Schill on the Hill

Lester spins a beauty Wednesday night; Beckett follows suit on Friday. Is today Schilling’s turn? Not so far, as the Phillies are off to a quick 2-0 lead.

But in the grand scheme of things, I think this pitching staff is an absolutely perfect situation for Schilling. He’s got young guys like Lester, Papelbon and Beckett pushing him.

Sure, Schilling is rooting those guys on and helping them every step of the way. But this guy is one of the fiercest competitors in the game. He wants to prove that even at the age of 39, he’s still right with these guys.

Schilling pitches so much with his mind now, he really uses that side of the game to his advantage. it reminds me of the early 1990s when Bird, McHale and Parish lost a step but were still high level players because of how smart they were. That’s the same deal with Schilling right now.

It’s going to be sad to see the Red Sox go back to Varsity competition in a couple of weeks. Yes, the NL really has become the JV.

Talk to you later,



I agree, Ian. Schill seems to have conquered the mental side of the game, and seems to have a great understanding of the concessions that need to be made as an aging pitcher. He keeps extensive notes of every AB and is still the highly emotional competitor he always has been.

He’s not putting up Cy Young numbers this season but he’s one of the most solid pitchers in the game and I’d want him on the mound over almost anybody.

You mentioned the young guys pushing him, but on the other hand, this is the perfect situation for the young guns as well. Schill seems to be the perfect mentor: willing, accomplished, positively critical…what more could Paps, Lester, and Beckett ask for?

On another note, pretty harsh jab at the NL there, Brownie.

your comment on the NL is harsh, but true. I’m listening to the white sox-astros game on the radio (i dont have the sox game due to i live on the west coast) and the announcer said that its probably only gonna take only 85 wins to win the NL wild card and it might end up taking 95+ game to win it in the AL.

but it should be an interesting series against the mets next week. a possible world series match up.

Joe Buck just said the Loretta left the game today with a strained neck and is day to day.
Let’s end this is style. Come on boys.

Papelbon is amazing as usual, stuck out 4 batters on ten faced.

Time to score a run guys, go Youk!

Walk-off HR # 8 for Ortiz!!!!!!!


Alex cora goes up the middle. The camera man pans to the skies and all there is for miles is sheets of rain. Big Papi steps up to the plate, I say to my husband, Now is his time and that you couldn’t paint a prettier picture for him and he does it!!! Goosebumps upon goosebumps. THANK YOU, PAPI!!!!


Is there anybody bigger than Big Papi? Wow.

Schill had good outing, I still think Francoma left him out too long in the 7th. But I give big props to the bullpen esp. Lopez for that DP and Papelbon, who deserved every bit of the win. Schill had another great game and deserved a win no. 10.

NL truthfully has become JV type, let’s rock and roll against their best, Mets next week and dribble balls through their infielders next week. Woot. Look forward to see how the fans react to Pedro.

AGAIN!! Watching Ortiz round second, it almost looked like he was bored with himself. (Once he saw the team waiting at the plate that big grin appeared) He’s so used to doing this, it’s amazing.
That was so much more clutch than a lot of us realize. Papelbon was done, the next releiver out of the pen if we didn’t score was more than likely Timlin or Tavarez. If it was Tavarez, that would have meant trouble. Papi saved more work on the pen and got Pap another win.

How many of you that were able to get the game on FOX muted the TV after Tim McCarver started talking about Scrabble in the 3rd inning or so? That guy is so irritating. Sometime I think Joe Buck sets him up to say stupid things because he gets a kick out of hearing just how many ridiculous things McCarver can say.

One more, let’s go Wake and finish the weekend off in style.

I agree with Ian about the NL. Joe Buck and McCarver were discussing the same thing, (i just can’t stand McCarver, never could) Buck said that the AL batting lineups are just so deep, as opposed to the NL due to the lack of the DH. Whenever I listen to the ESPN radio updates, they’ll give the National League scores (1st)and then say ..”and on the junior circuit today…”. How is that any less a jab than what Ian wrote. Out of the last 20 years the American League has dominated the World Series 12-7 (no series 1994). So to say that the NL is the weaker of the 2, I don’t see as a jab. Just plain simple and true.

gosoxred: I couldn’t agree with you more about McCarver. To me he is like nails on the blacboard or squeaky styrofoam: drives me nuts.
Curt was throwing some serious heat. I was able to read his lips a couple of times today when he gave up hits, naughty, naughty.

The thing about scrabble? Tomorrow there having a picnic after the game on the field, they are auctioning off a bunch of things. One is playing video games with Trot (anybody got an extra 10grand or so I can borrow?) and an evening playing scrabble with JonBon. That would be interesting. How many points for “REDSOX NATION”?

I saw today that they may be thinking of throwing Jason Johnson Monday. If so they say that Schill will go next Saturday. That would be wicked great as that’s the game I’m going to!!!

We dodged a bullet today. IMHO Terry didn’t make a mistake in waiting til the bases were loaded to pull Curt – the damage was done as soon as he let him start the inning.

I could have happily lived with the line being drawn under Curts outing after the 6th – 2ER, 10K, 103 pitches thrown – and have let Manny pitch the 7th from the start. Had we been cruising then I could understand letting Curt pitch the 7th and try to ring up a few more Ks. But in a 1 run game with fresh arms in the pen IMHO the team should have come before personal stats.

The AL is called ‘the junior circuit’ because it is younger, not because it is inferior. The NL was founded around the 1870’s, and the AL wasn’t founded until around the turn of the century. So the ‘junior’ label has nothing to do w/ being insulting or condescending.

I just thought I should go ahead and throw my two cents in on the disscussion of leaving Shill in for the 7th. You are talking about a very experienced pitcher who had struck out ten, and was not showing any signs of really struggling up untill the seventh. I know because of the Grady Pedro thing that we all like to say that the manager should just make the decisions on whether that pitcher stays or goes. This is easy to say for those of us who do not have to maintain a working relationship with these competitors. Although Shills pitch count was up there it was not incredibly high and even after he got into trouble in the seventh, I don’t think there is a player who was on that field who would not have wanted Shill to have the chance to work his way out untill it was really evident that he was not going to be able to. Anyway onto todays game Lets hope the bats stay hot for Wake and give him another good night of run support and that he pitches another good game.

sigepmjs: I wasn’t aware of that, thanks for setting me straight.
I have to work today so please you guys, keep me updated, so when I come home tonight, I can read what happened throughout the game. I’ll post you guys later. ps… where is robn,danielfagan and robertmarshall???

Francona should’ve pulled Shilling after six. He’d thrown his hundred pitches. The Red Sox ‘pen was rested. Let them pitch the last three: Delcarman, Lopez, Timlin (if necessary), & Papelbon. Schilling would’ve had a smaller e.r.a. & one more w. if Francona had told him “Good job” after six.

Although I’m glad to see another Red Sox victory, I’m sorry that they left so many on base. The l.o.b.s have killed them for a few games already, and when they return to playing better teams (Blue Jays, Tigers, White Sox, Yankees), the l.o.b.s could bite our boys on the collective ***. They need to work a little harder to get guys home.

I didn’t realize that we couldn’t speak (write) like adults here, that this was an apple juice blog. Let me say that the “****” in my post was a synonym for derriere. Capiche?

Matthew, I thought that you would know from earlier posts that since there are younger bloggers here that inappropriate words are well…inappropriate.

To Kaylee, I am sorry for all the errors in my last post. I was in a rush because I was leaving for New Jersey. Matthew, I do agree with the displeasure in the men left on base. It may be sufficient enough to win against the NL but against the superior teams in the AL. We need to find some way to make sure that if men get on base that they end up scoring. Just throwing out an idea but why dont we bunt or use the hit and run as often as the NL teams. It may be an affective way to move along to runners and get something going in an inning. i guess we can forget that offday tommorrow sInce that will be playing “todays” game tommorrow.HUH?

But Hey lets take care of those PHILLIES TOMMORROW and then the Mets.

I was just logged onto and it looks like the game will happen today. Can we have many more rescheduled rain outs before we run out of “off” days to replay them?? What happens if the schedule does not allow the teams to meet again?? Can that affect the outcome of the division race? I never really thought about it before, I guess because I have the capability to see every game now, I notice the rain outs more.
I hope that Wake has a really good game today, especially since the yankees lost last night. I saw bits and pieces of yesterdays ny vs fl game and the marlins bats (or lack there of)reminded me of the games where our our pitchers just didn’t get the run support that they needed. the evening game ended 5-0 with the Yankees on the losing end. Now we need a win today to keep the momentum going. We need some more cushion between the Sox and the rest.

It seems as if the majority of us took the day off from the blog. I look forward to reading your posts today before and after the game.


Ellen, if the game is rained out today (I hope not) and if the Sox and Phils don’t have a mutual day off the rest of the year, they would only make up the game if it would affect either team’s playoff implications. Anyone please correct me if I’m wrong, but unless the Sox were a 1/2 game up or down (Same with the Phils) they wouldn’t play the game.
On another note, I just read that you will be seeing Wakefield pitch on Saturday at your first game! Hopefully it’s a nice hot night where the knuckler is dancing all over the place.

I’m glad the Sox fans tore up Brett Myers on Saturday. That guy is a disgrace and the Phillies should have had more class than to let him pitch in a game 36 hours after beating on his wife.

I only wish we were able to beat on him a little more.

I hope we don’t have a let down today with the anticipation of the Mets coming in town. Like Ian said, we get back to playing the varsity next week, but this will be a good indication of just how hot the bats are. The Sox will face Pedro, Glavine, Dontrell Willis and that rookie Johnson from Florida this week. If they can scrape out 3 of 4 from those starters, that should be a good indication of how things are shaping up.

Time for the Braves to break out of their funk and take a couple from the Yanks this week. 4 hours till gametime.

Kevin, I believe you are correct. If it will make a difference in the standings at the end of the season, the league WILL find a way to get all scheduled games played. If a team is 2 games back and has only one game that didn’t get played, they can finish the season with only 161 games played. As a matter of fact, Milwuakee, Toronto and Tampa Bay all finished the 2004 season with only 161 games played.

I think the stat they quoted on Sportscenter yesterday was that the AL record in interleague play this year is something like 46-17. I’d be interested to see what the record is since the inception of interleague play. Obviously, it isn’t a complete picture, because all AL teams don’t play all of the NL teams, but statistically one would think it has to even out somehow (i.e., even if the worst NL team plays the best AL team, good NL teams also play poor AL teams). But the interleague record coupled with the results of the last few World Series would seem to indicate that the AL is generally better than the NL (although the Royals STILL stink, despite their recent winning ways).

Hey Nationers!! Was anyone as lucky as me to be able to watch todays game?? If you look at the stands, it looks like there was a major “redsox flu” that started this morning. There almost filled.

That strike 2 call to Trot was at least 6 inches outside. Why must this insanity continue?

I just got back from a sales call and it looks like the Phils loaded the bases here in the 7th and for some reason Tito brought in Seanez.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

I guess its time to put Seanez back into the “He stinks” mode. Might have had a few good games a few weeks ago, but he’s back to the “clear the bases when he comes in” mode. Good thing Rollins pulled a Manny and didn’t start running until the ball went off the wall or he would have had an inside the park homer.

That worked out well.

I should have stayed out of the office. They were doing better when I wasn’t watching.
Any chance of Paps throwing 3 innings then miraculously recovering in time to be ready for tomorrow if needed?

Come on, I’d give up a run for a double play right now.

Come on lefty, one more.

I don’t want to jinx it but I think FOX showed a stat saying that Pat Burrell was hitting like .050 in clutch situations from the 7th inning on this year.
Here’s hoping Timlin comes in sharp.

Nice job TIMMY!

Javier Lopez is looking like a good pickup. Made Ryan Howard look silly with the tying run on second. ERA is down to 2.25. Thank God Timlin came in to clean up that mess. Francona needs to keep a closer eye on Wakefield… he goes from cruising along to bases loaded, no outs in a matter of a few pitches.

Great bunt by Coco. He should continue to do that until the corner infielders really cheat in… then it will be even easier to slap hits by them.

Hey guys, my MLB.COM and gameday are locked up, can you give me a batter by batter call???

6 outs to go with Timlin and Papelbon. These are the guys we want out there.

Lowell grounded out
Coco bunted on, got caught stealing.

Mirabelli grounded out.

Top 8, 6-5 Sox.

Thanks, you’re doing me a great service, I’m going nuts not being able to watch!! Pls keep me posted/

Do you think we could trade Seanez and Tavarez for some nice cushions for the guys in the bull pen?? Would that be an unfair trade?? Would we have to include cash in the deal to make it work?

Thank you gosoxred, I finally got the feed back. but just in case can you keep it going??? I just saw Timlin leave and Jon-Bon head in.. FINGERS CROSSED (as well as everything else!!!)

Sorry Ellen,
Here’s your update.

Timlin got a fly out, pop up, just gave up a double and Papelbon is coming in.

6-5, 2 outs top 8. Jimmy Rollins at the plate.

Why papelbon in the 8th?

Rollins grounds out. 6-5 going to the bottom of the 8th. He’ll have to go through Utley, Abreu and Howard in the 9th.
Should be fun.

I have a meeting in 10 minutes. URGH, I’m going to miss the 9th.

Because nobody else could gt the job done. Hey kaylee, when are you going to THE PARK?? I’m going to see them
Saturday v the Marlins, can’t wait, now I’m behind home plate. Hopefully in full RedSox regalia!!!

kaylee, my mlb.comad gameday are locekd up, can you give me batter by batter???

I am going When they play cleveland In august 1,2,3.

Loretta out to end the inning

Heading into the top of the ninth, Redsox up 1.

Here we go. I haven’t been called into my meeting yet. Let’s make this quick!!

thanks guys!!! pls keep em coming!!! I hate this!!!!!

Solo homer by Utley. Decent pitch by Papelbon, high and inside, but knocked into the right field foul poul.

Utley Homers off paps tied at 6

That’s not good. Gameday makes it look like that just went around Pesky’s pole. Was it a good hit or a cheapo?
Paps ERA just skyrocketed to .47. Come on kid, regroup and Papi will win it in the 9th.

Solo homer by Utley. Decent pitch by Papelbon, high and inside, but knocked into the right field foul poul.

He walks abreu com on

Man, this isn’t good. I didn’t think he was human. A homerun and a walk in the same inning.

Problem now is that he is going to have to throw a lot of pitches and might not be available tomorrow.
If Seanez could have done anything, they wouldn’t have been in this situation.

Fly ball for a sac fly, ground ball, anything but a single and a triple.

Ryan howard strikesout

It was a line drive, probably would have hooked foul. Really need to get a K or DP here to calm things down. Strikes Out Howard.

Strikes out Howard. Abreu on 1st, one out. (In case you still don’t have your feed Ellen)

Rowand grounds into a force out. Rowand on 1st, 2 outs.

Roward ground into force out 2 outs

It worked last time when I brought up the stat that Burrell is hitting like .050 in the 7th inning on in close games. Let’s do it again.

The worst part about this is that Wakefield lost out on another “W”. Guy has the best ERA on the staff and the worst record. Go figure.

Burrell strikes out… Lets go for another WALK OFF!!!

Struck out burrell come on sox score here

Burrell K’s in the clutch again.
We have to win it here. If Tavarez gets in this game we are in TROUBLE!!

Ortiz grounds out

Well hopefully Manny can put one into the Monster seats.

Didnt happen he made an out

Alright well nevermind. Lets go Gabe. Make us love you even more. (if thats possible)

Uh-oh, now we’re in trouble. They still have Tom Gordon in the bullpen, we’re down to scraps.

Didnot do it EXTRAS NOW BAby

Here he is

I take it back… scraps you can usually sell for a few cents. Not sure we can get anything for Tavarez.

Uh oh Tavarez the Terrible is out.

How did he
K victorino

can we get the ball girl to step in?? pls Tavareaz, prove me wrong!!!!!

Hey another outt is he sick?

There is a single by coste

Pretty smooth for Taverez on the first two… Utley is a thorn in our side this year. I guess Delcarmen isn’t ready yet. Hold on to your seats.

Why didnt they keep Papelbon in, he was brought up to be a starter so he should be able to go for more than two innings. Kaylee are you on Summer vacation?

Wild pitch coste to second and rollins walks

pls julian, pull someting out of your putt!! ON NO!! HE WALKED HIM>>>>>>>

Yes I am

Ellen he cannot throw a strike

WHEW…. Miracles do happen!

I guess they do lets end it now

When is the game your uncle is bringing you too and where are your seats? Ya thank god school is out!!!

We really, really, really need a run here. It’s not realistic to think Delcarmen is going to shut down Abreau, Howard, and Rowand if it goes another inning.

Lets go Lowell. Lets end this.

I am going august 1st 2nd 3rd I will be five rows from the field I do like school being out

Lowell walks

Great Sac bunt by Crisp, not sure Lowell should be still running on second, but we’ll see how it goes!

That was a quick out coco lowell to second

It’s Gonzo’s big chance now! His average is way up over the last month, but he’s never been in this situation as far as I remember. Going to need to be a nice hit to get Lowell in from second. Here comes Tom Gordon… hope he still has whip-lash from Saturday.

They dont pitch to TEK COM ON A_GON

Nice bunt Coco.

i’m back. I’m glad I didn’t have to sit through Tavarez.
gosox101, Paps was a starter but the probably took him out so that he’s available the next few days as well. If he pitched too much today, we can’t use him tomorrow and maybe Wednesday.

Bad luck DP for the Sox. 4-5 feet to the right and the game is over.


Do I stay at work and watch the game on-line or leave and watch the rest at home?
If Tavarez is back out there, I’m outta hear. Let’s go pen. Top of the order in the 11th. Make some noise.


Delcarmen now. I have faith on him keeping us in the game.


This is the spot we’ve been saying Delcarmen should be in every time they’ve brought in Seanez and Tavarez. Let’s see what he’s got. Let’s go kid.

Walk to the leadoff guy. So predictable its not even funny.

Seanez did this to us!!! 9 game winning streak waiting to happen.
Did gameday just say Howard tried to bunt??

Thanks gosoxred, just seemed a bit puzzling to me. I havent been able to watch the whole game and i was wondering if they had already put Hansen in. If not does anybody think they will put him in?

Huge K against Howard… perfect pitch. Keep it going!

Howard struck out. Delcarmen is pitching many balls though..

Ha yes they did say he just tried to bunt, and it was not a very good attempt.

Runner moving here at 1-1. Mark my words. Stratetic pitchout.

I was off by one pitch, but saw it coming. Pitchout and he’s dead by a mile.

Bad call at second by the ump as well. He was out.

Another strike out. Go Manny!

OK here it is. Burrell is hitting like .050 in clutch situations late in games.

I love this kid, but does he have something against getting ahead in the count???

Ya he was dead out. Nice inning by Delcarmen.

Good pitching by delcarmen. Papi time now.

Lets go start us off Youk.

Delcarmen was lights out! Maybe this is his defining moment! Come up Top of the Lineup!!!! One run against the washed up Gordon!!!

Let’s go boys. I feel like Ted Fergusen the Budweiser guy on the commercial that stays at work 2 minutes past five…ON A FRIDAY!!


If you’ve never seen the commercial nothing I just wrote makes sense.

This is how Saturday started. Youk made an out.
Deja Vu???

lol love those commercials.

Nice hit Loretta. Lets go and knock him in Papi.

Cora wound up getting a hit…
This time Loretta gets a double.

$500 says Gordon walks Papi.

Pay up everyone.

Alright he’s not going to get a chance. think they will walk Manny too? That leaves bases loaded for kapler.

Can’t remember the last time Manny won with a walk off. Papi’s been getting all the press. I think he just might want some of his own.

Lets go Manny!!!!!!!! End this.

Let’s go Manny. Make it happen.

Alright Lets go Kapler. Base hit wins it baby.

There is absolutely no reason not to win this game right now.
Let’s go Gabe.

Base loaded, Gabe can win this. Go Sox!

I want to go home!!! Fly ball, grounder in the hole, base hit, just no strikout, pop up or double play.

2 strikes…..come on Gabe.

Oh man.


You’ve got to be kidding me.

we still got Mikey. Lets go Lowell, show everybody you werent just baggage in the Beckett rade.

Let’s go Mike.
Guy on 3rd, less than 2 out….URGH

That is ridiculous. This game is not going to end for awhile. We have the bottom of order coming up and i doubt Gonzalez if going to hit a walkoff.

Ellen, I’m worried did you fall off another bar stool?

Thanks for taxing our bullpen El Guapo 2.

I just don’t like the Kapler pinch hitting for Trot idea. Trot is batting .326 and Kapler is basically in Spring Training. Really cost us here.

Come on we can’t lose this game.

Alright lets go Hansen. Hopefully we can pick up the win for him.

This is a great test for Hansen. Hopefulyl he can get this last guy out.

We’ve done everything possible to lose this game. Offense better pick us up.

Ouch. That has got to be a blow to this club.

I totally agree with that rayman.

Clay Condrey? We have to get at least 1 against this clown. Lets start by taking a few pitches and get him rattled!


Clutch hitting by Crisp! Double!

Nice hit Coco. Maybe we can win this game.

Good job Coco, now keep it up guys

Tek can’t bunt… don’t even try it

Single to right… my prediction.

Lets go Gonzalez!!!

Youk has been clutch all year… This is it.

Lets go knock him in Youk.

I’ve said it once on this blog and I’ll say it again… It’s amazing Youk can even run the bases with the size of his nuggets.


Wow that left fielder really choked. Lets go Loretta be a hero.

Big papi can do it again…

My prediction is that they walk Papi. Hopefully, Manny could deliver.

Maybe they won’t even walk him.

There are really no words to describe how great is David Ortiz.



He went 1 for 5 todey, but he hits when it counts. Amazing.

Great game btw. My only concern is that Lester will have to eat innings tomorrow, our bullpen is tired.. and this should have been a day off, go figure

Ya definetly.


Big Papi is making a living out of CLUTCH HITTING.

I am coming to expect it – it is NOT an IF but a WHEN.



Too bad Wake couldn’t get the win.

Lester better go deep into the
game tommorrow


Can’t you just feel it??? It’s like he puts out some kind of Nation Vibration.. (ooh I like that). Goosebumps upon goosebumps (again)…. Did anyone read the article about him in SI?? Great piece. I think that every one but MY TROT put in today, (he had an off day). GREAT TEAM WIN. BUT…. Still pitching nearly gave up the ghost on this one. Terry is still leaving them in a little too long. BUT, ALL IN ALL NICE SWEEP. Let’s keep it going tomorrow night v the Mets. And oh, by the way, PLS, NO BOOS FOR PEDRO, OTHER THAN THE ONE PEDRO/GRADY MUCK UP he gave us great outings/wins!!!! He was a great RedSox team member!!!

Unbelievable. I’m out of the office and come back and the Sox are up 6-0. I start watching the game and El Guapo 2 comes in and tries to give it right back. I stay late at work trying to see the end to no avail and took off after they squandered the bases loaded one out mess in the 11th.
I come home and they’ve won!! I hope this doesn’t mean that I can’t watch the games anymore. It might be bad luck for me to follow on gameday.

PAPI!! You’re right rayman, Youk is huge!! Let’s hope Lester can stay ahead of hitters tomorrow and keep his pitch count down. I guarantee Papelbon wants to get right back out there right now to atone for the blown save. It was going to happen (I know he blew one other game, but this was was his run). I can’t wait to see how he picks himself up from this.

Wake deserved the win, again.

I’m running out of superlatives to describe Ortiz.


I am to running out of word to describe him. Sure his average is down, but whenever he hits, it’s always big. BIG.

Wake deserved that win. But as anyone didn’t stress enough, rallies all begin with either a walk or an error. Look at the Bottom of 6th and Top of 7th. Loretta’s error really opened it up and Wake unravelled.


I really want to entrust the bullpen to the kids, like Hansen, Delcarmen, Lopez etc. instead of those imports -ez. Papelbon had a bad foul hit but I think he’s been overworked a bit and Utley is too good of a hitter to not take advantage. I hope Papelbon bounces back to prove he’s a hands-down closer.

One thing I still don’t understand is the lack of bunting and stealing by this team. Coco runs, but others that can such as Cora doesn’t. The team steals too few bases and relies too much on one dimensional hitting to win. When they had bases loaded and one out, why don’t they try a sqeeze play? Or bunt people over to avoid double plays and advance runners? I think the Sox should really do a more small ball approach to win close games and manufacture runs. One dimensional playing for the big hit isn’t always going to work.

As for Myers on Saturday, I think that just showed how pathetic the Phillies are. Not only they lose on the field, but they lost respect and character off the field by allowing Myers to play. How revolting!

I noticed all the skewed interleague play. The AL is really dominating and more likely the AL Pennant winner will take the Series in few games. Talk shows here just list few dominating teams in NL: Mets and maybe Cardinals while the AL has Detroit, Chicago, Boston, New York, and perhaps Oakland. Is the hitting of the AL that much a difference? I think so.

It’s fun to have Ortiz on your fantasy team🙂

Yea MArk it would be.HOup: I totally agree trade SEANEZ while your at it trade Tavarez
too he is just as much as a bust.I dont understand the lack of bunting either.


I agree. Comparing Tavarez and Seanez to relieve an inning would be liking choosing to eat dung or drink pee (sorry for nasty analogy) but that’s how bad they are.

On lighter note, I really hope Pedro gets good reception. He doesnt deserve a single booing and I hope the video tribute to him before the game will let the fans liven up. I’d be ashamed if any fans boo. As for the games though, those Mets have been too high and hot so time to cool down their hotheads and divas etc.

couldn’t they trade seanez+taverez t onew york for a couch in the clubhouse or something? shoot, I don’t think you could even sell these clowns in a yard sale.

I’m sorry I’ve got lot’s to say… but can I come back tomorrow? e.

Stat I just read on our game ****** El Guapo 2.
10 out of 14 inherited runners have scored.

14 of 29 first batters faced have reached base.

I know we’ve debated that a few bad outings can blemish an ERA, but this is pitiful. I hope yesterday was the final straw regarding Francona putting him in a game that matters. So basically our 2 highest priced bull pen aquisitions on the off season can’t be counted on in games that are closer than 8 runs. The kids will be getting plenty of work in the next couple of months!

Big one tonight. Facing Pedro and Glavine the next two nights it will be important to get out on the right foot.

Then going to Florida to face Willis and their rookie Johnson, this is going to be a good test.

Imagine if we got to play the Phillies and Nats 19 times a year.

Once of the biggest part of the future success will be if Coco continues to stay hot. Everyone else has been consistant this year and if he gets on a roll, look out. Before June, you could count on A-Gon as an automatic out, but as of right now, everyone is a legitimit threat. I love this lineup. The top of the order sets the table for the big boppers and the bottom of the order slaps the ball all over the place.

We need 7 solid from Lester tonight. The good thing is that the pen only worked one inning each so it isn’t as bad off as it could have been.

Paps threw a lot of pitches as did Manny, but Timlin should be alright and I have a feeling Paps will fight Francona just to get in the game to prove that yesterday was a fluke.

I was wondering if it would be possible to get statistics on Ortiz and his walk-offs (not just the 8 homeruns), but also the singles & doubles (i doubt there would be any walkoff triples for Ortiz due to his speed). As the AL MVP race may come down to him vs. Arod again, it would be nice if Rodriguez walkoff numbers per year could also be listed. Anecdotelly it seems Papi is always there. I’ve done some internet searching but it seems hard to find stats for walk offs, without looking at the individual box scores.

jledoux, the closest thing you’ll be able to find easily is ESPN’s stats pages for each player under Splits (link above the player stats), then More Splits (link at the bottom of the Splits stats), then look towards the bottom at “Close and Late”. It wasn’t even comparible last year or this year… Ortiz is way better than A-Rod. Last year, the Yank’s record and A-rod’s defense was enough to trump Ortiz’s obvious better performance in the clutch. For example, follow this link for A-Fraud’s More Splits. Just try not to eat anything before you look at his Close and Late stats or you might puke it up (.167, 0 HR, 5 RBI). Ortiz is (.231, 5 HR, 12 RBI)

These mets are no contest for us…We can shut em out.

Robinson Cano on the DL. Looks like the Yanks will be stuck with .230, 0 HR Miguel Cairo for the foreseeable future. Luckily they were able to bring up a guy hitting .222 at Columbus to take the roster spot.

Hope we can stay hot and put some distance between us and the Yanks.

Really nice to see the ’86 team members. Lot’s of memories there.

BUT…. let’s get a win tonight, I hope Lester throws the good stuff.


PS.. come on Trot, Have a great game!!! P>S> I got my jersey today>HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

What a great first inning!! Ran up Soler’s pitch count. Had some quality AB’s o yea and put some runs on the board. Go Sox!!

Way to work out of the jam Lest!!! Go Sox!!!

Get Well Soon Peter!!!

Tavarez is in, what now??? Please let him just get through this without any damage.

The mets are in trouble if they cant score here

THere Ellen he got out of it.

decent inning by julian t.

Nice to know you got your trot jersey ELLen you wearing
it to the game.?


By the way Ellen who is pitching the game you go to?

Please julian, lets get em 1-2-3.!!!!!

kaylee, you betcha!!! I just can’t wait. I get more excited as it gets closer.

Wake is pitching saturday, that should be something to watch!!!

Wait is a 6 run lead safe with Julian?

JT just gave up one into the night!!, Settle down! FOCUS!!!

well, thank God, he got out without too much damage. He’s not looking too bad tonight. If he could just string a couple of good games together, who knows??? That might just be all he needs to get his confidence/self esteem up to where it will help him.

HEre is hansen what does he got?

Well, even Tavarez had a good night. Tomorrow it’s Backett v Pedro. (WOW, what a nice reception the RedSox fans gave him, that was VERY nice to see. I guess it makes a big differnce as to whether you’re wearing a yankee jersey or a Mets jersey as to what kind of greeting you get. Did anyone see him joking with Manny going into the 8th. Pedro said it the news conference. They still feel like family. Good to see him. NOW we just have to kick butt tomorrow night; nothing personal Pedro. We still love you…. as long as you are not on the mound. Here’s to our guys, they’re doing a GREAT job….. AND THE YANKEES LOST AGAIN. I’m REALLY lovin’ that. GO SOX!

Ian, I got my new tickets today. The location is: section 153, row 20 seats 3 and 4. David and I are really looking forward to the game. Please, if you can stop by. You’ll be able to pick me out: I’ll be the one 20 rows up behind the plate in a Trot jersey,screaming for the RedSox. I’m going to try to make a poster so all the nationers can pick me out.

ps: where are daniel and robn lately?? not the same with out you guys….

To the family of Peter Gammons: Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Get Well soon.

That was the best umpired game I have seen all year, by far. Most everyone knows I brutally despise the inconsistent umpire crew that likes to the call pitches 4-6 inches outside a strike, just because the catchers line up there. By the third inning, I noticed that McLelland made every close call correctly… right around the time NESN announced that this guy consistently wins the players award for best balls/strikes ump. I can honestly say I watched the entire game (340 pitches) and didn’t disagree with a single call he made. Why can’t MLB show this guy’s video to the jokers that ump the rest of our games? It was thoroughly enjoyable to watch him make the pitchers earn their strikes and give a consistent game for the hitters. That will always be in the Redsox favor because we have a good eye and are patient. Some of the toughest games the Redsox face is when the umps are inconsistently bad (Kenny Rogers 7 stike out performance comes to mind). 3.5 game lead… KEEP IT GOING!!! NO TIME TO LET UP!!!

First blow by the Sox against those Mets. I think this game shows how patient the Sox lineup is by making Soler work hard and lose his effectiveness. The whole lineup contributed esp. by Loretta, Tek, and Gonzo. It was a team win.

Lester didn’t have his best stuff but that strikeout of Wright was huge. Very good at bat given to Wright and sneaked in that curveball. Just hope he keeps all the walks low. Manny really had that good assist that rescued Lester. Wow. I think the left field with the Monster really gives the Sox a home field advantage esp. against teams and players who are in the NL. The bullpen is also good–mostly solo home runs (3) is sign of good pitching. Tavarez didn’t explode-thank god!

I agree with you rayman, Tim McLelland is a very good umpire, perhaps the most accurate in the game. I wish the umpire crews throughout baseball are more consistent–there are a lot of annoying and stupid umpires who need eyeglasses.

Good greeting for Pedro. I think the fans will only greet Pedro and no booing tomorrow. Some might even cheer him getting a strikeout tomorrow. But finally something good for baseball and Boston fandom.

Look forward to tomorrow’s game. Guess have to settle for radio. Let’s give Gammons all the blessings and best.

This is great! Let’s keep the streak going! Let’s go Red Sox!!!! Lester got big outs today, even though he walked 5.

Bienvenido, Pedro!!!!!!! I am so glad he got a standing ovation. He deserves it; though, this is the only time I wish that he doesn’t win. I watched the highlights on his press conference and he is still emotionally attached to the team and the fans. I enjoyed watching him. We need the sweep, then the mets should sweep the Yanks. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Ellen, I’m glad to hear that you received your Nixon jersey. Your all set now. Bet you’re counting down the hours. Enjoy it your game.

Ian, you have to make sure that you go say hello to Ellen.

with that said, I’ll go to bed now. Let’s go Red Sox!!!

I forgot to mention Gonzo. I love his defense and his offense is also improving.

Everyone had at least one hit, good team effort. The negative is that we are still leaving too many men on base.

OK Ellen, which game are your tickets for again? July 1, correct?

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