Guess who delivers the must win?

I am out of words and adjectives to describe what David Ortiz has meant to this team the last four years. He is ridiculously clutch. Someone, somewhere please find me a hitter more clutch than this guy.

The Sox have lost three in a row. The Rays are giving them fits again tonight. Even though the Sox are ahead, the game just does not feel safe. It’s 6-5 in the ninth and Ortiz wallops a grand slam. Everyone can breathe easy.

Two homers and six ribbies for the big man tonight. He has 29 homers ,the most by a Sox player before the All-Star break since Yaz in 1969. Ortiz now has 82 ribbies, just two shy of Manny’s club record before the All-Star break, set in 2001.

Much like Celtics fans in the 1980s with Bird, you just need to savor every moment with this guy. He is doing things at a rate we might never see again in our Red Sox lifetime.

That’s all I have to say at this time. See you from the Windy City. I can’t wait for Schill’s grudgefest against Ozzie on Sunday.




Just when my optimism starts getting a bit clouded, a ray of sunshine breaks through it!! PAPI!!!! What an inning! He just always seems to turn it on when you need him the most. Everyone did their part tonight, even Dougie had a breakthrough. Now… Let’s keep it going into Chi Town. I love Our SOX!! (This weekend just simply saying “sox” this weekend might confuse some, but we on this blog know which Sox are the best Sox; THE BOSTON REDSOX!!!

sorry for the confusion on the point of being confused this weekend, I didn’t preview my post…. OOPS!

I Am getting myself in all kinds of trouble tonight now i am over on the WHITE SOX blog telling them about Aj making the allstar game….I am so asking for it.

Just remember you better be able to back up wht you say kaylee, don’t let your mouth over load your butt, cause that’s where it’ll come back to bite you!!! I learned something a while back; It’s always much better to graceful whether you win or lose, that way you never look bad. And people respect and will listen to what you say or write. I’m not as youthful as you so I can’t stay up til 1,2,3,or 4, I’ll wait for your reply, then I’m lights out, (not quite like Jon-Bon.)

OKay I get you Ellen: I try not to do it but with AJ making the alllstar game I am mad now!

kay, I’m drawing a blank… AJ??

Oh you must mean pierzynski (SPELLING). Why does that upset you other than his lack of constraint??

YEAh that is him,because he does not have the numbers.

Kaylee, may I offer you some well intentioned advice, although you haven’t asked me for any. And, feel free to ignore it if it sounds of no value to you. But, please, don’t let anyone know what your age is on this or any other blog. Although it may be a sports talk blog, there could just as well be dirty ole men hanging around this blog as there are on the more notorious chat rooms; and, they may attempt to little-by-little absorb enough information about you to attempt to email you personally and strike up a conversation. From there, they may attempt to contact you personally or arrange to meet you somewhere. And, you know about the horror stories we have all heard about these terrible crimes that are committed on young people such as yourself that just so happened as a result of something that started off as innocently as this. I know you may feel proud of being able to jump into the midst of mostly adult conversation and hold your own, and you certainly have done that, but that is nowhere near as important as the risk you are taking. None of us here–except that possible you-know-who who may be listening to me now–want you to be harmed in any way. Just chat away like anyone else, because you make as much sense as any of the rest of us here. No one would ever guess what age you are. My advice also applies to all other underage posters here and elsewhere. I do not mean this advice to sound patronizing or condescending, Kaylee, just because I am an old man and you are a young lady. Being older or having more money or having been more formally educated does NOT necessarily mean that one is “smarter” than someone else. I have your best interests in mind, because I remember when my own daughter was your age…and how much I worried about her…and how hard I tried to protect her from things out there lurking that she was unaware of. I would even go as far, Kaylee, as to suggest you get another email address using a name that could be either male or female–and don’t type your name at the bottom of your post as you have been doing. Take care, my good friend!

Nice win last night. Until the 9th I was wondering what happened to the bats. Sure, the got deliveries from usual suspects (Papi and Manny) and a pleasant suprise from Douggie. (I think I predicted that yesterday…or at least I hoped it.) Good job by Hansen, Delcarmen, and Timlin to hold it close. (Sorry Lopez, I can’t say good job after giving up that hit.) I still like Lopez though, he just got behind in the count and that’s what happens. This is why Delcarmen has been so good lately, he’s getting ahead of hitters and taking control.
Hope the 9th was a little wake up party going into this weekend. Lester NEEDS to throw strikes. He might have gotten away with it against the National League by getting behind in the count and surviving, but the White Sox will take advantage of every mistake. The break couldn’t come at a better time for some of these guys. Youk and Lowell just look like they are pressing so much.

My computer at home unfortunatley might have to be put down for the count. I’m working on getting a new hard drive sent, but until then, I’ll see you guys on Monday.

Daniel, I have to work now, so I can’t post the rest of day. LOL.

Have a great weekend.

I was just looking at Buehrles stats for the year so far. It seems his 1st and 2nd starts of each month, he hasn’t fared very well. Only winning (out of each 2) the 2nd start in April. This is his 2nd start of July so maybe we are facing him at the right time. (or maybe I’m over analyzing it). I’m looking for anything that’ll give us an edge.
I can’t believe Papi just keeps the hits (and hr’s) coming), but I’m sure glad that he does.

gosoxred is right in saying that Lester can’t survive getting behind on the other sox, He needs to bring his A game, cause these are the big boys. I’m looking for retribution this weekend.

Red Sox Nation + 2005 World Series Champs = Tough Ticket. I live in Chicago and tried the first day in Feb/March to get tickets to this series. I was able to get 1 ticket in the nosebleed section… and I mean that literally. Comiskey has probably the highest upper deck in the league (harder for the cops to get up there to break up the assaults, murders, bribes, etc.). I was hoping to take my 2 year old son to his first game soon, but maybe it will have to wait until I visit Fenway in Sept against the Royals. I don’t think its a coincidence that the only game I could get tickets to in Fenway was against the lowly Royals. In any case, my big strategy is trying to slip by the ticket checkers so that I can sit in the lower levels. There should be lots of home runs this weekend. Comiskey is one of those ugly parks where the old outfield fence is still there, with the new fence 4,8,12 feet closer to the plate. People can ask all they want about the homer spike in the last decade plus… some parks the answer is clearly visible. Not all steriods and lousy pitching.

Hello there, long time no post.

So glad to be out of Tropicana, those Devils are giving fits and rays. The Sox’s struggles, esp. many hitters, against left-handed pitching is troubling. Kazmir is one thing, but also Fossum. Now, Buerhle is up and better hope tonight is another off night or the Wrigley Goat last weekend is still in his mind. Seriously though, Pap Jack has to teach and coach the lineup to be better against southpaws or else it will be trouble against good teams with southpaws (even a KC left-hander might beat us).

Let’s all just say the J. Johnson experiment is a total bust. He’s worse than Lowe period, can’t throw strikes and worst of all, for a sinkerballer, can’t keep the ball down. What a waste. No wonder even Cleveland with all that bad pitching doesn’t want him. And we thought the other taller Johnson is bad enough this season.

The Curse of the Big Papi. Nuff Ced.

Look forward to this series. Those White Sox are the pesky team and I still call them the Black Sox, esp. all the controversies last postseason and Ozzie’s big mouth. Seriously, AJ over Liriano? What kind of bollocks! I’m praying AJ doesn’t get in another fight at the ASG or if he doesn’t, Ozzie doesn’t yell at him in the dugout and send him back to the minors. Anyway, for the lineup, way too many White Sox. 7! God wot them. Too much Ozzie favoritism, let’s hope this weekend show them who the real bosses are in town. They are having way too much fun on the Cellular Field (not that it’s a good place anyway). Look forward to take at least 2/3 and get that super lucky Contreras a loss finally.

//Even though the Sox are ahead, the game just does not feel safe…//

Wait. With Papelbon coming in? I loved the insurance, and it’s great that the bats woke up, but I had no doubt the Sox were winning that game regardless.

And Ian, I love your work, but I must protest your saracastic comment about Manny’s knee.

I’ve suffered from migraines for more than 30 years. If you’ve never had a migraine, you cannot imagine how horrible they can be. However, migraines display few if any symptoms. Your eyes don’t bleed and your brains don’t leak out of your ears (though they FEEL like it). Because of that, through the years I’ve had co-workers and bosses who have insisted that I’ve been faking. And for that reason, I never, NEVER question another person’s pain, and I take great offense at people who do.

What’s important for Manny Ramirez is how he feels down the stretch for the Red Sox. I really doubt there are too many people who are going to be heartbroken by not seeing Manny Ramirez play a couple of innings in the All-Star game.

I agree, for respect and the fans, Manny should at least show up at the ASG if he doesn’t play. If he goes on a break, and is found celebrating the World Cup in Europe on Monday or Tuesday, everyone will be mad, for sure.

Good luck to Lester tonight. He’ll need it. This series is very important to win, not just for wins but also for morale, the three pitchers, and a high going into the 2nd half.

Has anybody else noticed that with all the creative defensive shifts the opposing teams use when David Ortiz comes up to bat, it has only made him a more dangerous hitter?

hey guys im from chitown. not a white sox fan though.

i’ve rooted for the red sox and the cubs for a long long time.

red sox will kick *** this weekend.

p.s. i am going to the game on saturday so look for me with red hair holding up a sign that says papi rules.

p.p.s. go (red) sox

Hey danpbernier! Welcome to the Nation. Where are your sets, we’ll watch for you. (PS, IS THAT REAL RED HAIR OR THE WIG TYPE??)
houp: i hear the goat has tickets to the game tonight, just to throw Buehrle off. You’ll see him grazing near the white sox bull pen, then near the mound (just kid-ing of course, OOH bad pun!).

Anyway I want the Sox to be really really on tonight.

I’m really glad that Manny has decided to skip the ASG (t-ball), I’d rather see him partying at the world cup and have him healthy for the 2nd 1/2, than playing a game that has lost all meaning except home field@the series. We are going to need all the bats and arms we can get for the stretch.

GO SOX!!!!


You’re welcome.

This series may not live up to its potential, but it’s what all baseball fans live for.It may be the most talked about and watched series so far this season. Lester (3-0, 3.08 versus Buehrle(9-5, 3.86
Beckett(10-4, 4.59) versus Garcia(10-5, 4.72)AND Schilling(10-3, 3.63) versus Contreras(9-0, 3.31), unbeaten this season and 17-0 going back to ’05. All the above, except Lester and Contreras have been roughed up in a recent start, with Boston having fared well against Contreras going back to his Yankee days. Take a peek at some of the stories on the home page, MLB, RSox, WSox. Can you believe the stats against him, not only by Manny and David, but also Tek and Coco?”

If you’re confused when someone says “the Sox”, don’t be; they’re referring to the Boston Red Sox, because there are the Red Sox and then you have the OTHER Sox, that being the team from Chicago. If we don’t have enough need for vindication after the OTHER Sox swept us in last year’s first round AL playoff series, is their ANYONE that fans can love to hate more than A.J. Pierzynski and have that hatred nearly unanimously endorsed by virtually everyone who has ever known him or played with or against him? Then there’s their blow hard foot-in-mouth sensitivity untrainable manager Ozzie Guillen, who stacked the AL all star team with his own players perhaps more than Joe Torre “use to” do with his own New York Yankees.

What A series we have here. I’m more tighter than a drum awaiting the start of tonight’s game than for a NASA shuttle launching.

While some can kid themselves into saying that it’s “just 3 games”, that wins in 3 games against Kansas City count the same in the standings, I counter with that may be true in the win-loss column; but, these 3 count MUCH MORE in several other aspects. The OTHER Sox got hot–remember Cleveland lost, what, their last 6/7 last year to give Chicago the pennant–at precisely the right time to go on a roll all the way through the world series(Started by Pierzynski’s extending that Rally Monkee playoff game by running down to first base after he had legitimately struck out!)–much like the REAL Sox did in 2004. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want REVENGE! Not only for last year, but to match our best on the mound with their best on the mound THIS year and beat them, instilling some newer history and confidence should we have to face them in October!(They also come into Fenway for a 3-game series later this season.)

A sweep either way, I believe, is probably off the “board”. Two of three would be sweet. The results of the next three games are not as crucial to the OTHER Sox; but, from my perspective, the end results will range from exhilarating to excruciating to the REAL Sox team and nation.

Finally, if you want to listen to someone equally as irritating as A.J., get a load tonight of the OTHER Sox TV color announcer, Ken “Hawk” Harrelson. As much a jerk when he was playing as Pierzynski, everytime a Red Sox whiffs the next 3 days, Hawk will do his usual call: “HE GONE!!!!!!). He doesn’t say that when Chicago batters do so, naturally. On OTHER Sox home runs, he’ll go “there’s a longggg drive into left center. GET UP!!! GET UP!!! SHE GONE!!! YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOOOOAAAAARRRRRRRDDDDD, YES!!!!!!!” Of course, he doesn’t make that call when opponents homer… naturally. Generally, for instance, on a drive in the gap with the bases loaded by the other team, he doesn’t even describe the action–men rounding the bases and scoring. He’ll wait until everything is over, then maybe give the score. A more irritating announcer than that other homer calling play-by-play stooge in New York, John Sterling. Speaking of the Yankees, no team will ever be as despised in my book as the NYY, but the OTHER Sox are gaining ground so fast that I can see them in my rear view mirror. Well, the Yanks are playing now. Going to check on them until the REAL game begins tonight. Lets all have a great night tonight, Nation, and that all depends on the final score. GO REAL SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

IS it an 8:30 start?

You guys know that I’ve said that someone at the Fox network doesn’t like Our Sox?? I wanted to mention it before but forgot. Why is it that on their commercial for the ASG, while there are reps from many other teams, (a few from the yanks), there are none from the REDSOX?? Is there a conspiracy???

Not all tv networks are ******* to new england like ESPN.

Hey Guys and Gals, Kevin here. Long time reader, first time writer. I just wanted to say: the White Sox announcers are the WORST announcers in baseball. They’re just like Guillen – no class. I can’t stand watching this game on MLBTV, though I’m grateful that I can. Let’s just hope that the Bland Sox don’t hit a dinger – I can’t bear to hear “you can put it on the board – yes!” Keep it close, Lester, and we have a great shot. Promise to be positive next time. Later Nation.

you ever hear nationals announcers? They’re not even a good team. Whitesox announcers are awful, i am a die hard, die hard, die hard yankees fan, but i will say besides my own (minus michael kay at times) redsox announcers get the job done how it should be done. Obviously i prefer yankee announcers more, and john sterling is an excellent radio announcer btw, but i have respect for the sox announcers. The following are team announcers I hate.

1. nationals

2. Phillies

3. Whitesox

4. Tim mcarver (might as well claim hes a mets announcer)

5. Cubs

that’s all i can think of for now, i just hate blatant favoritism.

Well hey yankeeindian: I’m always very pleasant when I come to your blog so who bunched your bvd’s??? and besides, the commercial was run tonight about 6 times on ESPN. And speaking of *******, wht’s wrong did you not play nice in the sand box tonight, or are you just coming over here like sam tried to do??? YANKEE GO HOME.

I hear you man. I get annoyed with bad announcers…especially on national networks. You would think the big networks would have the money to lure some better announcers! Although, I have to say that I’ve been impressed with Orel Hershiser this year, he seems to do a good job as a color guy.

The Devil Rays team isn’t so great either, and thier broadcasts on FSN are chock FULL of product placements. I don’t mind product placements every once in a while, but it gets ridiculous when there are like 4 different sponsored “awards” throughout the night.


jesser: mc carver could just as well be a publicist for the phillies (but is like nails on the blackboard for me). and joe morgan?? he cant decide who’s butt he’s gonna kiss on any given night (i think he flips a coin before the game).
PS I do like a couple of yankee annoncers and theres one female commentator I heard one night on, whe was very knowledgeable (sorry I cant recall their names).

Can somebody please explain to me how is it rude to say my opinion that ESPN ***** up to New England based teams?

Whether they **** up or not is an opinion. Isn’t it?

Ian, I know this is a bit early, but what’s your take on the ASG this year? And do you think AL will dominate again this year?

Well I see in our local paper, that the Marlins and Mets are the game of the week on Fox…Can we please pray to the Gods of the Blackout, because it says on our Sox home page that it is supposed to be GoodSox v Whitesox.
If it’s not on Fox I can’t watch on beecause of Fox owns the rights to all games that start before 6…


I think ESPN does show more content of New England and New York teams because both of those markets make up a large portion of thier overall fanbase. I would guess that those two markets combine to be somewhere around 10% of the overall ESPN fanbase…thats just a wild guess. I think it would be safe to say that NY teams get just as much coverage as New England teams.


I agree thet cover NE & NY teams more than other teams. But, redsox is espn’s favorite team. Just look at the writers for espn:

Peter Gammons

Bobby Simmons

Jim Caple

Sean McAdam

Tim Kurkjian (Not sure) are all redsox homers.

Vs one NJ Record contributor, who is a yankee homer.



Now that I am sure my remarks were not rude or offensive, I would like to ask you to understand the post before you start yelling at people and go around posts whining abt somebody being rude to you.

hahah ellen, you know I couldn’t come here with some of the aggression I have in my home team’s blog. You’re right morgan slipped my mind, that guy is miserable. I have never seen someone be so naieve about things like Barry Bonds and show such support for the “players” even when he shouldn’t. Obviously his love affair for a certain closer on a certain team cough cough makes me sick too.

If the female announcer you spoke of was a yankee announcer it is susan waldman, who is john sterling’s partner, she also did tv announcing for a period of time but not this year. She is all right, you’re right she is knowledgable but sometimes makes stupid comments that do not necessarily make sense.

Also Ellen, I know there is a chance the marlins and mets are on the fsn station in florida (where i reside)and not fox but it depends on something and i can’t remember what. The only reason i remember that is i was angry if they are on fsn because then I have to watch the yankees rays game on mlbtv again. Fox would have to be moronic to have a mets marlins game over a sox sox game, esp with beckett on the mound, since he is an adventure🙂

ESPN does slightly lean towards the sox, but I don’t really see how it matters, anytime i’m feeling down i just watch the yes network or yankee classics anyway, much like redsox fans have renewing the rivalry and nesn. I don’t know that all those writers lean sox, but gammons blatantly does and has admitted he is a sox fan and he talks the most. I met him once, nice guy, so is kenny mayne

hey jesser, thanks for the input and insight, I learned something new today, and I hope that you’re right about the broadcast. Have a good one, later.

Yankeeindian: sorry, but sometimes when we read things rather than being able to hear them, we make mistakes, as I certainly must have. Also I guess as rivals sometimes I assume the worst;sorry about that, I’ll try hard not to jump to conclusions. thanks, your comments are welcome. Have a great day. ec

I’ll say this about Yankee announcers: I’ve found Michael Kay, Ken Singleton, Jim Kaat and Paul O’Neill to be very balanced and pretty non-partisan in their announcing on YES Network. Kay in particular seems to make it a point to do his “Sssseeya!” for ALL home runs, whether they’re hit by an Yankee or an opposing hitter. I’m not terribly fond of John Sterling, but it’s more because of his tone and unnecessary drama, not so much because he’s a big homer. I couldn’t stand Charlie Steiner when he called games for the Yankees. One play I remember in particular, he referred to a Jason Giambi foul ball as a “majestic whallop.” It’s a foul ball for cripes sakes.

Nationals announcers are terrible. They can’t even pronounce player names correctly.

I wouldn’t say the Red Sox announcers are the best out there, but they’re pretty high up on the list. Joe Castiglione’s voice annoys be sometimes, but they both know baseball and don’t seem to overdo it with the melodrama.

Beckett against Garcia this afternoon. They look to be pretty evenly matched going by the numbers:

– Both have won 10 games in 17 starts;

– Both have pitched about 105 innings;

– 60 runs given up by Garcia (57 earned), 58 by Beckett (53 earned);

— 23 HRs off Beckett, 19 off Garcia;
— Beckett has walked 34, Garcia 28.

–Beckett has more strikeouts than Garcia (88 vs. 62), and has given up fewer total hits (90 vs. 122), but this could be a very close game. (Yeah, now that I said it, the score is going to be so lopsided it’ll look like the winner took on my softball team.)

–GO SOX! (You know which ones.)

Hey guys, been reading through Ian’s blogs and ya’lls comments for a few weeks now but this is the first time I’ve chimed in…background,l grew up just outside of fall river ma. been in the air force for 12 years (4 in alaska, 8 in vegas and the last 5 months in korea) enjoying the banter from some real NE fans, makes me feel like I got a little touch of home. Thank god today’s game is being played on AFN (Armed Forces Network) cause if i got to watch another slide show from MLB TV (not sure how it is over there but MLB TV here has many many breaks in the feeds so every game looks like a slide show, of course it’s a perfect feed for the wind up, than when the pitch is half way to the plate, it freezes, oh well can’t complain, at least I get to see my sox, (the red ones of course) anyway , jsut wanted to say Hey and tat I enjoy the banter, i’ll be joining in from this point on. thanks for keeping me filled in on my boys while I’m over here.

PS – August 14th can’t come fast enough, I got tickets for the game against Detroit and also for 2 games in Anaheim (whil I’m home on Mid-Tour) Haven’t been to Fenway in 8+ years, can not freaking wait…

These announcers on Fox are unbearable. Completely pro-White Sox.

listen to what they had to say about gonzo’s 4 for 4 last night, basicly said he found the pot of gold (meaning he got lucky) I wanted to choke someone when i heard it

Nice hitting, Lowell has got to be working at a record for doubles in a year…

squid:nice of you to join us!

“Is someone gonna catch this one” sounds like the unbiased (sp) announcers are getting nervouse

and thank you andy, appreciate the wecome

jeez AJ just looks like an ***

I love Beckett, but he has got to be the only pitcher in the league that can throw a 120 pitch game with 117 great pitches and the other 3 all being homers. kind of a perfect fit for Boston, wouldn’t want it any other way


Big Papi is on a run of historic proportions. I was at the game last night and had a perfect view of his laser beam home run in the first. That last home run was towering. It’s unbelievable at this point.

Does Beckett give up 3 homers every game or what?

Wow, squid162003 is joining us from Korea. That is awesome stuff. Thanks for joining us and greetings from far, far away.

Youre welcome!

Thanks to the squid for being out there to defend us!!! Welcome to the Nation. Look forward to your posts. P.S. due to fox’s exclusivity, I can only do GAMEDAY today, if you think your slide show is slow, try watching the stick figures I’m subject to today. Who’s your favorite Sox guy and why??

i’m also watching on gameday, though hoping the whitesox score about 16 runs this inning haha.

I agree sterling can be a bit dramatic at times but i laugh at it rather than get annoyed, i mean he is a radio announcer so sometimes you need that extra kick to get into the game.

great job by hansen to get out of that inning, WHEW!!

As far as announcers go, does anyone remember when nbc used to have the game of the week on Saturdays?? Joe Garagiola and Tony Kubek?? When I first started watching them I thought they were horrible, but changed my mind as every week they tought me something. Or how about Phil “Scooter” Rizzuto, he WAS HORRIBLE!!!

As far as announcers go, does anyone remember when NBC used to have the game of the week on Saturdays?? Joe Garagiola and Tony Kubek?? When I first started watching them I thought they were horrible, but changed my mind as every week they tought me something. Or how about Phil “Scooter” Rizzuto, he WAS HORRIBLE!!!

haha i liked his holy cow calls. Other than that he was pretty bad, esp as he got older he became slightly senile

Hey Jessser,
Nice pitching by jaret(not jamey) wright last night……HE looked amazing last night


sorry squid, didn’t realize you had answered my ? before I asked it. my blonde moment. Even though Kubek was a Yankee I think he was better than most, except Vin Scully, and Mel Allen.

scully is awesome. haha thanks kaylee, yeah he looked vintage 97 jaret wright last night. Still only gave us 6 innings but i guess i can’t complain about 6 shutout innings from a 5 starter.

Jon-Bon’s in YEAH!!!

Yeah Jesser did the yankees win?

they play at 7, kazmir vs wang, oughtta be a keeper

My hope is that they keep Papelbon in, and he kills them. GO JON-BON!!!!

mm, well that at bat made me slightly happy. bout time he didn’t put the game completely out of reach….though papelbon does average giving up a run every 19 innings or so

jesser: kazmir is so tough, wish we had him over with us!! The Rays wouldn’t trade him for all the tea in Boston Harbor.

yeah i think the feelings of kazmir are mutual for every team in the majors right now. Ohh when anybody asks me the best team in ny, i only have to go as far as saying two words. Scott Kazmir…good one mets.

WOW, 2 for 2 so far. Ortiz has 86 rbi’s, 31 hr’s man is he making a run for it this year… as he does every year. GREAT GAME GUYS…..

Yea, that was a good game. I was watching it on fox and they had a good graphic splitting Beckett’s home and away performances this year. He’s pretty unbeatable at home, but on the road he’s been mediocre. Interesting stat, something to keep in mind down the stretch.
Papi…enough said…i think his performance is speaking for itself.

You know, I’ve never been a fan of michael kay. he’s always gotten on my nerves for some reason. Sterling is good though. Suzyn Waldman annoys me at times…she really likes to state the obvious sometimes.

OK, so at this point, how can anyone disagree that Papi is the MVP so far…seriously? I know a lot of folks don’t think he qualifies cause he’s a DH, but if they had a DH like him on thier team I bet they would think differently.

lol blue daugg go to the yankees blog ull see a million reasons.

Personally, though i agree a rod deserved it last year, if i had to award one right now to anybody this year it would be ortiz and pujols….not wright.

thanks for the welcome all, Ellen, can’t really say I have a favorite player, now all time huge dewey and Rice fans, however Saenez is hands down my least favorite, allows 11 out of 14 inherrited runners to score, he’s exactly 3 better then a Baseball tee would be…

Man just looked at the pitching matchup for tommorrow
(JULY 9th)CURT SCHILLING VS.JOSE CONTERERAS that is gunna be tough.Jose is still undefeated but,I got faith in my red sox.


Speaking of Phil Rizzuto, Ellen, he played for NYY in the 40s and 50s, and finally was elected to the Hall of Fame several years ago by the old timers committee after Yogi Berra joined the old timers committee, which didn’t hurt his chances, plus a lot of politicing by supporters, ex-team mates and the NYY organization. While his counterpart with the Brooklyn Dodgers (NYY’s opponent in 1941, 1947, 1949, 1952, 1953, 1955, and 1956 World Series–the Dodgers winning only in 1955) Dodger Captain Harold “Pee Wee” Reese was voted into the Hall years earlier by the sportswriters, many Yankee supporters argued over the years that if Pee Wee was in, then “The Scooter” should be there as well, although most knowledgeable baseball reporters and writers from their common era felt Phil did NOT belong there while Reese DID. Anyway, hook or crook, Rizzuto finally did get in.
It was much like the argument in the fifties over which team in New York had the best centerfielder, the Yankees’ Mickey Mantle, the Giants Willie Mays, or Brooklyn’s Duke Snider. They, of course, are ALL in the Hall of Fame. Incidentally, Reese got his nickname not because he was short–he was almost 6′ tall, but because he was a champion marbles player when he was a kid, and “Pee Wee” comes from the name of the shooting marble.

If you remember Phil’s “Holy Cow”, Jesser, you probably also remember that Rizzuto liked to refer to anyone who was behaving badly, as fans throwing things on the field, as “huckleberries”. While the Scooter entertained me on many occasions, such as reminiscing back to his early days in the minors, playing in the South, living in a boarding house;how hospitable Southerners were to him and how great the Southern cooking and food was, various other stories about his wife Cora, etc., Phil was somewhat of a “huckleberry” himself. Although it was always a treat to listen to games as much to hear what the latest gaffe by Rizzuto would be as the game action itself, the Scooter would probably not have been able to get past the $100 question on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”

My favorite story about him, which I recently read somewhere, and is reportedly a true story–not like many of the Yogi jokes..some of which were made up by others and attributed to Berra’s legacy started by Joe Garagiola, Yogi’s childhood friend–involved what happened during a rain delay one day at Yankee Stadium. In those days, Phil was the TV color man while Bill White did the play-by-play. Bill was an outstanding player for the St. Louis Cardinals, his team whuppin’ the Yankees in the 1964 World Series, and is now, I believe–not real sure of his title–is President of the National League.

Anyway, during the long rain delay, the two of them were just killing time chatting about baseball or whatever. As the television camera panned around the stadium crowd, most holding umbrellas over their head, the camera stopped to pause on a beautiful young lady in the stands. So, Rizzuto starts singing “A pret-ty girl-llllllllllll is like a mem-o-ry…”. White interjects: “It’s melody, Phil!” Rizzuto: “How do YOU know her name, Bill?”

For anyone who may not have gotten it, the proper lyrics to the song are “A pretty girl is like a melody”—not memory, so White did NOT know the young woman’s name but was simply correcting Phil’s lyrics. And, that, pretty much was Phil “The Scooter” Rizzuto. A real “huckleberry” if ever there was one. Maybe if he doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame purely on his stats, he belongs in some “Hall of Characters” or “Hall of Huckleberries”! I miss him. No mental giant him, but a loveable guy he was!

Squid, thank you for your service to our country. May God watch over you and keep you safe throughout your military career…and beyond… Welcome!

Great story daniel, I like hearing stuff like that. It reminds me of the stories that my dad would tell to me.
I’m spending my last few free minutes here this morning, I have to be at work at 10:30, so I’ll make my usual Sunday request that y’all keep tabs on the game for me and post about it later. When I come home on Sunday nights I love to read what you have posted for me.

Tough game for us today, i’m hoping that Schill has his A+ game today, we’ll need it.

Anyway it’s off to the “office” for me, y’all have a great day, and….


Hey all,
Been away for a few days. Been in Ellen’s neck of the woods for a class project for JCPenney. As for the sox, we all knew the streak would end but the slide, against the d-rays of all teams was a little bit disappointing. glad to see they are back on track and hopefully can pull off the sweep today. Boy would i love this, I can’t stand Ozzie Guillen. Good day and go Sox.

Papi is on pace for 59 homers right now. Pujols still has a shot to reach 60. Things are really exciting right now, but just think about what it would have been like if all those dirtbags didn’t steriod away the 61 homer record? We’d have some interesting watches if Papi, Thome, Pujols, and Howard stayed hot over the summer. Just about all of that excitement may be gone forever thanks to the pieces of garbage that obliterated the records over the last 10 years.

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