The Kid is For Real

OK, OK, a bit premature to say that Jon Lester is all that after three Major League starts? Perhaps, but I’m going to say it anyway.

He has a low 90s fastball that explodes at the hitter, making it seem more like mid 90s. He has a cutter that causes uncomfortable swings. And he has a nice curve that sets it all up. Also, Lester has a premier game caller in Jason Varitek and a solid offense that should give him some breathing room, as was the case on that Papi granny tonight.

It’s exciting to see the Red Sox developing prospects again. Many of you probably remember the Gold Dust Twins of ’75. That was too long ago for me, but I remember the excitement around Fenway when Clemens, Hurst, Boyd, Burks, Greenwell, etc. were coming into their own.

Young stars create excitement at a ballpark. You  could feel it at Fenway tonight when Lester recorded his 10th K to finish his night in style.

So there you have it, I’m sold on Lester. Is everyone else? Am I being too optimistic?




Is there a such thing as being too optimistic?Anyways,

No I do not think you are being too optimistic I think

Jon Lester has good stuff,I mean I would take him over Matt Clement anyday…..I am starting to agree with you


By the way it is nice to see you back….We tought we lost you…we were starting to wonder where you were.Backk to posting every 4 days now(kidding sorta)anyways nice of you to come back





I agree with your take, Ian. This young dude is a keeper. And a lefty, at that. This “ain’t” beginner’s luck. And, oh!, Theo, keep signing young pitching prospects named JON! And a classy gesture by you, Ian, to Ellen. By the way, how much pull do you have? Just wondering. Thought you might bring Trot with you when you pay her a visit…then have him take his jersey off and give it to Ellen. She’d appreciate that more than a store-bought jersey!

“Kaylee of the Andy”–It isn’t unusual to root for more than one team (e.g.: I root for any team who plays the Yankees, including Cuba!) But I’ve been hoping some of the other teams would beat the Blue Jays.–…We can’t!!! I’ve suspicioned since the spring–with the off-season acquisitions–that Toronto may have the best team in the AL East. They scare me. The Yankees don’t! And, if our Sox can’t eliminate NY, the Jays have my permission to go to it!!!

Robn: Kerhonksen, huh!? What IS that, man, the name of a local Indian tribe, or the sound one of your native ducks up there makes when it’s sneezing!!?? Thanks for the welcome. You, too, gosoxred.

Ellen, so happy for you to be going to your first game at Fenway. Hope you have a leluva great time, as you might word it I”m sure you will! And, a happy belated birthday (“39”, I assume?). I have a ticket for the middle game of the Mets series next week, which would be my first game at Fenway, but I won’t know whether I will make it until the last moment. The seat is way up in the nose bleed right field section with an obstructed view, I am told. I don’t know whether that means the ticket holder in front of me is a rather large person…or if I’m sitting behind a pole? But, the location is okay with me. I’m more interested in walking around different parts of the stadium, browsing around Fenway, than watching the game. I can do that on tv at home. I worried for years, Fenway having been opened the year the Titanic sank–1912, the owners would knock it down like my beloved Ebbets Field in Brooklyn someday and build a new stadium with more seating somewhere outside Boston…and rename them The New England Red Sox. Thanks, John Henry et al, for not doing that. Finally, Ellen, I think with “professionalism”(WOW! That is a big, long word, isn’t it!? 6 syllables…in otherwords, a word “W” couldn’t pronounce without choking)you have given me a great idea to pass on to you in YOUR profession. If a drunk has been sitting on his stool for hours—make that sitting on his BARstool for hours, and you’re questioning whether he has reached his limit, have him pronounce professionalism three times quickly! And, if he can, in the latter case, go ahead and serve that dwunk(sic) another round. In the former case, whether he can or not, throw him out of the bar! Just a suggestion from a layman, Ellen. Use your own discretion!

If I miss the Mets game, I have a ducat for one of the White Sox games in Fenway which is in September, I believe. It’s also in the nose bleed section down the left field line. The view is unobstructed, but happens to be in an alcohol free zone. THANKS, VIRTUAL WAITING ROOM!!! I waited more than 12 hours to order THOSE babies. (I thought of inviting you, Ellen,…..but I know you like to drink!)

Good article on Papelbon – Starter or Closer?

Is this kid for real?
4 + innings after a 5 hour rain delay holding the tough Texas lineup to 4 earned runs in a game that Matt Clement might have made it 2+ innings if he lucky.

6 innings 1 run vs. Atlanta. Granted, they are struggling but they still have some decent hitters in their lineup. Plus any kid going in and pitching against the 14 time defending National League East Champions still has to have a sense of aura around him that would make it difficult. He held his own in that game.

Now, riding a five game winning streak and knowing that you are now counted on as being 1 of 4 that the Sox are counting on for the next few weeks while we don’t need a fifth starter has to be pretty intimidating for a 22 year old. The Nationals came into this series riding a high after coming back from 9-2 down against the Yankees on Saturday and winning in walk off fashion on Sunday. There is no tougher game than being the pitcher trying to complete the sweep. No team wants to be swept, let alone by some rookie making his 3rd start in the Majors. Yet, Lester held his own and after his 10 pitch 1st was ON!

The bats are starting to come alive. With the exception of Coco (who seems to swing at anything and everything regardless of whether the 2 batters in front of him walked on 8 combined pitches) the lineup is getting more patient and getting timely hits.

The defense is still awesome and everyone is contributing. If I have one concern on offensive side besides Coco it’s that Lowell’s average seems to be creeping down a bit, but hey, the guy is a rock at 3rd and he’s still over .300 so who can complain about that? A-Gon is on his way to passing Tek and Papi in batting average!! Who’d have thought that???

Did anyone see the survey question on the Sox site a few days ago? It was a question about who we are more comfortable with, the veterans (Tavarez and Seanez) or the kids (Delcarmen and Hansen). It was sick how the vote was. 97.3% were more comfortable with the kids!!!

I know each of us likes to be armchair coaches at times, but when 97%!!! of the fan base has no faith in Tavarez and Seanez what does that say?

Tavarez got booed hard last night.

3 innings from the pen, Delcarmen was perfect, El Guapo 2 gives up a run and Tavarez gives up a run. Like we’ve been saying, Tavarez should only be in 8 run games.

Philly’s pen looked TERRIBLE agains the Yankees this week. Here’s hoping we can get to their starting pitching early and beat up on that pen this weekend. Beckett, Schill and Wake, you have to like those odds.

I think your optimism is justified thus far, Ian. Lots of young pitchers flame out after a good beginning to their Major League career, but I’d rather be optimistic that pessimistic. Al Nipper’s done a pretty decent job with what he’s had to work with on the pitching staff so far this year, so I think he’s likely to help Lester avoid the pitfalls of being a rookie pitcher in the bigs.

Sorry to hear of the delay in shipping your jersey, Ellen. You’re welcome to borrow my Trot T-shirt if you want. I know it’s not the same, but I’m sure I can get it to you by the end of the month if you want to use it to “represent.” It’s an XL, by the way.

And Dan, I have no idea what Kerhonkson means. We moved here a year ago. Lots of Ukrainians in the area, but the name doesn’t sound Ukrainian to me. All I know is the guys at work call me a “kerhonky” now.

After some of the pitching performances by the Sox this year, you have every right to be optimistic. It’s the only thing keeping us Sox fans from going insane… wait, too late…

I think we need to consider moving Varitek down in the lineup because of his poor performance with the bases loaded. With the amount of hits and walks Ortiz, Manny, and Trot get hitting 3-4-5, the #6 hitter is going to get a ton of chances to hit with the bases loaded. Does it make any sense to have our worst bases loaded guy get the most bases loaded chances? He is a career .230 hitter with over 100 At-Bats, so something is obviously wrong (most players hit better with the bases loaded). That stat is even more misleading because it doesn’t show the multitude of grounding into double plays that happens because he doesn’t have speed. I love Varitek, but the numbers don’t lie and its pretty disheartening to see rallies die so quickly like last night’s first inning. If Crisp can keep his average and power numbers comparable to Varitek, I would consider moving him to the 6 spot. He provides the switch-hitting benefit that Varitek does and he has the speed to avoid almost all double play grounders.

Rayman, If they were to move Tek from the 6 hole, I would prefer to see Lowell. Coco hasn’t shown me enought patience to earn it. He is constantly swinging at the first pitch after someone walks on 4 pitches. And with guys on base, he’s swinging at 2-0 and 3-0 counts and killing rallies. I really want to love the guy (in a man loving his team sort of way you perverts!) but every at bat seems like an adventure. Each game this series he started 0-3 in clutch spots, then got hits after the Sox were WAY up in the score. Granted, he did get a clutch hit in Atlanta Sunday, but I just haven’t seen enough to warrant a move into that spot.

Surprisingly, Coco is 4-10 with a 2-0 count this year. It seems like it’s not that high, but his results are actually pretty good. Lowell is a solid choice too, but he’s very prone to double play grounders batting from the right side with no speed.

daniel: It is with great sorrow that I say that the game I’ll be attending is not at Fenway, it’s at Dolphin (JOE ROBBIE< PRO PLAYER) stadium, how I wish I could go to The Grand Dame of Baseball Stadiums, oh well maybe next year.

Didn’t know that stat. I must have just seen the other six. LOL.
Who would win in a race, Mike Lowell or Doug Mirabelli??

Whatever they put in Gonzales’s coffee should be spread around the rest of the team.

when theo said that he’s looking at staters, i foolishly assusmed he ment barry zito, d-train, etc., and not guys picked off the scrap pile (kyle snyder, jason johnson [both had been designated for a assignment]) why not make it the trifecta and pick up russ ortiz (just put on waivers by arizona) ian, is theo looking into picking up russ? i know it’s unlikely because 3/4 of the league has a shot at getting him before we get a chance to but he ain’t a bad pitcher.

I haven’t read anything to say he’s looking elsewhere (of course I didn’t read anything about Johnson either) but I don’t think a top name pitcher is going to be available.
The A’s have crept back in it, they would be dumb to trade Zito unless they fall out of contention by the end of July and I don’t see that happening.

The Giants have one last shot with this being Bonds’ last year before free agency so I doubt they’d trade Schmidt.

The Marlins will ask for the world to get Willis so I don’t see that happening. While that doesn’t help us, it also doesn’t help the other teams (Yankees) that need help.

Health is alway the big if, but if this staff stay intact we have a real good top 4. I mean, REAL GOOD. Now Snyder might have been a one start wonder but who knows, he might tear it up in AAA and be an average # 5 if we need him. I don’t think Pauley would do too bad either. Maybe Johnson could fit the bill.

I think what we need another proven arm in the pen. It is obvious that right now Tito doesn’t have enough confidence in the young guys due to lack of experience but yet he seems to believe in veterans that have underperformed. Tavarez has made himself untradeable with the way he’s thrown.

One more solid arm to either spell Timlin and lead up to him will be a perfect fit.

The line up is solid, the starting 4 is solid and the back end of the pen is solid.

I don’t know the arms that would be available to make this happen, but I’m sure Theo has something working up there.

On a side note, what type of reception do you think Pedro should get when he comes back and throws on Wednesday??

Hindsight is 20/20 but at the time I know 90% of us thought he might be wearing down so not giving into his 4 year demand was smart. I wish he would have accepted the 3 year deal so I can expect some boos for people that consider him selfish. If I were there I would be giving him a stando O. The guy was a virtual win 7 out of every 10 times he pitched while he was here and while he was a bit quirky, he helped make that team of Idiots fun.

I hope we pound the **** out of him, but I still hope he gets his deserved respect from our Nation.

yeah it was kind of foolish to assume what i assumed because a) the AL and NL west are both very winnable divisions and b) the marlins are actually doing good and instead of waiting 3-4 years to contend, they could only be a year away. plus willis is only 23.

but what about john smoltz. there isn’t a snowballs chance in **** the braves are making the playoffs this year and i think that organization owes him one for the 20 great years he gave them. (the yanks aren’t gonna get him cause they got no prospects and what prospects thye do have atlanta will want)

as good as lester has been you have to consider the fact that there not very detailed scouting reports on him (if any at all) and only 3 teams have seen him (2 in the NL). unfortunatly once teams acquire a decent scouting report on him and the more teams see himthings might be different. but you never know. pauley got knock around in 2 of his 3 starts.

I don’t really have a warm spot for Pedro. He couldn’t beat the Yankees in a big game and then had to make it worse with the “My Daddy” comment. Could there have anything dumber he could have said? His last few years were very predictable, usually sputtering out by the 6th inning. Good riddance.
The National League is a joke, so he can pad his stats all he wants there… doesn’t mean he would have been successful in Boston.

starsfan, I agree with your assesment on Pauley. He did get knocked around but it looked like if could ever be consistent keeping the ball down he would be an effective pitcher. That more than likely isn’t going to happen this year. If and when DiSaster gets off the DL, I don’t think he should get another chance. He blew whatever chance he had with his starts early in the year.
Yes Lester has only 3 starts, but he has been the Sox most prized prospect for the past few years. Every deal that teams wanted to make with us involved Lester. I have to believe it’s because they all saw him pitch and know he was electric. You don’t try and trade for a guy on word of mouth alone. That is why I think he, more than any of the others, stands a chance to be the real deal long term. He is only going to get better with Schill mentoring him.

As far as Smoltz goes, that would be great, but unfortunately I think it’s wishful thinking. He said that if a deal would help the Braves build for the future that he would OK a trade. The Sox are set for the future. I don’t see them unloading prospects for a pitcher that might only give them one or 2 more years when they have such a deep prospect pool that is built for success.

If one of these guys,(Snyder, Johnson) can prove themselves in the next month the Sox might be better off standing pat.

I know this is looking ahead, but when the playoffs come a team only needs 4 starters, some only need 3.

I can only think of Chicago that has as good of a front 3 than us.

Even being a huge Sox fan, I can say I can’t think of too many things funnier than 50,000 Yankee fans chanting “Who’s your daddy?”
Can you possibly imagine if the Sox didn’t make that comeback how the course of history between Sox and Yankee fans would have changed?

Instead of hearing “1918” chants all our lives we would be hearing “Who’s your daddy” even if Pedro wasn’t here.

Ian, too answer the $1.000,000.00 question is this Lester kid for real, I have to say that I believe he is. I do not know whether I am ready to hand him the keys to the fifth starter spot yet, but with the state of our rotation after #3 I am ready to give him a shot. I think the key to success for the remainder of the year has to be hitting. Anyway after rambling through that I would like to say welcome back to Mr. Fagan. I would also like to wish to Ellen a great time at the ballpark and certainly hope that you get to see a Red Sox win. You know it aint no wonder the yanks aint won a series lately, they cant beat the NL. In case I had forgot to mention it before I really do not like the yanks or anything about them.

Getting Smoltz would present a very interesting situation. He did very well as a closer for three years in Atlanta. Would you put him into the starting rotation or make him the closer and put Papelbon in the rotation? You might be right Kevin, it might be wishful thinking, but it’s kind of fun to imagine the possibilities until Theo makes an actual move for us to cogitate on.

Lester looks as good as gold. He gets a lot of strikeouts, for such early debut. However, his walks and number of balls are still concerning. From gameday, I saw a lot of his pitches were out of the strike zone and somehow, he got the Nationals hitters to swing at those pitches. Is he that good at fooling the Nationals? I don’t think the hitters just were so bad. So, it’s still a question and how he will fare against a contender (Mets) or the tougher American League (TB may be a good way to ease in, not the White Sox). I’m quite sold on him, but still have some reservations.

As for all the talk about Smoltz, I don’t think another NL guy will come benefit the Sox. Come on, he’s 40’s and spent his entire career (though I have to say an excellent one) in Atlanta. Who knows how he will fare here? It’s a big risk and unwise one.

Ok, look to catch Clemens tonight. Another season of Rocket watch. Bon soir.

As for Pedro, he deserves nothing but wholehearted ovation. Sure he exited in most unfavourable terms and relations with the media/ownership/fans, but he gave the Sox all he had and a most dominating effort. He defined the Red Sox from 1999-2003. Any boo toward him would be insulting to the team, fans and the city.

I am supposed to go to a sox at Fenway in August with my uncle I am 5 rows from the field Not sure if i am (want to)He has season tickets…go though..Should I go?…It would be a vacation though as i live in Arizona..

Kaylee, never turn down an oppurtunity to go to Fenway Park. In my short life (I’m 13) I have been there 7 times and let me tell you each time i go it still fascinates me. It is a jewel of a ballpark that everyone baseball fan should be able to see. Also, welcome back Mr.Fagan. I hope that your vacation was most enjoyable. We all missed your insight into our beloved Red Sox. I agree with houp. Pedro shoul be given a standing ovation. He did many things for the Red Sox and he should be applauded for that. Even though we didn’t win the World Series that year why dont we all look back on the time that Pedro came out of the bullpen and pitched so well that we wont the decisive game 5 against the Indians. That is my memory of Pedro and if I was at the stadium that night i would definetly applaud for him. Now if he went to the Yankees like Damon did he would be definetly booed.

Gosox101-I am having a hard time believing you are only 13
Thanks for the advice.


Ha thank you Haylee. Yes I am 12 i just try to use big words to sound older. I get the feeling I’m one of the younger bloggers here. So bred tonite. No sox. I think im going through withrdawls (think thats to big of a wrod for me). I really miss seeing the Sox blow out other teams.

Ha thank you Kaylee. Yes I am 12 i just try to use big words to sound older. I get the feeling I’m one of the younger bloggers here. So bred tonite. No sox. I think im going through withrdawls (think thats to big of a wrod for me). I really miss seeing the Sox blow out other teams.

Sorry bout that Kalyee.

HA gosox101 You want me to believe 12 now

wow, i didnt know that there were any bloggers younger than me. i turned 15 a week ago. i cant talk to my friends cause i only talk about the sox. thats why i come here

Starsfan:I am only 14 older than me

u guys r young kiddos. red sox kid nationers haha

n gosox101, u say u r young, but ur baseball knowledge n english use is way above ur age, but then again, there r prodigies out there

ok, go to sleep n do ur hw guys =D

Anyone else out there catch the great article about Ian in today’s West Roxbury/Roslindale Transcript? Check it out at

danielfagan,rayman and Ellen:
Oh and cannot forget Gosoxred

Your guys know our sox right?

anyways I need some advice:

Should I go to those games at fenway with my uncle? :He is offering me seats 5 rows from the field They are playing the Cleveland Indians.He has those tix for all three games(joy of being a season Tix holder)I live in arizona so it would be a nice vacation.Anyways is Fenway a good ballpark I have never been there….?Thanks


btw-Danielfagan You can just
cal me kaylee that is my name I have no clue about the emailaddress where I got it oh well


I get it now ellen No sox game No post by you…You post every other night what is up with that?

P.s. I wrote a note for you earlier


Hey Houp:
IS there anything wrong with us kids reading this blog??I mean do you have something against us?We are young,but we

still love our sox…Is that a problem…I like this blog because we all get along unlike some of the yankee blogs.Plus,I hate the yankees anyway do not we all?


kaylee: sorry I got a call that took me in to work for a double today, but I’ll admit when there’s no game i suffer a bit of exhaustion and sometimes take the day off from the blog although I do read every word that y’all write. I just walked in the door about 20 minutes ago. So here I am. >>> KAYLEE, IF YOU TURN DOWN THE INVITATION TO FENWAY, YOU WILL REGRET IT. (and daniel and I might just utter the word idiot!!,just joking) YOU NEVER KNOW HOW LONG SOMETHING WILL BE AROUND. I wanted to see the Boston Garden and never got there.(COUSEY, HAVLICEK (?), MCHALE, AURBABACH(?)? I’LL KICK MY SELF FOREVER NOT TO HAVE SEEN THE PARQUAY FLOOR AND THE BANNERS THAT FLEW ABOVE) Don’t forget The Majestic Fenway has been there since 1912!!!! Please don’t let me sound too old, but PLEASE take the opportunity presented to you.. I don’t know what I’d do to get to Fenway… (by the way, if you don’t go would your uncle adopt me??) I’m a very not so unprecocious 40 plus “girl”. By the way, I think it’s great that you blog here. If you hadn’t told your age I never would have questioned it. You come off as a very informed Sox Fan. There is nothing about what you write that would give you away, (well except maybe that Blue Jays hoorah last night or today!!) (just joking) hey, If you’ve got enough baseball love to go around, love who you will!! (but NEVER THE YANKEES), and it always must be THE RED SOX FIRST!! Please DO NOT PASS UP THE CHANCE TO GO TO THE PREMIER STADIUM, IT’S PART OF HISTORY AND YOU WILL NEVER FORGET IT. I’m getting goose bumbs and tears in my eyes as I’m writing this because I fear I’ll never get there.

GO KAYLEE, GO, go for me!!!!

Daniel, go back and read Kaylee’s and give her lleh!! She’d just has to go!!

i must say though that i have hated the yankees longer than i could understand baseball. i wasnt brought up a sox fan. my dad was a reds fan and my mom a tigers. i just found em by myself and i now represent red sox nation in las vegas nevada.

gosoxred: i agree 100%. dinardo will hurt our rotation more than he will help it. even though the guys theo is picking up arent world class pitchers, we’ve got to trust his judgement and our coaching staff to get the best out of each and every player. plus some of the guys hes getting are seasoned vetswho know what they’re doing.

as for lester, he could end put another barry zito, cy young annd all (a bit premature, sure). he has a nasty curve that will get better with age and he has great zip to his fastball and decent movement to his cutter. i think he will be a key player down the stretch.

If your “uncle” REALLY IS your uncle…and if you will be accompanied by a responsible family member who cares about your well being, Kaylee, then your question is a rhetorical one. Answer MY question which will answer YOUR question: “Does a big black bear “go” in the woods?” Get it? And, since my tickets are in the nose bleed sections with obstructed views, your uncle’s tickets five seats from the playing field engenders a bit of envy from me…along with a suspicion that you’re doing a bit of bragging. In that case, I hope Wally The Green Monster pees on yours, as well as your uncle’s, shoes. Welcome to the world of adults, Kaylee, and welcome to you and other young adults to our blog. Just be careful, and…that being the case, HAVE FUN !!!

Kaylee, simply put, there is absolutely NO WAY to turn down a game at Fenway. While I could go over the history and feel of the park as much as I want, I don’t think it would do it justice….you’ve probably heard that already anyway.
Just being AROUND Fenway on gameday is something to experience. Yawkey way, Landsdown street, all the bars (Wait,you’re too young for that so never mind that I said that). Whether it is for a Yankee game or a Royal game, the excitement on the street from the hot dog vendor to the guy trying to scalp last month’s tickets, there is nothing like it.

After the game, depending on where you are staying and how you have to get home, is just as exciting as well.

I’m going to preface this by saying I HATE BEING IN CROWDED LINES, but when you are with 30,000 of your closest friends trying to cram onto the “T” at Kenmore it is the perfect way to end the night.


As far as the ages are concerned on this blog, I’m really impressed. I’ve been on a few other blogs to check them out and have seen some absolute ridiculous comments going back and forth that show either shortsightedness for their respective team or just an overall lack of knowledge.
Everyone here from you to old (older, how’s that?) has shown respect for each other and have had knowledgeable comments on our Sox. This is whyI look forward to posting each day.

Have a good day everyone and I’ll see you tonight.

sorry, meant to say from “young to old”

andy, u know i was just joking and kidding right?

anyways, have fun at fenway park, u definitely should take time to go, just bring lots of money, arrive early, remember not to take the E Green line on the T.

haha Ian, does the media get commissions or kickbacks from MLB if it can drum up new “rivalries” to sell? I keep hearing pushes for our “developing rivalry” with the PHILLIES and speculation on a second NYC “rivalry” with the Mets.

I don’t think we compete with any NL team in any way that could be considered a rivalry. If we came up against the same NL team in the world series a dozen times in a row, maybe I could see that… But we may see these teams once a season, twice tops, and that’s just not gonna do it.

The sox have ONE rival. If there’s a second team that we seem to have developing “tension” with that heightens games a bit, I’d say it’s Tampa Bay… As far behind us as they usually sit, since the run of hit batters the air’s seemed a bit thick between the teams. I didn’t think it’d carry over to the new players, but then Tavarez socked Gathright and it began anew. And again, that’s just tension. Let’s let rivalries earn their titles!

I enthusiastically and optimisticly agree with you about Lester! I love all these young arms coming up. It definitely gives the team a shot in the arm; there’s such a great energy around the Sox right now!

Psyched for the game after the day off… GO SOX!


Possible good news for the Sox tonight. Phillies starting pitcher got arrested this morning:

He has a 3.77 ERA and pitched well against the Yanks last week. Hopefully he’ll get benched or at least be pre-occupied thinking about his time in the slammer.

Correction, Myers is pitching tomorrow. Let’s hope the Sox help punish him for his crime.

speaking of taverez socking gathright, maybe taverez should sock him again the next time they play the royals. that would do us good for him to get suspended another 10 games (but then he would really be untradeable)

Thanks Guys I am going I have decided if i do not I will regret It….
I will be back tonight


Oh and starsfan:We are hopin Taverez will get suspended again??Isn’t that going a little extreme there?
DanielFagan:Thanks for the smart alick answer

Ellen:You told him to do that?

Houp:I figured you were kidding I just wanted to give you greif about it


Well guys, (and girls) GAME ON!! Unfotunatley, I won’t be able to watch the game, I’ll be at work. (Daniel, no need to worry about the possibilty of falling off the bar stool!! I will be behind the bar, unlike other servers I know I have a strict rule about not partaking while on shift),So please update me through the blog, please..
Hopefully Beckett will have his stuff tonight, and the bats are still hot. I’ve gotta go get ready now, so i’ll catch ya later, and…. “LET’S GO REDSOX, LET’S GO!!!

We looks like there is a rain delay? Anyways Is it ugly in boston or will the game start?

Pitchers are warming up does that mean anything though?

I hear it’s ugly up there but the gameday page is showing that they are in “warmup” instead of delay, so maybe they are getting ready to play.

IAN, Where are you?? Do you have an update?

Gosoxred:arent we special gameday my way of follow the game tonight too

Game time 7:45 according to the Dirt Dogs web site

SOrry Kaylee, I don’t want to sound like I’m rubbing it in, I actually have the baseball package, but the channel the SOx game is on just says rain delay. I was checking on line to see if there was an update. I’ll be watching.
I’ll give you updates on how it looks, though.

Ok thanks. It should be soon then.

okay bostonians whats the weather deal?

IS the game on gameday says it is?

Watching the game. It doesn’t look like it’s raining now, but the skys don’t look great. I wonder if this might be a 5 or 6 inning game.
Beckett went 1,2,3 in the 1st.

Manny just homered! 3-0 in the first.😀

thanks for the updates, Red Sox will kick philly but tonight and the rest of the weekend. Lets go Red Sox and lets go Marlins!

Yes… Let’s go for the sweep..🙂 hopefully the Marlins can come back -they’re down 6-3 now😦

by the way, my name is Gris. nice to meet you, dthatcher1.

Beckett is looking good – all 9 batters retired!! he must be fired up; I wish I could actually watch the game, but I settle for gameday for now and then wait for the highlights on Baseball Tonight or SportsCenter.

The sweep would be good how many sweeps do the sox have in em? they already did 2 in a row


Com on A-gon even though you cant hit.

Lay off A-Gon. He’s hitting as much as anyone.

Another sweep will be good. That Myers incident this morning was really bad. Hope Schilling and the lineup beats the pulp out of him.******** David Bell, of all people broke up Beckett’s perfect game! Bollocks.

Nice to meet you gris, I only post once in awhile. Now for those folks who are still on Gonzos back, you should give him a break. His hitting has improved and he has saved many game changing plays and runs. I know that we are used to winning by scoring, but we did not win the series untill we shored up our infield by getting rid of a player who had many errors.

OOh You guys Want me to lay off ALez Gonzalez I wil

Ellen –

Nixon just doubled.. 🙂


Go Manny!!

That’s true, I like Gonzo – he’s not the best hitter, but his defense is outstanding.

Yea He is good Defensively

Good game by Beckett today. Sorry for losing that perfecto but the world’s not perfecto.

he’s picking up better numbers too.

What is his pitch count is he comming out for the 9th?

WAY to go KAPLER!!! 3-run homer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


he has 104 pitches. Do you think Francona will send him out again?

Probaly not

that clean up spot is living up to its name tonight!!! 2 homers for Manny and one for Kapler!!!

Yeah, I thought so too. Timlim is out now.

I am just glad it was not tavarez or seanez though

me too. We have to trade tavarez or something – maybe theo got johnson because he’s a sinker ball pitcher too??

Game over – 10-2!! Let’s go Red Sox.😀

Good GAme all around…Congrats too Gabe Kapler for his first homer back(ph Homer)For his injury.

Hey guys!! anybody hanging out in the Nation tonight??, I just got home from “the office”, (FIREMAN’S BENEVOLENT ASSOC. HALL, I tend bar there part time.) There was a party for all the new rookies so I had absolutley no time to look at the screens tonight. I had 1 customer keep me up to date on the Marlins v yankees, sad outcome but the Marlins tried to give us some more breathing room, they just fell a little short, good try. I’m reading that Beckett really brought it tonight, I’m sorry his perfect game was broken up. But his performance should have really taken care of any self esteem/confidence problems that were remaining. Nice pitch to strike ratio; 104-71.. GOOD GAME JOSH!!
gris: thanks for the trot update. GOOD NEWS ON THE TROT JERSEY FRONT: I was sent an update that it was picked up at the factory by DHL tonight, so keep EVERYTHING CROSSED!! It would just make my 1st MLB game perfect if I could wear his jersey. Anyway I’m here for a little while if anyon else is still awake.

P>S> Hopefully FOX will actually broadcast the game that they’ve been advertising. No game thursday night, I missed tonights game, so I’m really starting to get the CRSD withdrawl symptoms. (compulsive red sox disorder). I love the Nation we’ve got!!

hey fellow Nationers. I just got back from a week long vacation on the Cape and I must say i definitly missed these conversations. We didn’t have a tv at the cottage so I was quite surprised to come back and discover a 6-game win streak!

ellen: I’m actually quite relieved you haven’t attended your game yet, I was going to be quite sad if I wasn’t around to read your reactions! I’m thinking Trot’s going to have a huge night after he hears his biggest fan is in the stands.

In any case, I heard two bits of news about the Sawx when I got back, both of which depressed me.

1. I missed Lester’s 10 K game.

2. JASON JOHNSON??!! I live in PA about two hours from Cleveland so I hear alot of Indians coverage and all I’ve been hearing is that this guy is a complete ******. He gets torn up from the media and from opposing batters. What the heck do we want with him?!

Anyways, I’m glad to be back, I hope you guys didn’t miss me too much.

kgr1: Thanks for thinking about me and my innaugural MLB LIVE experience, I just can’t wait!!I was able to upgrade my seats to behind home plate, I’m so excited!! I’m a 6 year old wiating for Santa, I haven’t felt like this, EVER!
From what I’ve read about Johnson, he does well with a really good infield staff (pop ups, double plays, ground balls), so with our defensive diamond, I’m hoping he does well. As I said in an earlier post, how much can he do that we didn’t see earlier with Clement faultering, Dinardo etc.I say let’s give him the benfit of the doubt, and I hope that doesn’t come back to bite me in the cheeks!!

I hope you and yours had a great week at the Cape, (another 1st I want to be able to experience).

Well Daniel, my friend, I finished my shift at 1:30, and now I’ve sufficiently chilled out, (no drinking), I thought maybe I’d hear from you. Now it’s time for sleep, talk tomorrow> g’night my friend!

Great win last night. Once again that bats were on early. 6 runs in the first 2 innings to give Josh a comfortable lead so he could go out there and relax. Rem Dawg mentioned that Beckett has averaged 21 pitches in his first inning this year. This is why he hasn’t been able to go deep in games. His pitch count has been so high so early in the game. Tonight he threw strikes (no walks) and looked sharp. Yes he did add to his ever increasing homerun total, but when you are up 6 runs I don’t think you are trying so much to prevent that more so than trying to throw strikes to get out of innings.
Manny and Gabe, the # 4 sport in the order combined to go 4-5 with 3 homeruns, double and 8 RBI’s. Lowell got a couple of hits to break out of his mini-slump and Youk had a couple more hits and drive in the other runs. A-Gon has his average up to .260 now. He’s officially hitter better than Tek. 2 months ago I would have thought Willie “I better not play in another meaningful game again” Harris would have a better batting average. Nice job A-Gon.

Well, I have an early tee-time so I can get back in time to catch the first pitch.

See you all this afternoon.

hello. Can you all do me a favor and take “sam” out of the yankees blog, she is rather pathetic and we are all convinced by now she is a spy. In other news, i sense myers will get blown up today

Jesser, I’ve been watching Sam’s posts for a while now and I have to believe there is someway Mark can block him/her from posting. It’s beyone ridiculous at this point how bad he/she is.

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