great to look forward to. Regardless of how Riske, Foulke, Van Buren do–and each of those will have good days and bad days, I still feel Foulke is coming back closer to 2004 than 5 (Keith scares the **** outta me because he is NOT a ground ball double play guy. A lot of his outs when he comes in are deep high fly balls to the base of the outfield walls. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeew !!!!!!!!!! Dream about Seanez coming in the 6th…lights out. Foulke in the 7th…lights out. Timlin (comin’ to your local ball park soon) in the 8th…strike, strike, strike, as is his habit…lights out. Then, JON-BON, as you nicknamed him, in the 9th, turning the lights off and putting the cat out for the night. Maybe we won’t get both Santa AND the Easter bunny, put something close to that could be getting in gear this season; and, if so, wouldn’t that be awesome. Of course, there are some parts of the body where some members of our pitching staff have not yet been hit. Possible, too. Off the DL, back on the DL. But, while we’re still spinning our wheels, so are the Yankees. They’ll drop behind us sometime in June. Maybe NOT this week, next week. But, we have a better team than the Yankees do this year. As I’ve said before, Toronto scares me more than the Yankees, but the Blue Jays continue to get close…but–as yet–unable to close us or the Yankees. So there is a lot of realistic hope out there to encourage us to keep on keeping the faith. They’ll be fine! You know that. ……………………………Congratulations on sneaking your alternate word substitutions past that nosey little ole woman censor. I’m truly impressed!………………..Finally, you confused GOSOXRED WITH goredsox the other nite. Don’t do that. They are NOT the same. GOSOX RED HAS BEEN POSTING REGULARLY FOR SOME TIME. HAS HAD MY BACK ON THE OUTSIDE YANKEE INVADER ATTACKS. KNOWLEDGEABLE. COMPLIMENTARY. HEAVY CONTRIBUTOR TO OUR BLOG. INFORMATIVE. THE ONE WHO WONDERED WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO US THE OTHER DAY. I have no idea WHO goredsox is. Never recall seeing that address here before. Plant? Who cares. Goredsox was that dude with those real or feigned **** retentive comments on the “signal to noise ratio” specifically referring to my long and several postings the other nite. He would REALLY be upset with you posting more than two tonight! This hit n’run joke of a person had the audacity to suggest we self regulate ourselves on this blog to two postings per person per day and that we should stick to sport(NO PERSONAL CONVERSATIONS). Because “it” has no friends, “it” resents anyone else having any. This pompous ask thinks someone died and left him our blog parliamentarian, a non-existent post he couldn’t have anyway, because Ron already thinks someone died and left HIM parliamentarian. I actually think goredsox is performing the fun role of provocateur, stirring up a little stew, which he managed to do by ******* in Ron, who agreed with his signal and noise point, in fact commending goredsox for having worded it so well. Then, Ron, the unappointed blog parliamentarian, also the not only better judge…but the best judge of public taste as far as what’s fit to print on this blog–and the also “civil” –an adjective he never strays far from–way to behave. Then ****** punched me with the sarcastic cheap shot “our Danny Boy”, wondering why I didn’t have at least a little bit to say about the subject of sports. This was Youklis’ 2-run, 2-out ninth inning game winner against Detroit. I was elated by that dramatic climax, which I didn’t feel required any comment, we all saw it! Plus, Ron’s creative summation of the game in his 10:01 post, I thought, said it all: “YOOOOOOOOUUUUUKK” !!! Brilliant, Ron! Is THAT? what I should be doing !?!? Then, Ron, closed his post comments by–for the umpteenth time–advising me and others of our right to free speech…and how–eventhough I never seem to quite respond, in his judgement, to any circumstance “civilly” enough for his tastes…Ron would have done it another way, a better way, he would defend our right to speak. How I could ever get fizzed off with anyone who would defend my right to free speech, something I was totally unware that we had here in America, I can’t fathom. —————Earlier, when I was taking on GOYANKS and JPAC, Ron said he would have just ignored them. Then, for the zenthteen time assured us all AGAIN that he supported our right to free speech here in American. Now THERE’s a real man sticking his neck out for what’s right! My true feeling in this matter, Ron, is that we alreday KNOW we have the freedom of speech. What we need more now is freedom from YOU! And even MORE awesome, my friend granted me the privlege to say whatever “FLOATS MY BOAT.” Heckuva nice guy. Salt of the Earth. Incidentally, Ron, I noticed your involvement the other day in the “gorilla” discussion, one of the silliest back n’ forths conversations I can recall. YOUR boat got to floating so high, in fact, Ron, that it could have passed through the Panama Canal WITHOUT the aid of locks! It’s more fun to smile than frown…play than that fight. I kind of let comments slide for a while, but you seem to have a little bug up your butt, Ron, and seem to feel a need to critique every comment I make. If it isn’t some innane matter of envy, or jealousy, –I’ve no idea for what, or feeling of lack of recognition, I’ve no idea what’s wrong with you. If you’d care to specify what your problem with me is, Ron, we can go from there. If not, I really appreciate your need to correct my every move, but I’ve gotten through all these years, Ron, without your help. And, I neither need nor want it. Suggestion: why don’t you play in your yard…and I’ll play in mine. I think we can get along fine that way.

I’m willing to be the butt of jokes tomorrow on misidentifying my subject. The old man is losing his memory. He doesn’t even know who he’s talking about! Probably coundn’t have given you a better comeback, Rob. It definitely WASN’T BETSY of robnbetsey, but it definitely wasn’t RON, either. It is ROB. HA! HA! HA! Joke’s on me. I’ll stand by the substance. Well… IS funny !!!

Was goin’ fishin’ before those posts, but I’m definitely going now. Blog posters, gals and guys, take care. You, too, Ian. I doubt if any team in the AL East will be able to put much distance between the others, but put a shoe horn in there and push!, anyway. Plan to be back latter part of June.

I’ll leave with a couple of Yankee jokes:


Give the New York Yankees $80 million more to spend than the team with the next highest payroll and what can they win with it?


5 more AL East pennants and NO world series.

Hey, Yankee fan, I just checked with Vegas, and your odds of winning the 2006 World Series are about the same as Yogi Berra becoming as smart as the Aflack Duck!

You’ve heard about the face that sank a thousand ships ?

How About: The name that sunk a million words!?

And, if any of you see Ron, tell him Don said forget it!


Your schizophrenia amazes me. Even when someone tries to defend you they have just as much chance of being attacked as they have of being thanked. That “upstate” home of yours wouldn’t happen to be Ogdensburg, would it? I’d apologize for typing things that may have offended you, but it’s impossible to tell what’s going to offend you from one day to the next. Oh heck, I’ll apologize anyway, since that’s what my mommy taught me. I’m sorry, Dan. I never meant to correct your actions (other than my earliest posts directed at name calling, which I think we’ve covered enough and don’t need to re-hash). I’ll refrain in the future from making any comments that could even minimally be construed as criticizing, correcting or chastizing you.

Tough game to lose last night. Wake pitched a good game, but as usualy didn’t get the run support he needed. As Ian pointed out in his article, Timmy leads the league in that stat. Wakefield gets the L, but at least he kept them in the game. When Ordonez hit that 3-run dinger, I almost turned off the radio, but I hung in there. It left me wondering how the ball players feel at a time like that. I’d like to think that they don’t give up, but going from one run down to four runs down with only one inning left in which to catch up has really got to deflate one’s spirit.

ellen, I’d agree with Dan’s comment that being a half-game behind is not worth worrying about, but it might tick him off.

Hopefully we can get to the rookie early and often today. We really need a win to give us some momentum going into the Yankees series. Hey Ian whats the pitching rotation for both those teams in that series? I do know we have Pauley pitching but the rest I am unclear on.

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