Lucky 7 for Papi — and re-living the six that came first

How many more times can the man do it? Simply amazing that David Ortiz has hit seven walkoff home runs (including two in the postseason) since arriving in Boston in 2003.

I bet there are players who have had 15-year careers without ever ending a game with a home run and this guy has done it seven times in less than four years! That’s insane.

Here are the seven, for those of you who might not remember one or two.

*Walkoff 1: Sept. 23, 2003. Ortiz smokes a 2-1 offering from Kurt Ainsworth over the Monster in the bottom of the 10th for a solo shot to beat the Orioles and put the Sox on the precipice of winning the AL Wild Card, which they would clinch 48 hours later. If you remember, the only reason the Ortiz was in position for that walkoff was because Todd Walker drilled a two-out, three-run homer against Jorge Julio in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game. That was a magical Fenway night.

*Walkoff 2: April 11, 2004: Ortiz blasts a 2-2 pitch from Aquilino Lopez over the Monster for a 2-run shot in the 12th inning, sending an Easter Sunday crowd home happy after a wild win against the Blue Jays. Remember, this was Curt Schilling’s first Fenway start in a Sox uni, but No. 38 became a footnote by the end of the day, thanks to Ortiz’s latest flick of magic.

*Walkoff 3: October 8, 2004: Who doesn’t remember this one? Ortiz wallops the first pitch he sees from Jarrod Washburn in the bottom of the 10th for yet another Monster walkoff, clinching a Division Series sweep over the Angels. This is Ortiz’s only walkoff to date that has set off a champagne-filled celebration in the clubhouse. Remember, the Red Sox had this game in control. Bronson Arroyo had spun a beauty but Mike Timlin served up a game-tying grand slam to Vladdie Guerrero to temporarily silence Fenway. But it didn’t stay silent for long, thanks to Papi. Remember Derek Lowe pitching a scoreless 10th to get the win?

*Walkoff 4: October 17, 2004: Just nine days later, Ortiz hits what has to be considered the biggest of all his walkoffs. This one gets the Sox up off the mat in the ALCS against the Yankees after falling behind 3-0 in series. Most people remember the Dave Roberts steal and the Bill Mueller game-tying hit. But without Ortiz’s grand finale — a laser into the visitor’s bullpen in the 12th inning off Paul Quantrill — you might still be hearing about 1918 every time you go to Yankee Stadium. All he does the next day is get another walkoff hit — this one a single in the 14th inning — to set up the historic end of the ALCS in New York.

*Walkoff 5: June 2, 2005: This one was probably Ortiz’s most suprising walkoff when you consider who it came against. B.J. Ryan, big, tall and dominant from the left side, held a 4-3 lead for the Orioles with two outs in the ninth when Edgar Renteria dropped a surprise bunt down the third base line. Melvin Mora was practically playing on the left field grass and had no play. Ortiz stepped up next and rocked one to dead center field, giving Boston a 5-4 win and setting off a frenzied end to a weekday matinee at Fenway.

*Walkoff 6: September 6, 2005: Every Ortiz walkoff has had something unique about it, and this one was by far the most majestic. As a matter of fact, I don’t think this ball has landed yet. Ortiz absolutely obliterated this Scot Shields offering to the moon, or actually, just way back in the RF grandstands. This was an absolute rocket. Probably Ortiz’s longest shot in his career. And it also came in the heat of the pennant race and gave Tim Wakefield (complete game gem) a highly satisfying 3-2 win.

*Walkoff 7: June 11, 2006: This is the only of Ortiz’s seven Red Sox walkoffs that I was not sitting in the Fenway Park press box to witness. I had the day off, hadn’t watched much of the game, but I did go to the bottom floor of my house to watch the bottom of the ninth. Don’t you always when the Red Sox are in striking distance and Ortiz has another at-bat left? So I settle down on my futon and brace for Ortiz’s at-bat when I notice that my cousin-in-law Mary Beth’s running shoes are sitting on the floor in front of me. Knowing that Mary Beth is in my wife’s car and they’re about to leave and that MB won’t be back before she goes back to California, I run up the stairs with the sneakers and catch them before they pull out of the driveway. As my wife rolls down the window, she tells me that "something just happened in the game … Papi hit a walkoff", then I hear a delirious Joe Castiglione discussing the aftermath of a wild win over the Rangers. Oh well, I didn’t see it live, but I saw enough. I went back downstairs and saw the replay and caught Ortiz’s latest helmet flip and pile-on at home plate. What more can you say about this guy?



matt@marx: pls see post on Ian’s last blog.

Ian, here you were trying to be the “nice guy”. Nice guys are always eventually rewarded!!, As were you by Papi’s walkoff. But feel fortunate to have seen some of the game(s) (the only games I miss are on Sundays); I worked a double today, and neither game was available to me in the bar (though my husband was good enought to log on to and call me w/updates, he’s so good about my disease, RSCD (Red Sox Compulsive Disorder). I LOOOOOVE watching David swing that bat of his. … Are you sure you don’t need an assistant, either on the blog or covering the games??

Wow. Thanks for the great re-telling of all the walkoffs! I got goosebumps going through them; you brought me right back to each one. What a great year 2004 was…

I don’t get a chance to go to Fenway very often, but I actually got some great tickets to a game from work last September. I couldn’t have asked for more… Wake went a complete game and Papi hit that shot to right to end it. Thanks for digging up some great memories!

It ****** to drop that second game yesterday, but I can’t say it’s bothering me much right now. Papi’s walk off yesterday made my weekend. We’re a full game up on NYY now to boot!


It was awesome to see Big Papi’s walkoff… I really thought he had a good chance against Otsuka. The only other time I have seen that guy pitch was when he gave up a game losing 2-run walkoff homer to Posada in the Yanks 14-13 win a few weeks ago. I thought to myself… who the heck is this loser? Glad to see he still had some jitters against us. I think everyone if feeling up and down these last few weeks… but I heard a very disturbing stat a few days ago that I would like to ask about. The Redsox are dead last in the entire league in getting a runner home from third with less than 2 outs… 49%. It’s hard to believe that with the number of good hitters we have… especially knowing how many really bad teams there are out there. What do the Sox have to do to change that? Maybe a squeeze bunt now and then? Maybe more swinging at the first good pitch to reduce the strikeouts? Maybe pinch hitting for Gonzales and Harris more often earlier in games? We have to do something.

Believe it or not, Clement will be facing a starter with an ERA over a run higher than his (Silva 2-8 record, 7.71 ERA). We’re also facing Radke with an ERA over 6. If we can just win the Schilling-Santana match-up, we should be in good position for a road sweep. By the way, for a nice pick-me-up, read the Yankees blog. My god do they hate Randy Johnson right now.

rayman: I peeked in on the Yankee bloggers last night when I got home from work, and I saw the venomous, hateful way they treat a memeber of their own team. Good lord if they can be that mean and nasty to one of their own it must get really bad when they are on a Sox hating binge.

Wow, I think I’m going to plan more 4 day vacations in the next few months. Sox 1 1/2 back when I leave, come back and the Yanks have lost 4 in a row and we’re back where we belong!
Anyway, Rayman, I didn’t know the exact stat (49%), but you hit on my main concern that I’ve been griping about all year. The pitching will come around, but when they fail to get that run in, it has to play in a pitcher’s mind that they have to be “extra” perfect on the mound. We seem to be using the hit and run a lot more this year, why not sneak in a squeeze or two? Especially when Gonzalez is up. I’m going to preface this by saying he has saved us more runs than he has cost us and has come around lately, but off the top of my head I can count at least 5 times where it was either a K or a pop up. That hurts.

When you look at it, though, we have so many “Big” hitters, that we don’t have too many opportunities to squeeze except w/A-Gon, Coco and Loretta.

Good point of topic, though.

Ellen, I saw the same thing on the Yankee blog. Last week they were all hyped about how well their young team was coming together, how things are starting to come around, how the Sox were lucky to be hanging on blah, blah, blah. Now they are trashing everyone on the team from A-Rod to Randy. Talking about how their fans are booing everyone on the team at one point or another.

That’s why we have the best fans in the game. Papi was slumping for almost a month really, Manny started slow and Tek wasn’t hitting at all, but the Nation stuck behind them. Sure we get on guys like Seanez and Clement, but come on, after you post a 6+ ERA as a starter and give up 2 runs an outing as a releiver, you deserve to get some boos.

Rayman, you migh have seen what I think about Willie “Thank God I can run or I wouldn’t be a big leaguer” Harris, but I don’t think Tito would ever pinch hit for him. Simply because I think when he plays Harris, he is already in the mind set that his spot is an automatic out. Tito seems to think that giving an outfielder a day off means they might use up too much energy by swinging the bat in the 7th inning.

On paper, this looks like a good week as far as matchups go. Schill vs. Santana tomorrow night should be a nice one to watch. (But when do pitchers duels ever materialize the way they are supposed to? ex Beckett vs. Musina-slugfest or Wang vs. Pauley-tight one). I mean if there was ever a game this year that Clement was favored in, this has to be it.

Aside from Husdon in ATL this weekend, the Sox should tee off on some of these pitchers.

BIB PAPI better brush the dust off his glove!

Just found this interesting stat on FOX Sports.
For all those nay-sayers out there (no one on this site, but more directed towards those saying we should be much further up on the Yanks) this says something about our club battling through injuries and possible mental lapses.(Clement, Foulke etc).

Let’s hope Matt can build on his last start and that this “dead arm” deal was a fluke.

“Boston has toiled against the toughest schedule in the game to date, and injuries have also been a problem. David Wells is back on the DL, where he joins Wily Mo Pena. Lost in all the hype over Nomar Garciaparra’s comeback campaign is Mike Lowell. Last season, Lowell was one of the worst regulars in all of baseball, but in 2006 he’s hitting .330 AVG/.381 OBP/.560 SLG. Also, he’s on pace for — get this — 69 doubles. “

Clutch-that’s Papi. Sure his average seems unusually low, but that’s more due to the shifts teams are using and Ortiz needs to adjust (lay bunt after bunt to third, that can work). He still produces a lot, esp. in late innings. I’m surprised at all the comparisons bet/ him and A-rod on “clutch-ness” and their MVP-worthiness. To me, no offence to A-rod, I would definitely consider Ortiz the MVP and trusted bat with game on the line.

Well, a tough trip with tough games finished for the Sox. 1-2 vs. Tor, 2-1 vs. Det, 1-2 vs. Nyy, 2-2 vs. Tex. It’s overall good but not extraordinary. The Sox could’ve gotten off a long winning streak and took off from the Yanks and Jays in the division, but injuries and inconsistency have them slowed. Hope it doesn’t bite them in September.

Good matchups next week at Minnesota and Atlanta. Don’t underestimate Minnesota, even though they’re in a rut. Schilling vs. Santana should be good. And Braves, I still haven’t given them up for Division Title No. 15. If only they stayed in Boston…haha, the Sox would still be more popular, even before 2004 I guess.

matt@marx: I knew that the 1st part of your post yesterday was tongue in cheeck, but i did’nt realize that the 2nd part was as well. SORRY, my blonde. I just get this chill up my spine when I see anything bad about Trot. It’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. I just react and jump to his defense. There are so few players (and we have more than our share) who go out and do their job each and everyday with out grandstanding and popping off in the media constantly. I have true respect for the hard working, driven players like that. And again I’ll say that I think that he’s trying to lay the groundwork for when it comes time for free agency.
To all: A win always makes you feel good. But is there anything better than the feeling you get when we;re down to our last batter, who is down to his last strike, and he drives, unloads, launches one out of there??? And that SMILE. He just lights you up (he sure lit that pitcher up,huh??). I’m really so glad that Minnesota gave up on him. Gee, aren’t we going in there tomorrow night?? GO GET ‘EM PAPI. (I’m sitting here with goose bumps all over and this huge smile on my face just thinking about the walkoff.)

About the Yankee blog: I’ll say again how really awful I think it is that they treat each other and what is supposed to be THEIR team with such disrespect. I will say that there are only a handful that do this (but lordy, they just so it ALL THE TIME) many of them are respectful of their fellow bloggers. Well no game tonight. Does anyone else experience feelings of withdrawl when we have a night off?

p.s.>> time for us: group hug time (warm fuzzy feeling should follow) I love THE RED SOX, I love this Nation of bloggers, WE HAVE THE BEST BLOGGERS IN MLB!!! REST tonight Sox, for tomorrow we toil.

Hey you guys!!! I told you in a earlier post that I’m going to my 1st Major League game on July 1st. Well, with my birthday being this week, my husband wanted me to have a “Trot” jersey to wear to the game. I feel like a 47 year old 6 year old. I just ordered my jersey.,AND I’M GONNA SEE MY SOX FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. I just can’t wait. Hey robn, thanks for the research, I took your advise and got a customized jersey with Trots name on it. I know it sounds stupid but….
I have a customer at the Fireman’s Hall (where I tend bar) who is exactly like my late father.. He is from Mass. and is a HUGE Sox fan.. He bought me the tickets for my birthday…. HOW GREAT IS THAT???? TALK ABOUT A GOOD TIP!!! Every time he comes in he asks me “how many days” and I can always tell him.. To say I’m excited is REALLY REALLY an understatement. I just can’t wait!!! Anyway with no game tonight, I hope you don’t mind the ecstatic ramblings of an overgrown 6 year old. GO SOX!!!

congrats ellen. i know you must be very happy and happy b’day! A lot of people never get to the sox in their lifetime, even if they root heart and soul for them. So enjoy this moment.

Awesome news Ellen! I know the game is in Florida, so hopefully some old Marlins can come back and haunt the current team to give you a birthday win.
Anyone have any first game stories they want to share?

I remember mine when I was 9 in 1986. (Talk about a year to become a Sox fan. I got introduced to heartache real fast.)

From taking the train into North Station and then getting on the T to Kenmore, it is something a kid never forgets.

Anyway, Oil Can Boyd got the start against Charlie Hough of the Rangers. I was right by Pesky’s pole and Tony Armas said hi to me when he was walking into right.

Honestly, I don’t remember the final score, but I was hooked.

I try to make a guys trip up to Fenway once a year and get a chance to be a 9 year old kid again.

I’d be real interested to hear anybody elses first time stories.

Arielle, this was from the Press Release…

KAPLER PROMOTED TO PAWTUCKET: OF Gabe Kapler has been promoted from Portland to Pawtucket, effective today. Kapler was 4-for-10 with two rbi in three games for Portland over the weekend. That was his first action since suffering a ruptured left Achilles’ tendon last September 14 in Toronto.

We really need Kapler or Wily Mo to make it back soon. I can’t bear to watch Willy Harris much longer.

Ian, great write up on the walkoffs. 3 and 4 were the only I got to watch live on TV, and they are my definate favorites! I’ve been watching the replay of 7 on the Redsox homepage all day, especially with no game today… Awesome!

My 3rd favorite Ortiz homer wasn’t a walkoff, but it was during the fall of 2004. It was in the MLB v NPB All-star game. It was off Shunsuke Watanabe and the ball actually hit off the back wall of the Tokyo Dome. It was simply just crushed. I think they estimated it at 160m (520ft). Ortiz is an amazing player!

I too remember the highlights of that Japanese all-star game home run and wish they would show it more here in the US. Not just for the length of the shot, but for the reactions of the fans who probably never have or never will see someone hit one that far again. I wish they would have interviewed a few fans afterwards as well for their perspective.

gosoxred and Ellen,
My first redsox game I went to was at Fewway on Aug 20, 1988. I was 10 years old, my seat was in RF (behind the bullpens) and “Oil Can” Boyd was the starting pitcher as well. He only lasted a few innings, but Boston beat Oakland 7-5. Mike Greenwell was my favorite player at the time, he went 1 for 3 with a run and an RBI, Wade Boggs was 3 for 5 and Ellis Burks was 2 for 4 with 2 RBI. It was an unforgettable experience, but I regret not taking any pictures. I didn’t have a camera and I didn’t want to borrow my parents’.


have fun at the game, bring your camera and Happy Birthday!

It was #3 on Sports Center’s top 10. The players, fans and media in Japan talked about it (and him) for the rest of the series, it made front page of the sports newspapers and he when came to bat afterwards they would show the replay or talk about it saying something like “Wow, I’ve never seen a HR like that before!” Fans gave some pretty loud cheers when he came up to bat and would “Ooh” and “Ahh” with anticipation when he made contact. They also talked about his 3 “sayonara” hits in the playoffs. I think everyone was pretty impressed!

Ian, I liked your Schilling quote about Gonzalez to the ESPN commentator. Too many commentators are overly critical or opinionated. It is annoying to watch(listen).

papi should have won MVP last year. who cares if a-rod is an everday fielder. 19 of papi’s homers tied the game or put the sox ahead and half of a-rod’s came when the game was already being decided by 6+ runs. that doesn’t sound very valuable to me.

Just looked at ESPN stats for A-rod. Biggest one that jumps out… “Close and Late” situation. 4-32, batting .125. No homers and 3 RBIs. Big Papi usually faces a lefty specialist at that time and is only hitting .207, but has 3 homers and 6 RBIs. Last year Big Papi hit .347 with 11 homers, 33 RBIs. Last year A-Rod was 4 homers, 12 RBIs. Not even close in my books.

From the Redsox Press Release.

“Ortiz is the first major leaguer to hit at least one game-ending homer in at least five straight seasons (2002-06) since Fred McGriff accomplished that feat from 1993-97. Research is courtesy of the Elias Sports Bureau.”

Ian, thanks for the write up, that was great.

Nice mailbag. I really liked the last question about Gonzalez’s hitting. I think fans who don’t get to watch the games (out of market folks) don’t really know what they’re missing when it comes to Alex and his glovework. Schill pretty much summed it up when he said that Gonzalez will win the gold glove this year. I remember watching him when he was with the Marlins and being amazed at some of the plays that he made…he’s got ridiculous range and seems to always be where the ball is going. The Sox are lucky in that they don’t need a great hitter in the 9 hole, especially when they’ve got a defensive player of his caliber.


My first game was in 1981 when I was 15 years old. My younger brother and I spent a week with my mother’s friend from college. She has a place on Cape Cod and is a HUGE Sox, Celtics and Bruins fan. One of the things we did while we were there was go see a Twi-night double header (do they still even HAVE those, or are all their double headers day-night now?) at Fenway. That’s when I learned how to keep score and that’s when I became a Sox fan. Before that I used to root for the Dodgers when they played the Yankees in the World Series, but I wasn’t really a baseball fan. I couldn’t tell you who won either game that night (gosh do I wish I had saved those score cards), but I can remember sitting in the infield bleacher seats and I definitely remember the Green Monster. Whenever anyone asks me how the heck a New Yorker becomes a Red Sox fan, I tell them I have the perfect recipe.

Wow, another 1st and 3rd and 1 out and we didn’t score. We had the topic of the squeeze come up the other night and this would have been a perfect time. Coco up, Santana looks sick tonight, and Coco promptly whiffs. We need to get every run we can get. I hope Curt can keep them shut down, because we might not get too many opportunities.
Hopefully they’ll come around the 2nd time through.

Holy ****. Even though this is frustrating to watch, it’s pretty amazing watching Santana pitch tonight. Every time he gets 2 strikes on us, we look lost. He’s got 11 K’s through 5. Schill has only given up one hit so far.

make that 2 hits.

Not to jinx either pitcher, but what was that someone said about pitcher’s duels not living up to the hype?

The Redsox are certainly the most predictable team in the league. As soon as I heard Santana only had 2 strikeouts against the lowly Mariners, I said… “He’ll get more than that in the first inning against us.” I just didn’t think he would strike out everyone. I really thought we should have taken a chance with Trot scoring on Gonzales’s hit… the throw was terrible of course and Coco strikes out. You have to realize you need to take some chances against the best strikeout guy in the league. Yet again another wrong decision by third base coach and another stranded man on third.

How ’bout Tek?? but before I could post The twins came back with one. But you’ve judst gotta love this game(so far)…. COME ON SOX, LETS KICK SOME NORTHERN BUTT!!

what a catch by manny in the bottom of the 8th. and he’s got an amazing arm for when he doesn’t catch it or if it’s off the monster. why doesn’t this guy get more defensive credit?

Great pitching duel between Schill and Santana! The Sox just can’t make use of their chances, such as running aggressively on that Gonzo single and Coco snuffing rallies with strikeout and GIDP. No crispies tomorrow for breakfast!

Is Harris going to run or not?

Ok, no need. Manny needs a hit here, and Hale stop dropping hail on the runners.

Bases loaded and A-Gon almost got a hit up the middle. What a play by the shortstop to almost turn 2. Run scores and Coco has a chance to make up for some mistakes tonight.
What a night for Timlin to come back! Let’s hope he can hold their 3 4 5 down.

OH NO!! I saw Tavarez in the pen warming up. We really needed that run from Coco.
Please, Please tell me Tavarez was just getting some throws in and not actually getting ready to come into a close game!

Sorry to sound negative folks, but this isn’t Tampa (although Tampa is pretty good) and we don’t have a 4 run lead to play with.

This guy is terrible!

._. and gosoxred is so… heraldic.

3-2 pitch. eesh.

Seriously, how bad does a pitcher have to be to give up 4 runs via a grand slam to a team that scored only one run all night long? I mean, how many chances is Tito going to give this guy before he realizes he can’t handle it?
I mean, I know Timlin was coming off the DL, but he threw 15 pitches in the 11th inning. Didn’t he throw 25 or so in his simulated game the other day? What would one more inning have hurt?

Ian, please update this blog to make some sense of this after the game. How in the world did this just happen?

I know it’s only one game, blah, blah, blah, but as we found out last year every game counts.

God this was frustrating to watch.

If I’m going to stay up past my bed time I don’t want my night wasted watching that disaster in waiting on the mound.

Oh well, my rant is over. Go get em tomorrow Mr. Clement.


I feel your pain and thensome. I have been saying the same things about both Tavarez and Seanez since Day 1. Watching them, you’d think you were watching rookies trying to get their footing and consistency, not “seasoned veterans” who are supposed to actually be able to get outs!

I know extra innings screws everything up because you’ve already used your closer and setup man, but again…I’d rather watch Delcarmen or Van Buren for god’s sake. Whenever I see Seanez or Tavarez up in the pen, my heart dies a little more, once again.

What are we supposed to do to fix this?

Oh, but I must realize I totally forgot to send out some congratulations to Alex Gonzalez. I feel like he’s finally up to snuff with the rest of his teammates, offensively speaking. He had some amazing hits tonight, as did Trot. It’s just so awesome to watch Trot line something into right field, it really is.



i am holding my tongue back with a leash to stop cussing here, it’s that hard.


Good point Megan.
If I remember correctly the night Pauley got lit up in Toronto, Delcarmen and Van Buren came in and shut the door for a while.

Delcarmen held Texas at bay for Big Papi to get his bomb on Sunday. Against those same teams, Tavarez gets lit up.

SO here’s a thought, Tito. If Delcarmen can hold 2 real good hitting teams in check, why not let him pitch against the week hitting Twins??

Now we run into the same problem that we were talking about with Clement a few weeks back: Tavarez is so GOD AWEFUL that no one in their right mind would trade for him. Maybe we will get lucky and he’ll punch his hand agains the wall like he did in St. Louis. And hopefully there is a stipulation in his contract that if he incurs an injury due to his own stupidity, we don’t have to pay him.

That might be a little harsh wishing injury to someone, but man, I just lost so much faith in Francona tonight.

This guy better not see another game that is closer than 8 runs. I don’t know that I’d feel comfortable giving him an 8 run lead. Let him mop up every game that Clement pitches. Throw him out there every 5 days to pitch the final 6 innings of the game that Clement starts.

Since we’re all a little down right now, I’d like to know what you guys think about the following knock on Coco from the Dirt Dogs website.
Is it time to put Youk back at the top of the order.

Here is the posting:

“Coco Crisp went 0-for-6 against the Twins on Tuesday, leaving seven men on in the process.

The worst was when he grounded into an inning-ending double play with two on in a tie game in the eighth. Crisp doesn’t get on base like a leadoff hitter, doesn’t take pitches like a leadoff hitter and doesn’t steal bases like a leadoff hitter. That he’s getting more at-bats than anyone else in Boston’s lineup is just bad baseball. Jun. 14 – 12:21 am”

I know we’d all love to blame last night on Tavarez… and lord knows he stinks… but his 4.66 ERA going into the game was actually pretty good for our relievers. The guy the Twins brought in in the 12th had an ERA over 6 and all we got with the bases loaded was 1 measly run. The only relievers that we have that can hold a 1 run lead are Papelbon and Timlin. Even the ball that Kubel hit wouldn’t even have reached the warning track at Fenway. I blame the game on the third base coach. I put up a long post a few days ago listing all the different ways we might be able to improve on our last place ranking on getting men home from third base with less than 2 outs. The one strategy I left off was avoiding the situation by sending runners home more often on singles with a man on second. Lew Ford is listed as a RF, so he was out of position and made a terrible throw on Gonzo’s single with Trot on second. Santana already struck out 4 or 5 guys at that point… including both Crisp and Loretta. You just have to be more aggressive in those situations. Gonzo should have gone to 2nd on the throw as well, so thats probably bad base coaching on first as well.

I don’t necessarily think it’s time to put Youk back at the top because I think he’s done a lot for the rest of the order when he’s been batting lower.
And I like having Crisp at the top since he’s much more of a base-stealer than Youk would be. Another thing to keep in mind for whoever posted that on the Dirt Dogs website, is that you still can’t compare Coco and Youk’s numbers from hitting leadoff because I don’t think Crisp has been in that spot as long as Youk was earlier in this season.

So yeah, I’m happy with the way the order is for now.

Anyone else care to share their thoughts?

But Rayman, don’t think it’s kind of sad that we have to say we only have two relievers who can hold a one run lead?
Again, if it were the young guys giving up leads and losing games to mistakes like hit batsmen or walking in a run, that’s one thing. But our veterans are the ones making these mistakes almost every game they’re in.

Another question might be why did they take out Schilling after 91 pitches? If he finished one more inning and we shifted everyone down, it would have been Timlin in the 12th. We take out Schilling after 91 pitches after pitching great last night and we left him in for 130+ pitches the night he was getting shelled by the Indians. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

What happened to David Riske? His 3.72 ERA is a heck of a lot better than Tavarez. Why wasn’t he put in last night? It’s not like he was overworked with all of our rain outs and days off. Riske has a career ERA of 3.55, all in the American League. I respect those accomplishments much more than the numbers our National League scrubs put up like Tavarez, Seanez, and Clement.

Rayman- first about taking Schill out, I read on-line that he asked out..said he was gassed.
You’re right about the running situation. Even if he held him, it would have been a perfect squeeze opportunity. I saw the play and Trot was just getting to 3rd when Ford got the ball…he had to hold up in case Gonzalez’ ball was caught. So I can give him a pass on that anti Dale Svuem call. But it was soooooo obvious that Santana was not going to get touched last night, why not Squeeze? Coco looked terrible in his first at bat and with his first swing of the at bat w/Trot on 3rd. Heck, the way Santana was throwing, we could have tried for a squeeze with 2 strikes on Coco, he would have stood a better chance.

I think I would have questioned Riske in there at this time. Remember Toronto a few weeks ago?? Down 6-0, they bust their humps to tie it up, and boom double to Molina and our Boy Shea hits an 0-2 meatball for the winning hit.

Megan-It is sad that we have only 2 relievers that can hold a one run lead. What’s worse is that for some reason Francona thinks he might be able to depend on Tavarez or even worse, Seanez (although he is improving, I should cut him some slack) with a one run lead.

If he has no problem blowning games with those guys, what would it hurt to give Delcarmen or Van Buren a shot? I mean, it’s a loss if Tavarez is in there, why not put the youngsters in?

“If he has no problem blowing games with those guys, what would it hurt to give Delcarmen or Van Buren a shot? I mean, it’s a loss if Tavarez is in there, why not put the youngsters in?”

My thoughts exactly, gosoxred.

gosoxred – you are right, a squeeze would have made perfect sense with Crisp. He knows how to bunt and Santana is always around the plate.

I’m not as concerned as most with the choice of Tavarez. Delcarmen’s ERA is 5.23, VanBuren 6.23. Almost every team in the league is going to be left with an ugly decision once you get to the 12th. Sure, I would like the youngsters to step up, but they’ve been in a bunch of games so far and their ERAs stink as well. The Yanks would probably be left with Scott Erickson for example. We just need to convert more earlier in the game. Santana’s ERA was over 3 and I’m sure that included some starts against the Royals. We should have gotten more than 1 run against him and Nathan in regulation.

I am a big fan of Coco leading off. In his defense, he was going againt a former Cy Young pitcher and nobody had a great game at the plate (execpt Nixon and Gonzalez, the 2 guys I’d have guessed wouldn’t). Youk was 0-4 with 2 S0. Youk is a pure hitter and I think he handled the leadoff position well. I also think Youk could become a number 2 hitter in the future. Not all leadoff hitters are patient, but they are usually fast (however since I have been watching the Redsox, Johnny Damon was the only guy I can think of who fit that leadoff mold). If you don’t have someone who is a decent hitter and fast, then you might want to go for a hitter like Youk. In 20games Coco has 26 hits and only 3 of those games he hasn’t got a hit! Coco will hit for us, and he might have some more 0-6s, but also more 3-5s. Fans are the ones who need to be patient.

This might be oversimplifying, but would you put Giambi as a leadoff hitter over Damon? He has a much higher OBP, but he is better suited in a power slot… I think Youk and his AVG/OBP are better suited giving some life to the bottom of the order(5th-8th) or filling in wherever need be.

On a final note, during Coco’s rehab he developed some blisters, I am not sure if those are completley healed.

OK sure, the bullpen is not performing as well as we’d like. But there are a couple of things that Jason Brummond mentioned in his article yesterday that are important to keep in mind.

– The Sox bullpen is fourth in the AL in ERA. Not that bad, all things considered.

– The Sox bullpen is second in the AL in walks. That means they’re making them put the ball in play, not giving them free passes. That’s a good thing.

The bottom line is, you can’t keep going to your best two relievers day in and day out. That’s a sure-fire way to land them on the DL by overworking them. I agree with the rationale that the young guns should be given some innings, and I think Francona will do that. The other thing that I think will happen is that Theo Epstein will probably concentrate his trade efforts on shoring up the ‘pen. But that takes some time, and lots of teams will sit the fence until near the trade deadline before making a decision about letting someone go. And I don’t think there are too many teams out there saying “Here’s our best reliever, anybody want him for cheap?” You make do with what you have, and sometimes that means you have to give the ball to someone who you don’t really think is the best guy to take it.

As far as baserunning, it is WAY too easy to second-guess base coaches. It’s their job to know how each player is feeling that day, who is injured, who’s got a touch of the flu, who tweaked an ankle in fielding practice, etc. We don’t have that info. Maybe Trot told him he had a bit of a sore hamstring. Who knows? We don’t, they do. Base coaches also have scouting reports on outfielders’ arms, their accuracy, and their strength. Remember when Dale Sveum sent all those runners home last year to have them thrown out at the plate? Everybody was whining that he was being too aggressive. Coaching third base is a much more difficult job than a lot of people think. There’s a lot of information to keep track of, and a lot of the time whatever decision you make, somebody’s not going to be happy. Overall this year I think Hale has done a good job over there.

I agree with bcpark 100%. It’s us fans who need to be patient. The Sox are still tied for first place. Get into your lotus position, close your eyes and repeat: “Remain calm. All is well.”

All good points, especially regarding the health of our runners.
The bullpen walk situation is key. The guys with low ERA’s, Timlin and Pap, don’t walk anyone. The higher ERA’s belong to those that put people on base(Seanez and Tavarez). Foulke’s ERA is high simply because he gets pounded one out of every three times out.

I mean, 1 out in the 12th nobody on and you hit a guy with 2 strikes last night?? Come on.

On Van Buren’s defense, I believe his ERA was in the 1’s until the yankee game where he should have had the double play but the ump chickened out and ruled it a dead play. Then he blew up and gave up a 4 spot which, with the limited amount of innings he’s pitched, inflated the ERA pretty bad.

Also, robnbetsy, you’re right about brining the same folks in all the time. They’ll get burnt out. Paps went 2 innings last night, can he go tonight if we need him??

They through PAPs into the fire last year in August, what’s wrong with some young lively arms in June. I would think that would only help them come the summer grind.

On another note, I’m not saying that I’m pulling for Youk to go back to the lead off spot. I just wanted to get everyone’s opinion on it based on the write up that was in the column.

While I do agree, Coco is too impatient (last week swinging on 3-0, last night double play on a 2-0 count, etc) he is a good leadoff caliber guy if he gets on. Before he got hurt (granted it was only 5 1/2 games) he was on a tear. If it is the blisters, hopefully they will heal. Maybe he should start wearing batting gloves until they do heal.

Next two nights should be interesting. My only concern is that even though Radke’s numbers aren’t great, he has been better his last few times out and for some reason the Sox seem to have trouble with him.

Last point, rayman touched on it earlier in response to my comment. If we converted what few chances we had, we might not have been in that situation.

But, it was vs. one of the better pitchers in the game. And yes some of his starts were against KC and his ERA was 3+, but I have to believe, no matter how politically correct athletes try to word it, a pitcher is going to be more fired up against a team like us or NY than going against KC.

Good conversation today folks, let’s keep it going. I really enjoy everyone’s point of view and feedback.

I have to concur with anyone who says that we need to throw the young guns out there. With a bullpen that looks something like Delcarmen, Van Buren, (maybe) Pauley, Riske, Hansen, Timlin, and Paps – the only “veteran” presence is Timlin, but so what?! Our “veterans” have done nothing to show leadership or production yet (and I’m talking mainly about Seanez, Tavarez, and to a lesser extent Foulke here). Get these young guys, the future of our franchise out there pitching in June.

I don’t know about you but i would have felt 100x more confident with anyone of those guys out there last night instead of Tavarez. The more innings they get now, the better they will be for us come September/October.


Can we not look at numbers here? They can only tell so much. Without Paps and Timlin, the bullpen could be close to dead last in the league. They need to trust the younger arms and give them a chance: Delcarmen, Hansen, and Van Buren, Riske. Anybody with last name ending in -z is just like last letter of alphabet, done. The middle relief is horrendous here, and if there isn’t a major overhaul by July 31, Boston will riot.

Ok, Clement tonight. More bullpen, for sure. *tossing around joss sticks–for good will, nothing bad*

I was willing to put up with Tavarez this year if he performed… which of course he hasn’t done. But let’s not forget his other negative characteristics… multiple suspensions over the years for various bad behavior. As a final straw, he’s ugly as sin. I agree, let’s send him back to the place where nobody hits… the NL. I’m sure he’ll fit in better there.

The funny thing is, I bet the quote from Tito or others will be: “He’s just having a tough time finding his groove. He’s made some good pitches but the few mistakes he’s made have been hit.”
BULL. I know it would disrupt a clubhouse, but just once I’d like to hear someone come out and say “This guy ******* s” I hope they don’t delete that word, it’s not that bad.

Wow, our person on the delete button is rough. I’ve seen some pretty nasty words fall through the cracks on the other blogs.
Anyway, I’m sure Tavarez will wind up on the DL soon and then that will be the blame for all of his failures. Does anyone really believe Foulke is hurt, or does he just need an extended vacation to get away from the boo birds? What’s the over/under on terrible outings before one goes on the DL these days, 10?

redsox blow theyr only tied fur 1st with d Yanks despite our slump. lol How do u think u r gonna stay with us when we are firing on all cylinders.

Nice try jpshell… you guys are going to fire on all cylinders with Matsui and Sheffield sometime soon? Let’s see how your old jalopy runs tonight? I don’t think they sell spare parts to fit a model that old and washed up. Unfortunately for you guys, they don’t sell the type of fuel additives that allowed Giambi to run at his best anymore.

Who is this clown and when did he jump on the Spankee bandwagon? I know I haven’t seen him/her on their blog at all.
Some slump pal. The Sox have played the toughest schedule in major league baseball and are tied for first in the East.

I stand corrected. The person above has been on the Spankee blog. Although, they are too immature to have decent conversations. Sox fans are too classy to go over to another blog and just throw **** comments like that.
We actually converse back and forth.

Nice call Rayman. Juice Giambi might not come back so quickly without Victor Conte in the picture.


When you learn how to spell or put in a little more effort and actually type out words instead of single letters, I might read some more of your posts. Until then, you have no more of my attention.

(I know, I probably sounded like my father or my 8th grade English teacher there, but I honestly believe the internet and the lazy typing habits of a lot of people are going to be the death of the English language.)


I think Coco was wearing a glove because of the blisters. I remember seeing it and thinking “That’s odd; Coco’s a lefty and he’s wearing a single batting glove on his left hand.” Then the announcer said something about the blisters on his left hand. I haven’t seen a game on TV lately, so I don’t know if he’s still wearing it.

Thanks robnbetsy. His at bats were so quick last night, I didn’t notice.

I’m listeing to a radio interview Francona did today and I should play the lottery tonight. Pretty much word for word what I said he would say.

“Julian actually had his best stuff last night. He just missed a few spots.”

Come on Terry, just man up and tell the Nation what we all know and think: Tavarez stinks.

Tavarez is on the hook for 3 million per year over the next 2 years, so i think it’s safe to say he’s not going anywhere barring a trade. i can’t see them releasing him at that contract.

Here we go. Bad omen right off the bat. Bases juiced, one out, Trop pops up on a 2-0 count and Tek flies out. Let’s go boys.

JUST A SHORT PREFACE: GO SOX!!!!!!!I tried not to be too harsh, but I’ve now come to the conclusion that Clement IS a head case. (he just gave up one over the wall, this one was for 2) Bring on the flippin shrink!!!!

Did Jason Kubel take a hit from Juice Giambi’s private stash before this series started??
Walks kill. Torii Hunter is a big name(not so much this year) and Clement poops his pants when a big name comes up. Therefore he walks him and it turns into a run.

Now we’re making Brad Radke look like Johan Santana. Come on guys!!!

Help me understand why Coco Crisp is batting eighth in favor of YOUK!!!
I do not understand the thinking there.


Tito says it’s due to Coco’s recent slump and Youk’s high OBP. It worked in the first, Youk led off with a hit and once again we left runners on base that we can not afford.

Vegas should post odds as to whether or not Clement will pitch a 1 2 3 inning this year.

URGH, another walk.

and another

gosoxred:Thank you for answering my question!!Sox need some runs and for clement to stop giving them up!!!GO SOX!!!!!!!!!

Oh my God, 3 in a row.

how much longer before Tito finally has had enough of Clement???

I guess Matt does have a plan. Get the leadoff guy out, walk 3 in a row, then get a double play.
It makes perfect sense.

p.s. You guys know IO’m always the “give them some more time” person, but UPS just pulled up with my Clement doll and color coordinated pins. TONY PUULEASE.

Well, that’s good. Radke has 60 pitches after 3 inn. and we just gave him a 7 pitch inning.
OK, bets are in place…Is this the inning for Clement to get his 1, 2, 3??????

Great…Clement just it a batter

Good job, 1-2 count and he hits a guy batting .189.
Vegas wins again!!

I guess we all have that one person, whether it’s at work or in your family, that really gets on your nerves.

Matt Clement is that guy. I usually am so positive and look forward to Sox games, but this is tough.

Do you guys realize last night at this time we were in the 7th inning?

These Clement outings are just painful. What is the over/under on how many more starts he makes before going on the DL?

This is pathetic.

Yes,we were but that was schilling pitching…Clement is notschilling…

That a boy IAN!! You just made my night to hear some HONEST commentary by a writer for the SOX.
Ian, come clean, we won’t tell anyone. When you talk to Francona, does he ever tell you he has no faith in Clement at all and that he rues the day Theo signed him?

I know it’s hindsight and everyone was going after him in the off season, but seriously, you can tell us.

As far as the over/under, I say he under 2. He might make his next start depending on how long he goes tonight. But with Lester up now, I’d rather have Schill, Beckett, Wake, Lester and Pauley. If he learns to go 70% sinker and only use the fastball at certain times, he can hold people down.


let me know where you’re sitting on July 1 and i’ll try and come visit.


Why do you think clement’s era is 6.61 it is going upp tonight?????

WE got 1 back…

Re: That a boy IAN!! You just made my night to hear some HONEST commentary by a writer for the SOX.
Ian, come clean, we won’t tell anyone. When you talk to Francona, does he ever tell you he has no faith in Clement at all and that he rues the day Theo signed him?

I know it’s hindsight and everyone was going after him in the off season, but seriously, you can tell us.”

Francona is a man of high integrity. He backs these guys to the grave, at least publicly. I have a ton of respect for the way he sticks by his players and I honestly think it’s a huge reason the Sox were able to come back from 3-0 against the Yankees in ’04. What he might say in private to me or anyone certainly isn’t something I would betray his confidence with by mentioning in a public blog🙂

we leave another one on.

Good answer, but I think I was able to read between the lines. What you really just said was
“Terry asks me every day if I can still throw the ball. Because if I can, he’d rather put me on the mount instead of Clement.”

Thanks Ian, we all knew that’s what you meant.

Red Sox 6 Twins4

How did Youk’s ball not go out? It was a pop fly to right… don’t they all go over the hefty bag?

Bad call – just what Clement needs.

hatcher:is that your prediction

Thank God they are putting Van Buren in. If he holds them here, I really think we will come back. But we have to stop the bleeding right now.

Ian, your over under might just have hit 0. This looks like it’s an injury removal.
Van Buren just started warming up, so he’s going to get all the time he needs to warm up.

Let’s go kid, hold them here.

We’ll hit Brad “Cy Young vs. Boston” Radke soon enough.

we wiill take anybody but clement right now..

van buren got the job done


alright hatcher we hope you are right

I see johnson got ejected in new yak

He did……do you know for what????

He hit a batter is all I know and them he and torre were thrown out.

thank you

geesh…a double play6 by trot

Talk about bad luck. Trot just smashed that ball.

alright lets put up a 0 here.

UH OH, we tried this intentional walk thing last night…..let’s hope for better results.

Man, I don’t mind losing a tough fought game, but just liked we talked about earlier.
3 walks this inning (1 intentional) and they’ve got one run in.

This is the exact situation we didn’t capitalize on in the 1st inning.

Dhatch, let’s hope you got the 4 spot right on your prediction. Delcarmen has to come through now, then we get 5

Great idea today… bring in the youngsters.

Come on sox,
This twins fan I am on the phone wth is giving me alot of greif right now because I told him the sox are going to win tonight

Well, now I guess we don’t look so smart after talking all day how Tito should have brought in Van Buren and Delcarmen, do we.
I think I was the ringleader in that bandwagon, so I’ll wear the dunce cap tonight.

Holy cow, How does anyone lose 2 in a row to Minnesota?

Take away Mauer and they don’t have anyone sniffing .300 in the batting order.

I guess when you give up 10 walks, something’s got to give.

Rayman, you were reading my mind.

Alright team, I know we’ve only scored 2 runs in the past 18 innings against the Twins, but we can get at least 7 in the next 3, right?……..maybe…….
Come on Wake, we need your A+ game tomorrow.

well i suppose this is why i dont make a living as a psychic.

This is the case of the inflated ERA of the reliever that we were talking about today. Van Buren and Delcarmen might have just gone higher than Clement’s.
OUCH. I still think Delcarmen more so than Van Buren will be a huge factor this year.

TAHis is just tough to watch

Ill ask again, does any of this go back to the pitching coach or lack thereof?


ellen, who loves her Sox and Trot, and never gives up, is going to bed, can’t take a loss on my birthday!!!

good night abd happy b-day ellen

i couldn’t go to bed, but what the lleh can we do??? I’m dumbfounded. We look like Pawtucet against them

HAppy birthday ellen I have no idea what happened?

Is there an official word on why Clement came out? Was it due to injury or *********?

Seriously, another June Swoon again, like ’04? The starting pitching, besides Schilling and Wake, is all ups and downs. Clement, even though only three runs, is horrible! Just look at it: 6 walks tonight! Ugly. Hideous. Now he has an ERA approaching 7, when will he get placed out of rotation? Sadly, there is nobody else there. Beckett really has been mediocre at best, and Lester is just a rookie.

More than the rotation, the bullpen is messed up. Besides Timlin and Papelbon, nobody, i mean NOBODY, can be trusted. Delcarmen, Van Buren, Riske may just be best among the worse. Seanez and Tavarez should’ve been out of Boston by 5 pm today. There will be a lot 6th & 7th inning jitters for this team. A lot of pitching trouble.

The offence is just dragging along. I think moving Youk to leadoff is good idea, to help the lineup and Coco. The others, Loretta, Nixon, Varitek, Lowell, have all been inconsistent and unproductive this series. Even Ortiz and Manny are falling asleep. The only player who has been hitting both days: Alex Gonzalez, of all people. Sure, Santana was on the mound yesterday, but Radke today? Come on!

A lot of trouble here for the Sox. Just hope this June Swoon is temporary, and Sox can work out of it like the Yanks did from the A’s. Or else, it’s quite realistic now, the Yankees can run away and take an early charge in this division, by All Star Break even. But Theo will be definitely be busy before July 31 and fix this pitching staff. He had better be.

Well Rudy is in where he belongs, a 7 run game.
A few more cheeseburgers and this guy will be El Guapo 2.

Yea, more cheeseburgers. The team should eat that as a diet, esp. Tavarez.

Need Wake at his Thursday finest if they are to salvage anything. And Wake up the bats geesh. Got to knuckle this guy Kubel (who the **** is he?) under.

And the 1st 1 2 3 inning of the night comes courtesy of El Guapo 2.
This game was too close to bring Tavarez in. It needs to be double digits for that freaky looking spaz to get in there.

I agree with Ian’s point earlier about Tito being very protective about his players and always having his back. But how many different ways do you think he can honesty try to put a positive spin on Clement’s performance tonight?

I will really start to doubt our chances if he is given another start this year. Yes it’s only one start in the rotation, but as we’ve seen, Beckett has been inconsistent after his hot start. We don’t know what we are going to get from Lester and Schilling always goes up against another team’s number one guy. We have proven we don’t do well against good pitchers: Moose, Bonderman, Santana, Halladay, Lilly, Kazmir (yeah i know, we got him last time), Millwood, even Way Back Wasdin. Now going against Hudsen and Smoltz this weeken will be true test. I was also being super geek earlier and checking on the Mets series coming up and it looks like both Pedro and Glavine are in line to start against us.

Bats need to wake up like houp said earlier. Maybe everyone is getting their slumps in at the same time. Lowell seems to be really struggling lately. Go figure, the most consistent hitter of late has been Alex Gonzalez.

It seems like we’ve been saying it’s still early for a few weeks now. Time to wake up and start manning up.

ENOUGH!! I was just reading the Herald and the Globe on line and they are talking about how Clement is heading home to get an MRI and see a specialist about his arm. I have never seen a pitcher be removed from a game 5 times in a row due to some sort of injury and not be put on the Disabled List. A couple of those times he got lifted before anything could be declared medically wrong because he ****** so bad, but it seems like he’s had a trainer visit every time out.

With the exception of Detroit, ever time he goes out, he’s done in 4 + and taxes our pen. 6 or 7 starts is a good barometer to say “OK, it’s time to do something” We’re past the point of saying “Let’s see if he can work it out.”

OK, I’ve put last night’s game out of my mind. I’m not going to dwell on it. As much as I like Matt Clement, I have come to the realization that they need to do SOMETHING to fix the situation. Give him surgery, give him rest, give him psychotherapy, give him is walking papers, I don’t know. But he’s not improving and I hope Theo has something in the works to fill his slot in the rotation.

On the up side, tonight’s game is supposed to be on ESPN2 (woo-hoo!) and my favorite Sox pitcher is on the mound. It’s been tough to watch some of Wake’s performances this year, but I’ve always loved his steady, always there when you need him, do what’s best for the team attitude. Besides, I like knuckleballers in general, just because they’re different. I might just have to skip our softball game tonight so I can watch every inning.


That was the most hypocritical statement I have ever seen. You guys boo clement and Foulke and everybody that doesn’t perform and complain abt yankees booing? If you guys can boo Foulke (who was one of the most important contributors to your world series win) give me one reason why the yankees should not boo A-Rod and Randy given they did nothing for the yankees like Foulke did for the red sox. And if you guys boo Big papi then God help you. The yankees dont boo Jeter.

Same question as yesterday. Why not bring Riske in as our first option? His 3.72 ERA is much lower than any of the clowns that have been getting killed lately. What are we saving him for? Is he injured? His career ERA in the American League is pretty good. I know he got hit a little lately, but we desperately need some decent outings at this point.


I’ll let gosoxred answer for himself, but personally I draw a distinction between booing someone at the stadium and expressing an opinion on a blog. And if I did find out he was booing Sox players, well I think I’d lose a bit of respect for him myself, but there are much worse fates to suffer in this world than losing my respect.

As far as Red Sox fans in general booing, I’m sometimes embarassed to sit in the stands at Fenway when they get on a player’s butt really bad. They can be as rough or rougher on a player as any Major League team’s fans. But that doesn’t mean all Boston fans boo their team, just like all Yankee fans don’t boo their team, either.

And as for the specific question of why Yankee fans shouldn’t boo Randy Johnson or Alex Rodriguez, I just don’t see how it actually helps them. They know they’re not performing, and booing them isn’t going to make them perform any better.

zzzooomzzz. As robnbetsy said, this is internal griping on a BLOG!! I don’t go to Fenway (mostly because I’m in Florida) and boo my home town team. Yankee fans are booing A-Rod because he’s had a bad month!! Papi had a 3 week drought, still gets standing O’s. Manny started off slow, still gets standing O’s. Tek was hitting .230 for the first 2 months, still getting standing O’s. I don’t quite see how my COMMENTS ON A BLOG regarding a struggling pitcher and booing the reining MVP are related.
As far as you guys not booing Jeter, I remember either last year or 2004 when Jeter started off on the skids, you guys were on him pretty good.

Look, we don’t boo our players and if we do, it’s usually after a year of futility. Foulke didn’t start getting booed last year until he made his “Burger King” comment and Clement has been terrible for a year now. I think fans have a right to express their concern after a year of struggles.

Well, I guess we now know why Riske wasn’t brought in. They traded him today.

I knew there was something fishy about not bringing in Riske the last few days. I guess we needed a lefty in the bullpen and nobody wanted our other relievers. Lopez numbers in the minors this year are great, but his major league numbers are terrible. Hopefully he learned something recently and can be effective.

So, Theo traded Riske for Lopez… Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Lopez a closer (albeit a AAA closer)? So, I guess my question is, what’s Riske’s role? Is he here to free up Pap (give Pap some time to stretch out and take over as the 3rd starter after the All-Star break)? Or, is he here to complement Timlin (like Embre in 03 and 04) in a set-up position? In my opinion, I would prefer to see the latter rather than the former this year. Pap is too valuable as a closer to pull him out of that spot. Plus, as Tuesday night proved, the pen desperately needs another strong, reliable arm besides the closer and the aging Timlin.

i don’t really like to chew out players on our team but seriously, if clement keeps leaving games because of injury why isn’t he on the DL? 2 straight starts now. i am beginning to question his motivation. i hope he knows that after next year when he is a free agent he’s not gonna get signed. 8 million a year for this guy. you can get that type of performance from a rookie PLUS the want to pitch and not sluk every time he gives up a run.

That’s right rayman, AAA numbers don’t really mean much as far as I’m concerned. For instance, I don’t know the exact numbers, but Hansen’s ERA wasn’t so hot for a while because he was trying to work on different pitches. It’s a risky (no pun intended) to go after a AAA guy w/good numbers but doesn’t have good Major League numbers just for the sake of having a lefty in the pen. But at this point, with the back problem earier in the year and the staff not having confidence in him, it was probably a good move.
Starsfan, you’re right and if you want more proof, check out the previous 60 posts. I think we are all on the same page with Clement. I don’t actually call that a sulk face, I call it the “I just walked another decent hitter because it’s better then him hitting a homerun off me and please Dear God let this inning magically be over so I don’t have to throw another pitch” face.

Mussina got shelled for the Yanks. I think thats 3-4 bad starts in a row. Glad to see him come back to earth. I was really getting tired of hearing about that guy. His ERA the last 2 years have been 4.41 and 4.59… let’s hope he realizes old and mediocre like the rest of their staff.

That would be real nice. He was automatic for the first few months. Maybe he’s got that elbow problem again.
Toronto is up on Baltimore, though. Before we know it, those guys might leap frog both of us if we don’t start clicking.

I’d have to say at this point in the season, the best free agent signing is definitely BJ Ryan. Let me state that I would rather have Paps, but in terms of the difference he’s made for their team, it’s been the best signing that I can think of.

I like this description… We need this kind of guy for the Mike Myers situations… “The southpaw with the sidearm delivery was dominant for Charlotte, featuring a 2-1 record with a 0.55 ERA (2 ER/33 IP) and 13 saves in 26 games for the first-place Knights”

Sounds good to me.

Typical A-Rod: homers down 5 with nobody on… strikes out with 1 out and men on second and third, down 2, against a guy with a 5.16 ERA. I can see why they boo him.

Very strange and interesting trade. Riske hasn’t pitched for a long while, but he was improving before that, with an ERA that reduced from over 10 to under 4. So far, he hasn’t seen much action. Now, he’s gone for a guy who excelled in Triple A but almost busted in the majors, and that was with non-contending teams. I really don’t know his ability to handle Boston. Well, we’ll see. If Javier is a bust, then you know a gorilla suit won’t protect Theo. We all wanted Tavarez and Seanez out, but now their stock is so low nobody, even D-Rays or Royals, want them.

Oh well. Need Wake’s Thursday finest tonight, and knuckle out Kubel. The offence seriously needs to wake up too.

That Javier Lopez guy the sox got is he a reliever??????????


OK Guys and girls, this is going to be the last I speak of this topic (at least until the next time he pitches).
I saw this stat on line…And I want to warn you, If you are eating you might not want to read further because it is enough to make you sick.

“Case in point as to how Clement reacts when under pressure in different situations:

Bases empty: 3.09 ERA

Runners on: 10.68 ERA

Runners in scoring position: 15.63 ERA

RISP with two outs: 31.50 ERA”

Anyway, The Indians took care of NY today so if Wake can come through in the dome and if the bats wake (another pun) up, we’ll be back where we belong.

Come on Sox.You can not get swept by a team like the Minnesota twins.Hey Tim Wakefield bring you A game tonight.And male that sinker sink like it should.I assume Tek will not play tonight Right?????????? doesn’t Tito like Dougie to catch Wake’s sinkers.


oops meant make

Kaylee, Mirabelli will be catching tonight. He is Wake’s personal catcher.

This should be the night. The Twins starter has an ERA over 7. I can’t imagine what the papers would write about if we don’t put at least 6 on the board tonight.

Prediction….Youk leads off with a HR tonight.

“I think fans have a right to express their concern after a year of struggles.”

I agree with half of it. Obviously redsox are most patient fans (for you guys to be faithful to your team inspite of 86 yrs of misery is absolutely amazing. There is no sarcasm whatsoever here). So if it takes 1 year for you guys to give up on your player, it takes much less for the more successful yankees.

Make no mistake abt it, I absolutely hate it when fans boo their players. But not everything you dont like is wrong. So I dont blame them boo birds even though I dont like it.

gosoxred:We all hope your prediction is true.DThatcher’s
was not soo accurate….We will see I can watch this one on Television tonight finally…..We do not get many televised sox games here in arizona…..


Read this post and invite everyone to join this will be a fun way to see who everyone would have on their team if they could draft a team.


yanks-indians, I agree with your point exactly. Also, that’s a pretty funny comparison 86 years, we get upset after 1 year. At that ratio with all the championships you have you would have a right to boo after a week, let alone a month. I just objected to the hypocrite comment simply because I thought it a little odd that you guys were booing the reining MVP, let alone the reining Player of the month after a rough 2 or 3 week stretch.
As far as us booing, if you’ve been reading this blog, you will see even our own blog host has some negative comments about Clement.

It’s all good.

I think by now, Clement on any team–Royals, Cubs even, Devil Rays, Pirates–deserve to get booed. And Clement vs. A-Rod is no comparison. If that happens, Clement will be throwing easy batting practice to A-Rod.

Ok, fine. No more anti-Clement talk. I’m positive I’ll try to be positive, although the last two games (esp. Tue) can’t bring any optimism out.

NOTE TO IAN: my seats are section 210,row 9,seats 9,10A. I’d love it if you could stop by. I just can’t wait, I’m starting my countdown and my jersey should be here by next Tues!
andy5353, you really should look into getting, I’ve only had one bad experience. The cost (79.95) works out to less than 50 cents per game for the entire season, but you can still get it.

I peeked in on the “kindergarten bloggers” (aka yankee fans), and they are STILL at it. I still can’t believe they call themselves fans when all they do is bash A-Rod, we don’t beat him up as badly as they do. AMAZING!!!

I’m hoping for a really clean game by Wake tonight and for Dougie to start to pull it together. I can’t imagine what’s holding him back, it sure isn’t the fans. I’m still very grateful that Theo and co. pulled that one off.

Todays trade makes me wonder if that isn’t ground laying for a future trade. I’m ignorant when it comes to that end of this game so I’ll read what y’all write, I’m sure that the majority of you know much more about the art of trades than I do. Anyway, I’ve rambled on too long (like I’ve never done that before).

I’ll leave us for now, but gimme a LET’S GO RED SOX LET’S GO!!!!

Correct me if I’m wrong but we received a dominant triple A player for a man the was one of the few bright spots in our bullpen. His fastball is in the 80 to 90 range( lopez) while Riske hit 95. I really do not see the point in this move. Why couldnt we package Tavarez and Seanez for Lopez. I am pretty sure that the Rockies are in need of some pitching help and with those two who have shown previously that they can pitch in the National League i really do not understand. Hey Ian i remember you saying that Tavarez probably wouldnt get released because of the size of his contract. How much are they paying Seanez to totaly ****. Now on to Clement. I personally think that this goes back to the head incident last year in Tampa. He was an all star pitcher prior to that, and you do not lose that ability to pitch without a reason. You could tell before the accident that he was very confident on the mound. After that he has constantly looked like a nervous wreck in fear of getting hit. If you are more worried about getting hit with a ball then getting batters out there is definetly something wrong. I thought that it was a very intresting stat that gosoxred posted. He usually lets the leadoff man on to which is never good. He needs to learn that its ok to give up some hits and everyone is not expecting you to pitch a perfect game. You give up a it and then focus on the next batter. Well hopefully we can atleast get one against the Twins. Heres hoping. GO SOX!!!!!!

This is not a shot at Clement, but I do not know of too many pitchers who took a shot to the head and went on to have great careers. I had a feeling when it happened that he would have a very tough time recovering from it. I certainly am not going to tell you that I would want to walk back onto that mound if it had been me. I believe I would try but it has to be somewhere in your mind that it could happen again. You certainly cannot afford to be thinking those kind of thoughts with risp’s. Anyway Ill try again, Sox by 4. Let’s Go Red Sox.

Just Heard Randy Johnson got suspended 5 games

Yup – Big Unit and Joe T got their hands slapped today.

The headline reads:

“Johnson suspended five games, Torre for one”

I guess this means the COMMISIONERS office is taking beaning seriously.

Well 1-0 not a good start.

This guy have a 7.70 ERA?
Anyone notice it looks like Lowell changed his stance a bit? I know his average has dropped, I was wondering if was tinkering with it.

Does anyone out there find listening to Joe Morgan on ESPN the equivalent to hearing drums bang in your ear? He is so annoying and repetitive and talks to the audience like we’re idiots.

gosoxred:I agree Joe morgan is aannoying But,it is the only choice for me to see the game………So I try to ignore him..

We need to score more runs tonight than we have the past 2 games combined.

Hey, those are the breaks with a knuckle baller.

1st inning walk, passed ball, wild pitch and ground out. 1 run, no hits.

2nd inning- 2 quick outs, gets behind 3-1 and throws a 77 MPH “fastball” that gets tagged for a HR.

I think Wake actually looks pretty good, though.

Let’s get some runs boys. Make this guy work. YOU CAN DOOO IT!

yea he does,but at this rate he is going to give up 6 or 7 runs by the time he is done..

I don’t know what’s more frustrating. Knowing we are a better hitting team than we are showing or listening to Joe Morgan now try and give his analysis on the NBA.

Wow, Dougie looks like he’s having a rough time behind the plate tonight.

Yea he does look a little rough back there…i agree NBA i not baseball

Now Joe Morgan is telling us the obvious. “It was a mistake for the Twins to let Papi go.” No kidding *****!
He’s trying to convince us that he know he was going to be a star.

Talk about a rough night. Listening to this guy AND watching us get worked by Carlos Silva. Carlos Silva???

They bleeped out maran? replace the a’s with o’s.

we can not even get to a guy with a 7.71 era that is pathectic


He acts like he knows everything……..

5 pitch inning. Oh my GOD!!

Well last inning wake had a
1-2-3 inning.He needs another one


Whoa….Almost hit him in the head

anther run for the twins 4-1.

Meant 4-0.

Need at least 2 runs this inning.

yea that would be nice

6 pitch inning. geesh

I didn’t see last night’s game but I listened to it on XM. Sounded like he almost got hit in the head again. I wouldn’t blame the guy for being a basket case.

So far it’s a typical Wakefield start, offense-wise. It’s almost as if his knuckle ball puts the SOX’ bats to sleep.

I don’t pay any attention to Joe Morgan. The guy was a phenomenal player, but if he’s not pointing out the obvious he’s contradicting himself or just talking nonsense. Quite frankly, a lot of sports announcers seem to me like they just feel the need to fill up air time, and they wind up just plain talking too much. As much as I hate to say it, the Yankees’ TV announcers are actually pretty good. We don’t get NESN down here, so I don’t really know how the Sox’ TV broadcasters are.

Lead off guy on. Let’s go.

what is up with our offense? we’re making a pitcher fighting for a rotation spot look like a cy young winner.

COME ON COCO!! TAKE A PITCH! ONce again swinging at the 1st thing when we get a rally going.

Here’s a question. And if I’m way off and sound like I’m complaining, please let me know.
We’ve scored 2 runs in 27 innings. We finally get 2 guys on base with Doug up in the 7th and he’s hitting a robust .159.


Is catching 3 possible innings too much to ask?

Come on Loretta get something
going (do not swing at everything)

Do they have bring on Tavarez?????? Doesn’t tito get that he *****??????? I would not use him
Gosox:You are right especially since Wakefield is out of the game


How the **** did Julian Tavarez just pitch a 1-2-3 inning??????

Oh man, Ian help me understand this.
1st off, why is Tavarez in a 4 run game? That in itself is inexcusable.

2nd off, If Francona was planning on taking Wake out, even more reason to hit for Doug in the 7th.

I have to believe that Tito cost us the game on Tuesday and cost us a potential comeback tonight with his reluctance to let Tek 3 innings. (I know, it it were to go extra innings that would be more wear and tear on Tek in the long run. But after losing the first two and obviously having trouble tonight, wouldn’t that make sense?

I think that may of been tavarez’s first 1-2-3 inning in a while…..Double by YOUKKKKKKKK

I do not understand that either

2 on No outs
Come On Big Papi they took silva out…


ALl right boys. 1st 2 on and big papi up. This is their chance. Let’s get some runs.

Nice hit….Bases loaded no outs they have to score here

Papi literally almost took Morneau’s glove off.
Bases juiced with Manny up.

They’re brining in Nathan.

wasn’t nathan a closer

Need a hit. Sac. fly won’t cut it here. Please tell me if they get a rally going that this time they’ll hit for Dougie.

come on….Joe is predicting a grand slam….be nice but what does he know

manny is hitting everything.

come on….manny strikes out

4-1 on a sac fly……a hit would be nice

Finally 4-3 Tek has the bases juiced….come on TEk

come on Tek a pop up

Aw man. That hurts. Kind of took the drama out of it with a first pitch pop up. It’s actually 4-2. They didn’t send Papi in on Coco’s hit.
Maybe Nathan will be a little worn out and we can get to him in the 9th.

Hit made Manny look foolish earlier.

I’ve seen Manny strike out in clutch spots before, but never swinging at a ball in the dirt. That stuff was nasty.

Julien is still in the game with us only down by 2. This concerns me.

Well that didn’t last long. The game was too close for him to handle (ha ha). One batter with us only down by 2 and he gives up a hit. Time to see what the new guy can do.

Julian is out now

a four pitch walk…… URGh!!

a base hit 5-2

Let go boys…..You need at least 3 runs

Well that wasn’t too impressive.

No not at all what tito wanted

At least the yanks lost

Come on Loretta….well not exactly what I wanted Loretta…1 down

2 down……..they are gonnasweep us

Wow, Nathan owns Manny.
He is in a big time funk.

For those that didn’t see it and want to know what happened.

2 outs on one on and we’re down 5-2.

Cora singles, takes second on catcher’s indifference.

Papi singles him in.

Nathan looks like he’s about to fall over. Tired as can be. Has the count 3-1 and comes back w/2 96 MPH heaters that Manny just swung right through.

Papa Jack better round up the troops on the flight to ATL this weekend. The Braves are going to be chomping at the bits after just getting swept by the Marlins.

Now we are tied w/Toronto for 2nd.

Time for someone to be this year’s Millar and come up with a slogan. Seems like that kind of stuff always works.

How about…”It’s time”

It’s time for some big things.

It’s time for us to start hitting.

Any ideas???

Say what you want, but Wake pitched well enough to win…against the Twins. He didn’t have his best stuff as I originally thought, but when you are facing a guy with a 7ERA, you have to score.

It’s a new day tomorrow.

Hey guys, While I’m always the optimist, tonight I’m kind of going to ride the fence. We could have recovered from the hr’s that wake gave up (one at a time, I believe), but it just seemed like every time we were up in the count it just blew up in our faces. Trot (my one and only) didn’t look so hot tonight, manny just seemed to swing at all the really wrong pitches, Papi got a hit, Mikey got one A.C. got a couple but we just couldn’t get ’em acoss home plate. I know that Papi and Manny are the big guns and are meant to go yard, but how about something over the 2nd basmans head, or loop it into right or left, just nickel and dime them. I’m feeling a bit down after the sweep AND NOW….. please let’s try to find something that we can build on. …Alex Cora looked good tonight. But let me ask a ?. Why was Loretta not in the starting lineup?? He seems to be getting hits pretty regularly and plays well in the field. Somebody please clue me in, because I sure don’t know how to decipher that one. We really could’ve won this one, but I think that everyone is taking on the role of the game breaker. Like I said before, little by little, nickel dime. Anybody in my corner?, or not, I would just like some conversation. I’m here.

I hear you ellen. Although I’m not too concerned about Cora getting a start. He always seems to make something happen when he’s in there and he is shart defensively. 3 hits last night, started that mini-rally in the 9th. We are lucky to have a guy that can spell both our short stop and 2nd baseman whenever they need a break.
Can anyone answer me this question? Why is Willie “I have too many bad nicknames to fit in the quote” Harris wasting a spot on the bench? Yes, he’s fast. But reallistically, he gets into a game with us down by 2 or 3 as a pinch runner. Big Deal!

Granted Wily Mo is hurt, but how many legitimate pinch hit threats do we have when our whole starting 5 is in there?

One if you count Mirabelli, and that’s a big stretch.


I think Loretta is still trying to get his foot healed all the way. If I remember correctly he fouled a pitch off his left foot a week or two ago and it’s still hurting him a bit.


I would imagine as soon as Pena or Kapler are back on the 25-man roster Harris will be sent back to AAA. I think he’s probably as good a choice to sit the bench as Mohr, but has more speed. Don’t forget how important Dave Roberts was in the 2004 post season. He didn’t play the field much, but those pinch running appearances were key. Of course, there was someone hitting productively to bring him in after he stole them, which seems to be the difference between then and now. Harris can steal second or even third, but someone needs to hit him in.

Too many things wrong to even muster up the energy to write it all down.

Luis Gonzales is upset that his name was dragged into the steriods scandal. How could someone doubt his 57 homer season when he was able to reach 31 once before and 28 once after? That all adds up to me.

We knew from the offset that the 2006 Red Sox will not be an offensive team, bashing opposing pitching to submission. However, we didn’t know how inconsistent the offence will be until the past few weeks. Obviously, there has been a big offensive dry spell, say New York, Texas and Minnesota, where the hitters are pretty much asleep until the late innings, when sometimes the game is quite out of hand. The Yankees are complaining A-Rod of not being clutch, but Sox hitters are not clutch either. Ortiz and Manny are in slumps right now, with maybe a hit or walk per game. The other parts of the lineup, esp. the middle to bottom, are pretty much outs and maybe a few hits sprinkled in. To win, sure pitching dominates, but you have to hit rather consistently and with runners on (scoring position). That has become a big problem all this year.

As for pitching, Schill and Wakefield have proved to be the only reliable starters to this point. Wakefield did a good job last night, of preventing big innings and giving the bats a chance to get a win. He wasn’t sharp, but competent enough. It just seems no Sox pitcher can get Kubel out (well, without a home run somewhere in the game). Beckett will need to show Saturday, hopefully the NL ballpark will help him. Lester is still an experiment. And I think we can all say Clement is a disaster by now. Sad, but true. As for the bullpen, the middle relief is really distrusted. Only Timlin as setup and Papelbon as closer are almost assured outs. Others, if they don’t give up a run, I thank heaven.

Two bad coaching decisions last night: one, they didn’t send Ortiz home with the Coco single. Here’s the take: you’re down 4-2 with 2 outs already in the 8th inning, it’s a single to right field, sure Ortiz is not a fast runner, but that run is significant and crucial, and heck if he’s thrown out at home, so what? if he scores, it’s a major break, but if he’s left at 3rd, and with 2 outs, that creates an easy out for Nathan. bad move again by 3rd base coach, you have to be aggressive on basepaths with 2 outs and down so late.

Also, I know Lopez just joined the team, but sending him out in the 8th with a man on and no outs is just a no-no. first of all, tavarez should’ve been pulled after the 7th is over, he’s only good for one inning at most (we learned that already), and how much scare would a young pitcher who’s been in the minors all along be, if he comes with no outs and a runner on. i’m not surprised he gave up a walk on 4 straight balls, in his shoes, it’s scary for anybody to give such a challenge, way to introduce him to the red sox, and build his self-esteem tito!

Does anybody notice the Blue Jays are really making a move in the East? Oh Canada!

It’s opinion that our third base coaching has been poor this year… not as bad as in previous years, but still poor. But the one place I won’t go is sending Big Papi on close plays where he may be tempted to run over the catcher or do something silly. We lost Manny for a 4-6 weeks in a head first slide at home a couple of years ago, we lost Coco for 2 months earlier this year. If we lose Big Papi in a sliding injury, you can pack up and close shop for the year. I’m not willing to risk that for one run, especially with hall-of-famer, 20-grand slams, tons of walks, Manny on deck (he is supposed to come through now and then).

I have the same take on Coco’s hit. I don’t think you can send Papi home. That ball was hit really hard and Ortiz was MAYBE getting to 3rd by the time the right fielder got the ball. Hindsight says yeah we should have sent him, but I think it was a smart baseball move not to. This way you have the bases juiced and Tek coming in to pinch hit. The results didn’t come through, but that was the best scenario we could have hoped for. There is no way Doug is hitting in that spot.
Plus, with holding the runner and the worse case scenario happens (which did, Tek makes an out) you have the 9th lined up for 9, 1, 2 then Papi. At that point Loretta was in the game so it isn’t bad to have him lead off an inning.

If Ortiz is thrown out at home, we have Tek, Loretta, Youk. Things would have to fall just right to get the big bats a chance to hit. (Although it doesn’t seem like we’ve had a big bat this series, but you know what I mean.)

The Braves have struggled. I really hope they don’t find this weekend to break out of it.

I don’t question the decision to hold Ortiz one bit. He’s not that fast, and the run only cuts the lead, doesn’t tie the game. If he’s out, you’ve killed the rally. Joe Nathan has just given up two straight singles and isn’t looking so great. A single by Varitek probably ties it up. If Ortiz is faster and/or getting him home would tie the score, I might send him.

Ok, Minnesota gave us a good old fashioned butt kickin!! But now we need to take a different attitude into Atlanta. I wonder what Tony had to say after our beat down. I don’t think I would have even wanted to have been a fly on the wall!!! I also wonder if he’s had any kind of sit down with the coaches, we’re not hitting, we (on the whole) aren’t pitching great, base running is starting to pop up as an issue, so what do you say to those coaches?? I’m real sure it wasn’t purty…. We’ve got Josh going tonight. I wonder what’s going through his mind right about now?? I just hope we can turn this ship around. We’re almost at the All star break. Speaking of which, why is it that every team MUST be represented whether or not they have a player who is voted in, this isn’t t-ball where “everyone gets to play”. It is still called the ALL STAR GAME isn’t it??

I can’t say for sure, but I have a feeling one of the reasons that every team has to be represented has to do with the almighty dollar. Back when we weren’t too good, I’d watch the all star game just to see that one player we had make it (Remember Scott Cooper). If every team is represented, that’s 32 markets that will be tuned in to watch the game. Otherwise, you might just have New York, Boston, Chicago, Philly and a few other big towns.
Actually ellen, I believe Lester is going tonight against Hudsen. Josh, with all his struggles gets to pitch in the nationally televised FOX game of the week. I wonder how that will go?

Yes, Lester is slated to get the start tonight. He’ll have a tough time pitching against Tim Hudson, but I think he’s up to the task.

According to Jason Brummond’s lates “Red Sox Notes” Theo is well aware of the need to get some quality pitching arms for the bullpen and the starting rotation (he’d have to be in a coma to NOT be aware of it). I like Francona’s attitude: let Theo know where you feel the greatest needs are, but strive to get the most out of what you have at any given time. You can’t just sit your worst pitchers and start 3 guys. Until they find a replacement for Clement or put him on the DL, I’d expect him to continue to be the number 4 or 5 guy.

Oh, and where is Ian? I think we’ve put just about enough posts in this thread, eh?

Unfortunately, you’re right robnbetsy. The way the rotation is working right now, this is the best spot for Clement to be pitching. Schilling has been solid, no need to use too much of the pen except Timlin and Pap. Clement explodes, we use everyone else. Wake should be solid and the give the pen a rest for the most part as well.
That isn’t so much to dog at Clement and his struggles but more so to put the positive spin on the way the rotation is in order in regards to the workage of the pen.

After one start, Lester is still a myster to most of us. But, after a big rain delay and lousy conditions I think he did OK on Saturday. If he can keep his pitch count down, he could give us a huge boost. On the offensive side, we run into the problem I mentioned the other night about us facing good pitchers. Let’s hope Papa Jack did the old hitting coach pep sesion on the way down here.

On a side note, if Renteria gets more than 2 hits this weekend and has 0 errors, I really have to get the voodoo doll our for him.

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