Hey Now You're an All-Star

Smashmouth sings that song for those who are wondering. Yes, I’m a little punchdrunk here on All-Star Selection Sunday.

Anyway, before dissecting the All-Star selections, it should be noted that general manager Theo Epstein had the line of the day.

"I’m going to get fired. I traded half of the All-Star
team. It’s good to be 21 over (.500) when you traded half the All-Star team," quipped Epstein in the middle of the visting clubhouse at Dolphin Stadium as he examined the press releases highlighting  all the selections.

For those keeping track at home, those who left the Red Sox under Epstein’s watch and will be playing on the All-Star team. Bronson Arroyo, everyone’s favorite Red; Pedro Martinez, the erstwhile ace who had his Fenway return spoiled; Freddy Sanchez,  the blossoming infielder for the Pirates who was dealt by Epstein for Jeff Suppan  (that deal definitely did not work) in 2003; Edgar Renteria,  who had that ill-fated one year in Boston and has regained his form in Atlanta (and is still being paid a substantial amount by the Red Sox).

And I would guess a fifth  Epstein castoff will be added to the team in the next  few days, as our very own NOMAH  is on the Final Vote ballot for the National League and probably has the best candidacy and name recognition of all NL-ers on that ballot.

It’s good that Theo can poke fun at himself, even though I’m sure he would still make most of those moves again if he had the opportunity. I’m sure he wouldn’t do the Sanchez-Suppan deal again, I’ve heard him say that was a mistake, But I bet he would stand by all the others, even Arroyo when you consider the upside of Wily Mo.

From a Red Sox standpoint, I thought it worked out pretty well. Papelbon was a given, but you realize how precious this type of thing is to players when you hear how emotional he was after getting the news from a tearful Terry Francona. Ortiz is becoming a lock at the All-Star Game and he’ll also be in the derby. Wasn’t it great to see Loretta make the team? What a pro. Just a quiet, classy guy who does his job. And then there’s Manny, who made the team, and deservedly so, but all signs seem to point to him backing out with his sore right knee.

It’s hard to justify Schilling not making the team. He’s top five in most of the relevant pitching categories. It was interesting that Schilling didn’t get voted in by the players. Sure, he’s outspoken, but I think it would be unprofessional of opposing players not to vote for Schilling because they aren’t crazy about his personality. Maybe justice will prevail and he’ll get added on when, inevitably, someone else backs out with an injury or another reason.

And let’s face it, if Schilling doesn’t make it, we now have great theater for Sunday, the last game before the All-Star break. Yes, it is Schiling vs. the White Sox in Chicago, so i’m sure this one will be billed as Schilling vs. AL All-Star manager Ozzie Guillen, who chose not to take Schilling with one of the few selections he was eligible to make. It would be great to see Schilling throw a five-hit shutout.

Before moving on, here’s a shoutout for two other Red Sox players who easily could have been on the team. Mike Lowell has been a rock at third base and at the plate. And Kevin Youkilis has been the catalyst of the offense.

I think the All-Star stuff is fun, debating who should go and who shouldn’t. It’s part of what makes baseball so great. You have stats you to prove your point, where it’s hard to quantify the other sports as much with the stats. How can you prove which offensive lineman should represent the AFC?

At any rate, chime in with all of your All-Star thoughts. I’m curious. And i’ll talk to you Monday from under the roof of Tropicana Field.


My allstar thoughts are David Ortiz should not have made it I know he is a good hitter but, He is clearly not a first

baseman.I also think that youk

should have been.I also think schilling should have gone…maybe even Josh beckett

those are my thoughts.

Anyone else?


I wonder where Jason finished in the final balloting. And, yes, why not Curt, why not Josh???
I still think that what I call the “t-ball rule”, where every team is represented whether or not they have a player who was voted in, is really lame. Isn’t it still called the “AllStar Game”?

I read that Terry Francona is asking Manny to sit this one out due to his sore knee. I think that with our lead going into the 2nd half of the season, this is a good idea. I know it’s an honor to be chosen by the fans for the Midsummer Classic, but I think that we need every possible edge for our run for the post-season.

On to current business: Josh on the mound tonight against Scott Kazmir and the Rays, this should be interesting as Kazmir usually gives our guys fits. We can’t let up, even for a minute. Before we know it, The Yank’s and the Jay’s will be (already are) breathing down our necks. We do have a little bit of a cushion, but if we aren’t very careful and very good that could go away quickly.

Schilling will get a chance to show Ozzie Guillen what a fool he is on Sunday when he faces in the Whitesox. The Whitesox are probably the biggest fair-weather fans in the league. I live here in Chicago and went to watch the Red Sox play the White Sox 2 years ago. I bought a cheap ticket and walked right down and sat a few rows behind the Red Sox dugout (no White Sox fans cared to show up that day). It’s really an ugly ball park, in an ugly part of town.


I read Jason lost by 17,000 votes. Personally I like the “t-ball” rule. I know there were some years only 1 Redsox went and that is why I watched the game. I do think they could add a few players to avoid another tie, but there will always be a some players snubbed and some voted in who don’t who deserve it. I think Schilling would have been honored to be picked (and he is certainly deserving of it), but the fact he is scheduled to pitch the game before the break might have something to do with not being selected. As for the 4 “t-ball” players this year; Tejada & Sizemore are deserving, but Redman and Zito aren’t really having All-Star years in my opinion. However like I said A’s and Royals fans might tune in just to see their player. I like the fact that MLB has this rule.

Sorry, I am listening to Baba O’Riley and added an extra “who”…
“…but there will always be a some players snubbed and some voted in WHO don’t deserve it.”

If Beckett should have gone, half the AL should have gone. I agree that Schilling could have gone but Mussina could have as well. And there are only so many slots open.

If the game is going to have the meaning to it that it now does, than they should also change the selection process in order to coincide with the new importance of the game. First off, if a team can’t produce an allstar quality player than they should not be represented. What I mean by this is that these owners don’t put any money back into there teams and if thats the case than tough shizzle if they are not represented. The Mark Redmans, and for that matter the kasas city royals gotta go. Even the pirates got Bay. Viva la contraction. The other rule that must change is to prevent managers from “Joe Torreing” the teams. That is by adding say eleven players like torre did a few years back. Sorry buerle but not only should schill be on the team before you so shouldn’t Liriano (who got hosed by the way). In order to accomplish the goal of winning the game (because now it is no longer just an exhibition) and having the best players on the team the “t-ball rule” (I like that) and the manager’s choices have got to be altered. And if you want to get real technical I think even the fan voting may have to be changed. The reason I say this is because a player who doesn’t deserve to be there may get the start because the fans voted him in. Fans say from a larger market who all vote for their guy. I.E. v-tech. Now don’t tar and feather me but he is not having an allstar season (I am a sox fan by the way). He almost started because redsox nation is huge and mighty and powerful. Basicly we are the best, but do you mean to tell me joe maur (sp?) shouldn’t be starting? With all that said the fans still should have say but if the game is going to mean homefield advantage come world series time then good ol confused Mr. Selig should figure some new and efficient system out.

A big internet high five to sox nation.

It’s an exhibition game. Nothing more. To assign playoff consequences to its outcome is ludicrous. What other professional sports league does that? Any? None that I know of.

I know I’m being incredibly cynical about it, but I just don’t find the All-Star game very interesting at all. Home Run Derby? What’s the fun of watching big league sluggers pound oversized baseballs lobbed at them practically underhand? Big deal.

To those of you who care about it, I sincerely hope you enjoy it. I just don’t see the point.

I’ve always loved the All Star Game and I have a lot of fun watching the homerun derby. There really isn’t any ‘point’, Rob, except to have fun! These guys get to be a little goofy and relaxed for a couple of days while playing ball. I think it’s great.

I hate the fact that, to save face, Bud Selig makes this game ‘count’. I have no use for the commissioner and this is just another idiotic move on his part to add to his on-going list.

I ignore the meaning now attached to these games and just enjoy getting to see all these great players together for one night (well, one night plus the home run derby). Actually, I think I enjoy the derby more than anything else!

Rob, I mean no offense by this, but I actually feel sorry for you that you get no joy from a couple of days of fun.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the whole voting process. I think the fans should have a say in the players who go, but I think it should be handicapped. The voting should be weighted 33% each between the fans, players, and managers. The manager should have to manage with what he gets, no Buerhle selections and certainly no consolation selections to teams like the Royals.
I think its pretty ridiculous that Joe Mauer is not starting at catcher…the guy’s slugging over .500 and hitting .392!!!

I also think that because the game carries more significance, the rosters should be updated as well. Right now, they carry 8 starting pitchers and 4 relievers. To me, that seems kind of stupid. They should carry 5 starters and 7 relievers. There are a lot more releivers in baseball that starters, and as it stands, a reliever needs to be a closer to make the team. That really isn’t fair to great setup guys and other relievers.

Ok, well, these are my thoughts on the game. Congrats to the guys who made it.

I like Gabe Kapler as much as anyone, but I gotta say, I’m not a big fan of platooning Trot…I know about the struggles he has against lefty’s, but I’m still not sure if thats partially a result of not being allowed to face them regularly.


3 homers…gIven up by beckett what?

kaylee, let’s think positive. We’ve been down before, we’ll be down again. But THE RED SOX CAN ALWAYS COME BACK. (remember, you are now the assistant resident optimist/cheerleader. LET’S GO RED SOX LET’S GO!!!

when beckett is on, he’s great. when he’s not, he’s awful. too bad we don’t have a long reliever so we can yank him after 2 innings when we need to.

good point ellen; Go sox!

ellen: I am trying to think positive but havent we had trouble hitting off Kazmir before?

yeah, I said that in my 1st post today. so, so much for being positive….. I STILL LOVE MY SOX. PS great ctch by Gabe and almost catch by coco. GO SOX!!

How about some better baseball tommorrow what do you say?maybe scoring runs would help.-kaylee

Kazmir sure pitched a really good game.. If we could have had some bat support…. I even had my rally shoes on (my sneakers on the wrong feet). Now, we need to kick some TB BUTT tomorrow night.
Unfortunately, the husband is sending me to bed (102.5 fever), so I’ll post tomorrow. I must be over heated from Saturday nights game.. Good night Nationers.

I LOVE MY SOX, p.s (this is tongue in cheek, what if trot had been in tonight??)

Every team has games like tonight over the course of a 162 game season. Kazmir just gives the Sox fits and unfortunately they weren’t able to do anything with him. He was REAL good tonight. Beckett wasn’t bad either, he just got bit by the long ball again. We just have to hope that Cleveland holds on to their lead with NY, keep the lead at 4 games and start a new streak tomorrow. Fossom tends to give the Sox trouble as well, but hopefully the Sox will be rearing to go.

For those of you that are off tomorrow, have a safe and happy 4th. Tought time for a game (4:15PM) right in the middle of cookouts and get togethers, but we’ll do our best to follow our Sox.

Good points there gosoxred.

“Good (everybody now!) beats good (everybody, again!!)”. I can’t fault our guys at the plate tonight. It wasn’t that our batters didn’t bring their A game. It’s just that Kazmir brought HIS A+ This kid was just plain ole lights out!!! To make hitters like Ortiz look clueless speaks more to Scott than David. Neither can I be overly disappointed in Josh’s performance. Three runs are not a mountain most games, only when you’re facing a pitcher who may not allow ANY. And, so, he gave up three solos. So what? Better that than giving up the runs due to walks, errors, hit batsmen, wild pitches, passed balls. Beckett and Schilling have been paired lately with some great pitchers…and seem to be holding their own.
Now, that’s the bad news, guys.

The good news is that 5 days from now…Saturday should be…NYY have to face Kazmir. And, the little 22-year-old snot better throw as good a game against them as he did against us. More good news:looked like the Yanks had the better of the starting pitchers matchup, but the Tribe beat ’em 5-2, keeping NYY 4 back in both the win and loss column. More good news: The Rangers bested the Jays 6-1, keeping them 4 back in the win and 6 back in the loss column. More good news: we have the better starting pitchers going the next few days, and the Yankees follow us into town. Although the Bronx Bloopers are doing better this season–so far!–The Devil Rays have been their pappies the past couple of years, as Toronto has been ours. Plus, Cleveland has been playing better lately, and, I think, could take 2 of their next 3. Plus, Texas could continue to put more hurt on the BJs.

So….a wash tonight “ain’t” that bad…


Cyn, if your intention is to offend someone,
don’t “sissify” or back pedal on your conviction by prefacing your comments with “Rob, I mean no offense by this, but…”.

I don’t imagine any of us want to be felt sorry for… or be portrayed as some poor miserable soul who cannot find any fun in life just because one does not happen to get their thrills off by watching grown men in form fitting uniforms hit slow pitch home runs or play in an all star game that no longer has the significance it once did. I wouldn’t! Would you?

I don’t consider home field advantage significant. The team with the better pitching is most likely to win most of the time most anywhere.

I am concerned about the ultimate disposition of J.T. Snow. When he was designated for assignment SEVERAL days ago I sensed a hint in management comments that Snow would likely be involved in a trade within the next couple or three days. We’ve heard nothing so far, unless I missed it? You know that YOU KNOW WHO would love to have his glove and bat. Giambi is a terrible first baseman. A liability. He’s capable of letting in as many runs as he drives in. I don’t know a lot about Phillips’s capability, but I’m not sure his play would be consistently good enough to warrant a regular everyday spot in the lineup. Although J.T. has to be rusty, a little catchup with a real purpose, he would give the Yankees a dependable defensive first baseman with a solid bat, given enough at bats. I just have this feeling that he’ll end up in New York by some hook or crook, even if we trade him elsewhere and they end up trading him to the Yankees. I don’t want Snow getting any “poetic justice” by sticking it to us somewhere down the line. So…whazzzzzz uppppp, Theo. ole boy!? YOU know anything, Ian?


I took no offense, but there’s no need to feel sorry for me. I just enjoy different things than you do. I hear there are even people in this world who don’t enjoy baseball at all; I don’t feel sorry for them any more than I feel sorry for someone who doesn’t like their steak cooked the way I do. Different strokes for different folks. But don’t waste your pity on me. I’ll take a nice long ride on my motorcycle while you’re watching the derby, and we’ll both have a good time.

An interesting question, Dan. I think lots of fans forget about players like Snow when they’re not on the roster, but Theo might be able to pick up a decent reliever somewhere for Snow, or perhaps even get a starter for Snow and a prospect or two. Also pretty astute of you to notice that the Yankees could have a valid reason to pick up J.T. other than just to get Theo’s goat; I could easily see Snow playing the role John Olerud did for the Sox. If Youkilis hadn’t turned into such an outstanding defensive player, Snow might still be on Boston’s bench.

I think tonight should be great for us with Schill on the hill!
daniel: great points re Kazmir and his A+ game, he was as you said LightsOut!! I get the willys evertime we have to face him or Lily from the Jays. Plus last night Kazmir had the coach who first put him on the mound in the stands with old neighbors and friends, that’s got to be an incentive to have a great outing.

I figured we might have a little let down with the bats last night due to whatever, remember the “hitting clinic” they put on down here this past weekend. Hopefully the bats are rested and ready to back Curt up tonight.

What are everyones plans for celebrating our country’s Independence Day. David and I are just going to hang out here and grill chicken and such. I’ll make good old fashioned potatoe salad with baked beans and corn…. What are you doing???

Pretty much the same menu for us here Ellen, substituting burgers for the chicken (beef for me, soy for Betsy).

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear America,

Happy birthday to you.

And many more!

Kazmir really brought it last night. I still can’t believe the Mets traded him for the “other” Zambrano…who’s not gonna pitch for them this year. Probably a good thing though. Yowzer, what a steal.

I think the bats are gonna break out today, Manny and Papi always love playing at the trop, and its always fun to see them beat up on whoever the Rays run out to the mound (besides Kaz).

One thing that I don’t understand–How do the Rays get all of these first round picks, and unload veterans for stud minor leaguers annually, yet still continue to live in the basement?!? I mean, they’ve racked up 47 losses so far, thats not far off from being on pace for 100!

So lets put it this way–If this MLB “project” hasn’t worked yet, do they really think that the Rays franchise will EVER be competetive?

In response to the J.T. Snow question, he accepted his release one week ago today, so no trade was worked out. Happy Fourth everyone!

Have there been any rumors about some of the international players? I know teams are able to sign them now…are the Sox making any bids?

is it true that the red sox *****? wait of course it is.

//when beckett is on, he’s great. when he’s not, he’s awful. too bad we don’t have a long reliever so we can yank him after 2 innings when we need to.//

I think this takes the prize as the Dumbest Comment Ever.

//Have there been any rumors about some of the international players? I know teams are able to sign them now…are the Sox making any bids?//

The Red Sox have signed OF Angel Beltre and SS Moises Tejada, both 16 and from the Domincan Republic. From Rotoworld: “Beltre reportedly received a $600,000 bonus and Tejeda got $550,000. The 16-year-olds were ranked second and fourth, respectively, on ESPN’s ranking of the newly available Latin American prospects. Beltre is a left-handed hitter and center fielder with power potential. Tejeda is a toolsy shortstop with a big-time arm.”

Cool, thanks for the update hacaro.

jpshell: we on the brownie points blog look forward to such intelligent complimentary, and insightful commentary.

What’s wrong, tired of beating up on your own bloggers and team members??, or just too much too beat up on? We really appreciate you stopping by. Stop by again sometime.

Nice homer lugo.

hello, I came on over from Mark’s blog to ask a question and saw some interesting comments so I have a couple.

To the question. How do you guys feel about Ortiz being the starting FIRST BASEMAN for the AL. I personally think this is ridiculous. Not just because I’m a Yankee fan, but Giambi has been having a fantastic year, and has actually played first base. Not saying he should be the one instead because he also is at DH a lot but I’m sure there’s a full time first baseman that is very deserving. I think one of the advantages of the DH spot should be the ability not to have to play the field, whether it’s because of ability or injury or whatever. On the flip side, I think one of the disadvantages should be that a player needs to play a proportion of games at another position to be considered that on the ballot. I mean Chone Figgins doesn’t get the recognition because he plays like 6 positions, not enough at any one spot.

As far as the comments on here, I really do believe that home field advantage is significant. Every player I’m sure would love to sleep in their own bed the night before a game and be able to go through a normal routine, instead of trying to go through it in some city they are hardly in. This I think bears more significance when you are talking AL vs NL. Playing in the National League park, the NL team has their pitcher pitch in the top of the inning and if need be pinch hit for in the bottom. In this case you are able to get one more inning out of them than the AL team gets from theirs. Being able to get the extra game, and game 7 at home for the NL is an advantage, and keeping it away from them is an advantage for the AL.

Now I agree that good pitching, and the better team will/should prevail whereever the game is, it doesn’t hurt any, or even helps, to have the home field advantage.

NIce Homer GAbe!
Ellen: are you watching this game?


Honestly, it would be idiotic to have an All-Star team without David Ortiz. There should be a DH on the ballot every year, without question. Giambi might play first more than Ortiz, but he’s terrible at it. Ortiz has played about nine games at first this year.

I’m a huge Ortiz fan, and I think the guy deserves to be playing in the all-star game. Not only are his stats ridiculous, but he has been involved in numerous late-game heriocs, with 3 walkoff hits coming so far…thats a stat that outweighs numerous others. On the issue of him playing first, yea, its kind of not fair, but if they required true firstbasemen to go, I think Konerko or Morneau would be the more deserving of Giambi. Konerko has a .996 Fielding pct. with 676 Total Chances. Morneau has a .993 Fielding pct. with 692 Total Chances. Both have been far superior to Giambi who has a .980 Fielding pct. in nearly half the chances–353.

At the plate, Morneau has a .298 avg. with 22 HR’s and 71 RBI. Giambi has a .273 avg. with 25 HR and 65 RBI. Konerko has a .311 avg. with 20 HR and 63 RBI. I think its safe to say they’ve all pretty close to the same at the plate, although Morneau’s 71 RBI, and .298 avg. jump out to me. To be fair, Giambi has a higher Slugging Pct. but I think Morneau’s RBI kind of balance that.

So basically, I think at the plate they may be a wash, or Giambi might have a VERY small edge. In the field however, Morneau and Konerko are far better. My choice would be Morneau because he doesn’t bat with the protection of Thome or Arod/Jeter, although Mauer has been great, I don’t think he’s on the level of the aforementioned players.

Conclusion: Morneau should be starting 1B for the AL.

What is with lefties giving the Sox fits? Kazmir, Willis, Key, Fossom???? Hopefully they can get his pitch count up and get to their bull pen because they don’t seem to be having much luck with Fossom again.

Autrey, Ortiz is a fan favorite and that is why he is the starting first baseman in the all star game. It’s a popularity contest and with his history of production Major League Baseball HAD to put him on the ballot as a 1st baseman because the game is in an NL Park this year. No, he’s not a good 1st baseman, so looking along the lines of a baseball puritan, he shouldn’t be the starter. But based on the signifigance of the game and the national/international draw it has, MLB has to find a way to get him in the game. (Besides with Guillen managing, you never know who he would have picked if Ortiz wasn’t selected.)

He proved he is a certifiable idiot with his latest comment. “Joe Crede is the next pick if someone backs out due to an injury.” Basically saying no one but a White Sox player has a shot if people back out.

I do agree that Giambi has had a real good year so far. But because Guillen picked both Thome and Konerko, he couldn’t pick Giambi. That’s the only reason I could see him not making the team.

I do realize though, that Giambi also definitely should be on the team. But Ortiz is Ortiz, the best clutch hitter in the game. he’s on pace for 50 homers and 150 Ribbies. it would be lame if he wasn’t on. And i think fans around baseball would be more excited about seeing Big Papi in the All-Star Game than Jason Giambi. It is a fan vote, remember.

I think there should be a DH every year as well. I know some baseball “purists” hate it, but the reality is, the DH is now a position in baseball, it should be recognized as such.

Can’t see the game due to blackout here, but it sure looks like Crawford got into Schilling’s head on the bases this inning.
Let’s hope he can get out of it and hope that Fossom is done since he’s thrown over 100 pitches.

Well, off to a cookout. Hopefully with Fossom out they can hack away at Harville and his 5.32 ERA.

We are making a comeback

Thats why Ortiz is in the AL starting lineup…clutch hits in tight games.

Timlin gave up 4 runs

I can’t be an apologist for this “stunk-up-the-joint” performance today. Take your showers, boys, and wash it all off you. I want revenge!!! Last I heard, though, the “Great Giambis” were losing 1-7. BJs go against Texas later tonight. God!!! Was this game disappointing.

I agree Dan. Schill didn’t have his stuff out there today, and of all people, Timlin stunk it up.
Lets all hope Jason Johnson has it going tomorrow.

daniel, I feel the same way you do, hopefully just a temporary bat collapse, to be reinflated tomorrow. Fireworks going off big outside , I’ll be back

Got a question and if anyone can find out the answer I’ll mail you a dollar.
Has there ever been a game this late in the season where the 2 starting pitchers had such a discrepancy in ERA??

Johnson 6.22 and Tampa’s starter tomorrow is 1.17.

First couple weeks of the season I could see with limited innings affecting the overall numbers, but on July 5th??

Let’s just hope the bats were starting to wake up at the end of the game and can continue on. They might need plenty of them tomorrow night. Good news as Daniel pointed out is that New York forgot to show up in Cleveland tonight. Boy it would have been nice to gain 2 more games on those guys the past couple of days. But at least they cooled off at the same time NY and Toronto decided to lose a couple.

gosoxred:That is a very good
question I would not even know where to look.Remember tampa’s starter Cocoran has an 1.17 but, HAs only made 2 starts.That still is impressive.


kaylee: yes I’m here tonight but I had my brother and friends over and couldn’t concentrate on the game, therefor the blame for the loss lays with yours truly.. Really I couldnt believe that the ex-Sox (Possum)beat us. Although this time we really didnt have ENOUGH support for Schill, (though he didnt help his cause giving up the long ball like he did). What was with the batting order tonight?? I had the audio down for the 1st, so I must have missed something..
So tomorrow night?? Did anyone catch the Yankee score?? I wonder if jpshell will be back on the blog anytime soon? (see previous posts by jpshell and me). Sorry guys i stooped to a Yankee level, but I was nice about it. (sorry what Papi and Manny had tonight wasn’t enough, ain’t that just something of a kick in the ask???).

yankees went down 19-1 with half a dozen home runs.

Coco was out tonight, not sure why except that Kapler is tearing up at the plate since his return (.370 in 27 AB).

with Johnson starting tomorrow and who knows the day after, there’s a decent chance we get swept by the Rays. Hope we’re not, but yikes…

Ellen:Yeah I saw the yankee score they got creamed 19-1 by the indians.ALl I know about the batting order was Kapler was playing for coco Crisp.We will see what we get out of Jason johnson tommorrow
Hope it is good but we all know how his first start went.

Shall I remind you? I’ll spare you details on that.


going back to the topic of how the starting line-ups for the all star game should be set. The fnas should vote for all of the players on the roster and then the managers and players should pick the starting line-up. that way no one can wine abount not making the team cause the fans didn’t want them to.

Starsfan:I agree with you.
I hope I did not just get myself into a Debate on Mark’s blog I posted that the sox are going to win the division and that they dont have a chance wuth Chacon and Jamey wright(which most yankees fans agree with the second half of that sentence.But i dont know about the first part

O gosh they are starting already.Should have kept my mouth shut.

We really need to wake up quickly and realize this isn’t the National League anymore. We’re only 5 games over .500 if you subtract our games against the JV squads.

I never thought I’d say this about a Devil Ray’s game, but tonight’s game is real big. They need to get some momentum back by winning tonight and tomorrow before heading into Chicago. These D Rays can hit and the way Johnson looked against Florida Friday night concerns me heading in to face this Rays lineup. They are going to a force in the next couple of years if they get some pitching to back up Kazmir.
It looks like Clement and Wells aren’t going to throw again this year. If any injury could come at the right time, it happened in the case of Clement. The Sox had the days off and didn’t need a 5th starter and now Johnson gets another audition before Theo decides if he is going to deal for a reliable starter. From his numbers this year, I’m not sure Johnson is going to be the answer. We can be optimistic about the fact that he’s a sinkerball pitcher and with our defense he might get better results than he did in Cleveland, but let’s be realistic. You don’t give up 10 hits and 6+ runs a game because a few ground balls got through your infield. His job will be to keep the Sox close (which he didn’t do Friday). If the rotation stays the same, you have Schill pitching before him and Wake pitching after him. This means the pen should be rested because Schill goes at least 7 as does Wake. So if we at least get 5 from him and get it to the pen, we have a chance. Hopefully he can come through tonight and give them a boost.

While the Yankees losses should have helped us, we didn’t help our own cause. The Jays and Yanks are tied at 4 back. NOW IS THE TIME TO KICK IT INTO HIGH GEAR. I hope that Johnson (as well as everyone else) is up to the task tonight (AND DOWN THE LINE). Otherwise we could be in some deep caca very very soon. I don’t like caca.

I know that we had the 12 game win streak come to a halt along with the errorless game streak, but we’ve just got to get it back together. We’re coming up on the allstar break and that means the backstretch is right around the corner.

Come on Sox let’s get it together and KICK SOME PROVERBIAL BUTTS.

kaylee: Please becareful with what you say on the Yankee blog. It can come back to bite you on the ast. I think that doing rather than bragging about what the Sox are going to do is always a better thing and usually has better results. I’m not telling you what to do or say, but when you have to eat your own words, or eat crow, most times it tastes pretty awful.

Ellen: good advice.They can get nasty over there sometoimes
Go sox


Think we can score some runs off the other guy, but Jason Johnson just got us into some deep do-do. He pitched worse after the other Jason came out to the mound to talk to him. Go figure. We have a long way to go though. Terry will keep Johnson in to save the pen as long as Johnson doesn’t fall apart completely. Hoping Jason and Jason can pull it all together for 3-4 more innings.
As far as posting on “that” blog, Ellen, if you want to jump off the porch and run with the big dogs, you need to be able to take it as well as dish it out. IF you can do that, then go for it. Otherwise, don’t. Thought your advice was a bit too all-inclusive;but, would agree with you that it probably isn’t a very healthy environment for our Kaylee.

Cora just got on. Ellen, Kaylee: “LET’S GO RED SOX!!!!!

Well, that fizzled out there in the second. Still think if JJ and the pen can hold them to no more than 1-2 runs the rest of the way, at least we have a chance. Also, looks like NYY is out to a big early lead with Moose going for them.

Thank you, Lord!!! Thank you, Lord!!!
I knew you could do it, Jason. No I didn’t. Hit, guys! Hit something!

Let’s goo sox!
Keep it up jason.Gomes got ejected.

And I am staying off that yankees blog.


You know how Wakefield’s knuckler throws off the timing of those who hit against him sometimes for days? Do you think Kazmir’s dominance over us has had the same affect?

i have no clue.could be

Way to go, Tav. A scoreless inning. Come on guys, HIT dam it!!!!

Seems like someone turned off the bat warmer.. TURN IT BACK ON, QUICK!!! Come on guys, we can’t go 0-3..PLEASE!!!!

Looks like Harville is coming in, don’t know much about him…. I just know that Youk needs to get that one AB out of his mind (where he skyed it into the catwalk)and GET ‘ER DONE!! At least he could make it close. COMEON! LET’S GO REDSOX, LET’S GO!!!

I don’t know what’s going on in Tampa, maybe it’s in the water, but we need to do this tonight!!! GO SOX! Nationers are we there for them??? YES!!!

OK the resident optimist is becoming a “glass half empty” believer. The yanks are within 3 and the jays are losing (for the moment) 6-3 to the rangers. Let’s go rangers!!
Would someone please explain to me, how we couldn’t get a runner moved along tonight. Granted, we didnt have a ton, be we had enough to win. WHAT THE HELP IS GOING ON?? I know that it’s usually the “little guys” that come in and surprise you, BUT THREE STRAIGHT?? I’d better say my Redsox Prayers tonight. ‘Night my fellow Nationers.

I find it to be down right painfull to listen to Buck and Mcarver commintate. The Fox network in general is horrible to watch baseball on. I mean with their animated baseball “scooter” (or whatever that dumb baseballs name is) explaining to me what a FASTBALL is..argggg. No duh you idiots. If I was four I would still scoff at the explanation of a curveball. I do know not all kids have the father around, or in some cases the mother, to explain these pitches but don’t worry fox the kids will be able to figure out some day. For now let the rest of us educated fans get on with the flippin game. Alright back to Buck and his dope of a partner. It was the most painful in the world series mainly because they have ties to the cards. Welp today I can’t watch my sox on a quality broadcast like that on NESN. Big ups Rem Dog, You to scillo. Buck and Mc are not only annoying I feel they actually dislike the sox. Lets go over the telecast. their rant about how Manny is so horrible for not playing in the allstar game. Hey maybe his knee really hurts. They just sounded like two clan members talking smack about the flamboyant latino. Then trot makes the sickest catch and they sound like uker’s counterpart in major league two. “he hit’s it, and it’s caught”. Then they go on with how wrong the red sox are playing and what hero’s the white sox are. The moral of the story is Fox baseball telecast is no NESN.
Ps: Why is it that lefty hitters can’t hit lefty pitchers. righties hit righties. Lefties came in for the red sox and the white sox and struck out papi and thome. What is it?

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