Start Me Up

Was that any way to start the second half? How maddening is Julian Tavarez? Every time he takes a leap forward — as in four shutout innings last Sunday in Chicago — he takes a giant step back as in a couple of the hanging meatballs he threw tonight.

Oh well, I wasn’t at Fenway tonight, I started a week of vacation tonight. I actually fell asleep on the futon with my four-year old son and awoke in the bottom of the 11th with Ortiz at the plate, thinking he could hit a walkoff home run yet again. Then i saw that the Sox had fallen behind 5-3 during my slumber.

They still gave it a nice fight at the end. I thought Lowell might jack one there, but he let the first two pitches go over to get behind 0-2. Ah well, let’s see what Beckett has tomorrow night.

I’m sure I’ll still be posting periodically during my hiatus, though i will be traveling with the family for a minivan vacation to some kids parks in Pennsylvania starting on Saturday. Feel free to use this blog as your sounding board during that time. It helps me keep track of what i’m missing.

I return to game coverage when the Red Sox begin their West Coast trip in Seattle next Friday, July 21.




The superior blog awaits Daniel Fagan’s post. O wait, the Sox choked tonight so he probably doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to slam all of us tonight…that blows.

In no way is this an attack to you sox fans, if any of you read our blog you would see what I am talking about with Fagan. I am from Maine so I know a lot about the Sox nation and it should be an interesting second half!

Please allow me, folks, to dust off this little piz ant gas passer from the inferior blog. Adam, my boy, were I or any other man to ever show you our testicles, they would be the first pair you, jesser, and iheartcmwang, ever saw. Quit looking for a thrill from me, son, it “ain’t” happening. But if you or jesser–don’t know what a “wang” is–ever grow a pair yourselves, I strongly recommend that each of you place a strong rubber band tightly around them and leave it there until they fall off. That way, at least, society would be protected from any of you procreating. And, would you and jesser quit prefacing your shots at me, fair enough, by apologizing to other posters over here on the superior log that you mean no ill will to them. Again, if either of you HAD a pair, you wouldn’t feel it necessary to figuratively retreat into your mommy’s womb in case someone over here should happen not to like you. Don’t worry, if you hang around here very much, other posters will find the two of you as obnoxious as have I, other posters on your inferior blog, and anyone else who has spent ten minutes around either of you. I have repeatedly attempted to explain to you and jesser on your blog that I really don’t have the time to babysit either of you for a few days. I’m busy doing some serious non-blogging things–try it some time. Get a life kids. When I have the time, I need to catalog a summary of all the incorrect “facts and figures” among the multiple bird droppings jester left over here while I was gone a few days–never mind his incoherent babblings over there. Did his “ex” stand him up? What’s with his “bye bye, have fun, think of me, I’ll miss you” (smooch, smootch, kiss, kiss) see you Tuesday? Then he continues his bird droppings every five minutes over there, a quick scan indicates. You see now, like… you know how… you know (trying to speak your language) like how if jesser had a pair, maybe like…maybe whatever his “ex” is…like maybe she OR he would pay enough attention to him that…maybe she could occupy him for…like a while…so like she could keep him busy enough so jesser would like give everyone a break, get off the computer, get off the blogs, and like…maybe…you know like…maybe jesser perhaps for the first time in…you know… maybe his whole life…could maybe get a little….you know…

Well, Mr. Fagan, to start things off I am clearly all set with you showing me your “pair.” I find it quite disturbing that you would even consider showing another man your testicles. But if that floats your boat, who am I to judge you!!

Also, you claim you have “lots of serious business/busy work” to do, but then you post at 3am. This leads me to believe that you must work nights, which contradicts your dissing on the superior blog that we earn a paycheck while sitting around talking on the blog. I am HOPING you are blogging this early in the morning because you are working. I didn’t know, however, that the Same-Sex Coalition had representatives that worked a night shift! If that’s not the case, just because “IT” is there, doesn’t mean you need to play with it all night.

On that note, that’s all I got for you Mr. Fagan as I have to get ready for a long days of work at my summer job at a paper mill, you should try it someday. Keep up the good work my little peanut!! I am glad that you are pushing your “kind” to finally have equal rights some day!

How does that beer advertisement go, adamdewhodewhat? “Brilliant! Brilliant! Exactly what I would have expected from you. If I had known you were going to be so eloquent, I’d have just been scared to death. I guess you told me!

Is that all you got, boy? Is that it?

By the way, I work whenever I feel like it, sleep whenever I feel like it, and blog whenever I feel like it–but on my own unpaid time. You have to be up at 3 a.m. yourself to know who else is up.

the way, what do you DO at the paper mill? Wait around to deliver the papers? I’m not putting down menial jobs, just menial people.

I’m off both blogs for the day. I’m positive that those who want to talk baseball, are worn thin by the exchange of personal insults. I would point out, adamdewhatdewho, that you started it this time, but, then, that’s a quite childish thing that you would say. In any case, I’m ENDING it!

Let’s talk baseball from now on. Post back and tell us why your team can be a better one than ours and still be in second place. That’s really WHY you’re mad at me. Hey, I can’t help it if the Red Sox are better than the Yankees! Live with it!!!

Pathetic. Absolutely terrible game last night. Probably the worst game I’ve watched all season.
Only score 3 runs against a stiff like Loaiza. Lester struggled throwing strikes against the worst hitting team in the league. This A’s team is a BAD hitting club. The reason they win is because of their pitching and now we expect the Sox to score against Zito and Haren when they could only muster up 3 lousy runs against a guy with a 6+ ERA?

Errors happen, they are a part of the game. It’s just that we haven’t been accustomed to seeing them this year, so when Loretta let that ball go through, I didn’t know how to react.

As Ian said, Tavarez is a pepto bismol bottle waiting to happen. He shuts down Chicago for 4 innings, but gives up two 2-out hits to the worst hitting team in the league??????

I know they have to watch Papelbon’s innings, but why only one inning last night? He just had 3 days off. He’s 25 for God’s sake. He could have come back out there for one more inning.

14 guys LOB. It really looked like everyone was sleepwalking out there. I know it doesn’t look this way in the box score and I feel bad saying it because he’s a young kid, but Lester had as much to do with this loss as everyone else. With his stuff, he should have been able to pitch 7 innings EASY! Except all the walks and 3 ball counts killed him. He through 103 pitches and only 53 strikes. That is tough to watch.

And as far as Willie Harris goes, Daniel and I had a “discussion” about him a few weeks ago and I actually started to feel bad that I verbally tore up a guy that really hadn’t done much to hurt the club. But after last night, if that guy ever sets foot in Fenway again it’s a disgrace to baseball.

Hopefully Beckett can keep the longballs to a minumum (like under 3) tonight because Zito has been tough lately and it should be another close one.

Just to add on to what GSR said, “but why only one inning last night? He just had 3 days off. He’s 25 for God’s sake”. Hasn’t there been a big debate about weather Papi should be moved to the starting rotation, and hasn’t fancona said no only cause how valuable he is where he’s at, put the 2 together and I come to the conclusion that he should be a closer that should have no problem going 2 or 3 innings, I get the rest and he MIGHT have to pitch the next few days, but he did have to pitch tonight, he should of stayed in, IMO. one last point, I now see the big difference between sports writers and us common folk, Ian takes Vaca and gets away from sox games, I’m flying back to the US on my Vaca to go see sox games…seriously though; Have a great vacatoion Ian, enjoy the time with your son

Frustrating? Yes. Panic-worthy? No. The Sox are still leading the Division. They had an off night at the plate. The fact that they took two out of three from Chicago, that they did go on a 12-game winning streak, that they have the best defense in the majors, etc. shows that they are still a great team. They’ll brush off this loss and do just fine.

I do agree it was tough to watch them lose the game last night (Oakland did not win that game, Boston lost it). The biggest bright spot for me was that Buck Martinez was working the microphone in Joe Morgan’s place. Martinez is extremely knowledgeable about baseball and doesn’t overdo it with the inane babble. I do feel badly for Morgan; the reason he wasn’t there was because his sister died.

The trade deadline is getting closer, as evidenced by the sudden flurry of activity. (The Yankees pick up Sidney Ponson after the Cardinals give up on him in favor of a guy with just three wins this year? Talk about desperation.) I’m very eager to see what Theo has cooking; I think we’ll see some moves soon.

I’m predicting a medium-to-large size move by Theo over the next few weeks. The wildcard will be much tougher to make this year and things are just too unpredictable right now.

hey Ian, enjoy Hersheypark!

Tavarez is a man to eat innings when the game is not close to being on the line. That is all he is and if we put him pressure situations he will blow up. We need guys that eat up innings and pitch when we have a big league. Just try like **** not to use him when the game is on the line.

The next questions is where is their a mid reliever that handles pressure.

Answer: Linebink in san diego.

Go get em Theo. Please.

Some of the best letters I have ever written were those I slept on overnight….and never mailed. Unfortunately, once you click “Post”, your comments are out there forever. The next best thing I can do is apologize, and I’m going to do that purposely without having read any subsequent posts here or there since my last posts early a.m. in order not to influence what I came back on here to say. I will go back and read all of them later. I’m sure they will not be flattering and that I deserve whatever criticism they may contain. While I know my apology won’t be accepted by some over there–a lack of generosity I have found surprising, but a fact of life I have accepted. I hope you will.

I could have more appropriately responded to Adam’s testicular fortitude challenge something like this:

“My TF is fine, Adam. Thanks for asking. Yes, the loss to Oakland last night, a game we should have won, was frustrating. Add games 2 and 3 losses against the Devil Rays on our last trip to Tampa Bay and we should be up by 6 1/2 at this time. But, last time I looked into my rear view mirror, the Yankees were still there. While my mirror warns me that objects may appear smaller than they really are, you merely seem to be tail gating the Red Sox a smidgen less, looks like maybe 2 1/2 car lenghts instead of 3. However, since you had a chance to see that we have a chance to beat Oakland anytime we play them, while you on the other hand have the dangerous White Sox coming into your house that ex-Red Sox built tonight, don’t be too optimistic yet. I like our chances.”

That would have accomplished my purpose just as well, been so much shorter, and saved me and anyone else who punished themselves to read it a lot of time. The language, references, personal inneuendoes(sp)–both Adam’s and mine, are totally uncalled for, and I’ll take responsibility for both of us even if he won’t. Therefore, sincerely, I apologize to Adam, Ian, and all the posters and readers(I realize there are many who read but rarely or never post). Finally, I apologize to myself. I’m a better person than that. Here’s hoping that if I was dumb enough to get myself into this mess, I am smart enough to get myself out.

I will also fine tune the remark that I work when I want to. That’s not entirely true. While I work a flexible schedule that can vary, like many of you, I sometimes have to go to work when I had just as soon stay home and prop my feet up, drink a Jim Beam and coke, and watch the ball game. I don’t go on the internet while I’m working;but, to those of you who do, perhaps I shouldn’t equate that indiscretion with…say…the crime of murder. Theft of the employer’s time and accepting your pay under false pretenses, perhaps, but not murder. In that respect most of us probably do something that subtracts from our productive time at work.

I’m going to try now to get a couple of more hours sleep to go with the couple I’ve had. Couldn’t rest until I took care of this. Thanks for reading. Take care.


Do you have multiple personality disorder? I know thats none of my business. But if I knew, I would be better equipped to make sense your comments AND ignore your banter.

Speaking of multiple personality,yankee indian are you a yankee fan who is alson indian or do you “split” your time between rooting for the indians and yankees?

hey ian
the management seems to agree about tavarez, as they called up another middle-relief pitcher in breslow, and they used all their younger, more reliable arms before resorting to tavarez. also, just thought i’d note that tek had a nice night at the plate last night, with two hits, one being a clutch, 2-out, bottom-of-the-11th RBI single. tek starting to produce at the plate again would be a huge boost to our offense.


jgkvedar, I’d agree with you because I have been bashing on Tavarez all year long, but he was doing well this month, capped off with his 4 inning deal against the White Sox. Somehow he shuts them down but lets the worst hitting team in baseball score 2 runs off him. Go figure. I would feel just as comfortable going forward if Tavarez and Seanez didn’t get out of the pen. I have a feeling Seanez’ days are numbered anyway.
I hope Tek is coming around, but he looked bad at the plate last night. He got the RBI because Kapler was able to take 2nd on catcher’s indifference and his other hit would have been a double play if the hit and run wasn’t on. If Tek can break out, it would be huge. Interesting to see how the Sox come off 2 extra inning loses and facing a decent lefty since they have trouble hitting lefty’s.

Another chance to extend the lead this weekend with the Yankees facing Chicago and the Sox facing the A’s.


Do you there is a country called India?

‘know’ missing

yep, shop at they’re stores often.

thats were i was born. hence Indian. Nothing to do with Cleveland.

Well, 0-1 with 74 more to go. Tonight will be better with Beckett going. He’s had decent stuff but keeps getting into trouble around the 4th. Maybe we just shouldn’t allow them to tell him what inning he’s in (haha). But, Tek got a hit last night, maybe that’ll break him out of the doldrums/slump he’s been in. I don’t know what’s on his mind, but it must be bad. trot needs to get going again if he expects them to hang on to him..
Regardless, we need to get this one tonight. From what I read RJ is going for the yanks; that could go either way..


Hey guys,
I Am redy for this game GO SOX!


I know i should have faith in the sox but I got a feeling these A’s are gunna beat us tonight.

I have seen the light, gsr. I don’t regret sticking with Willie for the longest time. However, I had a “religious-like” experience last night. A vision appeared unto me and said in a somber voice: Get picked off first once, fagan, shame on Willie Harris:Get picked off first twice, shame on you!

That hot head Milton Bradley robbed Manny of a home run in the 1st. I hope these guys can get on Zito early. Don’t want to see him get in a groove.

Agreed daniel. Was your “religious experience” like mine? It went something like this…”OH MY GOD. JESUS CHRIST, what was he thinking??”

I had a dream last night, O WAIT, a nightmare that Fagan tried to break into my bedroom and show me his “pair” as he so likes to call it. What a worthless piece of sacrum you are Fagan, nothing but a “bird dropping” as you like to call my boy Jester.

Thanks, adam. Have a nice evening, son. We’re watching a baseball game over here. I see you’re down 0-2 to Chicago through three. But hang in their, kid, you can come back

Walks kill. 2 quick outs, walk then a 9 pitch at bat for a run. We better stop leaving people on base against this team.

2 more LOB. 5 in 3 innings and 14 last night. Silver lining so far, no homeruns allowed by Beckett!
Let’s go boys.

Dont worry gsr. Beckett will keep you in the game at fenway. And the pitch count on Zito is high. You have a very good chance at this game as long as it doesn’t slip away in the next 2 inns.


It’s about time for Beckett to make his annual trip to the DL…the way he has been pitching recently, it would probably help you guys out!!

offense where is it tonight.

I would have to believe we are being invaded by closet sox fans. Surely if they were yank fans they would spend their time over there or maybe they have realized they dont really like their own fans.

Wow, did I speak too soon or what? One person in their lineup hitting above .280 and it’s 4-0.

If there was ever a time for Youk to break out of a terrible slump, this is it.

who is pitching?GAmeday is confusing me it says Breslow is it hanson?

Who is this pitcher?

He’s the guy they called up from AAA yesterday. They weren’t planning on using him this weekend, but given the situation, down 6 at the time and with the pen used up last night, I think Francona is calling it a day and seeing what he can do.

ohhh Okay thank you did they send someone down?

Hey anyone know what is up with WAke is he gunna pitch soon?

What? AP hot for AG? Why? OK, Torre knows more than I do.

Well Barry Zito made the sox look like fools out there.


Are the Red sox giving up Rudy SEanez is in that is giving up to me.

Boy, Ian, yours and Theo’s rave reviews about our great outlook for the second half had me really psyched. I was about ready to take a long nap till October.
Right now, the way we’re playing, I’m hoping we can win one of these 4 against Oakland and avoid a sweep by Kansas City. All our hits tonight in the bottom of our order. No Youk. No Loretta. No David. No Manny. Pitiful!

I can hear the sound of soil making yucky noises in Fagan’s diaper as he squirms across the carpet in his living room…THE YANKS are coming MR.FAGAN

WOW, I’m glad I had a late night last night, cause I woke up to a 12-2 score, well Breslow pitched a good inning (from what i saw in the box) and Saenez was his normal disgusting self (and if he wasn’t wouldn’t we all be shocked and they say shock can take years off your life) there really is nothing to say, at least Snyder is pitching for Johnson, I’m going to go cry or something

Another wasted night. After the past 2 nights **** poor performance at the plate, I really don’t have too much optimism with the Sox facing Oakland’s best pitcher tomorrow. Zito wasn’t even their toughest guy, Haren brings it. Fagan’s right, we will be lucky to pull one out of this series and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe we can win 2 of 3 from KC.

Congratulations to the NYY who beat a better team than they are tonight, however Big Mo pitched like he was throwing against the Red Sox, giving up 3 hits and two EARNED runs. A win’s a win, though. They’re a game back in the loss column now. Expect their fans to get all excited. I hate it when we do this to them and we allow them to get this close and get their hopes up again, it’s inhumane, because when we eventually send them home, try to imagine how much deeper their depression will be. I know we hate them, but do we need to torture them!?
Right now, if I were one of them…and I feel all dirty just pretending, I would be thinking…well the Red Sox don’t have a single starting pitcher who can throw six or seven innings of shutout ball. Schilling and Beckett are good for getting lit up for three gopher balls per game(6 2/3 innings). Paps is merely pitching mediocre. Timlin has looked his age. Lester has thrown a 100 pitches by the fifth inning while walking five or six and getting out of two or three of those innings by inning ending bases loaded double plays. Tavarez is Taveras and Seanez is Seanez. Manny and Ortiz have quit hitting, and unless BOTH do EVERY game, we seldom win. Averages have dropped from the .340s for Lowell; from the .330s for Nixon; and from the .320s for Youkalis and Loretta. –all four flirting with dipping under .300. Alex Gonzalez has become our most dependable hitter. Loretta blows a game last night with an error that let two runs score, costing us the game. Gonzalez commits one tonight. Since the end of that record-setting 17-game errorless streak, I wish somebody could look this up, we must rank among the bottom of the league in defense. Varitek still can’t hit, and we can’t even send in a pinch hitter without having him picked off first base. Twice!

Are we analyzing the same team?????????????????????????, Ian and Theo?

Think it’s time now for the infielders to quit slapping each other on the shoulders and trying to out compliment each other over how great they are and time for our internationally celebrated BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGG PAPPPPPPIIIIIIIIII to come back down to earth among mortals and start hitting dingers again instead of striking out or dribbling out on grounders to the first baseman to pitcher.

HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM! Right now, people, make that BOSTON.

Although I dislike the New York Yankees more than I hated enemas as a kid…and wish them the very worst until they all burn in ****!(hyperbole, people. hyperbole!), you have to give it up to the Yankees for how they have been able to hang tough throughout 2005 and 2006. Getting off to an 11-19 start last year with a very good team, then suffering injuries that forced them to go get Small and Chacon, who came through like Superman Two last year, enough so to earn the pennant on a push. This year, losing Matsui and Sheffield, among several lesser stars but essential role postion players and pitchers, then be able to be breathing down our necks at mid-year, then consider we were around 20 games over .500 before the 1927 NYY snuck out of Oakland and into Fenway on Thursday…that’s more than quite an accomplishment for New York.
I’m sitting here at home shaking my rally cap…and hoping the Red Sox can kick back into a higher gear. I know they eventually will…and I “ain’t” Judas, but I’m beginning to become a doubting Thomas if they don’t hurry up and get a hitch in their getalong. If the NYY can have this much success with names like Nick Green, Matt Smith, and T.J. Beam, and a handful of other “who he”‘s of the week, what will they do when the REAL New York Yankees show up and relace these imposters?

They have a right to be cocky about now. All the more fun for us when we get rolling again and jerk the rug out from under them. They DO have that turkey mentality, you know, to look up when it finally begins to rain…and drown(hyperbole, folks!). Okay, I’m done. Stick a fork in me. Goodnight…and goodmorning…and good day.

um, seanez had one of the FEW scoreless innings tonight.

give the guy a break.


As far as tonights game, my husband couldn’t stand it at the 4th.. He made me go out with him. Danmit, I’m glad I did.. What the help?? they get a coouple of days off and they forget the basics, like how to advance a runner?? What’s up with that? Like how to get on base?? I, as always love OUR SOX but am seriously concerned.

Well Fagan at least you showed some sense in the most recent post. Didn’t help shortly before that you said you hate when you give us hope only to spoil it, considering we have actually been the ones to do that to you during the regular season every year since 1997. Baseball is like a seesaw, it depends who ends up on the top by the end. Of course, us fans just argue why our team will end up on top, it’s like statistics replaces physics.

Our fans do not jump to conclusions that easily, we know ortiz and manny will hit and schilling will be clutch. For the most part we do not believe in beckett, or lester though. Rough night for you guys

Matt, My gameday was running behind and showed Saenez giving up all the runs, so he gets a break, for this game.

Well, I’m almost afraid to post today, with the way things have been going.

So, I’ll just say, Go Sox!!!

Hey daniel and andy5353, where are you???

Ellen:I am here actually supposed to be “grounded” from
the computer ut,It is the only way I can see they game and my mom isnt home so I am on anyways.


Wow, don’t get caught or you’ll be grounded longer!! Don’t forget about using your name!!!

Go sox

Schilling just answered to two of my complaints: (1) that he and Beckett are good for 3 gopher balls per game (6 2/3) and that none of our starters can throw 6 or 7 innings of shutoff ball. I’ll be happy if the pitching staff continues to prove me wrong every game. Thanks, Curt. Good evening, ladies. Long day…just got home.

When will they finally put Willy out of OUR misery??? He is just awfully awful!!!
Glad to hear from you daniel!!

Ellen:I dont thin you will see Willy go back to AAA until
Willy Mo Pena comes Back unless they have another outfielder to bring up.But i still dont think they will put WILLY back down until Pena we gott to hope penas recovery is progressing.

I agree he is awful!

Well, our first positive of the 2nd 1/2!!! Schilling looked great, Manny II had a great inning, and Hansen wrapped it up very nicely.
I thought Tek had one tonight but it snuck just foul of the Pesky Pole. Well, maybe next game.

I’m becoming concerned about Trot. It just seems like he’s trying to tear the cover off the ball at each AB. Do you think the trade rumours are getting to him?, or maybe he knows something we don’t.

At any rate lots of good things to post about tonight, I’m looking forwad to reading them all!

p.s. do any of you Boston area residents know where I can get a RedSox latch hook rug kit?? I started a rug for my dad years ago and it just disappeared one day, have never been able to find another one. I looked on ebay, google etc. If any of you know of a craft store that I could call or email I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance. ec

NIce win by the SOX.Have to give up to our pitchin g tonight.

I saw Wily Mo play in Pawtucket tonight. Looked good, and I hear that batting practice was like the home run derby. For some reason he’s only hitting .250 down there, but then again Kapler’s BA was lousy there too and now he’s hitting .370 or so.

I think Willie Harris is the Designated Runner until we can trade for a better one, i.e. someone who can steal a base as least as often as he gets picked off. The guy has speed but just seems to make baserunning mistakes.

As for Trot, his contract is up at the end of the year, so he’s preening for the market. He knows the scoop on him is great fielding, great OBP, but losing power…so he’s trying to get more HRs so that he isn’t stuck being a utility outfielder. I suspect the Sox will offer him a reduced contract–if anything, given how strong our OF bench is (Kapler, Wily Mo, and on the Pawsox there’s David Murphy and Adam Stern).

Btw, I don’t work for the PawSox but let me give a quick plug for the team. The stadium is easy to get to, tickets are cheap and parking is free, and you get to see several household names. In tonight’s game, Pauley started and went six innings, van Buren closed, up-and-comer Dustin Pedroia went 3-for-3 and had a fantastic diving catch at 2nd, and of course there was Wily Mo in RF. Great show, and we were home by 9:30pm.

Interesting info, Matt. Wish I were close enough to go. But, good update on our stars of the future down on the farm. Closest minor league teams to me are AA Binghamton, NY, Mets and AAA Syracuse, NY, who use to be a NYY affiliate until they pulled out years ago (Syracuse had a hard time getting NYY “stars” as Thurman Munson or Reggie Jackson to show for the one game a year between the parent and farm team, etc.). I think they’re still with Toronto now.

Hey, Ellen, if I wired my tab to you down there, would it be possible for you to FED-EX me a Jim Beam and Coke, along with a tall, cold frosty one every two hours today?
Just wondering, hon?

Squid, you were mentioning some of your favorite “old” Red Sox the other day. Dwight “Dewey ” Evans was a favorite of mine, also, as well as Ken “The Rooster” Burleson, George “Tater” Scott, and Luis Tiant, among many others whose names come…and go…from time to time in my memory. I also liked Jerry Remy. Good player then. Good TV color man and Red Sox ambassador now.
Man, there “ain’t” no way as a hitter that I could have kept from bailing out of that batters’ box when Looooie cocked his head back toward center field, then whirled and fired the pitch in my direction without even having looked towards home plate before he released the ball. By the time his pitch reached home plate, I would have already run over to the on deck circle. You kidding me!!!???

Where did you say you are stationed now, Squid, Korea? How’s the duty there? I was in the Navy a long time ago…but a few years after John Paul Jones.

I WOULD say, HI!!! to Andy, Ellen, but I’m chicken. I’m afraid we’d both get grounded. Know what I mean? If anyone sees Andy today, say hello from all of us…and GO RED SOX as well!!!

Noticed Terry finally dropped Jason behind Lowell into the 7 spot. I’m not okay with that. Drop him behind Coco and Gonzalez or Cora until he begins to hit. Remember when Gonz was hitting below his weight, well he, and the other two now have higher averages than Jason. I love Tek and I realize he means a lot more to us than just his bat. I know Francona has not wanted to demote him in the order as a show of confidence. I had no argument with that for months, but It’s time to get off the pot, and Tek is no wuss, I’m sure he would understand and maybe agree, because I’m also sure Tek is his own worst critic and is more disappointed in his production than we are.

Usually anytime prior to noon is the middle of the night to me. I’m a late night, very early morning person. BUT…
Just chattin’ away until everybody wakes up. WAKE UP! Do I have to play reveille??? Or do I need to play taps for others? Anyone read Robert Marshall’s obit!? And where are Rob and Ray (hey! that sounds like a musical duo, doesn’t it–Rob and Ray…like Phil and Don Eberley). And where’s GoSoxRed?

Just read one of my all time favorite zingers by a sportswriter yesterday, thanks to Howard Kussoy, associate reporter and regular contributor chipping in on the Red Sox website while Ian and his family are out galavanting (Is that a word, Ellen?) on vacation. We all hope you, Mrs. Browne, and younguns are having a great time vacationing in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, Ian. Take care, and come back rested up to help widen that gap between the good guys and the rich.
Writes Howard, referring to Beckett’s Friday night pitching performance:

“While Beckett threw with good velocity, what was most impressive was the speed with which the ball traveled after being hit.” Good one, Kussoy. Well put! That’s good literature ranking up there with Grantland Rice and Red Smith and….and WHAT, fagan? Well,….I was going to say…and Ian Browne. NO? WHY NOT? OH, OK. And you say–but Ian’s still young…and has his whole career ahead of him…and someday soon I—-OH, JUST FORGET IT, THEN!!!!!

DAn – Korea’s not bad, It’s an assignment we gotta do, and coming here g=was the reason I got my next assignment to the east coast ,fianlly (4 years in Alaska and 8 in Las vegas, I need some east coast charm) and Virginia’s close enough to baltimore so I can catch 8 or 9 sox games there every year. I was 4 years old when Tiant left Boston so don’t really remember much of him, heard a lot of great things though, must of been great to watch him pitch. Well it’s 2 AM only an hour till game time, CAn’t wait to see how Snyder does, so I’m forcing myself to stay up to watch it.

Wake up!! Wake up!!! I’m running out of material, dammit!!!!!!

Thank God, Squid. Someone’s awake!
Yeah, Virginia’s great, although I love the central part and heading southwestward countryside of carry be back to ole Virginny than the cities where I was stationed and lived afterwards–Portsmouth, Norfolk, Alexandria, and Arlington. Imagine, though, compared to Korea, Virginia would be a coveted billet.

AND, here’s some “glass half full” thoughts for you:





Plus, doesn’t your branch of service allow you to malinger a bit, wander off base sometimes to enjoy the food, have a few drinks, and do a little fraternizing with the opposite…you know. Or are you married and the latter is off limits? Stupid question: Are you allowed to have family off base there?

Good afternoon Nationers!!! Sorry Daniel,
but I had some errands to run this morning, I had to do it then because I go to work at 4 today. Once again I’ll miss the majority of the game, so may I request updates so I can read them when I get home tonight?? I would really appreciate it? I usually wait till about 3 to get ready for work but I’ll get ready early today so I can watch some of the game.

I’ll post again before I leave for work..

Unbelievable! In NY, Podsednik walks off Wright. Iguchi squibs an infield single to the mound. 1st and 2nd. Thome doubles in PodSnot, Iguchi to 3rd. Runners 2nd and 3rd and still NO OUTS. Konerko (gameday didn’t tell me, but I assume) grounded one), Iguchi thrown out at home. 1st and 3rd and 1 OUT NOW. Up comes Jermaine Dye who killed us in Chicago, and has swung like a little cripped woman against the Yankees, grounds into a 3rd to 2nd to 1st Double play. HORSE SCHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! That was really being Red Soxish of you, Chicago, leaving all those men on base.

I promise it will be MUCH SHORTER and not pitch-by-pitch this Sunday, but–unless something comes up…like a life, Ellen, when I see the time of your last post, I’ll attempt to at least give you an inning-by-inning recap. Where do I wire the money for the Beam?

I deffinatley have a glass half full attitude, I have no complaints about being in Korea, we get to tour the country often (and yes fraternization is deffinatley aloud). It is a remote tour so no families but I’m not married so not a big thing.

YEAH!! Game time

White Sox’s Garcia gave up 3 in the bottom of first. Looking at the box, Little Jesus had to homer. The Giambi walked. Awhole 2-run homer. Yankees being very economical, 2 hits, 3 runs. I read in a bar once: “The bartender announces: I can only please one customer a day. Today is not YOUR day. Tomorrow isn’t looking good, either!” Today just may not be the White Sox day! Or ours! We should’ve ended Contreras’ win streak and didn’t and should have swept them and didn’t. Yanks have a shot at accomplishing both. Long way to go, though. And the rich kid can’t gain any more ground on the good guy unless the good guys lose.

Update: Chisox score another, leave 2 more on. Dye chokes again. Yanks small ball it bot 3rd. Cabrera doubles. Jeter lines to right advancing him to 3rd. Giambi, a 10-pitch at bat against Garcia, hits sacrifice fly, getting run back, 5-2. 3-RBI day for Jason and he’s just warming up.

5-4-3 love our D

“that actually wasn’t supposed to rhyme

Maybe you’re just a “poet and don’t know it”, Squid.
Kyle Snyder LOOKIN’GOOOOOOD! Through 1st, no score, only 15 pitches.

Now the bad news…our offense.



Hard smash, Trot, but just another OUT!!!

Next time just break your bat and bloop it over the first baseman, but score some runs, dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snyder through 2, no score, 2 stikeouts to end inning!

I’ve got about another 20 minutes of game time before I have to leave, but since your doing my updates, the Beam’s on me!!! After shift I’ll raise my bud light to you!!!

I think I’d better leave now, maybe Kyle can get out of this. Anyhow, I’ll post to y’all later as I’m off to make sure that the world (or at least my patrons)doesn’t go thirsty!!!
(ps, I think Trot needs some extra time with Papa Jack)

LET’S GO SOX!!!!! ec

how does a guy lose it, that big and that fast?


BUTTTTTTTTTT….COCO RAPS INTO A DOUBLE PLAY. Hey, Coco, you heard the part about not leaving men on base, but I didn’t mean that way, man! How ’bout hitting one out? That’ll clean the bases, also.

And on to the 3rd. Keep firing, Kyle!

And he does, Ks 1st 2 batters, 4 in a row. Single through the middle, but Manny chases down 3rd out. Only 32 pitches through 3. Not gonna happen, but that would be 96 through 9. Have we discovered another Aaron Small here!?

Bottom 3rd comin’ up.

6-2 now in the House That Ex-Red Sox built, rich kids ahead. Bull dookey! The Good Sox go down whithout a whimper. JEEEEEEEEE-ZUSSSSSSSS! It’s going to be one of those, AGAIN!

On to top of the 4th. GO KYLE! kOTSAY bunts way on. Snyder fields grounder, starts double play. grounder to Loretta-3 out. 50 pitches, 33 strikes.

bot 4/here come duh RSoxs.



Hey, barkeep!!!! Another Jim Beam, please! AND DON’T BE SO SLOWWWWWW NEXT TIME!!!!(Pretending to be a “regular”, Ellen.

Hey guys we get offense for 1 game that is it?

why is seanez in got nobody better.

What a turnaround. Snyder was breezing through 4 and got into some trouble here and couldn’t make it out of the 4th. Hopefully the damage can be limited and the bats can wake up. I hope Francona gives him another shot because I feel much more comfortable with him on the mound than Jason Johnson.
As I’m typing this, I realize Francona gave up on the game and brought in Seanez.

What the **** is he thinking??

I mean, does Francona realize that the Yankees are spanking the real Dead Sox right now and we are about to only be .5 up in the standings?

Why in the world would you bring that worthless piece of dung into a game that we HAVE to win?

I don’t get it, I just don’t get it. It’s obvious the Sox aren’t hitting, so 4 runs is going to be tough, but bringing in that useless pile of excrement just piles onto the lead.

I hate Jay Payton. After his childish outburst in the dugout last year in Texas I prayed for him to fizzle out. Unfortunatly he’s a decent player. Too bad he didn’t want to be on a winner and only cared about himself.

He actually would have been good with us.

Time for the bats to wake up and stop leaving people on base. Although not too many left on today since they can’t get on base. 5 innings to tear it up. Let’s go.

Well that was fun, I wonder if we have the ability to come back from a five run defecit?

how did we get that run?

that was agn homering.

It’s getting painful to watch Varitek at the plate. Both he and Youkilis look lost out there. A-Gon cut into the lead. I can only hope Seanez is not back out there to give the run right back to Oakland.

I agree there Gsr.

You know as much as we or I bash Seanez you got to give it up to him a scoreless inning and a third.

Um…….What was Manny thinking??? I know, I know, the answer is going to be “He wasn’t, that’s just Manny being Manny” That was Manny being stupid right there. Down 4 and getting thrown out on the bases.

seanez is still in WOW he is taking a risk now leaving him in Gosoxred:i wondered the same thing.

As u can decipher, E, he didn’t get out of it, allowing 4, plus a 5th run when old reliable Seanez came in. He has now officially joined that list I haven’t given a name yet, the list Willie Harris is on. Should we give him another…another…another (record stuck) chance, Matt?
Wait a minute, Rudy just got 2 outs….now retired the side top 7th. Maybe we ought to “come on guys, give the guy a break.”

Agon homered bot 5th, E, 1-5. Before him Coco hit a drive into right, caught on a leap by Jay Payton, our disgruntled ex. Can’t get anything by him…until he gets to NY, where he’ll fold like an accordian like JERMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINNNE DYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!Whatz with Dye, Payton, Scott Kazmir?

bOT 6TH, E.

Mr. Universe, the BIG “O”, “0” standing for “ought” to start hitting again, that is David Ortiz got a 2nd life to hit because of an error, but insisted on making an out anyway. Manny walks. Your Trot finally gets a hit to center, but Manny being Manny again has brain freeze again and makes the 3rd out trying to go to third when he was already in possible scoring position!!! CRIPES!!! CAN ANYTHING ELSE GO WRONG.

jEEZZZ, 6 OUTS FOR RUDY without giving up a run. WHOOOPPPS, 2 out double by Kotsay. Swisher up .. walks. Terry to the mound. HERE COME JULIE TAVAREZ, everybody!!!! THANK YOU, LORD! THANK YOU TERRY!


Is wake gunna pitch tommorrow he was supposed to pitch today
and Kyle snyder tomorrow did he sitch them?

Julie gets 3rd out. On to bottom 7th.
Lowell bloops out (1)

Tek another single–hitting streak, 2 in 1 game

Coco up…grounder forces Tek at 2nd.

Agon, our most dependable hitter now, up. 2 outs. Come on Gonz, hit it out, 3-5, and maybe you hit 1 more time and can tie if anyone can walk or get hit by a pitch in front of you—–STRIKE THREEEEEEEEE!!!!! Give it up, fagan.

Make that a DOUBLE Beam, Ellen!!!!!!!!!!!

you’re welcome fagan for that sweep. Btw you should write songs for us more often about how badly somebody is going to destroy my team…It worked wonders.

Boy, the White Sox have showed their true colors in the past week. I guess that’s what happens when you get to beat up on KC 19 times. People are talking about how the Wild Card won’t come out of the East, but after the past week performance by Chicago, I have a feeling Detroit is going to blow them away by the end of the year.

Just what did the Sox players do over the All-Star break? It seems like everyone forgot how to hit. Beckett showed some improvement in only giving up 1 homerun on Friday.

Right, KL. There’s an article on our sitenow about resting Tek tomorrow while Mirabelli catches Tim. Glad you’re on the blog, today, by the way, thanks for sharing the pain with all of us.

Boy, good thing Francona “rested” Papelbon the other night by not sending him out there for a 2nd inning of work. He’s been overused this weekend. Oh wait, that’s right, they haven’t had to use him. That’s why you have to play each game to win, worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes.
No telling how the game would have turned out, but putting Tavarez in there didn’t turn out so well. The guy was groomed as a starter, I have a feeling that after a 3 day break, he could have thrown another inning.

If I’m wrong with the next statement I make, please feel free to berate me, but when is the last time Manny has gotten a BIG hit with the Sox trailing. I know Papi ends so many games that Manny doesn’t get a chance, but it seems he gets his hits when the Sox are way up or way down, similar to A-Rod.
His last homerun came with the Sox down 9-3 in Tampa. He had a chance the other night to blow open the game with the Sox up 3-1 and he popped up. Maybe it’s the frustration of losing 4 out of our last 5, but I don’t remember the last clutch hit Manny has gotten for us. If I’m wrong, please correct me and I’ll slap myself for questioning him, but I just don’t remember him pulling us within striking distance, tieing a game, or giving us the lead in a long time.


The pitchers dont give Manny a pitch to hit in such situations. They rather walk him. So Manny has to maufacture the hit. On the contrary, they cant walk Ortiz. So he gets some hittable pitches. And Ortiz hits them. I am not taking anything away from Ortiz but it is a lot harder and close to impossible for Manny to hit.

Not really Vik. Manny gets a lot of hittable pitches, especially with a righthander on the mound because Trot is such a good fastball hitter behind him. I see your point and it makes total sense, it’s just that it doesn’t seem he has capitalized on his opportunities lately. I almost feel stupid brining it up because his average has been climbing and climbing, but it just doesn’t seem he’s getting them when the Sox really need them.

Tavarez *****. Leave him in there to finish of this debacle so the good guns can be ready to hold off that incredible lineup of the Royals. They won today, but the Royals blew a 4 run lead every game this weekend, I think. If the Sox don’t sweep KC, I have a feeling there will be a panic attack in Boston.

Would an 8 run rally be too much to ask for??

I donno GSR. But if Manny wasn’t with Boston he would have been one of my favorite players.

I have a funny feeling that due to Youk’s contined struggles, we might see Coco in the leadoff spot tomorrow. He hasn’t really done anything to deserve it, but it’s more out of default at this point. Tito might play the “Trying to stir things up a bit” approach.
I love Youk, but he is pressing way too much. Maybe a move down would ease him up a bit.

I hear ya, Vik.

We better win this next series against KC if we dont the yankees deserve the division.

OK, enough griping from me, the damage is done and all they can do is move on.
Here are the positives of today:

Snyder looked good through 4. Ran into a rough spot in the 5th and almost got out of it. The run that he walked in actually had 2 questionable calls and could have changed the whole outcome.

Tek got 2 hits. He looked ugly his first time up and still looks clueless righthanded (I think he should stick to hitting lefty).

Seanez proved that even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while.

The negatives:

Too many to document. No hitting, the Z boys looked real bad and they just lost to a guy with an ERA that was approaching 5 before he shut us down.

Need to close out this homestand strong before heading out West.

Thanks, Jesser. Glad to help. Actually, nothing wrong with my lyrics, just the small matter of picking the wrong team. And, not to worry, I have already composed a song to forward to all of you in September when we come in to play you in our final (4 game) series. (We go at it 5 games in August in Fenway, as you know.)
So, assuming we haven’t eliminated ourselves before then–the way we’re playing now, I promise to post you that song in September about the Red Sox are coming, as well as helpful advice to you as to whom you need to lock up for their own safety, what ointments you should stock up on…and the proper position to assume. And you can put that on the boooooooooooooard! Yes! And, you know, Jesser, I’m not so dumb not to realize that when I come over there crowing…that if it all blows up in my face, that I’m the one who will be eating crow, which happens to be the case now. That’s all good, too, because I can take it as well as dish it out…and it’s a long…long season…things change.

By the way, Jesser, I enjoy this trash talking, as well as reading yours. It’s ALL in fun from my perspective. Too many of you take me seriously instead of realizing I take hyperbole to the max? Do you really think T.O. really means all that schit he hammers his defender with–“Well, yo’ mama is so fat….AND back and forth the whole game. Of course not!Here it’s NY vs Bstn all season. I had Yankee…Indian so confused, he seemed earnest in asking me if I had multiple personalities…so he could better understand when I was kidding and when I was serious.

I hold no hard feelings for you, Mark, or any of you over there. It’s just that–even after having made what I thought were rather comprehensive and articulate apologies on our blog and yours proposing that we just talk straight baseball and let bygones be by gones, I was still getting cheap shots from you, and a couple of others whom you know and whom I won’t name. –Fagan is stupid. Fagan is a jerk. Fagan suc ks. Fagan’s mother wears combat boots. Then name calling degenerates to the point that–I don’t know about you or others–I’m writing **** that in retrospect embarrasses me. We’re all better and more intelligent than that.

Besides, Jesser, while you and I and others may be having fun with our low brow down-in-the-gutter ****, all the time we’re boring the living L out of others and irritating the **** out of everyone else on both blogs.

I apologized earlier here, but apparently it didn’t phase one poster. For someone not to accept a sincere apology from me and continue to spew filthy Bart Simpson comments is beyond my comprehension. The only thing I can conclude if this continues is that I beat him up so badly on our previous one-on-one duels that the bruises are so deep he feels he is not even yet. That speaks volumes about the poster in itself.

So, we can do some trashing here and there in good fun, Jesser, but I’m not going down that slippery slope to personal embarrassment any more. And, I invite anyone who feels the same to join me. Otherwise, I’m not playing with them anymore.

Ellen, I’m sorry, hon. I’m babysitting my neighbor’s cat while they’re vacationing in Las Vegas(and we’re all complaining about the heat!), So, I took a break to refill her bowl with fresh cold water, dish out the mushy cat food and crunchies, and change the litter. She was out of the crunchies and ate the new serving so fast she threw up on the living room carpet, then, watching BOTH SOXS games, I threw up, then she threw up again, then I threw up a second time. So, I was off the air for a while. The post I just sent Jesser was started more than 4 hours ago. Now, I know all this is disgusting, Ellen, but it’s more interesting than the ball game. And, don’t blame yourself for over serving me, that wasn’t what made me sick. And remember Mrs. Cullum, there isn’t a darn thing wrong with our team other than not being able to pitch, not being able to hit, and not being able to play airtight defense anymore. Otherwise, they’re looking pretty good. None of them seem to be dressed out of uniform, they all seem to have enough bubble gum to blow lots of bubbles, they seem to be doing good at getting their uniforms dirty–especially Trot, no one has broken a water cooler or damaged their fists doing it, the ground crew seems to be doing a good job watering down the infield and outfield grass–especially with all this heat, the tomatoes in the bullpen seem to be growing on schedule, the Green Monster is still green, Wally is still green, good TV crew, and I really keep the faith that God is in His heaven…and apparently has more important things to do than win a game for us–at least I pray that IS the case.
Hope the tips were great today, Ellen! Talk to you soon. Take care, get off your feet, and get some well deserved rest.


You know I questioned Francona’s (when don’t I?)choice of when to use Paps in that game also. WHY would he bring him in with the game tied. You can’t close a tie game. I know his thinking was for Paps to hold ’em in the top of the 9th and for us to score and win it in the bottom. BUT…that’s NOT managing! That’s PRAYING!!!

I was confused AGAIN when this didn’t happen…and he takes Pap OUT. Immediately, I assumed–Terry isn’t stupid! Jonathan must be hurt? But, I haven’t heard anything to substantiate that.

And, if Jon wasn’t hurt….and Jon was well rested…why in the L did Francona take the closer out after one inning when he could have gone further and put in Tav The Mav? EVEN MORE questionable to ME was this:

If Terry’s intention was to throw Papelbon just one inning, WHY bring him in in a TIE game. Better to have taken his chances with someone else out of the bullpen–cripes, can we please have someone other than Julie and Rudy!?–to pitch the 9th…and if necessary the 10th, 11th until we got a lead. Then use Paps to come in for the one inning to CLOSE rather than to HOLD. If we lose before getting the lead, then we lose.’CAUSE if you use up your closer in a tie game and remove him, YOU AIN’T GOT NO CLOSER NO MORE!!!!

Does this make sense to anyone else other than me? And, yeah, I KNOW Francona knows more than me. But, you know that old saying “Terry’s forgotten more than Dan will ever know? Well, maybe this is the more stuff than me he knows but has forgotten! Sure as schilt beats me..

GoSoxRed, Manny’s ‘Close and Late’ stats are pretty weak. .225 average, 3 HR 8 RBI. .404 OB. Better than A-Rod, but nothing special. Definitely not 20M worth… especially when you can’t even be trusted to run the bases. Didn’t someone take my advice a few weeks back and hire a Mannysitter? If they did, the Mannysitter would have certainly reminded Manny at breakfast that Thou Shall Not Make the First or Third Outs at Third, especially when you are down 4 F&*&$@% runs.

Daniel, thanks for all the updates and the comedy that was paired with it. You certainly mised your calling, you should be soing satirical writing, satirical SPORTS writing. I agree with you regarding Tito and Jon-Bon. I know he’s the coach and has been in and around the game a long time but I just don’t understand his reasoning.
By the way, my cat did the same thing this morning!! Must be something going around the sand box!

Long day at the “office”, even though it was just 6 hours, everyone seemed to be determined to really tie one on.

I really hope these guys have their rear view mirrors adjusted, because now the boys in stripes are right on our asskes. Maybe that ‘ll motivate ’em. (If that doesn’t I don’t know what will.) It seems every year we do this, we have to come back from say 10 down to really have them believe in themselves or get out of their complacency (sp). This is the time of year to be a cardiologist in Boston because The Sox are giving everyone heart attacks.

Hopefully KC will be the turning point for us and we can start to gain ground again.

The “ez” brothers (Julian and Rudy) need to be hung out to dry or fed to the wolves or, well anything that makes them suffer the way they make us suffer on an almost daily basis. I hope that with the trade deadline coming up, that Theo has an ace up his sleeve or up somewhere to get us some relief… JUST DON’T SEND MY TROT PACKING!!

Here’s hoping that Wakefield has a good one tomorrow.

GO SOX !!!!

Ellen:I full heartedly agree Why are we Even Paying Julian Taverez and Rudy Seanez money to go out there and give up run after run after run or in Tavarez’s case Game after game.There are no better relievers out there to trade them for…….oh wait will anybody take them….probably not unless they are desperate.
In my mind those Two(tavarez and Seanez)are on the same list Willie HArris is on Get rid of them Theo.


Keep forgeting That Name advice daniel gave me dont I oops!

We need to get Ahead by the 8th inning of these KC games so PAPS can come in not The “ez” brothers that would be a start.

lol Fagan, I’m a college student, I don’t hold grudges for trash talking so if anybody can handle it, it is me. You have to understand, I would gladly let you avoid “eating crow” and let Redsox fans be Redsox fans and for the most part get too excited too early and stuff it down Yankee’s fans throats when their team isn’t playing to a superhuman degree. But, if you knew what it was like to deal with this with personal friends, internet buddies, and even people like you, you would have a chip on your shoulder too. Just know i don’t take any of this seriously but I will defend my points and argue them to the death. It is all in good fun just like the sport of baseball, and if the redsox win the division, i will still talk ****, just like you would in the reverse. If the yankees win, well ill talk even more ****. haha That is just how it works.

I have to tell you though, I am loving all the broomstick jokes I have been able to make in the last 24 hours and it is good to see your sox struggle mightily on offense and defense. I just wish snyder had won and beckett and schilling each got blown apart. If the yankees take 2 of 3 or even better sweep against seattle and at least split with the jays, this blog should be very very frightened. Our biggest problem has been carrying momentum against another team.

jesser: I, for one, on this blog am already very scared. You know the Sox have this let down almost every year, that is in the years that we ever have a lead. So yes it will be very frightening. I’m just hoping that the Royals don’t become David to our Goliath. Anyway, I’m about blogged out (actually I’m about everything’ed out today), and I’ll call it a night, hey by the way, Good Sweep for y’all.

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