Pleading the fifth

So who will start Monday in place of Matt Clement? As of Saturday morning in the manager’s office, Terry Francona wasn’t saying, and neither was Jed Hoyer.

Will it be Kyle Snyder, who was claimed off waivers from the Royals? Will it be Matt Ginter, Abe Alvarez, David Pauley or somebody else from Pawtucket? Will it be a trade acquisition?

Fact of the matter is, Monday marks the last time the Red Sox need a fifth starter until July 1, when they play the Marlins. They have a day off next Thursday and again the Monday after that, which means they can go with a four-man rotation that would break down like this.

Tuesday vs. Nats, Wakefield; Wednesdy vs. Nats, Lester; Friday vs. Phils, Beckett; Saturday vs. Phils, Schilling; Sunday vs. Phils, Wake; Tuesday vs. Mets, Lester; Wednesday vs. Mets, Beckett; Thursday vs. Mets, Schilling; Friday at Florida, Wake; Saturday at Florida, fifth starter or Clement.

By the way, there should be some extremely intriguing matchups when the Mets come to town. Pedro will either pitch Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on whether the Mets want to give him an extra day of rest. That means he’d eitehr match up with Lester or Beckett, and while not as compelling as a duel with Schill, it should still make for great theater. Schilling could be matched up with Glavine, which would be fun.

As for other developments, Manny again woke up with a sore right knee and was out of the lineup. Considering he is in an 0-for-17 slump, the timing isn’t that bad.

Lester had the lineup card and a game ball in his locker this morning from last night’s game. Good stuff. I’m sure he’ll get that stuff framed and in a nice display case ASAP.




Well, I’m blacked out today due to fox having the rights to the games today. But why on our schedule on the home page did it show that we were the game of the week??? They’re showing the Yankees, AROD just hit a homerun. (LET’S SNEAK OVER TO THE BLOG AND WHAT THEY FIND TO BEAT HIM UP ABOUT TODAY.) That’s not the 1st time Fox has done that. Before I had the computer and had to wait to see the games on ESPN or FOX, fox would do this with regularity. Someone there definitely doesn’t like The Sox!!!!

Lester sure looked good last night. Maybe we have a keeper here???!!

I hope that the rest today does Manny some good. I see that Papi took one deep in the 5th today. We’re up 5-2 in the 6th and I’m keeping everything crossed.

On my way to work, so you guys route them on for me!!!! GO SOX.

P.S.>> Damon just hit a grand slam.

Welcome back Gabe! Base hit to right on a 0-2 count.

I almost choked when I saw Tavarez come in with 2 on in the 7th with 2 out. He did what he’s paid to do, though. They mentioned that Andrew Jones is 2-19 against him in his career so maybe he’ll start the bottom of the 8th too.

What a play by Gabe. Of course Tavarez couldn’t go an appearance without giving up a run and who knows how bad it would have been w/out Kapler. For those that didn’t see it, Jones lead off w/a double, then fly to right gets Jones to 3rd, then low line drive to left and Gabe dives headfirst to make the catch. Tito just took Tavarez out. 2 outs bottom 8.

Lopez comes on to strike out the lefty LaRoche.
Top 9, 5-3 Sox.

Man, Coco is struggling. Bases loaded in the 9th one out, Lowell pops up and Coco grounds out weakly to 2nd.
Come on Pap, stay strong!

Sox won I think i smell a sweep we need a win tomorrow though…Go sox

Guy is lights out!! 1,2,3 9th on 11 pitches.
FOX showed a clip of Papa Jack talking to Willy Harris today which might have been the funniest thing I’ve seen all year when you consider how much we (OK, maybe just me), have dogged the guy all year.

He basically told him to “Know your role, play a little outfield and be ready to pinch run if needed.” I guess that answers the question we’ve asked as to what purpose he actually serves by being on the Sox roster.

Good all around game. Papi made some nify plays at 1st and gets 2 big hits. Youk leads off with a Homer. Beckett looked good early, but then forgot how to throw strikes. Got out of a big jam in the 5th after walking in a run and the bases juiced with one out. Got the number 3 hitter to pop up then got Andrew Jones to pop up. Breezed threw the 6th and even Tavarez had a big out in the 7th.

Let’s go Curt, finish off the sweep tomorrow night!

Nationals were down 9-2 to the Yanks, it’s now 9-8. We will hate them on Monday, but I’m a National Fan today.

gosoxred:so are you saying you
will be against the sox monday???????????????????


We’re playing the Nationals on Monday. Today we are rooting for the Nationals to beat the Yanks, but come Monday we will obviously be rooting agains the Nats.

Thanks gosoxred for the game highlights.

I dove under the bed when Tavarez the Terrible came into the game. Tavarez reminds me so much of Bob Stanley. I am sure Tavarez is a good RP but he sure does terrorize the Red Sox Nation.

HURRAH – Gabe is back – in a big way. AWESOME heroics today.

Ian, Gabe is article-worthy for his dramatic entrance today – wouldn’t you say?

Wow, The Yankees were up 9-2 in the 5th inning today so natuarally we all thought we had to win to stay just a game behind. The Nats came back to win 11-9 with Rivera giving up the final 2 runs in the 8th. Back in first. Let’s now all turn our loyalty to the Mighty Marlins tonight against the Jay.

Ian, you’re funny. I just read your postgame wrap and I love how you put in there that Beckett roped an RBI single. Wasn’t that more of a one hopper that went over the 3rd baseman’s head because he was about 20 feet in playing for a bunt?
Hey, a pitcher gets a hit and you got to pepper it up, right? As they say, every hit is a line drive once it’s in the books.

PCOMEY is right, I think a Gabe article could be one of your next pieces.

Interesting note….EL Guapo 2 has a 1.04 ERA in his last 15 appearances.
Tavaraez on the other hand…..I don’t have that stat but It might be close to 543.10. Just a guess.

I agree write another Gabe Kapler Article

I love Lester’s stuff but his command is inconsistent. The big problem is that the Sox heavily depend on this rookie.

Ian, I don’t know if you read me the other day with my seat location for 07/01/06’s game; section 210, row 9, seats 9,10. I understand that they are right there on the visitors bull pen, although I was hoping for over the dugout or in right field ((with trot playing, of course)), I’m still ecstatic to be in the same stadium with Our Sox! I’m trying for an upgrade, I’ll post if it comes to fruition). Please stop by, I’d be thrilled to meet you!

While I’m never happy to miss a Sox game…I’m really glad that Josh pitched as well as he did today, I’m glad I didn’t see Tavarez come in, (for fear that I would have bemoaned his entrance and jinxed him) and I’m glad that Jon-Bon got his 22nd save, WOW 0.26 era… DAMT NEAR NONEXISTENT. I’m also glad that the yankees lost even though our ex cf hit a grandslam…. We need one more this weekend. Papi had a good day, maybe a slump ended. I’m working again tomorrow night so I’ll have to check and see if I’ll be able to see it on TBS or ESPN. Hey Nationers, good weekendso far, huh?? LET’S KEEP GOING.

PS: I guess that tonight I’m just frickin’GLAD!

Ellen:The game is on ESPN that
will be How I plan on watching

the sox tonight…..(via espn)

SO you should be able to get the gme at work…..(do not need today).Sox let’s complete the sweep of the Alanta Braves….GO SOX

P.S.I think you are right Wskeleton the Sox are depending to much on the Rookie Jon Lester we need to score more runs….But a win is a win

Well, the stars have been aligning for us since Pap got the save yesterday. The Yanks blew their 7 run lead, the Marlins beat the Jays and today the Yanks lose courtesy of a walk off homer (I hope the Nats are done now that they are coming to Fenway) and even Roy Halladay took a loss today against the Fish. All we need to happen is Schill pitch another gem with a little offense sprayed in for him and we could make this 6 game road trip respectable.
From everything I hear and read, it looks more and more likely that this Snyder kid will be starting tomorrow. Oh Boy!! Hey, maybe this can the Sox’ version of last year’s Aaron Small. No one heard of him and he goes 10-0. (Or he could be Tim Redding who got one start vs. the Sox and got pounded 18-1 and was cut the next day.) I prefer to think along the lines of the Small comparison.

I have to pick my in-laws up from the airport and then take them out to dinner for father’s day. (I know it’s bad timing, but do I really have a right to complain about taking him out on Father’s Day….NO!!) So if any of you are by the computer while watching the game, let me know how things look if you can. ESPN usually does a good job doing a game recap at times, but they are a little too biased at times, so I want to hear it from the Nation.

Hopefully I’ll get back home around 9, 9:30 and the Sox will be up something like 3-0 or 5-1.

Yes andy5353, a win is indeed a win, and a loss is a loss. As in the Yankees second straight loss to the hapless Nationals. The Nationals, who would be in last place 12.5 games back, except that Atlanta and Florida are both 13 games back. You can’t depend on another team’s losses, but the Sox have a chance to regain the AL East lead. If Schilling wasn’t going up against Smoltz, I’d call my bookie and put this week’s paycheck on the game. Could be a great matchup.

Last night was pretty disappointing; I thought, once again, that my hopes for two straight nights of Red Sox television were going to come true, but no, FOX thinks everyone in New York State wants to watch the Yankees, so that’s what we got. B^stards. I’m incredibly bummed that I didn’t get to see Kapler’s first game back. If ESPN doesn’t run the Sox game tonight I’m riding straight to Bristol, CT and shoot the first marketing executive I can find.

robnbetsy –

How’s this for frustrating? I was at home in CT for the weekend. I live right near Hartford, nowhere near the shoreline and all the Yankees fans down there. Not only did Fox opt for the Yankees game, rather than the Sox game on Saturday, but I find out that my family is charged an extra fee to have the YES network on their cable, and there’s no way to opt out of that. Like they want to pay extra for a channel they will undoubtedly NEVER WATCH! And man, the ESPN announcers were getting on my nerves Sunday night. They’re not as bad as the FOX ******, but close enough.

Wow, I can’t even say m*o*r*o*n*s??? That’s pathetic, guys.

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