Heat is On

Greetings from Pennsylvania, where, by the way, Hershey Park is one of the greatest amusement parks I’ve ever gone to. It’s so much better than Disney, where everything is such a production and every ride is a two-hour wait. Hershey has lots of stuff for the kids and us adults. Tons of roller coasters and fun water rides.

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, how about that pennant race. The weather is stifling lately and now, literally, the heat is on the Red Sox. Just a meager half-game separates them from the Yankees entering play on Monday.

Now we will find out what this 2006 Red Sox team is made of. Can Josh Beckett get his act together when the team needs him most? How will Mark Loretta, Coco Crisp, Mike Lowell and the other newbies respond to the pressure of playing in a pennant race in Boston, where every pitch is scrutinized to the Nth degree?

With the Royals coming to town, we’re going to hear plenty about Mientkiewicz. Spare me. He should have never kept that ball. He had as little to do with the Red Sox winning that World Series as any player on the entire roster. He should have given the ball to Foulke, case closed. He should really stop whining about how he was treated after trying to keep a ball that never should have been his. At least his agent had the sense to get the ball into the Hall of Fame.

The Red Sox need to regain their swagger here and flatten the Royals.

Monday update: It might have been 100 degrees at Dutch Wonderland today, a quaint little kids park in Lancaster, PA. And thankfully, they had a water park, where we spent the last two hours of the day. There is NOTHING better than getting splashed by globs of water when it’s 100 degrees out.

I’ll check in soon. Later.



hey nice of you to check in Ian we need TO BEAT KC.GO SOX!

I do not know what has taken more toll – losing close games in extra innings that the SOX gave away or being blown out of HOME GAMES.

Needless to say, the break has not been good. Momentum has been lost.

Ian is right – the DOG DAYS are approaching and its time to cut the talk and do the deal.

We need to fix the offence. Team batting average in July is just around 0.250 which is 27th in the league.
Some guys, including youk, loretta, and coco, are really struggling at batting. Putting Cora, Pena and Capler into the lineup could be good alternative to strenghen the offence.

Yesterday’s game might have been the most frustrating of the bunch. Every line drive the RedSox hit was warning track or right at somebody. Every hit of Snyder was a ground ball through the hole. The umps squeezed the heck out of Snyder as well. How many diving catches or wall crashes did the A’s make in one series? Well, the Royals could be just what the Dr. ordered… better be. We need to break out of a bunch of slumps and get our groove back for sure.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m trying to think cautiously about the Royals. You know, it’s usually the little guy that sneaks up on you. Why?? Because he can. No one is paying any attention to him. I hope the Sox are not taking the lower ranked teams any less seriously than they do say the Yanks or other Sox.
So I say put the bats in the oven and get ’em hot, make sure the gloves working properly, and if you’re hurt, sit your but down, because if we end up on the wrong end of the bat this series, no excuse in the world will be able to

justify it.


The Sox definately need to get more production out of their bats which is obvious and we really can’t feel cocky when playing the Royals. For as bad a record they have they are still a major league club.

Hey guys lets win tonight.
Go sox!

Looks like the ump has a really low strike zone. I’m not watching it on tv though.

Sry guys. Wrong blog.

what the el is going on???? What happened over the break?? Everybody looks like they haven’t touched the field, a bat or glove for months… this HAS TO CHANGE

it’s a danmed good thing that their bonuses don’t depend specifically on their july performances.

What’s up with Wake?? It really looks like his neck/upper back is hurting him. I thought I heard someone say something last game he pitched, that he may have neck/upper back trouble. Time for x-rays/mri, or something?? Hope he’s ok.

Ellen: I agree he did look cute.

I meant hurt.

Hey guys I am on gameday Is WAKe Hurt?anybody got an update he can out pretty early only 3 runs allowed

just got up 1/2 way through the game, Wake’s back really looking that bad? guess the extra time off didn’t help. so know we’re down 2 starters (actually 3 but Lester is filling in well) trade deadline’s coming quick, Theo needs to get an arm, or maybe a way to get the arms we have some run support.

NIce hit Dougie, 4-4 game, Please, keep Hansen in for the 8th, Timlin warming up and Little Papi for the 9th, PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE

Timmer for the 8th, that’s OK, I would of preferred Hanson goes a little longer so we can have Tim in the 9th in case it stays tied, and Little Papi for extra’s if it goes that far(that’s what i meant for the last post), but Francona’s a lot smarter than me…

6 pitch 8th inning, nice job Timlin.

I had just told someone in an email that I had my rally sneakers and jersy on (sneakers on backwards and my TROT jersey on inside out) and they came back!! No superstitious Sox fans here, HUH??

Our they planning on stealing home? Why put Hariis in

OK, so his speed did help there, alot, I’m canceling my interview to become a major league Manager…

Hey gosoxred,
I know its not the prototypical clutch hit by manny but it still just gave us the lead. And squid they put him in excactly for that reason. Loretta would not have been able to score on that and Harris did because he is incredibly fast. Hey im just throwing this idea out there but trading Tavarez and Seanez why not to the Reds. They need bullpen help and are desperate so maybe Theo could pull off a deal giving the Reds those two and we could pick up a starter in Bronson. And I know most of you must be thinking the Reds would have to be crazy to make this trade but both Seanez and Tavarez are National League pitchers. Seanez’s era last year was in the 2’s. Tavarez also was part of a Cardinal bullpen that was lights out. (except against the Sox in the world series). Well im just throwing out that idea. Wow, did papi really just steal 2nd. How do you think that the catcher feels. I play catcher and I would be incredibly embarassed if a slower guy like Ortiz stole a base against me.

Pappi with the blazing speed to steal second…a few more shows of speed like that we might have to make him our lead-off hitter.

Yeah GS, I caught that, ck my last post, as far as trading for Arroyo, sure it would be nice, but don’t see it happening, firt cause Rudy adn Tavarez wouldn’t be enough, have to give up more, like stern or thomas and I don’t think the sox would do that, second do we even know if bronson would come back?

Ya sorry i saw your post as soon as i posted mine. Sorry bout that. I would think that Bronson would want to come back seeing as how he took a paycut to stay in Boston and also he has had nothing but good things to say about Boston since he left. The reds are desperate for bullpen help though they are really making a psh for theyre divison. I think that it would be enough since they have just given up a young stud in Austin Kearns for an barely above average bullpen pitcher. I think the deal makes sense for both teams since we’re in the hunt for another pitcher. WEll i have to go goodnite everyone. And nice win tonite.

Nice win, came back when we had to, Timlin pitched great, Pappi stole a base (just love that, Harris played his pich run perfectly, and little Pappi came in and saved the day. Let’s hope they take this momentum with them

Arroyo is an ace now, this isn’t redsox trying to get back their 4 or 5 starter that they had in arroyo last year, ur gonna have to give up something bigger than two guys having bad years in minor roles in the pen…And Arroyo is doing it in cincy’s park which barely anybody can do for some reason, so keep dreaming.

You’re right gosox101. I’m going to have to start calling people out more often in the hopes that it will mean they get the winning RBI each time. Just got in so I didn’t actually get to see the game, but if Wake left after 4 innings, it’s not a good sign. He had almost 2 full weeks since his last start. If he left early with that much time off, there is NO way he is making his next start. That means we start the west coast trip with Snyder and a replacement pitcher.
Thank God the Sox did what just about every other team does to the Royals, come back from 4 runs down late in games.

Looks like Coco had a nice night and Dougie with a bomb! Guarantee if he doesn’t hit that bomb all of us are sitting here (myself included) wondering why he wasn’t pinch hit for.

Nice job by the pen, 5 innings, 1 run.

Hope to hear news on Wake soon. There is no question that Theo needs to make a move for a starter now. Schill is a stud, Beckett is on or way off, Lester is undefeated but can’t make it past 5 innings without 110 pitches and if Wake’s out indefinitely…..who knows what will happen.

Jesser’s right..Even though Bronson would in NO WAY have the same numbers in the AL that he has now, his All-Star season has priced him too high, plus the Reds have a shot at the wild card. They are buyers, not sellers right now.

Maybe Theo is putting on that gorilla suit and doing a trade dance in his office right now, because an arm is needed…soon.

Let’s see Lester hold off on the walks and 3 ball counts tomorrow. Sox need at least 7 from him with the work the pen had tonight.

Ok daniel, time to clock in here (unless you’re at your job) fortunately (sp), my former boss had no problem with me goign to redsox.com, I just wasn’t allowed to go to anything other than gameday, and I respected that. He knew just what a big BASEBALL NUT I AM. I’m just not there anymore.. (in between).. gsr I agree with you about “the ez brothers”, but in the same breath I also agree with jesser, danm there I go sitting the fence again ( you know that gets really very uncomfortable), by the way jesser, good to to “see”” you again.

Hey. just taking roll here; where have robnbetsey and robert marshall been, I’ve seen robn, but no robert in forever. I miss you guys.

gsr: Wakefield has been found to have an upper back strain. I asked in an earlier post if that was a possibilty. Guess I should’ve either asked earlier or kept my nout shut… (like I would REALLY know), if you’re still out there I’m here for a li’l while.

That was a nice win I missed all the good parts of the game like Mirabelli’s homer I was showering Dang it but nice win finally got PAPS in there.

Has anybody heard anything else on teh dontrelle willis trade.

teh= the
I agree that the sox probably would need to throw someone else in. I had a thought of maybe David Murphy but some reporters have specualted that he may take the place of Trot next year. But I would love to see Trot back next year and even with the year hes having I dont think he will be. I think Theo really wants to get his first ever draft pick up to the bigs and with the year hes having i dont blame him. But, no other young players i think atleast should be traded. We need to keep Delcarmen, Papelbon, Hansen and Lester because they will all be very important players in the future. Hey did anyone see in the All Star game our old friend Freddie Sanchez. Probably one of Theo’s biggest mistakes was right there. Suppan definetly wasnt worth it. Well i should probably get some sleep. Good night all.

The reason I held off on knocking Tek’s hitting for so long this season was that I realized that sometimes..when you need it the most…at the most unexpected time…from the most unexpected guy…someone, as Doug Mirabelli will step up to the plate and allow us all to ride along with him as he “takes it to the house”, snatching his batterymate, Tim Wakefield,’s won-loss record from the jaws of defeat to the safety and joy of a “no decision”! Doug of the .180-plus batting average. That was one of those very special moments we all witnessed Monday night, one to cherish for a while … and place in our pocket of memory to carry along with us throughout this long, nail-biting season…that 3-run game- tying home run by Mirabelli! Probably had Francona not promised Tek the “whole” game off, perhaps he would have been sent up to pinch hit for his backup.

And, I have a lot of confidence, as do his manager and teammates, in him, that somewhere in crucial games down the stretch, Jason will come through for both us and himself when he is most needed. I believe in him not only because Tek is our captain, a hard worker, and a decent man, but because, based on his entire performance throughout his career, there is no reason for me not to believe in him. You don’t judge a man by what he did or didn’t do over half a season of one year. You judge him based on what he has done over his successful proud career.

Well said. I think that’s why it took me so long to even question his average. I kept saying to myself that it’s early, there’s not way it will stay this low, etc. He has been a decent hitter throughout his career and Schill mentioned the other night that he has handed over the reigns to calling his games to Tek. Schill liked to call his own pitches, but he said Tek called the 2 best games of his life out there his past 2 times out. The Sox have been blessed to have a catcher that can actually hit the past few years. A lot of teams go by the theory that a catcher calls the game, anything they do at the plate is a bonus. Personally at the big league level, I don’t agree with that, but Tek has been solid throughout and I, like Daniel, have a hunch he will come through before it is all said and done.

I keep watching the Red Sox every day, hoping they win with their starting pichers.It is so stressful to see the pichers in trouble and our so call manager sits in the dugout chewing on his cud. When I was young I had a cow that sat there chewing it’t cud, like there wasn’t anything to worry about. Terry must not worry about the game as he never goes out to talk to his pichers when they are in trouble. A good manager would go talk to his pichers,that is what he is getting paid for. I wonder why NESN has the camera on him all the time while he spits on the ground.He can’t close his mouth as it is full of something.I say get rid of Terry or Red Sox will not win the title this year.

i don’t think it is time to call for Terry’s head yet, although, I do question his judgement at times.. But remember one thing, he, in his 1st year, took The Sox to A world Championship!
I think that 1 reason that he does not make visits to the mound is that, he has Al Nipper, & that’s what he’s supposed to do. Nipper is with the pitchers on a daily basis, up close. He probably has a better idea of what’s going on with them at any given moment than Terry does.

The pressure is on, and it’s time to get serious here. Another starter is a must now, esp. with Beckett still throwing cheddar, Wake possibly out and Snyder no answer. It doesn’t mean Theo needs to mortgage the future, but if he can pull off a deal for minor prospects or discard some junk people like Tav/Snz/Har/Cle/Flk etc. then give it good consideration.

Furthermore, the bats need to step up. Last night it was good that Mirabelli finally delivered the decisive blow. But the lineup, esp. with Youk setting the table needs to regain their swagger. The All Star Break is three days, not a week.

Ok, time to get serious and don’t count the Yankees out anytime. They are going nowhere, the Boss says so. And don’t dismiss the Royals–they can bring a fight to any team and they’re improved bunch since Moore took over. It’s time to pitch well, get some timely hitting, play stellar defence and bring on the crunch time because things are starting to really matter.

By the way, about Mientciewicz, (I was close with that name), I agree, it was totally childish about his claims to the ball. I hope he goes 0-12 at the series and just disappear away. Seriously, the ball if doesn’t belong to Foulke, should go to the Red Sox ownership or Baseball Hall of Fame. The issue is settled, everyone should be happy, Lucchino is not mentioning it, and mr. Dougiie is still blabbering.

Mientciewicz is a piece of garbage for trying to steal the ball when he contributed next to nothing to the title. I distinctly remember giving the game ball to the pitcher in my 12-year old State Championship All Star game. I even got the game winning hit the inning before, but I caught the last out and gave it to the pitcher that pitched a complete game.

Addressing the trade aspect: The problem is the money that these guys are being paid. Clement 9 mil, Foulke (I don’t know the number, but I think it’s around 4 mil) and both Seanez and Tavarez at close to 3 mil each. Unfortunately no one will take on that salary. If they take one of those players to get a good player, the Sox are going to have to pay for the player they are receiving and pay a chunk of the salary of the person they trade. They have been adament about not paying salaries for people they trade in the past (although the agreed to do it for Rent-an-error). As good as the future looks for this team, it’s a tough predicament to be in right now because market is so thin, and the pieces the Sox have to trade are so expensive.
As far as Doug M(I’m not going to even try to spell it), it’s not even worth talking about. The guy is a certifiable idiot to think that he has the right to the ball. If you want to get all technical, doesn’t major league baseball own the balls that are used? If not, doesn’t the home team provide the balls for each game? I mean, this guy played 2 innings a game for 3 months, granted he played some great D while he was here, but by no means is he the reason we won the series. What about D Lowe? He came out of the scapheap to throw a gem in game 4. Trot had the big bases loaded blast in the game. To even try and debate over who owns the ball is a waste of time. If he ever did try and sell that ball, he would be outcasted almost as bad as Canseco, simply for desicrating the sancitity and the wholeness of the game. That being said, any MAN, would just return the ball to either the Hall of Fame or the TEAM!!!

Daniel, I’m on break right now. LOL

Trumpets please: Willie Harris was given his release today. He felt he was too good to be demoted to AAA and was designated for assignment.

Hi, ellen. I’m still here. It’s so nice to have someone on the blog who notices when folks haven’t been around. Makes you feel like people miss you. I’ve missed keeping up with the blog lately; been traveling some, and we have a bunch of make up softball games (one last Friday night, a double-header last night, another double-header tonight, and a game tomorrow night). So I’ll be a little scarce, but I wanted to check in so ellen didn’t worry.

I totally agree about the Royals. Look how tough they made it last night. They’ve played good teams tough lately, and if you don’t respect them they’ll bite you hard.

Wake’s back troubles are a HUGE disappointment. Without him the Sox are basically down to two quality starters. One can only hope he gets through it quickly. Another possible ray of hope is that I heard that Wells may be back soon. Lordy, I hope so.

As far as Terry Francona’s visits to the mound, or lack thereof, I am of the opinion that there isn’t a whole lot you can say to a pitcher that is going to change their performance on a given night. A pitcing coach, a catcher or a manager can get them through an inning, but if they’re off, I don’t think anything anyone says is normally going turn a poor performance into a highlight reel.

Time to get ready to sweat my buns off on the softball field. GO SOX!!

gsr: I agree with you 100%. Mienkiewicz(?), had no right to the ball what so ever.
’nuff said!!

By the way, you’re near Orlando, right? Are you getting slammed with storms every afternoon like we are down here in Lauderdale?? Boy I’m getting tired of them.

Do you think that Lester can perform tonight like he has?? That would be a blessing.

I really think that someone was watching out for us last night when Dougie slammed that HR; ok maybe it wasn’t exactly SLAMMED, but you can’t tell that by looking at the box score, you know what I mean. It could not have come at a more oppotune moment.

As far as I can tell, the pitcher that were facing tonight (Brandon Duckworth)

has only been with the Royals since mid June. Pitched 31.2 innings, 33 hits, 2hr’s with 20 k’s. I just hope Lester in his so far usual form.

Let’s Go RedSox, Let’s Go!!!

robn: glad you’re still here but robertmarshall is still MIA.


Ellen, I’m here in Orlando and even though I’ve been down here almost 10 years after growing up in the Lowell, Tewksbury area, I still can’t get used to it raining every summer day. It pours for about an hour like a monsoon is coming and then the sun comes out. Just like Rob, I have so many softball rainouts in the summer time. The beautiful thing about being down here is that we can play softball starting in February. (sorry guys up north)

I just heard on the pre-game that Willie (what-else-other-than-last-night-can-I-do-wrong??oops-I-fell-asleep-off-first-base) Harris has been designated for re-assignment. Wilymo must be in the house!!

Its about time for HARRIS to go where was theo a week ago?

Was Gaithright traded from Tampa bay or is there someone else with the same last name, seems unlikely.

Lester looks real good tonight. Definitely one for our future!!

Come on guys we need some bats!!


Hey Lester looked really good. Iwas although surprised that a 1 run game held up. Nice combined 1 hitter.
Yanks are losing 4-2 in the top of the 9th. I’m over there biting my nails, hoping that the 4-2 score holds up for Seattle.

What is this with “ICHIRO” is he like CHER, only needs one name??? A few years ago he was ICHIRO SUZUKI…, Now I’ve only one question… is he on HIS final farewell tour just like Cher????

yes, wily mo is back and harris made room for him.

ironic thing is that harris’ pinch-run won the game last night…loretta wouldn’t have been the throw to home on manny’s sac fly.

lester was great tonight though vs a very weak lineup. most i’d say pauley’s two-run outing vs the yanks was more impressive.

Weird game. I mean, Lester was great. Kept his pitch count low, got ahead of hitters and made it through 8. The only problem is, is that it was against KC and he probably won’t get as much hype as he should. If he had this control every time out, he’d last longer and more than likely would have won against Oakland the night he pitched. Great stuff, 1 hit, 15 ground ball outs. I don’t care who you play, that is impressive.
Looks like bad news on the Wakefield front. If they are being this hush-hush about it, the news can’t be good. I read that Jason Johnson gave up 6 runs in 5 innings in Pawtuckett tonight. Say good-bye to him. If he sees the Major League clubhouse again, we are in trouble. Maybe another call up for David Pauley??

Seattle blew a chance to close out the Yanks tonight and they are delayed right now in the 9th. Hopefully their closer will choke agains us when the Sox visit Seattle.

Cause for concern with the bats. No runs through 6 last night and Doug Mirabelli of all people gets the big hit??

Only one run tonight. Ouch!! It’s not like they are facing Zito and Haren here. Luke Hudson and Duckworth combined to give up 3 runs in 12 innings?? The bats need an awakening.

Hopefully Beckett can keep it in the yard tomorrow. These are the games they are supposed to win, so they have to close out hard tomorrow.

Have a good night everyone.

Yoh Ian – where are you?

IMHO this was the MOST SIGNIFICANT game/win of the year because of what it represents.

Youth won it in the arms of Lester and Papelbon and DEFENSE.

Even Gonzo got the game winning hit with the Captain on board.

This is NOT the 2004 SOX. THE WAY forward is youth and defense with a taste of Manny-Ortiz thrown in.

So who is the 5th starter?

And when I had a bad back I went to my local osteopath. What’s the big deal?

pcomey, I’d love to agree with you, unfortunately the lone bright spot was the Lester performance. There is no way a 1st place club should have to struggle to win 2 one run games against the worst team in baseball. Thank goodness for Lester and Paps or else the Sox would have been embarresed by a guy with a 5+ ERA again. The future does look good in the pen. With Lester and Beckett, the Sox have 2 top guns for the next 10 years as well.
The true test will be this weekend in Seattle. They just choked away 2 to the Yanks and we have to face Moyer, Hernandez and Washburn.

Looks like Snyder, Unknown, and Lester get the call in that series. This weekend will be a true test as to how they are going to perform the rest of the year. (fingers crossed)


I agree Lester looks promising for the future. That is if the redsox dont let him go after one or two down years like they did with Clemens/Lowe. Heck, they let go Pedro even after a very good season. But Beckett will take the redsox no where. He is overrated and the redsox gave away too much to get him. See what Hanley Ramirez and Anibal Sanchez are doinf for the Marlins. Good thing for you guys that Lowell is playing well. Otherwise the trade would have been a bust of astronomical proportions.

Here’s the link to the numbers to support my opinion on Beckett.


These numbers were when he was playing in NL in a very pitcher friendly ball park. And he has a win loss record of 52-39 (57% of the decisions are wins) with an era of 3.71. In my opinion that would translate to atleast a 4.71 era in AL. And 5.5 era in fenway park (hitter friendly). This tells me that he is just a 50-50 pitcher. I think an ace should do a lot more than win just 55% of his decisions. Because, if every ace wins just 50% of his games, you need an ace to pitch every game of the season to win 90 games. Moreover, He almost never pitched a full season. The only thing going for him is that he proved he can handle pressure.

“Every ace wins just 50% of his …”

50% was supposed to be 55%.

I might agree with you on Beckett if he were a little older, but the kid is still only 25. I think there is a big difference between him and Clement when it relates to coming from the NL to the AL. Clement doesn’t have the confidence or the attitude to do it. Beckett will take this year and learn from it and I really think that another year under the guiding of Schill will do him some good.

As far as Pedro, he had a good year, but was known for his fragilness in his last few years. I think that’s pretty evident by hurting his hip while taking his shirt off recently. Plus he wanted 4 years, which the Sox didn’t want to do. Who knows, he could come back and turn into another Clemens tearing it up for another 8 years.

On another note, I read the Sox might get that Fat lefty from Colorado, Ray King for Julien Tavarez.

We have to agree to disagree on this one. Players can impress two ways. By stuff and by performance. But stuff always doesn’t translate to performance. Beckett impresses people with his stuff. He is just not consistent. By the time he gets that consistency, he’ll lose his stuff because, his stuff is what it is because he can throw in the high 90s.

Regarding Beckett, one of the FSN analysts mentioned something interesting. Apparently to avoid blisters, Beckett’s side sessions are thrown with a Band-Aid on his middle finger, which makes it pretty much impossible for him to work on his curveball. You’d think with medical technology the way it is, they could come up with something other than a Band-Aid, which would allow him to work on what may be his weakest pitch. Or it could just be an apologist excuse from the FSN staff, who are pretty much mouthpieces for all of the professional teams in Boston.

Of the big trade rumors mentioned on ESPN this morning, none involved the Red Sox. Either Theo is playing things very close to the vest, or he hasn’t been able to put together a decent trade to help the pitching staff yet.

All I can say is GO SOX!!!

Sometimes a 4.71 era in the AL will translate rather well, cleveland indian. Randy Johnson is 10-7 with a 5.06 era, and he has had to pitch better his past few games just to get his era down to that.
The reason Yankee fans like to hope and insist that Beckett(11-5, 5.12) is overrated and will not fare well in the AL and that it’s too soon to tell whether Lester(5-0, 2.38) is the real thing and will continue to do well is that Yankee fan knows very well what the consequences will be for them if they are wrong. Sort of like whistling in the dark as they walk past the cemetery.

I thought that Josh looked good today, with a couple of exceptions (bases loaded jams)but, he got of any trouble he got into.
Okay, I wanna know 2 things



…. our bats. where have they gone?? Doug seems to be picking up (5 game hitting streak) and Manny has the only run of the game.

Who took the rest of the bats?? I hope we get them back before tomorrows game and the west coast trip.

Anyway, another nice save for Jon-Bon, and another W in our column.

Wake has a fractured rib. Out at least 3 weeks. Time for Theo to make a move, not that there is much out there available. These next 3 weeks are going to be very interesting.
Ellen, I think Atlanta stole out bats. They have scored in double digits 5 or 6 games in a row. I hope they wake up on the flight to Seattle after tomorrow’s game against Texas. Time for Curt to close this homestand on a high note.

Beckett is joint first for number of wins in the majors, give the guy a break🙂

His era is high yes, but that because he sometimes has that horrible game in which he screws everything up; when you surrender 7 runs in 1.1 innings in NY it takes awhile to bring your era back to earth.

And yes he sometimes has that kind of very bad game. Still as long as he is dominant in 3 games out of 4 he’s pretty darn good. I would be very happy if our 5th starter was another josh beckett. He’s 25 and signed a three years contract extension, I’m happy about that.

Ellen, our bats seem to sleep but not that much, we got 7 hits tonight iirc, it’s not too shabby, of course we grounded into 3 double plays and that hurts…

Anyhow I prefer to have our bats quiet in these games when our pitchers shoot out the opposition, I’m confident we’ll bring fireworks in seattle ^_*

Now let’s close our homestand with a win tomorrow, go Shilling!

Hi guys, this is my first post from across the Atlantic. I love reading all your thoughts but cannot understand why we haven’t changed the batting order. Youk is struggling to get on base, coco seems to have a strike out fetish and Big Papi left all his homers at the Derby. Time for a serious change around in the order, me thinks

fistand: great points that you make there. I guess I just become a little paranoid due to our times of when we had good pitching but no run support. BUT… a 1 run win is just as good for the club and the Nation as a 15 run blowout, as long as the “W” goes in our column who cares.
edandlydia:Welcome to the NATION!!!, the friendliest most “ROOT ROOT ROOT FOR THE HOME TEAM”, blog mlb has. I agree that we need a change but I’m skeptical about removing Youk quite yet from the lead off spot, a couple of more games maybe. (I’m soft when it comes to giving benefit of the doubt and 2nd (and 3rd) chances). I wouldn’t make it in Terry’s world. I agree with the HR derby/Papi theory. i just think that way too much is made of that and the Allstar Game. It’s not like when I first started watching baseball (wow this is going to make me sound REALLY old) and you couldn’t watch your team every day or even every week. That was a chance for almost everyone to see someone from THEIR TEAM. Now it’s just commercialized.

Regardless, WELCOME from across the pond!

Thanks for the welcome. I’ll give Youk 2 more days but I know we need some more production before the West Coast beckons. I think Coco at the top of the order stops him swinging at garbage.

Not to dispute you, but Coco seems to (or was for awhile, haven’t noticed lately, but he is hitting more)swing at alot of 1st pitches, resulting in alot of pop-ups. But he does have more speed than most everyone on the team and if he does get on more, maybe more thievery will occur and then the trickle down effect.

ps: yanks lose!! We’re up 1 1/2!! Not enough to breathe easy, but getting better. Let’s Go vs rangers tomorrow.

We must all by 2nd shift workers or playing s-ball games tonight.., (hope you had a good day at work, or won your game).I’d have thought we would have some very cheerful Nationers tonight what with the Sox gaining a game today. Anyway, I’m really sorry I’ll have missed you guys (daniel,gsr,robn,andy5353(if you’re off restriction)tonight as I’m off to RS dream land. ‘Night Nationers.
Go Sox tomorrow, 2:05 1st pitch, fortunately, I’m able to watch.

with Wake out we’re pretty desperate for pitching. how much more time does Wells need really? can Tavarez start for a week or two? too bad Matt Ginter dumped the PawSox last week; it might’ve been his chance.

Instead of Loretta at first, how about playing Papi there and letting Wily Mo DH?

“Curt’s already said next year will be his last year,” Beckett said. Being the ace of the rotation “is obviously something I want.” espn.com

He’s not your 5th starter. And an ERA of over 5 is too much for an ace. Probably, Theo should realize that the lenght of contract should not be directly proportional to the pitcher’s ERA. It has to be inversely proportional.

Ellen, I’m way overdue with this reassurance eventhough I have no idea whether I know what I’m talking about or not, just my feelings.
I don’t think Trot is going ANYWHERE for the rest of this season…and I don’t know how that rumor got started. I didn’t believe there was much to it from the start. His 3-year $6 OR $6.5 million/year contract is up after this season. Certainly we’re getting more value from him than approximately the same amount we’re probably paying on Edgar Renteria’s current year’s contract in Atlanta.

Nixon, Ellen, (doesn’t that give you a warm feeling…having your two names snuggled up cheek-to-cheek next to each other like that, girl?) may be your closest rival in who loves the Boston Red Sox the most. Trot has no intention of going anywhere, obviously. This team and this town is all he knows and all he ever wants. He’s only 32. Both Nixon’s and Tek’s (34)birthdates, by the way, are the same, April 11.

I feel Trot’s agent(s)and Theo will eventually huddle and come to an agreement. If there is no announcement prior to the end of the season, I believe it will drag out deep into the off season, the Sox knowing Trot is an Arroyo-type homer. I have heard that he will be forced to take a cut…and possibly be offered a one-year extension or contract. I feel the Red Sox will further offend their fans were they to be too chickenschit with Trot. Afterall, this is the healthiest Trot has been in recent seasons. He’s been productive, good from the plate and…and, as always, in competition after every game with teammates over who has the dirtiest uniform…with those diving catches in right field.

I don’t know all his options, but I think if he is eligible for arbitration, he should take it…that–if he keeps matching in the rest of the season what he has been doing–Trot will make out better moneywise with the arbitrator than with Theo. And, anything less than $5/year…and I don’t care what the duration of the contract turns out to be–would be really unfair to Trot. They can revisit it annually if they’re concerned about his health. Covering himself against a possible career-ending injury, I wouldn’t argue were Nixon to take a 2,3-year contract for even less. The Sox may prefer the no more than 2, probably the 1-year thing, continuing to see how much Pena grows.

I have no sources, Ellen, undisclosed or otherwise to back me up here. In fact, I haven’t the slightest idea WHAT I’m talking about, but I and I’ll bet darn near every other Red Sox fan loves Trot Nixon, Ellen Cullum, (LOOK!!!! There you two are coupled up again…you sly ole foxlette, you) almost as much as you do. So, I’m with you in keeping my fingers crossed and prayin’ for him.

I REALLY hope this makes you feel better, Ellen!

Now, before, I post this, let me pull up the website one last time real quick…………………………………..NOPE!!! HE STILL HASN’T BEEN TRADED!! I TAKE THAT AS AN ENCOURAGING SIGN, DON’T YOU, ELLEN?

Mail Call…

I wonder if Terry Francona and Al Nipper have given much/any consideration to giving Jermaine Van Buren a chance to try and go 5 in a start. He came up as a starter and has had some success as one at times. In 2003 he did pretty well as a starter in the minors (9-4 with a 3.07 ERA in 18 starts…struck out 113 in 111.1 innings) before being switched to a reliever. He’s young (just turned 26), so at least he should have the endurance (unless his knee is still an issue) and he’s a better choice than Jason Johnson. If he could hold the Mariner’s to 1-3 runs for 5 or 6 innings then he could either get another shot next time or David Wells might be ready for the next turn (??). He’s the only choice I see from the current roster, Manny D. is still feeling his way into the majors and has not had any starting experience in the minors so far. And Julian is not only unreliable, he’s not as young as he used to be.

Who in the farm system is ready? I fear the thought of giving JJ any more chances; he just doesn’t seem to have the hunger (shows in his face to me)to get people out. Whoever it , so far it’s “Unknown”, starring for the Red Sox on National TV (fox).

Forgot one: David Pauley is possible, but though he shows some real promise, I think he’d be better off getting a little more time to mature in the minors.

All I can say (for now) is “GO SOX!!!”

Did I miss that article on the first half defense? I did see your inserted post on the other thread, I didn’t know you could do that.

I thought you said look for it Wednesday. I apologize if the article is late and your editor is looking for it as well, I don’t want to sound like I am giving you a hard time.

Glad you had fun at Hershey Park, as displaced New Englanders we take the kids there once a summer. It’s much better than Whalom Park, anyone else remember that place?

Has anyone seen today’s lineup yet? No Ortiz, no Trot, no Lowell. We are barely back from the all-star break and we are resting all of those guys? At least Pena is back in the lineup. We’ll need Schilling to have a good one today.

End of 1st 2-0 already. Looks like the bats are back from the all-staaaaaaaaaar break.

Unfortunately, Schilling is stinking it up. Hope the bats continue to stay hot.

Lowell has a stomach flu, they won’t play Trot against this pitcher… but why No Papi??? Kapler booted one in right.. I’m not predjudiced or anything, but put Trot in!!!

I know we are facing a lefty, so I can understand Trot not playing and the fact that Lowell has been scuffling a little bit even excuses that absense in the lineup. But no Papi? Without disrespecting him, HE’S A DESIGNATED HITTER!!!!! Why in the world would he need a day off?

I’m “watching” the game on GameDay. Can someone explain to me how Loretta gets thrown out at home with nobody out in the inning and a terrible pitcher on the mound? Why on earth would the third base coach send him? I anyone out there watching the game?

Trot is not in today cause today’s pitcher is lefty.

Not watching the game but I just saw that Loretta got thrown out at home. It’s easy for me to be critical not watching, but why send a guy home unless it’s a sure thing with no one out?
Just wondering.

Papi has a sore back…nothing serious I guess

3-0 count after Youk walked on 4 pitches and Varitek is swinging????

Varitek swings on 3-0. Gameday showed the pitch completely outside. This pitcher can’t throw a strike to save his life and it looks like we are doing everything possible to lose?

I apoligize to upper management. I should have read the report on Papi’s sore back before my tirade.
Welcome back Wily Mo.

Shut em down Curt.

Two run double by Wily Mo(Papi substitute for the day)

7 ball 1-2-3 inning by Curt. More like that

Coco, runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs can’t come through.

Did u guys notice that this is the 3rd lefty we are facing in the past 7-days.We have to face 2 more in the next 3 days(Jamie Moyer & Jarod Washburn)

Seriously why is Coco still on this team. I am beginning to hate this guy

Loretta probrably would not have been out at home had he slid.. Tek was standing right there telling him to slide but he didn’t. I don’t think that Hale should have sent him home.

I think Youk is much better as our leadoff man. His OBP is simply much higher than Coco’s.

Thats what happens if you nibble over 3mil a yr for a player who is the catalyst of your team.

Trot pinch hitting, I bet ellen’s happy about it🙂

Had to think about that deal for the long run as well Vik. Coco had a great year last year and there was no reason to think other wise. Damon wanted 4 years of money because he knew he’d be done in 2, 2 1/2. He will be stealing money from you guys by then. Last year he was hitting .330 at the break and barely finished around .300. He’s not even at .300 now. You think he won’t wear down again?? Can’t fault a guy for playing hard all the time, but all these bumps and nicks are going to take it’s toll with him, not only for the rest of this year but for the next few years as he gets older.
I agree with the move even though Coco can’t hit a beachball with a tree stump.

Trot’s average has dropped about .40 points in 2 weeks.

Last year he was hitting in Boston, which is a hitter’s park. His production has come down a little bit but you cant say he is on a decline. Atleast not yet.

Moreover, I have to say redsox is one of the teams that is not loyal to any of its players. People blame players for not being loyal. They never talk abt teams not being loyal to its players. Dont you think you guys owe it to Damon to take care of him. Atleast a little bit. After all you’ll have ended up paying a 4 or 5 million more than you wanted to. You were willing to pay 40mil for 3 years. He would have been worth atleast 5 mil the 4th year. So if you gave him a 4yr 48 mil contract he would have taken it. You could have looked it as 40mil for 4 yrs & 8 mil for the 4th. You wud have paid 3 mil or less more than you had to and everybody would have been happy.

JD is not an isolated example of redsox ill treatment. Lowe, Pedro, Nomar and almost everybody else. Now you are left with only two home grown redsox outside of the fresh blood pitchers and u r talking abt trading away Trot. I am sure you guys will trade away your rookie pitchers on their first slump.

“40mil for 4 yrs & 8 mil for the 4th”


40mil for 3 yrs & 8 mil for the 4th

Rayman, running back through the posts, it looks like you and I have been on the same page all day. Check out 3:06 and 3:08.
I can use this as proof to my wife that I’m not the only one that questions everything!

Tek doubles , Manny scores from 1st. 6-4 RedSox

Wily Mo single, runners at the corners only one out. Trot on deck.

Trot up, lefty coming in and no righty to hit for him.
1st and 3rd with a 2 run lead. Trot hasn’t had more than a single in about 2 months and doesn’t hit lefties well. Perfect time for a squeeze.

Trot flied out to 3rd.

….or you could let him do what he normally does against lefties, pop up to the left side of the infield (sorry ellen).

End of 7th. Runners stranded at the coners. 6-4 RedSox

ChiSox lost again to Tigers today. 5.5 games back of tiger now.

RedSox will be tied for 2nd best record in the league if we win this one.

I’m a Delcarmen fan and all, but is there any reason why Timlin isn’t in there for the 8th?
Could Francona not want to use Jon Bon today because he pitched 3 in a row and will let Timlin try for the save?

Go job by Manny D. Looks like no Paps today.

Go job == GOOD Job

Hey no need to apologize, if he doesnt do the job, he doesnt deserve any glory. I’m the first one to criticize when he’s slacking. And the past few ab’s he has been. but still DONT TRADE HIM.

Anyone notice the Sox have almost scored as many runs today as they did in three games against KC?
Let’s see if Coco can do something productive this at bat.

Striking out on foul bunt doesn’t seem very productive😦

I am assuming you agree with me about Damon because you did not comment.

Crisp strikes out bunting. So unfortunate for the sox, there’s only two guys (Crisp and Gonzalez) in the lineup that can steal a base and one of them cant ever get on base.

WOW. That’s when you know when you’re struggling. Strike out bunting??!? I know I suggested putting him back at the top to maybe relieve Youk a bit through his struggles, but no way!
I’d rather have Youk see 5,6, or 7 pitches and fight through his slump than watch Coco go 0-5, leave 4 runners on base and to top it off, strike out bunting.

I read the reason Coco is leading off today is because of Papi’s day off and Lowell’s upset stomach.

You guys can use Cora leading off if he can play the outfield. He seems to get on base more often than not. And he has some speed.

Not sure which part you’re referring too Vik. If it’s about the loyalty, I can’t question that. I actually wrote about it the other day. The deal with Arroyo could cause potential free agents from signing with the Sox because of the loyalty.
Lowe was gone regardless. He had 2 bad years in a row, Pedro was wearing down and although he’s a stud, I don’t think he’ll pitch a full season without going on the DL again. He wanted 4 years and he might not last.

Damon will get hurt and/or wear down. I said I would rather have Damon this year than Coco, but in the long run this deal will work out much better for the Sox.

Crisp is a .284 hitter with a .331 OBP over his career. Although he’s struggling since coming back from the DL, I’m not too worried about his production. Some guys take longer than others to recover from injuries and get thier timing back, which is usually the toughest part of returning from injuries.

Hey Yankee,

JD was having these injuries from last year and these are not new ones. He even missed couple of games mid way through the season after not missing any games of the last 3-4 years. It’s not like he is young so that he can recover fast from these injuries. Just wait for some more time before you realize what is bust the JD deal is

Timlin in for the 9th.

Even Damon’s.

You guys were willing to give him 40m for 3 years. So Theo thinks he is worth 40M for 3 yrs. Dont you think he is worth atleast 5 or 6 mil the 4th. Which makes him worth 45M for 4 yrs. Yankees were offering him 52M so you guys could have met him halfway and offered him 48M. But you did not. You expected him to give you guys a 8M discount without you giving him anything.


Well, Schilling looked good again, Loretta had a great day, Timlin locks the door and turns out the lights. Another W for us.
It’s the Yanks playing Toronto tonight. Go Jays!!

Red Sox Win. @nd Best record in MLB(It’s Sox & Sox at 2).

Go Jays.

Red Sox Win. 2nd Best record in MLB(It’s Sox & Sox at 2).

Go Jays.

U forgot Manny D. Good Job Manny. Did u notice that Manny gave only one earned run in 11.2 innings all this month.

Although I was a big fan of Damon, I still think that long term, Coco will work out fine for us. Johnny got hurt last year running in to the fence between center and right. He was (according to the papers etc) supposed to have had surgery on the shoulder in the off season, but obviously didn’t. As much as I respect his talents, playing ability and grit, I don’t think he’ll be the all around producer he was in the past.

I kind of expected JD to be gone this year. I remember thinking that last year, especially since Boras wanted him to test the free-agency waters. I wasn’t surprised to see him go to NY. It was disappointing to see him go, but its part of the game now and you can never expect a team to hold onto all of its stars. Damon is a great CF, but I think the front office was set on not over spending for him and trying to find similar value for much less money if they could.
Crisp certainly hasn’t put up the numbers that Damon has, but I think the Sox felt that they would rather downgrade at the position for less money, and try to find a guy that can get better as he comes into his prime. Crisp isn’t in his prime years yet, and he’s shown good improvement the past couple years, so I think he fits that bill. It would be interesting to see how he would do this year if not for his injury.

Damon, at 32, went into free-agency at the perfect time to get a big contract. I don’t blame him for getting the big contract, but I also don’t think that he’ll be putting up the huge seasons he has for the past few years for more than 2 more. If I’m right, that would kind of make him an expensive CF during those last 2 years of the contract.

So he sacrifices his body for you and you want him gone. Great. Now please dont tell me he is worthless or Crisp is better than Damon.

“Damon, at 32”

Isn’t he 33.

Hey u r talking like yankees never trade anyone anywhere and keep all the guys with team. Look at what happened to Jose Contreras, the guy they went after so much and got him . Why did they trade him. Are they not loyal to the players. What a bust that turned out to be.

Hey guys.Nice win our bats finally came back to life.Schilling did not have his best stuff but a win is a win.Tomorrows game is a late one 10:05pm.I will be watching it that is no sweat for me as that is only 7:05 were I live.Nice pitching by the bullpen today.I watched half the game at hurch csmp while teaching 4 year olds.oops.

Damon will be 33 this November.


I certainly don’t think Crisp is better than Damon, and I definitely didn’t “want him gone.” I just think that the Sox front office didn’t want to spend the money that NY was willing to spend. I don’t think it was a personal decision or anything like that, instead I think it was based purely on economics. I think they felt he would be worth the contract for the next 2 years, but after that, I think the belief was that he would decline some and at that point would be a little expensive.

Theo and this front office is very aware of what they see a player as being worth and whether or not the player is worth the money now and will be in the future. The Yankees can afford to overspend more than the Sox can, so that was probably the biggest factor in the outcome of Damon’s free agency.

Some interesting stats re: last year Damon v. Crisp:
HR: Damon 10 Crisp: 16

RBI: Damon 75 Crisp: 69

Stolen Bases: Damon: 18 Crisp: 15

Batting av: Damon: .316 Crisp: .300

OBP: JD: .366 Crisp: .345

The stats are similar. Obviously JD has a better body of work over the years but Coco is only 27. At 27 JD’s stats where 9 homers, 49 RBIs .256 BA good steal numbers. But an important number is salary

Salary: JD: 13 mil Crisp. 2.75 mill. So what does that mean? The Sox have 10 mill or so to use on other players. Let’s see where the yanks are two years down the road with JD. Same for Pedro and the mets. As far as this loyalty talk, I never understand why fans don’t get the fact that JD plays for his teamates and his family not for us. Just ask ARod right now.

hey andy5353:be careful!! listen to daniel!! I guess you’re off lockdown or mom’s out. Glad that you can watch the game and get to sleep at a decent hour. It wasn’t just nice pen pitching, Curt did a great job!! Go Jays!! I’m watching the game now, NY just tied it, I hope that’s not an omen about me watching!!!!

Tie score in the 11th in the jays yanks game, I started watching, I’d definitely jinx the jays if I quit now!!

I try to take that advice when I remember The jays can win tjhis game anytime i am watching it too.

The BlueJays did it on a walk off in the bottom off the 11th. Vernon Wells goes deep to left and helps us to get a little more breathing room. I never thought I’d thank Vernon Wells for hitting a home run, but BUBBA, THANK YOU!!! We win, Yanks lose..
Lets take it to the West Coast!! Everybody get a good nap or have a few before we start tomorrow night… Daniel, dear friend, the BEAM’S ON ME!!!

Sending Loretta with none out was a near all time blunder there. A no-brainer.

Great to see Vernon Wells actually shows up and plays well against teams other than the Red Sox. Bout time. Hopefully it will be a deflating loss to Rivera and the Yanks.

Nice day all around. Nice to see Vernon Wells terrorize a team other than the Sox. I know he’s got great numbers, but it always seems the guys that kill us don’t fair so well against the Yanks, so this was nice to see.
Today was a prime example of what a good bullpen can do for a team. Papelbon was unavailable so Timlin gets the save. Just as important was Delcarmen getting in there in the 8th and shutting the door. It was so good that these kids got the experience before the all-star break and are now game ready. I know we have some serious starting pitching issues, but if the fill ins can keep the game close, these guys in the pen will make these games more attainable.

It’s funny how things change. When David Wells got rocked in his first start of the season, we were all saying how terrible he was and that his spot in the rotation was going to be a rough one. After his performance in limited action against Tampa and with the injuries we’ve had, I can’t wait for him to get back.

Great night all, see you tomorrow. I might have to take a nap when I get home tomorrow if I want to stay up to watch the whole game.

Once again rayman, 3rd time today you and I have the same thought at the same time. This is weird.

You heard it here first… Juan Pierre to the Red Sox.

Rumor, that is.

rayman/gsr: Maybe it’s the beers that I had, but I’m really getting a good feeling about the next series. I don’t especially like the thing about the artificial surface but, I don’t know why but there’s just this really good feeling….(maybe I shouldn’t have written about it, you know that I’m superstitious) Hey, I think that my delivery of Mariners dolls and matching pins might make the p.m. delivery from DHL tomorrow.
Y’all know I love my (OUR) Sox, I want so much for them to kick buttocks this trip!!!

Sorry if I get carried away.

rayman:did I miss something, Juan Pierre???


First, nice hit Wells. great game for the sox today, bats finally got going. Most important, Baseball tonight said Sox are in talks with San Diego about a trade, Lowell for a pitcher (possibly Peavey). That’s a tough call, with lowell’s D, and batting low 300 he’ll be tough to replace, although it would be nice to get Peavey, if he can pitch in the AL, I’m up in the air, what ya’ll think. We move youk back to 3rd who plays first. And what’s up with the Juan pierre trade, haven’t heard anything about it…

Top 10 Reasons Why the Juan Pierre Trade Will Happen

10. Cubs looking to limit their losses

9. Ever heard of Dave Roberts?

8. Sox can afford the tax on a little luxury investment

7. Theo itching to flex some muscle after hiatus

6. Average up to .276

5. Finally well stocked in prospects

4. Yankees aren’t just going to twiddle their thumbs 2 games back, are they?

3. Career average .302

2. He’s fast enough to overcome pick-offs, blown signs, non-slides, non-slide help, and poor base-coaching

1. Somebody needs to fill the huge shoes of Willie Harris?

I don’t think we’ll see Mike Lowell going anywhere. He’s been great at the plate this year, and even better in the field. It makes sense to buy low and sell high, but not in the middle of a pennant race!

Hey there, I’ve been a reader from the beginning, but cannot resist the urge to talk baseball with a group of knowledgeable people, so I figured I’d start now…Nice game tonight..good to see that wily mo hasn’t missed a beat and to watch wells smear the yanks was beautiful. As for trades..The Pierre trade makes sense, although I’m not sure how happy he’d be being a pinch runner and occasional CF.

As for the Mike Lowell deal, I really haven’t heard anything about it, but it seems logical. Yes, mike lowell’s bat would be hard to replace, however, shea hillenbrand has just hit the market and will probably go cheap, and his numbers this year not too shabby. This is a trade I believe Theo could pull for a few reasons. 1. He’s already said that he wants to build the team for the future, and peavy is a young pitcher, albiet, a struggling one this year, but isnt he one year removed from the NL’s era leader? I mean, maybe he can turn it around this year, if not, he has a whole offseason to return to form. 2. Lowell has a huge contract and I know the sox are itching to rid themselves of it before the free agent market so they can sign some players.

3. These are the big deals theo thrives on

It will be interesting. I personally like Mike Lowell and feel that he has brought a lot of professionalism to this team and it would be sad to see him go. I dunno, We’ll see what happens because the Sox are in desperate need of pitching, and good pitching..

I haven’t heard the Pierre rumor yet. The only way I see that happening is if Trot is involved in it. With Manny, Coco, Trot, Gabe, and Wily Mo, there is no way we need another outfielder.
I did hear about the Lowell trade. Man I like him. His D has been amazing this year and his bat has been a real pleasant suprise. I don’t know who would take over 3rd, unless you move Youk back, but as mentioned before, who plays 1st? If you leave Youk at 1st, who plays 3rd? I love Alex Cora, but as a platoon player. I’m not sure how he’d hold up as an everyday player. Lowell has been a blessing this year and it would have to be a real good pitcher to make this move.

How long does it take to finalize a Ray King/Julien Tavarez deal? I’ve heard this rumor for 3 days now. Make it happen already.

I love this time of year where every fan thinks that their team can just get rid of their dead weight and get superstars in return for virtually nothing. Think San Deigo would take Tavarez, Seanez and a box of baseballs for Peavey??

I could see the lowell deal happening if we can pick up hillenbrand, a quality third baseman who has played a lot of time at first (i think it’s about even actually) he’s deffinately not close to lowell fielding wise, but we could really use peavey (or insert any fair to good quality pitchers name here). but in the end, i’d rather keep lowell, I can see how the deal would make sense, doesn’t mean i’d like it.

The only problem with this scenario is that Hillenbrand was designated for assignment. I think that means that if he clears his 10 days, any team can pick him up, but it goes in order of worst record getting the first option. I don’t think we would trade for him unless Toronto would take a scrub minor league prospect. There is no way the Sox would want to help Toronto build for the future.
If anyone knows more about the designated for assignment rules, please let me know.


The Red Sox will not be signing Shea Hillenbrand. After trading to to Arizona he took many shots at the orginization and Larry Luchinno. Even though Theo would make the decision, I saw an interview with Luchinno and by the looks of it he will make sure that he won’t be signing with us.

I really don’t want to see Lowell go but I really like the Pierre trade. Rayman do you know who we would give up for him? Although we do need another quality starter, giving up Lowell is not the way. He is having a great season and we need to keep him. If we could get someone like Scott Rolen I mean by all means yes trade him away just kidding. We can dream can’t we??

Ellen, I love your optimism. I know the Sox can hit Washburn on Sunday because the have done so in the past, but Moyer is the type of pitcher that gives the Sox fits. A soft throwing lefty who finnesses people. Snyder needs to keep Ichiro off the bases (easier said than done) and the Sox need to jump out early. Yesterday was the first time Since Chicago that the Sox got a couple of runs in the 1st and it lead to confidence in the bats throughout. Moyer got roughed up by Toronto last time out, so hopefully he’s still realing from that outing. Don’t know what to expect from Hernandez. He’s supposed to be the next stud and has amazing stuff, but he’s been off and on the year, hopefully he’s off tomorrow. Still don’t know who the Sox will throw out there.
The more and more I think about the Peavey/Lowell deal, the more and more hesitations I have. I know the Sox need an arm, but we would be sacraficing an everday player that is great defensively and solid offensively for a pitcher that’s had a rough year to go out there once every 5 days. Don’t know if the gain would be worth the loss. Depending on Peavey’s age and contract status (I don’t know either) it would be a questionable deal.

I’m still not sold on the Juan Pierre deal. Isn’t he a free agent at the end of the season? If the Sox bring him in and play him in center and bat him leadoff, what does that do to Coco’s mentality in regards to his furture with the club? The Sox will not trade Wily Mo or Gabe. Gabe means too much to the clubhouse and Wily Mo is you, has too much promise and there is no way they are going to trade the guy that they got for trading Bronson at the beginning of the year. Manny is obviously not going anywhere and neither is Coco, so I just don’t see the need.

Man I wish it was August 1st so all the rumors would stop and we know who we have for the final 2 months.

Does anyone know Pierres age?

Any idea who this “Kason Gabbard” is, looks like he is going to start tommorrow Vs Seattle.

Pierre is 29. I don’t know anything about Kason Gabbard. I ready has was 9-2 in AA and has been compared to Tom Glavine and Chuck Finley in his pitching manuerisms. Wishful thinking is sounds like.
Looks like we should hope for 2 out of 3 this weekend.

Hopefully the bats woke up enough heading to Seattle, because we get to see those slugging (sarcasm) Oakland A’s after this. For a team that can’t hit, they sure seemed to lay it to the Sox last week. Payback is a —–

2 out of 3 should be amazing considering Snyder, Gobbard and lester will be starting this series vs Jamie Moyer, Felix Hernandez & Jarod Washburn.

Snyder – 3 starts this season

Lester – 8 starts this season

Gobbard – 0 starts his career

So, the 3 starters have a total of 11 starts this season. It’s time for the bats to wake and score some(maybe lot of) runs

“Josh Papelbon update: He still hasn’t allowed an earned run at Lowell, in 11 1/3 innings”.

What’s up with that.Are there any more Papelbons playing baseball that Theo can sign?

Snyder has 3 starts? I’m missing one…

One with Kansas City. The one in which he gave like 100 runs in less than an inning and KC still beat Texas.Da

there bringing up Gobbard, anyone know how Pauley’s pitching in Pawtucket, just wondering why they wouldn’t give him another shot. I might be looking through rose colored glasses, but i thought he pitched pretty good against a hard hitting Yankees team, you would think (if logic ruled the world, but it doesn’t) he should be able to lights out the Mariners…

Thanks Kumar, that’s the one i was missing.

I know we need another arm in the rotation, but trading Lowell, just puts us in a deficit situation at 3rd, I don’t think you trade him just to put someone else at third, I know its a business decision, but would you really mess with the chemistry??, especially since he’s hitting around .300+?, I don’t know…. I definitley don’t see, is it Murphy w/the Paw Sox?, going anywhere, that’s the future in right. I hate this time of year, everybody waits until the 11th hour and then the rumors start flying, fast and furious..
I really hope they don’t trade Mike Lowell. Come on Theo, THINK!!!!

Is it on 28th that the the Lowell Spinners are renaming the team to Mike Lowell Spinners for one day?

The Lowell Spinners manager was quoted as saying that when RedSox made the trade for Josh Beckett they were more excited about lowell than about becket it seems.

Muffinman: well, where on earth are my manners?? As the un-Official Welcome wagon rep here “A Great Big WELCOME to THE NATION”. I guess all the trade talk has me a bit more than perplexed and worried. Anyway, (here’s one I bet you’ve never heard before “now we know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man!!!”, (only about a million times huh??).
Welcome to the blog. We look forward to reading you!

ps) I’m not going to ask where you got the name just in case……

Anybody looking for Pawsox stats can look here:


Overall, it’s not pretty. Pauley ERA: 6.18. Hee Sop Choi average: .207. Only 1 guy with more than 8 homers. Pedroia – 0 Stolen Bases with 317 at bats? How does that happen for a “diminutive shortstop??? Even Big Papi has a SB this year.

Haha, thanks Ellen! Well as for the name…its a really old screename from when I used aim in jr. high. My buddies and I would make up obscure screenames and mess around with other people on instant messenger, and I’ve just used it for signing up for things like this. My regular email is much more modest..haha.

As for this series, like kumar said above..2 out of 3 would be great in this series. I mean, you can almost gaurantee now a solid performance from Lester, and hopefully Snyder can shake off his previous outing and well Gobbard is a toss up. His ERA is near the 5’s in AAA, so Im expecting him to get us into the 6th and let the bullpen take it from there. But we’ll see, hopefully the bats can wake up and score some runs for us! Hopefull I can catch some of the game on foxsports west, since I’m on the west coast and now they are. I get off work at 9 so I never get to see any of the sox games. Sad..Well GO Sox!

MM:I’m sorry that you don’t get to see many of the games. I’m very fortunate to have a husband who understands my passion for the Sox, although as most of the regular bloggers know, he sometimes refers to the passion as RSCD; RedSox Compulsive Disorder!! He got me the MLB.COM package and I watch on my computer every night (it worked out to be less than 25 cents a game!! Cheap at twice the price for staying out of his hair.
I pulled up Moyers stats today. We faced him in April and we prevailed. This month he has 1 loss and a no-decision. Maybe we can capitalize on this not-so-upward swing.

Offense should do fine today.

Only thing we need 5 good solid innings from Snyder, 2 solid innings from Vanburen + Tavarez + 1 from Hansen + 1 from Manny/Timlin/Paps. If all this happens and restrict Seattle to 4 runs we should win it.

I am predicting 6-4 boston.

Sounds good to me. What concerns me is the work the pen is going to get this weekend. I don’t think anyone knows what to expect from Snyder. If he doesn’t go at least 6, then pen gets worked a bit. Not to sound too pessimistic, but I’m expecting the pen to pitch at least 4 innings tomorrow night with a guy making his major league debut. Seattle has the 4th lowest BA in the league, but that doesn’t mean much since Oakland just spanked us around. Then we have Lester on Sunday. While he was solid against KC, that was his first start where he wasn’t at 100 pitches by the 5th inning. If he reverts back to that form, the pen will need to be in action again. Big Weekend.

The bullpen is the key for us in this series. The bullpen will be pitching a lot of innings in the next couple of days. That is one of the reasons they recalled Van Buren(long reliever) and send Javier Lopez(lefty specialist) to minors.

Time for Seanez and Tavarez to step up and do what they are paid to do.

Man late game tonight but i cant bear to miss it even it means going to bed at 1 am i will I dont care who the trade just dont trade KAPLER,TROT OR TIMLIN.theo.
be back for the game.


Man late game tonight but i cant bear to miss it even it means going to bed at 1 am i will I dont care who the trade just dont trade KAPLER,TROT OR TIMLIN.theo.
be back for the game.

And David looooooooooooooooves
you, too, paul.

ok daniel, what did I miss there???

Okay. My dinner is prepped so I can get down to the really important stuff, like posting my blog comments about tonights game. I’m looking at Moyers stats and I think that if the guys can apply a little patience with some hits we could be really ok tonight. What’re your thoughts, NATIONERS???

I dont even know if I will watch the game tonight.Going to dinner wityh a friend but i told her i had to be home by seven(10 your time) to watch the SOX game so hopefully i wiill be home.If we can hit we will do just fine.If Snyder is not like Jason Johnson pitching tonight.

That scared me even mentioning
Jason Johnson hope he is never

up here in the majors again at least with the red sox

AM i reading this right Kyle snyder has a 10.03 ERA in 3 starts those numbers are not going to get you anywhere

WE need a win tonight though because who knows what this Kason Gabbard is guunna give us tomorrow night.Then Lester on Sunday!

Good news so far from the north of the border.

End of 2. 4-0 Jays. Chacon was warming up in the bullpen for the Yanks.

Got some sleep after comming back from work. The Sox have very good record Vs Jamie, so they should be able to score some runs. If only Snyder can keep us in the game we should be fine. My guess is the game should be decided by the 5th inning.

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