From waiver wire to Fenway

It’s official, Kyle Snyder, the waiver pickup of a few days ago, will take the ball for the Sox on Monday night at Fenway.

It sure looks to be a one-and-done thing, as the Red Sox do not need a fifth starter again until July 1. Who knows, maybe Snyder can surprise everyone like Pauley did that night at Yankee Stadium.

Manny is back in the lineup tonight. Coco Crisp continues to struggle at the plate. Perhaps Manny and Coco will both get their grooves back tonight against Smoltz.

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there.



Ian – you are correct in there is a nagging need to get 4th starter issue settled.

Go figure there would ever be this problem when considering the situation in April.

The Pawtucket shuttle and Waiver-Wire seems to have more potential than Over-Priced, Over-Rated, Aged Veterans (exception Rocket Roger).

There is a good supply of outfielders and infielders now (knock-on-wood).

Just one SP and a few role-playing, RELIABLE RPs and we can steam through the DOG-DAYS to the playoffs.

Meanwhile, more consistent hitting is missing. Manny-Ortiz has to show up and deliver the goods. It’s been spotty until now.

It is very interesting to note the Blue Jays are lurking and with AJ Burnett returning could provide alot of trouble for the BOSOX (never mind the Evil Empire with seems to be in a continual BREAKDOWN mode these days).

Lets all give thanks to God that we don’t have to watch our pitchers hit every day. Get with the 21st century adopt the DH in both leagues… geez, its painful watching entire innings get wasted like the 2nd tonight.

Thanks K-zone for showing us that Youk’s 3rd strike was 4-6 inches outside. Good thing we have an old fool behind the plate to overrule and call him out.

Can anyone explain why Varitek is so terrible with the bases loaded? He grounds into a double play almost every time.

Why on earth wouldn’t the Braves pinch-hit for Smoltz in the 6th. He has 103 pitches and they are down a run. Just bad managing. I know the Braves bullpen *****, but they need runs.

yeah, Tek either grounds out or hits a grand slam. Um…

I still don’t understand why they don’t have Pauley come back up to pitch Tuesday unless they think this Royals castoff is another brilliant catch by theo.

Well, I guess I answered my own question on not pinch-hitting for Smoltz. Braves assumed our hitters would continue to not show up when runners in scoring position and our bullpen would blow the lead before we could reach Timlin and Papelbon.

It’s official. Rudy Seanez *****. I was misled by his good ERA stat in his last few outings because they meant nothing. The last time he came in with the game on the line, he walked Giambi with the bases loaded. Tonight, one pitch and 3 run homer.
El Guapo 2 is terrible.

Timlin’s warming up… a little late for that. He couldn’t come in and pick up that last out in the 7th? God, our middle relief stinks.

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. Thats all I can say right now.

C’mon Tek’. Redeem yourself.

I guarentee Tito is going to use the fact that Timlin just came off the DL as an excuse for not using him here. That is bull!! He didn’t pitch yesterday, pitched a quick inning on Friday. Why is he so afraid to throw him for 4 ourts?? Worst case scenario, he gets the last out and a few batters in the 8th and Pap pitches a 4 pitch save.
If the Sox wind up losing this game, Tito cost us 3 of the 4 loses.

Great, here comes Coco in a clutch situation. Please don’t swing at the first pitch.

Crisp is SOOOO overdue for a big hit.

Your tellin me. Wiggle your fingers and get a hit. Let’s Go Sox!!!

Wow, come on A-Gon!
I wish our lefty “specialist” could’ve thrown a strike.

I think I saw Lowell warming up to pinch-hit. Good call, don’t save him for the pitchers spot next inning. We need a big hit now!!!

Well at least Tito will make one good call with Lowell.

HUGE!!!!!! Bout time we take advantage of someone else’s horrendous bullpen!

6-5 SOX. WAY TO STEP UP LOWELL!!!! Good call Tito.


Wow, not even Tavarez, Seanez, and Company could collapse like this! Nobody is more deserving than Seanez is to get the Win.

Holy Cow, Is it me or did that whole thing take about 2 minutes?? After the walks, it was boom, boom, boom. I know I’m thinking ahead, but if the Sox hold on to win, there has to be a ruling that Seanez doesn’t get the win. I know there is a rule, and I’ve never seen it enforced, but if a pitcher throws the last pitch before his team make a comeback the score keeper can determine not to give the win to that pitcher if he was ineffective.
I’d say El Guapo 2 was ineffective.

Ian, help me on this. Am I right on this rule?

Let’s hope Big Papi can pull an A-Rod and pad his stats a little more.

Good one Ray.

Was that just me or did “Big Papi” get some major hangtime. I know he can hit but who knew he had such a huge vertical.

I don’t want to jinx our guy… but does anyone know what the lowest ERA is in the history of the game? I don’t mean Gibson’s 1.12… I’m thinking more of a reliever. Maybe someone with a minimum of 50+ innings? Papelbon is probably close.

Good win guys! Finally the offence stepping up, and good thing is the big explosion in the top of the 7th, all with 2 outs already, and by the middle to bottom of the order…Nixon, Varitek, Coco, Lowell, Cora, Youk! That’s some real time walking/hitting right there.

As for the win, unfortunately Sr. Guapo gets the win, whether we like it or not. Who deserves? Schilling, of course he pitched well again. Who doesn’t? Seanez, who took the win away from Schilling and got himself on hook. What a loser!

In the 7th, why did Coma remove Delcarmen? I mean, sure he’s young, but he has 2 outs and gave up a single, let the kid work his way out against a left-handed batter. It would’ve been the thing to do, not brining in Lopez, who couldn’t throw strikes–send him back to Pawtucket–and then leave runners on for Seanez…which is calling Armageddon.

Hoorays to A-Gon! Did anyone imagine his BA would be .250? Nobody right?

As for Papelbon, he needs day off tomorrow and probably Tuesday, if possible. He has thrown 34 innings so far, a lot for a closer. With all dues to him as this series’ MVp, but let him rest, even if score is tight vs. Wash.

ray, as for lowest ERA, you can go to for stats, and all time with the parameters in, i dont know if it can provide all time and within ur parameters of 50 innings and reliever, i know dutch leonard (a red sox SP) had a 0.96 era in 1914, the all time record for a season (and the red sox pitching dominated back then–no wonder so many WS titles)

Great game. Back and forth and a “keep you on the edge of your seat” breath holder. Since most of you know I was working, I’ll say this: You know I think it’s very iconsiderate of the customers to want to actually be served while MY SOX are playing. Just kidding my customers all know what a NUT I am about the Sox.

I can watch Papi’s highlights over and over. Just so much power there. And then Manny just being Manny matches him. You gotta love these guys.

I felt a sweep but was too afraid of throwing the big hex on them to say it. Way to go Our Sox.

OK so now we go to the Nationals. I hope we can keep everything going!!!

I love watching Jon-Bon, he is just so lights out. I”m going to Red Sox dream land now you guys. Nationers, we just had a grrrreat weekend. Let’s go Sox!!

PS:: Hey let’s welcome Kyle Snyder and wish him lots of great pitches tomorrow night. Go Kyle.

Ian, eta al…

Here is a great Father’s Day memory about a Dad sharing his Red Sox love with his son on NPR.ORG

This one is for all of us to enjoy.

Dear pcomey, you sure know how to make a girl cry!! Because he is a “dirt dog” and does everything, every day to help our Sox, Christopher Trotman Nixon is my favorite player as well. Your son looks up to a player who desrves every little boy and girls admiration. He just goes out and does his job (and more) everyday, and doesn’t look to the press to pat him on the back. Rare in our day and age of ball player. You’ve obviously imparted some very rare and important life lessons in your son at a very early age, HATS OFF TO YOU!! I’ll bet that he
is a vey well mannered child as well. (also rare with kids today)

My only baseball memories with my dad are either watching the “Bravos” or listening to what ever game we could catch on AM RADIO. But I treasure each game (even though that even back then I couldn’t stand the Braves and their “CHOP”) You brought all the memories and really did make me cry. I miss him (John G. Handiboe). HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY. Thank you for the memories.

WOW! First off, NO, I did not think A-Gon would have his average up this high. What an added bonus.
Talk about a drastic change from starters to bull pen.

Starters leave it’s 3-2. 2 1/2 innings later it’s 10-7????

I wish Kyle Snyder all the luck in the world, but I have a feeling this is a game that Tito puts J.T. Snow at first, Willie Harris in Center, and Doug Mirabelli behind the plate and then says after the game it’s because he thought some of the starters needed a rest when in actuality it’s another one of those games that Francona gives up on before it’s played. Like the Josh Bard games earlier in the year.

Anyway, This is the month to make a move. After tonight we don’t have to use the #5 guy for the another 3 weeks! The days off have alligned so that we can go with Wake, Lester, Beckett and Schill starting Tuesday until roughly July 1st. That should be some constency right there!!

Great weekend, way to bounce back from those tough losses to the “Powerhouse” Twins. I still can’t believe that Tavarez was in that game in the 12 inning. URGH!!

Have a good day everyone.

Hope we saved some of those runs for tonight!
How can you not like this lineup?

Youk, best leadoff on base percentage in baseball.

Loretta, hitting .300 and perfect hit and run, contact guy.

Papi and Manny, I don’t need to say much more.

Trot, guy’s hitting .320. I expected him to do well, but not this well.

Tek, coming on strong. I agreed with rayman about tek w/the bases loaded but then I remembered Friday night against Hudson. However I think his average with the sacks full is only around .200

Either way, he’s working his way up andthere is no one better at handling a pitching staff. Imagine how bad things could have been at times if it weren’t for Tek. That is often overlooked.

Lowell, gold glove and over .300 average. I loved Mueller, but his glove wasn’t this good.

Coco, not sold on his bat yet and don’t think he can be our leadoff hitting until he starts taking more pitches, but when he is on base he makes things happen and he gets to everything in the field. He has made some NICE plays so far this year.

A-Gon, this guy is a vacuum and is finally starting to hit. I’ve run out of ways to describe some of the plays he’s made. Unbelievable.

The heat of summer is upon us and it seems the bats are in order.


Schill looks in form. He labored last night in the heat but held us there.

Wake, the guy has an ERA under 4. You should win with those numbers. He keeps us close but the bats don’t show up when he pitches.

Beckett, inconsistant and throws too many balls therefor getting his pitch count up and getting him out of games. He didn’t, however, give up a homerun on Saturday, which is the first time in a while I can remember that not happening.

Lester, his report card would be an incomplete due to only 2 starts, but if Friday night was any indication, things look good.

As far as the # 5 spot…..Well, I guess not all things can be good, right?

It doesn’t look like Wells will be back at all and if Clement comes back…..UH OH.

4 our of 5 isn’t bad!

I wouldn’t be too hard on Seanez. If you watched the game, that pitch Francoeur hit was pretty darn good. Breaking ball low and away from a right-handed pitcher to a right-handed batter, right at the outside bottom corner of the zone. A pitcher has to throw strikes at some point, and you couldn’t have asked for a better-placed strike than that one. Nine times out of ten that pitch is either a whiff or a ground out. Francoeur pretty much got lucky on that one. Snot happens.

The ruling about winning and losing pitchers is found in Section 10.19(c)(4), which provides the following: “(4) The winning relief pitcher shall be the one who is the pitcher of record when his team assumes the lead and maintains it to the finish of the game. EXCEPTION: Do not credit a victory to a relief pitcher who is ineffective in a brief appearance, when a succeeding relief pitcher pitches effectively in helping his team maintain the lead. In such cases, credit the succeeding relief pitcher with the victory.” So yes, the official scorer could decide that Seanez was “ineffective” and could have awarded the win to Timlin. If it’s any consolation to you, Seanez does get a blown save on his record.

As for the lowest ERA, I believe the Major League record is 0.86 posted by Tim Keefe in 1880. Dutch Leonard’s 0.96 in 1914 is considered the “modern era” record.

robnbetsy beat me to it.

The problem is that you can’t really give that to Timlin (he gave up 2 runs in .2IP…) And would you rather give the win to Timlin?

Yes, I know, blowing a save is harsh, but those were inherited runners. I dont think Seanez would get the win if those runners were his.

Thanks for the ruling. I was thinking that as soon as Timlin was giving up those runs. NO way he could get the win now that he’s given up 2 runs.
Yeah, that pitch to Francouer was low and away. That guy swings at anything! Could be why he’s hitting .247 and has only walked 5 times this year.

I would have liked to see Manny get a chance to finish off the inning. I mean, he’s not the only relief pitcher to ever give up a hit to Andru Jones.

The scariest part was seeing both Tavarez and Papelbon in the pen in the eigth inning. I don’t know what I would have done if I saw Tavarez come out of the pen instead of Paps.

Plus, he might get plenty of work tonight.

How would you like to be this kid Snyder. Every paper I read is basically saying this is his only shot? With the schedule set up the way it is, there is no need for him after tonight. Thanks for coming pal, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Poor kid, I was really hoping for this year’s Aaron Small.

As far as Pap’s ERA, they are saying even if he pitches another scoreless inning his ERA wouldn’t go down. It’s so low now that it would only go down a fraction of a percent, then would wind up being rounded up to where it is now. Good problem to be worrying about.

My wife hasn’t watched too many games once it get late at night, last night she say Pap and said “That’s such a mean look for a kid with such a baby face.” True statement, kid looks young but looks so mean out there.

Someone else asked Ian in Redsox Mailbag the same question around ERA. Dennis Eckersley posted a 0.61 ERA, 48 saves, 5 earned runs in 73 1/3 innings. Thats pretty darn low, but Papelbon is well ahead of pace!

OK Nationers. It’s almost 5PM. Anyone have any predictions on how our new guy is going to do tonight?
I’m going to go out on a limb here and hope for the best.

Yes his line was terrible against Texas but 1.) Could any of those hits been turned into outs with a good defense?

2.) It never hurts to have 35 thousand fans rooting for you as apposed to 17 in your own park.

With that being said, 5 2/3 innings of 2 run ball.

(Then Tito brings in Tavarez and he promptly gives up 6 runs)

Time to give Tony Armas Jr. the same treatment his dad gave the Green Monster!!!

apposed??? I meant opposed.

Who knows the line for Snyder? Very hard to judge any players of the Royals…

Wish him all the good luck. Nats are flying pesky and high, so nothing’s easy.

Snyder is 6′ 8″, so at least he might come in handy if we have a bench clearing brawl.

So true rayman, glad to see you found the silver lining in all this😉

Nah, Tavarez is enough for any kind of brawl. Can’t pitch, but fight as enthusiastically (I won’t say good) as any.

a home run to the second batter of the game why did we want this guy

Make that two homers. But good news is those homers are without men on base.

From all the question marks that surrounded this pick up and tonight’s start, I don’t think we could have asked for anything more.
Now it’s time to hold on to your seats, because it’s in the hands of the pen now. We need some more runs.

Nice job getting the DP, good thing Vidro missed second.

For those that didn’t see it, Van Buren started the 6th and Jose Vidro hit a ball in the right center gap, Coco overran it and it looked like a sure triple. Vidro missed second and had to go back.

Van Buren got a K, walked a guy and then got a double play.

Coco 2-3 so far. Has he ever seen a 3-1 pitch that he didn’t like? That pitch that he grounded out on looked like a ball. I don’t think he likes to walk.

How about Gabe with a wall ball double to drive in a run.

Manny’s head is in the clouds. Loretta was on 2nd with a double and 2 out. Papi hit a single to center and Manny, the on deck hitter, was just standing there. If he told Loretta to slide, he would have been safe. Loretta jogs in and gets called out. (he might have been safe, but it was a bang bang play and when you don’t slide, you’re gonna get called out 9 out of 10 times.)

Let’s go boys, get some more!

Am I seeing things correctly??
Did El Guapo 2 just give up a lead off single then settle down to get the next three outs??? 3 for 3 with the relievers tonight. One more, let’s go.

Mike Lowell makes everything look so easy. That double play he turned in the 9th looked so routine yet was one of the more difficult plays you could make.
So if you would have told me that we got a Royal castoff that got torched his only time out this year, he would only last 5 innings (probably on a limited pitch count since he hasn’t pitched in a while), Papelbon is not available and we need 4 innings from our pen, and playing the team that came back from 9-2 against the Yankees this weekend and hit a walk off homerun on Sunday basically coming to Fenway on an emotional high, I would have thought that the final would be in the double digits. 4 scoreless innings from Van Buren, Lopez, El Guapo 2 and Timlin. Manny hits a ball that still hasn’t landed in the 8th.

Is there any reason not to love Alex Cora? Bases loaded in the 7th and Gabe unfortunately strikes out and now there are 2 outs. Cora waits out a walk and gets a huge insurance run.

This wasn’t a game that was started by our stud. Except for Manny, all the runs were manufactured. Complete team game and when it’s all said and done, this could be a game to look back on as a big boost to the moral of the team. Yanks lose to Philly and now a 2 game lead in the East.

I agree about Snyder. His career numbers aren’t exactly jaw dropping, but tonight he was good enough to get the win, in very credible fashion. Only 5 innings, but he kept them in the game, including 6 strikeouts and no walks. Pretty good bargain for picking the dude up off waivers. Maybe the guy made enough of an impression to stick around. Pretty big switch going from a cellar dweller to a league leading team. Looks like the change of scenery done him good.

Doesn’t look like Kapler lost anything at the plate, eh? I hope his catch in the 5th makes the highlight reel. Love it.

Two games up on the Yanks. Keep it up, fellahs!

Help Wanted – Mannysitter

Responsibilities include:

* Yell to baserunners rounding third whether or not they should slide. If Manny is in your way and you can’t see the play, move three seats over so you can see around his hair before yelling your call.

* Remind Manny daily that he doesn’t have to wait in the batters box to see how the play turns out before he starts running. He’s allowed, and actually encouraged, to run hard right away.

* Recite the Golden Commandments every morning:

– Thou shalt never make the first or third out of an inning with a baserunning blunder at third.

– Though shall obey God and The Third Base Coach… he’s not just there to slap your hand after a home run.

Pay is $100K per year plus a commission based on the amount of money and pain you save the Redsox by successful Mannysitting. Bonuses for individual awards and team achievements.

Please send resume and references to “Epstein and Rayman” at

May I do the Manny helper? I have no resume except some mediocre spanish. that enuff?

Looks like Snyder is a keeper. It’s one start, so need more to show if he can earn a roster spot. And the bullpen didnt’ crack! OMG.

Not sure I agree with the El Guapo II nickname. In defense of Seanez, I heard that he is a black belt in one of the martial arts… Yes, he is a little thick… but the only exercise El Guapo I probably got was fighting his way to the front of the cafeteria line.

Don’t forget, “El Guapo” means “the handsome one.” The name was given to Garces by Mike Maddux because he thought Garces looked like the villain of the same name in the movie “The Three Amigos.” Garces had a pretty rough last year for Boston, but had a 1.55 ERA in 1999 and got a win against Cleveland in the ALDS that year, and was considered one of baseball’s best setup men. Unfortunately, things sort of fell apart after that. He finished his career with a 3.74 ERA and a .227 opposing hitters BA. Not all that bad, really. But fans of professional sporting teams tend to have a very strong “what have you done for me lately” attitude. El Guapo ended his Major League career (he had a Minor League contract with Boston last year) on a low note, so that’s what a lot of fans tend to remember.

That and his gut.

As for Seanez, I think he’s a good example of the numbers not telling the whole story. Relief pitcher ERAs are easily inflated by a couple of bad innnings. Basically, he’s still paying for having a poor month of April, and for the fans’ selective memory. If you look at Rudy’s stats game by game, he’s put a lot of zeros up on the board this year.

Aha… I got mixed up with El Guapo and El Gordo (fat).

Did anyone notice that Francona left Trot Nixon on the bench with the bases loaded and 1 out with Kapler at the plate against a righty. We had a 1-run lead at the time. I know Kapler had a nice game going, but that was no time to push our luck with a guy in his first full game back. Trot is on fire, especially against righties. I thought that was a really bad move.

Yeah, I read that too about Rudy at the beginning of the year. He’s not a guy I would want to run into after a bad day. His numbers are really reflective of his horrible April, early May. I saw and posted a while back that his ERA is roughly 1.04 in his last 15 outings. While his personel numbers might not be that bad, it’s the inherited runners that really hurt as far as the fans confidense in him as well. I think the big thing is that in the last 2 CLUTCH situations he has come in, he happened to be the goat. The walk to Giambi with the bases loaded and the bomb to Francouer. That was a good pitch looking back, low and away, Francouer is just strong and swings at anything. He looked good last night. Right now, I feel much more comfortable with him in a game than Tavarez. I think he might be starting to come around.

I also was suprised to see Kapler start, let alone still be in the game at that point last night. Once they brought in that 6’11 dude, Raush, I thought for sure we’d see Trot. I guess Tito was playing one of his hunches. I too, think he should have pinch hit because of the bull pen woes recently. We really needed every run possible and thank goodness the pen stepped up or I guarantee Terry would be taking a lot of flack today for leaving Gabe in there in that situation. I’m so glad he’s back though. He’s a spark.

Here’s hoping the Sox can keep with the rest of the league in hammering Livan Hernandez tonight. I’ve got a good feeling about tomorrow night w/Lester. I haven’t followed the Nats too much this year, but this past weekend they had a tough time with someone they’ve never seen in Wang from NY, Snyder last night…I know they’ve never seen Lester so he holds an edge there. Here’s hoping Timmy can hold the fort down tonight.

hello everyone… My name is Gris; I’m new here, but I’ve read some of your posts.

I hope we can give run support to Wake tonight.. let’s keep the streak going..🙂

Hey Gris, welcome to the Nation. You are now among the very friendliest and most gracious of the mlb team bloggers. We call like we see it, except unlike other blogs we’re pretty polite about it. I’m the resident optimist/cheerleader, and #1 Trot Nixon Fan. But we welcome you and your thoughts here!! I too hope that Wake gets the support he deserves.

You all know how excited I am about going to my 1st major league game on the 1st vs the Marlins. Well I upgraded thte tickets that I got as a gift. I was above the visitors bull pen, and yesterday I got an upgrade to home plate about 15 rowS up.. To those of you who have been behind home plate, how’s the view and what kind of camera will get me the best pix of our guys.. D*a*m*n I’m as excited as an 8 year old!!!

Being the huge Nixon fan I am, I was absolutely shocked that the had Kapler in for Trot instead of for Coco. Trot is just burning it up!! He really wants to have a good year going into free agency (and I truly think he wants to stay badly, he seems like he’s very loyal).Coco hasn’t been having the best of at bats lately, though he didn’t have a bad one last night.

Anyway, I want Wake to really be on his game tonight and for Mirabelli to break out.(Still very very glad he’s back.) Let’s hear a LET’S GO RED SOX, LET’S GO!!!!!!


It does seem we are giving support to Wake this time. Six runs in the second already, let’s keep this pace🙂

Livan Hernandez did not last long


Come on Kaylee, I know it’s not the 8 run lead the we talked about Tavarez needing, but the man needs his work!(please note my sarcasm). I think it’s a little early to have him in there. I would have waiting until the 9th if and only if we were up by at least 7 or 8.
I would have thought Hansen could get in the game. He’s been riding the Youk shuttle back and forth to the PawSox, why not give him an inning or two? It’s not like we would need him tomorrow. The big guns would be fresh and a day off on Thursday. I really hope he gets to throw at least 2 tonight.

Is there anything not to like about Alex Cora?? The guy gets a hit to make it 2-0, runs out a grounder to short for a hit and he’s now 3-3.
I love guys like him and Gabe that know they aren’t necessarily starters but go out and contribute whenever they have a chance.

Let’s see Papi jack one here.



Here he is boys and girls!!!
Willie “We’re up by 10 so I get to play” Harris!!!!!

And in the time it takes me to type this post he’s made an out.

Man, I just posted the other day wondering how long it’s been since the Sox have played a game that didn’t go down to the last few innings.

Nice night.

Let’s see Hansen!!!!



Nice job Craig. He’s been working on his stamina in AAA, hopefully he comes out for the 9th.

Hey guys and gals!!! Big sox fan. I read the posts ans sometimes post myself. I was just wondering did anyone catch Brandon Phillips antics yesterday. One of the funniest things I have ever seen. Probably not called for but pretty funny.

Mussina got shelled again tonight and the Yanks are down 7-5. Looks like we finally might be getting some of that distance! A 3-game lead would be great!

Nice hustle there in left field Willie. I know how hard it must be to run over and catch a high fly. Sorry to interrupt your relaxing view of the game.

Oh my God. Willy “Please Dear God don’t ever let a pop up come down the left field line again” Harris finally gets in a game and does this. Hansen just took his frustrations out on Clayton.

That run should be UNEARNED!!
I know technically it was a hit by Fick and Hansen could have gotten out of it by getting Byrd out, but even Soriano would have caught that ball.

Hi Ellencullum, thanks! Enjoy the game in Florida. I was actually planning a vacation with my sister to go to watch a couple of the Sox games against the Marlins and Devil Rays, but unfortunately we couldn’t do it. Take lots of pictures. I am so happy we finally won a Wake game with such a good score. 11-3!! let’s keep the streak going and go for the sweep!!!!

Well folks, Wake finally got what he needed… RUN SUPPORT. He had a few bad spots but over all.. great!! No hitter going into what, the 4th??? When is the last time he saw that?? GO TIMMY!!!!

I just can’t wait any longer. Trot: 1st 2 ab’s, 2 doubles. Man I just love that guy. My dirt dawg!! Works sooo hard.

Lester’s throwing tomorrow night? wow, I’m losing track of the rotation!!! Who threw Saturday, wasn’t it Lester??? If so where does that put Josh?? OY!! I could be so wrong. I’m losing track of the days since I’m now working mostly nights. Anyway, I was really impressed with the numbers everyone put up tonight. I hope there is still some gas in those bats for tomorrow night. GO OUR SOX!!!!!! I’ll say g’night for now Nationers!! but we all know I’ll probably be back!)

“iconsiderate”, Ellen? Is that a word?





Ian, did you “invite” Mark Feinsand on this blog? If you did, there was no preface from you of the invitation! I, therefore, presume you did not. The tagname of “Mark” comes on OUR blog defending the idiotic contributions of his regular Bronx lobotomies to his own blog. Of course, this could be impersonators pretending to be Mark Feinsand and assuming that by using the name ‘MARK”‘ that we Boston ignoramacies would not assume “Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John” or Mark Twain or Marcos Polo or Mark This! So, Feinsand, if it wasn’t your pretentious ask, please come forward and admit it! Otherwise, I need to respond to you!

Ellen, we have Lester tonight, Beckett on Friday, Shill on Saturday and back to Timmy again on Sunday. We are only using 4 pitchers for the next couple of weeks due to the off days that are scheduled. As for who pitched Saturday, it was Beckett in ATL on the FOX game. GET SOME SLEEP!!

Hey there, Dan. Hope the fishing was better where you were than it was last week in the Catskills. I’d have been worried about you, but I didn’t know when you were supposed to be back, and I figured Ellen was worrying enough for both of us. Glad you’re home safe and bloggin’ away.

Talk about coming back with a hot bat; Kapler is 4 for 6 at the plate in his first 3 appearances. I know, it’s a small sample, but it’s nice to see the guy come back with a bang like that.

Is there anyone besides me who’s going to be disappointed if the Sox don’t sweep the Nats? I realize Lester is on the mound and he’s pretty young, but they’re in Boston, the Sox are on a 5-game tear, and Washington only has two guys in their lineup hitting over .285, and NOBODY hitting over .300.

Three more against Philly this weekend. The Sox took two out of three from them in Philadelphia in May. Let’s hope they can at least do the same at home in Fenway. (Would asking for a sweep be too greedy?)

I just read the press release, and wasn’t all that excited. Jason Johnson can be very good on occasion, but is not reliable. He has bounced around the league for that reason. Often a disappointment to the Orioles. And I assume that Kyle Snyder was a little disappointed too. I hope that Theo’s crystal ball is reliable this time. We need more than a 7 or 8 and 11 starting pitcher!

I had the same feelings arniet888. Didn’t the Yankees just light him up last week?? Although we all had the same, if not more, concerns with Kyle Snyder so maybe Theo was looking into that crystal ball through his Bear Suit eyes.
RobnBetsy, a sweep would not be too much to ask. Washington’s lineup is weak and the Sox have been clicking lately. This guy Hill going for them tonight has looked pretty good so far, so it should be a good one.

Philly is a tough call. They looked good in beating the Yankees in a close game on Monday and then got completely roughed up last night…so who knows??

Hopefull Lester can give us a good 6. Timlin didn’t throw last night and with a day off tomorrow both he and Pap should at least be able to combine for 3 innings.

Welcome back Daniel.

By the way, my name is Kevin if it makes it easier than typing gosoxred all the time for all you guys and gals.

See you all tonight.

It is not hard to type gosoxred but,You got the words backwards it should be

GO RED Sox what is up with that??????

I need an explanation on that one


Unfortunately there is no great story behind it.
When I got my e-mail account so many years ago, I tried to go with goredsox but it wasn’t available without adding a number or something afterwards, like goredsox76 etc. This was the only thing I could get that just had the words.

I get it now…You blogging tonight lets go for the sweep we can take these NL clubs down Go sox


Where is Ian hiding out?

Well, gosoxred is only 3 more letters, so it’s not a big deal. I don’t think my fingers are going to cramp up on me. One might ask though, Kaylee, why YOUR email address is andy5353 when your name is Kaylee. After all, people with glass e-mail addresses shouldn’t throw…uh…e-stones. Or something like that.

The trade for Johnson is a mystery to me as well. There are a couple of things that might have something to do with it, although they don’t seem that significant in my opinion. First is the groundball to flyball ratio that Ian mentioned in his article. Cleveland’s fielding percentage is pretty far down there in comparison to the rest of the league, while Boston leads the league in fielding percentage. The other possible factor is big league experience, of which Johnson has almost 10 years and Snyder has 3. Anyway, Theo has done a great job with the Sox, so I’m not about to start slamming him for one trade. Let’s at least give the guy a chance to show that Theo made a good move.

I just read that Johnson will make his Sox starting debut on July 1st against the Marlins. Isn’t that the day Ellen is going to the game???We’re going to want a first hand report on how he looks Ellen!
Johnson started the year with a decent ERA in his first month and like robnbetsy mentioned, Theo notes that he is a ground ball pitcher and with Cleveland struggling, it’s possible that our defense could have saved a lot of those runs. That may be too much opptimism though conisidering you don’t get to be 1-8 without some of it being your fault. Either way, we all questioned the Snyder move and it worked out.

Real interested to see how Lester does tonight. I like his make up. I’ve got to run out until about 8:30, so if you can, keep me posted on how things are looking. Thanks.

Let’s hope the Yankees continue their streak of not faring well against pitchers they see for the first time and lose tonight to Cole Hamels of the Phillies and maybe, just maybe, we can go into the weekend with a 3 game lead.

I am good at that


WELCOME BACK DANIEL!!! We were beginning to think you abandoned us!! It’s just not the same blog without your unique insight and rapier wit. Hope you had a GREAT vacation. Speaking of vacations, does anyone recall getting a vaction request from Ian?? We really need to talk to him about procedure and protocal. Again I’m getting ready to send out the bloodhounds.

I read the release regarding the new guy on the block Jason Johnson. Has anyone seen him pitch this year?? LLEH, he can’t be any worse than some of the stuff we’ve seen this year.

Hey you all know I live in Florida, where do y’all hail from? (I know, it’s not baseball, but who cares)

Robn, I’d be disappointed if they don’t sweep but I feel good about our chances. Lester looked pretty good the last outing. Let’s just get behind our guys and keep good thoughts, that’s basically all we can do, unless one of us gets drafted by the Sox. Game time coming up shortly, so I’ve got a few details to wrap up pre-game. LET’S GO REDSOX, LET’S GO!!!


Nice strike out Lester

Nice Start By Jon lester get the bats going now

Nice single youk

This watching 6 games at once is not working to well

Lester is looking pretty solid so far.

And Big Papi hitting a grand slam is not too bad either😉

What a stroke Papi’s got. Man, goose bumps every time he hits on out of there. Let’s Go Red Sox, Let’s GO!!!!

Boy, Lester’s really looking good so far, 7k’s! Keep going big guy!!!

I did not expect that much from Lester.
Impressive, really.

Ellen, I’m in Winter Springs, just north of Orlando.
Did you check my question earlier in the day? Johnson is pitching on July 1st. Isn’t that the game you are going to?

Anyway, the kid looks good again tonight. Keep it going.

I hate studying how the heck do you even study for a physical education final?

Go run laps.

5 innings, 9 K’s. His pitch count is up but I hope Tito lets him go at least one more.

I posted something yesterday and didn’t get any responses. just curious of peoples reactins to Brandon Phillips antics on Monday. Go Sox!!!

Remind me what he did ashley, I think I saw it as I was falling asleep. You know when you’re hearing something and you know you should wake up and watch it, but you’re too tire to lift your head? That was me that night.
Tell us what happened.

Well the Reds were attempting one of the most exciting plays in baseball, the suicide squeeze. The bunt was popped up to the pithcer for a for sure double play. Brandon Phillips had not touched home but could not run back to third because El Duque was in his way. The both just stopped and stood still refusing to either make the tag or attempt to get back. In a bizaare move, Brandon Phillips points to first to distract El Duque then runs around the umpire to attempt to get back. He got tagged out and el duque just flipped him the ball afterwards. Pretty awkward and probably uncalled for, but I must admit I got a pretty good laugh out of it.

10 K’s, WOW. Did you see the emotion he showed after striking out Lecroy to end the 6th. Reminded on Jon Bon last year when he started wearing his emotions on his sleeve. This kid is pumped. I imagine he’s done though with over 100 pitches.

I don’t know, is it me or does the Nat’s catcher look like “THE MICHELIN MAN??”

Lester struck out 10 of the 23 batters he faced.

I do not think he’s going to repeat this kind performances every 5 days but one can hope.

And our bats are producing, even our shortstops, Gonzo is 2 on 3 tonite, Cora went 3 on 3 yesterday. Future looks bright.

What is the score???
I am over there rooting for the toronto Blue Jays to beat atlanta.


There’s my Trot!!!! What a get it done guy!!! And now Tek drives one in>>?? Go Our Sox!!! My husband says my second car is a Broom, I think we can use it tonight!!!

what is the score????
I am watching the Blue Jays who i am a big fan of


Boston 9, Washington 1

Not even Tavarez is going to blow up this kind of lead..

Ashley, saw that in the highlights, pretty fun stuff really.

I see I am not sure Taverez can give up grand slams
Blue Jays are winning too


Holy moly, I hope the Sox are all wearing batting gloves because they’re going to burn their hands on those red hot bats if they’re not. 15 for 34 so far.

Oh and ellen, I live in Kerhonkson, NY. Just left of Podunk. (Actually, it’s about 90 minutes north of NYC, so I’m not quite in the heart of Yankee Country, but I’m certainly near one of the lungs).

Hey the Blue jays are better than the sox

Tavarez,huh?? I thought we’d be headed for extra innings with him on the mound. Thankfully he got out of it (thanks to a nice grab and throw by Loretta and a great high catch by Youk).

I was really impressed by Jon Lester tonight. The “kid” shows great composure and professionalism. (wow thats a BIG word when you look at it in print), top that one daniel!! But seriously, he had one llehuva night.

Ok you knew it was coming, Trot looked great out there again tonight. I can’t tell you just how much he reminds me of all the “back “before the day” players”.

i can’t wait to watch these guys up close. I borrowed a camera that will get me great shots of “OUR GUYS”. I’ll be Ians other eyes and ears for the July 1 game, he said he’d try to stop by our seats to meet us, that would be really great!!! As soon as I get my upgraded tickets, I’ll let Ian know where they are.

Nationers we’ve had a great 6 days, lets hope that the guys get their needed rest (but not too much) and we can do the same with Philly as we did with the Braves and Nat’s.!!!! GO SOX, WE LOVE YOU!!!

I’m devestated; I just found out that I won’t have my Trot jersey until 2 weeks after the game I’m going to… I think I’ll go now and have a really good cry! guys are really funny. I enjoy reading your blogs.

Ashley, I too watched it on Baseball Tonight the other night and the top plays on mlb; it was pretty funny. El Duque did something similar when he was with the white sox, but this one was better.

Ellen, I live in Yonkers, NY, which is just north of the Bronx and Manhattan. So, I get the their games and not our Sox’s. But you can be sure that I would be rooting for the Devil Rays and Kansas City or whoever plays against them. 😀 a yankee loss is as sweet as a Sox win, sweeter when they come together!!

I’m so excited; I didn’t watch the game, but Kudos to Lester – one run on 3 hits and 10 Ks over 6 innings – and Big papi GRAND SLAM!!! Alex Gonzalez is getting better – I love his defensive ability. Did you guys watch his plays from the knees from the other night? I got to watch it as it was on ESPN. Let’s hope Beckett returns to early season form.


sorry to hear that; I know it’s not the same, but get a big sign/poster or something..😦

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