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Fenway Park? Do we all remember Fenway Park? If it seems like the Red Sox have barely played there lately, it’s because they haven’t. And now they come home for just four games in three days, before packing up those suitcases again.

I, for one, am extremely intrigued by what is ahead for the weekend. Getting to see Jon Lester is going to be a lot of fun. I had a similar feeling last year leading into Papelbon’s MLB debut — that start against the Twins in July 31.

For the first time in decades, there is a buzz in the Red Sox organization being generated by the kids. This is great. Let’s hope Lester hits the ground running like Papelbon did last year.

What a big-time performance by Schilling to close out the Yankees series. This guy, as I said in my pre-game post, just loves the challenge. Many pitchers would bury their heads in the sand after giving up three homers in the first five innings. Schilling? It just makes him more determined. He is 9-2 and he doesn’t even feel as if he’s pitched like he’s capable of. I think he’s en route to AL Comeback Player of the Year honors.

Foulke’s back is a clear concern, and so is Timlin’s shoulder. This is why I’m really intrigued to see what Hansen is going to do once Francona gets him into a game. The Red Sox have still been searching for their identity this season and I have a feeling the kids are going to help develop it.

talk to you from Fenway,



What Curt did last night was simply unbelievable.

Bullpen issues do concern me a little bit, but there is nothing we can talk about until we see the new kids perform.

Good game for the old man, lets just hope they keep it up in the fens.

Great game yesterday. My boy Tek is finally coming around at the plate. Seems like next month’s schedule should be significantly easier than last month’s so hopefully we can get some W’s heading into the All-Star break and retake the division lead.

I am so exciting about our young pitchers. Pauley and Hansen both in the pen now should really help out and be great for their development. And I am shaking waiting to see Lester’s break-out performance. How bout you guys?

That was a great comeback last night. It really seemed like the Sox were going to continue to fizzle out during potential rallies. I was a little worried about bringing in Papelbon for the ninth in a rout… but he made Giambi and A-rod look clueless and just reinforced the fact that he is unhittable at this point.


I’m posting this here as a repeat, in case you didn’t look back at yesterday’s comments for a reply to your jersey inquiry.

Check the Red Sox online store. Go to the team website and click on “Shop” and then click on “Jerseys.” There are some options for $100 or less. Your best bet for a Trot jersey is probably in the customizable section. There’s a “women’s” jersey for $80, and you can specify whatever player you want. But it’s not an official jersey. If you want an official jersey, I doubt you’ll find one for under $150.

While I was looking around in there for you, I noticed they’re still selling Damon jerseys. They call them “flashback” jerseys. That’s pretty pathetic, if you ask me. I still like Johnny D, still think he’s a great player, and I still wear my #18 Red Sox jersey (it’s just Dustan Mohr’s jersey now). But the dude’s not on the team any more. Pure commercialism.

Hey if you had a huge inventory of JD jerseys, you would still try to unload them right?

They should just cut the price on them and try to get rid of them quick… but in all honesty, who the **** wants a Damon Red Sox jersey right now unless you are using it for a joke or a f’ed up halloween costume?

Though I am waiting to make a purchase of either a Ted Williams Jersey of maybe a Yaz jersey…

In other news, I have a 4-way bet going with 3 other people in my office. A yankees fan, mets fan, and angels fan. $10/game over a 10-game span… right now I am not doing well… Though could have a nice run to finish it up.

I just saw an interesting stat on the ESPN Power Rankings page: “In a combined 25 starts, Curt Schilling and Josh Beckett have allowed a total of 29 home runs — all on the road.”. We have played 9 more road games than home games to this point, so hopefully we’ll continue to see some great performances with these extra home games coming up.

seven posts so far today? WEAK. where is everyone tonight? big Friday night plans while i toil away here at the ballpark?

I gotta tell ya Ian as I sit here following the game on gameday that I certainly wish I was toiling away at the ballpark. Anyhow hopefully that will be as much as Wake gives up tonight. I hope we do not let padilla off the hook, while we have him somewhat struggling. Lets Go Red Sox!

Meant to mention that there is probably a yankee hangover.

How about a curtain call for Christopher Trotman Nixon? Another hot night so far for Trotsky, only needs a triple for the cycle.

WEEI’s Jerry Trupiano mentioned earlier that Brian Daubach is playing for the Memphis Redbirds, the Cardinals’ AAA club. Glad to hear he’s still hanging in there. If I remember correctly he was one of the original Dirt Dogs. I always liked his work ethic. I think if he could have hit just a bit better the Sox might have held on to him.

jeffglucker: yeah, I can see why they’d try to get rid of the Damon jerseys. It just seems like 90% of Red Sox fans think the guy is a traitor, and even the other 10% can’t reasonably be expected to by the jersey of a guy who now plays for the Yanks. According to the Yankee’s announcers last night, Damon said that the Sox’ failure to even try to match the Yankees’ offer made him “wonder if the Red Sox ever really wanted me back.”

Milton Bradley just robbed Derek Jeter of an extra base hit to right to end the 5th. Still 6-1 A’s. Go Oakland!

Tough way to get a blown save. I’ve always thought it was a little unfair that a reliever gets saddled with that stat when they’re brought in with runners in scoring position and only let in a run, but them’s the rules. At least he gets the win and his ERA isn’t affected (if one cares about stats more than the fact that the Sox won the game).

Wake got his usual insufficient run support to get the win. Oh-fers for Ortiz, Ramirez and Lowell, although Lowell did have that key sac fly RBI. Just as good as a hit.

Can’t wait to see how Lester does in his first start tomorrow. I think the game is supposed to be on Fox. What a great way to avoid working on my honey-dew list on a Saturday afternoon!

Well, I guess not everything can stay perfect. Papelbon blew his first save, but I wouldn’t really blame him that much. Hansen created a difficult situation, with men on first and third, but with two outs, which only needed Papel to retire Blalock. Nonetheless, Blalock is a great hitter, so tough luck. I’m glad Papelbon got around it and struck out the side in the ninth to record an unofficial save. Better blow it tonight when the bats can rescue him than say, in a game vs. the Yanks.

Great pitching matchup. Props to Wake! No back problems, as I say and I hope he stays healthy. And props to Dirt Dog Trot! I still think he’d do great down the line, and the Sox consider hard re-signing him for a short term deal.

Hey, don’t you like parity in baseball, esp. say the Western Divisions, both AL and NL? So, here’s the plan, the Sox take at least 3 of 4 from Texas, the AL West leaders, while Oakland take at least 2 of 3 from the Yanks, to move up in the division. Wouldn’t that be great, for the majors’ worst division? HO!

Look forward to Lester’s debut tomorrow! Unfortunately, I live in NY so, I guess I’ll have to settle for Yanks, which isn’t bad either and keep with scoreboard update. Catch the Clemens and Astros TWIB on Fox at 12:30+

Robn: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE RESEARCH!!! My husband wants me to have a Trot jersey for my birthday next week so I can wear it to the July game. You are making it a reality. I really LOVE MY SOX!!!!! (and I really admire and respect Trot) You’re the best!!

I’m really sorry too that JON-BON didn’t get the save, but at least he got the win..

Good bats from Coco, Mikey, and Trot. It looks like he knows he’s got something to prove before the end of the season (free agency). It seems he’s trying to say he really wants to play here next year!!

Good win, Let’s keep those bats hot. :NOTE TO PAPI AND MANNY, GET YOUR BATS IN THE OVEN AND LET’S GO. We’ve got ground to make up..

Doubleheader tomorrow, Go Lester, have a good game. More in the morning.

Again thanks robn!!


Glad to help. Wear it with pride and cheer on those Sox with gusto! Give the Marlins fans what for! If I get to Fenway this summer I really hope they have Kapler T-shirts available. It’ll complement my Trot T real good.

I’m very intrested to see how Lester does today. I’ve heard so much about him and he didn’t really show me all that much in Spring Training. Also, I was wondering since Pauley did so well in his last start will he be having another one. I think he has the chance to become something great in the future. He really showed me alot in that Yankee game. Could you imagine our future rotation with Papelbon, Lester, Beckett, and Pauley. We would be young and good.

Well, gere we are with yet another rain delay. This game is one we’re making up because of a wash out. I hope the game goes on. It can’t be too much of a delay due to the game tonight.

On a more optimistic note, I wish Lester all the bat support and great pitches in the world. LET’S GO SOX!!

p.s.>> I hope Trot has another GREAT game today/tonight.

Ian (anyone else can answer)
Ok how long are they going to hold off the first game?Have they called it yet?


WEll sox fans…The good news is the yankees just lost.
Hopefully we will play at least one today


Any chance for second game? Or will second game be the first? I hope to see how Lester pitches. I remember Fox saying it’s 5:15pm start.

Houp:I can not tell you for sure but I have heard the first one will be made up on sept.11.??????

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