That baseball haven in South Florida

Fenway this isn’t. I’m sitting here right now at a football stadium, getting ready to watch a baseball game.

From the press box, all I can see is a sea of orange seats. yeah, that works for the Dolphins I guess, but there is no flavor of the Marlins in this place at all. It’s sad that this team has won more World Championships in the last nine years (2) than the Red Sox have won in the last 88 (1), yet there is hardly any passion down here for this team.

I’m sure it will really hit home tonight for Mike Lowell, Alex Gonzalez and Josh Beckett just how lucky they were to switch homes. But it’s also worked well for Hanley Ramirez, who has thrived at the opportunity to play every day.

History is on the line tonight as the Red Sox can become the first team in Major League history to go 17 consecutive games without an error. Ironic, isn’t it, that Gonzalez and Lowell are two of the biggest reasons for that streak, and the record can be set that their former home.

More later.



That’s the most depressing news I’ve heard all day. I thank the baseball Gods that I was born and raised in a town that had a team with tradition and history. Ian, you might see about 4,000 other people there tonight if you’re lucky. Maybe 4,500 since A-Gon and Lowell are coming back. That place is a disgrace to baseball simply because it is NOT a baseball town and they have no solid fan base. I feel bad for anyone that plays on that team. They don’t get to enjoy playing in a town/stadium that knows what baseball is all about.

What will be even more depressing to Florida fans and players is that 80% of those in attendance will be Red Sox fans.🙂

Well, I know who won’t be getting another starting opportunity for the Sox.

How long will he last this game?

Who knows, but it won’t be too much longer. This is really going to hurt the pen for the weekend. I hope Wake has his A game tomorrow. These guys that are hitting him all choked in clutch spots this past weekend against the Yankees.
I hope he can get through this inning and we can pinch hit for him in the 3rd. I’d hate to waste a pitching change this inning only to either have to pinch hit for the reliever or have an automatic out when he comes up.

I know…they betterwarm up though

Any chance of rain in South Florida?? Maybe a big storm will come through and sog up the field before the 5th!!
Plenty of time to score some runs, though.

yea i know but he is struggling

Nice job by Julian tonight….did I just say that?? Down 3 with 3 innings to go. Willis has already thrown over 100 pitches. Time to make things happen.

Yea lets make someething happen how manyy did julian go?

He pitched 2. Uh oh, Rudy Seanez is in the game now.

Single, out, wild pitch, walk.
Next 2 guys are hitting below .220. He better get them out.

I agree.

Well, it was going to end eventually. The good news from this is that the pen basically shut down the Marlins after the Johnson disaster/experiment imploded.
The Sox ran into a tough pitcher and came up short.

Tomorrow is a new day and we basically saw that big league pitching can get these guys out. Wakefield and Lester should do just fine. Nice job by the pen tonight.

Gameday made it look like Papi’s pinch hit bid when to the wall for the final out.

Hopefully the Mets can break out of their slump and take a couple from the Yanks. I think the Sox really put them in a tailspin.

I agree.Gosoxred:I will cheer them on tommorrow for ellen: hopefully wake does better.lets forget tonight

I’ve never seen a game donated away before it even started. I knew last week when Ian mentioned that we wouldn’t need a fifth starter for a while, the Red Sox would do something stupid and throw a loser up there anyway. That’s one big difference between the Yanks and Sox, the Yanks would have just moved up their starting 4 on regular days rest. Every game counts and it’s pretty disappointing to see one so obviously just given away.

Rayman, do you even watch Sox games? The Sox have been lucky this year and have received good outings from guys who weren’t expected to do well.

Johnson is usually a ground ball pitcher. He didn’t have his stuff last night so the infield couldn’t help him. It happens.

Comparing the Sox to the team 3 games behind them? Sorry, the Yankees don’t do anything any better than the Red Sox, except blow money.

Johnson is 55-95 career. He stinks. I’ve never in my life seen a record that bad, has anyone else? We could have pitched our regular rotation on regular days rest and saved these emergency guys for when we need one. The Red Sox mgt. doesn’t seem to care sometimes in these kinds of games. What’s one game? Well, we lost the division by one game last year. You know Dontrell was going to be tough, we could have thrown Wakefield last night, who has been pretty hot lately. Throwing a guy in from the scrap heap when we didn’t have to is just a bad idea.

Hi, this is my first post:
They could have had Wake pitch last night and Johnson tonight, but running pitchers on 4 days midseason is typically not something want to do unless you have to.

Yes Johnson has been less than stellar over his career, but I don’t think he’ll be here at the end of the year I would not be suprised to see him move with one or two prospects for a 4-4.5 era pitcher.

Well, hello my fellow RedSox faithful!! I’m doing the countdown for real now; 3hrs, 7 minutes. I’m just so excited to be seeing our guys play tonight. The weather here is clear, but in South Florida it can change in a heartbeat, so pray for it to stay that way.
kaylee I hope you’ve been practicing your Sox cheers.

Well time for me to start getting ready, i’ll be just on the third base side (near the batters circle) behind home plate.

Please gimme a “LETS GO REDSOX, LET’S GO!!!!” take me out to the ball game,take me out to the crowd………

Well I am Here….FOR ellen and daniel GO sox

I’m going to go down and visit Ellen in the next half-inning or so.

Nice homer manny

what happened to the marlins starter?

Lets go sox
3-1 sox


kinda odd they go 17 games without an error and then make 2 in 2 innings.

nice homer by manny. i didn’t see it because for some reason the mlb package isn’t airing the game.

Way to GO, Kayle!!! Just KICK a little higher…and do more cartwheels!!!
Make sure Ellen brought her nitroglycerine pills with her, Ian. With the small crowd there, couldn’t they pretty much move around and sit anywhere they’d like to?

I don’t know, Ellen goes to her first Major League game and the Red Sox see their errorless streak end with not just one error, but two in the same inning. Is Ellen bad luck? I don’t think so. I’ll withhold judgment until the end of the game. Anyway, we had a nice visit. She was having a great time with her husband and her seats were outstanding.

I called mlb earlier, Stars. The recorded message says due to Fox’s EXCLUSIVE deal when they broadcast games nationally, all games starting before 7 pm would be blacked out. All starting 7 pm or later WILL be televised.

nice homer PAPi

I have a question for anyone that’s able to get the game on TV (It’s blacked out here in FL on my baseball package).
Does Wakefield even waste time throwing a knuckler to the pitcher? I’d love to see how foolish a pitcher looks trying to hit that thing.

Nice of you to take the time to do that, Ian. Ellen looks lucky enough through 4 1/2. So does our designated cheerleader, Kaylee. Keep up the good work, gals!

Papi is having a nice game.
Thanks daniel


Manny homers #2 tonight he is having a good game too.

gosoxred:i cant answer that question I am watching it via gameday

What is wakefield doing?
2 runs already.


Ellen, if this score holds up, I demand you call in sick to work tomorrow(if you have to work) and you MUST go to tomorrow’s game as well. No excuses. Ian must have told the guys that a big time fan was at the game today and they put on a hitting clinic for you to witness. You owe it to the Sox Nation to return to the field tomorrow and cheer them on again.

Could we be witness to an appearance by Willie “we are up by 8 or more runs so I get some garbage time” Harris pretty soon?

gosoxred:are you asking for harris?

I would never WANT to see him in a game. I’m making light of the fact that his only action is when the Sox are up by eight runs or more. (deservedly so, I might add)

OKAy….we got youk and gabe out there now.

We just need to keep Tavarez out of the game.

There he is! I guess Tito thought the 8 run lead was safe enough to bring him in and put him in left field. He will even get to hit in the 9th.

As much as I enjoyed the errorless streak, the pressure is off and they can concetrate on winiing games.

I think we have this game won

Hope Alex can get a hit in the 9th to extend his hitting streak.

Nice, he must have heard me.
Let’s see if Willie can drive him in.

does a double work?

Or strike out willie

I agree dhatcher.
Little Willie waits 2 months to get an at bat and he goes down looking. Wow.

Nice game wake.

Gosoxred, just wondering if Willie Harris ever personally wronged you? Because you have certainly had your share of fun this season repeatedly putting him down with your creative, derogatory “middle names”. Willie is on this team because of his speed and versatility. Sure he’s hitting only a buck 63, but he’s had 43 AB in 40 games. With only 7 hits and 4 walks (earning his way on base only 11 times), because of his speed and pinch running for others, he has scored 15 times. The same as Alex Cora. He can play anywhere in the outfield as well as the infield, and has played well defensively wherever Francona has put him. I don’t know how much else you want him to do, other than raising his batting average. Just to keep that in perspective, that average isn’t much lower than Alex Gonzalez was hitting until he caught fire in June and raised his average 100 points. Gonzalez gets to play everyday. Harris doesn’t. And, you must remember that many here were on Gonzalez’ caboose back then as you have been on Willie all year.
Although there are different combinations of player injuries than this example I’m going to use here, this will stress my point of why Willie Harris is ON this team: (Remembering that we have been fortunate not to have had any serious injuries that kept any of our starting infielders or Cora out of the line up … so far. Let’s say, though, Youkilis goes down with an injury. Loretta moves to first, Cora goes to second. Then, while Kevin is still on the DL, suppose Lowell or Gonzalez is hurt. You COULD insert Ortiz at first, move Loretta back to second, move Cora to short or third. But, while David has played well enough and certainly has not embarrassed himself playing there, he’s our DH, and we don’t WANT Ortiz having to play there multiple games and exposing himself to possible injury himself. He’s too valuable doing precisely what he has BEEN doing. Coming through with his BAT in crucial pressure situations, winning more games for us than any reasonable fan could expect an ordinary human being to do. And, after the Marlin game tomorrow, we have no need to have to scrap our DH until the playoffs and series. If you consider all this, all we have IS Willie Harris. 1B–Loretta 2B–Harris SS–Gonzalez or Cora 3B–Lowell or Cora.

We MAY be fortunate enough to survive the whole season without having a serious injury to one or more front line infielders. The odds, however, that we won’t is much higher…a possibilty that cannot be unanticipated. And, that’s why Willie’s there.

There are big cogs and little cogs, gsr, some more productive than others, but all vitally necessary over the long haul in order to go all the way. Remember, there may be a time when Willie Harris could be as important to the Red Sox as Dave Roberts was in 2004!!! Be ready, if that day comes, to nickname him Willie “I-scored-the-run-that-won-the-second-World-Series-for-Boston-in-the-last-three-years!” Harris!!!! I just thought Willie deserved this rebuttal, gsr.

Nice jobs tonight, Ellen, Ian, Kaylee. By the way, cheerleader, I just phoned Wally The Green Monster and asked him to behave himself while your uncle and you are there. In August?

Willie Harris is a career .238 hitter. Once we get our injured guys back, he’ll probably never play again. I really doubt he is going to be our Dave Roberts come playoff time.

I have to agree with daniel on the subject of Willie Harris. Although he’s not a great hitter, thats really not where his value is for this team. Its sort of the same situation as Mirabelli. He has a role to play, and its primarily a defensive/pinch running role. Getting on the guy for not hitting isn’t fair, especially since the only pitching he gets to see is BP pitching. I’m sure if he were playing regularly, he’d bring the average up some, but thats really not the point.

Two possibilities, Ray. You could be correct:You could be doing a 180 on him later in the season as you did on Gonzalez…Loretta…etc…etc.

Blurdaugg:and Daniel:i can sometimes be accused of putting down willie..but,i think you guys are right…His numbers are not great but,it is not like we are putting him out there everyday and expecting him to perform so i agree with you guys.

I have the feeling that were everyone on the team to get their average up to .400 and Tavarez and Seanez were to pitch no-hit ball out of the bullpen the rest of the season, through the playoffs and World Series, that some “may I rain on everyone’s parade” poster would find fault with the ball girl for flubbing a foul ball down the line or the bat boy for being too slow running the new baseballs out to the home plate umpire. Dang! Folks. With the decimated lineup the Yankees have been playing with for weeks and with their pitching staff having absolutely NO ONE other than Moose and Mariano they can count on two starts or two nights in a row, we–so far–have been so fortunate that at least our injuries have been spread out…and we have backups who have–for the most part(NOT 100%, GOD FORBID!!!)–done the job. I have to take my hat off to Torre and the NYY survivors for hanging as close as they have. There’s no reason they should have won as many games as they have during this time, much less still be only 4 games out. Meanwhile, we’re 13/14, 15-2 versus the NL. Lester pitching like Cy Young, sorry Mark! all-time consecutive errorless games with the very best defense in baseball. Best 3-4, maybe best 1-9, in baseball coming to the plate every day. Not 5 (yet) but 4 starting pitchers who have a good chance of outpitching the opponent virtually EVERY night(NOT EVERY NIGHT, GOD FORBID!!!). These guys…and a day of rain…I have no gut-wrenching “cloud over my head” fear if Wells or Clement(Matt, his mother, and I, I know, are the only 3 people who STILL believe in him…–no reason…just faith!)or Foulke ever come back or not!!! But what if just one or two of the three do return and contribute just something? So, I think we have our cake and ice cream and are eating it, too. I don’t think this is over confidence on my part. Things can change. Will change. A team and individual player’s slump is lurking out there…somewhere. And, I realize we lost the AL East and automatic playoff birth last year by one game, and I know it’s not in our pocket until everyone else is mathematically eliminated, and I DON’T want to have to depend on getting to the dance via the wild card berth, again. But, right now, we have reasons to be confident.

we are 4 games up now thanks to the mets for beating randy johnson and the yankees
Since I am only 14 i have no idea what i am doing up at 1:50 am but i am

Goodnight all.


Daniel, I don’t know where you’re getting the venomous attitude from. Harris has never wronged me and I would never complain about Kelly missing a foul ball. She is much too nice to look at down the 3rd base line. If you look back at posts while you were gone, I’ve done nothing but compliment the lineup and the kids in the pen. I have a problem with 3 people on the team, Tavarez, Seanez and Harris.
Harris has speed, no doubt. But he simply is not a good player. He can’t hit, he can’t play left field at Fenway, (if you saw that ball he gave up on and let drop in down the line you’d know what I’m talking about), and his defense isn’t as good as Kapler’s and barely better than Wily Mo’s. He potentially cost the Sox a game in Baltimore by getting caught on a steal in the top of the 9th with Trot up. Just not a good player. Seanez and Tavarez are obvious.

Daniel, go back and check my posts before you start throwing daggers. I’m a big boy and can take it, but after your rant on the Yankee blog the other day, I didn’t expect you to use your snide comments on one of your own.

Now that Kapler is back, he takes the place of Harris. Once Wily Mo gets off the DL, I just don’t see anyone else that could get sent down besides Harris. It won’t be anyone in the pen since they need the arms and with Wily Mo, they now have 5 outfielders.
You just don’t waste a roster spot on the possibility that there might be a catastrophic injury to an infielder. If that were to happen (which is a possibility for every team every day), then you have Cora and the then the farm system. If it happens before July 31st, you make a trade.

Well G’mornin, Nationers. I tried to post this last night, but for some reason my computer was not allowing me to send it.
I had THEEEE BEST TIME at the game last night. What an introduction to live professional baseball. The first thing I saw was Papi and Manny going out to talk to Cabrera before the game.

The seats we had were fabulous. The fans around us (in our area there were about 12 Sox fans and 2 marlins fans and we all got along and had a great time. It was amazing to me to look across the stands and see 1000’s of sox fans. The Sox definitley have a huge following.

I was thrilled to meet Ian. He really is a great. Thanks for stopping by, Ian. When I get to Fenway, I’ll let you know. By the way I saw an article on you through one of our posts here. You have a beautiful family. Maybe one of your boys will be wearing a Sox uniform someday.

I got some really good shots of all the players. I was thrilled to see Trot 20 feet in front of me. To see Papi hit not one, but 2 hr’s in one game!!!!!!!!, and then Manny does the same!

All in all it was an incredible experience. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better evening. Top everything off with a Yankee loss and it doesn’t get much better than that.



Glad you had a great time at the ballpark. There’s nothing like watching a game at the park, in my opinion. I’ll watch any Red Sox game on TV, but the only other TV games I’m interested in are playoff games for the most part. On the other hand, I’ll go to any major league game if I can see it at the ballpark. It’s just a lot of fun to me. Any way, even though I couldn’t pick you out specifically, I’m sure I heard you on the radio. What a great game to be your first live game! I hope you get to see some more soon.

11 runs for Wakefield. Now that’s what I call run support! Kind of a laugher after the 4th, definitely a laugher the 6th. Still fun to listen to the announcer call out those long balls. Now Youk has led off today’s game with another such hit. I heard this morning that the Sox are third in the AL in runs scored. That makes me feel even more strongly that they really didn’t sacrifice offense in making the off season moves they did.

A question for anyone that can answer it: where did the expression “hit that one on the screws” come from? The Marlins announcer used it yesterday on one of Ortiz’s homers, and I got to thinking: there are no screws in a baseball; there are no screws in a baseball bat. Why would you use that expression to describe someone hitting a baseball? It’s not uncommon, and I’m not suggesting people should stop using it, but I wondered if anyone knew where it came from.

The wrong Ramirez just homered. Time for me to stop typing and start knitting the third hat for my friend’s impending triplets. (Yes, I knit sometimes while I listen to games. Got a problem with that?😉 )

Lester with a great job working out of a bases loaded jam with no outs in the 2nd.
Hopefully he can work on getting ahead in the count more often so that his pitch count won’t get so high so fast.

I think it’s safe to say that Papi is locked in right now.

3 solo homers in 3 innings.

“Venomous”?, “throwing daggers”?, my “rant”?, “snide remarks”? People who live in glass houses, gsr, shouldn’t…… know. Do I detect a bit of thin skin here. You don’t happen to be one of those individuals who can dish it out but can’t take it? I am pleased, however, that you chose a Sunday to admonish me, not a workday during work hours when there may be someone else paying you to be doing something else other than blogging. Now, come on kids, can’t we just get along and try to say nice things about everybody. Your compliment to Kelly is a good start.

Not thin skin at all. As I said, I can take any warranted critisism. However, don’t question someones fandome due to the fact that they do not like a few certain players. I am happy for you that you don’t have a “cloud over your head” when Clement pitches. As you so elequently put in your blogging over on Feinsand’s blog the other day: The blogs are for people to offer opinions on players. I guess that only applys for you if it is in agreeance with your thoughts. If you have kept up, you would know that I have backed this lineup/defense/pitching and pen to the fullest while only pointing out obvious faults. Not that I have to defend myself to you, but if you are going to judge the way a fan follows his/her team, please have the facts beforehand.
Maybe you would like it if we all said how wonderful Seanez and Tavarez are. Willie Harris is a tremendous player that doesn’t get enough playing time so we can’t judge his playing abilities.

I’m also so appreciative of the fact that you are glad to see me posting on a Sunday as opposed to a work day. Next time I’m at my office with a minute to check the blog, I’ll think twice about posting so you won’t feel like there is another person in the corporate world taking advantage of having internet access at the workplace.

Fair enough, gsr. Please feel free to call Tavarez the same name I just called him.

Absolutely! Odds are I already did about 4 times over.

Good job by Timlin. Now that Johnson is out of there maybe they can get a few off their pen.

Don’t worry gosox, I check in on the internet just about everyday at work. It gives me a way to relax at times.

The games blacked out here…anyone know why Crisp was taken out?

I can only imagine Crisp was taken out because of a double switch. THe pitcher’s spot was due to hit in the 8th, so they switched pitchers and because Coco made the last out of the 7th, they put Kapler in the field to switch the lineup. NOw the pitcher’s spot isn’t due up until 9 spots from now.

ah, gotcha, forgot about the pitcher batting. Thanks GSR.

Gameday made it look like that fly ball by Hanley Ramirez was at the wall! Pap hasn’t pitched in a while. I think if one guy gets on, we will see him.

….or if Miguel Cabrera comes up with 2 out and no one on. Shows what I know.

nice win…Twenty five for

add saves in that last post.

Nice game, and a good argument, gsr. I think both our blood pressures are sufficiently down to rationally wrap it up…until next time…and having a next time “ain’t” a bad thing to look forward to. (1) I have read all posts, caught up on those made while I was out. I don’t miss much. My perspectives are not watered down by lack of information or not having read sufficiently; (2) It’s human nature to second guess your team. I criticise Francona for leaving pitchers in too long. I didn’t like the way they treated Arroyo or their trading him. I didn’t like them sending Adam Stern back down and keeping Harris at the time–although I understand Adam needs to play everyday, and while he’s fast, he doesn’t play the infield and his butt would be collecting as many splinters on the bench now as Harris’ is. I was confused as to why they traded their starting shortstop to whom they had just signed to the same contract they signed Tek, 4-years, $40 million, then traded their best minor league shortstop being groomed to inherit ss, without having any idea who they could get to play shortstop? AND, that’s just to name a few. Nothing wrong with me doing that. Nothing wrong with you doing that. What began this whole exchange was your not simply expressing your opinion that Harris was not a good ballplayer, but your demeaning him constantly with insulting references EVERY time he entered a game. About the “dozenth”(Is that a word, Ellen?) time, I guess, it just got to me. Your obviously an intelligent and knowledgeable person. You’re above that. Perhaps intended more in fun that being harmful, that being the case, my bad! (3) While I DO have Internet access at my place of business, it is not at all required to perform my job. I’m not allowed to be on it, so I never am…whether someone is watching or not. Were I to, I could be fired…and I should be. My employer is not paying me to go on break to have a cigarette OR to be browsing the internet. The only people allowed to do that legitimately are guys like Ian, because that’s part of their job. Enjoyed the bout, bsr. No hard feelings. Good points well taken. My slate is cleaned, and I’m done. I’ll leave the last word to you, if you wish. Then, we’ll move on….

Daniel, I think it depends on a person’s work situation. I use the internet at work, but I’m also my own employer. I can understand how an employer could have a no-internet policy though, to keep employees from wasting hours on the net.

All good with me daniel.
Second guessing is a way of life for Sox fans and the Sox Nation. I agree whole heartedly (spelling?).

My deal with Harris is more good natured ribbing, that’s all. If he were ever to cost the Sox a game, I would probably fault Francona for having him in there.

A few weeks ago when the Sox were playing the Braves on the FOX game of the week they actually played a sound bite with Papa Jack talking to Willie about his role. It was pretty much to a tee what we’ve said all along. Papa Jack was telling him to be ready to pinch run or go in for defense and he actually said the words “Know your role” to Harris. It was pretty funny looking back especially at these past posts.

I’m all good. You can’t have hard feelings when you have a mature discussion about the logistics of Sox moves and so forth. It never crossed any line that some bloggers on other team’s site cross so often, so slate clean here as well.

All that being said…..who are the Sox going to send down once Wily Mo is off the DL. Jokes and comments aside, I can’t realistically think of another player on the team except Harris.

Thank god we pulled that one out. When I saw Tavarez coming back for one more inning to face Cabrera, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Once I saw the Cabrera homer and subsequent walk, I knew my vision was indeed correct. The way the Redsox are playing now, I think its a safe bet that Timlin and Papelbon are not going to be needed as much as they were earlier in the year. That said, I think we should be extra careful in these one run games and maybe use Timlin/Papelbon for 9 outs… especially when they are well rested like they were today.

Good points Rayman. The fact that Delcarmen and Hansen saw some significant work lately says something as well. Delcarmen is starting to get ahead in the count and is able to control the hitters. Earlier he was getting behind 2-0, 3-1 and getting in trouble. Now he is working ahead in the count and getting people out. Hansen just looked electric this weekend. This will be a huge help the rest of the way.
I don’t know what else to say about Tavarez. He was on Friday night with 2 good innings and he did alright today in his first inning, granted he got out a .217 hitter and a pitcher. Maybe he’s coming around???? A lot of people give up hits to Cabrera, but that was only his 13 HR this year and it was crushed. If Tavarez could come around, the pen would be lights out!

Congrats to Papi, Loretta, Manny and Papelbon for making the All-Star team and a big BOO to Ozzie Guillen for picking 9-5 3.94 ERA Mark Buerle over 10-2 3.60ERA Schill.

just a quick question but how did you guys get el guapo 2 for seanez? i know its spanish but there aint nothin handsom abount him!!! you need to call him el goro (fat) or el feo (ugly) or somethin along those lines.

Ozzie Guillen and Buerle got what they deserve today for that All Star decision (Buerle gave up 10 runs against the Cubs).


“El Guapo” is a reference to Rich Garces, a former relief pitcher for the Red Sox. A teammate gave him the nickname, which came from a movie, but a lot of people thought it meant “The Fat One” instead of “The Handsome One” because Garces had a bit of a gut on him (and I’m being charitable when I say “a bit”). He was actually a pretty good reliever for a while.

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