Watching the Rain

Still sitting here, wondering if there will be a baseball game played at Fenway Park . We now know Game 2 has been postponed. No makeup date has been scheduled.

How does it feel to be Jon Lester? He’s all pumped up for his first Major League start and he’s been sitting in the clubhouse for over six hours wondering if he’s going to pitch.

I got here at 10:30 this morning and the only activity I’ve witnessed is side sessions from both Curt Schilling and Mike Timlin in the bullpen. Time is literally standing still.

I think that every fan who has sat at Fenway Park all day for this rainy, soggy long day deserves a big-time, shout-out. Any fan who would sit here for that many hours is a great fan, and you deserve kudos for that. If I was a paying spectator instead of being paid to be here, I can’t honestly say that I would have stuck it out all day. How is that for honesty?

As for when Game 2 might be replayed …  The teams do share a common off-day on Sept. 11. The Red Sox are in Baltimore on Sept. 12, and the Rangers are in Detroit, but they also have a game in Seattle on Sept. 10, which would make it a short night of sleep coming into Boston.

I’m dizzy with all the scenarios. I’ll let you know as soon as I find out anything official about anything. Still not even sure if Lester is pitching today if they  actually play. It could end up being Beckett.


As long as there is a game I’ll be happy. I just love watching the Sox. I would however like to see how Jon Lester does. I’m sure that sitting in the clubhouse for 6 hours did alot for his nerves. I’d be a flippin’ wreck.

But I really hope he heas one lleh of a game.

Go Sox!!! Go Trot!

ESPN at one point was showing Game 2 as an 8:05 start. I’m wondering if they’ll wait at least that long to start Game 1.

The Yankees lost. Here in Yankeeland, NJ, I watched the game with my friend’s dad in hopes that I could find out the start time of the Sox game (which they claimed would be 5:15) and ended up watching the whole Yankees game.

well game on yay!!!


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