Greetings from Seattle

Here I am, back, well-rested after eight days off. And I come back in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. Seattle is the best. Anyone who has never been out here is depriving themselves of a great experience. This is, IMO, the best city on the Major League Baseball tour when you factor in everything. The city, the ballpark, the people, the scenery, just a great, great place.

On to baseball, where word finally broke that it will be Kason Gabbard taking the ball for the Red Sox Saturday in place of the injured Tim Wakefield. This can’t exactly be a confidence booster for Abe Alvarez and Jason Johnson to be snubbed in favor of a man even the most astute Red Sox fans had not heard of until this week.

I think they’re trying to catch lightning in a bottle, as was the case with David Pauley earlier this year, and that worked OK for a couple of starts.

Wells continues to take very encouraging steps. he’ll throw a simulated game Monday in Oakland, and perhaps make a Minor League rehab start five days later. My best guess is that you could see David Wells back on the mound at Fenway either Aug. 3 at home against Cleveland or on the road the next night at Tropicana Field.

Clement doesn’t seem anywhere close to pitching again. I’d think September at the earliest.

Mike Lowell is still a little sick, so Youkilis will play third tonight, with Ortiz at first and Manny DH-ing. The Manny-Ortiz thing will stay like that tomorrow as well with Youk taking the day off and Lowell presumably getting back into the lineup. Kapler is in left tonight; Wily Mo will probably be there tomorrow.

There it is, the news of the day, in a nutshell.


I am ready for this game now.I got my sleep in.

Sorry Ian, I didn’t read your blog yet. But I’ve been watching the Jays v Yanks. Blue Jays came back tie to and then take the lead… now 6-3 bottom 6. GO JAYS, GO REDSOX!!!

Ellen: I am having negative thoughts about tonights game that it may be seattles night.
Hope i am wrong but I just dont see Kyle Snyder and his 10.03 having sucess against seattle.

I didn’t get my nap and I’ve been up since 6 a.m.. I’m bbq’ing the chicken since Dave wanted to go have a beer with the guys, where I work. So very soon now I’m on to the shower and will be in uniform shortly after. In case I don’t get back here before 1st pitch, “LET’S GO REDSOX, LET’S GO!!!”
ps I hope that the light banks at the stadium tonight don’t affect any of our guys the way they did AROD tonight. Those things are BRUTAL….

Snyder prove my statement earlier wrong.

Ian, glad you had good days off; you still need a filler. I’ve never been to Seattle but they say that even with the rain it’s very beautiful and lots of very interesting places to see.
The Yanks are behind as we speak and coming to bat in the top of the eighth. Go Blue Jays……

As far as Jaon Johnson, what in the world has he done in order for him to even feel he has the right to feel snubbed??? Abe Alvarez is another story. Didn’t they just bring him back up? maybe they see something in this kid Gabbard that we don’t know about or can see. I can see one possible point. No one has seen him pitch except for maybe the AA scouts. So the surprise element may be something that they are counting on. Let’s hope he is a positive surprise. I hope that Snyder has a good night, on a positive note he’s cut his era in 1/2 since coming on. I hope that he does well tonight otherwise I see an exit the replicates Jason Johnson.

….and Papi cranks one!!!!

watching on gameday by nice shot by Papi

Unbelievable, finally get the sox on TV, at 11 on a saturday morning and the Houston Mets blow out is running long. come on guys 4 more outs and get me to my sox game…

Not a bad start

someone loves me, good feed from mlb.TV. no skipping.

Yankees lose…. LET’S GO SOX!!

why is kapler playing didnt he just start yesterday?

Yeah Mets game is over, REd sox are on TV…1-2-3 inning for Snyder.

nice inning snyder lower that ERA

I still say that patience at the plate tonight will pay off.

SQUID: you know we all love you!! but we also know that having a good feed means more at times!

synder is proving me wrong so far.

Yes Yes it does Ellen. Snyders looking all right, bring on the 5th inning, let this kid redeem himself for last time

A-Gon nice homer!

I think what ever had ut our bats to sleep for those few games after the break was given to seattles anouncers, jeez these guys are boring

Boy Dave Henderson ranks right up with Joe Morgan (and McCarver)as a broadcaster in my book, He skucks!!!! He doesn’t even rank up there as a homer!!!Talk about a glass 1/2 full type of guy, especially where we are concerned…. butt cephalus..

Well at least morgan has a personality, when A-gon hit that beutiful homer he sounded like he was describing a ractice swing. but we got the homer so who cares what he sounded like

Way to go Tek!!! Keeping things going for us, This just what we need, Now I just need Teot to smack something!!!


nice homer TEK!!!!!!!!

I love it when i predict a loss and the sox prove me wrong!

Kapler is playing so they could DH Manny.

okay-I get it now.

i am on way too much sugar and caffeine today I am gunna be up until 2 or 3 am.Anyway nice inning by SNYDER

YOUK!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am loving all these homers!

Is anyone else listening to the krap that Henderson i sputting up??? Oh My God, “moyer isn’t in trouble!!” If 4 or 5 hr’s isnt trouble I dont know what is. Anyway, great shot YOUK!!!!

Yeah and it is very anoying!

Well, accolades to Manny:just being the REAL MANNY. andy5353 hate to ay it but I’m glad that so far you’re wrong.

anbody realze we onl have 4 guys in our lineup who have not homered tonight?

ellen:I am too.

These home runs are easier, we should jsut keep doing that all season and stop worrying about the singles doubles or triples

walk ichiro

good move

what was with that run did he score on the wild pitch?

Yes he did.

second run on a sac fly

Thank you missed it hate this computer it keeps switching my gameday to the milwaukee game.

well who’s winning the milwaukee game


no more 5th innings in Snyders games. we got to take out the 5th and play 10. Think MLB will go for it?

Snyders overthrowing, he needs to settle down

nice pitch

MAn to much caffeine i am cheering for seattle now!

Not badby snyder 2 runs in 5innings

not bad we will take 5 innings 2runs by snyder.our pen needs to step it up now!

Looks like that’s it for Snyder. 5 innings 2 runs. Good job.

Hansen for the 6th. 2 Out alreadys

End of 6th. 1-2-3 for Hansen on like 11 pitches. Wow

I thought that Snyder did a real good job tonight. ERA should pretty much plummet. Variteks prowess as catcher/pitcher guidesman really showed. Hansen: good inning. Go Sox!!!

we got this game if they just keep SEANEZ AND TAVArEZ out!

Yanks lost. Chi Sox Lost again. I was watching sponscenter on ESPN and they were showing Bhurle’s ERA in the last couple of games and it is almost 14. Worst in majors during that period

I already said I don’t like Henderson, but for that at bat when he was hit on the hand, this guy just kissed buttocks.

Looks like Papi is really mad with that call from empire. Looks like the ball hit Papi on the hand, but empire says it hit the bat.

Papi was trying to kill that ball…

Can we safely declare the RedSox are 3.5 games ahead of Yanks or should we wait until the end of the game.

better wait if they are gunna bring in seanez or tavarez!

otherwise we should be safe.

Betancourt scores all the way from first.Manny D getting ready in the bullpen.

What now,,? IImanny?, I hope that Hansen can get out of this with our lead in tact.


Put someone else in just not seanez or tavarez please

DP = double play

Time to get someone (??Timlin) working in the pen.. please don’t let this slip away!!

come on Hansen and TITO GET WITH IT!

Manny D was working in the bullpen from the start of the innning. Looks like that’s it for Hansen. Let’s get one more out and get out this inning already

thank you tito get your out here little manny!

I just can’t tell y’all enough how much that I absolutley hate this announcing staff. I refuse to call them broadcasters or sportscasters anymore because they are worse than any I’ve ever heard.. they are worse than your everday HOMERS

come on throw strikes little manny

End of the 7th.Good job Manny.

Okay, I know i’ve probrably exhausted my “blog minutes” tonight, but heres one more thing: DO NOT LET THE BATS GET ANY COLDER. We just found them again, don’t misplace them or let them get near he power aid cooler.

Danm, Sexson is TALL

Hello everyone, I am a Yankees fan and I regularly post on the Yankees blog. This is my first time posting here. I was looking at gameday and it said Snyder left the game due to an injured leg…do any of you know what the situation is?

ellen, just a correction, yankees never lead in the game, it was 4-0 jays and a rod’s 3 run homer caught THEM up to 4-3 before jays pulled away again….You said before blue jays came back and then took the lead….wanna know something i am mortally afraid of…i may start dating a redsox fan….what do i do?

You’re on your own on that one Vinny.

hahaha darn, i was hoping there was some sort of method as to how to cope.

Doesn’t look like Snyder’s injury is that serious. He even came out pitch 6th but was taken out as a precaution. Looked like some cramp in the leg.

Btide21:I am on gameday and I saw that too i dont know what that is about.ANybody else know?

Kumar:thank you for clarifying that!

End of eigth. Looked like Manny threw like 100 pitches to get of that inning even though he threw 26 pitches.

25 pitches thrown so far and only 8 strikes.2 on only one out so far.

Is someone warming in he pen I got gameday running? They arent going to pitch manny another inning are they?

Timlin is getting ready in the bullpen for a long time. But this seattle pitchers doesn’t want to throw any stikes what so ever

Okay Thanks.I know he needs to throw strikes.

he fianlly i sout of the inning It is almost 1:30 am I need sleep have a quick inning here TIMLIN At least tommorrow is a day game we wont be up until 1:30 am

yankeevfm:thanks for pointing that out to me, I came in late on the game.
If you as a Yankee fan are going to date a RedSox fan, the art of “middle of the road” is one that you should master. It’s a rough road but one that can be manuevered,;grace, that is a key word. Just play it by ear. But whenever you need help driving this road course, I’ll be here.

14 Pitches to get Ichiro out.
1 pitch to get bllomquist.

how many balls can ichiro foul off?

Nice pitching there TIMLIN

1 more to get Betre. End of the Ball game. RedSox win again. It’s 5th win in a row.

3.5 games ahead of Yanks and proud owners of 2nd best record in MLB.

GOOD Night

yankeevfm: something that I have to ask. How long has this person been a SoxFan?? Any one who has been a longtime Sox fan has a very high tolerance for alot of adverse situations. So that is something good in their favor.. very tolerant. And probrably has had to put up with some not so nice non Sox fans, if you know what I mean.

andy5353: i’m so glad your feeling was wrong tonight. Sorry…But I bet that you’re glad too!!! good move… LISTENING TO DANIEL/

Ellen yes i am glad my feeling wass wrong SNYDER PROVED me wrong!And i am so glad great game.

SportsCenter Update- Shea Hillenbrand traded to San Fansisco Gaints

Hazel Mae says Snyder has some calf injury. I hope it is not serious.

Great win Go red sox should be in bed I know!

I’ll make the obvious statement of the day…The homerun bats were alive last night. Snyder looked good as well. They said he came out only because of a cramp in his calf and it shouldn’t affect his next start. They said it was real hot and humid up there, so maybe that’s what caused it. The runs he gave up were unearned, unfortunately Youk made an E in the 5th, as did Coco allowing a runner to advance and both runs scored.
It might have been Ian, but someone wrote something about Hansen only being a one inning pitcher. Well, he proved that again last night. Perfect 6th, terrible 7th. Good thing we had a big enough lead to get away with it. Delcarmen was his usual dependable self escaping a minor jam in the 8th and Timlin threw 15 pitches in the 9th, 13th of them to Ichiro before he finally grounded out.

Nice way to start off the trip.

They jumped on Moyer early and often and I hope it’s not asking too much, but they definitely have to do that today with Gabbard pitching.

NIce win Nation.

That’s too many homers, getting dazed. Snyder had a good debut, 5 inn, 2 unearned runs, so far I think he has shown enough to get the 5th spot role. his era is misleading since they carry part of this yr with the royals. it’s solid, and better than johnson for sure, or other kids even. let’s see what gabbard has to offer.

good time to pick up offensively, with lots of homers and scoring runs off a left-hander even, but then moyer’s 43 or so and he’s seattle. i think the lineup still needs more tinkering to get the max production esp. from some guys who are in slumps (youk, loretta, coco, ‘tek). i did read on how loretta is playing badly with more strikeouts recently and also errors on field/basepaths, so he needs to pick up his game.

all the trade rumours are a lot, forget about bats or so, this team needs pitching, period. and esp. a starter who can give good innings, preferably one who pitches in AL now, and has good mechanics (good whip, go/ao ratio etc.) the mike lowell trade is rubish entirely, and i think sending tavarez to rockies has so merit, but best deal if seanez can go too, and the sox can get king AND a long relief veteran back.

alrite, from baseball stuff…what do peeps think of hometown heroes vote? i am stuck bet/ cy young and yaz for my vote. u guys?

Great Win last night. Snyder looked good once again. I am gaining confidence in this guy. Yeah, hes only thrown 5 innings in every start (4 2/3 in one), but you cant complain about his other two starts with the team. Yeah, he fell apart in one, but he pitched well the previous 4 innings, so he shows promise. Another good thing about the game, is that Alex Gonzalez is really starting to show confidence at the plate. I have to give him a lot of credit this year for really stepping up his game at the plate, and his bat in the 9 hole has been a huge plus.

As for trades…I retract most of my logic towards the lowell trade. Peavy looked awful last night. This kid has lost it, and if he went to the AL he’d be Russ Ortiz II. I like the ray king deal, simply because Tavarez will probably leave and that is for the best. But I honestly think Theo has something up his sleeve. With his team so desparate in pitching, you know he’s working on deals.

Well todays game is a real toss up. Hopefully this kid can get us through the six with minimal damage. And hopefully the bats can keep rolling.

Also…how about Arod. Gotta love this kid. Gets to milestones with the same hit, yet loses the game basically by comitting two errors in the same at bat. (I’m not sure if they counted his not seeing wells foul pop fly, but cmon, this isnt little league..the dude has a gold glove, he should have gotten that) So what is all this talk about Arod’s defense winning him the MVP..yeah now he leads the yanks with 18 errors..great MVP Performance mah friend..

I found something on that the Red Sox should really study… Umpire Stats! It shows who has the strictest and most lenient strike zones of all umps. One major problem that I think the Red Sox have is that they don’t tailor their approach to the umps. There is a 5 strikeout per game difference between the top and bottom ump. Our problem is that we face one of the lenient umpires, we take pitches a little out of the strike zone, the ump calls them strikes, we strike out and get all frustrated and usually lose. We need to know better who is calling the game and not take so many close ones when its one of the jokers that calls everything a strike.

muffin perhaps watching the yankees game would not make you sound so ignorant.

The pop up was about 15 feet from posada and 50 feet from a rod, it was posada’s ball but yes a rod lost it in the ridiculous sky and it was NOT an error, nor was he charged with one.

Secondly, the actual error he did commit lead to 1 unearned run in the inning, the score at the time i believe was 5-3 the final score was 7-3. A rod had all 3 rbi’s for the yankees with a 3 run homer, eliminate a rod and the yankees lose 6-0. How is it a rods fault that they lost the game?

Thank you for the support ellen, as far as I am aware she has been a redsox fan all of her life, being from massachusetts and all. Her dad is a fair weather redsox fan and her mom can care less about baseball, but she seems to be pretty into the redsox, though in our interaction she has taken the back seat in baseball talk, being very cautious about how to make fun of the yankees when they lose or gloat about the redsox when they win.

haha I almost feel bad about it, but it is evident I am an unhealthily obsessed baseball and yankees fan and she is an adaquate redsox fan…..The redsox losing does not affect HER mood for the rest of the day i guess is the difference.

My vote is for Ted Williams. In my mind there isn’t even a question as to who is the “hero.” Not only was he the best hitter ever, but he also gave up 4 years of his career to serve as a pilot in the WWII and the Korean Wars. It is remarkable that he served for 3 years in WWII while in his prime as he was just 2 years removed from hitting .406, and 1 year after going .356 and winning the Triple Crown. Oh, yea, and he won the MVP in 1946, his first year back from service.

As a ballplayer who was extremely proud and knew he had the kind of talent that fans are treated to only once in a lifetime, he could’ve opted for the more selfish approach continued to rack up guady numbers during his years of service. Nobody would have thought anything of the decision to play through those war years. Instead, he decided to sacrifice those years for the greater good of his countrymen. My vote goes to The Kid.

Yankee: I never said he was charged for the pop up. I said I wasnt sure if he was charged for the error. All I am saying is that in the replays I have seen, it looked as if he called off Posada initially but then lost it. Usually a Corner Infielder calls off the catcher on foul pops because it is difficult to catch a pop up with a catchers mitt and tough to move around in all the gear. He should have had it, bottom line. If it was mike lowell, I would have said he should have had it, those are routine plays. I just think that his defensive lapses are mentally hurting the yankees, so No, he didnt “lose” the game for the yankees, however I think that as a player the team looks up to, watching him do that must be deflating to the teams performance. The Yankees are capable of coming back from 2 runs to the Blue Jays.

As For the Hometown Heroes. I have to agree with Bluedaugg here. It has got to be Ted Williams. He was a gamer. Just imagine his stats if he had those 4 years back. He might have possibly made a run at the Babe. This guy defined Red Sox baseball during the 40’s. So my vote goes to Teddy Ballgame.

Also, I’m not sure if he is available, but Theo should think about upping that package to Colorado. I think for a number 4 guy, Jason Jennings would be a solid pick up. This guy has played in Colorado his whole career and has a winning record. (55-51). He has also recorded a 16 win season back in 2001 or 2002. Currently this year hes 6-8, with a 3.88 ERA. Plus he eats up innings. 134.2 IP so far. Good for like 12th in the Bigs. Other stats are 136 hits allowed, 96k’s, but 49 walks. However, he does have 2 Complete game shut outs. As for pitching in the AL. In interleague play this year, he started 3 games against the AL West, his record was 1-0. But the key is he allowed 4 ER’s in 21 IP. He went 7 innings in each start, including throwing 7 innings of 1 hit ball against Oakland. Like I said, I’m not sure if the rockies will give him up, but I think he would be a solid pitcher down the stretch. Agree or Disagree everyone?

I am so excited for the game today I can watch it on TV as they have the red sox game not the astros game scheduled on FOX in my area!YAY!anyways go red sox!

Its BoSox time!! Haha, and Same here Andy, gotta love the Red Sox West coast swings because I get to see them play!

Got my Chipotle Burrito and ready to watch the game! All I need is seattle weather! Its a nice cool 102 here where I live! Ahh

i Know I love it!

what is wwith manny dh-ing is it cuz of his knee?

this is my last week home to watch the games but going to fenway beats watching them on a computer screen huh?

I think the main reason he is Dh-ing is because Papi is playing first because Youk is getting the day off and so willy mo can play LF to get back into gear, but I’m sure manny’s knee is also a reason Tito is Dh-ing him. It lets manny get off his knee for a day while still keeping his bat in there

thank you that makes sense

Yeah, you are really lucky to get to go to Fenway. I can’t even imagine the atmosphere there. I know during game 2 of the 2004 ALDS in Anahiem, the Red Sox fans were great, chanting “Lets to Red Sox” in Angel stadium was awesome, but I mean at Fenway it will be awesome, you are going to have to share with all of us how it is

once again thanks to the wonderful Fox network, I am unable to satisfy my passion today. I can’t see MY FLIPPIN’ GAME. God I hate that network!!!!!

ohhh i will.

yes andy5353, I’m RedSox red with envy, I thought it was great to see them at Dolphin Stadium, but oh, I’m soooooo jealous.

That was a Huge Double play. Gabbard is doing a good job keeping the ball down so far..

Yeah the best part is i am sitting 5 rows from the field

Yeah, ellen, how was your time seeing the sox in miami? I’ve only seen them once seeing that Im 3000 miles away, but that one time was awesome


So who around the country is actually getting to see today’s game? It is not on in Chicago. That really stinks. The only chance I’ll have is they switch from the crappy Cubs-Nats game directly into the Red Sox game.

i am in arizona

I’m in the Valley of **** in California..jk Bakersfield, CA

Man, bad situation…Bases Loaded with Ichiro up

A-Rod DHing today. I guess his defense is so bad they had to put a guy at third batting .154 in the ninth slot. I hope all that sitting around, not playing, doesn’t get into his head. Would be a bad time to head into a slump at the plate.

4 hits and 2 walks in just two innings.

I hope our bats can bring like 10 runs home because it really doesn’t seem Gabbard can stop Seattle offense…

ugh who cares about the amber alerts back to the game please

Way to work the count coco. We need more of that from you in! and a nice steal to go with it

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. The Sox usually have a tough time facing someone for the first time. Let’s hope the bats are still awake from last night. We just need this kid to get us through 5, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Jermaine Van Buren for some extended work today. Let the bats keep it close and let the pen hold em.

Beautiful hit by Papi right through the shift. K’s his first at bat, rips the first pitch of his next one

Double my manny

Looked like he had no clue where he hit it. Haha, he stood in the box like it was a HR, but it was a line drive double to right..manny being manny

It would be nice for Trot to come through right here. I can’t remember the last time he had a big hit.

2-2 lets get some offense!

Dang, Steve Lyons and Tom Brennamen (Sp?) just spent the whole trot nixon at bat ripping manny for showboating, Harsh announcers today, preaching about how manny is not setting a good example for kids by standing in the box after dropping a bomb..

There’s something to be build on. Sox tie it up and the kid goes 7 pitches to retire the side in the bottom half. That’s big. Unfortunately I’m watching the game on gameday, but it looks like Ichiro has the 2 RBI’s today on a bases loaded hit with 2 outs. I’ve seen plenty of pitchers give up hits to Ichiro, so hopefully he can settle in and get in a grove.

gsr: Yeah, gabbard gave up a two out hit to Ichiro, but it was more like good hitting by Ichiro rather than bad pitching by gabbard. I believe the count was 1-2 and gabbard threw a low fastball that Ichiro flaired into the outfield

He has a tendency to be able to do that. The guy can hit anything, anywhere for a hit. Except for his first at bat last night, he’s given the Sox pitchers fits. I remember when Seattle came to Boston this year and he was in a huge slump. Wish he was still slumping.

A-Rod, 2 AB, 2 K. I knew this DH idea was going to mess him up more than it will help.

hmm i guess im spoiled, ive seen the redsox at fenway and yankee stadium against the yankees….and been to dophin stadium to see the marlins beat halladay haha….mainly cause i live there…

Wow, this is more than we could have asked for today. I’m not watching the game on TV, but he looks good. I say let him go back out there for the 6th and get him out if someone gets on. NOt sure what kind of pitch count Francona has him on. He seems to have a shorter leash with younger pitchers.
Now it’s time for the pen to shine. Thank God that kid WOods pitched 3+ innings against us last night. We couldn’t touch him. At least he won’t be available today.

can fox stop with these amber alerts i cant stand them

Yeah, Gabbard has looked solid. His stuff hasnt really impressed me, but his poise and location has. When he needed to make pitches, he did, especially falling behind to Ichiro and then striking him out. But like I said, when he needed to go down and away, he has and that has helped him a ton. I say he goes 6, which is excellent considering he’s facing a guy who is talked up like he is already Nolan Ryan or Clemens

Papi gets robbed on a call! His toe stays on the bag and they said his foot came off, bad call.

Good news, Arods game replacement at third, commits 2 out error and hten overbay hits two run double.

And thats it for Gabbard. Solid performace from the kid. 2 on and 1 out, and Tavarez is in the game

They are putting Tavarez in a tie game can you get an worse thwn that

Oh c.r.a.p. Why would Terry do this? I hope I’m wrong, but bringing in Tavarez with 2 guys on is just as bad as adding 2 runs to the kid’s ERA.

haha, Tavarez first pich is up..great sign

wow, Gonzalez makes the worst toss to third Ive seen. He hits the runner in the back and now the runner scores…3-2 mariners

what was that A-gon.

Gameday is delayed, but all I see is: in play, run scoring play. Can anyone tell me what happened?

It’s been stuck on “run-scoring play” for 3 minutes now. What happened?

Agon made an error

he hit The runner with the ball

There was a slow roller to Gonzalez, too slow to make a play at second or first, so he tosses it to third, but it hits the runner in the back and deflects past lowell and the runner scores and Adam jones just grounds into an inning ending bases loaded double play to save tavarez but its 3-2 mariners

I have to give up to tavarez that inning he would have escaped damage if it werent for agons error

Thanks mman. I hope the Sox can come back and tie this. I’d hate for this kid to get an L because of an error.
Hernandez’ ERA this month is close to 5, why can’t we score? Time for Wily Mo to lose one.

Willy mo ground out to pitcher
Mirabelli warning track shot

Gonzalez grounds out to a diving beltran

Great inning guys…

diving beltre**

What are the odds of Tavarez throwing a scoreless inning??

12 to 1

Walking a .246 hitter certainly won’t help his chances.


my goodness…sloppy defense today by the sox..2 on 1 out again

I hope by some sort of miracle he can hold them here. I’d love to see Coco finally act like a true lead off hitter and get on base to start an inning and get a rally going.

what the heck! WHY and I mean WHY is Rudy Seanez warming up…

What, was it a blooper that fell in between Trot and 2nd base?

If Seanez is warming up, Francona officially gave up on this game.

I fell between coco and Agon!

I seanez really warming up?

Yeup, hes appearently ready to come in the game..

why him are we giving up!!!!

Wow, ship tavarez off to colorado tonight please..

Unbelievable. I mean, I know we can’t win them all and such, but I read the other day where Tavarez admittidly said he pitched like chicken c.r.a.p. Basically he admitted he *****. I don’t understand why Francona would put him in a game that is so close. Van Buren is in the pen. I know Hansen and Delcarmen both through a few pitches last night, but why oh why have this guy in a game that we actually have a chance to win.
Or I should say, had a chance to win now that he just gave up another hit.

Nice job Francona, thanks for costing the Sox this game.

As I said, I know we can’t win them all but it’s frustrating as **** to have a self admitted failure in the game. You think anyone wants to trade for him now?

Well this kinda *****!

******* s!

Tavarez was fine talking to papelbon he didnt need to pitch and embarass himself

The Yanks just took the lead on Toronto. A Rod just struck out for the 4th time today. At least that makes me smile.


Let’s see if Coco can get things rolling. Seattle blew a few leads to NY this week.
It would be nice if Coco took a few pitches if Hernandez is still in there. Make him work.

Its not over yet. Also, I think cutting or trading Tavarez would be addition by subtraction. Seriously, can we trade this guy for a ham sandwich and a box of baseballs?

so how do you all really feel about tavarez?

Francona is really starting to annoy me this year with this whole “Loyalty” thing. I mean, why cant he admit that tavarez and seanez aren’t good..I know theo hasnt given him the best bullpen to work with, but I mean, why now throw timlin in there early or hansen or delcarmen. We know papelbon can go 2 innings, why not take a chance sometimes. Hes such a passive manager that at times he forgets how to win games. This one is on Tito

Oh, I’m not giving up on the offense. It just frustrates me that Francona gave up on the team. Let’s go bats.

Haha,wow, Rudy Seanez in for the 9th..

LOL…well, I guess Tito has a sense of humor.

If we lose who do you blame Tavarez,tito,or the errors?

Errors happen, it’s a part of the game. Putting in terrible pitchers in close games is just plain bad management. If we lose, I blame Francona for putting Tavarez in there.

You blame all of the above..its a team sport, Most of the hitters didnt step up and our bullpen let us down as did Tito

But hey, Manny, Nixon, Lowell to start the 9th..all either hitting .300 of just below..

Why exactly would you blame Francona?

For putting Tavarez in a close game. I mentioned earlier that Tavarez was quoted as saying he’s been terrible this year. Why would you put in a pitcher that knows he’s terrible in a game that we have a chance to win?

finally I can watch, Rally sneakers on (on wrong feet) and TROT jersey on inside out!! COME ON SOX!!!

Then Yanks beat up Putz the other night, let’s see if we can have a nice comeback here.

well the sox hitters have given up

Who would you have preferred he put in?

Oh well. Going into the game there were question marks with a rookie pitcher making his big league debut and a lot of people weren’t expecting the Sox to win this game anyway. It looks like the kid did alright. That should help his confidence a lot. We may need him later on with all the injuries we’ve had to the staff. Hernandez is a tough pitcher and he was on. The bats used up all their power last night I guess.
The only decent thing to come out of today is that once Francona gave up on the game, he didn’t bring anyone else out of the pen. Tavarez and Seanez threw, so everyone will be fresh for tomorrow. Hopefully Lester will have another strong performance and the Sox can win the series.

The only reason RedSox lost this game is because of Julian Tavarez. Why don’t we send tavarez and Seanez go back to the NL, they have no business playing in the AL

This is what I’m thinking..Theo deals Tavarez really soon. Maybe this was Tavarez’s last chance to show that he can do it in the clutch..And I still think he needs to get Jason Jennings..We need a pitcher that can chew up innings, and Jennings can be that guy..tavarez, seanez, and Alverez for Ray King and Jason Jennings..haha, in my dreams..

Ok we send them back and we will bring in, who? Look sometimes you just lose, it s-cks but it happens.

Okay, 2 1/2, we can gain more ground tomorrow. I’m exhausted from staying up for last nights game and getting up early today. I’ll sign off for now (yeah right!!).


So you’re OK having 2 subpar pitchers in games that matter dthatcher? You’re right, losses happen and they will probably happen 30 more times or so this year. But why put your worst reliever (I don’t even count Seanez) in a tie game with men on base? I know there was an error that caused the run to score, but Tavarez showed his true colors the next inning by putting the game out of reach.Hansen could get 2 outs after throwing last night, Van Buren hasn’t been used since being called up. I just don’t get that part.

I just do not think that in the middle of the season it is that easy to boost your bullpen when your starting pitching is dropping like flys. We hit 5 hrs last night, and I would venture a bet that Francona was thinking that somebody could do something other than get an out within three pitches of their at bat. You have to use these guys as long as they are there and right now we need to see if we are going to have to go after starting pitching before going after bullpen help.

I totally see your point. This Ray King/Tavarez or Seanez deal has been rumored for a week now. I also think that the more Francona brings those guys out there, the less trade value they have.
Maybe, just maybe, one club out there got excited because they saw Seanez have a scoreless inning and will wind up offering a nice arm in return. (I’m dreaming like mman right now).

Either way, Lester goes lights out tomorrow, Beckett uses his KC momentum and pays Oakland back for the spanking they gave him and Schill continues to do his thing and we have another 3 game win streak.

Lester’s pitching in front of his home town crowd tomorrow. He could either be lights out, or even more wild than usuall with nerves. Should be interesting.


Can’t we just please these EZ bros on waivers or something. I know we don’t get anything in return if placed on waivers but these guys hurt the team by pitching than by not pitching at all. I guess we might have lost atleast 4-5 games just because either one or both of them pitched that game.

Blaming Francona and even Tavarez for this loss is ludicrous and shows how out of touch with reality a lot of Red Sox fans are.

First of all, Hansen, Delcarmen and Timlin all pitched the night before. If you’ve got a small eighth-inning lead, you could probably use Timlin, but the other two were pretty much unavailable.

Secondly, Tavarez did his job with runners on base – he induced a grounder to shortstop. Gonzalez made an error, and the run scored. That was your ballgame. If you’re going to blame anyone, blame Gonzalez, not Tavarez or Francona. (and I wouldn’t blame him either – the runner didn’t slide and the throw hit him in the back. Crud happens.)

Thirdly, you’re not going to win a ton of games with four hits and all of two runs.

Why point fingers and assign blame? Why not tip your cap to Hernandez and give him his due?

you guys would really want a rookie just called up in that situation over a guy with ws experience? Come on now, think a little bit.
You guys gambled and lost today but 2 runs isn’t gonna beat many teams, esp for a rookie making his debut. Your offense is to blame, they ran into a tough pitcher and lossed.

I doubt lester goes lights out tomorrow, A’s offense or not they are coming off their own momentum and I think lester comes to earth. Beckett can’t pitch away from fenway….ever, if anything schilling probably has to be a stopper, not a continuer, but that’s just my guess. It’s no shame losing to seattle, we did it by accident once too.

WOW i meant lost, lossed is retarded

When is Terry going to wise up and not pitch that rag arm Tavarez. I wish they would just release hime so I wouldn’t have to go through the heartburn of watcking him pitch.

1) Why are yankees fans always down on lester, a pitching prospects even more hyped than Paps, yet soo nuts for hughes, a prospect who projects as a potential 3rd starter and is described as “Mark Prior Lite”.

2) The sox lost today principally because they ran into Hernandez on a day when he decided to show why he is on of the most exciting young pitchers in the game, nasty stuff.

3)Lester is facing Seattle tomarrow, not Oakland, and while he will come down to earth at some point, he’s not pitching that much better than his potential (He’s often compared to andy pettitte and mark mulder).

4) In all fairness the yankees didn’t loose one to seattle by accident so much as win the second game by mistake…posada was out by a good half step and everyone knows it.

GSR, Muffin and Andy – thanks for the play by play, i didn’t get to see any of the game, but I think i got it all now. Take it a little easy on Francona, he has to pitch Tavarez and Saenez, there what he’s got. and I wouldn’t be suprised if he had them planned to camoe in the whole time. Rooking pitcher on his first day we weren’t supposed to win anyway. You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, Tito can’t break his rotation. plus this should just pound it into theo’s head how bad Tavarez *****. And you can’t just drop them, I checked the rules we can’t put a pitching machine out there to pitch in there place so we are stuck with them till we get replacements…

Well LEts look it this way Guys!We got lester,beckett and
schiling the next three games.

Maybe they can go long enough so WE dont need to use the “EZ” brothers Rudy and Julian Lets win tomorrow.That scares me to even put Rudy and Julian and win in the same sentence.Squid:You’re welcome aqnd you are right we got work with the pitchers we have FRANCONA cant help it Theo gave him Rudy and Julian.

As of today the the current standings in AL East are

Boston 59 37 .615 – –

New York 56 39 .589 2.5

Toronto 54 43 .557 5.5

As of today last year the standing were as follows

Boston 53 43 .552 –

New York 51 44 .537 1.5

Baltimore 50 45 .526 2.5

Toronto 48 48 .500 5.0

Boston, NY & Toronto are playing a lot better than last year and still RedSox have 2.5 games over NY compared to 1.5 last year. One of those stats just to have a look and has no bearing on anything that is going to happen in the next 2 months

By the way RedSox face Jarod Washburn of Seattle Mariners. We should be able to handle him pretty easily and score lots of runs

Kumar0330-I think the Sox will take any seattle pitcher tomorrow besides Hernandez

I am just hoping that Jon Lester can give us at least 6 Strong innings and he leaves with the lead so they can use TIMLIN OR Hansen or VanBuren to set or possibly 2 off thosse guys to setup Papelbon and he avoids using TAVAREZ and Seanez.

I have a question is it possible that Francona thinks of Julian Tavarez as a long reliever that can give him multiple innings because he seems to want to use him when guys only go 4 or 5 innings?
What do you guys think? Well i’m of to bed as it is almost 3 am here!


NOt really Harco, I tend to think I have a sense of reality. I’m going to say it one more time. I know we can’t win every game. We probably will lose 30 or more games the rest of the way. Hansen threw roughly 30 pitches the night before. Van Buren didn’t pitch. Anyone that thinks Tavarez should be in the game is shortsighted reality wise. Just how did he do with his world series experience? Oh yeah, he ******!
To answer the question about Yankee fans being down on LEster and Beckett. They just don’t want to admit that the Sox will be set for the future. Sure Beckett has had some rough times, but they are trying to convince themselves that Beckett will never be good. True Douglass, they are all giddy over a potential prospect that might make it to the bigs next year, but can’t give a rook that is 5-0 with a 2.68 ERA some credit.

Good point Douglass, Seattle should have won 2 of 3 in New York if it wasn’t for the worst call at 1st I’ve seen this year.

Either way, they were doing cartwheels because we lost to Livan Hernandez and they beat a bullpen pitcher with an ERA close to 6.

The Sox just have to continue to take advantage of what they have in front of them.

Let’s go Lester, Let’s go bats. Let’s go Toronto.

Well you win some and you lose whenever the EZ bros. are in. But that’s the past.
Today we’ve got Lester V Washburn. Once again I won’t be able to watch the game, so any and all updates will be appreciated. Thanks all!! Off to the “office” now.

PS daniel/robn, where are you guys this weekend??

I think that was a bad call at first base. Our famus manager had a hard time to argue the call as he had to much stuff in his mouth to talk to the umpire, what a dummy!!!
If he went with the line up that he wins with he wouldn’t have a problem. Why did he go with Cora at second base. It looks like he gave up on the game early. When is the manager going to smarten up and get his team on a winning track.

Albert:I have too ask you are giving Loretta a day off Who else do you start at second besides cora? LEts get a winn tonight.LETS GO RED SOX!

anybody watching this yankees game i am loving the score the jays are teeing off of Ponson and KRIS Wilson 10-3 JAys.

Yankees-Jays End of third 10-3 Jays.

Jays have all my support up until 4:05 PM. Go Jays

They have all my support til then too!

Bottom of the 4th ONE out Bases Loaded for Jays.

Now the yankees Have CHACON in are theytrying to lose I am laughing at joe torre!

and he gives up a homer to Vernon wells! Heading to the sixth 11-3 Jays!

11-3 Jays. End of 5.
Jeremy Acchardo relives the Starter. This is the guy they got by trading Shea to Giants. Let’s see how good this guy is.

It’s 23rd already why nothing happening on the trading front. Are there going to be any trades before the deadline at all.

that Acchardo guy didnt last long!

End of 7. 13-5 Jays

YAnkees Need a miracle ninth to win their game lets go red sox game is gunna start anyminute!

RedSox game is on

aand the yankees lose!

he is in a little trouble

Come on Lester you need to throw strikes and get outs!

2 down, 3 runs, not terrible, yet

We are not looking good here early on!

tied at 3.

Tek or Doug have to have thrown SOMEBODY out stealing second this season…

I just can’t remember when the last time was?

I dont know if i should post this on ians most recent post or not but i will do it here we have plenty of game left to comeback and the yankees lost so win lose.We atill do not lose ground

Lester 91 pitches.

Send him out again…see if he can go 1 more?… or as far as he can go?

Didn’t the EZ brothers pitch yesterday? God! I hope so! Please dont, Terry!!!

DelCarmen, Hansen, don’t know about Van Buren, anyone else please!

Mariner guy is right on 100. Let’s get Washburn out of there…and hope we can pick on their bullpen. Relly WANT this game.


I want this game too.I agree Lester can at least by as or more effective then TAVAREZ OR SEANEZ.If you are going to the pen dont use TAVAREZ OR seanez Terry!

I think Lester will pitch another one, but it’s now we have to score a couple of run..


Great! Com’on Loretta, it’s rbi time now!

2 on 1 out CAn we at least tie it!

God! Am I good. Run in on reliever Julio Matteo, tied.

MORE!!!! MORE!!!!!

NIce Loretta lets take the lead now!

If we take the lead do you leave Lester in?



SOMEBODY ELSE CARRY US FROM HERE ON: my lordy, Manny sac fly gets Mark in on tag. 7-5. Whoever did that, thanks. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

And Papi puts us ahead. I love when our bats get hot like this. I knew we could really hit their bullpen hard.

I’d leave Lester in yes, I think he can give us another good inning.

I leave him in too he can at least keep us in the ballgame unlike TAVAREZ would.

OK, who is it? Who was warming up?

Here is Craig Hansen at least it is not the EZ brothers.Noww lester can get the win.

Hopefully the pen can keep the lead for the 6th 7th an dpossible the 8th and give way to papelbon in the 9th

can someone tell me how the guy got on my gameday is still on the top of the 6th.

Cmon hansen get outs!

Whoever I left in charge here, you’re making me nervouuuuuusssss…
2 strikes–comeonnnnn

Nice inning hansen Go out of that jam!

He loaded the bases and got out of it

Nice K of Beltre by Hansen. Delcarmen is in the pen warming for the 7th. Timlin in the 8th and good ole Paps for the 9th. Let’s gain another game on the Yanks.

Hensen did his job in a very difficult situation. Great work, really.

I was a bit worried with 2 on, 1 out and Ichiro at the plate but we played great defense and strinking out Beltre with the bases loaded is just amazing. Our young arms show quality.

Yeah that would be nice!

Well little manny gave up the lead or tied it.





That was quite a teaser Fagan. The sox were like showing you some candy and pull it right back. Show it to you again and pull it right back. Dont cry oldman. Somebody will buy you some candy later.

FAGAN COWARD. You going haha hehe when the yankees lost. Dont have the courage to show up when you got ur b utt kicked. COWARD.

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