Praising Pedro

Welcome back, Pedro. It was great to see Sox fans give him a warm welcome Tuesday night and I would think it’s going to give everyone with a pulse chills to see him take that Fenway mound again for the first time since Game 5 of the 2004 ALCS wearing a (Gulp!) Mets uniform.

Before that raw emotion takes place, I just want to say that watching Pedro Martinez pitch every fifth day for my first three years as a Red Sox beat writer was probably the biggest privilege that came with the job. This guy isn’t just a pitcher. He’s an artist. He’s a master at his craft. And he’s a fierce, fierce competitor.

Aside from that, I found him to be an engaging person. When you spoke to Pedro, he looked you in the eye and spoke to you like a human being. Not every superstar athlete does that — trust me. Pedro was a diva, yes. But he was also very real, and I miss following his career on an eveyrday basis.

Before moving on to tomorrow night, I wanted to re-live some the Pedro moments that still stick out in my mind, some of which took place during his golden years (1998-2000) when I was a baseball columnist for CBS SportsLine instead of a Red Sox beat writer.

Moment 1: May, 1999, Friday night against the Angels. I was dispatched to Boston (I was based in New York at the time) to chronicle Mo Vaughn’s first visit back to Fenway since leaving the Sox. But Pedro completely stole the show. He struck out 15 and didn’t walk anybody and the Fenway faithful roared with every pitch. That was the first time I saw live just how awesome Pedro was as a pitcher. It seemed like luck every time an opposing batter made contact.

Moment 2: July 13, 1999: The All-Star Game at Fenway. Again, I was lucky enough to cover this. Enough said. Pedro was truly caught up in this moment, electrified by the stage he was on. He threw pure heat, blowing high 90s mustard by the likes of McGwire, Sosa and Bagwell. He made them all look ridiculous. And for hours after the game, Pedro had a glow about him as he walked around the field with the MVP trophy. I later saw a DVD bonus feature of Pedro taking that trophy up to the owner’s box, where Ted Williams was. Watching those two giants of the game interract on that DVD is must-watch material for anyone who does not own the Red Sox 100-year anniversary DVD.

Moment 3: September, 1999: This was the greatest pitching performance I’ve ever witnessed from a pressbox, and it occured at Yankee Stadium. It was a Friday night and the plucky Sox were making the Yankees nervous during a late-season run. At this time, the Yankees were at their peak. They had Jeter, Bernie, Tino, O’Neill, Brosius, Posada and all those pitchers. Pedro hit Chuck Knoblauch in the Yankees’ first, then gave up a Chili Davis solo homer in the second. After that? There wasn’t a pinstriped baserunner for the rest of the night. Pedro pitched a one-hitter with 17 strikeouts against what was arguably the best lineup in baseball. At this time, he was Michael Jordan in a baseball uniform. Absolutely untouchable.

Moment 4: October, 1999: Game 3 of the ALCS, Red Sox vs. Yankees, Pedro vs. Clemens. This game truly was billed like a heavyweight fight. I remember walking into Fenway some three to four hours before the game on this sun-splashed afternoon and there was a palpable buzz on Yawkey Way, one like I had never really felt before. If it was indeed a heavyweight bout, it was en early knockout. Valentin took Clemens deep in the first. And Pedro, who had arm woes that fall that kept is velocity between 87-91, was beating the Yankees on guts and reputation. It was the only game the Sox won in the series, but also one that still stands out all these years later.

Moment 5: Memorial Day, 2000: A Clemens-Pedro rematch in the Bronx, and this one lived up to every expecation placed upon it and more. Clemens, pitching what was basically his coming out game in a Yankees uniform, was utterly brilliant. He was overpowering the Sox. Pedro wasn’t as overpowering as usual, but still on his game. The game was 0-0 entering the ninth when Trot Nixon took Roger deep for a two-run homer. Pedro stifled the Yankees in the bottom of the inning to finish off the shutout. People don’t remember now that Pedro was pretty invincible against the Yankees the first three years he was on the team. This was an ESPN Sunday Night Game, giving the nation an idea of Pedro’s greatness.

Moment 5: June, 2002: Red Sox-Padres in San Diego. Pedro kept saying early in that season that he was in "Wonderland", not quite knowing how he would respond from the serious rotator cuff woes of the year before. On this night, the Padres were just wondering how to hit him. They couldn’t. Pedro pitched a two-hit masterpiece, showing that he was back to his Cy Young Award form. He went on to win 20 games in ’02 and was robbed in the Cy Young Award voting against Barry Zito. Let the record show that this absolutely should have been Pedro’s fourth Cy. He had Zito in every important category but wins. What a joke.

Moment 6: October, 2003: Red Sox-Yankees, Game 7 of the ALCS. Pedro against Clemens in what seemed like the biggest game any of us had ever seen. Clemens got knocked out early but Mussina saved the Yankees’  bacon. Pedro was pitching a gem early, save for two Giambi solo shots that barely cleared the wall. He struck out Soriano with two on and two outs to end the seventh and then pointed to tke sky, as he always did when he believed his night was over. Nomar hugged him in the dugout. He got several other well wishes. And somewhere along the line, Grady Little surprised Pedro and the rest of the baseball world by telling him to go back out for the eight. Being a competitor of the highest order, Pedro wasn’t about to say no. So he went out there and got Nick Johnson on that pop to Nomar. Just five outs left and a 5-2 lead. The Red Sox were about to play the Marlins in the World Series. And then disaster struck. A Jeter double over Trot’s head; a Bernie single up the middle to make it 5-3; A Matsui double to make it second and third. Then that utterly cheap bloop by Posada, a two-run double (A double because none of the stunned Red Sox covered second) to tie the game. What I remember most about that night is seeing Pedro’s glassy eyes in the clubhouse after the game. It was the first time he had ever looked mortal. He was in pain and I don’t believe it possibly could have gone away until the next October.

Moment 7: October, 2004, Game 2 of the Division Series against the Angels. The talk going into the game was that Pedro had lost his aura. Schilling had supplanted him as the ace going into the playoffs and Pedro had uttered the infamous "I guess the Yankees are my daddy’s" comment just a couple of weeks early. But this prideful man came out throwing heat, and delivered a win for the Sox, bringing the series back to Fenway with Boston leading 2-0 in the best-of-five set. Pedro put it best after that game when he said that any time he took the mound, he felt like an ace, no matter what pitching slot he might be at in a given series.

Moment 8: October 26, 2004, Game 3 of the World Series against the Cardinals. Could Pedro have picked a better final chapter in a Red Sox uniform than pitching seven shutout innings to put the Red Sox on the precipice of their first title in 86 years. Pedro was a little wobbly early but Manny bailed him out with a great throw from left to nail Larry Walker at the plate in the first, and Jeff Suppan ran the Cardinals out of a rally by somehow not scoring from third on a grounder to the right side and then getting thrown out by David Ortiz. Pedro got on a roll after that, making sure his last outing in a Sox uniform would be one without a blemish.

Moment 9 — closure — will come Wednesday night and I bet there isn’t a baseball soul in Boston who isn’t highly curious to see how it unfolds.


Ian, with a baseball writer’s soul, unbiased, of course…

What would you like tomorrow’s game to be? A blowout? or a much closer pitchers’ duel?

You are Nacho Libre.

Beautiful, Ian!

I’ll be there tonight cheering for Pedro (until his first pitch, anyway)! 🙂

Last night was a true test, not so much for the bats, but for Lester. If it’s possible to be really bad and really good in the same game, this was it. More importantly, he was REALLY good when he had to. The Mets have some bats and Lester was all over the place with his control the last 2 innings. Striking out Woodward to end the 4th and Wright to end the 5th was great. This was almost more impressive than the games against Atlanta and Washington because he had to bear down and reach deep to get out of trouble. It’s too bad he through 70 pitches in the 4th and 5th or he might have been able to give us 7 strong. Once Lowell and A-Gon blew it open in the bottom of the 5th, you had to feel good……….but then in waddles Tavarez. I guess Tito didn’t get the memo that the Sox have to be winning by 8 for Julian the Terrible to be in a game.
He actually looked good. His ball was moving and of course he couldn’t go an outing without giving up a run. (Although plenty of people have given up bombs to Beltran this year.)

Once again the bats came alive. It’s great to get a lead and work ahead all game. The Mets had scored something like 14 1st inning runs in their last 7 games. It’s important to hold them at bay early.

Pitchers duel in the making tonight and tomorrow, so if history tells us anything about games that should be pitcher’s duels… each game will be about 10-8.

Hopefully John Smoltz comes back strong and shuts down the Yanks today and then the Sox can take care of business tonight.

I’d like to see Pedro pitch a gem tonight with about 12 K’s. It doesn’t matter to me if he wins or not. I’d just like to see him make a stylish Fenway return.

Great game last night. All of the starters got at least one hit; Lester pitched his way out of some tough spots; Manny comes up with another great throw to pick up another outfield assist; the bullpen only gave up a couple of runs. And even though ESPN had the game blacked out because I live within a day’s drive of NYC, I still got to see in on Sportsnet NY (and will also get to watch tonight’s and tomorrow’s games as well – woo hooo!).

I agree that McClelland called a pretty good game, but there were some close calls that definitely went the hitters’ way. That’s why the hitters all rave about McClelland; if you’re a good hitter, more than likely you’ll get the close calls from him. No ump is perfect, but he’s better than most of them. The one call I strongly disagreed with was awarding Milledge first base for being hit by a pitch. Even the Mets’ announcers said it was baloney; the batter has to make an effort to evade the pitch, and Milledge didn’t even come close. He turned his head and stuck his elbow out. Not unusual for that call to go that way, though. Just one of my pet peeves.

The other play on which Millege got lucky was not being assessed an error for missing Manny’s “double” in the fourth. The rules clearly state that a fielder does not have to touch the ball to be assessed an error. My thinking is that if you overrun the ball, you’ve made an error.

Very nice to see Pedro get a favorable welcome back to Fenway. The retrospective highlight reel they ran on the scoreboard didn’t hurt, reminding everybody in the stadium of all the great games he pitched for the Sox. (Johnny Damon might have gotten fewer boos if they had done something similar for him). Pedro also didn’t hurt his cause in his press conference; he had some very nice things to say about the Sox, not just the usual pablum, and no cheap shots and the front office.

I know everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I still think folks are being way too hard on Tavarez and Seanez. Their ERAs are lower than Pauley’s, Hansen’s and Van Buren’s, and only slightly higher than Delcarmen’s. ERA doesn’t tell the whole story, but neither does inherited runners; if you’re brought in with the bases loaded and less than two outs, you’re very likely to have inherited runners score. Seanez has been brought into games in some very tough situations. Cut the dude some slack.

Ian, thanks for those memories! It’s moments like these that I realize how beautifully you write.
I, too, was very happy that the fans saw fit to welcome Pedro back so warmly to the place he called home for so many years. I loved the statement that he made yesterday during the press conference, that he misses the guys that he still calls family. I always love to watch him pitch and will be looking forward to tonights game, but while I don’t want him destroyed, I do want our boys to take the W.

Did you see my post with our new seat #’s for Saturdays game??

I got my Trot jersey yesterday, (very excited about Saturday) so hopefully we’ll see you there.

Millege was lost and overpowered in that at bat. He saw a curveball and quickly said to himself “Please let this hit me because I can’t hit this guy” I got the NESN feed on the package and Remy only made a quick comment on it. I thought it was pretty obvious he didn’t make an attempt to move, but the NESN guys barely touched on it.
robnbetsy, I respect your opinion, you and I have agreed on about 99% of them, but I personally can’t feel comfortable with those 2 in the game.

Delcarmen’s ERA is high because Francona takes him out as soon as he has a guy on base and whoever comes in gives up his runs. Once he learns how to get ahead in the count, I think he’ll be great. Which is why I’d like him to get more chances now so that he’s ready for the stretch run.

As far as Seanez and Tavarez, we are 3 months into the season. These guys are veterans and if we haven’t seen it by now, I just have a tough time believing that they will turn it on come August.

They have both looked real good at times then completely lost.

As far as inherited runners with less than 2 outs, you’re absolutely correct. My best case scenario there would be maybe a Sac Fly then 2 outs and we’re out with only one scored. That’s tough to do.

Hey, if the Sox’ biggest concern is the a 6th or 7th inning guy that they might need every 3rd day then things are looking pretty darn good.

Ian, I’d like to see Pedro do well tonight and I only disagree one point. It will matter to me if he wins. Come on man, let’s ride this streak as long as we can!!

Ellen-Congrats on getting your jersey in time. I think Willis is pitching Friday, so you might get to see Trot play. It would be a shame for you to have Willis pitching and Gabe starting instead of Trot on your only game of the season.

Beautiful piece about Pedro. The way you described each of those moments has brought so many great memories to mind.

I remember the first time I got to see Pedro pitch in person, it was after the rotator cuff issues, against Texas in either 2003 or 2004. He was absolutely stunning that night and I think the most memorable thing about that game was the way the crowd fed off of him and how he fed off of our energy.

I hope Pedro pitches a gem tonight, but I also hope Josh does the same. I’d love to see Pedro and Josh in an old-style pitchers dual, because that is when Pedro is at his best.

With all that being said, I hope the Sox deny Pedro a win tonight. I haven’t been this excited for a game yet this year!

Ian, I’d like to agree with everybody, great blog today…When you write about Redsox moments with such vivid and small but interesting/important details it send chills down my spine in a good way!

10 in a row… beautiful, let’s go for 11. I would like to see the Redsox win even if that means Pedro loses. I don’t care if every out he gets is a SO as long as there are hits and runs in-between. Beckett has pitched really well in Fenway so far this season, so I hope that continues! Go Sox!

Nice peice Ian.GO red sox you can make it 11.

Very nice ian, but you missed one of the all time pedro gems. 1999 Game 5 ALDS vs cleveland. Sox were down 2-0 in the series and rallied to tie it for a winner take all at the Jake. Remember, clevland had those great teams, Alomars, Justice, manny, Thome Sexton (i bet alot of you didn’t know that Dave Roberts was on that Clev team) the Jake was jamming all those Ohioians screaming their heads off. So, game 5, Saberhagen starts and lowe relieves him the score is 8 to 8. Pedro was injured, I believe he had arm problems, he relieves Lowein the 4th. I recall the announcers were saying that this may cost pedro his career, not a smart idea, anyway he pitches 6 innings of I believe 2 hit but definitely no run ball. Sox win 12-8. (Of course they lost 4-1 to yankess) Just without a doubt one of the guttiest (word?) performances I’ve ever seen. Pure magic. Let’s see how Beck throws tonight.

Ian to answer you, YES!! Saturday night. I think I heard that Wakefield is ptiching, is that correct?? section 153,row 20 seats 3,4.yes the countdown has begun 73 hrs 11 minutes.

I have to apologize to Gonzales for all the criticism earlier in the year. I think it is mind-boggling how he turned it around at the plate so quickly. If you would have told me a month or two ago that he was going to get up to .230 and hit a few homers, I would have taken it in a second. Now I’m going to start a “Watch” over on the Yankees blog for the date when Alex Gonzales has a higher average than A-Fraud (Alex Rodriquez). Doesn’t get much better than this!

As far as Pedro is concerned, I would like to see a pitchers duel through the 9th and then Mr. Walkoff end it against a bullpen pitcher. There is no way to desribe what Pedro has done for the Sox, although Ian you did a wonderfull job. As good as the rocket was I have always belived that Pedro pitched with greater tenacity. Nothing will make me happier than to see him inducted in the hall as a Red Sox star. So welcome back Pedro,but Lets Go Red Sox!

hey rayman, i’m sure you know by now that just about the same time you posted your clever little “A-Fraud” comment A-ROD hit a walk-off to beat the braves. so thanks for the help man, keep em coming.

rayman: I haven’t exactly had the “warm and fuzzies” for A-Gon either, but I did start to see a turn around in the last 2 weeks or so. I hope he keeps it going. Great glove, good bat, wouldn’t exactly hurt us!! I still like seeing Cora come in from time to time.
Am I the only one, or did it seem as if Mark Loretta was distracted or maybe still hurting a little last night??

Hope everything’s ok.

GOSOXRED: It never even crossed my mind that they might start gabe in place of my Trot. PLEASE can someone find out who Florida has scheduled to pitch Saturday?? I’m really looking forward to seeing all these terrific ballplayers semi-up close.

As far as tonights matchup, I’m really hoping Beckett brings it, and brings it GREAT. NATIONERS, this has the excitement of a Yankee/Sox match-up minus the anymosity, I’m really VERY excited about the game V Pedro.

(from your resident cheerleader:: can I get a great big “LET’S GO REDSOX, LET’S GO!!!” Play your hearts out and bring it home, let’s make it 11 in a row. Good Health, Good Luck, Good Game!!!


ps.:: Go Trot!!

To Mr or Mrs antom42, is it October yet, no, Nuff said.

I will try to find out and get back to you


Great memories. One small point in your memory #5. Zito stole the Cy Young in ’02, but he stole it from Lowe. Both Lowe and Zito pitched many more innings than Pedro that year, and I believe that brought extra value. I’d accept arguments either way. But there is no way to justify Zito over Lowe that year. Put their numbers side by side. If you take the differences, you’ll see that if Lowe had made 2 more mediocre/poor starts, their numbers would have been identical.

Bases loaded Lets go TROT!

There you go TROt 1-0.

We can chalk that inning up to nostalgia, we had better to be ready to bat the rest of this game.

Man, I wish that Mussina or Johnson, and not pedro out there.

interject was between that and mussina

OMG did a-gon just homer

The Sox jump out early and A-Gon stays hot. Beckett only has 73 pitches through 6. You couldn’t have scripted it any better.
If any of you weren’t watching, we got a little lucky in the 1st with Papi’s grounder to Pedro. Could have been an easy double play, but Pedro froze and was only able to get one out of it. Way to capitalize!!

Lastings Millege looks lost on any fly ball that goes near the Monster.

Tough to see Pedro get roughed up, he’s much better than that. The fans did him right though, nice ovation.

What is with A-gon he is actually hitting more?

What is becketts pitch count?
will he go out in the 8th?


We have a Willie “We are up by 8 runs in the 7th inning so I get to play” Harris sighting everyone!

Ian, in all seriousness, because I know I give Willie a hard time every time he gets on the field but is Willie the likely candidate to go back down to AAA when Wily Mo comes off the DL? With Gabe and Wily Mo, there is no need for Harris, is there?

What good is willie He cant defend he cant hit…there is no need for him


Nice effort by Beckett.JAvier lopez show us what you got

Kaylee, Harris actually does play a pretty good outfield (just not anywhere near the left field line in Fenway) and he has good speed. But there is no way you want him hitting in the clutch or in a game that matters, so I have to believe it will be Harris that will be sent down when Wily Mo comes back.
Nice job by Lopez. Not only does he strike out Delgado, but he doesn’t allow those 2 runners Beckett put on to score. That means a lot to a pitcher when it comes to saving his ERA. Nice Job.

I would send harris down over gabe


As for A-Fraud’s walk-off… even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. It was off a guy with a 2-10 record… so maybe he didn’t even have to look for the nut.

This 1st part is to all the “RedSox fans” who were in the stands tonight and took part in the juvenile “yankee sounding” ‘PEDRO,PEDRO” diatribe: SHAME ON YOU!!!!!
As RedSox fans you should show more class than that, especially since you the fans in the stands gave Petey the Standing “O” last night and tonight.

If you saw any of the press conference yesterday, you’d have seen how someone with class acts. He had nothing but good to say about the Boston RedSox players, management and the fans. Boy, I wonder how he felt about the fans after the little in between innings chant. Now let me ask you this: Who’s YOUR daddy. That man did nothing but play his GUTS out for us. Management couldn’t give him the security that he needed so he moved on. You all seemed ok with him last night and before the game tonight, but something twisted happened in your minds and your mouths; you ended up sounding like YANKEE FANS, for that moment I was ashamed to count my self among the people that call themselves Sox Fans! AGAIN I SAY SHAME ON YOU.

Now to our nation faithful, except for Pedro getting absolutley killed, I really loved the game, sorry, I have a little bit of sentimentality in my heart for the guy whos still calls our players his family.

Now…11 in a row!! how great is that?? Josh pitched really well. AGon is just lighting up Fenway, everybody seems to just be hitting their stride. I’m just so happy about that. tomorrow is Glavine. He’s closing in on win #300, and Curt who just got # 200. Although they have about the same amount of years in, how the heck does that happen??

Kaylee, just so we’re clear,I agree with you. I would never say send Gabe back down. Harris has to go, no doubt about it.

Jerry Remy explained one of the big reasons Glavine has racked up so many wins and why he struggled when Questec came out. “Javier Lopez sets up 3 feet outside, Glavine hits the mitt, and the ump calls it a strike.”

Ellen and Kaylee, you gals aren’t taking advantage of all the additional info available to you on If you pull up the Red Sox home page(directly or via the mlb “team site”–upper left hand corner of home page), look at the Red Sox home page upper right hand corner where it shows pixs and records of our and opponent’s pitcher’s scheduled for the next game. Right in the middle of the red square, mouse click “Probable Pitchers”. This will pull up ours and our opponents’ pitchers scheduled for the next five days, along with each’s stats plus a “scouting report” on how each pitcher has done last start, over the year, versus the opposing team lifetime, etc. This will let you know that Tim Wakefield, RHP(5-8, 3.86) is scheduled to go against the Marlins’ Brian Moehler, RHP(5-6, 6.55). Knowing now that Moehler is a right hander likewise tells you your lefty swinging Trot WILL be starting. Good news, huh, Ellen.

Kaylee, if you go to “Gameday” and mouse the pitcher’s name on the mound, it will display his pitch count, as well as I believe other stats on his game performance, hits, runs. If you mouse a player on base, it will pull up his performance for that game. If you mouse each of the fielders, it pulls up each’s putouts, assists for the game. Incidentally, all this info is available to fans whether they subscribe to video OR audio.

Hope that helps some girls. I’m sure there’s a shorter version of my explanations and that these moves are elementary to many on the blog, but if you ladies are like me, when I’m learning something new, I need to be led around by the nose sometimes.

Have a ball July 1, Ellen. I wasn’t able to get to my first Fenway game, missed Pedro’s return vs Josh June 28 due to a last minute thing that came up. The ticket didn’t go to waste, however, I gave it to a Mets fan at work, who called me afterwards to tell me she had a great time and will return the favor. And…don’t read any more into that than what it means! No question the emotion of it all affected Pedro. Bless his heart! I, too, Ian, had hoped he’d have an excellently pitched game for seven innings, leave with a lead, then the Mets lose off runs given up by their bullpen in the 8th or 9th. We gave Pedro a loss,…but a lot of love this week. Respect, appreciation, and loyalty mean a lot to this man. He may not have known that he has it in spades in Boston before. Now he DOES!!!

Kaylee, NYY pulled a game out of their shorts this afternoon. If they had lost, as we all know they are perfectly capable of doing, the Jays would have been breathing down their necks one-half game behind them.

Are you still above water there, Kerhonky? Rivers all around us high here—and she’s still comin’ down!

I just wanted to add a little bit to the Agon disscussion. If I am not mistaken in the same world series that Beckett won the MVP, Agon had a walkoff homer in one of those games. If you take a guy who has a little bit of hitting potential and turn him over to Papa Jackson good things will probably happen.

So if the rest of you were watching closely last night, you saw Ian on the tube!! I think it was during the 4th or 5th inning and they scanned the pressbox, all the writers sitting there with their laptops in front of them, and sure enough, there was Ian. I have to say though, he didn’t look terribly interested in the game. I know a sports writer has to remain neutral, but Geez Louise, he looked like he had his mind on a couple of Fenway Franks and a cold one. (Just kidding, Ian. I know it sounds like being a baseball writer would be a great job, but anytime the work “JOB” comes into it, some of the fun probably goes out of it.)

Yes Dan, we’re still here, but to quote Johnny Cash, “the chickens are sleeping in the willow trees, the cows are in water up past their knees.” Oh, and about that Gameday stuff, I think it’s free. Since I have the XM radio I don’t subscribe to MLB audio or video but I do watch the Gameday stuff while I listen.

Bad first inning for Pedro last night, but I was sure he’d settle down after that. We’ve all seen him give up some runs in the first and then shut down the opposing team the rest of the way plenty of times.

Interesting to note that Chad Bradford appears to be having a very good season with the Mets. He got roughed up a bit in May, but hasn’t given up an earned run in 12 appearances in June. I had kind of hoped the Sox would hold onto him after last year, but I guess Theo thought he could do better.

Alex Gonzalez could indeed be headed for a career year at the plate if he keeps hitting like he has lately. Most players have streaks here and there. Let’s hope he keeps this one going.

Don’t tell my teammates I said this, but I hope our softball game is rained out tonight so I can watch Schilling and the Sox finish up their fourth straight sweep of NL teams! (I hope I didn’t just jinx them.) 16-8 so far this month. They didn’t start off the month so hot, but the June Swoon is definitely over.

I would’ve liked to see Pedro and Beckett get locked in one of those old-fashioned pitchers’ duels (like Schill v. Santana a while ago) and I felt bad Pedro had to get shelled so hard. In Shaughnessy’s words, I had to “settle with the Sox’ 11th straight win”.

Still, it was incredible to see him back, and the folks at Fenway really made themselves proud.

Here’s to the greatest pitcher I’ll ever see. We love you, Pedro.

Whatever state you’re in robnbetsy I’ll pray for rain.
The ESPN crew made a comment last night stating that today’s game wasn’t looking too good judging by the wheather forecasts up north. Anyone have an update on how it’s looking?

I hope Schill can finally get a win tonight. He’s been locked up in the best pitching duels the past few weeks: Rogers, Santana, Smoltz, Myers…and now Glavine. He seems to have come down with the “Wakefield run support” syndrome.

Pedro showed he’s still a classy guy by giving his pep talk to Millege after he had another adventure in left field last night.

As far as A-Gon goes, if I remember correctly that walk off homer was off Jeff Weaver. Man, that’s a guy that definitely couldn’t handle the pressure of NY.

By the way, A-Gon only has one error this year and don’t ask me how, but I actually remember it and thinking to myself that it shouldn’t have been called an error. Ian, if you are able to look it up, correct me if I’m wrong. I think it was a flip from Loretta and A-Gon just lost it on the transfer. Same thing happened to Loretta on Monday night and they called the out at second saying the ball was lost in the process of the transfer. It’s a little detail and probably not even worthy of a discussion on here, but man, I feel a little bad for the guy. He realistically could have an errorless season right now. Oh well, he’ll have to settle for his terrible .996 fielding percentage. Guy is amazing.

Chance to pick up a 1/2 game on the Yanks tonight, let’s take a 4 game lead.

Ellen, good news for you. All indications say that you have a righty pitcher going agains the Sox, so your boy Trot will be manning right field.

daniel: thanks for the info. What’s the old saying? “if it was a snake…” I knew that I had seen the probable pitchers line somewhere, but when I looked I couldn’t see it!
Anyway I hope y’all a faring okay up there, and that the water starts subsiding soon.

I’m not sure this post will fit the theme of the last few days… but it must be said. I haven’t been the most nostalgic person here around Pedro’s return. I agree that he was unbelievable for most of his Redsox career… but he was also aging quickly and developed a mental block against the Yankees. Last, but not least, he had completely unrealistic demands for money and years as he left. I have always felt that the Mets paid way too much for Pedro and I think that the results have been clouded a little by the extremely weak National League (somewhat weak last year, pitifully weak this year… especially the AL East). The question to me was… “Is Pedro a little over the hill… or way over the hill?” Last night was a big game and he looked WAY over the hill. Ron Darling commented that he hasn’t had it in 4-5 starts. I think we should step back a bit and praise Redsox management for not investing the big bucks in Pedro. Getting away from wasting big money on aging veterans is pretty hard to do… especially when competing against the Yankees 200M+ payroll, but we are definitely moving in the right direction. I’d rather celebrate that success vs. reveling in Pedro’s prime several years ago.

//This 1st part is to all the “RedSox fans” who were in the stands tonight and took part in the juvenile “yankee sounding” ‘PEDRO,PEDRO” diatribe: SHAME ON YOU!!!!!//

Ellen, you had to be there to really appreciate it.

Pedro got more than 3 ‘ovations’ in one night last night. The fans went wild for him. That was their thanks for everything.

When he threw his first pitch, he became ‘one of them’ again. The fans only did to Pedro what they would have done to any opposing pitcher our amazing offense just shelled.

Besides, it really was done good-naturedly. That didn’t translate well to television, I guess…but it was obvious in the Park.

So, really, you should just chill out. Pedro got nothing but love from the fans last night.

I wanted to see the Sox beat Pedro when his game was on, good game, close win. I just sat there crestfallen as he got bombed in the 3rd. I LOVED watching the Sox beat Clemens when he was with the NYY’s, this however just seemed sad. Pedro really looked lost out there, his gameface was gone.

Cyn: I guess it didn’t translate but it sure sounded the same as when the Yankees did it to him a couple of years back, sorry if I took it the wrong way. I just hate to see or hear bad fan behavior. I was just standing up for “one of the family”. Again, sorry!

Would anyone have believed that Ortiz would have the second lowest batting average in our line-up (.008 higher than Tek) and we’d be in first place by 3.5 games at this point?

How about the fact that Clement has a better record (percentage wise) than Wakefield? Talk about bad luck on Wake’s behalf. It the Sox scored 1/2 as many runs for him as they did for Clement, Wake might have 10 wins already.

Anyone have weather report up there? Last night I heard that there was a high chance of rain. What’s it looking like?

I was just on NOAA.GOV, it doesn’t look good; %90 chance of rain. I guess we should keep our fingers crossed and hope that if we get the game going and have the lead that they call it at 6. I guess that’s our best case scenario.

I just checked and the forecast is better. Good news… need to keep the momentum and avoid more random make-ups on off days!

Boston area forecast for today and tonight: “light to moderate showers”. Doesn’t look like any deluge, so I’m guessing we’ll have a game to watch tonight. Crafty ole dude going against us tonight. Hope we get to him early. “12” is a nice even #.

For the weather, google “national weather forecast” or sign on to, choose your city…and go from there.

I recall those lyrics, Robn, from JC’s song entitled: “Five Feet High And Risin'”. I memorized all the lyrics from all his songs at one time, but all I can recall now from that one is “the bus is comin’ gonna take us to the train”. I started buying his 45 rpm records on the SUN label when I was 15. And, growing up down South, I lived through a lot of those things he sang about. Thanks for the memories. And your references are just about what we’re going through now down here in the Southern Tier. Matter of fact, it just turned dark as night again…and I just heard a roll of thunder….

Boston are playing awesome baseball right now. Let’s see what happens now that we have got Glaven out of the game. I wish we could play the rest of the season versus the National League! Everyone seems to be doing their part and playing like a well oiled machine. I don’t know what they are going to do to bring Willy Mo back into the line up.

What a perfect tactical baseball run by Youkalis! He is one of the MVP’s for June.

Coco just made the best defensive play of the season. What an unbelievable play…amazing. I’m watching the game on TV and immediately jumped up out of reaction. And now Papi just tagged a solo homer to center.

This is a better team than when they won the World Series!
Too bad you left the party Damon & Martinez!!!

I just hope that Coco doesn’t mind being bumped down in the order to where he is now.
Hey Coco, if you are listening, we are a better team with you where you are now. We have power all the way downnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

One more out…. let’s go SOX!!!

I was worried about this tough June schedule, but is is nearly over and we are 17-8.
What a team Sox & 4 up on the Yankees!!!

This could very well go down as one of the best wins of the year. Facing arguably the best pitcher in the National League and keeping it just close enough until the Sox were able to get to their pen. I guess the Sox don’t like teams having the lead on them. Mets score 2 in the 6th, Sox come right back.
Great defense (and that was before the Coco gem), great fundamental ball. How about Papi rumbling and bumbling down to 3rd on the Lowell fly ball. That was huge!!

Then Coco gets it started with a bunt hit, steals 2nd, A-Gon sacs him over to 3rd and Youk hits the sac fly.

Then….What a play by Coco. Bluedog, you are correct. To make that type of play is one thing, but to make it in such a clutch spot..unbelievable.

Then Papi gives some breathing room with his bomb and Pap comes in and throws the same amount of pitches (8) that a pitcher normally takes to warm up before an inning to end it.

I’ve watched every game of this streak, and I have to say this was the best overall team win. No question.

Don’t forget to vote for the all-star game everyone. Voting ends tonight. It would be nice to see a few Sox in the starting lineup.

Didn’t this game tie them for most consecutive games without an error? I know it set the American League record.

What a good win and finally the smart kind of ball. Bottom 7th: Coco starts with bunt single, steals second, AGon sacrifices over to third and then a sacrifice fly brings Coco in. That’s the kind of play we all need to see more often. Small ball wins close games, about time Francona sees that. Coco finally shows what asset he has–speed. He needs to get more freedom on the basepaths. The Sox doesn’t do much running, but they sure needed it and small ball proved to be the winning run. I think Coco is best in the 8th hole, so AGon can sacrifice him over and let Youk or Loretta drive Coco in. This kind of play will win the playoffs and down the stretch.

Very nice grab by Coco! All cereal tomorrow, I promise then. Defence wins games, and wow a major league record for games without error. Very nice. I hope it continues on and it seems everyone is providing Gold Glove defence with strong hitting throughout the lineup.

Congrats to Schilling for that 10th win. I guess it was long overdue and this time, the trusted bullpen didn’t bend or break. =)

This really was a great team win. Glavine was pretty resilient tonight, and worked himself out of some jams, but the guys stuck with it and made him work for every inning. I’m happy with the way this team is able to match up against teams with power but also manufacture runs. On the defensive side, they’re excellent. The guys up the middle have been great and I can’t say enough about the trade for Loretta, what a steal.

Great point about small-ball in the playoffs. That is something the Sox had been lacking the past few years. In playoff games, the competition is obvouisly tougher and there are a lot more close games. That manufactured run can be the difference in those close games.

I have no idea what to expect tomorrow night from Johnson. Willis has been on his game his past few starts.
Talk about pressure. 1st start with the 1st place Sox, facing a team that we should beat, but facing their staff ace that has been hot the past few weeks… and oh yeah, the team hasn’t lost in 12 games. Guy must be thinking “So what you’re telling me is that I need to be near perfect”

Just keep it close and wait for the bats to explode.

Ellen, they were saying that Trot has been battling the flu the past few days. Maybe you should bring him some chicken soup on Saturday.

One thing the Sox have been great at, and they did it tonight, is working the opposing pitcher. Glavine was pitching well, but had 100 pitches in the 5th inning. That is why Youk is such a great leadoff hitter. You can be that Willis will have thrown at least 7 pitches in his first at bat. That gives Loretta and Papi a chance to see what he has. Plus the fact that Lowell and Gonzalez played with him for the past few years. You can be the plane ride to FL. tonight will be Mikey and Alex giving in depth scouting reports.
I wonder if the sit Papi tomorrow night? Tough lefty and Lowell with his return to Florida and Youk has been hot.

Tough call and I would never recommend sitting Papi, but you’d have to think that if there was a night that Tito was going to give Ortiz a night off, it would be tomorrow. But then you will lose Papi’s bat and Trot’s on the same night.

That’s why it’s easier being a fan and being able to 2nd guess the manager. If he sits Papi and they win, it was a great move. If the sit him and they lose by a run, Francona made a bad move.

Ellen, in the future, hon, PLEASE don’t apologize to condescending “corrections” to your previous comments from arrogant asks like “CYN”, the globe-trotting, got her own blog and gaggle of girl friends (and photos to prove it) who travel all about and attend many games and events throughout the season. Cyn is a girl of many privileges; and, apparently little class or patience in dealing with the underprivileged common folk like us, Ellen, with little experience, let alone our personal feelings or ideas. It was one of those “You had to be there” things that we untravelled no nothings were unable to share and just couldn’t understand.

Your complaint, Ellen, was that fans chanted “Pedro..Pedro..Pedro” after he had been shelled, and you thought that was–in your opinion–not Cyn’s–an inappropriate “Yankee sounding” taunt to Pedro. And, I, and I imagine many others, could not agree with you more. Cyn’s saying that Pedro received several ovations, etc., etc., now he was an enemy…that he received no worse than any other adversary, excuses the taunts–“Besides, it was done good-naturedly”(In whose opinion, Cyn?). How about the “good-natured” adjectives I used about you above? Was that fun, sweetie? Anyway, Cyn’s very own weak defense proves the validity of your point, Ellen! It SIMPLY was bad taste!

Other than the pre-game and post-game activities, Cyn, we at home watching on TV probably get a better view of play and receive a better insight of the game than you do sitting in the stands. So, please stand back a few steps…and consider the visceral reactions of us commoners like EllenCullum and me.

So, really, Cyn, our little “been there…done that” fellow poster, maybe YOU should just CHILL OUT yourself. Feel free to drop in from time to time to bless us with your superior observations…

Being superstitious as I you all know I am, without writing the actual word,*****, we just got another witches transportation piece to go in our garage.
Coco: what a piece of defensive artistry, just when we needed it; Did you see Timlins face??? Like Oh God, and Coco, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I can’t say how much I loved this one, all the people that were there with me tonight were just going on about how much better Glavine is than Curt. Thank you our Sox for shutting up the Non believing NON NATIONERS.

Now: Into Miami, 25 miles south of my birthplace and my home. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about this next series. For a team that was supposed to lose 100 games, they sure are going about it the long way. I just want to for our guys to keep doing what they’ve been doing.

Daniel; you sly dog, I should have known by your lilting literations that you are from the south. Where??? My family is deeply mired in Savannah, Ga.

Gosoxred: funny you should bring up chicken soup… just made a GREAT BIG POT yesterday.

Hey even if I don’t get to see Trot at bat, i’ll know forever that i got to see my LEGANDARY BOSTON REDSOX. It doesn’t get much better than that!!

I’m trying to get a poster done so you guys will all see me. if not look behind home plate just slightly to the cameras right 20 rows up, I’ll be the crazy (broad) SOX FAN in marlin teritory) screaming for OUR SOX. I’ll think of everyone of you while I’m there. I’m sure I’ll post tomorrow, so the excited kid inside of me is going to bed now. G’NIGHT MY FELLOW CHEERLEADING NATIONERS.

p.s. KAYLEE, for Saturday night while I’m at the game, YOU are the resident cheerleader, you know “let’s go redsox, let’s go!!” that’s your job Saturday night.. you go girl!!!! ‘night y’all, ec

Thank you daniel, my friend!! I just don’t like to make waves, I know what the score is with her, and just wanted to remain above her level of sarcasm, but I love the way you spoke up for me. You are a “southern Gentleman”. I just think that any kind of behavior, other than respectful, is absolutley NOT CALLED FOR and is not the way to show the kids watching or listeneing how to treat anyone (player or otherwise) in any situation. The kind of redress that she showed me, in my book is just plain rude. THANKS FOR HAVING MY BACK DANIEL.

You post so much, “Kaylee of the Andy”, that sometimes you are obnoxious, but where are you NOW that Ellen needs you?! You ARE appointed the official Red Sox Blog cheerleader for Saturday while she is gone. We expect you on the blog EARLY, before the game, cheering our guys on!!! #14 (assuming #13 Friday)….scary, right?, but you have the stuff to do it!!!

If you comply, Kaylee, I will ask Wally The Green Monster not to do you know what on your and your uncle’s shoes. Promise!


If you happen to be off on a week’s Girl Scouts’ vacation hunting rare rocks in the hills…or if you choose not to accept this assignment, either way, you’re demoted to the Red Sox Junior Circuit Blog. Sorry!

I was born and lived in a lot of little “Hee Haw” named towns in Mississippi, Ellen. Joined the Navy the day after I graduated from high school. Wasn’t going to college…and the draft was in affect. Didn’t want to carry a back pack and rifle! I DID serve almost two years in a Naval Air Station (Since closed) in Brunswick, Georgia,–about 70 miles south of Savannah and 80 miles north of Jacksonville, Florida. Stayed there a year after being honorably discharged. Wish I had stayed forever! It was a beautiful and hospitable place to live.

For any of you blog purists out there who think personal stuff is boring…….

More boring than??????

Wow, did you see that play?

Yeah! Great, huh?

I’ll say! Who’s up next?

Rodriguez, I think..

Yeah, you’re right!

Hope he gets a hit !!!!!

Me, too!!!!!

ad nauseam….

Daniel:Thanks for the info.I guess I just have not been smart enough to discover that yet.Thanks.Nice game by the sox.And congrats to schilling on his 10th win Isnt beckett at 10 now too? Anyways nice win.I agree With you guys about Johnson I have no idea what to expect out of him.I hope he does Well tommorrow.
We can only hope.Ellen: I have never really been a cheer

leader but,I’ll give it my best shot anyway.Can we make it 13 in a row?Also ellen: I hope you see a sox victory on Saturday.


DAniel:Don’t you worry i will be here EARLY as you say cheering on the red sox saturday….Or try to cheer them on.Anyway I will not let you down.I will be here. Are you trying to tell me something with that first sentence there.

Gosoxred, thanks for your support in the past, man. Just wondering, seems you’re working all the time. Do you own your own business? Are you an employer or an employee?

“Are you trying to tell me something with that first sentence there?” (KAYLEE?)

First sentence being:

“You post so much, “Kaylee of the Andy”, that sometimes you are obnoxious, but where are you NOW that Ellen needs you?!(DAN)

Was purely good natured trash talk…if you were goofing off but reading the blog and not participating—as I sometimes do–…to bug you to come back on and acknowledge your responsibility of Ellen’s charge to you! Thanks for accepting the responsibility!! (Lord, folks, you have to realize that this is all play theatre fun ..not like Jesus is coming back in the 3rd inning!!!).

“…that sometimes you are obnoxious…” pretty much says what it says, Kaylee, but in a trash talk way to grab your attention and get you to respond to Ellen.

To directly answer your question, “no”, I do not think that you post so much that you have become obnoxious (to me)(or others). Hoping you accept my explanation of “just funnin’ to get a rise out of you”, Kaylee. IF you’ve read any of my past posts, you know I cannot be intimidated or backed down. If I didn’t like you, I would simply ignore you!

Daniel:Okay I thought you were poking fun at me but i was not sure thanks for clearifying.

P.S. —Plus, Kaylee, it is NOT a matter of having been SMART enough to have known something. ALL of us are smart…and…dumb…just in different areas! That’s why we have so many different professions.

Guys, when I was a kid in the 50s, there were 8 teams in the National League(the Junior circuit…only because the league was formed later than the American League…as someone else has already pointed out)and 8 teams in the American League. That’s it! 16 major league franchises. There was no East, West, and Central Divisions. There simply was the American League versus the National League! Let’s see how well my memory serves me:


Brooklyn Dodgers

New York Giants

Philadelphia Phillies

St. Louis Cardinals

Boston Braves

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Pittsburgh Pirates

And, that’s pretty much how they finished, give or take.


New York Yankees

(who won almost EVERY year)

Cleveland Indians

Chicago White Sox

Boston Red Sox

Detroit Tigers

Philadelphia Athletics

Washington Senators

St. Louis Browns

And, that’s about the way THEY finished, the last 3 push or shove.

Sure, The Babe had earned $80,000 a year during the Depression when Herbert Hoover was President…and the country was in as confused a mess as it is today! How did he justify a higher salary than the president? Ruth was asked? “I had a better year than the president,” Ruth rightfully responded.

And in those days–Joe Dimmagio became the first player to sign a $100,000 contract, followed by Ted Williams–many players had to work a regular job off-season…selling cars, driving trucks, assembly lines to feed their families. Ordinary players earned maybe…7500–12000 a year.

Maybe, then, playing in the All Star game was a big deal. A bonus, maybe. A recognition to your owner that might bring you another $500 next year. That era has passed.

And, I remain tremendously interested in who gives a rats ask about who plays in the modern all star game?! Who wins it? Or, what happens as a consequence?

Manny has a little twinge in his right knee. Terry has been taking him out of games lately when we’re up 8 runs. Terry–for sure–doesn’t want to sub him with a questionable replacement like Gabe Kappler–hitting .450–but because he feels Manny is hurting so bad. Right, Terry. Right, all the rest of you managers who want your all star nominations to take 3 days of rest off rather than extending themselves in an all star game that means virtually nothing to anyone except the MLB.

The worst that can happen if Manny does not go to this year’s all star game is that–as a result of his absence–and only then perhaps, because of his absence, we lose the game…and we have to give the National League the home field advantage in the World Series.

Keep Manny home today, nurse! Him dudn’t feeel weeeell. We’ll take them awful consequences!!!!!!!

Couldn’t resist —

Did you guys see the catch Coco made in the 8th last night?

WOW. Play of the year.

I love this team – they have all the tools and do everything well, rather than just relying on brute power like in the last few years. Last night’s game was just so FUN to watch.

Check out my posts on the Yankee blog, Red Soxers. There may be some shrapnel coming our way on our blog. I think I can handle it. Ian, sorry for the grief, man. But after Feinsand came on our blog defending the intentions of his intellectually challenged posters from his blog to our blog–and while I was on an announced vacation at that—I just couldn’t resist. …any longer.

Mr. Fagan:

I couldn’t agree with you more about the All-Star game. Very few people even watch it, and the attempt to give it meaning by tying home field advantage to the outcome is pretty pitiful. Home field advantage in the World Series should go to the team with the best record, just like in the Division Series and the League Championship Series. The All-Star game is just a popularity contest, pure and simple. I for one could do without it. And I’d just as soon the Sox players got the extra rest instead.

And I also agree with you on the chatter around here during the games, although perhaps not as vehemently expressed it. I don’t read the blog during the games; I’m either listening on the radio and watching Gameday or watching on TV. So then when I come onto the blog after the game I just skim over the comments like “Come on, one more out” and “We need some hitting.” But I suppose this is a way for some folks to converse about the game as if they were watching it together in Ellen’s bar, so even though it’s boring to me, I see why they do it.


You must be psychic or something. I was thinking similar thoughts last night at the end of the game. This Red Sox team has a much better balance between offense and defense than they had in ’04. And even though everyone says they sacrificed offense to get better defense, I would contend that they really haven’t given up that much offense. (Crisp for Damon, Lowell for Mueller, Gonzalez for Cabrera, Loretta for Bellhorn, Youkilis for Millar.) The one area in which I’d say they are not as good as the ’04 Sox is pitching, and I think Theo will come up with some key trades that will improve that situation. So overall, I strongly agree that this team is as good or better than the 2004 World Champs.

To all Red Sox fans: You guys are on a roll! You made the red hot Mets look like the Kansas City Royals. Us in Yankee land can hope to just keep it close until you guys come back down to earth. One things for sure, July is going to see some incredible baseball.

Just a hint, when you try to walk Miguel Cabrera don’t put it anywhere within bat distance.

falejandro, when I saw the highlight of Cabrera foiling the attempt to walk him, it made me think of “The Bad News Bears” (the original, with Walter Matthau and Tatum O’Neal). Except in the movie Kelly Leak steps across the plate to hit the ball, which is illegal. Cabrera was able to stay within the bounds of the batter’s box (and therefore the bounds of the rulebook). Good stuff.

Getting, I think, Rayman, to read you a little better. When you wrote who would believe David would have the second lowest BA on the team and we would still be up, my immediate response was that you were criticising Ortiz for not getting more hits! I think what you meant was…who would’ve thunk David would’ve won as many games as he has with a .260… and that we would be ahead as much as we are, given that stat. I commend you on coming around on Alex Gonzalez, Ray. Not just you, but many others. As you know, Ray, I don’t need to tell you or robn about existing stats, but barring a slump, which Ortiz never seems to have, he should finish with 45-50 HR and 150 RBI. I’ll settle for that from David, even if he hits .230.
As far as Pedro, Ray, we kinda agree and disagree. If Mets relievers had saved some games for him, he might now be 10-2, 11-2. He, as my memory serves, pitched that game against the Yankees that Billy Wagner blew!

Four years…too long! Three…maybe. Who knows. This was Theo’s gorilla suit off season…so what would have happened with Johnny and Pedro had he been there?

My point being that Martinez is STILL a VERY GOOD pitcher. Boston would be blessed to have him on our staff now. But, then that’s not to be.

You’re right Dan, I’m definitely not criticizing Ortiz for his average. I think the shift will take 20-30 points away if things stay as is. What’s happened with Gonzales is just unreal.

I’m sure glad we took three from the Mets, but I wish we didn’t have to face their 2 best (Glavine and Pedro). Now the Yanks get to face El Duque (5.82 ERA) and Trachsel (4.82). How can the Mets be so good with these clowns in their rotation? Oh yeah, the National League is a joke… almost forgot.

My thoughts exactly. Then they have the tough task of facing the rookie Solar that the Sox banged around on Tuesday night. Lucky weekend for the Yankees.
Them’s the breaks, I guess.

I’m so ticked off. My baseball package blacks out all Marlin and Devil Ray games because I live in Florida, so I can’t watch the games this weekend, or next week for that matter when they head to Tampa. I’m going to try and make a ride down for one of the games, though.

My only beef with the TV is that I never get to see the Fox saturday games because I live in Chicago. I get the MLB Extra Innings package which allows me to see all of the others (except key ESPN games which I see on regular cable).

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