Can Schill brighten a dreary day?

I wrote that headline when i thought there was going to be a game. But it’s been canceled. Makeup will probably be in September.

First of all, apologies for going roughly 72 hours between posts. Let’s just say that these trips to New York are a little time consuming from a work standpoint, especially when the draft falls right in the middle of it.

Monday night you can shake off if you’re the Red Sox. It’s just one of those nights where Beckett was leaving the ball right over the middle of the plate and the Yankees acted as if they were hitting off a tee. Last night was different. That was gutwrenching. What can you say about Pauley? I didn’t see a performance like that coming. I doubt any of you did either. That was special stuff.

Now, if only he could have fielded a grounder, and if only Melky Cabrera didn’t make the best catch of his life to bring back what would have been a game-tying homer in the 8th. If last night’s game was October, we’d be hearing about it for weeks. It had that type of feel to it.

Down 2-0 what is now a 3-game set, the Red Sox have the man they want on the mound in Schilling. Nobody loves a challenge like this more. I’d be shocked if he didn’t come up big Thursday night. Even though Big Unit isn’t the Big Unit of old, you still don’t want to lose the two games  games of a e series with him pitching the finale, so you know Schilling will be revved up beyond belief.

More later,



//If last night’s game was October, we’d be hearing about it for weeks. It had that type of feel to it//

Ah, but the good news is it ISN’T October, Ian. We appreciate the game for the good outing Pauley had and move on!

Last nights game was a great showing by Pauley. The same cannot be said for the Sox offense. Although I was not able to watch the game, I was following it on the gameday site. If I am not mistaken we had Chang somewhere around 55-60 pitches and we let him off the hook to make it way later into the game than he should have. No telling what happens if we can get into that bullpen earlier in the game. For those who got ****** into that discussion with the yanking fan, I just think that arguing with them about last nights game or any of the past victories by whichever team is useless. I think discussion amongst ourselves is great but to argue with one of those folks serves about as much purpose as a-rod playing in October.

haha I love the A-Rod comment, it made me laugh pretty hard.


To answer your question from yesterday (I know I’m late I just started reading today):

3. The Spankee’s curtain calls are just getting ridiculous. William’s home run in the FIFTH INNING was not only just a solo shot, but it only tied the game, it didn’t even put them ahead! Why would the Yankees fans cheer for the curtain call like he just won them the world series?

The Yankees fans give Bernie curtain calls and loud cheers for pretty much everything he does. Seeing in how he was a great Yankee for the last 16 years and his career could be coming to an end very soon (maybe after this season) it’s just a way of saying thank you. But I do agree with you in part because I think that a guy like Giambi getting curtain calls for every homerun he hits is a little ridiculous.

That is very true i didn’t think of that angle on Williams, I can totally understand that. On the other hand, Williams was just the example that first came to mind. It seems like every time I watch a Yankees game the fans give standing o’s and curtain calls like it’s nothing. What happened to reserving that for the 2-run walk off blast? It’s sort of like the automatic encore that rock bands perform these days. How is it a special occassion to see the band play more if they just plan on coming back out anyways?

Assuming the rain holds up and we get the game in, does anyone have any idea how this is going to go?
Monday-Moose vs. Beckett, pitcher’s duel in the making = 13-5 final.

Tuesday-Pauley vs. Wang, slugfest waiting to happen = 2-1 final.

Wednesday- Schill vs. Wrong, fill in the blanks because I have no clue.

Well, as soon as I ask the question, the game gets called.
As much as I look forward to watching these games, this could be a blessing for the weary arms leading into the weekend.

I was looking foward to seeing Lester get a start this weekend, but with everyone pushed back a day, I have a feeling the FO will hold him back again. I want to see what this kid can do.

Is this rain that’s hitting NY heading to New England this weekend? Does anyone know?

Well, hopefully we’ll get to see another Randy-Wake duel tomorrow instead of later in the season. Last year’s duel was awesome. I hope they can pull that off again.

Yea I understand why you would get that feeling kgr. Sometimes it can seem a little excessive but like I said the only time it really bothers me is with Giambi, I feel like he gets them (and takes them) all the time. Trust me, the fans have tried to get Jeter out for a curtain call for smaller things but he knows not to take them unless it’s really significant. Besides Giambi and Bernie, the only other cases I can think of are Posada (when he hit the walk-off against Texas a couple weeks back), or a rookie for doing something big (like Melky and Philips so far in this series). Other than that it’s just the excitment of the fans, and I can’t really complain about that.

I kind of like the curtain calls. New York fans (and Boston fans) can be extremely critical of their teams when they’re not performing well, and just as supportive when they’re playing great. I HATE hearing fans boo players for poor performance, because I think it does absolutely nothing to help the players get back on track. But I love to see fans show their appreciation for a job well done on the field. They paid for their tickets, they got to see a great play or a big hit, and they want to thank the players for it.

This is the kind of conversation I love. In response to the fight that developed over the last post, I present Eaglef15 as Exhibit A on the proper way to defend a team, present your viewpoint, and do it all without name calling and petty insults. I actually feel very enlightened after the responses to my curtain call post, and I understand the Yankee’s fans reasoning much better now.

Who says Yanks and Red Sox fans can’t get along?

….well sometimes at least.

swolansky, since you’re posting on here, I’ll offer you my apology for the comments made over to your side. It was more directed toward skull and his comments. I could only agree with your reasoning on sending out what you did. You tried to hold out but my comment brought it out of you.
On to tomorrow night, I think, the Sox at least, will stick to their rotation. Schill tomorrow, Wake Friday and probably Clement and Beckett on Saturday.

I really think the crowd will give Clement an extra boost after his last outing vs. Detroit. Hopefully that will up his confidense even more.

You know things are going rough for a guy when we’re hoping that a pitcher hearing us cheer for him will help him pitch well.

Normally, I love your posts. But this one, it doesn’t make me so happy. I was relying on this game as an excuse not to do my homework. See, the last two nights the Sox have lost and I have done my homework. So I determined it was for the good of the team that I not do my homework tonight, but then they decide to cancel the game. Lovely.

Anyways, I read today that Kapler may be moving up to Pawtucket in a week or so. Is this going to warrant another article? (hint hint cough cough Kapler articles are the best wink wink)


Hey all,
I’m leaving for a little 4 day getaway and besides catching sportscenter highlights and on line, I will not be able to catch as many highlights as I’d like. I’d like check the posts to catch up on what’s going on.

Let’s see, 4 days away, I guess that means I’ll only miss 1 Ian post, right??

Just kidding Ian. Lots a travel the past few days, I know.

Take care everyone.– Well first of all I must say your name has red and sox backwards.SECOND OF ALL YOUR CALCULATIONS ARE RIGHT ABOUT IAN POSTS AT THE RATE HE HAS BEEN POSTING THEM.WE WILL KEEP YOU UP TO DATE.

At the risk of being too gloomy, with Toronto’s win last night we are a game away from 3rd place in the AL East. Yikes….

Good thing the game got rained out. Gives the Sox some time to rest while making the sweep 1 game easier for the Yankees.

Not to dredge this subject up again, but just to touch on it for one more second, just to set the record straight, I do acknowledge that Mariano Rivera is a great pitcher. Actually, I intented to use him as an example of a great pitcher whose manager decided closer, rather than starter, was the role for him with his team. But then I had wandered into enemy territory, Yankee territory, and a Yankee is the perfect one to pick apart, so I got into the other aspect of it that I’ve often wondered about, whether the number of saves a closer has to his credit can be somewhat misleading and overblown, etc. But there’s no disputing the number of amazng innings Rivera’s pitched over the years, and, yes, many in tight situations. But we’ve hashed out that subject pretty well. The big pitching news of the week belongs to us in the Nation, one of the brightest stars on the Red Sox’ horizon, David Pauley.

WELCOME TO THE BIGTIME, YOUNG MAN! Welcome to where the big money attracts the big boys, to the sluggin’-est, most competitive division in MLB, the AL East, to the greatest rivalry in sports-welcome to playing with the Red Sox against the Yankees. Where their second-string outfield, playing because they’re “injury-ridden and hurting,” becomes a showcase for their never-ending depth and their latest young up-and-coming stars who will be thorns in our sides for the next decade. Where one mistake will be seized upon and turned into game-turn-arounds and runs. Where chances to stay in it will be snatched away by spectacular, near-impossible plays by second-string outfielders who have been called up to replace the starters, because the Yankees are “injury-depleted and hurting and making do,” you see. Where you’ll be lifted, with the bases loaded, in favor of a “more seasoned” pitcher, even though you’re better at pitching your way out of jams than much of the bullpen, and he’ll promptly walk Giambi in as the go-ahead run even though you’ve stymied Giambi all night and had him muttering and cussing. Where their pitcher, Wang, all of a sudden, since when? is able to stymie one of the strongest lineups in baseball. The old lack-of-run-support problem. “All I want for Christmas is two more runs, two more runs!” Where it seems karma, The Force, Duh Fawse, is wit dem, ovuh daih. But the next day, when the smoke clears, and I’m unstrapped from my barstool, my anguish of the night before disappears because I can see that it was another close battle between the Titans, and there’s no reason for anguish. I’m sure sometimes they think The Force is with us. It seems like Ortiz and Ramirez are always coming to bat, often with men on base. 2-1. And they had to scrape up that winning run. And the biggest story belongs to us. The biggest story is you. You made my week. I love the way you pitch. You sink the ball well, put movement on your fastball, and you weren’t afraid of the strike zone against the Yankee lineup. We’re always watching pitchers who depend on location alone with their fastball, and, too frequently, miss and hang it “out over the middle of the plate,” where major league hitters will jump all over it. You were never intimidated or flustered. You did an outstanding job. Welcome to the Bigtime, David Pauley.

Oh, no, this guy is waxing literary and long-winded again. What is he, a frustrated writer, or something? If he has to have coffee late at night, can someone please put him on decaf? Am I a pain in the asp, or what?

Heh, no need to apologize, gosoxred. Some good ribbing on both ends is what this rivalry needs to keep it going!

The best part of MLBlogs is that whether you are a player, fan or journalist it gives you a place to share your thoughts and opinions on not only baseball but just about anything you want to share. The number of people and the places they come from is amazing to see each day! I recently had visitors to my MlBlog from Puerto Rico, the Netherlands, England, Taiwan and several other countries as well as almost all of the 50 states.


Check out my MLBlog at

Arielle, in regards to Kapler,
Mike Petraglia reported(06/07/2006 Notes: Foulke’s back still a concern)

“Kapler moving up: Gabe Kapler (right Achilles) will join Double-A Portland on Thursday as he moves up from extended Spring Training activity. Kapler is under no time constraint and can spend as long as he and the Red Sox deem necessary with Portland, since the veteran outfielder is currently signed to a Minor League contract.”

Hopefully he will do well and move quickly from Portland to Pawtucket and be up with Boston soon!

robertmarshall: Wax on, wax off. Very nice ode to young Mr. Pauley. I’m sure he’d appreciate the sentiment.

matt: Take comfort in the words of one of the Sox’ masters of brevity, David Ortiz. “The season is not over. Keep playing.”

And skull, in the spirit of good-natured ribbing: I agree that Manny’s expression was indeed humorous when Melky committed grand theft homer, but not as good as Miguel Cairo’s last year when he reached the dugout after trotting all the way around the bases only to find that Manny had committed the very same “crime.”

Can’t wait for Kapler to get back to the bigs. That guy is an inspiration to watch. Pure determination and effort, and a superb attitude.

Ian, I read your articles (and some by other writers) about the draft, good stuff! I know you’ve been busy, but if you have time I have a few questions (any other blogger is free to answer as well).

Out of our first 9 picks (Jason Place, Daniel Bard, Kris Johnson, Caleb Clay, Aaron Bates, Justin Masterson, Bryce Cox, Jon Still and Dustin Richardson) who do you think might make the quickest/biggest impact? Also what’s the likelyhood in signing all of them. I know you said with Matthew LaPorta teams felt he might be difficult to sign in the 14th round with $cott Boras as his agent. I am assuming the reason is because if he waits he might go higher in the future, but what does that mean? Every year I read about guys who had previously been drafted (usually by another team in the later rounds i.e. Bard), but didn’t sign. Is it just about improving their chances to make the team or are there major contractual differences between 604th overall and 28th?

Either way, I hope we sign Bard & Kris Johnson because it will be interesting how our 2 compensation picks for Johnny Damon turn out. The fact that it was the Yankees who drafted Bard at 604 would make it even sweeter if he can develop into a big league pitcher for Boston!

Bcpark you rock. My thinking is that even though he has signed a minor league contract, the Sox will call him up to the bigs in favor of Willie Harris. Harris is great for speed, but Kapler is a better fielder and hitter (okay well sort of) and has some speed as well. I am so excited to see him progressing well.

ARIELLE: Could it be that you are the BIGGEST GK fan in the Nation and possibly the entire baseball world???? Great choice. I too am a fan of Gabes, but not as much as you. Maybe you can tell me: Why after the 2004 season did Kapler go to the Japan League?? I never got to find out why. I hope he rejoins the team soon. He’s got quite an arm (the female side of my brain thinks the rest of him isn’t too bad, either). Sorry guys I regressed to the days of the cave-woman. Anyway we sure could use him.

Now, back to the baseball side of my brain. About tonights game, although I want Schilling to pitch, doesn’t this throw off the rotation?? Hope I’m not sounding too ignorant. I know that after rain outs in the past I’ve seen them skip the pitcher who was due to pitch the postponed game. Someone please help me with this one.

I wonder if Jeter is back tonight. One of the broadcast analysts the other night brought out an interesting stat. In games with Jeter vs games without him the winning percentage is higher without him. I thought that was something.

Were you Red Sox fans doing a rain dance to avoid the game? Just messing with you guys, but hey big outing from Pauley, I honestly expected that game to be a two way offensive explosion, instead it was a pitchers duel with a bases loaded walk being the difference.

Toronto is becoming a powerhouse but it just wouldn’t be the same having Yankees vs. Blue Jays, or Red Sox vs. Blue Jays in October. I’m a big fan of New York and Boston in the playoffs. It’s seriously some of the best baseball you can ever watch.

On an end note, Wright vs. Schilling should be an interesting game given that the first two were unpredictable. So here’s my prediction: Both pitchers carry a perfect game into the 10th where both Mariano and Papelbon will face off, and because I’m a Yankees fan Papelbon will give up a home run to Melky Cabrera which will be his first ever while Mariano shuts down the Red Sox for a 1-0 win. Unlikely, but either way it should be a good game. Enjoy the game!

Hello yankee fans, While I appreciate the good natured disscusions that have come about today, I would like to make it very clear that I DO NOT LIKE THE YANKEES OR ANYTHING ABOUT THEM. As a matter of fact if I was to research my ancestory nad find that one of my ancestors was so much as a batboy for them I would disown MYSELF! Anyway I hope we can keep the ribbng good natured on both sights and enjoy the rivalry. LETS GO RED SOX!

i think the redsox need to trade alex gonsalez, i know he has good defense, but can’t hit. bring back orlando cabrerra. please

Alex is coming around as a batter of late. I vote keep him.

I know this may be a dumb question to post on a red sox blog but does anyone live up in or by new york that could tell us if it looks like there will be a game tonight?
anywards how is the weather up there?



I think usually when they skip a pitcher due to a rainout is because it is not one of their best pitchers. If it were DiNardo or Clement that was slated to pitch last night, they probably would have skipped them. When it’s one of the team’s aces on the mound, I don’t think they want to lose a good opportunity for a win. Basically you want to get your best pitchers as many starts as possible, and you’ll sacrifice starts from your lesser pitchers to do that. Also, there’s just no way the Sox are going to make Schilling sit for another 5 days and miss a chance to have him pitch against the Yanks.

I really hate to say this, but I have to do. Put Tek in the 8th or 9th. Do it right now. I no longer can endure his struggling and killing the team in the 6th.


the reason why Kapler went to Japaon after ’04 is because his competitive nature told him that he could be an everyday player, and the only way to prove it was to go to Japan and play every day. What happened was pure disaster. Kapler had culture shock over there and couldn’t get hits. And while he was there, hindsight being 20-20, he realized he had a wonderful situation in Boston and he never should have left. That’s why it was so sad to see the way his season ended last year. Peronally, I think Kapler’s injury toook some of the wind out of Boston’s sails from an emotional standpoint. You have to be in that clubhouse on a consistent basis to realize just how big a role Kapler plays on that team. He is as respected an individual as any player on the entire team.

You know, this league-leading, hardly-any-errors defense of ours doesn’t make a bit of diference when our starters keep throwing HR balls.

Especially Schilling, Beckett, and Wakefield. 3 so far for Schilling tonight and it’s only the 5th inning…

Well, no concern now. The home runs given up are a big concern for all our starters, but look at the good side: when home runs are given up with nobody on base, that’s even better than say, a walk in late innings, a single with man in scoring position etc. (ask sabrematricians). So, today, Schilling again was dominant and shut up 55,225 NY people, esp. after 6th inning. The best stat: no walks. That can be as important as no home runs. Even though he had only three K’s, his strikeout to walk ratio is brilliant. He pitched **** of a game. But I agree, he really should try to reduce the number of long balls.

Another good thing: the people that needed to step up offensively did. Varitek, Ortiz, Coco, and even Gonzo all had big hits. That’s very good news for the offence. Looks like the rain did them a lot of help. Good game and another big win by Schill.

Love it, love it, love it. Kind of a downer to work 6 hitters to the plate and only get one run out of it, and then the other team ties it up with one swing of the bat from their lead-off guy. But the Schilling and the Sox hung in there until the bats got hot. Sure, Shill gave up 3 round trippers, but he only gave up 4 hits in 8 innings. Pretty good performance, I’d say.

How about Tek going 3 for 5 with 4 RBI, eh? Let’s hope he continues his upward trend. I know he’s the captain and all, but I’d like to see him smile a little more out there.

Funny moment of the game: I couldn’t tell whether Melky Cabrera thought he had struck out or forgot the pitch count and thought he had walked on that 2-2 pitch in the ninth. I’m not picking on the guy; he’s playing stellar baseball. I just couldn’t tell whether he was headed to first or back to the dugout.

Texas is up next. Could be a tough series. They’re 7-3 in their last 10 games and 17-10 on the road.

Ian, thanks for the response to my question(s).
I usually watch the games on, but tonight my computer was in use so I watched on ESPN. Now I remember why I only watch there when I have to. I can wrap it up in a name: JOE MORGAN. Although I respected him as a major cog in the Big Red Machine of the 70’s, he stucks as a commentator. I was always of the thought that sportscasters and print journalists alike were supposed to remain unbiased. If he had kissed ARODS blutt anymore than he did, I had a roll of chap stix in the mail to him!!! He’s so misunderstood, so underrated etc etc, YADDA YADDA YADDA. If I was ARod and was making umpteen million $’s, I wouldn’t walk around with the look on my face as if I was constantly smelling dog poop!, and my chin hanging down, DEMN, He just always looks like someone pead in his lunch box!! Misunderstood my hiney!!!!!!!! I finally turned the sound down and just watched.

Schilling gave up some taters tonight for sure but recoverd nicely. I, at first asked why they wouldn’t leave him in to get a complete game, but then remembered that we have a double header on Saturday and I guess they’d want JonBon not to be un-worked for so many days.

As far as skeleton’s thought to move tek down in the order, I sais the same thing to my husband when I saw the line-up, but said “he’s hitting .235, not like him. He’s gonna start to turn it around leave him there.” GOOD THING TITO DOESN’T LISTEN TO US HUH SKELETON?? That’s the old second guessing again, and I’m PLENTY guilty, so I’ll try to keep that to a minimum.

AGON had another good night;how many pitches did he fight off to stay alive??? A ton! Tire those Yankee arms out baby!!! Trot’s still up there around 300. THAT’S MY TROT. Great comeback tonight, I’m glad we’re done in The Bronx for now. But we’ll be back to face ’em again in August. Hey Nation, GREAT NIGHT TO BE A SOXFAN, HUH??? We’ll make up ground this weekend, then we’ll be back on top.

PS I’m going to my 1st major league game July 1. Our Sox v marlins. Does anyone know where I can get an INEXPENSIVE Trot jersey?? I’ve looked on Ebay, and everything is up there around $150-$200, unfortunately, that’s out of my budget, ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED. thanks, ellen.


Check the Red Sox online store. Go to the team website and click on “Shop” and then click on “Jerseys.” There are some options for $100 or less. Your best bet for a Trot jersey is probably in the customizable section. There’s a women’s jersey for $80, and you can specify whatever player you want. But it’s not an official jersey. If you want an official jersey, I doubt you’ll find one for under $150.

While I was looking around in there for you, I noticed they’re still selling Damon jerseys. They call them “flashback” jerseys. That’s pretty pathetic, if you ask me. I still like Johnny D, still think he’s a great player, and I still wear my #18 Red Sox jersey (it’s just Dustan Mohr’s jersey now). But the dude’s not on the team any more. Pure commercialism.

robnbetsy as far as the jersey selling that’s just part of getting the jersey’s out of stock. I was walking through the mall the other day and outside of a sports store I saw a rack and my eyes were drawn to the Eric Moulds #80 Bills jersey (as I am a Bills fan) and the sign over it is 75% off since he’s gone. Just a way to make some money back on the jersey and get it out of inventory.

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