Here in Hotlanta — Gabe is back

In case anyone wondered if I was ever going to post again, here I am. Sorry, I had a rare five-day break from covering the team, so I stayed away from posting a blog, though you will notice I made my share of comments throughout the week.

In news that will make one of our most prominent posters happy, Gabe Kapler is back. That’s right — he’s in uniform, wearing No. 44 and he’ll be active for tonight’s game in Atlanta. The corresponding roster move was the inevitable DL move with Matt Clement. There is nothing structurally wrong with Clement, but after the invasive MRIs, he wouldn’t have been able to pitch for a couple of weeks anyway. His arm strength isn’t what it should be, so the team will put him on a strengthening program.

Anyway, I’m really fired up for this pitching matchup tonight. Lester vs. Hudson. It seems like just yesterday that I was at Fenway watching Pedro and a young Tim Hudson duel it out, and Mr. Hudson got the win that night in the summer of 1999. Maybe Lester can do the same thing to the now-veteran Hudson this time around.

Sunday’s matchup is also a gem. Schill and Smoltz. I love watching guys like that go up against each other, because you know that they both get a little extra edge knowing who they are pitching against. Two guys pitching on Father’s Day, trying to fight off Father Time. gotta love it.

It’s a 7:30 game tonight. Remember when 7:30 games were a way of life?




Well, well, well, hello Mr. Browne. So you got moved up to 5 day lay offs instead of 4 day lay offs now? Nice job!
A lot of the hot topics have been hit towards the end of the last blog, but as you said, it should be real interesting tonight to see how the kid does against the mystique of the Braves and their 14 year run. Hudson has looked real sharp his last few times out. We need runs early!!

I was trying to think of the last time we had a game where we were in control from beginning to end. I could only think of 2. The 14-3 game against NY and the early game against Baltimore where Daniel Cabrera walked about 27 guys and we won big. (Clement’s first win actually. I wonder how many of us knew this would happen?)

It would be nice to put a game like that together. With our limited bench (Cora excluded)games in the National League tend to worry me a little bit if our pitchers get roughed up. The last thing I would want to see is us in extra innings with Willy “How did I wind up playing in a game that we weren’t down by 10?” Harris coming up in a clutch situation.

I’m sure I can check on-line myself, but if you’re checking in Ian, what’s the weather like? I hate looking forward to a game only to find out it’s been rained out.

Big stage tomorrow for Josh on the FOX game of the week. Another pitcher we should hit (on paper, at least). Maybe a nationally televised good performance will break him out of his funk.

Sunday, Schill vs. Smoltz. I just read that Smoltz has never given up a run to the Sox in 17+ innings. Schill has never lost to the Braves. Something has to give.

I was getting ready to send out the search party. Also thought that maybe you’d done something drastic after the way the Sox performed this week. What’s everyone’s predictions for the weekend?? I’d love for us to be on the other end of a sweep, but I’ll say we leave Atlanta 2-1. I’ll settle for that. I hope Lester can keep the game in check and not let the rookie nerves get to him. I hope he gets the bat support that he needs to help boost his confidence, it wouldn’t be bad for the rest of the teams confidence either. Anyway, put the bats in the oven now, and maybe they’ll be hot enough by the 7:35 1st pitch. GO SOX!!!

I checked on the weather.
Sunny days and mostly clear nights. Doesnt look like any rain this weekend. Nice temps too, the lo is supposed to be 64 with the high 86. Better than here in So. Florida, I’m washing and waxing my truck in 94 degrees today. WHEW!!

94?? You must be having a cool breeze down there. It feels like 104 here in the Orlando area.

I’m in on break from the heat.Well since you’re in Florida, you know what the “feels like factor is, they said on the radio that it actually feels like 102.

81 degrees and I have jeans on here at work in Orange County, California… It’s nice not having to deal with that whole “humidity” thing you guys have over there.

At least you get to watch the games on TV though… I havent been able to catch more than 2 all season!

I will be back in Boston though for a week in the middle of July and I plan on getting tickets by any means necessary, and yes I know I will be smack dab in the middle of some real humidity but it will be worth it!

Well, you never wish injury upon anyone, but this is 2 of the best pieces of news I’ve heard in a while. Clement on the DL means that, although we don’t know who will be in the rotation, Tito’s hand won’t be forced to continue to throw him out there every 5th day.
While he might not be the best hitter etc, Gabe brings so much more to the club. From what I hear, he is one of the most loved teammates ever. His hustle and enthusiasm is unmatched. He can play all three outfield positions. And ironically enough, he would be someone that could be a threat off the bench in these NL games.

This is a guy that won’t be an automatic out like Willy “boy did I get lucky to be on the White Sox and get a gift world series ring” Harris if we spell Manny, Coco, or Trot. Odds are that he will start tomorrow with Atlanta throwing a lefty.

Let’s do some damage tonight.

If we’ve got Gabe back, arielle must be absolutley ecstatic!!!! I’m pretty excited too. He is such an all around get it done kind of guy. I wish Matt Clement a full recovery from whatever ails him and hope that he gets back to where he was. We can always use a healthy (mentally and physically) pitcher. I’m of the opinion that he is still suffering from when he got it the noggen last year, I know it would take a bunch for me to go back out there a place myself as a possible target for it to happen again. Good Luck Matt.

How is Lester going to fare tonight against Hudson and the (as my late dad used to call them) “BRAVOS”? I’m glad that I’ve got MLB.COM. I remember when I was a kid watching the Braves with my dad, the announcers ALWAYS just about put me to sleep. And what’s up with the coaches in the dugout, CONSTANTLY rocking back and forth. Someone ought to get them some rocking chairs. OK I’m done rambling for now. (i can almost hear the sighs of relief from the NATION)

I agree with Gosoxred there was obviously something Wrong with Clement and Gabe Kapler..

is back tonight Arielle I am positive will be happy about that.


Quit your weather bickering here in Phoenix,Arizona it is

113 degrees I would die to have 94 degree weather so quit the weather bickering would you guys?????

Go SOX.We need a win tonight


Oh, I’m not bickering… I love the weather where I am (Huntington Beach, Ca)!

My girlfriend is going to be thrilled that Kapler is back. All the females in Red Sox nation love him for his looks and all the males love him for being an amazing team player who gives all he can.

Hopefully Clement will go see a shrink while he is on the DL and work out what is going on in his head.

I couldn’t even imagine it being that hot.
ellen, the rocker you are probably refering to is Leo Mazzone, their old pitching coach. He’s now in Baltimore having a rough go of it.

We usually get Braves games with TBS, but it’s not showing tonight, so I hope the NESN guys are the crew that’s on the baseball package.

That is some nice weather 81 degrees…I would kill for that..As for the Gabe Kapler


All the feamles in Red Sox Nation love him for his looks and all the Males love him for being an amazing team

player who gives all he can.

I believe every word of it.


Here in Arizona we deal with 105 degree weather to 120 degree weather every day in the summer…So enjoy your weather down there..


Ouch. Hope you have your suntan lotion.

I am a Nationer of the female persuasion, and while I am not immune to Kaplers obvious good looks, I appreciate him more for the “team player” that he is.

As far as the weather, I always hear that “Arizona is a “different kind of hot”. Bunk, HOT IS HOT, although our humidity does make it less bearable. But I’ll take our weather now as opposed to what it will be come the mid to end of Hurricane season. It’s really nasty then. i hope we don’t have a season like we did the last 2 years.

PS I went to google to find out for sure if GK was coming back to us, and found that he and his wife started a foundation for women and children caught in a domestic violence situation. Even more to like about the guy!!

Gabe is back? That ROCKS!! When he first blew out his Achilles last year they were saying he might not be back until this September, much less before the All-Star break. I am so psyched to see him back in a Sox uniform!

Now what’s up with this Snyder kid? If I read the notes correctly, he plays most of the season in AAA, gets called up to KC last week for one start and gives up 9 runs (5 earned) in 2 innings, gets designated for assignment 3 days later, and sometime between then and now gets put on waivers. What the heck does Theo see in this guy? I guess it probably doesn’t cost much to pick him up and see what he’s got.

Man am I bummed that TBS isn’t running the game tonight. I was thinking I’d get to see the Sox on the tube two straight nights. What the heck else are going to run on a Friday night? Pfah!

Beggers can’t be choosers at this point, but I sure hope this isn’t the guy they plan on starting in Clement’s place on Monday night.
Come on robnbetsy, don’t you think America would rather watch 4 hours of Friends reruns than a good old game of the Nation’s pastime? (please note my sarcasm)

robnbetsy, this is the clip I just found on Snyder:

“How badly are things going for Boston that they want a pitcher the Royals had no use for? Snyder is basically hopeless at this point. Shoulder problems have left him with below average stuff, and it’s not like he makes up for it was exceptional command. He’s Triple-A roster filler and a waste of a 40-man roster spot.”

That doesn’t make me feel too good.

Excited to see Lester tonight for the first time. I was out of town last weekend and didn’t see any highlights of him pitching.

gosoxred: These are the things that drive my co-worker/buddy insane. He was a promising prospect for the Mets a few years ago and just fell through the system. He would be a solid reliever right now (If he kept in playing shape, of course…) and he sees so many people in the bigs that just shouldnt be there!

On a side note, he has a cool story about picking Coco off at 2nd during spring training… twice! He also said that Beckett seemed super-human back then.

Always fun to heat stories from someone who has been a little closer to the game…

Well, that wasn’t the start we were hoping for.
Coco in the lead off spot sees a ******** total of 3 pitches.

remy is on IAn for not getting that foul ball

Boy, Lester’s looking good so far, let’s hope he can continue. GO SOX!!!

That foul ball was well struck. My right hand still hurts. But since i touched it, it’s definitely an error. and Papi hit it to me.


4-0 sox….Tek is having quite the night so far

Ellen: You are right that it does not set a good example for the kids, but how hard would it be to stay calm and cool if you were struck out on a bad call or blew a shot for your team to take the lead… I know it would be tough for me, that’s for sure!

Been watching the game and haven’t posted yet, but thought that first run was a prime example of what has been brought up earlier.
Instead of holding Nixon, Hale sent him in and we get a run. As it turns out, Cora and Lester wound up striking out. That’s how to take a chance with the lower part of the lineup coming up. NICE.

It’s the fifth now, it would be nice to knock Hudson out, then have them have to use a PH on the pitchers spot in the bottom half when he’s due up.

Keep it up boys.

Ian – Nice story on Mark Loretta and his dad. Good work.

Wow, Manny is struggling big time.
How come catchers that hit no more than .210 always hit well against us???

Come on Edgar, show Atlanta how clutch you were for us last year!

Settle down kid, you can get out of this.

Great job not messing around w/A Jones. Way to stay tough.
Ian, play manager for a second. (I’m not watching the game on TV, letting the wife watch a movie, so I don’t know if anyone is warming up)

I say if Sox go 1 2 3, send the kid back out there. If they rally and get a chance for more do you pinch hit for him to try and extend it and then rely on the pen for 4 innings?

As I’m writing this I’m almost talking myself out of pinch hitting for him because then I realize I’m asking for 2 innings before Timlin and Paps. Never mind.

I should just erase everything I just wrote, but anyone feel free to put your managerial hats on if the situation arises!

Wow, that was quick. In the time it took me to post that last paragraph, the Sox went down 1,2,3. Let’s hope the kid had enough time to settle down. Come on kid, one more inning.

Nice job Jon Lester!!!

OH NO. El Guapo 2 is on the mound.
Come on big boy.

cough cough Ian I think you may know my happiness about Kapler’s arrival. I think I read your game notes maybe four times out of pure excitement. By the way, did you ever get my essay to him?

Is my gameday accurate? Did El Guapo 2 just throw a 1,2,3?? Could this be a turning point for him. He realizes that Theo isn’t afraid to trade away a part of the pen and he might subconciously think he’s fighting for his job? Whatever it is, nice job.

Wow, maybe Gabe will be playing for Manny tomorrow just to give him a day off and Trot will hit against the lefty. Manny is having a rough go of it.
Manybe a day off will do him good and he’ll come out and pound 2 jacks Sunday night on the ESPN game.

Well, I may not be able to watch the Sox tonight, but I did get to watch A-Rod strike out with the bases loaded to end the eighth and hear Michael Kay refer to his “total ineptitude at the plate in big situations of late.” I really feel for the guy. I know when I’m at bat in the late innings against big league pitchers….oh wait, I’ve never been up to bat against ANY professional pitcher. Anyway, it’s got to be torture not to be able to come through for your team when they need you. Yankee though he is, he’s still a great ballplayer, and I imagine he’ll turn things around before too long. Probably the next time the Yankees play the Sox.

You guys should check out the Yankees blog. They are tearing him up, and I don’t blame them. Every time he comes up in clutch situations he has choked. But you’re right, next time vs. the Sox he might hit 2 bombs.

Anyway, Timlin, 7 pitches. NICE!!

If we don’t score in the 9th, Pap will finally get a save chance. It seems like it’s been a couple of weeks since he’s had a chance. (I think it was the Texas game that he got the win in, right?)

Sox have 6 hits, Tek has 3 of them. He’s up to .260 now. He’s on his way back.

Arielle, I will get your essay to him soon. I need to get a printer set up at my house. It’s amazing I don’t have one. At any rate, next time I get near a printer, which shouldn’t be too long from now, I’ll pass along your fine essay!

I was able to snag the TV from my wife for the bottom of the ninth. First of all, 2 nice plays by Mike Lowell at 3rd. One on a high hop that he had to jump for and was able to get the force at 2nd And the final out of the game was a sure double, but he laid out and snagged it in the air.
But when Pap had 2 strikes on the final hitter, half the stadium was up cheering. The Nation was well represented in the ATL tonight.

What a showing by the kid.

Too bad the Yankees won. I think Frank Robinson fell asleep in the dugout again because one of his releivers fell apart and he left him in there to get smacked around. The Nats had a 5-3 lead in the 8th. Oh well, hope that same guy gets lit up by us next week.

What a performance by Lester! Aren’t we all proud of the kid? Absolutely wonderful, sure he wasn’t always sharp with some hits and walks, but only 1 run in 6 innings? I think that was better than any of us bargained for. Congrats.

It’s good Tek broke out of his slump, and in a good clutch way. Way to go captain, keep it up and see you starting the All Star Game!

The bullpen is also good, I guess Seanez has earned some trust & love, and improving besides a few rocky times, but Tavarez certainly still has his ticket out of town waiting. Too bad Gameday delayed the bottom of 9th, so I was still thinking Paps was warming up and the game still on.

Good win, best news of all is Lester. It’s about time Clement is on DL, but who pitches then? That’s another question, but I think anybody will do better than Clement by now, I hope Pauley gets a chance. Look forward to see tomorrow (I live in NY and will catch Yanks-Nats instead) bests to Beckett, and Schill on Sunday night against Smoltz, way to set up Father’s Day. Happy Fathers’ Day to all=)

Look forward to Kapler coming back, will Harris get demoted? We need pitchers here.

Prediction: Schilling and Smoltz will each get a hit off each other.

You know, I’ve tried to send this 3 times. I keep getting kicked off (is there a Yankee in the house or perhaps a BRAVO??)

Jon Lester showed quite a lot of composure tonight. He got into a bit of trouble, but recovered nicely. Tek gave his usual input to help the rookie. Good job by both there.

At the plate Tek had a great night. I think he’s finally realizes that the slump only lasts as lOng as you let it.

Nice night from Trot and Mikey; good at bats.

All in alL we have nothing to moan about, lleh, even seanez had a 1-2-3 inning. I had to pick my self up and administer CPR. Way to go Rudy! (maybe he’s turning a corner? I hope so.)

If I signed off without praising Lowells grab that not only stopped extra bases but ended the game I would certainly be remiss: WAY TO GO MIKEY. I ALWAYS SAY, GO SOX. WELL TONIGHT THEY WENT!!!

//All the females in Red Sox nation love him for his looks and all the males love him for being an amazing team player who gives all he can.//

Er, no. Though Kapler is easy on the eyes, IMHO handsome is as handsome does. I’d love the guy even if he looked like Quasimodo, because he’s reportedly 1. A great teammate; 2. A hard worker and a solid, if unspectacular ballplayer; 3. A gem of a human being.

And believe me, I know a few males who don’t like Kapler at all, though I try to explain to him that he’s a backup outfielder and not a superstar. If he was the latter, he wouldn’t be a backup outfielder. He is what he is.

At any rate, I’m glad to see him back.

Can someone explain to me this dopey Snyder move? IF the Royals didn’t want this guy, what are we doing with him? WHy not start Delcarmen on Monday or Abe Alvarez?

I’m an eternal optimist, but this Lester looks like the real deal.

//Can someone explain to me this dopey Snyder move? IF the Royals didn’t want this guy, what are we doing with him? WHy not start Delcarmen on Monday or Abe Alvarez?//

Delcarmen has never been a starter, and couldn’t give you more than three innings at the absolute maximum, so he’s not an option.

Alvarez, as a soft-tossing lefty, isn’t the type of pitcher the Sox want facing the Nationals. The best choice would actually probably be Matt Ginter, but Ginter has no options, so they wouldn’t be able to move him back to Pawtucket. They will, however, be able to move Snyder.

As for a pitcher KC didn’t want, the Sox picked up another guy from the Royals scrap heap in 2004 named Curtis Leskanic. You might remember him. If not, tsk.😉

I am also having trouble figuring out this Snyder move. If he’s not good enough to stay with the Royals why should he be good enouh for the Red Sox. Why don’t we call up Pauley again. I know that he didn’t do to well in his last start but its better than a guy that the Royals didnt even want. The only reason i can think of for not calling Pauley up is because there’s something in his contract to be optioned or something. If anyone knows why they didnt call him up please tell me.

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