That Time of Year

Very simple blog  that i’ll keep live until Monday’s trade deadline.  What are the final things that Theo Epstein needs to do to make this team a World Series team before July 31?

I want to hear everyone’s suggestions. Should he stand pat, tweak or shake things up? give me specifics.

This should be good fodder as we sift through these final couple of days of rumors and speculation before Monday at 4 p.m. ET, when we find out for good what the 2006 Red Sox will look like down the stretch.



theo needs to tune up the bull pen (early relievers) if he can’t get somthing decent for the “ez” brothers, he just needs to stand pat!! you all know how i fell about trading Nixon…… out to dinner now, back before 1st pitch.

I’d love to see Epstein, or any other MLB GM for that matter, stand pat–and see what it does for the morale of the team. I think it would be a giant boost, and would be rewarded by an already solid Sox team. What’s all this junk about Julio Lugo? That just seems absurd with what Gonzalez has given us so far. And Trot Nixon should be rewarded for his tenure in Boston, not to mention his performance, instead of being shunted off to who knows where. It’s time to bring back the class that MLB is slowly losing in the modern era. I think the team would respond, and I think we’ve already got the makings of an ’04 repeat.

I think Theo will stand Pat as long as Wells continues to make progress. A good and healthy Wells would be like making a trade. Also, I see Foulke coming back soon also which will help the bullpen immensly.

I agree.

Theo the Great ain’t so great with at least 1/2 his trades.

(I give him credit for the incredible 2004 – but that’s all)

I am still BITTER at the way he treated Bronson “2006 NL Cy Young Winner” Arroyo after HOME TOWN DISCOUNT contract deal.

Need I remind Sir Theo of the Byung Hyun Kim trade.

Don’t forget this year’s NL ALLSTAR team had 4 former SS’s (remind me what we got for the Renteria trade?).

Please stay pat, Theo.

Make better use of those deserving farm hands.

Why not Lorreta and Pauly to the mets for Heilman? They have a good bullpen and need a bat/ starting pitchers and we need middle relief help and have Pedroia in the wings.

The starting 9 is solid. However I am not too confident with Nixon struggling as much as he is. One article hinted that he might be injured but isn’t telling anyone because he doesn’t want to hurt his free agent potential at the end of the year.
I really hope we can get something in return for Seanez. Maybe this Ray King deal that was talked about with Tavarez. Since no one will take Tavarez’ salary, maybe they’ll give up a decent bull pen arm for Seanez.

So, 2 deals I’d like to see:

Seanez for King.

A couple of mid range prospects for a 4th/5th starter. Cory Lidle/Jon Leiber. Some stop gaps that can eat up innings until October.

Another solid arm in the bullpen and another solid starting pitcher are the two players I’d like to see the Sox pursue; the starter more than the reliever, though. I’m basically just worried that Wells and Wakefield might not come back as predicted, and who the heck knows what will happen with Clement? I’m not counting on Boston getting a decent inning out of him for the rest of this year. (I really LIKE the guy, but his problems and lack of progress just don’t give me any hope for him this year.)

Basically, standing pat puts a lot of faith in the idea that once-solid pitchers (Wells, Wakefield, Clement, Foulke) are going to come back and be solid once again. I’d rather not take that chance.

I don’t like the idea of trading Mark Loretta. They guy is solid on offense and defense, and they should reward him for doing a great job by keeping him.

How about A-Rod for Mike Lowell + Tavarez &/or Seanez, moving the Rod to short next season. He’d relax & love being with Ortiz and Manny! Nixon for Abreu works! Yes, we do need a front line starter, more than anything, to take the guesswork out of putting the A.L. East away and winning the World Series! Theo, you’re on the clock!

//(I give him credit for the incredible 2004 – but that’s all//

Sorry, pcomey – that’s A LOT.

And, I’m a huge Bronson fan…but no way does he pitch in the AL the way he is in the NL. Even HE admited that. Doesn’t mean we still couldn’t use him in the bullpen. I wish we had him for that.

And how well did Renteria do in the AL? Not good at all. He couldn’t handle the pressure – that wasn’t Theo’s fault.

Who were the other shortstops? Nomar? Without the Nomar trade – no World Series. How did Nomar do AFTER the trade?

Freddie Sanchez – jury is still out. Pirates needed reps for the ASG.

Who was the other shortstop? I should know this.

Oh yeah, Eckstein. Please. He never played a game in MLB.

I’d like to see Theo get something better for the bullpen than Seanez or Tavarez…other than that, I want him to stay pat.

Keith Shaw, please be kidding about ARod.

what abt some offense. crisp is stuggling, so is Tek & so is Tixon(Avg down from .326 all the way down to .298).

Keith you are kidding abt E-Rod(O-Rod) right? Please say u r kiddin.

PS: O = Overrated

REtire Saenez, drop Tavarez to AAA (he does have good stuff maybe just needs a shake up) bring up Pauley as a reliever. with wells back shortly either snyyder or gabbard (sp) won’t be starting anyway so move one of them to relief. The only way I can see trading Trot is for another outfielder, Kaplers a Utility Player and Willy Mo just isn’t quite there yet…Trot for Lieber AND Lidle, is ther honestly rumors about that. PS-Hope Trot stays, It’s been great watching him in Boston all theses years.

Just reteuned home, SAW THE TOP OF THE 1ST, WAY TO START!!

agree, the F.O. should stand pat. maybe a teeny trade like seanez, possibly move out Trot if there’s something to be had, but no major moves.

the F.O. doesn’t really “need” to win the WS this year having just done so in ’04; they need to focus on building a team that works for years, not doing some outlandish trade to boost this year’s performance.

Hmmmm…okay folks, nobody is talking about our inability to hit lefties. I know we just knocked Zito around a bit last night, but this is a rarity. Almost everybody on this team hits righties better than lefties, and that includes the expanded roster. I don’t have any trade specifics in mind…I’d just like to have a platoon in right field that works. Trot, Willy Mo, Kapler, etc. all hit righties. Nobody hits lefties.

I’m of the opinion, that if you can win this year, do it. Now of course I don’t want to see any of the good young players we have go. The team has worked hard to build the farm up over the past 4 years, there’s no need to demolish all of that. In sports, and in life in general, the future is never guaranteed…so my vote would be for the team to trade Trot and get some solid bullpen help. I know everyone here is gonna be mad at me for saying it, but we all know that the sox didn’t acquire Wily Mo to be a backup or platoon player. Trot’s gonna want a decent contract, and although his average is good this year, he really hasn’t shown that he’s the player he was before the injuries to his back/leg. It’s kind of alarming that he’s turned into a singles hitter! Trot has a .427 SLG% this year, Alex Gonzalez has a .416 SLG%..OUCH! Thats woeful for a corner outfielder. I love the way Trot plays, but I think the Sox might be better served to get something for him while they can, and let WMP show us what he can do in a regular role (like he did in the first half).

Think Trot is reading the Blog on the bench? Nice round tripper Trot Ellen must be doing cartwheels…

Thanks a lot Trot…way to make me look like a fool! =)

Nice homer Trot This is not the same team that faced oakland earlier in the year.

Trot hit that home run just prove me wrong.If only cereal killer can pick it up a little bit.

into the bullpen in the third inning, our the bats really this hot or Oakland pitching really this bad?

If I were a player on this team, I’m not sure how I would feel about standing pat. If you listen to any of the analysts on ESPN you’d have to conclude that when a team doesn’t make any moves the message is that the team isn’t serious about winning. This team, though, has the second best record in baseball despite being plagued by injuries. Parity in MLB has left the market pretty bare and prices high, so it is understandable to think that we won’t be making any moves, but I don’t think we can win it all without improving our hitting against lefties. Our pitching can hold up…in fact it has to. I don’t think we can go out and get anybody who can really contribute. I remember the likes of Sauerback, Jones, and others who were brought in and performed dismally. Getting somebody like them just for the sake of getting somebody doesn’t make sense.

Who started for Oakland?

Windsor started for them, rookie, thinkhe had 2 starts before this (someone correct me if i’m wrong) with a no decision in both, no clue what his #’s were

Windsor’s #’s were pretty good. Had an ERA of around 1.27 I think.

That is gunna change tonight!

TAvarez fields fouls about as well as he’s been pitching lately

We have to hit lefties a lot better if we have to go deep into post season.

Kumar…were you reading my posts or are you just the first besides me to actually see this?

I agree Kumar, but what can be done about it, picking up a good lefty hitter isn’t really going to help, same line up with a lefty specialist, and who do you trade for him that won’t hurt more than it helps (except the ez brothers of course)

God I hope TAvarez and Seanez stay out of this game.They better not blow it!

Well squid, it would obviously depend on who we’re going to get, and what the other team needs. I know that both Trot and Gabe are very popular, but right now we essentially have three guys playing right field who seem to hit the same pitchers. I’d hate to see Trot go, but he is the logical choice being a free agent at the end of the year. I’ve got no problem with a platoon of Willy Mo and say, Gomes from Tampa Bay. Who knows…maybe TB (or somebody) would be interested in Abe Alvarez, Brandon Moss, Adam Stern…somebody like that.

Tom, my only fear with tradin trot is how willy mo will stand up as a every day player, its a big chance…I hopw we hold on to alvarez, i think he’s going to be good…

bludaugg, i definitely support moving trot…if we can get anything for him. and i’d love to see WMP full-time in the field. his defense can’t be worse than ramirez on a bad night, and his bat will get better with consistent AB.

you need look no further than nomar and bronson to know that sentimentality plays zero role in the F.O. decision process. theo would trade wakefield if it would really help the team.

Right, but it’s not like we’d be in worse shape with somebody like Gomes ready to play everyday instead. Trot’s homer tonight aside, he’s been pretty ordinary for awhile now. One of the reason’s that the Red Sox went so long without a world championship is that we didn’t take many risks. We played station to station ball, hit for power, and played mediocre defense. We never had a complete team. When we finally did win it, we needed guys like Roberts. Right now we all hit the same pitchers. We need somebody who can hit the lefties, and losing Trot or Gabe or even Willy Mo to get somebody like Gomes just makes sense to me. Yeah, I’d like to hang on to Alvarez too, but then again, I would have liked to hang on to Hanley Ramirez and Bronson Arroyo, too. We can’t have it all.

But we can want it all, thats why we’te fans. pickin up a Lopez I can see as a plus, It’s not a sentimental thing, I jsut don’t want to see them pick up a left handed hitter just to pick up a left handed hitter, he needs to have value all around, just in case the Willy Mo experiment doesn’t pan out, still not totally sold on the Willy, although his bat did seem to improve, vastly when he was getting consistant at bats.

Lopez = Gomes, not sure where my head was

Being able to hit lefties is the value that we’re talking about, because that is what we need. What good does it do to have three guys playing the same position who do the same things?

Come on IImanny… you can do this!!!

Delcarmen in, pitch well…Tom i see your point, although Kapler is more of a utility out fielder with base speed so not sure I’d put him in the same category as trot and willy. Gomez’s overall #’s are 50 points lower than trot’s (BA and OBP) But Gomez’s Sluggin % is 20 or 30 points higher, souldn’t find a comparison of lefties or righties

Titio has Julian of the “ez” bros. up throwing, please God get him and us through this!!

Yeah…I couldn’t find power #’s, but Trot is hitting .213 vs lefties, and .327 vs righties. Willy Mo is hitting .204 vs. lefties and .394 vs. righties. Kapler is hitting .207 vs. lefties and .389 vs. righties. Gomes is hitting .313 vs. left and .196 vs. right. But I just picked Gomes out of the blue…it could be anybody.

Great K by Manny D!!! We certainly need that!! I don’t know if it would be more of a chance with him in again or seeing tav… OH!! wait I knw the answer to this. I DON’T WANT TAVAREZ!!

Youk’s having one of those 20 pitch at-bats. That’s a good sign. We might be able to get an insurance run or two this inning.😉

we got a lefty pitching, lets see what happens, Tom i do get what your saying, since we seem to have an averlad of decent right fielders why not trade one for a guy who can hit lefties. makes sense

Up comes Trot with the bases loaded and one out, and of course the A’s bring in a lefty. This is exactly the situation that I’ve been talking about. It would be nice to have Gomes, or Casey Blake, or…hey, how about Alfonso Soriano right now.😉

OMG!!! Walked him on four straight pitches! The Gods are smiling on us tonight!

And now Tek gets a hit off of a lefty too, just to spite me. Oh well, if a little criticism is all it takes to get these guys to hit lefties…I’ll trash talk them the rest of the year!

yep Tom I’m thinking you need to keep up the trash talkin.

Now our pitchers need to hold’em to get schill he’s 13th win.

Color me surprised! Well, Coco is supposed to hit lefties, but Trot and Tek haven’t been. Maybe last night’s game against Zito turned a corner for us. Whatever it is, it’s nice to see.

I’ll sit and read all the posts later, but how “bout them SOX??? We Nationers are the BEST!

Oh ny God, Tavarez is in

We’ve seemed to be wrong about everything else, maybe tavarez can do the same…

he didn’t pich well but he got out of it..

You know, I don’t know about y’all but I expend an awful lot of energy throughout these games!!

Here we go. Willy Mo against a lefty. He’s probably been reading my blogs and asked Tito to put him in to shut me up!

And now Kapler! They’re going for the Tri-Fecta!!!

At least I had the good sense to mention what a disappointment Sauerback was when we had him so I’m not looking quite as bad.😉

Nixon hit by pitch! This is just silly!

Greetings all. Been reading all season.. finally posting.

so, if tomorrow the first 3 innings all we do is foul off balls for first 3 innings, get they’re startes pitch count way up, we could be facing frank thomas on the mound by the 4th…

Hahahahaha. Willy Mo, Kapler, and Trot load the bases against a lefty. Go figure. It could only happen tonight!

Darn, I wish I was watching this terrific win on TV, but we get blacked out here in Hawaii. Can’t wait till ‘The Sox’ are back home on Friday.

Well agast…if you’ve been reading tonight I’m sure you’ve been well entertained!

Its strange.. this went from a nailbiter to a joke. My only regret? No Papelbon tonight. However, squid is right.. this bodes well for us for tommorrow.

The A’s announcers whine alot.

I read every game if I’m not at work, pretty much. Unless Cyn is liveblogging. Then my attention is there exclusively.

I’m following it on “Gameday”. Can somebody tell me who’s injured? It only says “Injury Delay”.

Tom your saved, they brought a rightey in

it was the A’s pitcher, i think it was his pride that got hurt

Sauerbeck, tom. I, being in PA, rely on Gameday Audio and Joe and Jerry.

See what you did Tom, now we can’t hit righties

Let’s see who comes out to pitch for us in the ninth. If it’s Tavarez we might still see Paplebon!

Every Red Sox starter has at least a hit tonight. The two subs who don’t have hits? They were walked.


you guys need to check out mlb TV. being in Korea i usually get maybe 2 games every 4 or 5 series on the TV, MLB TV is great i get to watch every game…the feed is a little shaky sometimes but well worth the $100 i spent on it

Oh MY God… the junior “ez bros”. please just get em out, nothing fancy, judt ******* DO IT!!!

Seanez is pitching.. is Papelbon warming yet?

Well, Squid. It looks like this one is just about over. I think an 8 run cushion is good enough. Great chatting with you. I’m going to put ESPN on the telly to see the hi-lites! Ciao.

Wait.. its over? Seanez didnt give up any runs? I’m so confused…

not a bad inning by Saenez-nice win, real nice win

it’s been fun tom, talk at ya later. Agast, we all are

schill gets the win, esterday we were the first team to have a 13 game winner, today we’re the first team to have 2 13 game winners, kind of ironic are biggest worry is pitching

Ironic, maybe. I’m still worried about oru pitching.. though this “Wells may skip AAA rehab” news is encouraging. If Wells can be the pitcher he was last year (without the slow start), I’ll feel more secure. However.. if at all possible could we clone Papelbon? Imagine.. havign Papelbon A start the game and Papelbon B close it. Ah.. that’d be nice.

I’m really happy about the way things went tonight!! The ez bros. weren’t even too bad!! I’m holding my thoughts close about trades until later, Gosh, I’m not superstitious or anything am I?? I LOVE MY (OUR) SOX!!! 3:35 1st pitch tomorrow, see ya then Nationers!!!!

Ps:: new posters: the welcome wagon wilL be back on duty tomorrow, but for now, WELCOME!

I’ll be at work for most of tommorrows game, 8-5 tommorrow, but I’ll be payign attention.. I have a Fox Sports program on my cellphone that lets me keep tabs

If we don’t get a starter or heal all of the ones we have I think we will be shakey from here on out. I don’t like this not knowing who will start other than Schilling, Beckett, and Lester. We also instead of getting a starter could get a solid closer and move PApelbon….

I haven’t contributed any thoughts for a while, but I have been keeping any eye on the blog. Ellen Cullum you are an inspiration.

I watched the game on tonight alternating between watching it full screen and small screen depending on how the game was going — it made absolutely no sense but it gave me solace and the results were good. I particularly needed solace during the 7th inning when a run had already scored, men were on 1st and 2nd and no outs. Plus the A’s had the meat of the line up ahead, including the always scary Big Hurt. I watched each pitch through the filter of my t-shirt which was over my head. The Yankees had already won and I imagined us losing a game where Schilling seemed to be cruising until the 5th inning. As it turns out, Little Manny came up big with a fly out and then strike outs to Thomas and Swisher. Sweeet! It also preserved the win for Schill.

As for the trade requests. I don’t really have any. I think the team is pretty solid as it is. Sure another reliable starter and shoring up middle relief would be sweet, but still I think the team is in pretty good shape. As I stated months before, I think Wells will come back and contribute. This is the time of year he loves to shine, and I’m sure another World Series ring is a goal he’ll strive for before packing it in.

I wouldn’t want to see Trot traded, either. (Glad to see him break out of his homer slump tonight). It’s a long season and slumps are part of the game. He’s a gritty player, solid fielder, good arm, excellent plate discipline, and for gosh sake he’s still hovering around .300. Plus he’s been with the Sox longer than anyone and puts his heart and soul into each game. That’s what I want from a player.

I was reading very similar crticism of Alex Gonzalez and Mark Loretta early in the season with several bloggers bemoaning their weak bats and viewing them as automatic outs. They are of course darlings for many now, but it wasn’t long ago they weren’t. In the same way, I’m sure Trot will start hitting more consistenly for power and stop all the whining.

I recently finished the book “Praying for Gil Hodges” by Thomas Olifant which chronicles his early life with his parents and their devotion to the Brooklyn Dodgers. It revolves around the 1955 World Series — the only series “da bums” ever won. (Hey Sox fans we may have had it rough, but unbeknownst to me, before that year and exluding the war years, the Dodgers fans endured 10 seasons where they lost to the Yankees in the World Series 5 times [including a couple that went 7 games] and lost the National Leage pennant on the final day of the season 3 times! Ouch!!) There was a passage, however, that described the fans passion for those players despite their weaknesses — such as Duke Snider being notoriously poor at hitting lefties and other players famous slumps at critical times. In other words, they loved their team despite and sometimes because of their weaknesses and slumps. It made their idols human and accessible, and their accomplishments all the sweeter. Maybe I’m a bit of an idealist, particularly in today’s win at all cost, stat driven era, but I would like to see players rewarded for effort and contribution. That’s why I’d like to see Trot stay.

Besides, it being a sellers market, I don’t think that the rewards we’ll make in the short term from a trade will be worth the cost in the long run. And then there’s the intangible harm it does to a clubhouse’s morale to see a teammate dealt mid season.

I’ve also read the complaints that we don’t have enough players that can hit lefties. I’m sure that stat is an anomaly, and one not worth placing too much weight. I’m sure as the season progresses you’ll see that disparity lessen.

Sorry I’ve waxed on and on. I don’t blame anyone for skipping right over it.

Let’s go for the sweep!

Interesting stuff about the Dodgers jlenartz. That would definitely cause some panic/desperation moves by some folks in the Nation if the Sox lost 10 straight years to the Yanks including losing the pennant to them 3 times on the last day. Holy cr.ap that would stink.
Well, the past 2 days I’ve noted my skepticsm going in to the game regarding concern for Zito, concern for a let down, etc. Both times the Sox won. So, due to my superstition, I’m going to list my skepticisms for today’s game. This way it practically guarantees a win, right? Anyway, Haren hasn’t won in over a month, yet his ERA is just over 4. He’s due. The Sox beat him up last time just like the A’s beat up Beckett, so he’s looking for revenge as well. Snyder looked good in Seattle, let’s hope he can get past the 5th. Need that bats to jump out early again and not let up. Finish the road trip in fashion.

As far as the game, Manny Delcarmen put himself in a rough spot, then got himself out of it. I was getting a bit concerned due to the Seattle incident, then the 1st 3 batters here in Oakland reach base. But then he shuts them down.

Tavarez got the benefit of an umpire that was getting tired. Hit, walk, behind in the count, then some generous strikes. Varitek went out to talk to him and I don’t know if anyone else saw or noticed it, but it didn’t look like a normal talk he’s had with anyone on the mound. He literally put his arm around him and Tavarez was just nodding. It really looked like Varitek was saying something along the lines of “Will you settle down you friggen spaz? We’re up 7 runs and if you give up another runner, you’re going to get yanked. You think your season has su.cked so far? Imagine if you get pulled up 7 runs. You’ll have to get your own plane home.” Tavarez was just nodding going “Yep, I’m dead if I don’t get out of this.”

Looking forward to the game. Hope for a Sox win and Yanks loss tonight. Too bad the Yanks have faced such bad pitching the past 2 nights or the Sox could have gained some ground.

OK, I’m listening to last night’s game, which I recorded on my XM radio. So I didn’t read all of the blog comments because I don’t want to know who wins (ruins the game for me). So if the following has been said already, I apologize in advance:

Trot Nixon struggling? I think that may be the first time I’ve ever heard someone refer to a player hitting .300 as “struggling.” I will admit that I am an unabashed Trot Nixon fan, but this is just silly, no matter who you’re talking about. He’s hitting almost 20 points over his career batting average, for crying out loud. Struggling? I think it’s a bit premature to call for trading him because he’s had a few off games.

Rob, I think the concern is that his average has gone down over 30 points in about a month. With a history of injuries/wearing down, etc, I think a lot of people see the writing on the wall as if he’s starting to fade. Looking at the numbers, .300 average, yes one would think he’s having a decent year. but when you realize he was hitting close to .340 before the break, it’s a cause for concern.

That being said, a few of you might remember about a week ago I said that Manny hasn’t gotten many big hits for us lately. (at the time, somewhat true, he was in a homer drought and his hits weren’t tying the game or putting us ahead).

Well, I’m convinced he has been reading this blog and wanted to prove me wrong. He has been on fire since I challenged him and I enjoy eating the crow that I’m being served right now.

So sticking to my superstitious ways, I’m going to say the following: With the exception of last night, where I think even the bat boy had a hit, Trot and Coco haven’t done much at the plate and it could make for a disasterous August if they continue to hit this way. Just wait, Trot and Coco are reading this right now and the Blog Karma will come around and they will go on a tear.

“Kumar…were you reading my posts or are you just the first besides me to actually see this?

Posted by: | July 25, 2006 11:45 PM”

Tom I did read your post before posting. Also I had posted regarding this hitting the lefties issue when Nixon for Abreu deal was first floated. I did mention then that we have record of 12-13 against lefties. Looks like we did little better against lefties after the all- star break. Currently the record is 17-16.

If Redsox do reach the post season then to win the AL we to beat 2 of the following teams


White Sox/Twins/Yankeees or


Every team except Angels have atleast one very good lefty and in case of Twins they have 2 Cy-Young caliber lefties.

Nixon is not the answer against the lefties. Ortiz’s case is lefty-agaisnt lefty, Manny was very good against lefties until couple of years but struggled of late against lefties.Those are our 3-4-5 guys on our team.

Any way we are 5-3 after all-star break against lefties.

I think we need a Dave Roberts guy for late innings… and it can’t just be a “fast guy”, he has to have a brain in his head, unlike Willie Harris. Unfortunately, I think we will have to deal Trot or Wily Mo. We could lose Trot to free agency or we could have a starter quality guy like Pena sitting on the bench most of the time.

To JLenartz – I think we all love Trot, and we all agree with your assessment of him as a ballplayer. If we were still in the pre-free agent era, there’s no way we would be talking about trading him. The fact of the matter is, though, that players don’t go their whole careers with one team anymore, or hardley ever do. The Red Sox have enjoyed much more success with a revolving door in the clubhouse than we ever did when sentimentality, loyalty, etc. played such a large role. Yesterday it would have been unthinkable to trade or let Yaz go, but not today. As soon as his pop-up ended the 1978 playoff game with the Yankees we would have been looking for ways to improve our club “now” and if there was an obvious move to be made, we’d make it. It’s taken me 30 years to embrace the free agent era. I was crushed when we let Fisk and Lynn go. I would have loved to have kept Bagwell. Seeing the likes of Clemens, Boggs, and Damon in pinstripes just kills me. And it hurt to see Nomar, Pedro, Lowe, Millar, Arroyo and several others go – but like Matt said, “you need look no further than nomar and bronson to know that sentimentality plays zero role in the F.O. decision process. theo would trade wakefield if it would really help the team.”

figured i’d let CBS sports line get in on the trade rumor fun, pulled this from there this morning…
Boston Red Sox Updated:07/26/2006

If Boston decides to make a move at the deadline, the Red Sox could dangle Wily Mo Pena in trying to land a fifth starter, the Boston Herald reports. … Padres reliever Scott Linebrink has surfaced in Red Sox trade talks, says the Boston Globe. … An American League scout told the Herald there was a rumor floating around the Red Sox were trying to trade for Philadelphia’s Jon Lieber and Pat Burrell.

Don’t know where else to post this: Those imbeciles on today’s ESPN game, babbling about how the Sox “need to make a move” — allegedly because it will “show the players they’re serious” …

Between Steve Stone (who shows why he is no longer a GM in the game with every word) and the play by play fool, they have shown absolutely NO clue about the realities. The most recent claim I heard is that Julio Lugo would replace Gonzalez at short, costing them “some defense” (understatement of all time?), but “improving offensively”. Just how do you “improve offensively” over a guy who’s been hitting almost .400 since around mid-May, including HRs and RBIs from the #9 spot?

Similarly they seem to have no concept of how, merely when Wake and Wells come back, the Sox once again would have the best 1-5 starters in baseball, and for now they seem to be patching the holes in the interim, while developing a killer set of setup guys that could mean all they need is 5 innings per outing. Gawd, these guys are dumb!

Good point. The only reason I could fathom the Sox looking at Lugo is because I think A-Gon is only signed for this year. Do they not feel confident that they can sign him again next year?
Ian, do you have any insight on that?

As far as the lineup goes, There isn’t that much help that the Sox need. Barring any injury to a key player, all 8 position players are pretty solid. Alex Cora is a solid backup that can give any one of the infielders (Except Youk) a day off and Wily Mo and Gabe are 2 very capable backups for the outfield. Wily’s defense may be suspect and it doesn’t sound like everyone is convinced that he is completely healed, so dealing Trot wouldn’t make sense unless it was for Abreu. That more than likely won’t happend due to the money owed on his contract the next few years.

I see your point regarding Wake and Wells, livlib. My concern is the next 3-4 weeks. Wells has made only 2 starts, no telling if he isn’t going to get hurt again. His fatness might contibute to him wearing down and being ineffective. I hope he’ll contribute, but it would be a risky gamble not to get a #4 or 5 based on the assumption that Wells is going to be OK. I say if the Sox have the opportunity to get Leiber or Lidle for a middle range prospect, do it.

If Wells proves he’s healthy enough the next couple of weeks, that will give Wake the opportunity not to rush back so that he can completly heal.

Of course, everything I just mentioned would be if things aligned just right so the odds of that happening are pretty slim. I just can’t wait for next Tuesday to get here so all the rumors will end and we know who we have for the rest of the year.

On another note, Willie “I will not accept a demotion to AAA because I’m too good” Harris wound up accepting his designation because there were no takers for him as a free agent. He went 2-5 with 2 doubles last night. That will be some speed that could be usefull (If he uses his head) come September.

Well, first pitch coming up… LET’S GO REDSOX, LET’S GO!!!!

To Tomandteri:
Thanks. All salient points, but careful what you say about Yaz. (Just kidding.) Remember, he popped up against Goose Gossage, the premier reliever in the game at the time.

Hey listen I’m all about putting a great team on the field, but dealing away proven players for the shiny, new, one good season variety seems a very iffy strategy, and ultimately unfair to hard working players and fan favorites. If free agency and trading goes unchecked then we’re simply rooting for uniforms not teams.

What sets us apart from many fans, particularly the Yankees, is our history of struggle. I truly believe that sometimes in losing, a greater character is built. That’s why teams like the Sox, Cubs, and Brooklyn Dodgers have a legendary history of rabid and passionate fans. The Yankees, on the other hand, have treated their fans like spoiled children providing them with every expensive toy they can find just to pacify their whiny demands for a winner.

It’s in the pursuit of victory where the pleasure comes. The actual joy of victory rarely lingers long.

Geez, I’ve even sickened myself with such philosophical poop but I’ll post it anyway.

The game is beginning. GO SOX! In fact, I take back everything cause I know I’m going to savor a victory if we win today.

At work. So had to check score on GameDay. Looks like that HBP was in retaliation for hitting Tek in yesterday’s game.

Nice 13 pitch inning by Snyder.

Will take that …Only 28 pitches for 2 innings.

They were showing some stat abt Youk during the yesterday. He is the league leader in pitches per at bat.

I love Youk’s high pitch count at bats.

Wow this is even better only 5 pitches to get out that inning.

5 pitch inning, Nice. Time to treat Haren that way we did when the visited Fenway last week. Papi, Manny, Trot, sounds like a rally to me.

LEts score some runs!

Maybe not.

Ok.. ok.. its only one run. We can easily overcome that, especially once we get to their battered bullpen if not sooner

Yep, no problem. Unfortunately that’s what happens on 2-0 counts. Good pitches to hit and big guys like Frank Thomas can do that. He has been getting ahead of most of his hitters though.

Struggling a little now. I think he can pull it out though.

Ok.. NOW I’m sweating

uh oh!! Get out of this kyle!!

K have to score some runs now.

why wasn’t cora covering second, probably wouldn’t of mattered but come on thats pretty bush league

And he’s out. Thank god. By the way.. what does everyone make of the Empire’s trading for Fasano? He’s nothign special really… When I heard about it on the radio at work I figured that maybe they were aquiring him to package him off in another trade, but I get home and see Stinett is designated for assignment…

Didn’t see it, what happened?

I saw the trade, I meant to ask what happened on the play w/Cora?
Also, Haren can be lights out when he’s on. Hopefully we can get something going soon. I’d hate to see him get in a groove.

Stinnet really stinked. His offense was really bad and his defense is not that good either.He has lowest On base % among catchers.

GSR, ground ball right over second, laretta made a nice stop on the outfield grass, cora was behind him instead of on second 9looked liek they jsut didn’t communicate;both going for the ball, but loretta got it so i’m blaming cora

Fassano is terrible too. The Yanks are desperate if they’re trading for this guy too. He might possibly be slower than Benjie Molina on the bases and might be a worse hitter than Dougie.

to late Haren’s in a grove, 62 pitches through 4, need to start fouling some off and get to the depleted bullpen (do him like the mets did prior today, 5.2 innings, 103 pitches)

OK I think it’s time to get someone up and throwing in the pen before any more damage is done.

yeah, they seem to have Snder figured him out…anyone know how many pitches he throws, and what type?

Every hit he’s giving up is a result of being down in the count. 2-0, 2-1 etc. The 5th has been rough for him in each of his outings. Need him to fight through this one.
At least with tomorrow off, we can afford to use the pen extra if necessary.

He has Thrown 69 Today Squid 41strikes28 balls!

GSR good point, we already took two in the series, might be wrth risking the loss to leave him out there and see how he handles it…

Time for a DP with Big Hurt

Oh no

thanks andy but i meant fast ball, curve, slider, like that


well he answered my ? about how he handles it


5th inning again.****** it would have been nice to go home with a sweep. Need to get some of last night’s late inning magic from the bats transferred over to today.

THis game is not looking good!

Remy made a good point about him getting hit the second time through the line-up, he might be better suited for relief, where he only has to face the line up one time

I think if we get another starter through with a trade that he would make a decent middle releiver.

totally agree, his “stuff” is untouchable until you’ve seen it

maybe gabbard (sp) will pan out, and we won’t need synder again (wells returning) except in the pen, although It would be nicer to see a little more proven 5th starter 9not an ace, just quality)

This is not looking good. Bats didn’t get put in the oven today??? Do it now…..

**** chavez is good, he’s made his own highlight real this series

Doesn’t look good and Haren seems to settle down into grove.

Snyder in fer the 6th, Tito must want to ck him out

Maybe we still have a chance. Afterall RedSox leads the majors in come from behind wins. Still a glimmer of hope.

Come on Trot, make ellen proud, bring manny around

we’ll take the walk. good eye Trot

nice hit coco, 1-5, come on dougie…

We REALLY, REALLY need a left handed bat off the bench. It’s a disgrace that we had Doug Mirabelli, batting .182, up with 2 men on and 2 out in the 7th inning. He already struck out twice against this guy and Francona sent him up again to hopelessly flail at 3 pitches.

why not pinch hit for Dougie there, either willy mo or Tek, with the day off tomorrow resting tek isn’t as important as it is on most Day following a night games?

rayman, great minds think alike

nice inning by Van Buren

Gonzo’s and tek have been hot, tomorrows a off day, Why sit them today?

bring tavarez in for the 8th, and saenez in for the ninth, see if they can build on last night

ok hansen for the 8th

SQUID:you are asking for tavarez and seanez?

down by 4 and the bats not even giving the incling of doing anything, why not. one of 2 things can happen, they can pitch like we’ve become used to and and cement the trade idea in Theo’s head, or they could pitch well and build some confidence, hopefullt leading to them making a turn around

that’s 2 really impressive innings by our pen…(I’m in a glass half full kind of mood today)

Positives? Van Buren and Hansen looked good; Snyder looked lights out for the first 3 innings (bullpen bullpen bullpen); no one got hurt; tek and gonzo willbe well rested; adn um, the gme lasted less than 3 hours…Negatves? everything else that happened…night everyone

Well MLB.COM just cut the game off while Manny was at bat. I’ve had a bad day since word go this a.m., so I guess it’s appropriate that it should finish this way. Bad day at blackrock for the boys too! i think maybe it’s time to drop (Oh I can hardly say this!!) Trot down in the order, maybe that would motivate him a little more…. Wow, that was tough. Anyway, get em on the plane, back home, rest tomorrow and all ready to go on Friday. OH!! Someone please don’t forget to load the bat warmer on the plane, we’re going to need it this weekend. Since I’m feeling like I’m getting one butt kicking cold, I’m gone for the night. Nationers, please keep me posted on any trade talk. Night y’all.

Well we got off tomorrow!Will be here friday bloggin !But then not til aug.5or 6th But going to fenway to watch the games beats bloggin about the games.

Don’t feel so down guys. It’s just one game.

Go Rangers.

I went to the Seattle games last weekend and, despite the two losses, only have one trade suggestion. It is one that I’ve had almost all year and I’ve just been waiting to see it happen. I’d like to see us trade Seanez and Tavarez for some sort of middle relief. I don’t have a good suggestion as to who that should be, and I’m suggesting this as more of a trade to let these two move on. I’m just not impressed and usually cringe when the duo is put in the game…even if we are up a few runs. Other than that, I would like to see Theo stand pat. It would be good for morale and I think that it would take advantage of the wheels that are already turning in this line-up and the comraderie that the Sox have built so far this year.

On the plus side.. the Yankees just made their 8th inning four run rally invalid. Torre mismanaged the bullpen, and the lead has been blown. I would have THOUGHT, personally, that as soon as Beam hit trouble Torre would have brought Rivera in. However its too late now so we don’t lose any ground.

Looks liek I spoke too soon. Stupid stupid me. Stupid HGHiambi.

aww poor agastald…cute name for giambi btw…

just a correction, torre did not mismanage anything. Farnsworth could not get his back loose or else he was going to pitch the 8th…rivera had pitched two days in a row so they couldn’t use him two innings…proctor was not supposed to be used for being overworked….asking 3 out of villone would be too much after he pitched yesterday….chacon had been awful till he saved us…beam was the only option for that spot and he failed. Proctor failed because he was overworked but torre had no choice.

on the bright side, beckett is looking better for u guys….do u both feel you have a formidible 1-2 punch yet? personally i think santana and liriano are kind of frightening.

The SOX could use a solid hitter in the 5 spot to help protect Manny in the lineup. Think of how good he would be hitting if they had to give him something to hit. Also I think they need one more solid starter to replace Wakefield. He is good at eating up innings, but we need someone to go out and put the other teams away once and for all. SOX WIN, YANKS OFF.

I see that Foulke might get off the DL next week. Big deal. I’ve almost written him off for the year. If Theo can find a team dumb enough to take Tavarez and/or Seanez and get us a middle reliever, I say let Foulke take the place of the Ez boys. Late inning mop up. At least with the Terrible Ez’ you know what you’re going to get—a terrible performance. With Foulke, he teases you. 2 good games in situations when we’re up 3 or 4. Then he comes in a game that’s close and explodes. We definitely do NOT need that this summer.

Today is an off day for a lot of teams. Maybe this is the day that teams will be wheeling and dealing.

If we only had enough starters, we could move Snyder to middle relief. He pitches well the first few innings every time and then seems to crash around the 4th or 5th. He would be a nice alternative to go to instead of Seanez/Tavarez.


Can’t trade Coco, first off his speed alone keeps him valuable. he was hitting great before he fractured his finger, yeah he was in a slump when he first got back but he’s starting to show signs of brilliance again. beside than what do you do next year when Trot decides to go to the yankees cause shef retired and they were willing to offer more money than the sox (that of course is a absolute wrst case scenario). I think Coco will anchor our outfeild for the next few years in a way that Willy Mo just couldn’t. Besides would you really want Willy Mo lining up on the side of Manny in the outfield, I think manny is underated for his D, but in the end he’s still manny (being manny)

No way would Coco be traded. Granted, he’s been very unreliable at the plate this year but his defense is solid. He’s coming off an injury and that could be hindering him, plus he’s young. I’d really like to see what he could do with a full year under his belt in Boston. Think about it, guy’s first year on new club, gets hurt 6 days into the season, comes back and the Sox are in first place. Think he feels a little bit of pressure to make sure he isn’t the reason the Sox lose? Just a guess, but I think that might have something to do with it.
Right now, I have no confidence with him at the plate, but you have to think about the future as well when thinking about trades.

If he doesn’t get traded and unless he takes a big time pay cut, Trot won’t be back next year. Sox have Manny, Coco and Wily Mo for the next 2 years in the outfield. Papi is signed long term. Lester, Beckett, Schill are all set for the rotation for next year with Delcarmen, Hansen and Papelbon closing it out. Things look good.

Just need to find a #5 guy that won’t cost us much in terms of prospects to get us through the next month.

The last 7games played Coco has a .300 average, the only ones on the team higher are Youk with a rediculous 391, Manny at 315 and Loretta at 309. Coco’s coming out of the slump and hitting well lately. Youk obviously is too. the big dissapointmenty is tek at 238, and Gonzo (who seemed like he’s been hitting great lately) is only at 276.

Any predictions for this home stand against Angels & Indians?

Looks like nothing is going is happen for this trade deadline. No point wasting time abt the trade deadline which is only 4 days away.

This weekend and the series agains the Indians could be tough. Escobar, Weaver, Lackey for LA. These guys have low ERA’s and the Sox tend to have trouble with those pitchers. Paul Byrd is pitching Monday and I think he shut us down last time we played. I’m not sure who else will go for them, but I’d be on Sabathia and Lee.
Lester, Beckett and Schill going to start the weekend and then it sounds like Wells on Monday. No clue who would go on Tuesday.

Just need the bats to stay hot because our pitching should be OK. Yanks play Tampa this weekend and don’t have to face Kazmir, so the Sox have to play as if the Yanks aren’t gonig to lose. I heard yesterday that Vlad is hitting .419 against lefty pitching. Tomorrow vs. Lester should be interesting.

I’d love 6 in a row, but I see 4 out of 6 happening.

Think ESPN will think twice about posting a report that at a team is “real close” to making a trade? On Monday they started the whole rumor that Soriano is going to the White Sox. 3 days later, nothing. This whole deadline deal is getting annoying. The deadline is 4PM Monday, wake me up at 5PM Monday night.

The pitching match-up for this home stand look like this.

J.Lester(5-0) Vs K.Escobar (6-9)

J.Beckett(13-5) VS J.Weaver (7-0)

C.Schilling(13-3) Vs J.Lackey (9-6)

K.Snyder(2-2) Vs P.Byrd (7-6)

D.Wells Vs C.C. Sabathia(7-7)

J.Lester Vs J.Sowers(2-3)

J.Beckett Vs J.Westbrook(7-6)

I am just hoping Wells starts on Monday.We are actually playing Cleveland 4 times not 3. So, I am assuming 5 out 7.

Yankees play Devel Rays and Toronto at home. I am assuming 4-6 for their homestand.

So, after the home stand we should again 1/2 a game.

I hope devil rays win atleast one game over the yankees

Kumar, the Yankess have a 6 game homestand, not a 10 gamer.

Oh wait I see what you mean now. 4 wins 2 losses…I thought you meant 4 wins 6 losses.

yep I meant 4 out 6.

“’s Buster Olney reports that the Boston Red Sox are working on a “large and creative deal, involving more than two teams.”

This one invloves Oakland, Mets & RedSox.Any details abt this one.

Any word on who the trade involves???

I don’t know much abt it. Mets want Zito from A’s , A’s will get Lastings milledge and I have not idea where the RedSox come into picture here.

Report says more than 2 teams are involved so guess the Phillies are involved as well.May be someone with more info can throw more light on this.

I was thinking about one today, and the more I think about it the more I like it:
Nixon(BOS)+cash considerations Saarloos(OAK)

Oakland needs a bat, Nixon is an impact bat(esp against righties), with a good OBP that could aid a struggling offense almost devoid of left handed hitting. At the same time with 2 back up outfielders(one of which is an everyday player) the Sox can afford to deal him.

Saarloos(3-6/era: 5.12/whip: 1.59) Is a pitcher whos numbers are not so overwhelming that the A’s can afford to trade. He would do well with the Sox offense behind him, and provided proven, decent ML pitching in a 4 or 5 spot. When Wake returns he could work as a long man, and be an insurence policy if the teams position on Well’s is overly optimistic. Also, as a young 4-5 starter he is highly tradeable in the offseason.

The only problem with it doug is, the stark report and just about everyone else on ESPN insider says it’s Willy-Mo on the block and not Nixon (as reported from teams that the Sox have contacted) a horible decision if it’s true, way to much POTENTIAL with Willy Mo. Tehy also report that there are a few other names the Sox are floating (everyday players)that are available in the right situations, there not giving any names, just that people would be suprised…

“The Red Sox feel a lot more desperation to add a back-of-the-rotation starter after watching Kyle Snyder, in a loss to Oakland, allow five runs for the third time in five starts.

The Boston Herald, citing an American League scout as its source, reports that the Sox are exploring a deal for both Jon Lieber and Pat Burrell of the Phillies. Such a deal would most likely involve Wily Mo Pena, whom the club is now actively trying to move in return for any pitcher.”

You know, come to think of it Wily Mo in a deal that gets us Lieber AND Burrell, might not be such a bad deal. It depends on who else might be involved as well. Jon Lieber I believe would be a great 5th man in the rotation, hes no ace, but he gives us a much better chance of winning than snyder does every 5th day. Also, Burrell has never lived up to his potential, but hes also a solid pick up. More Power than Trot (20 HR’s) and would be a possible potent 5th batter. Wily Mo has a lot of potential but if he can help get us a few players that will make an impact down the stretch and can make in impact with the club in the future, I say go for it

Looks like we have to to wait until monday to see if any deals took place. Until then all we can do is keep guessing.

I really do not think that we should trade Wily Mo. Hes a young player who already has been compared to Ortiz and Ramirez. If we have to let go of an outfielder i hate to say it but I think it should be Trot. Burrell is having a pretty good year and is batting cleanup for the Phillies so yes he would be a potent 5th batter. But, also isnt Bobby Abreau on the block and on the Phillies does anyone think it would be him instead of Burrell. I wouldn’t mind that.

Carlos Lees is trades to the Rangers from Milwauke Brewers along with Cordero and a prospect.I think this tilts the AL West slightly towards Rangers. I was wondering why the RedSox didn’t go after Carlos Lee. We could have given up Nixon, Seanez(and Tavarez) for Lee who hit 28 homers already this year.

Lee would have been a nice fit in the RedSox clean-up spot.

Can’t we deal the Ez bros to some other team. Maybe we should give a “buy one get one free” deal to get rid of these EZ bros.Buy Seanez and get Tavarez for free or vice versa.

with all these talks of trades, i have a good one for everyone. why don’t the redsox trade terry francona to any team, for lets say their equipment manager. this guy has to go! if this guy ever feels any sense of urgency, i hope someone lets me know. how do you “rest” your starting catcher and shortstop the day before a day off, when the yankees are gaining ground with almost half their team missing? if jim leyland was managing this team, they would have a ten game lead on the yankees right now. terry figured they’d won the first two games , so 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. the redsox need to win every game, if they are going to make the playoffs. the season is not as long as he thinks it is. time for terry to go, and he didn’t win the world series in 2004, the players did.

I’ve been critical of Terry quite a few times this year in regards to certain decisions he’s made, even more so on moves that he hasn’t made. Certain relief pitchers being used as certain points/not squeezing when certain people are up that were mired in terrible slumps only to have them pop up during that at bat, etc.
I can’t complain about Doug catching on Wednesday, though. Tek is going to catch Schill, Beckett and Lester. He’s built rapport with them all season long and they feel comfortable with him. Mirabelli is here for one reason only, catch Wakefield. Well, Wake is out for a while so Terry can’t keep Doug on the bench until Wake comes back so the only time he’s going to play is when our 4 or 5 starter is going. It’s an offensive liability when Mirabelli plays, but with the off day Thursday and Lester, Schill and Beckett going Fri-Sun, Doug wouldn’t have played in over a week and a half if he didn’t play Wednesday.

What I do have a problem with, and someone mentioned it on Wednesday, is the fact that with 2 on and the only rally of the day going, Francona left Doug in to hit vs. the same pitcher he already struck out twice against. A few weeks ago when Doug got the big HR agains KC, I think we would have all been chastising Francona if Doug made an out that at bat. It wasn’t a good situation for him to be hitting in, he just got lucky and had a big hit. There is no way a .189 hitter should be in the game with men on base in a game that’s close in the 7th inning or later. That, I have a problem with as a fan.

That being said, Boston is a tough town media and fan wise. I can’t remember any managers here that could handle the media/pressure/constant attention as well as Tito has.

I just think he sometimes relies on his hunches and feelings too much instead of game strategy. I can think of 4 or 5 games this year that his continuance to believe in the terrible EZ’ has cost the Sox a game.

Big one tonight. Take down Santana and let’s hope Lester can go more than 5 with less than 100 pitches.

Andy Marte is promoted to the Majors by Indians today. Every redsox fan is concerned that arroyo/pena was a disaster. I would say coco/marte trade is an even bigger disaster. Coco has been such a disaster so far this season. He was supposed to be the leadoff guy and he can’t get on base even at the very bottom of the order. Some say he is in slump, but slump for 3 months. He is a serial(cereal) Rally killer.Why is this guy even in the team. Why can Tito play Wily mo in the CF and bench Coco. Wily mo is hitting over .300 and he’s got more power.

coco should be in the leadoff spot but his manager has never heard of the words, “bunt-steal-or sacrifice”. i would have loved to see the sox get carlos lee and convert him into a first baseman.

you really think ur taking 5 of 7 with those pitching matchups? jeez i would think 4-3 tops…lester splits his two, schilling will prob win, i can’t see beckett beating weaver, esp if ur taking lester to go 8-0. And who knows what ur getting out of wells? Yankees prob do go 4-2 though.

btw nixon will never be a yankee, yankees already have an outfield for next year with cabrera being the right fielder when hopefully shef doesn’t return. Unless the deadline changes that but either way nixon has no role for the yankees now or ever.

I must have missed the post, but when did anyone say anything about Nixon going to the Yankees?

Hey yankee,

The Sox are playing at home. So, it’s not unrealistic to predict 5 out of 7.Just to let you know Sox have the 2nd best record at home next only to Minnesota Twins.

And all the redsox pitchers(including Beckett) have pitched very well at FenWay

gosoxred, it was up there a little ways.

kumar, yeah i’m aware of the sox home record. Your last home stand you were 4-3 and faced anemic oakland and royal offenses. Being at home gives you a push in what should be close games, it does not, however, explain pummeling an indians staff featuring westbrook byrd sabathia and their own successful rookie with pitchers like snyder lester and wells back from an injury…regardless of how underachieving the tribe has been…and that is assuming lester wins his first game against escobar, schilling continues success and beckett beats the angels own undefeated pitcher who has been far more successful in terms of numbers than lester

which 5 games if you had to guess, do you actually feel you would win?

I think we win agains against Sabathia, Westbrook, Escobar, whoever Schilling pitches against, and i think that Weaver finally meets his match against the Sox due to not enough run support from the Angels.

Just read that Jason Johnson pitched 2 hit ball over 7 innings in AAA last night. Please dear God don’t let the Sox be foolish enought to think that because of that outing he deserves another shot in the rotation. As unconventional and ridiculous as it sounds, I’d rather have Snyder pitch 4 solid like he’s been doing then test the luck with the pen for 5 innings. Of course that won’t happen, but with Johnson the game is over in the 1st inning. At least Snyder keeps the Sox in the game for 5. Too far ahead to think anyway. Let’s just hope the The Large Round Lefty on the Mound gives a solid injury free performance on Monday.

I can see lester splitting the two (esp if u want to use the logic weaver has met his match) schilling winning and even beckett winning both since they are at home…but sabathia wells? Wells off of injury, i don’t know maybe you guys know something I don’t but i think that game will be a disaster.

I know Indians have very good offense but they defense is absolutely pathetic. The Angels defense is 2nd worst in the whole of MLB. Red Sox should be able to take 2 out of 3 against Angels & 3 out of 4 against Indians. That’s come to 5 out of 7 on the home stand. Yankee, I guess you must be refering to the Indians rookie Sowers. His record is 2-3 with an era of 4.72 and one of his 2 wins was against yankees at Cleveland.

sowers is highly touted not just by the indians organization and yes i am aware of that game, wins are overrated on a rookie, take lester for example. He has done well no doubt but he should have lost by now, u can’t do that when u pitch 5, maybe 6 solid innings (save the royals game) and get tremendous run support, but I doubt lester takes down both sowers and escobar…esp if you’re gonna bank on weaver at 7-0 with a stellar era losing.

plus who knows what the trade deadline does for anaheim and cleveland…and also urselves

I hope they don’t trade anyone for one major reason: Aside from Willis, there’s nothing out there I want! Lieber? Please. Willie Mo has a great future with this team. Do NOT trade him. I know Trot’s having a quiet 300 year, but can we please hold onto some of the old sox who know how to play the game? I think he’s one of them!

We can win the pennant with Schill and Beckett at the top of the rotation. The relief is good, Wake and Wells should come back and along with Lester, that should be enough. The key, in my view, is Beckett. He needs to be more consistent. But there isn’t anyone out there I want. So I would stand pat.

“he should have lost by now”

Just because you say so doesn’t mean he should have lost.Sowers might be highly touted, that doen’t mean Lester is any less touted.Do you know that the Rangers were asking for Lester during the talks for A-Rod deal and Red Sox were reluctant to send Lester even though they might have got ARod.

ginod…as odd as this is from a yankee point of view if i am the redsox i would stand pat offensively as well….nixon is fine and is bonafied in the playoffs…assuming u make it. Beckett is the key, but I have a strong feeling wells does nothing and i dont think anyone here thinks clement helps (is he comign back this season?) That said I think you need a 5 man with lester being the 4th esp with wake and wells coming off injury. But that is just me. Yankees need a 5 starter unless chacon can build off his houdini act in texas. I would take lieber but id rather have redmond from the royals…just remember, cano and matsui are guarantees to come back, shef a probably and who knows with dotel…pavano should be back but **** him. Yankees are going to improve on offense with no deal made.

reluctant maybe but they still pulled the trigger. The only reason it didn’t work was money and nothing else, you were also prepared to send manny out of there, don’t use that trade as any kind of leverage with lester.

lester 5 runs in 5 innings vs mariners, 4.1 3 runs vs texas (with a 6.23 era at the time)and besides the royals he has not gotten past 6 innings in his last 10 appearances…he should have lost. This isn’t me saying it, those are facts. Granted he keeps the other teams down most of the time, but he taxes the bullpen, he is a cherry picking winner.

The one thing I don’t get, Vince, is that you keep predicting Lester to lose. Eventually you are going to be right. No one will go undefeated. The Texas game you are talking about was his major league debut and that was after he waited through a 2 hour rain delay. The Seattle game was the first one that he gave up more than 2 runs in. But that was in front of his hometown friends and family. Nerves could have had something to do with it.
It is a problem that he throws too many pitches, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s lucky to be escaping with wins. That’s why you have a good bullpen, to hold on to those wins. He’ll get his pitch count down, just like he’ll lose a game or 2 eventually.

But to just keep saying he’s going to lose isn’t going too far out on a limb. That’s like me predicting every time that Moose takes the hill that he’s going to get hit hard. It might take 7 starts, but I’ll eventually be right.

I totally respect your opinion, but when it comes to Lester I think it might more wishful thinking on your part that he’ll fail than actual credit to his perseverance.

i already said i give him credit for his perserverance, but to not go past 6 innings every start is “shaky”. When you are shaky for a period of time you are bound to start turning some no decisions/high run support wins, into losses. Yes, logically it makes sense, he has not lost, he will lose, but I didn’t say im making any predictions here. All i said was i predict him to not win both of his games on this homestand, and by the sound of it, u seem to be in agreement. I never said “oh man, i am so knowledgable that i bet you jon lester is going to lose soon” i said i am expecting him realistically to split on the homestand. It is the people arguing with me that are the wins taking the bigger risk and saying he will win both…though that could be a smaller risk since he hasn’t lost yet, dependingon what you make out of it.

I wouldn’t want to use “nerves” as a reason for poor performance, because your not giving him much of a chance when he is officially thrown into the rivalry then, are you?

I concede that I might have been off on the part that Seattle was the first game that Lester gave up over 2 runs. I didn’t look up his stats and just went off memory.

The texas was lester’s debut and had to wait “4 hours and 47 minutes”.

Abt Wells, we don’t know what to expect of him , no one knows for that reason. But he looks very very determined to go out there and win some games.We will get Wakefeild back and also Foulke back. Wake and Foulke should be back by mid august or may be even before that. And Sheff & Matsui are going to be back only in september at the least.

nope, you’re correct. That was the first start…minus the texas game. However, one way of looking at it is he has 4 quality starts over a span of 10 total and is 5-0…6 non quality starts and none of them were losses….now will people start to understand this is noy just my opinion and he should have probably lost one of those 6…not to mention he was safe on all 4 quality starters, only one of which was more than 6 innings?

kumar perhaps different reports, but matsui is back september 1st at the LATEST. his target date is august 20th. shef is due not too much beyond that…I have no idea on foulke but wake was due to come back mid august at the earliest according to yahoo fantasy sports. Cano should be back mid august as should dotel, but coming off tommy john we don’t know what to expect or how many more setbacks he will have.

Vince, I don’t know where you look at for Lester’s stat he only had 9 starts not 10. He won 5 of them, Didn’t give more than 2 runs in any game except the seattle game and the dbut texas game. And none of the games Lester pitched was a bad start(including the Seattle game). The games in which Lester didn’t win may not be quality starts but they are not “non quality starts”. I think they only defined “Quality Starts”. No one defined “Non Quality Starts”. The one’s lester didn’t win may not be quality starts but they are not bad starts.

GSR…I made the comment about Nix going to the Yankees, but it was said in jest, I was kidding, didn’y realize my words were that powerful, but it was yankees fans that took it seriously so u got to take it with a grain aof salt ( I mean the true yankees fans were brought up having bad taste in teams)

I still stand by my prediction for the home stand. 5 out of 7. Lester wins both. Beckett splits. Schilling wins. We have to win 1 out of Wells & Snyder to hit my prediction of 5 wins.

lol kumar im not asking u to change it, that is why it is a prediction, i was just questioning how you arrived at your answer. a non quality start is defined as “not a quality start” therefore less than 6 innings is not a quality start, it is the bare minimum for a win. The way quality start is flawed is a pitcher who goes say 8 or 9 innings and gives up 4 earned, that to me is more quality than 6 innings and 3 earned but lester does not fit in that category to begin with…my stats were from He has had 10 appearances, whether one was in relief or not there are 10 listed.

squid, your words had no impact on my personal life because i expected it was either a joke or an awfully misguided rumor, so there was no power behind it. I don’t define bad taste in teams as me personally seeing four world championships when nobody on their blog has seen two from their team, so excuse me while i take offense to another “joke”.

I suppose if you wanted to take offense to that comment you can say “well i dont consider a good team buying their championships” or “yeah i bet your a front runner” in which case i would then have to bring up the 2004 redsox roster and point out how many of those players were not homegrown/that the sox are not exactly a small market club/yankee stadium is about 20,000 seats bigger and it makes sense they would have more money to spend with all those extra playoff games over the redsox and my family has been yankee fans since we came to america in the early 1900’s and i was born in ny and blah blah blah but i doubt ull have to bring that up

lol and this is not a matter of me being disrespectful, I never outwardly critcize a redsox fan’s taste in team unless it is out of defense. Me and gosoxred have never had issues and plenty of disagreements and some of my best friends are redsox fans. I love fenway park (just not watching the yankees play in it) and i love the redsox historic traditions, but in no way would i ever see an argument that makes them a better franchise over my own team.


“Non quality start” can be very cover lot of things. Even very bad outings(Example 1 inning 10 runs), very good outings but not quality starts(5 innings 0 runs) all fall under Non quality starts. So, the term “Non quality start” may be very misleading. There is a difference between a start being “Non Quality start” and “a start not being a Quality Start”.

By the way the RedSox are 7-2 in the Games Lester pitched. I checked on and few other sites and Lester made only 9 starts not 10.

Yankeevnm, ypiu can take all the offens you want it was a joke, the red sox Yankee rivalryhas been going on for many years and your sensitivity or nonsensitivity to it is prety much irrelevant… I will make fun of the yanks till the day i die as i hope you will do the same to the sox. that’s not saying I have no respect for what the yanks have done and in the right moment would even defend there history, but after al this is a Sox buletin board so when i say the yankees **** it is the right forum for my opinion (lets be serious, only a fool would not be impressed with the yankees ability to keep this a race afterthe injuries they’ve sufered, still doesn’t mean my opinion of the orginazation should change

Just wanted to keep track of how many games are still left in the season and went through the schedule and came up with the following


HOME 36 32 25

AWAY 26 31 35

TOTAL 62 63 60

I don’t think Toronto is going to make it to the playoffs(not with their away record) but they will be a factor in the race.

ah yes, there it is, 9 starts. I agree a non quality start can be misleading but lester did not have many misleading starts to begin with. The guy is simple, he will make your bullpen work at least three innings, half the time four innings and generally gives up 2 runs or less over a span of five or six innings. Like i said, he has tremendous perserverance but by no means is dominating or someone to rely on down a stretch…as of now. Now, one of two things will happen, as the scouting reports come out he will either start to get hit around more (along with when other teams face him more than once), or he will make adjustments and become even better. But because he is a rookie, i see those adjustments taking place next year, i would think his numbers will suffer as this year goes on and the league gets to know him since he is not dominating them to begin with, but who knows, maybe he is savvy too. Hopefully, for your sakes the problem is not dependent upon nerves because then this guy will be eaten alive by a patient yankee hitting team (he is out after 5 against teams that are not nearly as good at working counts), the very rivalry will destroy him, and he would be ineffective in the playoffs, assuming he was a starter, if it is nerves that are this guys problem.

i stopped reading your comments cause you have always seemed an intelligent rival, however, when we say the yankees have bought there championships, why is that an insult, very few of us are saying they overpaid for everyone…buyn the championship to me means they offered a little (stress little) more than market value to get the players they wanted, we’re not saying it’s wrong, however how do you argue against it…if you need an example look at Damon, as good as he is tell me yopu can’t think of 3 CF’s who don’t deerve it more

Have to go. Will be back before the game.

lol squid, if you didn’t say yankees ******, and i didnt make fun of you guys for never winning titles there would be no rivalry. I don’t have issues with you saying yankees **** on the yankee blog either, just be prepared to defend urself, just like I am here, and i am a lot lighter on people like fagan who comes to harrass us and then looks dumb when we do the complete opposite of his predictions, than others are.

lol I’m a college student (as im sure fagan if he ever comes back will point out that i am pointing it out again) I can take **** and i can dish it out, particularly in this rivalry, I’m just making sure you are not one of those blind following redsox fans that like the team because they have cool colors or jason varitek has a sexy goatee…because those fans, on the yankee side or redsox side, are both annoying.

squid that would depend on what team’s fans is saying it, it is my personal belief that everybody buys their teams if they want success…unless you are the marlins and put together a winning team every 6 years only to dismantle it and upset ur fans for another half decade. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, but there is a diff between you saying we buy our rings with the outlook of it is not a bad thing, and it is a whole diff story when other fans say we buy our rings and truly believe every player we had during our championships were from another team’s system.

our core has always been homegrown and I believe always will be. I have no issue about any team paying extra to keep their players and the yankee point of view on damon is we paid him what he should have been paid and the redsox didn’t care enough to keep him…or else how do you explain arroyo? He takes a pay cut to stay and you guys trade him the yankees it is disrespectful not to pay out for your guys, to you guys it is some sort of cheating for us to “steal” players from other teams at will. Damon filled a hole and if the redsox were not going to pay up for him, well then that is a business no brainer to get him, isn’t it?

kumar, even afte rthe jays played they can beat both of us, i still don’t believe in them, they have the hardest schedule and it is mostly on the road.

Well yankee, being a guy (squid has nothing to do with the navy as much as it has to do with Lavergne (sp) and shirley; long story. tek’s goatee never really meant a **** thing to me. this rivalry is the reason the sox sell out every game, if i didn;t get to trash people like you what fun would it be 9and if you didn’t have the comebacks you do it would be even more boring)so the back and forth wpon’t stop cause I firmly believe the yankees **** (when rooting from my heart, we won’t discuss when I actually use my B-Ball knowledge) because that is what i have been trained to believe and the best phsyco therapist couldn’t change that opinion… nad how boring would it be if he did

I figured you were probably male, hence why i threw the “colors” into that too…not that too many men like teams for their colors but you get the point. It is in my blood to defend the yankees immediately (mostly because we have so much artillery to throw at any team considering nobody has 10 titles yet besides the yankees who have 26). So you’re right it takes two to tango, I would think, unless the redsox win every year for the next two decades it will always be redsox fans spewing hatred for the yankees and yankees fans putting the redsox back in their place with the proverbial hammer of history..that probably is the best definition for “rivalry” that and the head to head classics didn’t hurt either.

yankee, I agree 100%, but only cause I leave for mid-tour in 6 days and will be back in the wonderful USA (anyone who doughts it come live in Korea for 6 months) If everyone was logical when it came to sports we would stop watching, the illogicalness (a word i just made up) is what keeps us interesed, we liek the drama (need proof, how much talk is going on about trades that will probably never happen)…But in the end all that matters is that on the 14th of August I will be back in Fenway for the first time in 10 years (not to mention that on the 23 and 24 i will be in Anaheim to watch the sox there) and if anyone has any other sox games they can’t make between the 8th and the 17th this poor soul who is defending the country (got use whatever sypathy I can get) would be more than happy to take them off there hands for face value (but not much more I mena we really don’t get paid that well)

hahah another reason sports is so great. I can trash talk a real hero….and not feel guilty. Unfortunately i went to fenway once this year and thatll be it barring any lucky offers so i cant help u out there (btw yankees beat redsox 7-5 and i am 14-1 career vs redsox..yeah you hate me now dont u) Good luck with everything im gonna go excercize and then mentally prepare for the devil rays announcers

the best way to deal with the DR’s announcers is wth ear plugs…and stay the **** away from fenway om the 14th…

Oh yeah and not a hero, we just do our job…mne beig to keep the jets in the air

Hey Nationers, Did any one receive a request from Ian for MORE time off, I haven’t even seen him checking in to comment all week. I still think he needs an assistant!!! This guy just has too many irons in the fire. Seriously, I wonder what his insiders tell him re the trade rumours/deadline.

I was just looking at Escobars stats, his pitch count seems to be increasing alot each month as are the amount of walks that he issues. I hope that Lester can keep his count down and stay ahead of the batters. on a lighter note I hope some one remebered to load the bat warmer on the plane the other night, and that they’ve put ALL the bats in there on HIGH!!!



haha awesome….haha yeah my best friend’s gf brought me to my first fenway game (wright vs wakefield) and she had said she had been to about 30 yankees redsox games and only seen the redsox lose twice… (her dad has corporate seats) and i said i had only seen the yankees lose once and our universes would have to collide. Well needless to say a rod hit a 3 run homer and mannys 3 run homer wasn’t good enough and yankees prevailed…so I guess i have serious positive karma for the yankees or something. It took pedro to show me a yankee loss to the redsox april of 04 when he outfield vazquez 2-0.

devil ray announcers are horribly biased, i remember right before the as break they had a 15 minute rant of how crawford should be an allstar but didnt address the fact mussina, schilling hafner and liriano had yet tomake the team.

Don’t sell yourself short squid. Anyone over there defending our right while we are here blogging away deserves all the credit in the world. Props to you and all you do.

Vince is right about the DRay announcers being annoying.

From the baseball package I’ve got to hear quite a few in the American League.

Worst Homers in the League:

1.)White Sox-Never played a team that deserved any credit. Every call against them is a bad one.

2) Detroit-They spent 20 minutes salivating over a slide into 2nd base. Enough said

3) Tampa-Granted they took 3 or 4 from us, but for some reason they think they are world beaters.

Heading out to play some poker. Game will be on in the background. Have a good night everyone.

rangers trade mench and some other to the Brewers for Carlos Lee. The big ? does anyone actually care about either team…

gosoxred, dont know if u noticed but id say nationals announcers are probably 2nd worst to the whitesox, then tampa then texas….i am yet to hear detroit but i can imagine how bad they are.

PS (it usually starts a good fight between the sox/Pats fans)Pats Training camp starts today, and maroney signed…

Sorry yankee but no matter how bad any anouncer is, if i have to here “he gone” one more time i honestly might kill someone (and just a warning it will probably be a Yankee fan, I know they have nothing to do with it but what the ****)

Hey Yankeevmm, wow, so you think that Tek has a sexy goatee?? What does the Redsox girlfriend think about that????

haaha PURELY AN EXAMPLE ELLEN…i happen to hate varitek’s goatee haha…hmm maybe kapler? is good looking? I don’t know no offense but i mean i know they are good at baseball but that team is so ugly. lol the gf has nothing to say about it but u can bet she is a tek fan

1) Yankees pay more money than anybody else. But it is not different from any other business or employer in NYC. Pay’s are typically 20 to 30% higher in NYC. And if you are working for the most prestigious organization in the country, you expect to be paid more than ur counterparts in other organizations because you need to sustain the excellence of the organization because you are putting urself in a more challenging and demanding position.

JD/ any other free agents yankees paid a lot of money for is not a rookie who’s trying to make a name for himself. They have proven to people that they can get the job done. And it is a open market. Everybody can bid. The yankees dont overpay anybody. They just outbid the competition. And the yankees owe it to their fans because they are still profitable.

How can you put a value on how much a player is worth? Demand and Supply. Right? So the pay of player makes sense only within the circumstances he was signed. Just take the case of Farnsworth. Another season, he may not get the same money if the market had more relievers available. But not this year.

And finally, the appraisal. Estimating how much a player is worth is not an exact science. It is the buyer’s estimation of how much he’s worth for his team (with emphasis on “for his team”.

Because of all the factors above and because the yankees have a lot of money, they did what they did. You can only say the yankees can do other teams cannot afford to do. But you cant say they over pay people. Every team over/under estimates players at times. Not just the yankees. But we have a way of fixing our mistakes because of the money available to spend. Thats all there is to it.

GSR & Vince:
The tiger announcers are normally decent. They obviously root for the Tigers but they call the plays fairly. May be they just tend to be biased when playing against Yankees/Sox because they get most attention. Otherwise they are fair.

Yank Ind, that is the longest post i have ever seen challenging someone who was actually supporting your team…Bravo…I was just making the point that Darth Vadar ( no not some star wars geek or anything but evil empire is Star Wars. Right? thought it fit) ie stienbrenner(sp) is willing to more than value to getr the players he wants, yankees fans are sensitve about it, but me as a Sox fan would be more than happy to pay 2 or 3 $ more per ticket if it meant we could get a great player that might put us over the luxury tax (got to love the fact that somthing that ***** so much is called a luxury tax)

and it’s not like I give the yankees much support, I thought u’d have my bck on that one. Oh well in the end the yankees still ****

Here we go again!!! Another rain delay. You know the Marlins down here are forever talking about a dome stadium due to weather. The Sox have far more rain outs than the fish do!!

How bad is it raining, any chance of getting the game in (I got off work at midnight nd am waiting up to watch the game [it’s 8am on sat here]

well from the weather report, htings don’t look good

yep,AFN (armed Forces Network) is playing the sox game, well would be playing the soxgame if there was a sox game!!!

Squid: I am with you on paying the 2 or 3 dollars more to better your team. Thats exactly why my three favorite sports owners are George, Mark Cuban and Dan Snyder (even though the redskins stink, he does his job).

a quick p.s.>>> I don’t want anyone to think that I want them to change one thing about the Grand Dame of Baseball, Fenway Park. If it aint broke, don’t fix it, even if it might be, still don’t change a thing.

Yeah i get bad sox Vs Orials, happy happy Joy Joy

OH Ellen dear, trust me I’m not saying aything about changing Fenway, if they ever try I’ll be the first one chained to the park when the bulldozers come

Yankee Ind, you didn’t mention Kraft, now that’s the consumate owner, lets the coach coach and doesn’t pressre the coach to grab a young Manning, like he’ll last with that O-Line

I do not have any opinion abt him other that he is smart. I cant like somebody thats always successful. I like failures as mush as I like successes.

This is what tv analysts say abt the 1st inning:
If we win, we got a clutch hit with 2 outs.

If we lose, we left 2 guys on base.

Sry guys. Wrong blog.

we could trade lowell to SD to get linebrink, move youk to 3rd and put WMP at 1st so we can keep trot in RF (even though it would be dumb to trade the 2006 comeback player of the year and gold glove winner for a set-up man

does anyone have an appx start time or any info on the game??

Let’s not trade Lowell!! He’s got fraet d with a more than adequate bat

fraet d=great d sorry, frustrated over delay! again!

If tonights game is rescheduled, do you think that they’ll play a doubleheader tomorrow or Sunday? That would really stink, I don’t know how many more days we have left where make up games can be rescheduled, we’re already making up one with NY in August (I think).

First pitch scheduled at 9:05., Which is less than 10 minutes from now.

ELLEN:My gameday says warmup and it has been saying rain delay so they may start soon

gameon!!!!!!! LET’S GO REDSOX, LET’S GO!!!


That run down could be a swing in momentum…. It’s only a break if you take advantage of it!!!

wouldn’t it be ironic if lester went MORE than 6 innings and you guys LOST?

btw only becausei don’t see it on here, yankees won 6-0 and wang pitched a 2 hit complete game shutout. A rod had an rbi


and if you lose….. .5 games.

Andy: when do you leave for Fenway???

Has anyone noticed after Lesters follow through and is off the mound, he kind of skips?? Nickname time: jon SKIPPY lester.

Hello everybody. Just got here. What did I miss? Ohhh…I see. A silly spankees fan got lost in the wrong blog.

” Josh Beckett tops the majors in most home runs allowed (28), and is also sporting an ugly 6.17 ERA in 12 road starts.” ..

wrong maybe, lost? not a chance, I am a regular more than you are tom….and teri…vik don’t forget beckett now officially gives up an earned run more than wang in total per game..they now have nearly the same record (wang 12-4) beckett (13-5) yet the redsox 1-2 punch is supposed to be the say all and all.

It is only the say all and all if they keep liriano santana out of it…jesus those guys are scary

OMG!!! another spankees fan! This is like those idiot liberals who phone into The Rush Limbaugh show. Shouldn’t you guys be hanging out with the rest of the obnoxious new yorkers?


tomandteri do you see anybody else here being disrespectful and obnoxious about a rivalry? No, i didn’t think so, everybody else has some maturity when discussing baseball. Grow up.

Until Ian asks me to leave personally, it is not happening, especially not when fagan comes on running his mouth every once in awhile…shouldn’t you be at the stadium to watch your team lose?

Tom and Teri:
This is not ur grand dad’s estate. If you dont like what you see here. Stop coming here. Or shut the f up and mind ur business.

Sry other sox fans and every body else on the blog INCLUDING Fagan.

I don’t mind you hanging out in here. Maybe you’re trying to better yourself. Can’t be at the stadium. Would love to, but it’s kind of difficult living in Arizona.

Hmmmm. Yankee Indian is kind of touchy, isn’t he? Here I thought he was talking trash to get under the Nation’s skin, but it looks like it doesn’t take much to get him fired up.

The only spin on bettering myself in here i can come up with is seeing all the weaknesses redsox nation feels about their own team. Otherwise it is another group of people who mostly know their baseball. Kind of tough hanging out with the “obnoxious” new yorkers, whom i’m sure you have never been around living in arizona and are just buying into ignorant stereotypes…when i live in florida…oh wait, no it’s not.

Well just cut off the feed; 2nd game in a row!! now i’m getting pisst, still on hold with them, pls keep me updated, and hey guys, pls play nice!!

I dont mind some trash as long as you sound like you are trash talking. Trash talk yankees all you want as long as you dont question where I go.

ellen 2 on 1 out top 6 for the angels, 1-1 tie….lowell just caught a hard liner to save a run.

now lester should have gotten lucky again with a dp but fat face youkilis couldnt stay on the bag and the player was safe…3rd and 1st 2 out

Actually I’ve lived in New Jersey. A lot of my relatives are obnoxious New Yorkers. There are good and bad everywhere, and even though some of my best friends are Spankee fans, there’s still a lot of obnoxious ones out there. You, on the other hand, vmm, seem to be okay. Yankee Indian comes right out with profanity, though. naughty naughty.

Actually I’ve lived in New Jersey. A lot of my relatives are obnoxious New Yorkers. There are good and bad everywhere, and even though some of my best friends are Spankee fans, there’s still a lot of obnoxious ones out there. You, on the other hand, vmm, seem to be okay. Yankee Indian comes right out with profanity, though. naughty naughty.

vlad steals…3rd and 2nd 2 out

tomandteri i just moved to florida 2 months ago from nj…where did u live? All my relatives are obnoxious (i hate brooklynites in my family, and long island people all think they are the ****..but they are also mostly mets fans)

ellen, lester, (brace urself) got out of the jam, 1-1 bottom 6

vmm – I lived in central New Jersey – Kendall Park and Somerset.

btw kumar if u ever read this…sowers complete game shutout 5 hits today…have fun.

hahahah tom…..i lived in kingston in south brunswick. and before that west windsor-plainsboro

Almost my entire family graduated from South Brunswick High School. I escaped when I was eight years old, but did go back for a year when I was 28.

2 things.

1) I do not have to be nice to somebody who labels people as obnoxious if they say some thing, you dont like.

2)Trust me, thats how bad Beckett is. I know it hurts you. But that is the truth.

tom i graduated from there too haha. that is too funny…i am 19 though, so this happened in 2005 lol, pretty recent.

ellen i haven’t been paying attention but i would think manny did somethign since he is on 3rd and ortiz was on first….and redsox lead 2-1

Looks like Y/I is back. 13 wins isn’t hurting me. Once Becket gets to know the AL hitters better…and he will…we’ll just see how “bad” he is over the next three years. I’m quite certain that Torre would like to have him.

Actually, there is an second side to the coin. Once the AL hitters gets to know Beckett. They’ll hit him better. I’ve seen what Beckett has done thorugh his career. He makes a very good 3rd starter. Nothing more. If you count on hime being your ace. I’ll be really happy for the next 3 or 4 years.

the door swings both ways….once hitters know beckett better he may get hit harder. It makes more sense that when healthy his numbers benefited from being in a pitchers park in a pitchers division in a pitchers league, more than he doesn’t know hitters yet the hitters somehow know him.

If it will take him three years I don’t think torre will be missing him too much with wang hughes and clippard in the rotation, all of whom will be younger and as highly or more highly touted than beckett.

vmm – only 19? Wow! and you are so much more mature than Y/I. My brothers and sister’s all graduated from there in the 60’s and early 70’s. Tell me…are there still references to the “Versitile Onion”? That was a comic strip or something that my sister wrote in the school newspaper. I know there was still talk about it in the 80’s.

wang wasn’t highly touted, he’s just putting up better numbers in his 2nd year…i guess he is learning the hitters?

no tom i never ever heard of that and i was an editor for the viking vibe (was that the name back then? It may have changed when the schools combined)

I doubt it was called the “vibe” way back then. I think it was called “Valhalla”

Did you notice who has been attacking personally. Who got under who’s skin. And you do not even say them straight to me.

ellen angels tie it at 2 in the 7th 1 out 1st and 2nd.

thanks guys, I got the feed back after 40 minutes on hold. I appreciate it!!

valhalla was the name of my senior yearbook but i guess that would make sense…I am pretty sure the paper became the viking vibe in 2001 or so. I didn’t go there until 2004 when i was a junior because i went to wwp the first two years. The vibe has come a long way…it is now in color, 12 pages, and won 3rd place for best newspaper for our sized school in central jersey or some ****…pretty good stuff. I used to write op eds, most notably comparing the school to a prison…that got some faculty on my case.


oh btw kumar, that was sowers 2nd consecutive shutout, one of five players since 1990 to do that, but he’s a pushover he only beats the yankees, right? yeah, like i said, have fun with him, I am sure wells who hasn’t pitched in months, is overweight and over 40 will be fine against him

My goodness! Y/I is still seething. Get a clue, pal…take a lesson from vmm. If you don’t want anybody to get your goat, don’t let them know where it is tied.

Back to Beckett, vmm…most of what I’ve been hearing and reading tells me that he’s just so cocky that he thinks he can always blow it by everybody. Sometimes he can, but those homers happen when he can’t. He’s still learning how to pitch, but he’s got all of the tools. I like our chances with him.

lol im not saying the guys a piece of ****, i’m simply saying I think, actually like vik said, he is a 3, maybe a two starter, but with schilling publically announcing he is retiring after 07, I wouldn’t count on him as an ace….ellen u may want to turn this game off and accept a half a game lead. thank god, lester better freaken end up with this loss

You know what, vmm…I think that “Valhalla” was the yearbook way back then, too. I guess I don’t have a clue about what the paper was called. I was only 4 or 5 years old when she was a senior.

makes sense tom, jeez, that would be a sweet interview for somebody there to do, you should ask her if she would be willing to do it, i still keep in touch with my journalism teacher.

Thank you Vince for translating what I’ve been trying to make T&T understand in a more polite way. BTW T&T, are u the Tom part or the Teri part.

I’ll give her a shout and see what she thinks. I think I know how to contact you.😉

Man. It looks like Tito just fell too much in love with Lester. Anybody should have seen that he was done when he barely escaped the sixth. Reminds me of Grady and Pedro. Ouch.

Please don’t tell me we have another “ez brother”? Why not Timlin at this point, through this inning and next, then bring on Jon-Bon??

Y/I – I’m Tom. Teri is my wife. And you can say whatever you want about Beckett…or anybody. It really doesn’t bother me a bit. I’m just surprised that you would knowingly come into a den of Sox fans and not expect to get roughed up a bit. It’s hard to see in type, but I’ve been smiling the entire time I’ve been in here.😉

my boy tavarez warming up, that’s what i like to see

lol there is nothing about today’s game of baseball that could wipe a smile off my face. yankees win, redsox lose (prob), tigers beat twins…the only thing that would make me happy is if ross gload didnt exist.

ellen – I think Tito’s conceded this one. He’s saving our good relief pitchers for tomorrow. They’ve got Weaver going, and I’m sure he (Tito) is not expecting us to score a lot of runs.

I dont mind getting roughed up Tom. I actually was going to let you know, it was all ok. But you beat me to it and now I look like an idiot.

Anyways, if one lets some unknown person some 500 miles away typing away **** upset him, then God help him. Thats all I have to say.

There is somebody on this Blog who talks a lot worse trash than what you did. Its all ok. For all its worth, he and even you might be someone I know outside or even my friend.

well kumar…let’s see your 0-1 on the trip, lester got lit up like he should have for awhile now…unless he is nervous about pitching at home against a non rival nerves are no longer to blame…you better hope you take 5 of the next 6 on this homestand and with sowers weaver sabathia and westbrook still in the mix, have fun trying. All that arguing only to find out that i was right…and not even about my own team.

Excellent Y/I…what does everybody else call you?

Okay…I see. Vince called you “Vik”…is that right?

“Yankee, I guess you must be refering to the Indians rookie Sowers. His record is 2-3 with an era of 4.72 and one of his 2 wins was against yankees at Cleveland.”

“I still stand by my prediction for the home stand. 5 out of 7. Lester wins both. Beckett splits. Schilling wins. We have to win 1 out of Wells & Snyder to hit my prediction of 5 wins.”

haha sowera two complete game shutouts in a row, both not against the yankees. Lester already lost one! don’t worry maybe wells and snyder BOTH win, hahaha.

My name is Vikram. People out here call me Vik.

Vince & Vik – it’s been fun. I might be back tonight, but I have to take a break. My 8 year old is going nuts right now. I promised him I’d play a video game when this game (the Sox/Angels) is over. He looked at the score and sad, “Dad…it’s over”

Ok Vince, things didn’t go as expected. It’s not over until it is over. Let’s wait and see.still have to to get 5 out of 6. It’s tough but it’s not impossible.Then again nobody expected Sox to win the final 4 of ALCS 2004, but they did it. RedSox may not win 5 out of the next 6 to get my prediction right.I have HOPE. And I hope RedSox win as many games as possible.As a fan I can HOPE and root for my team to win. Which they didn’t not.

hahah pretty wise for an 8 year old…though you guys have your boppers coming up soon with 2 on…btw that was cabrera who made that sick catch, he is that guy with a clutch bat, as solid a glove as agon and he also has a much better average, just in case u guys forgot.

kumar that is a wild double negative to end your statement. haha sorry i had to point it out. lol you aren’t supposed to respond with claiming ur being a fan, i already know that, this is just harrassment for being wrong, at least about lester. Yeah yeah, in 1918 sox fans didnt expect to have to wait till 2004 to win another ring either, but baseball is baseball…buckner didn’t expect it to go through his legs and pesky…well nobody really knows what he was thinking. I can bring up painful memories too if u want haha.

see ya tom.

later Tom.

MR CLUTCH!!! AND ORTIZ MAKES IT 7-4…oh wait. oh, sorry, 279 hitter.

Okay, The senior senor EZ brother is in, can we just call for the car now??

boy, your ez twin characters are pretty consistant

yankeevmm: Yeah I hear Tavarez is going to the yankees along with the other 2 “ez triplets”, glad he’s your favorite

oh well, as i expected they replaced trot with gabe. if trot doesn’t start doing something soon……

hahahah…i think id hang myself if i had any of them…they are terrible…i mean like…jeff weaver meets hideki irabu meets chan ho park terrible.

oh ur other special guy is in now…don’t worry maybe ortiz in early july can hit 6 times for u in the 9th…good thing weaver isnt facing u tomorrow….and kazmir is facing the yankees…and 3 era since the as break johnson isnt pitching.

The best part about the sox having the ez guys Vince is that the Yankees were going after both of them but luckily were outbid hahaha….Looks like Lester and Delcarmen have come back to earth.

tomn: I think you’re right about the game having been conceded, now we have the third of the triplets in… I’m quickly becoming the “glass 1/2 empty” person tonight, with these relief pitchers. damnt, what’s wrong, Timlin hasn’t pitched in 2 days. I can’t figure Terry out. But I’m not ready to call for his head either, he still and always will know so much more than any of us!

**** i know cause ive been extra harsh tonight yankes are gonna lose like 9-1 tomorrow and redsox will win 62-0 and they will start adding 5 run homers by the 7th inning.

Hey, jesser the fester the vinster man the yankeedmv:



Your girlfriend wants you to get off the computer and come to bed. She’s tired of the big ones, she wants yours, little weenie. Bring your tweezers, boy!

See you this weekend to prove you’re wrong for the first time in your life.

Whatever state you’re in, wherever you are, if I could get close enough to you, boy, I’d slap your little afterbirth **** so hard you would go flying off that computer stool of yours across the floor.

You’re still in second place, pizant.

actually fagan, look at the loss column. i’m not on a stool, i don’t have a gf but if u mean the one from mass she is exactly 25 hours away at the moment, so i guess i didn’t hear her. Why would i bring tweezers? Fagan are you a dominatrix? Can you stop living vicariously through my sex life? please? for like one second? Daniel if you tried slapping me ur arm would prob break off and you’d have to go back into your home…they shouldn’t allow split personality disorder 75 year olds out anyway


Hey Vince. I’m back. ewwwe. Things didn’t get better. Just looked at that post you made about Cabrera and Agon. I wouldn’t say that Cabrera’s glove is just as slick as Agon’s, and .288 is not much higher of a ba than .280

So I see who fagan is. I wonder if he is related to Donald Fagan of Steely Dan. You know, Donald Fagan went to South Brunswick High School. Graduated in 1963 with my brother, Mike. Mike says that he was a ***** too.

haha cameron boyd also went there…nice ending ortiz, very clutch. tom what are the on base percentages?

yes tom, meet the only reason i ever give **** to this blog…daniel fagan.

lol speaking of boston, i saw that jimmy falloon commercial the pepsi one…i love it.

daniel, I was about to send out the National Guard to look for you!! mail call!!

What a way to end this one; talk about ….interuptus!!! danmit, I thought that we might have a chance to get back in it. But hey, you know what Scarlett O’Hara said about tomorrow…. These guys need to get their collective heads out of their collective butts!!! Bat warmers and all other such b.s aside it’s time to get serious. Drop Trot in the order bring Coco or AGon up. I know they’ve been doing better and that tends to help when they can get on and the top o’ the order starts again, but we need someone in that 5th spot that can shoulder some of the weight, and right now, as much as it pains me to say it, its not Trot. What do y’all think??

hey tomn: you’re pretty new to the blog, daniel’s been around here a while longer and while I’m just the hall monitor,(and Welcome Wagon Hostess) It’s just the yankee fans that elicit other than polite responses from him, stick around watch, listen and back your fellow Nationers. When I had some other teams bloggers breathing down my neck for being so optimistic all the time and telling them they shouldn’t beat their fellow bloggers and their players up all the time, Daniel was the 1st one to have my back.

1/2 out…second place, tirdlette. See yeez later this weekend, little weenie and little tomato. We all knew you never had a girl friend, they were just humoring you. The nice thing about you growing old is that no one would have choked your mouthy little blowhard **** at 19. Fortunately, there’s still plenty of time left.

And you don’t have any sex life, numbnudtz, other than kissing your lubricated hand and cooing: “Girl! Was I good or what!?”

fagan i have never even heard of those methods….have anything to share? half of that first response wasn’t even coherent.

ellen, apparently you don’t travel to the yankee blog too often, we don’t just come at fagan for no reason, he attacks us and we attack back, but with things that are logical and not a bunch of 4th grade insults and “yeez”

lol and i love how a grandpa wants to talk to me about the size of my genitalia…is this a baseball blog? jesus, at least i can get it up

With tweezers!

hahahha ur like an old teddy bear with poor taste in baseball teams.

good night Nationers, The Rem Dawg was talking about hoe tomorrows game is being televised by Fox, well you know how my luck has run with that the last 3-4 times, so I won’t hold my breath and I’ll lay out in the sun until 1:20, 1st pitch, then if it plays, I’ll watch otherwise my husband knows I won’t be fir to live with for at least an hour after that…. have a good night y’all!! See ya tomorrow.

If he’s old and has bad taste in baseball teams, so do I.
ps.. take it from me, nothing wrong with being old!~

Good morning!! anyone else out there worried about today?? I’m not just hearing footsteps, I’m hearing the horn of a bus, that is trying to pass us. we need to get this vehicle into gear and not let that happen!!

well, I just looked at the t.v. sports line up for today. Gee, guess who’s not on fox down here?? Imagine that!! It’s being broadcast on a station that we cant get down here, so I guess I need to stay busy, or I could watch the Yanks v Rays, NOT

Beckett looked a little rough, need to get to this kid Weaver early…Angels ended out rookie’s perfect record, let’s ruin there’s

Hey there squid. Good morning, Ellen.

Fox has the slaves & myths on where I live too Ellen.

Hey Tom. There goes ur blister boy.

Ellen, just catching up on your last posts from last night. I am new to the blog, but I’m not new to Sox/spankees fan rivalries. I have no doubt that Fagan is a staunch defender of all things Red Sox, however the insults, just like Vik’s profanity, appear childish. Like Mark Twain said, “profanity is an ignorant man’s way of expressing himself.”

Vince, (yankeev), seems to present facts more than insults, and he keeps everything good natured…at least he did with me.

It’s fun to tease each other, but from what I read last night I think that Fagan goes over the line. Granted, I haven’t been privy to the history between the two. I’ll keep watching, but for now Vince has my respect and Fagan does not.

beckett will settle down, Morning Tom…

Morning Vik. Wish Vince were here to talk about how Ortiz isn’t really Mr. Clutch again.

Who’s Vik?

I never ever used a profanity on a blog until last night. I did that last night because a particular redsoc fan comes over to the other blog calling out mothers and ethnicities and what not. His posts started a lot like urs did. I mean even before he sopke anything abt the game he started attacking people personally. People like Ellen keep their mouth shut when he does it and starts asking people to play nice as soon as somebody retaliates.

Bottom line is that the blogs, both this and the yankees blog are masqueraded by one and only one person. I did not retaliate to his comments on the other blog because Mark requested me not to.

Vik is Yankee_Indian. He and I got off to a little bit of a rough start last night, but by the time the game was over we had worked things out. He’s a good guy…just happens to root for the Evil Empire.

Tom: Come on, you are not calling this hit “CLUTCH”. If every rbi is a clutch hit, a lot of people will have more than 100 clutch hits every season.

Vik, I believe you. You proved yourself to me last night by recognizing that my jabs were not of the same nature that Fagan’s appear to be. And I suspected that your initial rage against me had more to do with the history of these blogs than anything I had written.

We’re good now, right?

And Coco does what he does best. Swings at the 1st pitch after a 4 pitch walk and makes an out. Man he’s frustrating to watch.

Yeah Tom. We are good. My garndpa told me, not to make enemies for nothing.

Oh, Hey Vic, seriously, ur saying Pappi isn’t clutch, come on…no one hits in every clutch situation, pappi does it more tha most

I did not say Ortiz is not clutch. Just that, this hit is not.

and btw, the last couple weeks, he was not clutch.

Sorry just reread He was talking about vince…my bad

Well, Ortiz’s rbi single today wasn’t as dramatic as most of his world leading game winning rbi’s, but I’d still say that with his team down by two early with the spankees only a half game back, following a loss – yeah, it’s still clutch. If we let Weaver settle down and get into a groove, we might not have another chance to score until very late in the game. That single was not huge, but it is significant.

as close as this race (east and the WC) is turnign out, EVERY Run is significant

I’m a little ticked about the umpire’s call on Gonzo a few minutes ago. Maybe my eyes weren’t working right, but what I saw was a hit to the fingers. I would’ve made Alex take his glove off and show the ump his fingers. Even in the replay, it showed pain as soon as the ball hit. So frustrating.

struck out Vlad twice…not bad…told ya Beckett would settle down

C, it was just bad positioning, gonzo got hit in front of his body with his back to the ump, all they had to by was the sound and it did sound like it hit the bat at some point (probably after it hit his hand)

It got the bat first. So it is like fouling a ball of ur body. So the call was right.

What carolina do you love? I went to USC Columbia and SC is my favorite place.

I’ve never visited the Spankees blog, but I found it interesting when Vince said that he likes to come here to see all of the weaknesses we Nationer’s feel about our own team. And you know, we do recognize our weaknesses. I’ve written about not being able to hit lefties, and everybody despises the EZ brothers. – but these are legitimate weaknesses. Yankee fans attack A-rod…last year’s MVP, youngest player in history to reach 450 home runs, and so on. Where does the anger towards him come from?

Oh well either way, I think at Alex’s next bat up, he should just wallop the ball over the freakin’ Green Monster right into Lansdowne Street. With the bases loaded. Sorry, it affects me personally when one of my boys is hit.🙂 Yankee, you and my husband would get along – he’s a Yankees fan too. ;-P Anyway, I’m a UNC-Chapel Hill fan and have rooted for them for as long as I can remember.

TomandTeri, I think the anger towards A-rod is because he makes 25.2 million dollars a year and is expected to carry the ball club. It doesn’t matter that he was last year’s MVP or that he’s the youngest person to hit 450 home runs. For the amount of money the Yankees got him for, he’s got very high expectations set for him.

Whats ur name Carolinalvr. Its kind of hard to type the whole thing.

You must be a panthers fan. Aren’t u?

Carolina – now THAT is true love. I once told my wife that I’d divorce her if she ever registered as a Democract. I tip my hat to anyone that can make a lifetime committment to someone with diametrically opposed passions like that.

What are the odds of Varitek bunting?

I think the ARod hatred is just media do its thing with people’s brains.

Carolina – When we signed Manny for $160 million over 10 years, it was the biggest contract in history. He was quiet and moody, made frequent trade requests, played a rather modest left field, and openly expressed an interest in playing for the Yankees. There may have been some who hated him for this, but by and large I think most of us loved him for what he did at the plate – and today we just say, “That’s Manny being Manny”

Yankee, my name is Jen. That’s a lot easier to type.🙂 Ohh no no no, I’m definitely not a Panthers fan. I support the Patriots and have a great respect for the Colts.
Tom, yeah he didn’t tell me until after we’d started dating (and I was already hooked). It’s a LOT of fun during baseball season. My whole family is die-hard Boston fans, and my mother and my husband have a blast arguing back and forth – especially when the Yankees and Red Sox meet, but sometimes, if it’s just a game that’s on and we have no particular interest in who wins (unless it affects our standings), he’ll pick the opposite team we go for, just to start an argument.🙂 It’s a lot of fun. He did, however, bring me up to Boston for our one-year anniversary in June to see a game.

Tom, I could agree with you there, Manny has been quite back and forth. He’s stayed, though, and Manny produces overall. And A-rod could too. The difference between Manny and A-rod, however, is that Manny wouldn’t let the media and the boo’ing and all of that get to him. A-rod has openly expressed that it bothers him and Mussina has defended those feelings. I agree with Yankee, though, I do believe that the media has a lot to do with it.

Jen: My name is Vik and I am a huge panther fan. I do not like the patriots because they bet the panthers in superbowl. I like Tom Brady. I hate the colts because of Peyton Manning. He’s such a loser. The difference between Peyton and Brady was evident in their post game speeches after their losses. Tom Brady was as gracious as one can be and this idiot Peyton was busy throwing his O-Line under the bus.

Yep, the media is relentless. I think they’ve made a huge deal about his throwing problems of late. But this is kind of the chicken and egg thing…does the media drive the fans to boo A-rod, or is it the fan’s booing that drives the media to criticize him so much?

You got a point there. You could defend either of those statements. I think they go hand in hand, of course. The fans are upset because A-rod is expected to make zero errors (or hardly any, because he’s definitely not perfect) and the media feeds off of that. Of course, on the other hand, the media has A-rod’s stats, as well as his payroll, memorized, and making comments about him making mistakes that make him seem like worth than anything less than 25.2 million dollars would definitely continue to feed the fans. I feel bad for him personally. I would never boo him for being in a slump – you know, he is only human after all. Or I guess the media expects anyone who makes 25.2 million dollars to be omnipotent.

whats up all, i love arod

the guy keeps us from being embarressed by not stepping up to the sox in 04 by saving our *** against johan and the twins and we give him **** for the entire team slumping against the angels? Jeez, we should have blamed him for 02 also…there is a difference between yankee fans and yankee fans…we don’t all deserve the same label

lol and tom calling ortiz’s first inning rbi clutch is the exact difference between a rod in the media and ortiz…espn WOULD consider that clutch, but last night the only reason they even showed a rod getting the hit in the same situation was A: they constantly bash him and B: the crowd gave him an ovation….ortiz is slightly given too much credit for clutch (granted i voted him mvp at the halfway point, however, was completely in favor of a rod winning last year) and a rod doesn’t get enough

Are you stating that I was labeling all of the Yankee fans under one category? Don’t get your panties in a twist honey, I never said all fans were the same and had the same way of thinking. Of course there are many fans who don’t call A-rod a piece of trash or boo him every time he shows his face, but there are many that do. And it’s not just the Yankees (just so we’re clear that I’m not bashing the Yankees because I don’t like them), there are many fans of many teams out there that do the same thing.

I agree with Vince on media giving too much credit for his late inning heroics. How many people know that Giambi had two ultra clutch hits last week? And he was in a bad slump last couple of weeks. Thats how I define clutch: to produce under pressure when the odds are staked against you.

Hello Vince – how ya’ doing today? Are those astericks bad words? Take a look at my posts…I think you’ll see that I agree with you, but everybody already knows that not all fans are the same…otherwise you’d be thinking that we’re all a bunch of Fagans or something. In general, though…yankee fans are overlly critical of Arod. Don’t you think?


oh god tom, i couldn’t agree more, i will never succomb to the theory that boo’ing someone makes them better. I wasn’t raised that way by my parents i’m sure a rod wasn’t raised that way, yankee fans should not treat their players that way. Now don’t get me wrong, i agree after a while you should be boo’d so you know it is not ok to **** constantly, but a rod should not be boo’d before he even bats or in the field, he is obviously trying….even jeter got boo’d when he was 0-28 en route to 0-32…..and jen, A: i don’t wear panties, B: I wasn’t addressing you, but hi, im vince nice to meet you

and yes, tom asterisks=cursing but this blog considers ******* s as cursing.

It’s only the fifth inning, so I guess Ortiz can’t be clutch here…I guess that means it will be okay if he strikes out. You won’t hold that against him in your “clutch – meter”, will you Vince?

Another non-clutch single. Man this guy stinks.

What we need now is to capitalize on having a guy on 3rd with less than 2 outs.

lol ortiz is carrying the offense right now….wait till the 7th or 9th like last night where ortiz was incredly clutch…or remember back to finishing his last series against the yankees 0-9 with 4of those atbats against proctor farnsworth and rivera in the 7th inning or later….the guy goes both ways no matter how badly bristol’s finest would like you to believe otherwise

umm..why is this game blacked out

Afternoon, all. Is anyone seeing this game live?? Fox strewed me again… I’m watching on game day, you know, the stick figure game. I can’t believe that this is how I watched every game last year!! Before I got DSL. Can anyone tell me how it is that Fox can black out every game on Saturday that starts before 6pm?? Isn’t that something of a monopoly?? I’m really wondering about this. If anyone knows pls reply. Thanks!!

Tom: How can Ortiz’s hit be clutch and Loretta’s not clutch. At this rate you’ll have abt 6 or 7 clutch hits every game. Which makes it not so clutch.

I see that Trot did nothing with that at bat, what did he do?, pop out ground out, strike out, I was over here and didn’t catch it.

of course i get braves games in florida because it is not like southeast florida is mostly transplanted north easternors and we can give two s h i t s about the braves…braves mets, great…i also get cubs and pirate games for no reason…and the marlins, who can barely draw enough to remain in the state are always televised over the d bags

Ellen, Fox does own the rights to all the day games on Saturday.
Did anyone see where the Sox offered Coco to the White Sox for Mark Buehrle? The White Sox turned the deal down.

Hopefully Beckett can have a strong inning after fighting back to tie this game.

i heard crisp in a lot of diff situations…

Unfortunately I’m stuck watching the Braves/Mets down here in FL as well. Since Orlando is a terrible sports town, they lay claim to the closest teams. Everyone here that isn’t from up north is a Braves fan.

yankeevmm, what part of fl. are you in??

lol well everyone here is either from the north or is a dolphins fan so where the braves come off getting televised is beyond me….what was even odder was living in nj the braves were televised but the orioles were not

neither were the redsox…..boynton beach ellen…it is like 30-40 mins from miami depending on traffic

how do u all feel about howie kendrick so far

Looking at gameday, Weaver has 0 ground ball outs. That’s flirting with disaster. I don’t want to jinx this, but Beckett has gone 5 2/3 without giving up a homerun.

Kendrick is going to be a stud.

jeeeez 4 sb’s they are feasting on the beckett tek combo

Boynton Beach is a nice place. My old roommate was from down there and I visited a few times. Is there still the “Bostons” restaurant there?

The Mets just jumped on Tim Hudson for 7 runs in the 6th. Would be nice to see the same thing right here.

haha funny that u say that (btw what is ur name, ive talked to u for like a month and have no idea) we were planning on going there tomorrow. Yes, it is still alive and kicking, my dad was there a couple weeks ago and they gave him flack for being a yankees fan….we’re hoping yankees are in 1st by the end of today so the empire can strike back

lol if i step foot in there i would have then taken a tour of fenway, been to “cheers” both the real one and the set, gone to jillians, been to fenway for a game and tour, been to the sox world series parade and been to “bostons”….jesus christ, am i missing anything?

My name is Kevin. Yeah, I visited that place once about 7 or 8 years ago. Of course I was in my glory being from Boston. I imagine there is a lot smack talk going on in that place with all the transplants living down there.

I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, never EVER been a Doplphins fan and Never a braves, or marlins fan either. But I know what you mean about the braves, they’ve got their own stinking network and still end up on Fox.

Uh….10 pitch inning in the 6th. Not exactly the way to work the count.

Bullpen time. Here comes Hansen.

haha yeah, i am yet to go but i would like to, i oddly feel very comfortable in a boston atmosphere mostly because i know i can defend my own against any sox fan, since i make a point of studying the sox almost as much as the yankees….the problem is when alcohol is involved haha…i was in an autograph store “field of dreams” in the mall last night….in case anybody is interested, an ortiz ball is going for 450 right now and a signed picture of the 2004 redsox 25 man roster goes for 4600 dollars….kirby puckett, i would guess because of his death and hof entrance, goes for 2000, more than bonds a rod and willie mays

Looks like I missed a lot. I had to make my son something to eat.

Vik – I was talking about Ortiz’s single in the 5th when I said “This guy stinks” – I was being sarcastic because according to you and Vince, it’s only clutch when the game is on the line, etc. – so a 5th inning single with ris must be less than acceptable…he should have waited until the ninth and win it with a walk off home run.

Need to keep Figgins off the bases.

haha ellen i always wondered where you were from, but i thought it’d be weird to ask…yeah ft lauderdale…right near me. I went to a marlins game on fathers day against halladay and the jays, and wouldn’t u know it the marlins beat him to complete the sweep.

lol tom i never said that. I have a more lenient definition of “clutch” than most people…I just think ortiz gets too much credit and of late (mainly since the as break) he has not been “clutch”

Field of Dreams is a great store. I’ve got quite a few panoramic frames of Fenway, Gillette, etc. Of course I’m biased, but one that I have that I think is a great picture is of 2002 opening day with the American Flag drapped over the monster and the Patriots throwing out the 1st pitch.

I wonder today if Terry will utilize Timlin and Jon-Bon?? PLEASE God, no more of the EZ triplets…. and in the future I suggest that Theo shy away from any player whose last name ends in “EZ”

Way to start off the inning.

lol kevin they didn’t take ur figgins advice….yeah that is always a nice picture…i prefer the pics from the day the yankees resumed play after september 11th with all the firefighters…there were a couple of nice fenway pics in there last night…i just can’t believe a rod and bonds go for the same price and more than mays….and mantle goes for more than all of them so im in luck

Ellen, I’m watching the game on Fox right now. Just wanted to let you know. Vince, it’s nice to meet you too. I wasn’t insinuating that you wear panties (whether you do or not is your preference and I won’t hold that against you sweetie). Hey goredsox, I thought it was Mark Loretta they offered to the White Sox for pitching. Did they offer Coco too? I never heard that. But, I think that’s horsesh*t, ’cause I love Mark.

Ellen, the only way we will see the terrible Ez’ is if we get down by 3 or more. That tends to be when Francona gives up. I personally think last night he kept Lester in too long. I was playing poker and when the Sox took the lead (and once again left a runner on 3rd with less than 2 out) I said Lester should come out as soon as a runner gets on. Delcarmen have had a rough week, so either way I’m not sure it would have done any good, but I think in that close of a game you’ve got to be a little tighter with the leash.
Of couse Tavarez came in and wound up finishing the disaster by giving up a run. Seanez might of helped his trade value with another decent inning, though.

AHHHHH, Craig! What was that all about!?

i love curtis pride…former yankee and both his parents are deaf, which i think is awesome….you know as a success type of thing…jen, did u know delhomme’s parents are deaf too?

Those are all good pics.
Evidently Vlad came out of the game due to fatigue. How cr.appy would it be for Curtis Pride to get a hit right now?

Ellen, I think (hope) that Tito learned something from last night. He shouldn’t have put Lester back on the mound for the 7th inning. Bringing in Hansen last night in the 7th would have been the smart move. Unless the Angels put up another 6 spot, you’ll probably see Timlin and Jon-Bon.

hahahh wow kevin…..hahahahaha in hindsight that is hilarious.

Un friggen believable.

Of course! Curtis Pride just made me look brilliant, didn’t he?

Maybe tomorrow we can skip the 7th inning?

The way the pen has pitched this week, it’s tough to say who should have come out in the 7th last night. Delcarmen has had a tough go of it, and Hansen comes in and gives up a bomb here.
Weaver has only thrown 84 pitches so he will probably still be out there.

….so how do you all feel about craig hanson?

Bostons on the beach was recently sold, but with provisions in the deal to keep much of it as it is. carolina: I raced over to the tv and well it’s braves and mets here. That schucks.

Okay, goredsox, I just saw where the Boston Herald said something about Trot, WMP, and Coco being made available in their search for some pitching. Teach me to open my mouth before looking.🙂

The AL West have not been very good to us.

in case you were curious, that was pride’s first hr in three years…his last one was with the yankees in 2003…he also had a game winning infield single in a “yankee classic” and “renewing the rivalry” syndicated game. a 2-1 yankee victory featuring starts by pedro martinez and mike mussina at yankee stadium

Thanks vince, that makes us feel a whole lot better now!!

Well, 5-3 now. think back over the last few years, do the Sox ever really feel ready to kick it into high gear unless we’re down by a couple of games?? You know with all the heart attacks that our Sox cause, the Cardiologists in Boston must be making money hand over fist!!
LET’S GO REDSOX LET’S GO… It’s about time, my LA Angels dolls with those pretty little stick pins just arrived, Now Chone this won’t hurt a bit!!!!

Well, I still love Craig and I don’t think we need to do anything with him.
Ellen, I’m sorry you aren’t getting this game.😦

Vince, no honey, I didn’t know Delhomme’s parents were deaf, but thank you for introducing me to that fact.😉 I’ll be sure to read up on my Panthers facts just so that I can be prepared for a pop quiz in the future, how does that sound?

Jen, I read the Coco deal on the Extra Bases part of Coco is having a rough time. He’s just real tough to watch these days. I don’t know about getting rid of him though. He’s young plus who would play CF?

A one pitch at bat for Youk? After Agon had about 13?

lol that works for me jen…just trying to enhance your life, one fact at a time…which carolina do u reside in?

Not that I’m complaining, but why would they take out Weaver with less than 100 pitches and 2 out with no one on?

gsr:: “un friggen believable” shouldn’t that be un FIGGINs believable?? Carolina: I know he stinking it up right now but….. NO NO DON’T TRADE TROT!!!

I don’t think I would get rid of him and I don’t think I’d feel very good about Theo getting rid of him. He’s come through in some pretty difficult situations. I like him personally.

ellen im like 80% positive that trot will be gone with in the next 6 months.

The put in a reliver and we STILL can’t get something going, man the frustration in this room is so thick you could cut it with a knife!!!


Not a good spot to be in right now. Papi and Manny next inning leading off. If either one of those guys don’t get on, the rest of the order is struggling. I would rather have those 2 up with men on base.
Sorry to say this Ellen, but there is no way that Trot should hit next inning. Even if it is a righty pitching. If a guy gets on, I’d like to see Wily Mo swing for Landsdowne St.

Ellen, I don’t want Trot gone. I think he’s great, plus I think my sister would die of a broken heart (she loves him a ton – almost as much as I love Jason). I don’t think it would be a very good move to get rid of Trot.
Actually Vince, I don’t live in Carolina at all (I used to live in Jacksonville, NC, on Lejeune marine base), but I live in Virginia now. Yeah, yeah, but it’s really not that bad. I’m by the beach, which is a definite perk to living here.

Mikey T. is in, come on mikey, shut em down and then lets get the bats going!!!

P.S. Ellen, by Jason, I mean Jason Varitek, just so there’s no confusion.🙂

jen my sister went to school in virginia (university of richmond)…that area of it is very nice i thought….you broke my heart with that varitek comment haha. yes i am finally by the beach too. I mean granted in nj i had the jersey shore but it was a good 45 minute drive….now it is 10 miles.

I’ve said this before with regards to Trot – He plays the game hard. He plays like I wish everybody did. My guess is that he wants to stay in Boston, too. Reality is that we have 3 right fielders who can hit righties, and nobody that can hit lefties. Kapler isn’t going to bring anybody in a trade. Willy Mo is young and locked up for a couple of years. Trot is heading for free agency. Theo makes moves with his head a lot more than with his heart. I gotta agree with Vince…Trot probably ain’t gonna be around for much longer.

I’ve just donned the rally gear, sneakers on wrong feet, Trot jersey on inside out and visor on backwards; good thing the husband is out this afternoon or he’d run away screaming… I guess RSCD has taken over today (redsox compulsive disorder)

Oh honey, I didn’t mean to break your heart. Try not to be too hurt – I’m a little stuck on him.🙂 I live about 2 hours away from Richmond. It’s pretty up there, in certain parts, but I wouldn’t ever live there. Yeah, I live about 15 miles from the beach.

Tom, now Gabe is a trade I definitely WOULDN’T make. I’ve liked him for a long time, and he is a good player.

lol oh u mean u don’t find carrytown (sp) attractive? I don’t know i drove by, there weren’t TOO many prostitutes. haha if tek struggles anymore i might be able to match his average.

I doubt they would trade Gabe. 1st, he wouldn’t bring in a top prospect but almost as importantly, he is loved in that clubhouse and a valuable asset off the bench, spot starter, pinch runner etc.

…have u ever eaten in topeka’s saloon by any chance?

and gabe is a roid positive guy, every team has to have one…butonly one, that’s why u wont see sheffield in pinstripes next year…hopefully. You wouldn’t have given away a young pitcher with potential who took a paycut if u didnt have future plans for wily mo, and he is not replacing crisp or manny, so u can forget about nixon. they aren’t gonna sign him for a season and nixon shouldn’t want to be signed for a season, it just doesn’t make sense.

Nope. Trot’s gone. Again, I love the way he’s played for us. Hurt, hustle, down and dirty but the fact remains he’s injury prone and getting older. Unfortunately for him, Coco is 26 and Wily Mo is 24 (or 25) and has more potential.

even timlin isn’t holding them down, i hope this team rolls over when we have them for 4 games….where is kumar? barring a miracle you guys will now be 0-2 on the homestand…kumar better hope for 5-0 against the likes of sabathia westbrook and sowers from here on in.

Jen – Gabe is a lot like Trot. He plays as hard as he can, and will do anything that is asked of him. A wonderful role player. Still, he can’t hit lefties. His mechanics at the plate are awful. For a strong guy (he’s a body-builder, you know) – he doesn’t hit with much power. He always starts off hitting aroun .750 but in no time he’ll go 5 for 50 with 5 singles. His worth is primarily as a defensive replacement to give starters a couple of innings rest.

But don’t worry, we’re not trading him. I don’t think anybody is looking. I mean we got him when he was cut by the Giants (I think) a few years ago. Nobody wanted him then and I don’t think anybody outside of Boston has even noticed him.

So Jason’s struggling a little bit at the plate. He’s still a great asset to the club and he’s only human.
Topeka’s Saloon, no I don’t think I have. I’ve heard about it, though. Is it any good? Carrytown or Carrollton? If you mean Carrollton, that’s not too far from where I live (about 40 minutes), and it’s actually not bad there. If this place you’re talking about is up near the Richmond area, then I probably wouldn’t find it very attractive.

THAT’S MY PAPI!!!!!!!🙂

Thanks for keeping it a 2 run game Timlin.
I wonder if this past week’s bullpen struggles will cause Theo to jump the gun and get a reliever rather than a starter.

**** that Ortiz! another non-clutch rbi. We should trade him.

….and Big Papi Homers!!!!

haha…ahh the best kind of ortiz homerun…while trailing and for my fantasy team…jen, no i mean by richmond and u prob wouldn’t find it attractive….yes it is EXTREMELY good food….the service is also very very slow and it is always crowded but their sweet bread is the best ive ever had…in my life…ever…anywhere.

URGH…. That run by Timlin looks a lot worse now!
Is Tito going to let Trot hit?

lol tom it has to spark a rally or else all of his rbi’s are just rbi’s.

Toronto just put up a 4 spot on Barry Zito.
Well, I will take the crow for doubting Trot. Thank you Trot, I don’t mind looking like an idiot right now.

Please let Varitek bunt.

btw tom our own mr clutch just homered. 1-0 yankees

Oh captain, my captain.. now’s the time to do it TEK!!!!

Ugh, Francisco Rodriguez is warming up for the Angels – he’s such a cocky SOB. I don’t like him.
Well, I might have to eat there the next time I’m up that way. I still love the cheese bread at Red Lobster the best though.🙂

my mistake…giambi just hrd too it’s 2-0 yankees.

Tito – unlike Theo – does make moves with his heart more than his head. It looks like this time, his heart was right. Nixon singles. (of course, Willy Mo might have hit for extra bases…we’ll never know)

Why does Tampa when they play NY and then take 3 of 4 from us?

i HATE k rod…but i will tolerate him in success today.

K Vince,

Forget the my prediction and all that. But this Angels team looks very good. And they are trying to add some offense(Soriano or Tajeda). If they get either one of them then this Angels have a very good chance of going to deep into post season. I am very impressed by this team. Looks like there is a rally but have to go.

…and they boo a rod…ridiculous we just hit back to back hrs and it is the first inning nobody on base,***** you guys.

Since he didn’t get the bunt down, I’d love him to jack one right now. We just need to get Manny to 3rd with less than 2 outs and at least get one more out of this.

I hate Tampa Bay – I wish they would play as good against the Yankees as they do against us. Why can we play decently (if not great) against teams up in the higher parts of the standings and get our butts kicked by the last place teams.

Did they really boo A-Rod again after back to back HR’s.

yeah kumar they are starting to heat up…A’s and Angels will prob duel in the west and yankees redsox (to a lesser extent bluejays) whitesox tigers and twins will be left with the other 3 spots.

Why can’t anyone bunt anymore?

Well, we got Manny to 3rd with less than two outs. All it takes is a wild pitch. Go Angels, throw some more like that!

Vince, I thought Giambi was Mr. Clutch. He’s the one guy, other than Matsui, that I fear the most when the game is on the line. Not that I enjoy seeing Jeter, Damon, Arod, or Posada. Geez, who isn’t clutch on that team (except for games 4 – 7 of the 2004 playoffs).

Come on Tek, 2nd and 3rd, no one out, get it done.

yeah he struck out and they boo’d him.

I know you hope Shef isn’t back next year Vince, but he is the other one I hate to see up there when we play NY.

lol nobody was awake for those games…i wish i wasn’t either. they let it all out in game 3 during that *** kicking…jeter i think is the most clutch for the longest period of time….ESP in the postseason…giambi is usually more hit or miss, hr or nothing…but jeter can do anything to **** the other team off with the game on the line.

huge k on varitek

don’t discount bernies 16 playoff hr’s too…he has been pretty clutch when it matters most…yeah i agree shef is a menace in the box but the key is when he is in the box…i don’t see him becoming healthier the older he gets..his arm is now not as good as melky’s he hasnt stayed healthy for two years and i just feel his body will keep deteriorating.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Again with men in scoring position and Tek strikes out. If he would have got the bunt down, then the wild pitch, it would be 6-5 with a guy on 3rd.

How many remember when K-Rod blew the game in Oakland last year?

Guy on 3rd, can’t remember how many outs, but the catcher threw that ball back after a pitch and K-Rod dropped it. The runner on 3rd scored because K-Rod took his time picking up the ball. Complete lack of concentration.

Let’s go Lowell. Let’s play some wall ball.

Personally, I think Bernie is really clutch.


That was our strategy, Vince. Let your guys wear themselves out in game three running around the bases.

Nice!! Let’s see if Coco can be just as clutch.

tom, now it is safe to say ortiz has been clutch today

Tie game!!! Mr Double does it again!!!! Does he still lead the league in doubles??

As Kevin Millar said about Mike Lowell – “Holy Doubles!”

Vince, I was way awake for each and every single one of those games. And I was way awake when we swept these Angels, and I was definitely celebrating with my mom, husband (who was, actually, rooting for the Red Sox during those games), and my sister (and my brother who called us on the phone right afterward) in the wee hours of the morning. I think we woke up the whole neighborhood.😛
Ick, I hate K-rod. What an ***.

HAHAHAHA, game is tied. How you feel now, K-rod?! MAN, I can’t stand him.

Guess not. Let’s go A-Gon.

Even if the game is still tied, you have to bring in Papelbon for the 9th.

C’mon…one more run, bring in Jon-Bon (as Ellen calls him) and then watch Tampa Bay make a comeback on the spankees. This could turn into a pretty decent day!

Yes, Ellen, he does.🙂 Good job Mike!

Our pen hasn’t been the most reliable and Paps can at least throw 2 innings. If we don’t score in the 9th, I doubt K-Rod would come out for the 10th.

haha jen in 03 i didnt go to school because i was too happy after boone did it…in 04 i didnt go to school because i was shell shocked and couldn’t sister called me after game 3 (her final year at emerson) and was like “what the **** is wrong with them, this series is so boring” and i was like “they seem fried but u can’t count them out”….she is a yankee fan but fair weathered…she wanted the sox to win while she was in college then never gaain so she could celebrate in boston..needless to say after game 7 i got a phone call from her drunk at jillians and she was just laughing and asked what happened

2-1 yankees…3 consecutive 2 out hits

It said a guy reached on a fielding error by Damon. What happened?

Hard to tell watching the game on “gameday”, but did Pride almost reach the seats again?

damon was on the run, it looked like a double but he caught up with it only to juggle it twice then drop it….tampa just got another hit 3-2 rays.

Not sure about Pride, my gameday says he’s still up with a 2-2 count.

now the ump makes a bull **** call…posada had him nailed trying to get back to 2nd and they called him safe…johnson is also getting squeezed where as seo never got it past yankee hitters so i can’t tell if he was

Fox didn’t even finish television the Mets/Braves game and went straight into Drew Carey. You’d think they would go to a 6=6 game between two division leaders??? I’m sure America is gratefull that they get to see that wide load Mimi instead of Jon Papelbon and Francisco Rodriguez.

pride k’d swinging

Assuming that Jon-Bon (thanks, Ellen…I like that nickname) gets this last out, and assuming that neither Youk or Loretta wins it before Papi gets up…I guess we’ll get to see Mr. No-Clutch again…but they’ll probably walk him to get to Manny.😉

I watched Game 6 of the 03 WS and my husband (at that point, we weren’t even dating) was so mad after the Marlins won that he had to leave (maybe it had to do with the fact that he had made a bet with someone, who knows). My sister wasn’t a huge fan until a few years ago – ’03, but we were born into the love (and high blood pressure associated with loving the Red Sox) and loyalty.

Top of the order coming up. After all the talk about clutch today, it figures it’s going to come down to Ortiz getting a chance to hit in the 9th.

right Vince – it was Cabrera who flied out deep, but you know how sometimes the last player’s out is still showing when the next batter’s pic come on?

all i remember is 96 litterally jumping across the room on top of my dad when hayes made the catch…98 and 99 i became a little less extreme but 2000 i ran down the street pounding pots and pans…and i went to all 4 ticker tape parades

Goredsox, I thought the Mets were winning the game 11 to 3. Something tells me the game was already over.

got it tom

By the way Vince, I wouldn’t worry about being down 3-2 to Jason Soe. I have a funny feeling you guys will find a way to grind out a few more runs. Were the fans booing RJ?? I know they were on him pretty good early in the year.


If Loretta isn’t bunting right now, Francona should never manage again.

lol i’m not worried about that johnson did not get boo’d they save it for a rod…all the runs were unearned

Nice job Francona. Now they walk Ortiz. A bunt right there would have forced 2 intentional walks. That was absolutely terrible managing.

Intentional walk to Papi. I hope Manny slams a freakin’ HR over the green monster for that one. I think IW are chickensh*t

gsr – you want to call Theo and ask for Tito’s head or should I?

Can anyone remember the last time Manny had a walkoff hit? Either a base hit or a homerun. I can’t. TIme for one right now.

just a question, whatd u all think of grady little before game 7?

SON OF A….if that sorry piece of **** points at the sky again like God had something to do with that, he’s terribly mistaken. God is a Red Sox fan.

hahaha well at least one of ur big two proved to be clutch

lol there is no way god would put himself through this much suffering if he were a sox fan.

Vince – I thought he was blessed with a great team. That he was nothing special as a manager…however nothing he had ever done before could have prepared me for the stupidity he displayed that night.

God has a lot more patience than we overexpecting humans. Jonathan is cracking me up – I love it when they put the mic on that kid.

It’s funny because i think every fan on both sides knew what was coming….when he went to the mound my heart dropped cause i knew wakefield (back when he dominated the yankees) was coming in…i was like, my hopes up for nothing..but hwne pedro stayed in, oh my god i was giddy

TERRIBLE. Nice job Francona. What an absolute ******* idiot.
Who knows if Manny would have been that unclutch in a different situation, but this was just bad.

Am I being too dramatic over this?

Tom, I agree with you. Nothing could have prepared me for the stupidity. Of course, the Dodgers now believe he’s not capable of making that mistake again. Let’s hope he’s learned from that.

Just got home and tuned in. I see our little girlfriend, Jesser the fester the vince meister without a girlfriend without any friend the yankeedvm is over here on the superior blog pestering everyone again. WHAT A CHANGE OF FORTUNE, HUH?, LITTLE BIG MOUTH GIRLFRIEND. WOW…LOOK AT ALL THOSE CAPITAL LETTERS, SON. THAT CONFUSE YOU!!?? We tie the game against F-Rod and are about to win. Then, I hear Dandy Randy puked up 3 to your farm team and that u now trail 2-3.

You yankee fan turkeys keep looking up into the sky everytime it rains…everytime you get within 1/2 game…everytime you get just a little whiff…a little smell of first place, only to break your hearts again…and put you back where you belong…in 2nd place.

lol ur a little late kevin other than that a fundamental guy like loretta with ortiz and manny up to follow…it is a no brainer to bunt him

I think Grady was the benefactor of a solid team as mentioned above. He didn’t do anything strategic or impressive. After the Pedro incident, with this town and it’s fans, there was no way he could have come back.

fagan were you educated in a stable?

Hey Vince is just fine, leave him be.

lol thanks jen…kinda sad when the natural thing to do is defend a yankee fan over a sox fan…speaks volumes about fagan’s character

Vince – Wakefield. I thought Timlin was coming in. He had been lights out against you guys the entire series. Frankly, though, I couldn’t believe Pedro started that inning. He was incredibly lucky to get out of the jam in the seventh AND he had been a 7 inning pitcher all year.

GSR – you’re absolutely right. Tito has been stinking as a manager lately. Last night he should not have let Lester start the 7th, and Loretta should have been bunting.

25 pitches in 2 innings. The Sox are desperately needing a win today. I say if we don’t score in the bottom half, send him back out there.

3 run homer, johnson is reverting back to his may pitching….6-2.

ur right it was timlin, either way the whole bullpen owneed us in that post season.

No prob Vince. I think you’re alright.😛

Way to be patient Trot.

thanks jen, i try to play the rivalry the way it should be…civilty no alcohol involved and plenty of facts and cheap shots.

Come on Mikey. Send one into the Monstah Seats.

Hey Vince – you and Vik both are okay. Fagan has the kind of character that I expect from Spankee fans. Despite Ellen’s good-hearted defense of him, I still haven’t seen anything from him that warrants my respect.

injury delay: anyone know who it is???

I agree. I love to take cheap shots, especially at my husband, but it’s all in fun. Why be nasty about it? The whole fun of the rivalry is because those are two dang good teams, each with a great shot of going to the postseason. It’s always fun to make comments when something goes your way.🙂 And I’m perfectly sober right now. In about 5 hours, though, I might not be.😛

I’m wondering if it was Varitek. He always hustles down the line. As bad as his bat has been, I hope it’s not him.

haha well sadly, in fagan’s defense, when me or Vik are not in here, fagan acts like a grandfather, particularly to “andy”…but let a yankee fan come in here regardless of attitute and his split personality somersaults.

Ellen, on the other team. Pitcher was hit in the leg.

That was quick. Any guesses on who pitches the 11th?

Well Francona officially has given up on the game now.

Well then, Vince – get the $%#^#^ out of here so I can meet the nice Fagan! 😉

I’m torn. I’m just remembering the 19 inning game against the White Sox because of the HR Papelbon gave up…OH GOD, NOT TAVAREZ!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME PAPELBON BACK! I TAKE IT BACK!

hahaha sorry i couldn’t help but find that freddy kruger lookalike extremely funny when i saw him on gameday…this would have to be the inning for the angels..or else they deal with the beef next inning

Well Senor EZ is in…..

i have an odd feeling tavarez will be good today…unfortunately…haha tom, he will have to learn to deal with outsiders.

Papelbon hasn’t pitched in 4 days. 10-12 more pitches would have killed him?
Pitching Tavarez on the Saturday before the trading deadline isn’t exactly the way to encourage teams to pony up for him. ANother team might offer us a water boy and a box of balls for him and we’d have to take it.

a rod singled…yankee fans give him large ovation

I’d give the team Tavarez for a water boy and box of balls. No, 10-12 more pitches wouldn’t have HURT HIM AT ALL. Not like the *******’ ball that just hit Napoli.

…game over. I think Tito must be trying to showcase Tavarez for a trade. I mean, he can’t really think he should be pitching in this situation, does he? Where’s Kason Gabbard? He didn’t do so bad. Did we send him back down?

Is anyone else’s gameday on a signifigant delay with the SOx game? Other games seem to be up to date, but I still have MIke Lowell striking out.

posada 2 run double 6-4 1 out

Good job Tavarez. A sac bunt is the best chance he has to get an out.

GO MANNY!!!! GOOD JOB SWEETIE! 2 outs, just one more. Tavarez, you’re lucky the players behind you are so good (probably ’cause they know you ****!)

I wish I could have seen it. Manny throwing a guy out at home! Doesn’t negate the fact that Tavarez gave up a single with a guy on 2nd.

Well he got out of that one!!WHEW!!!!!

why would they not ******* hold him with less than 2 outs and fundamental cabrera up

Van Buren was brought up to help with long relief. This could be a few more innings. Please dear God, tell me that Francona has sobered up and will not put Tavarez back out there if we don’t score here.

Man Tavarez is lucky. Lucky they bunted…otherwise he probably wouldn’t have gotten anybody out. Not often you’re left with 2 outs, no runs, and a runner on second when a sac bunt is sandwiched between two singles.

Any chance Coco will get a hit that matters any time soon? Last night with runners on 0-2. No one on and us down by 5, gets a hit.

That throw to home by Manny was PURTY, goredsox.

Was it a strike or a one hopper? I’m sure I’ll see it on Sportscenter. Anytime Manny makes a play in the field, everyone loves to talk about it.
Of course, if they don’t win this game, I won’t watch Sportscenter.

Well, Vince – I guess they just didn’t think too much of Manny’s arm, but fundamental Cabrera really isn’t all that fundamental. Even though he came up big for us a lot, he drove me nuts at the plate. He thought he was Roberto Clemente up there swinging at pitches 3 feet out of the strike zone!

So many variables come into play right here. Loretta could make up for not buning in the 9th. Even if the call wasn’t on, he should have been smart enought to know that Francona was a fool not to bunt him. If he doesn’t hit into a double play, the ANgels have to pitch to Papi.

I just want to see:
in play, run scoring play.

i guess but fenway’s midget left field it would have to be obvious for me to send someone around 3rd less than 2 out esp with the game on the line…anywhere else with manny in left id do it without thought…7-4 tampa this game is getting wild. Johnson is now getting boo’d as he leaves the game

Man, I switched over the Yankees game right when Rocco Baldelli got a run scoring hit. I forgot for a second that I wasn’t on the Sox game.
What a tease.

People keep saying that Loretta doesn’t strike out that much, but he’s struck out a lot the past few weeks.

I would say this is a “Clutch” situation.

Ortiz up, yankee fan. BE AFRAID!!! BE VEEEEERRRYY AFRAID!!!!

PAPI PAPI PAPI! He’s come through again! That’s the ball game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish granted.

i think im gonna be sick

You should be sick, GEE, there was absolutley NOTHING CLUTCH about that at all,huh??

Now I can watch Sportscenter.
Great day everyone. Still, I’m convinced that Francona is an idiot.

I’ve got to run. I promised my wife I’d go pick up dinner about an hour ago. I kept telling her the game was almost over.

Take care everyone.

The worst part about this is that Tavarez is actually going to get credit for the win. He only got one out on his own. Hey, maybe other teams didn’t see the game and will only see that he pitched a scoreless inning and got the win.

Now we can get 2 boxes of balls for him.

Don’t be sick Vince. Those are the shots Ortiz loves – I think he works better under pressure.😛

2 freaken clutch hitters on this team and they always seem to bat…ridiculous, 7 table setters 2 clutch hitters, insane

Geez LOUISE!!! Just another singe! Ortiz has lost it. You’re so right, Vince…this guy is overrated. Anything less than a home run in this situation isn’t really being clutch.

i know and he made a clutch defensive play in the field today and everyday too, he is such a gold glover. It had nothing to do with facing the angels 4th bullpen pitcher and him sitting on the bench half the game..not at all…

2 boxes, I’d still take those over keeping him. Yeah, I had to use the “the game is almost over” excuse many times as well.

yankee games following 4 game winning streaks are cursed…this is now the third time this year this has happened when the yankees win their 4th in a row.

You know, even though I’m not out there running the bases etc, I sure am a little spent after these games!!! …AND I’M DAMNT PROUD TO BE A PART OF THE REDSOX NATION AND A REDSOX FAN!!!!

Hows that Yankee Devil Rays game going?

I’m a little tired after these kind of games too!🙂 But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! Well, it has been great chatting with you all this afternoon, but I have to get dinner and get ready to spend some time with a friend of mine who just got back from Iraq, so I will chat with everyone later. Vince, it’s been great talking with you. You’re really not that bad; don’t listen to a word fagan has to say, okay? Have a great night everyone!

I think you’re already sick, little weenie girl! EAT IT!!! Now, go slinking back to your far inferior blog and try to cry along with your fellow illiterates.

RED SOX WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Why don’t u go with him, tomato tom and jerry and all, his little kiss **** buddy!?

haha byebye jen have a good evening….dthatcher, the “pendelum” (sp?) has proverbally swung today, like i said, we cannot seem to get that 5th straight. chacon needs to be part of that deal u guys get for the ez twins, he is the felix heredia of 2006

lol fagan you of all people is calling someone illiterate? Do you ever read your posts or just type where you feel like it on the keyboard?

*psst* Hey Vince, it’s fans like Fagan that sometimes make the Red Sox fans out to be obnoxious and rude, but don’t worry, we’re not all like him.

Vince, now now now…he’s not clutch in the first when facing Weaver, he’s not clutch in the 5th, he’s clutch (but just barely) in the eighth, and in the 11th he’s clutch, but with excuses? Face it man, he was also cluthc in our 11 game win streak against the national league when he had to play first. You’re too smart to keep coming up with these silly rationalizations for your “no-clutch” position.

Anyway – I’ve got to go. Was supposed to be at a party over an hour ago.


Vince, see you tomorrow when you’re 1.5 games back.

lol tom i never once said ortiz was not a clutch hitter. I said since the as break (up until today) he has been slumping in big situations, but scan my posts, not once did i say he isn’t clutch, it is just when he is espn and other major media outlets cover it and when he isnt they stray away from it like the plague.

Vince – when you come in here with facts, I can’t argue with you. Opinions are like Fagans…er I mean AS_ Holes. Everyboday has them. So keep calling Ortiz “not clutch” and I’ll keep smiling.

Fagan…you simply have no class. How did you become a Sox fan?

and tom, i made the mistake of discounting ur team because i figured the angels bullpen wouldn’t implode…it is the 4th inning and we are facing seo..this game is not over yet

haha it is not an opinion, last night he failed twice in the clutch and other games before that he hasn’t come through either since the break….any other player it would be called “cooling down” but ortiz is held to the caliber of either being clutch or unclutch when he cools down he is unclutch.

lol but i never said “ortiz is not a clutch hitter” what i did do is argue in the yankee blog that as of the halfway point he is the mvp and jeter is not..for the simple reason of standings

Great comeback, little one. You’re such an articulate little girl yourself. LOSER!LOSER! LOSER! This weekend I post the number of games NYY and Boston plays each team, proving you wrong 6,7,8 times. I already flunked you on this homework. You are so sure that you’re right. And, please quit stealing stats and arguments from me, Feinsand, and others, then posting them elsewhere as if it were your own. Barely a few minutes before you posted on this superior blog that Boston was 4-7 against Toronto and NYY were 4-5, I had posted that very same information on your inferior blog -which you read, then transported over here as if you had figured this out on your own–then had the balls to say “Do the math!” That’s dishonest, jessergirl, stealing others’ information and not giving them credit equals dishonesty. If you still, after three months, don’t have the smarts to pull up the NYY schedule and admit that you were wrong seven times about how many games your team plays every other team in the American League East, then you wouldn’t have the smarts to give the won-lost record of the NYY and Boston versus Toronto in 2006, meaning you took my stats and carried them over here as your own. I won’t have the time this weekend to prove you also know nothing about grammar or math. We’ll save that for a later time. No hurry, son, because you’re going to be ignorant a long, long time.

Tomatohead, I have never relied on those of lesser intelligence or ability than mine to define WHAT “class” is. You know what I mean? And, the day I need your “respect” is going to be a day neither of us will live long enough to see. You’re better off playing with the “junior” varsity than me, newbie. And, for cripes sake, give your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend their OWN email address so they are not suffering the consequences of your ignorance. Do we need to take up a collection for yeez?

fagan. Just because you post yankees record vs bluejays along with the redsox, does not mean ANYBODY can use those numbers from then on. Sometimes, such as when you are arguing who is tougher against the bluejays, those stats are necessary, and why would I, judging by how you talk, calling me names that I don’t have, referring to me as “little girl” because you probably have bad history with them, would I ever credit you, with anything? period. Anytime I have verbatim copied something such as the argument on payroll that you have now repeatedly brought up, I have credited the proper person. I clearly stated i was pasting mark’s argument, you, did not comprehend that part of my post and then misconstrued it to mean i was “plagiarizing”. And yet, this is the third time i have attempted to explain this to you, and here’s a surprise, you keep bringing it up, just further digging yourself into a whole of stupidity. You don’t even have the support of your own redsox fans and i represent the enemy, how sad is that? The original 19 game argument, i was correct, we did play whichever team was in question 19 times (i think it was the d rays), it was when i said every team played every other team in their division 19 times that year that i was wrong, which i did the research and admitted to. But you, you just like to continuously bring things up without supporting it based on any fact, and just state that it is wrong sighting that “you will get the information to prove me wrong”. Well it has been a month, put up or shutup, but until then, nobody wants to hear your your mouth or read your verbal bowel movements. You haven’t flunked me on anything, you’re not a teacher, not a superior, not an aquaintance and not a friend, and if you even tried to pretend to be a teacher, you are still incompetent.

If you are so proud of “your stats” which you had to have taken from somewhere else unless u watched every yankee and redsox game of the last three years and memorized them (and yet you didn’t attribute the stats to any website) then why don’t you actually post more? Stats are taken from everywhere, that is how they become stats, the argument i “copy” stats, therefore, is ridiculous. I really don’t care if some hasbeen that is past their prime tries to give me a grammar lesson. Until somebody doesn’t understand the points i am conveying, does it really matter? Either offer something someone cares about or just stop posting because you are a waste of time, on either blog.

hole* wouldn’t want you to teach me that dreaded grammar lesson

There is a vast difference between trash talking and getting personal. You want to offer something stronger than “you lost we won LOSER LOSER LOSER!” as trash talking my team, then go ahead. Go ahead and say you won the world series more recently or controversially won the only one this millenium, then inevitably I will bring up the fact my team has won more than four times the championship as urs, and so on and so forth. That is how trash talking works, not coming on like some caveman, spewing racial slurs to people, calling them “little girl” when they clearly show more maturity than you, and attacking their personal character, something you have displayed you have none of or know nothing about. When you cannot even trash talk properly and you have to get personal before anyone even says anything to you, than you are pathetic far beyond that of a baseball blogger.

What this team needs and in all likely hood what they will end up with are 2 different things.
This is my list of needs:

1. Solid Starting pitcher (Cory Lidle or Mark Redman, would be my pick).

2. 1-2 Relief picthers (not Foulke, unless he is back to his 04 form, please). Linebrink or Gordon would be good.

3. A backup first basemen, to spell Youk.

4. A power hitting outfielder, in place of Trot, that can become our #5 hitter, because we DON’T have one.

5. Another left handed hitting player for off of the bench. That could come from The #3 or #4 scenarios above.

What we will get is anyone’s guess, especially since this is a SELLERS market and not a buyers one.


So I have along day at work and get home to see… Red Sox win on Ortiz Clutchness 7-6 **AND** The Yankees are down 19-5?

Sweet goodness! Now THIS is a great day!

WOW, now that’s a score that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, well maybe, come on, you know….
Anyway I can enjoy our win today, this was one that everyone worked for. I have to say that even Tavarez (and it’s the EZ triplets now,i’m still reserving comment on Abe Alvar”EZ”, haven’t seen enough of him.) wasn’t terrible today, but… anyway we’ve got Schill on the hill tomorrow night. AND, GOOD FOR ME!!, even though I’m working, IT’S ON ESPN!!!!, I can see last call being given early so I can watch!!!

In New York, final score is Yankees 6, Devil Rays 19.

And we’re a game and a half up. Schill and Mussina are on the mound in their respective matchups, and while both are very very strong these days the Red Sox Bullpen – for all its troubles – has an edge over the Yanks, especially after they got worn out tonight.

I imagine Papelbon, although he threw 25 pitches today, will be available to throw an inning tommorrow if they need him.

agastald, i wouldn’t give the edge away. If you look at the actual pitchers that we threw in there, they are chacon beam myers and an inning from villone…Now, considering you gave credit to moose and schilling as being very very strong, it is implied you expect innings out of both of them…We still have villone, farnsworth, proctor on 3 days rest and mo on 2….that is our bullpen, chacon and beam are long relief, and myers is always available seeing as he usually faces one batter.

You guys used timlin papelbon and tavarez…the way i see it, our bullpen is A LOT more rested than urs.

you used hansen too…

But look at the number of pitches Timlin and Hansen threw. Both under twenty. I’d imagine at least Timlin to still be available. He’s a warrior. Hansen will probably be available if needed as well. Taverez? He pitched yesterday as well – so definatly not. That leaves us still with Delcarmen – who excluding yesterdays performance – has been very good, Van Buren, and Lopez.

Note: As far as I’m concerned, Seanez is NEVER available.

The Yankees didn’t really use anyone they would have in a close game anyway. Plus, Moose is good for 6 or 7 solid. The Sox need Schill to go at least 7 tomorrow. You figure they’ve got Lopez for a situational out, Timlin maybe for an inning. He threw a lot of pitches today. Delcarmen wasn’t used, so that’s OK. The only way Tavarez or Seanez will be used is if the game is out of hand. I have a feeling they won’t throw Van Buren either. He’s going to be their long relief guy, and they might hold on to him for Monday. No telling how Wells is going to be and we might need some long relief with him, if not definitely on Tuesday with Snyder.
All in all things worked out well. At one point the Yanks were up 2-0 in the 1st and we were down 6-3 in the 8th.

I hope Vince is right in the fact that the Yanks can’t win more than 4 in a row.

Oakland was down 4-0 after 4 batters today to Toronto and wound up winning 7-4.

Too bad Baltimore ***** and can’t beat Chicago today.

I just want anyone with a record close to us to start losing.

ok fine…the point is ur setup man is timlin/hansen whicheevr u choose, they both pitched today…farnsy has not pitched since the middle game in texas and we had an off day in between…ur 7th inning guy is hansen/delcarmen, delcarmen is available and hansen pitched…proctor hasnt pitched in 3 days….ur closer is papelbon two inning 25 pitches…mo? no pitches in 2 days. villone our long reliever in close games? one inning. and was off yesterday. how can you conceivably say the sox bullpen (where it will most likely matter tomorrow cause if moose or schilling are blown out who cares about the pen?) is more rested and ready to go tomorrow?

hey….Nice win I am in boston
now and very bored so I am writing PAPI DID IT AGAIN!

Oh one other thing i get to see wells pitch monday.Lets see what he can do!


Have only Limited access to net today and tommorrow. K missed the 10 inning but was able to get infront of the TV to watch the Ortiz magic. Awesome.My prediction doesn’t look that bad now. 1-1 and 5 to go. Have to win 4 of them.

What ever happened at the Yankee stadium I have no idea. I thaught the Yankees are going to sweep the DevelRays. But Devil Rays did take 1 game from the yanks.That works.

1-1. 5 to go. Have to win 4.

hey andy!! i’m so green with envy I look like Wally!!! I hope you have the BEST time at the game like I did… doyou have access to your regular email now?

andy: I’m Wally Green with envy!! I hope you have the BEST time at the game like I did!!! The only thing that could amke it better would have been that my game would have been at Fenway..
Where are your seats??

andy: I’m Wally Green with envy!! I hope you have the BEST time at the game like I did!!! The only thing that could amke it better would have been that my game would have been at Fenway..
Where are your seats??

Sox won. Yanks lost. Jays lost.Tigers Won.

If only the other sox had lost, which they dind’t.

Vince, you and I have one thing in common. We don’t like the Chi Sox. Is it Guillen? Or is it AJ. I think it is Guillen.

1-1. 5 to go. Have to win 4.That simple. K I know it’s not that simple.

sorry for post ( X3 ) my computer was going a little nutsy, just kept posting the last 2.

yeah i do.ANd i will have fun i am 5m rows from the feild.

Man how did I miss that yankee game. Can someone tell me what happened there today. I went out after the sox game. Came home at 9:30 ET and checked the scores.

What ever happened in Yankee stadium I didn’t do it.

I have no idea but that score was okY WITH US SOX FANS!

660+ comments so far. Lot of activity these days. Looks The Nationers are getting warmed up just in time.

I can’t figure out where all the new bloggers are coming from but they as welcome here as can be!! We can always use new voices in the Nation, nationers are the best!

lol I am no nationer…kumar it is basically everybody but Konerko that i hate on that team. johnson gave up 8 runs and then the yankees put in the scrub patrol to save our good pitchers to finish off tampa tomorrow…I expected a sweep also but id gladly take a win tomorrow and 2 of 3 from the jays instead.

btw according to espn’s jayson stark other teams have started to back off of cory lidle because they feel he is going to the yankees instead of lieber in the package with abreu. The phillies feel this will get them more of a return than saving 27 million dollars.

I don’t know how i feel about that long term

oh yeah, i like crede too and podsednik…it is mostly their entire pitching staff thome pierzinski, ESP GUILLEN, iguchi and jenks

btw can someone explain wally to me? I have never ever understood it…is he supposed to be a green monster animal representation of the green monster?

redsox are not in the tejada hunt anymore, in case anybody was interested, i’d highly suggest turning on espn for trade deadline news, it is starting to get juicy, i’ll try and let u guys know if i hear anything more about yankees or sox

justin gatlin failed a drug test

So are the Yanks getting Abreu and Lidle. I don’t know abt the long term results but if the Yanks get both of them then the scales will be tilted a little bit for the rest of the season.

So are the Yanks getting Abreu and Lidle. I don’t know abt the long term results but if the Yanks get both of them then the scales will be tilted a little bit for the rest of the season.


Do you know what players/prospects the yankees have to give.

A’s are not trading ZITO unless the mets give them lastings milledge

well the problem is not if we have prospects, the problem is we don’t want to give them up, i honestly am worried becausei don’t know if the name lidle made cashman throw in one of our upper tier prospects. Those include: phillip hughes (projected ace), jose tabada (scouting reports have said “another manny”), jb cox (frontrunner to replace mo), tyler clippard (projected 2-3 solid starter), and eric duncan (projected 1st baseman with power)

If we had to give one up, i hope to god it is duncan, we can always get a young power hitting first baseman one year IE: carlos delgado to the mets…any of those other guys is not worth it..I also fear having abreu halts melky cabrera’s career/includes him in the trade

kumar, buster olney (who is not a yankee fan by any means) said sources close to the phillies described the talks (yankees phillies talked the entire day) as “fruitful”.

So if yanks get Abreau. What happens to Sheff when he returns. I guess he is a free agent at the end of the season. So, in that case if they get Abreu they won’t have Sheff right.

it may come down to which gm is harder to bend…Is pat gillick comfortable announcing on the podium that they saved 27 million dollars and have a middle prospect or two to show for losing their 2 starter and right fielder? And is cashman comfortable giving up a possible major piece to our future, if that is the case? I personally am a major fan of melky, i don’t even want shef back, so i esp don’t want abreu there instead, that means melky becomes the new crosby and crosby then goes somewhere else

kumar if the yankees get abreu u can almost guarantee there will be no shef, i think the emergence of melky has let the yankees know they don’t need to tolerate sheffield, his deteriorating body or his fat contract….when shef returns he prob dh’s and giambi plays first….phillips is the odd man out

astros have top offer on tejada right now….

redsox are “on the verge of something big” apparently involved in 3-4 different deals right now…loretta and lowell have been mentioned.

and texas has the edge on lieber…which leads me to believe he is not one of the sox deals…can’t imagine what they are looking for in return…scott linebrink is the only return mentioned so far

The yankees are reconsidering the price in the Abreu deal and feel the price is too high.

They keep saying RedSox are on the verge of something but nothing seems to be comming out. Guess we won’t be know until Monday.

About scott linebrink _ I heard this guy is so improtant to Padres that I is difficult for them to deal this guy unless they get something in return.

By the way about today’s game. Did Tavarez get the win. That’s so unfair.

i have no idea i am just gLAD HE DID NOT PUT US OUT OF REACH IN THAT GAME!

Yeah JUlian did get the win his first in how long?

manny should have gotten the win…yeah kumar, the price is the problem right now with the abreu deal…linebrink has been terrible for about a month now, but u can bet it would cost u guys something to get him…ur not giving them kapler in the deal thats for sure.

OK who is this Linebrink? Here’s something I found abt this guy

“In 2004 and 2005 he was arguably the best setup man in baseball going 7-3 with a 2.14 ERA and 8-1 with a 1.83 ERA respectively. ”

But that was 2004 & 2005 and this is 2006. And he pitched in the NL not AL. His stats this year are not so good.He has 2 blown saves in last couple of games in which he gave up 3 runs each in relief.

told u kumar, he has struggled of late

Guess we have to wait until Monday to know the actual deals. Until then we can only keep guessing and analyzing the rumors.

The rumors keep flying. I heard Stark mention the Yanks getting Abreu and Lidle. He didn’t mention who they would get in return. Reading Yankee posts and their sites, they are definitely not giving up Hughes or Tabata.
Not sure who the Sox could trade for what they are looking for. I’ve heard Coco, Loretta back to the Padres, Lowell going somewhere. But who would fill their positions?? If Lowell goes, Youk could go to 3rd. Who plays 1st. Not Papi. If Loretta goes, who plays 2nd. Cora is a great utility guy, but not an every day player. If Coco goes,they deal for Marte was essentially useless. Plus, we won’t have a true CF.

Lot’s of speculation going around. I just don’t see a big deal happening. It will probably be a middle reliever if anything.

Vince, I didn’t hear what they said on Sportscenter, but they showed a caption of RJ bent over before the game today. Did they say something about his back? Could that be why he struggled today? I haven’t heard anything else on it.
If that’s the case, that could force Cashman’s hand into making that deal for Lidle and Abreu.

I have to agree with gosoxred. Our position players are rock solid right now defensively, and the only real offensive weakpoints are Coco and Tek. Tek isn’t goign ANYWHERE… he’s the Captain. what he does for pitchers more than makes up for his batting. As for Coco… he’s having a bad season, no doubt – those DO happen and aren’t nessecarily repeated.. look at Lowell last year. I have to beleive he’ll get better and the long term deal that the Sox just signed him to makes him harder to trade. I just don’t see any value to moving our position players.

That leaves prospects and pitching. The FO has shown great reluctance in recent years to empty the talent pool in the minors, which I love. They didnt last year, when our pitching in shambles. I don’t expect them to do so now.

SO yeah.. if anythign, I expect to see some bullpen shuffling and maybe some 2nd tier prospects moving around. Nothing else.

that’s fine and i would agree but don’t be prepared for a big return of you are not going to offer anything…not everything can be an unfair trade like the loretta one. especially with linebrink since u guys already burned san diego once.
Kevin, tino martinez on baseball tonight said he thinks it was johnsons back, but nothing serious to any of our knowledge, he just was not repeating his delivery, the usual johnson problems, I don’t think anyone thinks his problem was serious, and i don’t think this one performance (johnson has had 8 solid ones in his last 10) will impact the trade deadline…cashman will still be hard after a starter though.


even though his 120 AB makes for a bit of a small sample, his performance thus far this year leaves him with…

* the highest BA on the team (.317) — aside from pitchers with single-digit at-bats, ignoring them

* fourth-highest SLG (.475) behind Ramirez, Ortiz, and Lowell

* tied with Trot for third for highest OPS (.852) behind Ramirez and Ortiz

I’m honestly not expecting a *B*I*G* trade this year. I’m just… not. I have this gut feelign that Wells is gonna end up beign strong enough to give our rotation the last ltitle push it needs, leaving us with only the need for a no. 5 guy. I think Snyder and Clement can manage to fill that role if we dont’ get anyone.

As for the Bullpen, well… its not THAT bad. Hansen and Delcarmen are getting better with each week. Foulke may be back soon and I *HAVE*( to beleive he’ll contribute. Not at his 2004 level but certainly better than his 2005/2006 level. A little more help would be nice though.

The only thing I disagree with agastald is Foulke. I wish I had your opitimism in regards to his performance. He is to eratic (sp) for me. 2 good games, one disaster. But this week’s problems aside, the pen has been strong the last few months. Young guys getting experience early will only help down the stretch.
Matt is right about Wily Mo. Granted, I don’t think Bronson would be doing that well here in the AL, and I think he’s actually cooled off recently. Haven’t seen ERA, but I saw he is now 9-7. But that trade was built for the future as well. This kid is RAW. Maybe an offseason with Manny and Papi will have he ready to explode next year. Actually, I think Manny hibernates for the winter. Does anyone actually know what he does?

haha it’s funny u have the same outlook on the redsox that a lot of yankee hopefuls have on the yankees…we believe with cano coming back and matsui that that is the last push necessary to our offense and the possibility of dotel (those hopes keep shrinking) he will be the push we need in our bullpen….I stand pat on not believing our offense is in need, and our relief is only ineffective hwen the starters overwork them so the real problem with the yankees is in the rotation…they need a 5 starter and maybe a long reliever so wright’s short outings do not destroy the whole bullpen.

I have the same feelings towards the Yankee needs as well. THough it seems less and less likely Dotel will be coming back, their pen isn’t bad. Their starters go deep with the exception of their 4 and 5 just like us. That is what puts their pen in a bind. Looking at the schedule, after the Cleveland series, we go to Tampa and KC, then home to Baltimore. It looks like Kazmir is going on the DL, so maybe we’ll get lucky and won’t have to face him. This next week will be huge, because right after those lower end teams, Detroit and NY come to town.
The next 2 weeks will be pivitol towards gaining some ground.

im dreading the first half of august, but it will all be made up the 2nd half since then the sox have the hard schedule and we get pushovers

I actually agree with the Yankee Assessment as well. Your offense is fine.. and honestly? I don’t expect Matsui to be able to make that much of an impact. There is almost always setbacks in recovery – actually often right around this time in it – and I would expect it to take time fo rhim to get his swing back. I don’t see Matsui being a team savior.

Your bullpen isnt that bad either and I don’t see Dotle coming back, much less strongly.

Your rotation is your weakness. Mussina and Wang are reliable skilled pitchers. Dr Johnson/Mr. Johnstone however.. can be VERY iffy at times for a 10 game winner. Persoanlly, I think he was a very bad investment on the part of the Yankees. Wright is horribly inconsistant – getting slammed around some days and being alright (rarely outstanding) others – however he doesnt last long which hurts your bullpen. Like the Red Sox, you really dont have a fifth starter of merit and therein lies your problem.

i didnt like the johnson deal either, but he is a solid 3 starter…wake isnt exactly a 20 game winner either…i am not relying on dotel and i think matsui will be valuable for the playoffs but not to get us there, same with shef…i also don’t think our offense needs to much to get us there, it has kept us in it this long and that is without cano who i feel will make an impact. we do need a fifth starter though, badly, esp if wright stays in the rotation with his inability to pitch deep and like i said another long reliever would help that cause too…

Personally I’d take Wake ofver Johnson.. but my views are probably colored by my love of what a stand-up guy Wakefield is. Also, we share the same Alma Mater (Florida Institute of Technology)!

lol yeah i would think that may form some sort of bias.

Saddly, I didnt have the skil at sports when I was there that he did when he was.. so he ends up on the Boston Red Sox and I end up with a degree in Rocket Science (Aerospace Engineering).

But yeah… pretty biased.

hahah well at least u came out on top in academics…

However, he gets paid more than I ever will.

Man Vince, have you been posting to this blog all day and night? It’s almost 10:30 PM here in Arizona and I’m ready to hit the sack. Why the heck are you still here? Get some sleep. Don’t want you too tired to defend yourself tomorrow from Fagan’s ****. Of course, defending yourself from Fagan only takes the mind of a six year old since that’s just about what his maturity level is.😉

hahahaa, tom, i’m a newly relocated college student…i have unlimited time to be in blogs (strictly a summer thing). Yeah, i hope half my brain wakes up so I can still have double what is necessary to defend myself against fagan.

Did you catch his witty comment about my email address? Like anyone uses their regular email addresses in blogs. Look at them all…,, etc. I have about 20 email addresses. Wouldn’t dare give out a really personal or professional one in a blog, but I don’t need to tell Fagan that. I think I’m just going to ignore him. He’s not worth anybody’s time.

lol that is what we do in the yankee blog when he harrasses us, including mark the blog keeper…for some reason in this one i feel the need to defend myself. yeah, fagan is not known for his “wit” or “intelligence” or “anything dealing with competance”…He is good at typing in capital letters though…and being nice to ellen.

Yawwwwn…okay. g’night then. I’m beat. Game’s on ESPN tomorrow, so I probably won’t be as active in the blog. Be ready, tho. That 19 – 6 whuppin’ at the hands of the Rays is bound to elicit some barbs thrown your way tomorrow.

haha hopefully it causes for a yankee uproar and they beat the d bags 12-1 tomorrow behind mussina…hopefully, goodnight.

This trade **** is so stupid and non-sensical, you collective yankee blog excrement and whomever the rest of you are?

Loretta, Lowell, Nixon, and Pena aren’t going anywhere! Loretta back to San Diego for Jay Leno? You IDIOTS! We have until 4 pm ET today until trade time ends. We, Red Sox fans that is, WON’T see anything major if anything at all!

Supposedtrade rumors of 3-4 teams of multiple players, including Red Sox, are spread by congenital idiots like yankeedvm, the jester, the vinstermeister. I spoke to his latest girlfriend who told me that he hasn’t the slighest idea where “FIRST BASE” is let alone playing general manager of a major league baseball team. So take that for what it’s worth.

They hate your **** over there on the inferior blog, jesser, for bringing me back to bury you and the rest of the illiterates over there, yankevincerjesterpesterfester.

Why don’t we make a deal, my little NO-LIFE one, which would probably make Mark and Ian rather happy–short of us both being struck head-on by a Greyhound bus. Why don’t YOU, Indian Vic, and the rest of your Yankee Blog excrement JUST GO HOME while I remain here. Fair enough? In otherwords, why would you blabbering incompetents want to continue to have your as ses kicked BOTH here AND over there?

HaHa, yankee jesser vincer, lol. hahahahahahahahah, you *******’ infantile mo-ron. lol. hahahahahahahahahahahahah. AWOL. POW. AFCIO. EATSCHIT. LOL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

This blog is intended for intelligent discourse–and I need to keep reminding myself of that, I know, not for drivelling teenagers who think they’re still on “My Space”! FRIG OFF, you afterbirth!

And–I really gotta’ go over to the inferior blog now to spread some Red Sox joy….but. a side bar to you tomatoesandall: This is NOT a summer “thing” for this placenta, it’s his WHOLE *******’ LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! You go to bed at some time. I go back to my normal life during the week. He blogs…and blogs….and blogs… see you OVER THERE, little weenie!!!!

By the time I will have finished posting this, I will have been extremely happy with the trades the Red Sox have made to this point: None.

I believe a fellow poster on this blog wrote the best analogy for all of us. If the Red Sox have Lefty David Wells coming back into the starting pitching rotation, that’s better than ANY trade the Sox could make. Yes, Wells, is arrogant and feels he does not need a rehab start in the minor leagues. In the past Terry let him have his way, and Terry was wrong. David got lit up. This time, I’m guessing Theo, as well as Terry and Al Nipper…as well as myself, believe he should skip the rehab after only a simulated start and pitch for us on Monday. David IS prone to injury. He’s going to be virtually a glass figurine out there on the mound. Fielding a bunt and throw to first…covering first…even a release of stomach gas could pull a groin muscle on the mound. This is not meant to be silly nor to poke fun at David’s conditioning. It is just life as the way it IS.

Having been a front runner taking shots at Wells since early this season, I cannot think of another member of our team, excluding Gabe Kapler, who has shown more determination and “balls” than David Wells in putting himself in a position to come back and contribute to this team. He had..what?…any number of bad times to just say “screw it…I did my best…it just wasn’t in the cards…I quit.” But, he didn’t. SOMETHING deep inside of David Wells encourages him on to be a force on the 2006 Red Sox team and to be a key factor in determining their destiny. Be it ego, a sense of finally belonging and contributing, or merely wanting to go out on his own terms in a flash of glory, I don’t, for one fan, really care. I’m just happy if David can be there in the rotation the rest of the year.

If we can have Curt, Josh, David, Jon Lester, and Kyle Snyder, I’d be happy. Clement is NOT coming back, Foulke may be shaky. Everyone talks about a fourth starter and a fifth starter. Sox fans, do you realize that most really good teams will settle for three good solid starters. four great, five a pipe dream. In a 5 or 7-game playoff series?

5-GAME We pitch Curt and Josh—day off/Wells game 3–if no Wells, then Lester/Curt and Josh on four days rest each in games 4-5, if necessary, as they say.

7-Game series:










I could live with that if Terry and Nipper could.

We don’t HAVE a long reliever as the Yankees have in Ron Villone, who can come in in the 1st, 2nd inning when a starter is obviously not himself and is getting his brains knocked out, yet you absolutely NEED to win this game. Tim Wakefield should GO TO THE BULLPEN and be our long guy.

God knows, you guys on the blog know, I have befriended and defended Tim through thick AND thin this season, but when he hangs it up for good, I hope baseball NEVER sees another knuckle ball pitcher. The team he pitches for must assign one billet just for a catcher who can catch a knuckle ball. That’s the negative. The positive is that no matter how great the batting order is for any team he’s facing–Yankees, Toronto, Cardinals…he takes away any advantage they may have because none of them have any idea of HOW TO HIT a *******’ knuckle ball. Batters have no idea what a knuckle ball is going to do,,,neither does Wakefield, his catcher…the umpire…or you or I. Depending on the barometric pressure, the prevailing humidity, the temperature, and whether the wind is blowing into Wakefield’s face or to the back of his head…or east or west…whether it’s moist or raining or dry. For cripes sake, screw having a knuckleballer on your team if you can avoid it. NUFF SAID.

Vincerjesser yankee dmv has argued with me for months that AL EAST teams all play each other 19 games each a year. I prove he is wrong over on the yankee blog. I may not get around to transporting the stats over here, so if you’re interested, go over there and take a peek, among other posts I have made over there. I also have the NL results, as well as the AL Central and West stats for both us and the losers…coming up soon.

The little tirdlette will never admit…well, I suppose–ABOVE-he finally does. Although he says he has already apologized for his error…which, in truth, he never did. Therefore deferring to a phantom admission of having been wrong, he remains irresponsible in not just coming out in the plain light of day and admitting: “I was wrong. I am a pipsqueak!” My girlfriend left me. Now my boyfriend’s threatening to. Plus, nobody likes me. And, all my other friends all say I put out a peculiarly unique form of offensive odor!

The latter was uncalled for, but what the L! Be back during the game.

Delcarmen’s hurt. This all but demands the need for a reliever before tomorrow’s deadline.
The one valid point fagan made involved the starting rotation. If we can get by the early part of August and the weaker schedule healthy, we then get Wake back. Schill, Beckett, Wells, Lester and Wake isn’t a bad starting 5. Even if Clement gets healthy, I don’t want him to see the mound in Boston again.

We need a solid 7th and 8th inning guy. Timlin can’t physically do it every night.

What happened to Delcarmen. I didn’t see anything abt his injury any where.

Sox have only 3 more games against Angels after today’s game. Yanks have to play 7 games against them. And historically the Angels have been very good against the Yanks.

Vince, which teams in the 2nd half of August are pushovers for the yanks. May be Orioles.Do u think Mariners at Safeco are push overs. I don’t thhink so. I also don’t see any more of Rangers in your schedule.

sorry kumar meant the first half of september. after three with the twins at home (not saying that will be easy), we have a 7 game road trip with the royals and orioles then come back home for three with tampa..before having the 4 game series home against the sox. assuming at home we take 2 of 3 from the twins and say split with the redsox, we should go 7-2 against the other teams and have a solid 11-5 start to the month…worst case scenario.

on the flipside the yankees auagust is absolutely brutal

on ur side form august 14th to september 8th is absolutely brutal as well. then after 6 games u have the yankees at the stadium bluejays on the road and then the twins at home…we both have rough schedules

I think over all it’s pretty much the same schedule against the same teams. Twins at home.Sox play Tamp 5 more times. Yanks play them 7 times after today. Sox play Royals 6 times Yanks have only 3. Sox play orioles 9 times, yanks play orioles 13 times. Yanks play Angels 7 times and Sox play them 3 times after today.

Each play Tiger, White Sx and Twins 3 times, 8-9 games vs jays.

Except for a minor differences it’s pretty much the same schedule for both the teams

yes kumar, pretty much….for the record a rod was given loud cheers before his at bat (is often the case) but was NOT boo’d after he k’d…oddly enough, must be a smarter crowd today

I was just watching ESPNEWS and Buster Olney reported that the Yankees have reached a tentative deal for Abreu but he doesn’t know which prospects they are giving up yet. Also he reported the Red Sox and Padres have been in discusions for a Lowell deal.

Posted by: | July 30, 2006 01:49 PM

a rod strikes out again and now they boo….pitch swung on and missed right fown the middle….3rd and 1st one out at the time

Hey kids … yes, I’m here.

Looks like the Abreu deal is done. CJ Henry, Matt Smith and another prospect. Yanks get Lidle, too.

Pretty good move in my opinion. Yanks don’t give up Proctor or any of their big prospects like Hughes or Tabata. Abreu should help the offense while Sheff and Matsui are still out, and it basically ends Sheff’s tenure here, which may have happened anyway.

More later ….

Posted by: Mark | July 30, 2006 02:35 PM

henry was a first round draft pick that hasn’t developed well and matt smith had 12 shutout innings for hte yankees this year but is considered mid level, he is also a lefty which the yankees have two of in their bullpen already.

Afternoon everyone. Just watching the yankees/d rays game. Turned it on just in time to see Damon smack a HR.*****. We’ll see what happens.

Man, I wish they’d leave A-rod alone. So he struck out (again). They expect perfection. Geez, some fans can be so demanding.

Holy Pinstripes, Vince! Did you stay up all night?

I think I know why *** ON…er, I mean fagan only pops in here occasionally. It must take all of his puny brainpower about eight ours to think up those “crushing” nicknames he gives to us.

Abreu to the Spankees. Well you didn’t get hosed in prospects, but I don’t think he’s worth the $$$. We’ll see if that short porch in right helps him or not. His power #’s are down almost as bad as Nixon’s.

Wow…the sensors think that
F A G is worthy of being replaced by astericks. Too bad. Most *********** that I know are very nice people…except Daniel FA G on, of course.

Afternoon Nationers!! Well, what does anyone think about the game tonight?? I’m on my way out the door to the “office” but will be able to watch most of th egame as we have plenty of tv’s in the bar, but I appreciate any updates in case I miss something.
Y’all have a great day. Back tonight!


MAN! you can’t write ***** SE X UALS in here either?! Surely the censors (spelled it right that time!) know that anybody can get around the bots.

Holy **** – why couldn’t he play this well when he was with us?

Hey Ellen. See you tonight.

Sorry for all the astericks. I’m really not trying to offend anyone, welll…except Fagan…but judging by his disposition, he’s probably already offended by himself.

Vince. I think we’re going about this all wrong. Fagan is obviously a very disturbed (and disturbing) individual. We need not retaliate. He needs our compassion. He was probably abandoned by his wolfpack…I mean family when he was young.

Let’s cut him some slack, like we would the non-violent brain damaged people.

Who Jen? Damon? He did play this well when he was with us. That’s why GS worked so hard to get him.

Looks like the Yanks are getting Abreau for practically nothing in return. Just picking up his huge contract… Looks like a classic example of trying to buy their title. I’m sure the RedSox could have sent over some mediocre prospects as well, but aren’t interested in paying him that much. I really think the Yanks are just one year away of truly moving into NY Rangers territory… if we can just hold them off this year, hopefully out of the playoffs… Then the added pressure of buying more overpriced veterans with even less farm system will cause the crash.

Yeah, but he had his moments. I still think our end has worked out a lot better. You know we’ll never argue for money.

I heard that he wasn’t gonna go for the extra $12, but apparently his wife told him differently.😛 I’m just trying to remember how often he hit 2 HR’s per game when he played with us.

Tom: Do you see now why we started of on bad terms. To be honest with you, his previous posts were worse than this week’s.

Hello Vik. Yeppers. Have yet to see any sign of the “nice” Fagan that Ellen talks about. I really do wish he (Fagon) were a spankees fan. He fits the stereotype I had of yankee fans from my youth, when it was popular to wear “Red Sox ****” and “Yankees ****” T-shirts.

Just in case the censors get me above…that’s “*******”

Ellen has lost all the respect I had for her. Its one thing to not say any thing when Daniel does what he does and it is a whole different thing when she tries to shut up people who try to shut Daniel up. Its like saying, I want to say all Daniel is posting but I do not want to spoil my image on the blog. So let somebody else do it for me. Which in my mind is worse than what Daniel is doing.